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Your model for today was born in Berne, New York on September 18th, 1992.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 342631 and 117 lbs.  Please get comfy and get to know Mrs. Chelsie Aryn-Miller.



  1. The tat’s a DQ for me.

  2. She looks better in her natural state, less makeup not all of our BBF models do.

    I wonder if her chesticles are real because they are spectacular.

  3. Pro tip: Follow the money! Always, always follow the money.

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  4. I wonder if her chesticles are real because they are spectacular.

    Pretty sure.

  5. Poke-tacular

  6. Storm left 8 inches of wet snow and it’s still coming down slowly now. Lost power and the generator turned on. Sometime during the night it conked out. We’ve got a call out to the company that services it but the radio said “thousands without power”. I’ve got the wood stove going and I’m drinking instant coffee

  7. Stay safe Jimbro, I hope you get power restored soonest.

    Careful with today’s musical selection, it’s an earworm I’ve contracted that I can’t seem to shake.

  8. I’m hoping that as well. Just heard on the radio “over 200,000 Mainers without power”. I’m trying to limit my phone use with no power, BBF will be a BBS as far as links and videos are concerned.

  9. wakey wakey

  10. 10/10 would smash.

  11. Gotta hand it to Bernie. He’s a world class grifter.

    He’s no Clinton or Obama but he got his.

  12. Data modeling is asshoe.

  13. Everyone at H3? Huh. Must have lost the link.

    I’ll just wait here.

  14. 5!

  15. Our pope is stupid. He’s a stupid comment machine. Ufffff.

    Thanks for nothing, stupid pope.

    I think Hotspur’s thoughts on this garbage pope cover my own.

  16. He’s no Clinton or Obama but he got his.

    To his credit, his personal body count is much lower. Ironic, given that he’s the most openly communist.

  17. MJ!

    Can MJr make a margarita yet?

  18. Good Friday is a fasting day for us Catholics. I made a rookie mistake and ate a very early light dinner yesterday and now it’s 8:15 and I’m already hungry and my stomach is growling.

    This will be a good fasting day for Good Friday. A bit of uncomfortable hunger but a lot of meditating on Christ’s suffering.

    Alrighty then, whatever your religion, I hope today proves to be productive and spiritually enriching (and shit).


    Seriously the song is good and the video is well done, y’all need to get infected with the Black Honey virus like me.

  20. Can MJr make a margarita yet?
    Excellent post Pupster. I’ve give it two unused panic rifles up.

    Yes, but because he’s so bougie he uses mescal.

  21. I’m allowing myself cream in my coffee and that’s it for today.

  22. I had to look up bougie.

  23. Dried bougies are clogging my nostrils

  24. I hate when that happens.

  25. Is the hummus anything?

  26. Mashed chickpeas.

  27. Gross.

    I have an 8# smoked ham thawing for Sunday.

  28. Urologist appointment this morning. Will have temp taken at the door. Gloves and mask at the ready. Honestly, I should have scheduled this for later, but they want to keep an eye on those stones I’m carryin’ since one was wandering when I was in the hospital.

    Anyway, I get out for a little while, so it’s all good. Kinda.

    I wanna see some of the fuckers who shut everything down for nothing lined up and…dealt with appropriately. Long since outta patience with these jackholes. Not a positive place to be on Good Friday, but so it goes.

  29. Why…WHY are the Feds reimbursing hospitals for Yellow Fever treatment?

  30. Model has this ineffable air of “bitch” about her. Not that I’m much good at reading people.

  31. States took the initiative shutting things down, states should have to pay from their own treasuries to make folks whole. Might make them put a little more thought into these things in the future.

  32. I should get some turnips for making ham hash next week.

  33. Model has this ineffable air of “bitch” about her.

    Watched about 10 seconds of one of the videos. She has a Karen voice.

  34. Why…WHY are the Feds reimbursing hospitals for Yellow Fever treatment?
    Because 40% of people that go to a hospital ED don’t pay the bill. A huge chunk of those are illegals or people that qualify for Medicaid but don’t ever really follow through on the process for whatever reason.

    They were afraid hospitals would go out of business treating Chop Fluey.

    The reality is that hospitals stopped electives (which make money) and the covid cases never really materialized. They’ll need a bailout at some point.

  35. Good luck BroTim, I’m a little surprised they kept the appointment. Maybe they’ll mark up your chart with “kidney stones caused by panic ice cream eating over Covid19 anxiety”.

  36. MJ, I’m expecting to see a full financial analysis of this from you at some point.

    Do it while you’re running, because training never stops.

  37. All Lapeer deaths have been of nursing home/hospice folks. 5.

  38. Impact to hospital revenues are projected to be 40-60% lower for the next 3-6 months.

    The game is actually two part. The first part is getting patients good care. Our healthcare system does a really good job of this.

    The second part is getting paid. This is not so good. The entire game is hounding the payor to get money. Whether its the government, insurance, the patient, or a combo of all. Nobody pays…except the government. They pay quickly but it’s not their money so WGAF.

  39. I’m up to 1 mile! I have to rest a lot.

  40. I’ve been tired running lately. I think this corn teen has me over-training.

  41. Hahahaha. Me too. I’m doing stuff I never would normally.

    In the last 30 days I’ve done 190 miles of biking and running.

  42. Model has this ineffable air of “bitch” about her.

    Going to have to disagree with you here, Tim. If you watch the video links in her name she comes across as very personable, funny and just a little slutty.

  43. My crossfit friends are certainly trying to kill me. The workouts have been mainly horrendous. This is the shit they want me to do today:

    100 air squats
    90 second high plan
    80 walking lunges
    70 situps
    60 box umps
    50 mountain climbers
    40 pushups
    30 man makers
    20 jump squats
    10 burpees.

  44. How do I run later on top of that shit?

  45. Quit whinging.

  46. High plans never work out. I recommend skipping that one.

  47. Listen guys, I think a big part of the quarantine problem is that the most vulnerable to this disease are people in nursing homes.

    If this thing killed 5 year old children, we would all be hermetically sealed in our houses and 100% willing to sniper anybody we saw moving in the street.

    People have told me they wanted to die. People have asked me to kill them. You know who they were? People in old folks’ homes. My own grandparents in the last few years of their lives. We all know those are the shitty years. I’m not saying we shouldn’t protect them from this horrible virus. I’m saying there’s a reason nobody is really bending over backwards to honor the quarantine in all places. It’s a psychological thing. We’re sympathetic but not desperate about this.

  48. Heh. Well, I did say I’m a shitty judge of character.

    CAT scan scheduled for Tuesday to confirm I still have a stone in the urethra, teleconference followup to determine where things lie. If it’s still there, tube goes up the you-know-what to break it up and take it out. What’s in the kidney they’ll leave alone, just as well, it hasn’t bothered me much other than spawning something now and again to give me fits.

  49. My grandpa, in a nursing home, asked every morning why he was still alive.

    Every day. He prayed for Jesus to take him home.

    And it’s not that I want old people to die. I promise not to visit any until I’m in the clear.

  50. It’s simply to note that these aren’t plans for returning to anything even approaching normal. They either envision life under a surveillance and testing state of dystopian (but perhaps necessary!) proportions, or they envision a long period of economic and public health pain, as we wrestle the disease down only to see it roar back, as seems to be happening in Singapore.

  51. Exactly, Carin. We still need to protect them from this shitty way to die.

    But, again, if this thing killed kids, there would be a whole level of urgency that we’ve never seen before. I’d seal my house and fucking caulk the cracks of the door.

  52. Our magnolia is in magnificent full bloom…looks like the rain and wind brought down some branches. 😦

    Going out to assess.

  53. My comments on this subject are ghoulish and grotesque. But, there it is. Life is like this.

  54. *looks away*


    Wait, never mind. Answered my own inquiry.

  56. Point is, it’s not killing kids, and it’s not killing randomly, and that’s evident now. It’s killing a very select group of people who can be easily quarantined without eliminating normal life for the rest of us until better mitigations are available for those most vulnerable.

  57. Ugh. Seriously. I should delete. God knows how many people are out there lurking and thinking I hate old people now, when nothing could be further from the truth. Old people are us. I wouldn’t be willing to destroy tons of other peoples livelihoods to save my own life NOW, nevermind when I’m 80 and in bad shape.

  58. If I understand immune systems as I learned things, if it was killing 5 y/o kids, it would be killing everyone, because a kid’s immune system is a pretty powerful thing.

  59. Well said Leon, and said far more humanely than me. I guess you think that makes you special.

  60. It’s hard to quarantine those groups of people in highly populated areas, leon. Us people out in the sticks have an advantage.

    Mom told me today she isn’t afraid, but just careful. She’s sad that we can’t get together for Easter, but we’ll have a party when this is out:

    1) HS graduation
    2) College graduation
    3) Easter

    We’ll be eating for days.

  61. Well said Leon, and said far more humanely than me. I guess you think that makes you special.

    I’m well-spoken. It’s a gift that’s easily abused. But that’s not why I’m special. The short bus that took me to school is the reason for that.

  62. My grandma turned 99 on Monday and had to spend it alone. She’s been a widow for 17 years, and has been able to hold her great-great grandson. Her family and her faith are her life. She was a daily communicant before this shit started, and I seriously doubt she has any fucks left to give over how her long and wonderful life finally concludes. It’s not like she’s even getting to watch pre-season baseball at this point. Taking this decision (to see her family and take her chances) out of her hands is criminal.

  63. If I live that long, I will spend that day with whomever I please.

    Woe unto any breathing person who’d dare tell me otherwise.

  64. Getting ready to go to work shortly. It’s 1) Friday (usually crazy), 2) our census is low so we can take multiple admissions, 1b) we have some really really challenging patients on the unit right now, and 17) I’m charge nurse tonight, which means F.) this shitshow will be mine, all mine.

    Got a little exercise and sunshine out in the garden this morning, so at least I’m going into this with a good attitude.

  65. You smoke a lauraw, you gonna die. One speck of that hump juice…you’re on the floor bobbling around with your feet behind your ears.

  66. BroTim, buy you some lemons and drink lemon water every day.

  67. AND LAY OFF THE SODA!! Lots of water and some lemon juice, only.

  68. I like the musical selection, Pupster! Good jerb.

  69. Post office update. Two packages are still sitting in NY. Two weeks. F*ckers.

    Package from OR made it in 3 days.

    MyPillow informed me my shipment is on it’s way via Fedex. I caved getting these because my own pillows suck and I’m desperate to find something that works for my neck that has to hold up a very large noggin.

  70. Anyone else listen to the first hour of Rush? They looked up stories out of CA regarding the flu from last fall. Found one that talked about how early flu season arrived – 2 to 3 weeks earlier than normal in November – and all the people coming down with it.
    Also, out of Chicago, a phlebotomist saying of all the blood she’s been checking, up to 50% are testing that they have already had it.

  71. Mr. B. took off today…1. because everyone else around the world, in his company, are off for Good Friday. (India, UK, Fwance), and 2. he wanted to see if he can catch me some fish for dinner. So far, no luck.

  72. Where all the white pepo at?

  73. Trying to do some very careful coding in our production environment because development and test environments are a luxury that can never, ever be afforded, no matter how much time or money they save.

  74. Soda’s an occasional indulgence, stopped guzzling that after my first bad UTI. Mostly heavily filtered water now, local tap water is crap. Should get some lemons for lemon water, a little flavor helps it go down easier.

  75. “….on the floor bobbling around with your feet behind your ears.”



  76. *sings the song of Pupster’s people*

  77. Pups, does your wife crochet?
    There are a lot of smart, creative people out there.

  78. Awooo Beasnesgufsthfs.

    I used to play those for Nessie the Wonder Dog, she never howled back but would get really agitated and bark at the speakers.

  79. Mrs. Pupster has done knitting and crochet, not for a long time though. Still kind of touchy with the Wonder Dog stuff, one of the first masks she made was from a Nessie bandanna, I almost started bawling when I tried it on because it still smelled like her.

  80. I was out breaking the law.

  81. >>>Should get some lemons for lemon water, a little flavor helps it go down easier.

    I usually squeeze half a lemon per 16oz glass and chug it. Not crazy about the sour. Sometimes I mix in honey. No sugar.
    I do it especially when a kidney feels achey. It helps. (My mom had stones in her mid fifties. Mid-fifties is when shit starts to break. )

    I’ll have a Dr. Pepper, shared with Mr. B., once in a great while.

  82. Power and internet back up, generator guy stopped by … all is good on Good Friday

  83. Still kind of touchy with the Wonder Dog stuff, one of the first masks she made was from a Nessie bandanna, I almost started bawling when I tried it on because it still smelled like her.

    *hugs to the pupstersseses*

    Aww, Nessie girl. It’ll take some time.

    I plan on getting that pattern because my Goddaughter and BFF have GSDs but it reminded me more of the WonderDog with those ears. Change the yarn color…add a bandanna…

  84. I buy the mini cans of Canada Dry or Schweppes ginger ale to mix with bourbon. I go through about 6 cans a year. I’m good for 1 or 2 cans of Moxie in the summer. Otherwise it’s coffee, tea, water or beer


  86. Great news, Jimbro!

    Now off to clean terlits and fold some laundry.

    Maybe get some sun first cuz I’m feelin’ kind of blue. Not sure if it’s because I didn’t sleep well last night or the pollen or if something is amiss bugwise.

  87. Stella and Moose have that exact toy.

    Well, they did. They ripped off all the framing material, and now it’s just canvas or whatever.Stella still likes it.

  88. NESSIE!!

    Yep, those ears!

  89. I’m almost entirely convinced that the people who sold me this house never cooked. I cannot simmer tomato sauce on the lowest possible setting on the stove top. It immediately starts to boil. I’m reduced to cooking it in a double boiler.

  90. I might have to get a hot plate or something.

  91. {{{hugs}}} Pupster

  92. Is it a gas range? You can turn it down underneath. We had our ups too high, and now they’ve sort of been adjust too low. I personally don’t know how to fiddle with it. My uncle did it for me.

  93. I can’t even begin to explain how stressed I am. We added offstage areas into our total square footage. That allows 40 more people into our space at one time. Our GM decided to close clothing and textiles. Trying to explain to people how a droplet/Airborne Virus spreads. Asshole: Costco is still selling clothes. Oso that never has a snappy response: We’re not Costco. (Oso response 10 minutes later: Costco obviously doesn’t care if you get the COVID) Oso (At work, I call it the COVID. Can’t afford to be called Rayciss)

  94. Have you tried a heat diffuser?

  95. The double boiler worked pretty well. I either need to get in and fiddle with the supply to the burners or I need to get used to the DB.

  96. Praying for Lauraw. This 💩 is crazy, and she’s on the Frontlines.

  97. Went to pick up some salmon at the fancier store. Drove by Lowes. They are packed.

  98. If you decide to get a hot plate look at an induction one. I’ve almost bought one at Costco multiple times, but can’t really justify it. They heat up fast, are efficient and have temperature control. The only down side is you have to have the right pans.

  99. “It’s killing a very select group of people who can be easily quarantined”

    Not that easy. Houseguest just got a call from her mom’s assisted living place. 2 people hospitalized so far.

    There have been no visitors for 3 weeks so it had to come in on an employee.

  100. Dan’s Aunt is currently accelerating her dementia. None of the homes are accepting new patients. She has two daughters. One is currently furloughed by a casino. Has a young child at home. The other daughter works at a Mental Health Clinic affiliated with the University. The decision so far, is to leave her at home alone. Stop texting us. We can’t do 💩. See also my mom.

  101. FFS. How many distribution centers does NY have? Usually when I get a package from overseas, it goes through one before getting kicked down my way. Once in a while it might visit NJ before it goes back to NY and then kicked my way. Queens is the 6th place. This is how packages get beat to shit. (I have no idea where the other one sits. It’s been quiet for a week.)

    April 10, 2020, 3:51 pm
    Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
    Your item arrived at our USPS facility in QUEENS NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER on April 10, 2020 at 3:51 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    April 10, 2020
    In Transit to Next Facility

    April 7, 2020, 7:01 pm
    Arrived at USPS Regional Facility

  102. The nursing home next to Paula’s hospital has been hit hard with it. A couple dead so far. One of her cow orkers is being tested because of some symptoms. They shared a computer a few days ago. She picked up a few 3P-3A shifts in the next few weeks. They count as time and a half + shift differential + some kind of bonus incentive for the virus (not sure who’s paying, hospital system or government)

  103. >>>There have been no visitors for 3 weeks so it had to come in on an employee.

    That’s how it’s been for a nursing home near daughter. All these seniors have been isolated from family for weeks and they, 35 of them, come down with it.

  104. Leon, It’s possible that your range has the wrong orifices for the fuel you are using. Check the manual. When I connected my bbq to the house so I wouldn’t have to deal with LP tanks, I had to change orifices in the burners because natural gas is at a much lower pressure than LP.

  105. Maybe Queens might have someone more alert and not infected to point my package in the right direction (that’s what he said).

  106. Mine started moving after it got to Queens.

  107. The Trump Show shared guidelines for Nursing Homes based on Washington/Seattle knowledge at least 3 weeks ago. It is coming in from employees.

  108. That’s actually my current theory on the problem, Hotspur. The only thing that makes me think it’s just badly configured is how much work it was to even get my dryer ready to connect to the propane line. I’d have to think that a stove connector should be just as incompatible as a dryer without the adapter kit, but the only way to know is to pull it out of place and start messing with it. It mostly works, and the oven doesn’t just burn stuff, so I’ve been lax in correcting the problem that only really causes problems for simmering liquids or cooking custard that I’m intending for the ice cream churn.

  109. The difference with the oven is that it is thermostatically controlled. Its burners come on and off when the thermostat lets fuel through. The cooktop burners however have no such thermostatic control valve. If the fuel pressure is too high, even at the lowest knob setting, you may be getting too much gas.

  110. Did you jiggle the handle?

  111. I’m well aware of why the oven and burners would behave differently, I was making the point that it mostly works even though I can’t cook over genuinely low heat.

  112. Leon,
    When we built this place and installed the gas-log and the range, we had to re-jet them both for propane. We did not reduce the jet-size on the range enough. There is no “simmer” on any burner.

  113. Hank Hill would know what to do I tell you what.

  114. As a man likely in need of propane accessories, I could use a man like Hank about now.

  115. A single burner hot plate from Walmart is about $15.

  116. Laura’s patients will love this!

  117. All this talk of orifices is getting me hot. For your mom.

  118. So Mare, if you were a cheese, would you pair nicely with a bold red wine?

  119. I love my single burner propane stove.

    We can fry stuff without stinking up the house.

  120. Car in is going to jail.

  121. Wife just asked me if she could go to jail.

    She wasn’t asking about the penalty, she was asking for permission.

  122. An exception is visiting someone at a nursing home?

  123. She does love her some power wielding.

  124. All of which already locked down weeks ago without being forced.

    She’s a raging, ignorant, tyrannical bitch.

  125. I can do what I want. I am essential.


    Today I picked up a bar, and 3 bar stools in upstate NY.


  127. I’ve got crossfit friends coming to my house tomorrow


  129. * calls office of Gov. Bruce Jenner *

  130. Bruce is more genuinely feminine.

    And a Trump supporter, last I checked.

    He’d be a better governor.

  131. Comment by Pupster on April 10, 2020 7:39 pm

    I don’t know. Ask Obama.

  132. There is no “simmer” on any burner.

    Mine, neither, and I had the gas company guy look at it. I ended up with a “Flame-minder”, a double layered thing of steel that diffuses the heat enough for cooking rice.

  133. Her Majesty won’t be wearing solid green again any time soon.

  134. My new gas stove came with separate orifice screw ins for propane. HS is right.

  135. Heh, roamy, that isnt the first time she’s worn green, and regretted it.

  136. Great. Another day with everybody talking about their orifices. Typical.

  137. Divine energies revitalized Paul.

  138. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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