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Update: Obrien version of Annibale Carracci Domine Quo Vadis ?




  1. “passionate about being able to afford food”

    hahahahahah *cough*

    He’s got your three and nine.

    Sexy text messages.

    Took a pole.

    *high fives Pups…furiously washes my hand afterward*

  2. 50lb of leg


    Yes or fucking no

  3. Comment by scott on April 4, 2020 9:31 pm

    I experienced Lowell Mass this morning.

    Biggest dump I have ever seen.
    My older brother went to ULowell and then the next year my friend Tom went.. When a bunch of my friends went there after we graduated I finally went up to visit. Yeah, very dump-like. Given how old we were at the time the activities centered around getting beer. 25 cent beers at some frat house, served in glasses that held about 8 ounces. Then a trip to a place called the Pawtucketville Social Club for pitchers of beer. I saw Attack of the Killer Tomatoes at a film festival they were running at the student union.I remember walking a long way on wide streets over the canal to get to and from their housing. My brother and friend Tom graduated but my friends all flunked out after a couple of years of partying. They moved home, got jobs and finally earned degrees at the local community college.


    I tried to send a mass H2 email yesterday, I know some of y’all got it but gmail sucks and I think it didn’t go through for everyone.

    BroTim left a comment Friday night with his contact info, I redacted but created a page with a tab above the header if anyone is looking to help a brother out.

  5. this movie?


  7. 61 deaths in michigan yesterday. so last week 21, 52, 75, 78, 80, 62, 61.

  8. I didn’t get an email, Pups, unless you disguised it as an ad for Viagra. I tried his link, but it just gave me an error message. Please send to r. s. rogers at hotmail. Thanks.

  9. My mom is still posting bullshit. ugh. I’m embarrassed that she falls for the lies.

  10. Just got my lumber. Radio said 8500 dead so far in the US.

    Out of 350+ million.

    But let’s keep panicking and destroying civil liberties.

  11. If you’re at all interested in military history this blog, which is new to me, is a great place to wile away some time

    In a related development

  12. Coral has no sense of humor, but I’m glad he’s back.

  13. Today I build a 4’x8’x1’ raised planter bed for HotBride to plant vegetables in.

  14. You know, I see stories on Medium all the time and some of them are good. If I see too many I get the notice that I need to create an account to read more. Well, after ignoring that for a long while I finally created an account. Which means a daily email filled with interesting stories. After clicking on one today there was a notice that I had one story left this month (it’s April 5th FFS) and if I wanted more I had to pay for the “upgrade”. Piss off. I hit unsubscribe from all emails. That way when I get a random link to one of their stories I’ll be within my free story limit.

    Another one that irked me was Parler. The predictable wikipedia description of it is amusing as always:

    I signed up for it a while ago, probably when I saw a mention somewhere else. Anyway, about a week or two ago they started sending daily emails with links to stories. When you click the link you get to their web page. Then you need to:

    1. Enter username and password
    2. Complete a Captcha correctly
    3. Enter a 6 digit verification code sent by text

    Then you get to their main page with no connection to the story you originally clicked on. For crying out loud, my bank and retirement accounts are easier to get into. Another unsubscribe …

  15. Hey, at least it’s secure!

  16. We’re building chicken run panels and the coop, hopefully. Going to be tough with no one to watch daughter while we do it.

  17. Yeah, I get it. They’re supposed to be a refuge for free speech/conservatism/etc and don’t want unfettered access. But I’m just looking to read a few stories and catch up on my conspiracy theories about the Deep State and Illuminati and enjoy my waffles

  18. You can also just clear your browsing history.

  19. Scott knows stuff.

  20. This woman discusses what I said would be an issue.

  21. Clear your browsing history first jimbro.

  22. Good point to remeber for the future. Unless it’s a life or death story, which it never is, I just x-out of it and say “fuck you” to whatever place is looking for mo’ money.

  23. remember

  24. That would explain why the Wu Flu isn’t ravaging the west coast.

    Rush floated that theory a week or so ago.

  25. I clicked on Carin’s link, saw it was medium and got the “this is your last article” message. I figured it was time to try the clear history trick and now the computer is having a seizure because of unresponsive script.

    I’ll leave it alone for a bit and only do a restart if it’s terminal.

  26. So instead of reading the article, I’m extrapolating from what Carin and Scott said, that the curve has already flattened out? Or that’s the theory and the West Coast was already hit so that’s why it’s not getting worse?

  27. the article is about flattening the curve, and claiming that Hung flu got here much earlier and we’ve already flattened. But she goes on to address another important point:

    It’s possible that the COVID curve is already flat because if we are at or nearing the peak, we are effectively coping with the healthcare demand, and a large segment of the US population may already be immune, rendering most, if not all, of the impending economic damage unnecessary.

    If COVID began 60 days earlier, canceling “elective” healthcare procedures, closing schools, and shutting down the economy is too high a price to pay to slow the rate of transmission of a disease that is slowing on its own and has a much lower case fatality rate (CFR) than initially assumed.
    Fifteen months ago, I was diagnosed with a tumor in my liver. Because of its location, the risk/benefit of performing a diagnostic biopsy on the mass was too low to justify proceeding, so my oncologist took a watch-and-wait approach. Six months ago, I was relieved by a follow-up scan that indicated it had not grown. Nonetheless, in the last two weeks, I have developed GI symptoms that are consistent with the tumor spreading. As of now, I am unable to get a scan to rule out the possibility of metastasis of my disease because the imaging necessary to monitor my liver is considered “elective”. And when the healthcare system does finally come back online, the backlog of patients like me will result in even more delays to access.
    Should the worst-case come to pass for me, and I later discover that I do have cancer that has spread and we missed the window to diagnose and treat it, my life will be one of many casualties of the COVID response.
    My family is making mandated sacrifices in order to reserve capacity in the healthcare system for COVID patients who do not currently (and likely will never) exist — all because the COVID curve predicated on an inaccurate seed date says that the overwhelming surge is just barely beginning.

    And our circumstances are not special.

    Just in the realm of “elective” healthcare, melanomas across the nation are metastasizing because routine mole checks aren’t being conducted. Cancers are going unrestricted because hospitals aren’t allowed to do most surgeries. Early diabetes is going undiagnosed because you can’t do A1C bloodwork with closed labs. Both life-saving and quality-of-life-preserving care is being withheld because we are conserving capacity for COVID-19 patients that, in a lot of areas, will never materialize.

  28. The first part of the article says we are at the peak, basically. WIth charts and graphs and what not.

  29. Thank you, Carin. My West Coast family believes they have already had it. That includes my brother in law, my sister and my daughter. I was in Sun Valley (as were all of my family) in late December and Sun Valley was a hotbed of COVID-19. My daughter assumes what she got she got there or on her flights to SV or on her way home from SV.

  30. I’m sure I was exposed and I guess a carrier. I did not have any symptoms. As usual, I lucked out and did not get this strain of the virus. I usually don’t get the flu.

    Please Sweet Baby Jesus don’t go proving me wrong.

  31. Also, my husband is a bit susceptible to melanomas and he has a recent fast-growing mole that I’m concerned about, but like the article, he can’t get checked because of the bullshit.

  32. Friend of mine with relations/friends up in NH says a doc from there went to NYC to help out…tried to stay with his brother because no other options…and the landlord wouldn’t have it since he was treating COVID patients.

    Someone is not thinking things through.

    Also hearing Cuomo is stripping Upstate of docs to send to NYC, anyone else heard that?

    This is going to end very badly.

  33. I talked my kids into doing this today:

    Our first submission is on facedouche.

  34. Impressive. I like the one with the bucket on her head and doubting Thomas.

  35. LOLOL, Lauraw, from what I’m seeing on Instagram that is an accurate visual.

  36. Come on, Carin, some of us don’t do Facecock.

  37. My brother-in-law can’t get his knee replacement. He can’t friggin’ walk, but at least he’s not allowed to go out either.

  38. Updated with pictures in poat.

  39. He forgot to wear the crown of thorns I made him.

  40. Weiner exposure.

  41. Well done, Carin’s family!

  42. That little weiner is precious.


  44. But she goes on to address another important point:

    That is my worry. I don’t understand why they would put off treatment for those things listed/discussed. Well visits…I could see as non-essential. Other things, not so much.
    I had a doctor’s appt this past week due to occasional stabby pain, consistent with cyst, which I’ve had before. But because of my age, she got me in right away for an ultrasound. Long story short, the side I went in for, looked fine. The other side, she didn’t see anything alarming but the tube looks irritated, as in bigger than it should be. (sometimes it just happens – age/wacky hormones) She wants to send me for a scan just to make sure she’s not missing something she couldn’t see on the US.

    But she tells me it could take up to 3 weeks to get an appt for that because *flings hands every which way* Wuflu. And then she says, one of her other patients has ovarian cancer and she can’t get in to see anybody to start dealing with it for another 2-3 weeks. How f*cking stupid is that? Something that serious is NOT non-essential. She’s in a medical building on a hospital campus….the only cars in the lot are those patients who have been staggered for appointments. Morning hours only.
    There are tents set up at the hospital closest to me for Wuflu triage and noone is there. But yeah, let’s tell people who were given a diagnosis of something horrible to stew on it for weeks on end.

  45. Dachshunds are so much fun. Better than TV.

  46. Are there some hospitals that are REALLY busy? Yes. Are there some that have close to zero patients? Yes again.

    the lie is the assumption that what is happening in New York and Detroit is going to happen in Lapeer.

    JUST WAIT they say.

    Ok. I’m waiting.

  47. Most are waiting.

    What’s going on in California?

    High density. Third world living. Stupid population. Are they getting swamped?

  48. No California defies any explanation.

  49. Wow!


    Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards attributed his state’s troubling death rates to the prevalence of other health conditions among residents, according to the report. The state sees high rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and kidney disease.

    This Governor doesn’t sound completely dumb.

  51. Italy has been hovering around the same death #’s per day for 16 days. how long have they been social distancing and under quarantine?
    625-919 up and down for the last 16 days.

  52. Their percentage in critical has gone down to 4%. It was at 8 for a while, then at 6.

  53. >>>Are they getting swamped?

    There is a video on facechimp (I think that is where I saw it) of citizen ‘journalists’ going out and driving by hospitals to see all the overwhelming lines of the sick and the worried. Noone could find any. Even Todd Starnes walked by the hospital in his Brooklyn neighborhood…..nada, nothing, zip. ER is a ghost town. When a breathless report by the media comes out, someone goes out that day or the next and can’t find what the media is reporting.

    Something ain’t right.

    Also this which has links to the massive problems NYC’s best hospitals have been having for a long time.

  54. If we’re ever honest about this virus, we’re going to see that the people who were most vulnerable were those who were either older and /or didn’t take the best care of themselves.

    Sometimes it’s a genetic thing – but a LOT of people out there … their shitty health is because they let it happen.

  55. That re-created art is awesome. Good jerb, chirren of Car in!

  56. So, I’m worried about the “China is asshoe” guy. Posted on FB. The Morons are fighting with my mom. I’m in denial and Dan is laughing at me for letting my mom and her TDS get savaged. I don’t understand how Carin does it.

  57. Re-created art finally let a Dachshund play poker.

  58. Dan watches the Food network. I didn’t know until today that the Pioneer Woman has a Dachshund.

  59. oso, if your mom or car in’s stirs the hornet’s nest by saying stupid stuff, let them suffer the consequences. Might be your monkey but it’s not your circus.

  60. Btw, I’ve sparred with car in’s mom without knowing it was her mom. I was never rude but she’s whole hog member of the Borg. She blocked me. Let your mom do the same if anyone twists her drawers. She’s a big girl.

  61. I just ignore it (my mom). She knows better than to comment on my posts, because she will get savaged. By smart people . Not the emotional bs/nonsense she uses.

  62. Online I see tons of people who go to the hospitals in areas where they say it’s really bad and they can’t find anything.

    There was one guy in Hawaii on Oahu who went to urgent care after hearing it was swamped and that the lines were a block long and they called the police on him when he kept asking questions because NO ONE WAS THERE. He was filming the whole area to show that nothing was happening. Quiet as a church.

    I, of course, can’t verify this but my “this is bullshit” meter is pegging.

    Of all places, I would think that CA would be an absolute nightmare. But I haven’t heard anything particularly terrible about CA.

    Full disclosure, I don’t watch ANY tv news.

    I’m not saying it’s not bad in NY city. I’m saying most places aren’t the COVID hell holes the news is describing.

    The news is making people afraid to go outside. Or get near anyone.

  63. “I would think that CA would be an absolute nightmare.”

    Poop kills the coronavirus.

  64. Raised plant bed done.

  65. Jimbro, Chris Goodrich, the Old Air Force Sarge, is an old friend of mine. We met through Neptunus Lex probably about 2004.

  66. Nobody in CA uses public transportation. We all drive our own cars. That’s why we’re not infecting each other.

  67. I refuse to cashier or work the exit door. Cashiers deserve combat pay. We are getting complaints that cashiers are handling money and not washing hands or changing gloves frequently enough. FU Karen. No cash or check transactions. Plastic only you fucking cunts. We can clean pinpads between transactions.



  70. Not linking the article because it’s The Daily Caller, 1st sentence sums it up.

    “The Zoom teleconferencing app has been “mistakenly” routing user data through China, the Silicon Valley company admitted Friday evening.”

  71. All the home school kiddos on ZOOM.

  72. xbrad is probably right about that. Detroit – buses – a LOT of Detroiters use the bus system, which is probably why it’s so bad.

    But mostly I think it’s the poor health folks are in. Isn’t everyone in California healthy and shit? Detroit isn’t one of the “healthiest” cities. I’m sure when the dust clears … it’s going to be a direct link.

  73. I cleaned out some beds. Still have a shit ton to do.

  74. Definitely tallying non Corona to death tally.

  75. I read where China wasn’t releasing foreign workers unless home countries ponied up PPE and masks. Now, China is charging countries for the PPE and masks. China also bought up the world supply of masks and PPE at the end of January when they were still lying and being covered by the WHO and MFM. I am always team Taiwan. China is asshoe

  76. Zoom teleconferencing app has been “mistakenly” routing user data through China,

    Wouldn’t that be breaking some export laws? Silicon Valley needs an anal.

  77. oso, wth is wrong with Sam’s? All of our grocery stores here put up temporary acrylic dividers and armed their cashiers with hand sanitizer. The fancier grocer – Dierbergs – also give their cashiers masks and nitrile gloves. Everyone has had to lock their canisters of wipes, used for carts.
    Not sure what Walmart is doing as the last few times I went, it was through self serve.

  78. If Spoon doesn’t want a gendered cancer then wtf didn’t she get all of her gendered parts removed when she decided she was an it? What an idiot.

  79. Oh, excuse me, it is a ‘they’…

    >>>>Spoon doesn’t know what their prognosis is

  80. They really should come up with a different name for that type of cancer. So it doesn’t get miss-gendered. Imagine if a surgeon was operating on it’s uterus and assumed it was a woman?!?

  81. We are waiting for acrylics and masks. Members keep stealing the hand sanitizer. We have the Nitrile gloves, but cash and check assholes keep complaining that the cashiers aren’t changing gloves and hand washing frequently enough. I believe we should be Club pick up, Scan and Go, and self check only.

  82. I H8 soup. Dan made a chicken the other day. Today, he’s cooking the carcass into a broth. Soup on the menu. I’m really craving fast food.

  83. We supported local with Mexican takeout for dinner. They built a new window in the breezeway, put a hightop table with a credit card machine on it. Adapt and overcome.

  84. Yesterday was our 51st anniversary.
    I’m the luckiest man in the world.
    Truly blessed…

  85. Boy2 and I took Monster out for a spin and to pick up dinner. I tried to wear one of my new masks but it was annoying AF. I’m not sure I can do it.

  86. Tried to show Carin’s Medium article from this morning to the Mrs and it’s “under review” now for “community violations”. I have the cached version in my browser and that’s it.

  87. Happy Anniversary Chris and Anita!


  89. Happy Anniversary ChrisP

  90. Happy anniversary!

  91. Congratulations.

  92. Luckily I copied parts of it.

  93. That’s fantastic Chris!

  94. 60 Minutes just did piece on people in New York trying to get unemployment.

    They are screwed.

    People need help now, but the system is completely overwhelmed. Most won’t see a check for months.

    This is going to get ugly.

  95. Scott, yes.

  96. Rewatching WallE.

  97. Did some piece of shit actually try to create another panic by asking Trump about shutting down grocery stores? Can we host a blanket party for this sick individual?

  98. Sounds like the high number of hospital beds they are expecting is based on some model that is not even close to reality. So we are destroying the economy based on a model?

  99. Carin that article you linked to this morning was very interesting. Glad I read this morning. Can’t have any info out there screwing up the narrative.

  100. can’t wait to see how the shut everything down crowd tries to talk this one away.

  101. Our hospital is digging in for the long haul. I’ve had 5 telemedicine informational emails since Friday. OR just limited elective cases even more than they were before.

    The point about routine screenings taking a backseat is well made. All the kids I’m turning away from being seen are probably going to be okay but there has to be a couple with something serious that’s getting missed. Last week my MA showed me a referral with a big scoliosis. I read the x-ray report and that prompted me to look at the film. It was a huge 55 degree cervicothoracic curve and looked atypical. Because of the ribs, clavicles and lungs it’s hard to visualize that part of the spine. It’s probably due to a congenital vertebral anomaly previously unrecognized but I’ll be damned if I could commit to that because she was complaining of pain. [It’s common for kids or parents to “discover”pain in their back after looking at their film but you can’t write it off until you prove it’s not from an intraspinal abnormality]. MRI has been ordered, hopefully will be done soon. In all likelihood it will be okay but shit is going to get missed given the sheer numbers of routine care going by the wayside.

  102. There is no way they can legally quarantine healthy people. You can’t put a state under house arrest. Sooner or later the cops are going to run into someone who tells them to fuck off. It could get sporty.

  103. Jimbro,
    They are denying imaging for Anita(COPD), and several people with liver tumors, exams for melanoma prone individuals with spreading moles, knee replacements after total failure…
    The “Great Zombie Onslaught” that was going to overwhelm our hospitals and OMG, we are all gonna die! Is not gonna happen.
    ICUs are deserted, as are Emergency departments. Nurses are being put on short-hours and having wages cut. Without normal traffic of joint replacements, bowel repairs, cancer treatments, chemo, etc… the hospitals have lost their cash flow.
    Several hospitals here that set-up giant triage tents in the parking garages with tons of equipment, gurneys, lights, and power are sitting empty, except for the security guard.

    New York is the exception. “We are open for business! Everyone is welcome! Come see a show, enjoy our restaurants and live your life!
    Chinese New Year! Come out and hug a Chinese!

    New York 123,000 cases 8,327 today(testing) 4,159 dead 245 today
    New Jersey 37,505 cases 3,381 today 917 dead 71 today

    NYC “projected” 110,000 critical by today, actual 4,126

    Cuomo and Bill DeCommio are responsible for this.
    Face it Dorfman, You Fucked Up!
    You trusted us…

  104. 5 states remain without shelter in place order. Ames IA residents are mad they haven’t been ordered to stay home.

  105. Happy anniversary, ChrisP and Anita!

  106. Happy anniversary to ChrisP and Anita!

  107. I wonder how much longer it’s going to be before reporters start pressuring Trump to lift quarantine.

  108. Thanks kids, I can’t help but wonder what Anita did that so much offended the LORD that HE would curse her with me…

  109. I still had the Medium article open in a tab and copied it into a Word file.

    That sucks that they are denying Anita imaging. Friend’s dad passed away on Tuesday, gonna blame congestive heart failure rather than corona, but who knows what will be on the death certificate.

  110. Well, well, well:

    We now know that neither Germany nor France is counting the deaths from coronavirus that occur outside of hospitals, and that the Germans don’t call it “death from coronavirus” if the patient had a previous illness.

  111. >>>Cuomo and Bill DeCommio are responsible for this.

    Oh but the media and some shitheads on facebook are singing the praises of Cuomo. He’s doing everything right and it was Trump that downplayed everything. People suck.

    And Mr. B. hollers at me that quarantining even more, is necessary. He gets his news from yahoo and NPR. I just told him to vote for Cuomo or Biden and be done with it.

  112. Michael Goodwin in the NY Post had a good point, if the Dems had had their way, we’d still be listening to witnesses for Trump’s impeachment trial. Final vote was Feb. 6, and doesn’t that seem like a year ago.

  113. IHME update is out – numbers are WAAAAY down:

  114. Designers experienced reduced profits.

  115. And here is an interactive thing – looks like there won’t be enough here on peak day…..but wait! Dig down deeper into the weeds of each state, and the numbers are MUCH different.

    Texas, for instance is NEVER going to run out of beds, even on the peak days. New York, on the other hand, is woefully unprepared:

  116. 51 years!! Huzzah to Chrispy and Anita!

  117. That interactive thing gives me a migraine. Not the thing itself, but the fact that the scale of the graphs keeps changing in a way that seems to amplify certain states and downplay others if you don’t actually read the actual information. That’s a personal pet peeve, I suppose, but, well, lies, damned lies, statistics, graphs…

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