I Fought the Meme

It’s coming! Get your bail money ready, and your work boots.

MJ must be working

You old people will get this joke. Probably not leon or MJ.

Manndjjduuy rtemmust!


  1. My dad was born in 33 and would have been 45 in 78 thus fulfilling the meme


  2. During exile, Rollo plotted.

    Our childhood mutt was named Rollo. Same name as my dad’s childhood dog. Some sort of conquering Viking. She lived a good long life. We had her from when I was in elementary school until med school.

  3. Rollo was Lamont’s shifty friend.

  4. I never met a Lamont


  5. Mike Cernovich tweeted the protests felt “off” to him. Not sure why. They seem to be getting the message across we are sick of the lying bullshit and governors are changing things.

  6. Also interesting: Any poll that shows Joe Biden beating Trump by more than any margin at all

  7. There was a protest yesterday in Augusta and the BDN report on it was stacked with the liberal opinion of the news staff. I tried reading the comments but got disgusted with all the Libs patrolling the comment boards.

    As Howie Carr said on his show yesterday, it was quite a change from the usual weekday protests which are comprised of layabout liberals while the conservatives are all busy working and can’t counter-protest.

    I was going to link the BDN story which was on the front page last night and had over 300 comments but they’ve disappeared it … like no one protested at all.

  8. https://www.wabi.tv/content/news/Mainers-rally-in-Augusta-to-end-Coronavirus-shutdown-569797601.html

    A little more of a factual report from local news TV

  9. The left is saying the protests are astroturfed. Not sure how much there is to it, the “evidence” seems to consist of a single entity registering a bunch of “gridlock”-related domain names.

  10. If that fuck catches the ‘rona he’s done for. He’s probably got every disease lethargy and over-indulgence causes.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. So, not to go conspiracy theory …

    But there has been ZERO news about the car accident of Gage. nothing. Normally, a car accident death is covered – especially one in which a teen is killed. There is NOTHING.

    I think the media is laser focused on the Corona and nothing else is news. Nothing.

    it’s super weird.

  13. I would expect that to be front page news in a local paper. Hell, my brother’s death made the front page in our local paper and the most notable thing about his passing from an arrhythmia was his youth. I have a feeling my cop cousin knew people at the paper from his dealings with them over the years.

  14. Right, it usually is. When I’ve searched for a story, I get hits for all the past accidents in lapeer, most of which didn’t result in death.

  15. Semi normal here in GA.

    Friday gyms, hair salons, nail places, and restaurants (tightly controlled) open up again.

  16. Whatever MJ. Who asked you?

  17. Carin, how can you amp up the panic and keep the bullshit going if you waste time writing about a young man not wearing a seat belt who died in a car accident and whose death may actually bring some good if others wear their belts?

  18. Friday gyms, hair salons, nail places, and restaurants (tightly controlled) open up again.


    That “tightly controlled” part is bullshit.

  19. 77 people died in michigan yesterday of corona. Time to open up.

  20. Ouch!


  21. 77 people died in michigan yesterday of corona.


    You spelled, “died of different things but we are tallying it as corona” wrong.

  22. Look, if we can save just one life it will be worth it.

    Michigan shouldn’t reopen.

  23. arin, how can you amp up the panic and keep the bullshit going if you waste time writing about a young man not wearing a seat belt who died in a car accident and whose death may actually bring some good if others wear their belts?

    The bigger question is how it addresses the systemic racism in society which causes a disproportionate death among African Americans of Covid19.

  24. MJ, I don’t know how many people understand that the Cuomos are really stupid people, but that statement alone should have cleared up any confusion for those in doubt.

  25. Gretchen just kept listing and listing all the people who would be on her racism task force.

    You know, because we have all sorts of $$ for that shit. And the answer is just sooo … elusive. You need a lot of layers of bullshit to cover up “they don’t live a healthy lifestyle and die easier”.

  26. The bigger question is how it addresses the systemic racism in society which causes a disproportionate death among African Americans of Covid19.


    Hoo boy, I forgot about the obvious racism in a virus. I’m embarrassed.

    On that note, I hope you all had the opportunity to see that unparalleled scholar, Colin Kaepernick, talk about racism and the virus.

  27. If you’d watched gretchen’s presser yesterday you’d be more up to speed.

  28. Racism keeps her in office. She knows where her bread is buttered, in downtown Detroit and guiltp-ridden women in the suburbs.

  29. If nothing else good comes from the corona panic bullshit, the pushback and hate towards Bill Gates have exploded. I love it.

    Like Trump said, I’d rather deal with the cure than the vaccine.

  30. She’d fallen off of Joe Biden’s short list. Needs to tighten up her bona fides.

  31. She lacks melanin, no sale.

  32. Moochelle

    It’s gotta be, otherwise they’re sunk. As Hotspur said, all the Dems have, is excitement over who the VP nominee will be. Also mandatory: black. That way we can revisit the bogus 1619 Project again to learn how racist we crackers are

  33. I actually think he’ll pick Warren. He’s going to have to pick someone that can be seen as president, cuz you know, his brain is a cheese platter and he’s a million years old.

    Moochelle would be a perfect choice. But she doesn’t want this bullshit.

  34. She needs to tighten up her crotch before her uterus falls out.

  35. Gretchen’s uterus killed it.

  36. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

    I was planning the finishers for the coop with dearest wife. She’s going to attempt half-lap on some 2x4s to do the gate we need to build.

  37. I thought you meant Warren’s uterus

  38. I might still want to do some additional, below-ground-level fencing, but the birds have to go. I need the basement to smell like laundry again.

  39. What class are you taking, beasn?

    Medical billing/coding. I signed up again for a May slot.

  40. Gretchen just kept listing and listing all the people who would be on her racism task force…..because we have all sorts of $$ for that shit.

    And there you have it. Like I mentioned yesterday, St. Louis County is getting over $100M from Fedzilla to battle Lung Pao Fluey. The democrat county executive said he is going to use most of it in the ‘underserved black communities’. When I heard that, I expect most of that money will be divided up amongst the demrat pols and very little used for it’s intended purpose.

  41. CTRs are in really high demand. Certified Tumor Registrar.

    We can’t find nearly enough to fill openings.

  42. Has even one pothole been fixed since the Cuntvernor ascended her incompetent ass to the throne?

  43. UPS is slow right now. Just got a package I knew was coming a couple of weeks ago. Stuff normally doesn’t take that long coming from NC.

  44. Condolences to those with shitty governors. Kay Ivey may be an establishment nonentity but at least she isn’t a fascist cunt.

  45. Some areas are slower due to increased online shopping, BroTim.
    Though, I got a package from OR in 3 days time.
    Another, which starts out in St. Louis…and has to go north of Chicago before coming back, came in 4 days.

    The second package I was expecting from Denmark is finally supposed to arrive today. After sitting/traveling around NY for over a month. It passed through Queens over a week ago.

    It’ll be fun to track the package from Latvia…which is still sitting there two weeks later.

  46. Gonna do some shopping for MIL today. Asking her what she needed, I looked in her fridge and saw the nearly full half gallon of milk expired 4 days ago. She poo poo’d the idea of getting another jug of it because ‘it’s not sour yet’. Mmmkay, so the next time you crap your pants because you ate/drank something that’s been sitting in your fridge too long, I don’t want to hear about it.
    “I only use it to put in my coffee.” Okay, then buy a pint of it each week so it will be less painful when you have to dump it.

  47. Holy crap, it’s real, and spectacular:


    Your move, coronafascists. Either the country is a dangerous, plague-ridden hellhole to which no one should venture, or it is not.

  48. A guy at TSC suggested sour milk as a septic additive to encourage bacteria in the tank. Said he does a gallon every month in addition to one of the liquid alternatives to Rid-X.

  49. When I got on the call Sunday and my friends were talking about VPs, one of them said “Do you think Gretchen has a shot?”. After debating this for a bit they decided we “need” her in Lansing.

    Which I took as code for “We know she sucks, but we would never say anything bad about a democrat.”

  50. Wow, this kind of put this whole shutdown thing in perspective, Thanks Prager!

    If Half the Country’s Deaths Were in Montana, Would New York Shut Down?

  51. The worst you have done. Try and pick up your game.

  52. Anyone notice how people are said to be “battling” the coronavirus? We used to say “He has the flu”, or “She has a dose of the clap.”

    Everything is eleventy!!!I!I!I!II! now.

  53. Good idea archiving those here. Wouldn’t want to lose them to the FascistBook censors.

  54. Didn’t Biden already say he was going to pick a black woman?

  55. *currently battling your mom’s knickers

  56. He said woman. Not black.

    I don’t see why he’s pick a black woman. They vote 98+% democrat regardless.

    He needs someone who appeals to the Karens.

  57. MJ, that’s much more pleasant than most of the ones I came up with.
    Well done.

  58. Indy brewers make ‘Social Distance Pale Ale’ with 100% of proceeds going to service industry workers

  59. He’s going to nominate a black woman to the supreme court.

  60. So, who thinks Moochelle as VP would be about the same thing as Palin for McCain?

  61. Somehow “currently battling your mom’s gag reflex” seemed uncouth, even for this place.

    So I won’t say it.

  62. No parallel. The press will shower her with good vibes and treat her as the nominee instead.

  63. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 21, 2020 1:50 pm
    No parallel. The press will shower her with good vibes and treat her as the nominee instead.


    This times a thousand.

    The press worships this bitch. And I’m not above thinking she is a tranny.


    Pretty graphic, especially at the end (sounds). Feral hogs in Texas.

  65. If Moochelle “wins” and becomes de facto president, I’m done with civilization.

  66. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 21, 2020 2:00 pm
    If Moochelle “wins” and becomes de facto president, I’m done with civilization.


    You and me both, Leon. I’m on the verge right now with this nonsense, that might kill me.

  67. well, according to testiowa, I do not qualify for testing

  68. I seriously can’t with people right now. Announcing Covid19 deaths as if they were soldiers dying in the field. Battling, as Hotspur said.

    Newest was the the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Law. She was 87.

    Obviously taken waaay before her time, mostly likely by people not obeying the quarantine.

    I know I can be an ass, but you guys should be used to it.

  69. You feeling sick J’ames?

  70. If I live to 87 and know my wife’s name I’ll count it a good long while to have lived and pray for mercy on the hour.

  71. not feeling sick, but Iowa just came out with a testing program, with online applications. Decided to fill it out. As I expected, not on the list.

  72. we already knew you were an ass. But your OUR ass!

  73. 1.5 hour telecon of misery, discovered that there’s five copies of a requirements documents floating around, all different, but all with the same name. Configuration management, do you speak it?

  74. Doesn’t sound like your processes are very Agile, Roamy.

    Not that anyone’s ever are, but tracing requirements used to be a thing, and Agile pretty much blew that shit to hell everywhere I’ve worked.

  75. Sorry, being on house arrest has done a number on how often I swear when I type.

  76. 87-year-old woman dies from COVID?

    A) I don’t believe it.

    B) WTF cares besides her family and friends?

    She had a damn good run.

    This kind of bullshit pisses me off.

  77. pshaw, requirements. You’re done when the customer says you’re done. It’s the rules.

  78. “The American Repertory Theater announced the cast for the new version of the events surrounding the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence on Thursday, proclaiming it will be comprised of an “entirely female, nonbinary, trans, genderqueer company,” the website Theatermania, reported.”


  79. Cool. When do they volunteer to fight a war like all the other dead, white, straight, males.

  80. Feel free to crib by cribbed my statement on anything about diversity:

    I don’t believe in the post modern, neo marxist idea that there is no such thing as objective truth.

    Never fails to shut people up because a) they don’t know what it means and b) they don’t want to admit they don’t know what it means

  81. “The American Repertory Theater announced the cast for the new version of the events surrounding the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence on Thursday, proclaiming it will be comprised of an “entirely female, nonbinary, trans, genderqueer company,” the website Theatermania, reported.”

    Everyone who wants to see this is already going to be in the cast.

    Maybe they’ll get lucky and score some ticket buys from people who want to be seen seeing it.

  82. This video is relaxing and I just enjoyed it. I do not have Chanel shoes but I liked the idea of restoring them.


    This from a reader if you were wondering:

    Current retail price around 650€/750$ (in Europe generally cheaper). Repairing most likely around 50 to 70 €.

  83. Comment by MJ on April 21, 2020 3:05 pm
    Cool. When do they volunteer to fight a war like all the other dead, white, straight, males.


    An excellent statement, MJ.

    You are not the little, bitchy, douche Hotspur says you are in his secret emails.

  84. I don’t believe in the post modern, neo marxist idea that there is no such thing as objective truth.


    This is also an excellent statement.

    Holy crap two in a row.

  85. We still haven’t received our #TrumpCheck. Most of the older people at work are still waiting…

  86. We got ours. Going to spend most of it on appliances.

  87. Grocery store workers are heroes.

    McDonalds drive thru workers are heroes.

  88. I’ve never called MJ a little, bitchy, douche.

  89. Hotspur, did Hotwife find a place to get her garden seeds?

  90. A woman with nice smelling hair.

  91. Laura, I’m not sure. I’ll check tonight. It’s been too fucking cold here to even think about planting, but I suppose she could start some stuff inside the house.

  92. Paula got her check with credit for Ben. I didn’t make the cutoff based on last year’s returns. If they used this year’s I’d be picking out optics for my rifle now.

  93. Flu d’état is a new one I heard yesterday

  94. Cool. When do they volunteer to fight a war like all the other dead, white, straight, males.

    They are apparently doing just that by sitting on their couch, watching Tiger King, and writing memes about the protestors.

  95. Let’s play a game called “If I got a stimulus check”.

    Or unemployment.

    Or got one of those sweet loans for my small business.


  96. So Day 2 of mandatory mask: my ears hurt, hard to hydrate, started to get an headache about 3 hours in. Yesterday, young co-workers pretended to not recognize me. One said “Who is that masked woman?”. Oso: Heigh ho Silver away! YCWs: What? Oso: Helloooo (👌🏻Boomer, I still say “Helloooo) Lone Ranger. YCWs: Who? Fin.

  97. Patriots traded Gronk to Tampa Bay. TB gets Gronk and a 7th round pick, NE gets a 4th rounder. Not sure if that helps NE with money.

  98. HAHAHAHAH I just saw this on Instagram:

    My shoelace broke today.

    Most people would blame Donald Trump but I know it’s actually because of climate change.

  99. So Mrs. Pupster found an old stash of Crown Royal bags. Guess what color masks are being made RIGHT NOW.

  100. Most people would blame Donald Trump but I know it’s actually because of climate change.

    The fucker obviously needs to pay more taxes.

  101. Oso, the ear pain declines after you toughen up in a few days or so. But you can also tie a little strip of fabric from one ear elastic to the other, long enough to be used as a head strap for your mask, sparing your ears.

  102. Configuration management, do you speak it?

    At one point in the late 1960s, the USAF operated a fleet of about 1200 F-4 Phantom jets.

    No two were identical.

    Some of the differences were minor. So were not. Had a friend that was a Phantom driver in those days- said every flight was a first flight.

  103. Carin, I can empathize. That’s us when we lost our businesses a few years ago. Everybody is so upbeat when they’re telling us to go fuck ourselves, especially the government teatsuckers.

  104. Pups, all purple or do you have some flavored Crown bags? Co-w is a full timer at Sprouts in addition to Sam’s. He is a meat cutter at Sam’s, so he mostly works in isolation from people. Produce at Sprouts. He is starting to hate everyone. I enjoy his Kung Flu stories from 🚁🚁🚁 town

  105. Thanks, Lauraw. We have a bunch of Karen’s telling us we’re wearing our masks wrong. We know. We’re just trying to be comfortable.

  106. Pups, if the Crown Royal logo is visible, that would be hilarious.

  107. Crown Royal is required to be across the front.


  108. My black shoe polish, brushes and rags for polishing my boots used to live in a Crown Royal bag. I would not be surprised if I still had that with my box of old Army stuff hidden away somewhere.

  109. https://nypost.com/2020/04/21/de-blasios-social-distancing-tip-line-flooded-with-obscenities/

    “…profane messages included a photo of a bowl of gummy candies in the shape of male genitalia and a sign saying ‘EAT A BAG OF D–KS.'”

    Good job!

  110. What makes me angry is that I just want people to be given the option to save their livelihood, even their towns. And happy teet suckers who don’t understand economics or what hyperinflation means keep telling me that the lives we are saving make it all worth it- they can go fuck themselves.

  111. Once and for all, we’ve lost hundreds of thousands of healthy, good men and some women in wars in order to preserve our “way of life.”

    That meant doing all the shit we’re not allowed to do now.

    Shutting down the country to save even 60,000 is utter bullshit.

  112. Lauraw, I just tested your fabric dealio and I’m able to keep the elastic from touching my skin. Game changer!!! Thank you mucho mas.

  113. Shutting down the Country under any circumstance is crazy. Life is risky.

  114. Just purple and one black, Oso.

  115. I like Crown Royal Black.


  116. Manager gave me Crown Apple and Crown Vanilla bags after 5 fingered discounts.

  117. Coyotes are asshoes. Every morning we see them walking home from the arroyo. They use cross walks and obey pedestrian laws. WTF Wile?

  118. Just found a Maple.

    Who keeps putting all these velvet bags in here? Stop it.

  119. 🤣🤣🤣🐾

  120. I asked my mom to make me some masks and gave her some of my leftover fabrics. Now she’s taken off like crazy. Making masks for all her neighbors and clients and stuff. Taking fabric donations from other people.

  121. That’s awesome. I have non-elastic masks from SIL and friend. I have Lavender Lysol. Laundering fabric masks gets old. Oops. Just remembered I have a load in the washer.

  122. Title song by The Clash is awesome. Just watched it. Man, memories. What a band.

  123. I’ll stop touching my itchy skin when humidity isn’t 7-12%.

  124. I love the Crown Royal mask.

    Work is supposed to be getting some NASA masks.

  125. Oso, you need this on a shirt.


  126. I ought to mention it to my mom and sister who are quarantining together. My sister dragged my mom to quilting shows for years and my house is filled with lots of sewing projects. They’ve been backing off the quilts lately but masks seem like a worthy endeavor.

  127. I took a pile of eight or ten masks in to work today and they were claimed pretty quick. My warehouse manager told me his mom was making masks too, she puts a pocket in the side were you can slide in a hepa filter, cut from a vacuum bag. Mrs. Pupster made one like that but the airflow was bad, I like just two layers of cotton fabric.


  129. Just received replacements for the surgical masks I’ve been using, so I can be a bit more comfortable and stylish when wandering out for supplies. Resisting the temptation to wear my reproduction Roman helmet with it, though these days it might be prudent extra protection.

  130. Scott, showed that tee to Dan…we are very close to that tee shirt.

  131. and by we, you mean you

  132. You know, people who didn’t really know Gage that well, accepting condolences … irks me.

    His fifth grade teacher? really? That was 8 years ago. And your comment about his family being amazing? Seriously? His mom is a drug addict.

    whatever. I never like that chick anyway. (she used to crossfit and quit when the owner wouldn’t give her a month’s $$ back when she wanted to stay home with her child when she got over excited about some minor illness the kid had).

    HOnestly, I never trusted her version of the events surrounding that.

  133. I get easily irritated. I mean, putting yourself out there as if people should feel BAD for you because you knew the kid 8 years ago? Cripes.

    Feel bad FOR HIM. For his friends. For HIS life unfulfilled. Not the pain that this teacher supposedly feels.

    Someone talk me off the ledge. I sometimes hate people

  134. Meghan Roth
    Meghan Roth I am sorry for your loss ❤️

    · Reply · 22m

    Amy DuBois Lynch
    Amy DuBois Lynch Meghan Roth thanks

    · Reply · 15m

    Carin Seyler O’Brien
    Write a reply…

    Kim Diamond
    Kim Diamond 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

    · Reply · 6m

    Amy DuBois Lynch
    Amy DuBois Lynch Kim Diamond thank you.

    · Reply · 2m

    cripes. I’m so sorry for the PAIN YOU are going through. shit. @@@@@@@@

    I mean, you knew the kid 8 years ago. How are you going to go on?

  135. Basically, people suck and they enjoy being a … magnet for pity.

    Have I summed it up about right?

    Shit. Feel sorry for the KID. Feel sorry for his friends. Don’t ask me if I’m ok. Gage was a nice kid, and I can’t believe he’s dead. But this isn’t at all (not even .0005%) about me- because I know every one of you would fee exactly the same.

  136. Fuck Jay Inslee.

    “Inslee said the recovery plan for the state after the coronavirus pandemic will be gradual, data-driven and health focused. He said the path back to normal requires much more testing, increased PPE, a vaccine and adequate hospital capacity to treat COVID-19 cases.”

    The hospitals are empty, except for 10 – 20 Covid-19 patients. Nurses, anesthesiologists, and surgeons furloughed.
    Not doing hips or knees or shoulders.
    The occasional heart patient gets to live.

    He needs a fuckin’ vaccine?
    Is there a vaccine for SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Jay?
    If there’s a vaccine, why would we need more PPE, you dumb fuck?

    He thinks that we’re gonna blame the loss of all these businesses and jobs on Trump. That’s not the way this works, Jay. That’s not the way any of this shit works.

  137. Chris, Did he say he was going to extend the lockdown? I assume that’s a forgone conclusion. I was hoping the number were so low that even the moron he is would understand we need to open up. Again I was insufficiently negative.

  138. If he doesn’t open it up the state budget is going to be so blown. Just a little background for those not in Washington state. We don’t have a a income tax and sales tax is around 8.5%. So a good chunk of the state income is from the B&O tax which is ~2% tax on businesses GROSS sales. They were predicting huge budget surpluses this year the R’s want to drop the B&O a little. The D’s came in want to spend it all and raise taxes on top of it.

  139. Heh, just got a DMCA takedown notice for a BBF picture from 2012.

  140. The D’s have control of both houses and we have a contender for a house plant as a Gov. The R’s kept them from raising taxes, but they still spend all the projected surplus. That’s all going to be gone now and you know they will still want to spend all the promised goodies for every Prog cause known to man. I’m sure he thinks he can get money out of the Fed Gov.

  141. Carin I dont’ think you’re wrong. I find a lot a anger in my heart lately. I think some of it is do to the lack of control in my life. Control that has been taken away by people who should be punished for their failure and hubris. However, instead of punishment they get away with it and are celebrated and rewarded for it by a large chunk of the population. That person has done you no wrong personally, but she is a symptom of the problem. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy, who knows, I’m wrong a lot.

  142. Jay, Is she getting ready to run for office and wants to scrub her online profile?

  143. I have a lot of sublimated anger. Never felt much in control of my life, which…I could have taken a more active role, but sorting out what is poor judgement, what is D talking, and what is a legit circumstance is kind of tough this many decades later. The problem is, that anger has turned as much inward as anything else. Makes for rather strange impulses at times.

  144. Delaware enacted redistricting policies.

  145. G’morning

  146. Hey there.

  147. ww

  148. Good morning!

  149. So, official no funeral. I mean, I knew that. Stella went crazy around 3:30 this morning. One of Erin’s friends showed up – he’s having a hard time with Gage’s death. Don’t know that the two together helps much. Ended up just staying the night, although i saw him out on the dock when I got up.

  150. Views on Kim Jon Un?

  151. Brain dead or nah?

  152. If SK says he isn’t, either it’s true or they want time to arm up to defend against refugees.

  153. The “two together” DOES help, even if it’s just a matter of having a shoulder to lean on. At 17 or 18, something like this is a HUGE blow to the system, and having someone else around just to talk things out is an immense comfort. Mom and Dad can help to a certain extent, but one’s peers understand and can share stories and help with the whole process.

  154. Wouldn’t be surprised if Whoa Fat is circling the drain – dude is a walking poster of “Unhealthy”. If he catches COVID, it’s goodnight, nurse.

  155. Heh, Foo Fighters cover of Prince songs.

  156. why would they say anything about a surgery, unless something was horribly wrong? They cover everything else up.

  157. I have a We Rate Dogs poat that I can throw up. If roamy isn’t just running late, that is.

  158. She’s probably triage-ing her CM problems.

  159. If he catches COVID, it’s goodnight, nurse.
    I have no idea why, but that really made me laugh.

  160. I wonder if there aren’t people within the administration leaking bad information on purpose sometimes.

    The press isn’t really the press anymore. They’re just stenographers for different teams. Sometimes I think they’re being used by the Orange Man’s team without them knowing.

  161. His “charming” sister likely wouldn’t be long for this world if he does die.

    Succession fights in a monarchy are never pleasant.

  162. Moose is barking out the widow at a BIRD sitting in a tree. That dog.

  163. We had a squirrel out the back door, and Elliot was trying to dig through the sliding glass door. Hope it doesn’t break, the glass would cut him in half.

  164. I can’t imagine losing someone close at 18. It was weird enough when a girl with a similar name to my girlfriend (now ex wife) disappeared. We didn’t learn definitively that she was murdered until a couple of years later. A guy I worked with was murdered by his cousin over some drugs, but we weren’t close and, well, I was pretty sure getting murdered sort of came with that territory.

  165. A friend of an acquaintance lost his twin brother in a house fire at 16, iirc. That’s got to be tough.

  166. He at least sounds a little contrite after 23 years in prison.


  167. Wisconsin

    Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order expires May 26. Gov. Tony Evers (D) has closed K-12 schools for the rest of the school year.

    We don’t have any cheeseheads, so I hadn’t heard this. This is outrageous, they don’t even have any cases.

    Found here:

  168. Plus no answers. The media blackout. The rumor mill. the no funeral. It’s all just bad for them.

    And then the effen 5th grade teacher pissing me off. I should go offer her condolences. Maybe erin could too? Get her some flowers.

  169. Our stay at home order expires 5/20.

    That will be a total of 8 weeks if it isn’t extended.

  170. It’s ok. People can still stay home if they are afraid.

    In fact, I highly encourage it.

  171. If you’ve Karen’d anyone about staying home, you should remain on house arrest indefinitely.

    Looking at Cuntvernor Gretchen.

  172. We reached 6 weeks already. Supposedly May 1 but I doubt it.

  173. Email your state House rep. Those are the guys who can stop her at this point.

  174. I threw up a poat: https://thehostages.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/we-rate-dogs/

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