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  1. Pupster, nice post.

  2. Ok, I made the mistake of browsing Reddit.

    Question, does Reddit exist as some sort of sociological experiment to prove the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

  3. I love meme weekends! Great job as usual, Pupster! ***skritches behind ears***

  4. Happy Easter Thermy.

    Pretty sure you are right about Reddit, and just about anyplace that gets moderated by admins EXCEPT FOR H2 which does nothing in moderation, not unlike your mom.

  5. Happy Easter TiFW. I steal most of these memes from Jay when he’s not looking.

  6. Meme Saturdays are the best Saturdays.

    Jay will get nothing and like it!

  7. Robby Horror, children of the quarn, Poland, and honk are my favorites. Good job, Pupster!

  8. If I understand correctly, the Half-Whitt governor of Michigan has banned the sale of gardening supplies, including seeds? I hope people remember this at election time.

  9. This is “ripping off the mask” of real fascists. MI should be rioting in the streets and for once I’d approve.

  10. Have you guys seen the video of a man being forcibly (emphasis on forcibly) removed from a bus by police for not wearing a mask?

    WTFF. That is true fascism.

  11. Roamy or Pups, what is a car parade?

  12. Well, I get people in cars going down a street, but I’ve never heard of this as a thing. Maybe I should read the article again.

  13. You can’t go visit someone having a birthday, so they have a parade by the house in their honor. Handmade signs and all that. Saw one where they were all blowing bubbles, it was cute.

  14. There’s a planned protest at the governor’s mansion on the 15th.

    If that’s not enough, I think you’re going to start seeing real violence. Cops are going to start taking the hit for this shit, sadly, and not the cuntvernor.

  15. A fine bunch of memes! The three cats hits explains me perfectly…

  16. Welcome to the party, pal!

  17. Oh, okay, that’s cute and makes sense. I’d do that for someone and my kids would have thought it was fun to see cars go by on their behalf.

  18. Wait, you can’t drive by a house in your car?

    What the f*ck is going on?

  19. OMG, I laughed a lot this morning.

    Bride’s Ass Fountain
    tattoo kitty
    metal fork
    lurking moose
    The Cat At Home

    And ‘policy changes for essential workers’ just cut too close to the bone.

    *standing ovation for Pupster*

    The thing I love about that doggo trying to look like the famous painting of an alluring lady, is that it really is a very pretty dog.

    Lucifer…Indian names…all good. It’s full of stars.

    Scott is doing some essential work this morning but he might be back in time for us to do a walk this afternoon. Let’s see where the governor has graciously allowed us to exist outdoors today.

  20. I found something on Instagram that might reflect who I am.

    Am I the most attractive girl out there?
    Of course not.
    But do I have a good personality? No.
    But do I wake up every day and try and be the best person I can be?
    Also, no.

  21. Thank y’all kindly, making you guys laugh is the highlight of my weekends too.

    Mrs. Pupster and I are going on a wild shopping adventure later this afternoon, on a toilet paper quest. My life is pretty exciting right now.

    I have a pretty big ham, it is fully cooked and hickory smoked. I usually just warm up and then glaze these things, but I was wondering if it would benefit from either a brine or a soak, do any of you guys do prep on a fully cooked ham?

    Please show your work.

  22. Glad you made it through the shitshow, Lauraw. I was thinking about you last night, with the mostly full moon.

  23. Also COLORADO ALEX please check in.

  24. Fanks Romacita Bonita. No behavioral issues, the New Policy maze got handled, no patients got hurt on my watch and I scampered out the door at 1AM like I was going to collect on a ticket.

  25. It’s full of stars.

    Ben just bought a used copy of 2001 A Space Odyssey and liked it. He’s a bit of a movie buff. During the burning times he and his friends have been having remote watch parties rather than in person watch parties

  26. I can’t imagine further prep on a fully cooked ham is worth the effort in terms of time :: taste ratio

    I let Paula know I was sad we didn’t get any Easter Pig. So next week we’re going to pick one up and get our ham on then.

  27. A smoked ham won’t benefit from a brine.

    I saw Alex in the HQ comments yesterday. He’s alive, he just hates us.

  28. So this morning with full internet access I returned to the BBF post. I’ll make a few belated observations

    1. That chick is wholesome. Hopefully she enjoys the modeling gig and gets out in time to breed some crotchfruit before her eggs dry up

    c. good gif selection. the fatty in the first few had me anticipating a Rosetta-esque beauty but you pulled the old bait and switch

    L. Thrice Black Honey is an excellent song choice. Apparently “black honey” is oil and the song is about the rise of Islamic terrorist groups in the ME because of the US presence. I know … mind blown. My allegory muscle got a cramp in it after watching the video, trying to listen to the lyrics and finally reading about it on wikipedia.

    &. The same kid in the Black Honey video is in another video called Hurricane —— . There’s a girl in it too and they alternate between the kid versions and adult versions of themselves. I did not track down the supposed meaning of this one because some things ought to remain a mystery.

    z. It’s nice to have my internet back up and running

  29. How the fuck did I gain weight while fasting.

  30. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on April 11, 2020 10:51 am
    How the fuck did I gain weight while fasting.


    hahahahahahahahaha…I laugh because I, too, think my body, the scale and bizarre water weight fluctuations are enough to make you just say screw it and drink beer, eat pizza and every favorite candy from childhood.*

    *But I haven’t yet.

  31. This is slightly stale, still interesting. Kind of hard to remember we have a campaign going on. My take away from the article was mainly the video

    Not only does it make Biden look bad in terms of being buddy buddy with China but it makes him look demented as well without expressly labeling him so. Further proof for me that Biden will not be the nominee


  33. Dude…

  34. Whose turn is it to drop Jimbro off the roof and then tell him the orthopedic dept. is closed during the epidemic?

  35. So after several days of meatloaf I’m making a…*checks contents of freezer/ fridge/ pantry*


    *sees containers of heavy cream*

    Chowder, I guess. Cheesy chicken-broccoli chowder.

    Nice out, but too windy to garden. Dammit.

    And totally avoiding going to the grocery store on the weekend. No thankyew.

  36. By the way guys: smoked meatloaf is a YES. We finally tried it and it’s good, real good. On a bun with a little corn relish, hoo doggie.

  37. I used this recipe, but halved the salt (still could have reduced it less).

    This came out firm-tender and very similar to Mom’s. I had some pork loin chops in the fridge and put them through the food processer instead of buying ground pork.

    Sometimes I can’t believe how salty people like their food. I can usually reduce the salt by half or more and still have a well seasoned dish.

  38. trubisky is getting shared with bear fans

  39. oh yeah people love salt. I reduce too. Mrs Jay likes even less than me.

  40. Also I would not ‘soak’ the breadcrumbs in the milk as it says. You’re not going to soak 1 cup of breadcrumbs with 1/3 cup milk. It turns to concrete, breaks into lumps, and is a total bitch to mix smoothly into the meatloaf. Just add them separately to the mix.

  41. I would add more milk. the loaf can handle it.

    speaking of salt, please don’t brine a ham. you can soak it in water to draw some salt out, but ham is usually balanced, especially the really good ones. putting mustard on, then brown sugar will give a nice sweet crust, especially if you score it. won’t taste the mustard either

  42. Thanks for checking in geeoff, and for your untimely yet cogent analysis of Chelsie and Black Honey.

    CVS report no milk, no TP, no rubbing alcohol.

  43. Scott likes to clean surfaces with rubbing alcohol. I think denatured alcohol is still at the hardware store, and that is fine for surfaces. We should save what isopropyl we have left for skin.

  44. *fingerguns*

  45. Bet you wish you’d built that copper still back when I was talking about it, huh?

  46. Wooden frames for the chicken fence panels are almost done. Got to do a couple more cuts, then we’re stuck trying to stretch fence over them without a 5th and 6th eye to watch Possum.

  47. I just finished The Mandalorian and I really liked it. I liked the characters, I loved Baby Yoda, I like how beautifully it was filmed, I liked the music, I liked the graphics at the end of each show, I thought the dialogue was good and it wasn’t too predictable.

    I’m looking forward to the second season.

    Also, I watched Rogue One and liked it too. Mainly because I thought it was a very heroic movie. A lot of characters died in a sacrificial manner.

  48. Trying to get my sister and her family to come visit. They are Hoosiers and thus excluded from Cuntvernor Bitchmer’s unlawful order.

  49. I watched the three original Star Wars movies. The first two are really, really good. The last one was…not as good. I hadn’t watched them in years.

  50. So, I built that raised planter bed for my bride last Sunday and now she won’t be able to buy seeds so she can plant it?

  51. I can get some seeds in the mail to you, Hotspur. What does she want to plant? I can check my inventory. Some things, like parsnips and leeks, have seeds that will germinate very poorly after the first year so I am glad to give her the rest of the packet, which is usually most of them.

  52. Hotspur,
    Check out &…

  53. Thanks. I’ll ask her what she is planning to grow.

  54. I’ll email you a list of what I have in my extensive inventory. Are you still “Your_Mom69” @ gmail?

  55. When Bill Maher is the smartest guy at Warner Media…

    From Insty.

  56. The weirdest thing about the Hydroxychloroquine thing is they are treating it as if it’s a brand new drug that’s never been seen before and they have no idea of the side effects, interactions, or adverse reactions. I think it’s been around for quite a while, so they should have an idea of whether it’s safe…..

  57. Mare, I like the animated Clone Wars. The Mandalorian is full of veterans from the Clone Wars. Taika Waititi was the nanny bot and directed the last episode. He directed Thor: Ragnorak and Jojo Rabbit. I ❤️ him. Great post! Good boi.

  58. The Week In Pictures; Maga Hunker Edition

  59. Dad came over to help with fence frames, sister is worried her 7yo will snitch if they go out.

  60. waekey wakey

  61. Thanks ChrisP

  62. exactly right, Pete. like using aspirin to prevent heart attacks. not the original purpose but serves the purpose.

  63. I was underwhelmed by mandalorian. it was me, expected more.

  64. Chrispy, I Lol’d at the meme with the queen and Charles busting in like the at home working videos!

  65. Jay, I may have liked it because I had no expectation other then having vague understanding that Disney is a douchebag and a real understanding that Kathleen Kennedy has produced a lot of shit for the Star Wars franchise.

  66. This 350 million times:

    <script async src="

  67. Comment by Pupster on April 11, 2020 9:52 am
    Thank y’all kindly, making you guys laugh is the highlight of my weekends too.


    That would explain your haircut…… 😉

  68. Amen, Mare. They can advise you to stay home, or quarantine you if you are contagious, but you can’t put everyone on house arrest “just in case” they might get sick. Jesus, they give addicts needles to shoot up with…….

  69. Where is the widget thing? I want to click on it …

  70. ham is usually balanced, especially the really good ones. putting mustard on, then brown sugar will give a nice sweet crust, especially if you score it.

    Regular ol’ yellow mustard smeared on first and then pack on some brown sugar?

  71. I had to talk the daughter into coming over tomorrow. We will put her old dorm table in the living room, where she and SIL will dine and we will sit in the kitchen. She hasn’t been out of her house for a month. SIL does all the shopping.

  72. Pupster, your best chance at scoring TP is early morning. Try an Aldis first but you gotta get there 20-30 min before they open at 9am. Or a regular grocer right after senior hour. That’s how I found some.

  73. Husband tried to go fishing this morning. They closed all the boat ramps and blocked off docks at the big lakes. Wtf? He said it was eery.

  74. Ian is coming up, but don’t tell Hannah because she’ll lose her shit. Ian was going to cancel because Hannah was mad.

    but it’s stupid. Pat WORKS with Ian.

    There’s just no reasoning with her.


  76. Comment by beasn on April 11, 2020 7:19 pm
    Husband tried to go fishing this morning. They closed all the boat ramps and blocked off docks at the big lakes. Wtf? He said it was eery


    There’s no effing reason for that and it leads people to conspiracy theories.

  77. What is Hannah upset about Carin?

  78. Wait, both Carin’s daughter and Beasnsnsn’s daughter are worried about coronavirus???

    Isn’t Hannah pre-med?

    And I think Beansnsnsns daughter has a degree in physical therapy?

    WTF is wrong with our educational system? All critical thinking is gone. They are about as likely to get it as I am winning the lottery.

    Unless, of course, they have health conditions I didn’t know about, in that case it makes sense.

  79. What I mean is, they could get it and not even know. It’s not going to kill them, that’s beyond lottery statistics.


  81. I think this calls for the media to STFU and stop playing politics. It’s frightening normal, well-educated people. This is crazy.

  82. Was that for real Pups? (tattoo actor)

  83. I hope Co Alex is quarantined with her. He’ll be a wreck after a bit, but it will be worth it.

  84. Regular ol’ yellow mustard smeared on first and then pack on some brown sugar?

    Yes, regular yellow mustard is an excellent base for rubs on all kinds of meats. Egg whites work too, but isn’t as thick, and won’t hold as much. But egg whites will hold a lot tighter. Mayo works too.

    I don’t use mustard with poultry, but will with pork butt, ham, large beef cuts.

  85. If it’s on the internet, it’s real.

  86. mare, my daughter is a Nervous Nelly by nature. She doesn’t want to get us or her grandmother sick.
    “Yes, I know most people survive it but I don’t want to risk putting any of you in the hospital. And if you come down with it in the next two weeks, I don’t want you blaming me.”

    She hasn’t been out of the house in weeks. Her husband does the shopping, as do I, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t lick things or people while he’s doing it.

  87. She also knows I’m going to put TP in her Easter basket. Her frugality and zero desire to enter a store in search of said item tipped the scale in my favor.

  88. Comment by PepeLp on April 11, 2020 8:24 pm

    Sabrina Was BBF in January and the leader in the clubhouse for 2020.

  89. Was that for real Pups? (tattoo actor)


  90. Phew

  91. Ronin and Quigley Down Under are youtube movies tonight.

  92. Ronin…..

    You ever kill anybody?

    I hurt somebody’s feelings once…

    Heh heh over at Aces….Armchair Epidemiologist….too fucking funny

  93. I’m a data science SME, and I say this whole thing is bullshit.

  94. I remember her from BBF, Pups, fondly…..

  95. Armchair Epidemiologist

    The one with the guy running on the beach? Hysterical, when the theme music turns to Rocky, and he outruns the cop.


  97. Phone neighbors is a fucking thing. Text or call the number one up or down from you. How about F U

  98. Ok, Hollyweird is getting a sense of humor. Netflix movie, The Assignment. Contract killer Frank Kitchen goes after people when he has his gender reassigned without his consent.

    This is gonna be great.

  99. I miss Easter. Haven’t had a proper one in years, even since before dad. Five years? Too long. No way to get out and around now, I’d probably get the National Guard called on me if I tried to go to Atlanta!

    I’d settle for a basket with a box of Peeps and a chocolate bunny. I’ll just get myself some candy and pretend like it’s the old days. Though I’d trade that for time with family right now.

    Sometimes, I really, really hate this century.

  100. We love you, Bro Tim. This Century sucks. CoAl and I have 9/11 birthdays. Wuhan doesn’t have a date associated with it.

  101. Anybody notice that would-be tyrants like Fauci are talking like “shutdown until vaccine”?
    WTF, O? The cold virus is a ‘corona virus’.
    You are not immune after you catch a cold.
    There is no vaccine for cold virus.
    Antibodies for rhinovirus don’t do shit.
    You can catch a cold again, and you will.
    Just because you catch Covid-19 and develop antibodies does not, necessarily mean that you can’t catch it again.

    Anita and I are in the vulnerable cohort.
    We are old, lifetime smokers.
    If we catch this, we are going to die(on a ventilator, if the hospital administrators can arrange it. It’s worth an additional $20K).

    We can either wait, cowering in the house until ‘The Authorities’ give us permission to go about our lives, or we can say “Fuck this” and do the things we normally do, other than restaurants, or theaters, which are being destroyed to ‘get Trump’.
    The masks I ordered may arrive the middle of next month. We may still be alive by then.
    If Safeway requires masks before then, I will sew a Crown Royal bag into a mask…

  102. I’m gonna buy some panties from Victoria’s and just wear ’em on my face.

  103. If you get a chance to see The Assignment, watch it. It’s different, not what I expected.

  104. Distrust everything. Remain prudent.

  105. Chrispy and Anita are the people worth saving.

    They get it.

    Safety is important but it’s not “give the government the knowledge it can now scare us into doing anything (or nothing) important.”

  106. Good morning and Happy Easter, fellow Covid Rebels!

    I’m writing a screenplay about an intrepid housewife who does basic research and has common sense who figures out that Covid-19 was used as a power grab. I need to get funding though. Have to think about casting.

  107. We’re doing Easter, except for Mass as usual. Going to my daughter’s house and we’re going to walk the waterfront, play corn hole in the back yard, and have a feast.

    I’ve been to Walmart about 6 times since this started. My local Publix the same or more. Target twice. I’ve been to gas stations and I walk the neighborhood. No mask. No gloves.

    Watching America slouch into a depression has been horrifying but I’m not letting spineless politicians tell me what to do concerning a media-hyped bullshit scam.

  108. Mare, Hannah is afraid Ian (or her) are going to give it to us. As I said, she doesn’t realize that I go out w/o a mask, and work out with my crossfit friends almost every day.

    Yesterday, they came to my house with step boxes, and we did “chad” on my driveway. 1000 box steps with a weight vest.

  109. Erin made us a delicious looking carrot cake yesterday. 100 from scratch. She even went extra and decorated it. Can’t wait.

  110. The media has scared normal people from acting rationally. This alone is criminal.

    I hope you all go out and visit and eat with loved ones and enjoy the day, I sure am.

  111. 35% of the covid19 deaths in Wayne county (excluding Detroit – they report separately) were in nursing homes.

  112. States need help from COBOL programmers to process all the unemployment claims.

    COBOL ?

    I think you need to be older than 60 to know that.

  113. Your governor has saved a million lives.

  114. She’s an effing hero.

  115. From this day forward Easter will be known as Whitmer Day.


  117. HUZZAH!!! Pups!

  118. I haven’t been this excited for the contents of a plastic bag since I financed a 1/4 lb of Meigs County skunk weed when I was a teenager.

  119. I love toilet paper math

    24 = 96 !!!

  120. Happy Easter Hostages and Heathens

  121. I almost feel bad for ESPN. I just tuned into SportsCenter

    on this date in 1995…..
    on this date in 2012…..

    The NFL draft cant get here fast enough.

  122. Happy Easter, Hostages!

  123. Happy Easter. Weather looks good. Might build the coop today.

  124. “Less than 30 minutes”

    Wife is skeptical.

  125. Happy Easter. Don’t fall on yer keester.

  126. Erm …

    “Across the city, hospitals are overrun. Patients have died in hallways before they could even be hooked up to one of the few available ventilators in New York.”

    If they are getting to the hospital and dying while you triage … chances are great they weren’t going to make it. given the stats of those who go on the vent.

  127. 3 hours.

  128. Live in a shithole, live with shitty outcomes.

  129. April 2nd. So maybe that has changed.

  130. I don’t believe anything from the New York Slimes.

  131. Few available ventilators?

    They had more than they needed.

  132. Some good news – Boris Johnson has been released from the hospital.

  133. Cuomo threatened to take ventilators from upstate New York, and I don’t think he ever did.

    Of course, now they are finding out that ventilators aren’t the best option. If I am understanding this correctly (and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once), it’s better to reposition patients on their stomachs and give them oxygen than to put them on ventilators.

    We’re going to have plenty of ventilators for the stockpile.

  134. This article is filled with … bs.

    For one – what are the rates of coding Covid patients? they are critical because they are pushing DNRs (of course, they don’t put it in context at all). So … if 85 y/o mom has covid and COPD and she codes …. just perhaps a dnr is really just the best course of action.

    But then, I’m a heartless bitch.

  135. And that hospital? Northwest Detroit … not an awesome hospital to begin with. I could go on but I’d sound racccist.

  136. As long as PDJT doesn’t endorse oxygen we’ll be fine.

  137. I still don’t understand why my father-in-law didn’t have a DNR. That made his last hour awful and traumatized everybody.

  138. My dad’s last hours were horrible, but I blame the hospice people. He didn’t die in a hospital, and really that’s the best thing I can say about it.

    I convinced him to go hospice /dnr in order to avoid a prolonged miserable hospital stay where he just declined there until he died.

  139. I have bad memories of fracturing ribs in elderly people doing chest compressions during codes when I was an intern. That was a long time ago and it still sticks with me. Thankfully that’s all behind me

  140. My dad hated hospitals, and spent a LOT of his life there – he had cancer when he was 15, then again at 30. Add in the kidney failure stuff, and then the 6 months of hospital (probably in total) when he went septic. While i cared for him, he was in and out all the time, as I’m sure you guys recall. He did NOT want to die there.

  141. DNR should be KTFU.


  143. Rocketboy and FDIL are coming over for an Easter egg hunt, Mass on the telly, and the traditional sauerbraten dinner later today.

    Mr. RFH, Mini-me, and I watched the Easter Vigil from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in DC last night. That was well done. We had candles from a previous Easter Vigil, we had the house dark at the beginning, and I rang a bell and turned on the lights at the appropriate time. It made it a little better.

    Why am I watching Mass a second time? Because Rocketboy won’t do it on his own but will with us. (shrug) I’m going to find a different Mass, maybe Fr. Mike Schmitz. Mini-me likes his youtube channel.

  144. Don’t forget “The Greatest Story Ever Told” 4-8 on TCM.

    It’s on after Ben Hur.


    YAY Pups!!
    Did you have to wait in line for that?

  146. No line, store wasn’t really busy at 0900, five or six 96 packs on the otherwise bare shelves 2 hours after open Easter Sunday.


  148. Taped spelling bees?

    For the next six hours?

    Sucks to be ESPN.

  149. Four years ago today, we lost the Man-Lesbian, Rosetta.

    I’ll hoist a drink for him later.

  150. Buona Pasqua!

    Glorious day. Spent the morning planting spinach and cilantro, and repotting tomato plants.

  151. Scott is cooking me some potting soil on the BGE, lol. Instead of making the house smell like dirt. I hope the plants like lightly smoked soil.

  152. RIP Rosetta. Gone but not forgotten.

    If only he’d known how much he was loved.


  154. Amen Hotspur.

  155. Happy Easter. 50 degrees and windy here. #1son’s ranch truck was making a weird sound in the front brakes the other day. Checked, and it was grooving the rotor a little. Got new pads and stuck them on this morning. When we pulled the caliper , everything fell apart. No pad left on the inside, steel on steel. Rotor is completely screwed up. So, ordering new pads and rotors for all 4 wheels. I hate playing mechanic. No fun at all.

  156. At least you aren’t cooking dirt Pepe.

    I made ham and beasnessdefdse soup, with jalapeno cornbread. Boy1 didn’t want yesterday’s ham so I cooked him a turkey this morning as well.

    When I make soup from a hambone I never really get a good broth, at least it never looks the the creamy white-ish broth from the Campbell’s Old Fashioned Bean and Ham soup of my yout. Still really good over cornbread.

  157. Mash up some of the beans and stir them back in, maybe? That’s how I thicken soup sometimes. Or I dump in some powdered mashed potatoes from a box, heheh. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

  158. Happy Easter, y’all. I forgot to cook 🐥🐥 for the Princess. She already had 2nd breakies. She’s starving.


  160. I didn’t get the ‘mmm empanadas’ video at all until Scott told me to go back and look at the bottom right, ha ha haaa.

  161. Pretty pleased with my gardening progress so far. It’s going to be a delightful and productive Spring. I can’t believe it’s still only mid-April.

  162. Do the early fake vegetables prefer their dirt medium, or medium rare?

  163. I just visited drudge for the first time in a couple of months. What a fucking cesspool of Trump bashing.

  164. Bongino report is pretty good, I am getting used to the format.

  165. Went to Easter at #1 son’s. It was nice. My mother in law made Watergate salad.

    My daughter in law: This is good, what’s in it?
    M-i-l: Cool Whip, pistachio pudding, marshmallows, and crushed pineapple.
    DIL: I’m super allergic to pineapple….. *starts gasping for air a little*
    MIL: %%@#@##
    DIL: Just kidding…….

  166. 🤪🤪🤪🤪pretty good one.

  167. Food allergies can be funny

  168. SIL brought our masks today. I originally told Morons
    that sew, I needed a few. Thinking about activating the Morons assemble.

  169. OMG, that’s similar to old fashioned Ambrosia salad. When we were little kids, my best friend who lived down the street had an enormous family and they used to have summer cookouts where somebody always brought Ambrosia. I haven’t had it in years but I recall the last time I had it I had tears in my eyes from the damn nostalgia.

  170. I like Bongino report. Not as extensive as Drudge used to be, but good.

    Whoever bought Drudge and turned it into a crapfest can eat a bag of dicks.

  171. We had Ambrosia in the summertime.

  172. I dumped Drudge from all my bookmark lists. Haven’t seen it in months. I get all my news here.

  173. *strokes chin, wondering what crazy shit I can get Jimbro to believe here*

  174. Wasn’t this past week supposed to be the “9/11 // Pearl Harbor” of all weeks evah?

  175. Whoever bought Drudge and turned it into a crapfest can eat a bag of dicks.

    100% agree.

    I expect their traffic count cratered because all the Dems are still going to Huffpo and Kos.

  176. Liberals destroyed a good website, but Drudge has their money.

    Drudge wins.

  177. Bongino is up next.

  178. Mare Report could be up after that.

  179. It won’t be Car in Report.

    Internet is iffy in Michigan prisons.

  180. bongino report is good, so is Just The News, attkissons new home, along with john solomon

  181. Roamy needs to sleep in the basement tonight.

  182. Yep, there’s some bad storms moving through here. Sent Rocketboy and FDIL home in between the storm lines in the shortest 7 stages of goodbye ever.

  183. Thundering here too. Going to be an interesting night in AL.

  184. Stay safe, ‘bama Hostages. You are not allowed to get hurt. I will talk to the manager.

  185. Manager is taking pretty good care of me, I got no complaints.

  186. Oh look, she’s all cocky because it’s Easter, and she just got off the phone with Him at dinner

  187. Sigh. So much for Easter. I miss doing these things with family. I should next year. Though I become more acutely aware as time passes that there won’t always be a “next year”. Makes getting robbed of the opportunity this year tough, especially with everything else I’ve had going on lately.

    Debating getting some candy when I pick up prescriptions tomorrow. It’s a poor substitute for time with family (or hell, just people) but, well. Don’t know where I’m going with the idea.

  188. Diego enjoyed Robert’s party.

  189. Wouldn’t have felt right to have the comment on both sides of a derp.


  191. My Keto lemon pound cake with cream cheese icing was a hit! Also, my sausage dressing (that I didn’t eat) Got home at 8:30pm went straight to bed, got up at 6:00 which is late for me!

    As I was laying in bed I was thinking about how everyday is the same and what fresh hell the lefties have decided we need and I didn’t want to get up which is rare for me and a slippery slope. Stay positive, trust God, support Trump.

    Wonders what cool archeological digs Leon will find!

  192. No digging involved, just the neighborhood cemetary.

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