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  1. Elemelons

  2. Book that Lauraw might be interested in reading

    Too new for me to read, I’ll wait a while until the kindle version gets cheaper or liberries open again.

  3. Cloth masks are going to be all the rage in 2020 and beyond. I’m sure Walmart will carry a large assortment of masks with the Made in China label

  4. Some schlub got arrested after stealing N95 masks at city hall where he was part of a crew washing windows.

    Mugshot reveals a man who fits the bill from central casting for “Clueless Thief”

  5. *selects green thong to Zoombomb H2 Zoom meeting*

  6. Buncha good ones, Pupster. Me and my work clothes a little too close to reality. Vacuum cleaner and in the way are my favorites.

  7. In the last day or two there was a post at AoS talking about how the fake pols promise border security but never deliver and at the end was a video with the description of something like “This is how the con is run”. It was a John McCain campaign ad with him walking along the border promising all the the things that never happened Pre-DJT.


    McCain never provoked the strong negative feelings from me many of you all have, more of a head shaking reaction I reserve for all politicians. Seeing that ad and knowing what Trump has actually done versus the empty promises made for years has moved me closer to the spit on his grave status.

  8. “In the way” is truth, just ask my husband.

  9. the empty promises made for years has moved me closer to the spit on his grave status.


    Welcome to the party, pal.

    ^^Imagine me saying that handing you your favorite drink, favorite appetizer and making sure Spotify has your favorite tunes playing.

  10. Ok, dumb question here. Are ventilators one-time-use items? I am trying to understand why we need hundreds of thousands of them. I would think that there’s not enough room in the hospitals for that many patients, much less having enough doctors and nurses to tend to them.

  11. Another question, I’m sure it’s dumb.

    I had read early on that if you’re on a ventilator with this virus, your chance of making it at that point is very low. Under 10% as I recall.

    Why are they so important?

  12. 50-50 is what I see for survival at that stage. Which is better than 0%, which is what you apparently have without once things are that bad.

    Extraordinary measures, sometimes they work.

  13. This is a short under 2 minutes of Stella the “talking” dog from yesterday.

  14. Another one, just 41 seconds. Incredible.

  15. I saw 20% chance of survival if you go on a ventilator, and you’ll likely be on it for three weeks.

    I expect there to be another run on the stores here with the stay-at-home order kicking in this afternoon.

  16. Anyone know if Costco has fresh meat?

  17. The ventilator is a machine. Mechanical pump with computerized controls. This is the reusable part. All the tubes coming off it and some of the internal parts are single use. When a doctor orders a vent they expect the nurse and respiratory tech to keep the machine running. They need a lot of monitoring to make sure they’re working properly.

    In ordinary times the number of vents needed is reasonably predictable and I’m sure they add a small surplus “just in case”, like maybe an extra 10% (a guesstimate). Supposedly the crashing of the economy via the Great Shutdown of 2020 was to decrease the need for all the vents at one time.


  19. Thanks, Jimbro. Auburn is modifying CPAP machines to be ventilators. That makes sense that the tubes are one-time use, I just didn’t understand why we need so many of the machines.

    For me personally, I don’t want to be intubated. If I’m ever in that bad a shape, give me palliative care and let me go. Needless to say, Mr. RFH does not like this attitude.

  20. Mare, ordinarily Costco does, but all bets are off right now.

  21. Mr. RFH liked the elemelons and Argentina, they went on the list. The list is ~1,140 now. I think we should make a book of these.

  22. Stores here are still out of paper goods and rubbing alcohol.

  23. Jimbro, that book looks intriguing but terrifying too.

    Hm, looks like I’m going to be working on the nicest days this week again, and off work on the shitty crappy days, again. Well, alrighty then.

    It’s not like I like to work outside on my days off or anything.

    Boo! This is some poop. POOP, I SAY.

  24. They need so many vents because people are often on them for a llooooooong time. 20 days.

  25. wakey wakey

  26. Y’know, normally when I’ve had a month free and clear during my adult life it’s been when I’ve been between jobs. This is just weird now.

    A thought I’m keeping out of my mind–what if, when I got sick back in March, I didn’t (or couldn’t) call for help? What if this is all some dying hallucination, or worse, my afterlife?

    Then I look at the news and say, “No fucking way I’d hallucinate anything THAT lame, and even Hell isn’t that screwed up”.


  28. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on April 4, 2020 9:45 am


    hahahahahah, nailed it

  29. Have any of you ever had a Dexa scan? If so, do you think they are entirely accurate and worth it?

    I obviously can’t do it now and don’t want to spend the money, I’m just curious.

  30. I split weekend memes up between two poats, there will be another manyana.

  31. Memetastic!

  32. Just finished up next weeks BBF, now is the time where we celebrate the joyous things. I’ll start.

    It is 10:30 and I’m wearing pajamas and a bathrobe.

  33. now is the time where we celebrate the joyous things.

    I talked to my dad, and the repairs are nearly done on his house.

  34. Mare, I did DEXA scans during my research year and my name is on the paper which I contributed to (my only published work lol). Never actually had a scan, just did them on people who had total hips done to look at bone density in the different parts of the femur and wrist/spine. We also were working on correlating the data with a heel ultrasound machine. I’m not sure what happened with the ultrasound machine.

    It’s a good idea to get a baseline study but I bet you’re fine (in an age-adjusted sense!). Sun exposure, exercise and getting enough D all help and you are checking all the boxes

  35. I’m starting to get despondent about this whole thing. It is completely insane. Completely insane. I think the government has to open things back up in a sane, targeted approach.

  36. Memeathon!!!

    I love it.

  37. Comment by lauraw on April 4, 2020 10:43 am
    I’m starting to get despondent about this whole thing. It is completely insane. Completely insane. I think the government has to open things back up in a sane, targeted approach.


    Again, thank you, Lauraw.

    I know I’ve been bitching about this from Day One. It is insane. There is a risk-reward ratio that everyone has to determine for themselves. Based on the chart Carin posted yesterday, people in good health, under a certain age and no co-whatevers seem to be at a near-zero risk for death. You may get it and not know, or you may get it and be miserable for a number of days. To me, shutting down our economy and making us go crazy is not worth whatever or whomever it is we are trying to save.

  38. I am astounded by the people on some twitter threads who say they will never wear a mask. Why the fuck not? You’re protecting other people from your exhalations. No one knows if they are an asymptomatic carrier or not, so that’s why masks are sensible.

    We can still slow-roll the transmission rate without having a general lockdown. This is fucking idiotic, what we’re doing right now.

  39. They talk about vents but never talk about who is going to run them. This isn’t a machine you just hook to a human, flip a switch and walk away.

  40. My GF who works at another hospital is working with C19 patients. She says she can’t believe how quickly they turn and how many people she has seen get intubated this past week.

  41. There’s a woodpecker hammering away at something on the corner of the house. Sounds destructive and metallic.

    If I were Carin I’d be rocking out to it.

  42. I was so bored I scrubbed on my hands and knees my entrance landing and 16 steps.

    Pro tip: Use hot water and HE* washing machine detergent. You get a good clean and a good smell but don’t have to deal with too much sudsing. Makes wiping up the liquid much easier and of course, leaves less residue.

    *high efficiency for front-loading washers.

  43. How you holding up, T-Roy?

    I was sorry to read about your and Vmax’s furloughs last night.

  44. Well I went outside to look for what it was and there was a Flicker sitting on our chimney cap. He looked around, saw me looking at him and had the nerve to act all startled. I guess he somehow thought he was being sneaky, after beating on a piece of metal up there for five minutes. Dipstick.

  45. We have a flicker who returns spring after spring to hammer on our metal chimney cap as well. Apparently it’s a mating thing, so other males will hear his mighty roar and stay out of his territory.

  46. Ah, good to know, Hotspur. I was really mystified, wondering how could there possibly be some kind of bug infestation he was after.

  47. He’s looking for the bug

  48. lauraw, has the hospital, where your GF is working, started using the chloroquine/zpac combo? Heard on the radio where it’s use is still not widespread in this country but other countries have made it treatment of choice.

  49. I don’t go out in public much because — i never do. I won’t wear a mask because I stay away from people because I don’t want to deal with their bullshit. I don’t live in a populously dense area, so it really *really* isn’t necessary. I meet the same 5 people to work out every day, and we socially distance.

    I’m not wearing a mask because I don’t have to.

  50. And yeah, I’m feeling same as you.

    Facebook friend said she is recovering from it. Battled it for 2 weeks before being admitted to hospital. Tested negative for it but the doctors said the scan of her lungs told them otherwise. They loaded her with steroids, which did help her breathing, and antibiotics. Was in for 5 days and is now home isolated for another 2 weeks. Forgot to ask which state she lived.

  51. Beasn, I asked my friend the same question and she said plaquenil is not used in the ED where she works. But, that’s the ED, where they only see patients briefly before they are admitted, so who knows.

  52. We get flickers and the bigger woodpeckers who like to hammer on metal or the attic vent cover (they pecked two huge holes in this). Annoying shits.
    But I do like when the bigger ones come to my deck for some seed. Hilarious to watch. They’ll hop around, choose a sunflower seed, hope to the edge of the deck, brace the seed in a reliable crack, and hang sideways – like they do on a tree, to hammer/crack it open. Rinse, repeat.


    Is your stompershack email viable?

  54. My favorite meme up yonder is the Beetlejuice one. HAHAHA!

    One of my elderly cow orkers (and good friend who I miss) and I, used the name as code for one of the bitch team leads. “Uh oh, Beetlejuice at 3:00.” She had the same crazed look to her.

  55. Carin, I support a targeted approach where people in areas that are unaffected can remain…unaffected.

    However, if there was an outbreak in an area and a general request was issued for everyone to wear masks while out and about in public in order to avoid a lockdown, this is just common sense.

  56. There isn’t much of an outbreak here. We’ve been on “lockdown” back before there was a single case. So, cart before the horse here.

  57. We do have 22 cases here in Lapeer now. Probably came from Flint. And, I suspect the prison is where a lot of them are (I suspect, don’t know). We have a pretty large prison right here in town.

  58. No masks to be found around here. I need to figure something out because pollen. I usually wear masks I get from Lowes, in the spring, so I can get some kind of sleep at night while the trees do their thing.

  59. A folded tee shirt and rubber bands works fine.

  60. Were doing ok. The lay off wasn’t unexpected and we saw this one coming and positioned ourselves accordingly. Just sitting back and watching it all play out now.

    I think masks will not be mandatory except in major metros but will become fashion accessories all the same. I think nature (spring) will conspire against isolation edicts. I think travel restrictions will be eased based on pop density and case density. I figure 3-4 more weeks. We live in interesting times.

  61. Cases in Missouri: 2113

    Total Deaths: 19

    Patients tested in Missouri (by all labs): approximately 24,727

    As of 2:00 p.m. CT, April 3

    Most cases located in blue St. Louis Co and city. St. Charles is ‘pink’ but borders St.Louis, on the other side of the MO river.

    St. Charles 132
    St. Louis City 275
    St. Louis County 794


    What is that, .8 %?

    But yeah, let’s officially shut the state down tomorrow.

  62. 25 cases in my town. One case per thousand people.


  64. A folded tee shirt and rubber bands works fine.

    How about this, but with the holes pulled up to my eyes?

  65. Shut down started 3 weeks ago and we are still 2-3 weeks from peak.

  66. I think masks will not be mandatory except in major metros but will become fashion accessories all the same. I think nature (spring) will conspire against isolation edicts. I think travel restrictions will be eased based on pop density and case density. I figure 3-4 more weeks. We live in interesting times.
    Can’t disagree with anything you said here. Warm weather and prolonged isolation will lead to increasing pressure to get things moving. Not to mention the financial suicide we’re slowly undertaking as a country and world.

  67. If it can take up to 2 weeks to show itself…and it’s been 3 weeks since most places went ‘social distancing’…..why is it still 2-3 weeks away from peak? Lots of somebodies not giving a crap?

    Also, wasn’t Italy that said they regretted admitting these patients to regular hospitals due to the high number of medical personnel who are now quarantined and the other patients put at risk. Talk is these cases should have been triaged into their own facility, somewhere.

  68. Tons of people on etsy selling homemade masks.
    I found a recipe I like, on youtube. I’ve got fabric. I might have elastic (I have heard most shops who sell it, are out.)

  69. Won’t argue about it because everyone else is probably right, however, the number of people dying you guys are posting and what I’ve seen online are the same for other flues and compared to some years less than normal.

  70. Comment by Jimbro on April 4, 2020 2:08 pm


    He can go eff himself and that’s what every small town mayor should say to him. What if they have a jump in cases like every “smart” person is telling me will happen.

  71. Beasnnsnsns, that t-shirt is hilarious and made me lol.

  72. Mare and I see pretty eye to eye. 6 feet apart, but no fucken masks.

  73. Some options, very cheap:

  74. Seems every ‘model’ has been projected down. From ‘WE’REALLGOINGTODIE’ millions to 250,000 (for us), to the most recent ‘probably not 250k’. Told Mr. B. that and he yelled at me that we don’t want to overwhelm hospitals at once.
    So we prolong the pain and keep the damn world shut down until collapse? Surely we should be seeing some results from the various drug cocktails. Is their use reducing the numbers going on vents? And I trust our politicians as much as I trust the Chicoms.

  75. Waiting for Lowe’s to inform me of a curbside pickup order.

  76. “Lots of somebodies not giving a crap?”

    I was at Walmart last week and it was packed. .

    Attitudes seemed to have changed recently, about 50% of the people out there now are wearing a mask. That should help a lot.

  77. I told my husband if they make me wear a facemask, I’m going to make it out of my Trump Punisher t-shirt.

  78. We’re only allowed 5 people for every 1000 sq ft. 150 people including employees. We shut down clothing and books as non-essential. People were spending 40+ minutes “Browsing” and touching everything while people were outside in the sun waiting to come in. People are asshoe. SIL is making masks for us. Fabric. No elastic. Beasn, she’s in Austin, TX.

  79. oso, I watched this lady’s tutorial on making masks. She made another video, this one with ties, because all the elastic is sold out.

    Hobby Lobby also put out a good how-to video on the youtubes.

  80. “because all the elastic is sold out”

    Cut the tops off of a pair of socks. Would that work?

  81. Michigan deaths over the last 17 days … since it started:

    1, 2, 0, 2, 3, 7, 0, [missing data for a day], 45, 32, 19, 21, 52, 75, 78, 80, 62.

  82. Harvest from old underwear.

    Bonus points if you leave it in the waistband fabric.

  83. The 45 is cumulative/ including the missing data from the previous day.

  84. NY state, last 20 days:

    5, 7, 9, 5, 18, 17, 56, 56, 94, 60, 65, 100, 134, 209, 237, 279, 306, 397, 426, 562.

  85. Why do I have problems thinking those numbers are entirely accurate? Especially the later ones?

  86. Good information (from early March):

    Especially the conclusions concerning the public on pages 19 and 20:

    “…Third, trust between people and institutions (at the local, national and international levels) must be maintained or reestablished so that local communities and individual subjects adhere to medical advice, for instance by respecting temporary individual restrictive measure (i.e. fiduciary isolation at home for mild-symptomatic cases of COVID-19).”

    ” …exaggerated infection control measures may be pernicious as they increase frustration among the population, undermine the economy, and evoke a false feeling of safety. ”

    “… the hype and scaremongering going viral on mass news and social media, predicting the dawn of a new fatal pandemic, are spurring global hysteria. Thus, the current COVID-19 epidemic is resulting in a social rather than a viral catastrophe.”

    It sounds as if some herd immunity may already be taking place, as most people infected by this thing don’t know that they have had it, and may have already spread it to other people who had a mild, if not non-, response to it.

    It is also possible that most people’s immune systems have already been exposed to other, endemic, versions of non-SARS coronavirii, which might confer some level of resistance to this.

  87. TiFW. Very interesting.

  88. Local talk radio guy has a daughter who is a RN.

    She just got hired by a hospital in Manhattan and starts next week.

    We will probably get some interesting information.

  89. Do we know this ‘local talk radio guy’?

  90. Keep us informed.

  91. My BIL’s nephew has Wuflu. Week 3…now has double pneumonia and having issues with his blood pressure. Sister says he has no underlying health issues, never smoked, works out regularly, etc. He’s been in the hospital for 2 weeks and just got taken off a vent. I asked her if they gave him chloroquine and she said they gave it to him on Wednesday. I’m awaiting her answer on if the fever breaking/coming off the vent came before or after receiving the drug.

  92. Beasn, Ibuprofen use?

  93. You don’t know this one.

  94. Don’t know, oso. I will ask her.

  95. Trump at press conference….” Biden probably isn’t watching right now, but if he is he doesn’t understand what he’s seeing.”

  96. So, I’m totally pissed at Seniors that could GAF about workers health. They haven’t adopted any technology that would help keep our cashiers safe. They refuse to Social distance. They treat Senior Hours like meet and greets. The BS posts where everyone was encountering old people too afraid to shop? We provide “Concierge” service. Guess how many Seniors use it? They don’t wear masks or gloves. They continue to use Amigos.

  97. Scott, we love The Trump Show. Best TV series EVER

  98. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not…why don’t you investigate it

  99. I hope he does this every day, right up to the election.

  100. Me, too.

  101. hy do I have problems thinking those numbers are entirely accurate? Especially the later ones?

    What is going to be interesting is to compare the overall death stats, and the death stats once this is over.

    Pay has a theory. And he’s probably right.

  102. Car in, yeppers.

  103. What is the theory?

  104. Overall morbidity will drop because so few people are contracting seasonal flu this year.

  105. What XB said.

  106. My friend works for a GI Doc. He has admitting privileges at a local hospital. Private practices are effectively shut down. The nurses and Doctors have to work at the hospital. Monitoring vent patients.

  107. I wanna hear Pay’s theory, too!

  108. Pretty sure XB and Pay have the same theory. Overall deaths in NYC are down to LY yet we are supposed to believe their hospitals are overwhelmed and mortuary trucks are a new thing.

  109. Mortuary trailers are real.

    They originally asked for 6 of them.

  110. Scott, is this different from SARS or H1N1 years?

  111. I have friends that have lost family not to Wuhan Flu, no funerals. No memorials.

  112. Overall? I don’t know.

    I don’t think NYC has ever experienced anything like this.

    Just read an article from 2 days ago, they added 45 more portable morgues.

  113. So joyful thing, I found exactly the right screws, washers and anchors in sufficient quantities to rehang a shutter that fell off the house. In the first and only three places I looked in my disorganized and scattered garage.

  114. Mossad parody account reminded us that Essential workers are Sacrificial. My biggest peeve is dealing with fucking co-workers that think telling Members all of the donations we are doing is a good thing. For example. We get 5 pallets of Ramen. 4 put out for sale. 5th pallet is donated to Ronald McDonald House and nursing homes. Asshole co-worker “We are out of Ramen except for the Ramen we are donating”. People: You have Ramen that you won’t let me buy? Oso: You fucks need to STFU. NO ONE CARES ABOUT OUR DONATIONS.

  115. Mrs. Pupster has been building masks all day. I think we’ve settled on a pattern. I lost a t-shirt or two, but I have gained so much more.

  116. Overall morbidity will drop because so few people are contracting seasonal flu this year.

    Not just flu. But lots of people with end of life diagnoses, or pretty unhealthy and one event away from the bad end. In the coming months, all sort of death stats will be below average because Hung flu took them out a few months premature.

  117. ER visits are way down. People aren’t getting injured sitting on the couch.

  118. It would be interesting to see if fun deaths in Chicago have gone down the past couple of weeks.

    Of course, the increased number of domestic violence deaths might make it a wash…

  119. “Gun”. Sheesh – stupid autocorrect 😑

  120. TiFW Chicago and Baltimore.

  121. Panda has an awesome meal for $20. Whataburger has an App that needs a little tweak.

  122. Movie title – replace one word with “asshole”.

    Rosemary’s Asshole

  123. Antonio is home. He is still considered as quarantine. My cousin and their son are still getting temped and avoiding.

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    Hotspur has a dog?

  153. I experienced Lowell Mass this morning.

    Biggest dump I have ever seen.

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  164. Heh, nice movie titles

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    Yeah, I like that better, hahahaha

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  170. What is work like for you, laura? Stay safe!

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  172. a movie thread made for the H2

  173. how are things tonight, brotim?

  174. Thanks, man. Not gonna jinx it.

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  205. Damnit, I’m going to be thinking of these all night…..

  206. A Fist Full of Assholes

    That’s the winner!

  207. Quiet night. Trying not to think about things I can’t seem to do anything about, which at least staves off the depression. I still have to figure out how to address the actual problems, but if I don’t manage my own psychology first and foremost those efforts fail before they start.

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  246. 61 deaths in michigan yesterday. so last week 21, 52, 75, 78, 80, 62, 61.

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