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Your model for today was born in Palm Harbor, Florida on May 12, 1986.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 32 – 25 – 33 and 110 lbs.  Please stop what you’re doing and place a bounty on Miss Nicole “Nicci” Pisarri .




  1. Florida representin’!!


  3. 10/10 would marry and lose half my shit when divorced to smash

  4. I found my panic rifle!

    Question for rifle and panic rifle enthusiasts: I shoot 147 grain ammo through my G17C. I need a higher grain because it’s compensated. Will it matter in a carbine? It seems like it wouldn’t matter. Just faster bullet going pew pew.

  5. hahahahaha, MJ.

    Thanks, Pups. Animal videos have been a regular mood altering staple during this, this, this, whatever this thing is that’s happening.

  6. Best of both worlds!

  7. Okay, I’m going to say it, she has a nice body. Real nice. And her boobs appear to be real. And she has nice skin, and a nice flat stomach, and, wait a minute what was I talking about?

  8. Her second video is closer to the real world we all live in. Her desire to RTM* is inspiring.

    *RTM = Return To MILF

  9. The first few gifs, especially “Big” & “boob” had me thinking we were heading to Rosetta-Land

    “welcome” gif has a lot going on. It’s like a modern still life painting that makes you contemplate your life decisions and your own mortality

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Yes, “welcome” link has a lot to unpack.

  12. Will it matter in a carbine?


    Short answer is probably not.

    Longer answer may depend on what conversion kit you have, barrel length, and how you shoot it in carbine form vs normal handgun. Even then, it probably won’t matter that much unless the barrel length is extended past a few inches… Higher pressure in that case MIGHT cause the action to stay open long enough to double feed, but I doubt it. Or if you have the bad boy grip on the front and are rilly rilly pulling down on it to compensate for recoil the same thing might happen.

    What else are you worried about?

  13. That’s the entirely sad part of this whole experience, MJ, America folded pretty quickly.

    I really thought we were made of sterner stuff.

  14. Evidently, there is a show that has captivated the Nation.

    Again, I thought we were better than that. Watching a gay, meth head, freak* is not my idea of America at its best.

    *Based on my google search.

    But then again, people watch the Kardashians, the Housewives and all the other garbage so it is what it is.

    I need to buck up, but I’m very disappointed that Americans have fallen in line.

  15. On a good note, my daughter went to the huge waterfront area in downtown St. Pete and said a lot of people were out and about. Well done, fellow St. Petians.

  16. I’m not watching any new shows that don’t have a talking car or a vampire trying to become human again.

  17. The Kardashians and Housewives are yesterday’s news.

    Now it’s Tiger King

  18. Nice article, MJ. Wish I could post that to FB and have someone read it, as they bash the Iowa Gov for not ordering a lockdown. Which we basically have, with businesses closed by the govt, but whatever.

  19. I post all the shit to facebook j’ames. As you know. I dont’ give a fuck.

  20. The right people don’t read it. Actually, they might read it, but they don’t grok.

  21. Do you belong to any community pages? They are the worst. The nattering ladies that stay home ruthlessly bash those that don’t emote enough.

  22. @ MJ

    Exactly what are you running. Caliber, barrel length, twist rate?

    I’m guessing you went with one of those carbine kits for glock?

  23. Kriss Vector G2 9mm CRB

  24. I’ve been officially furloughed and advised to suckle the government tit by my employer.

  25. Is BBF authorized during the corona virus?

  26. Just don’t touch your face.

  27. 16 inch barrel? My suggested solution is to call the manufacturer and ask them. Especially ask about +P ammo. Home defense and you are suburban, zero your optic at 50 or 100. Cursory check shows Federal HP 124 grain performing well at 1.2 group at 100 yards (source american rifleman)

    BTW…..sweet gun, definently a keeper. Its unique enough it’ll make a good hand me down for the youngin.

  28. Dont touch your face…..bwahaha….gud one jay

  29. What else are you worried about?

    Can he hit the broad side of a barn Mare’s ass?

  30. I’m sorry Troy, that sucks.

  31. The Kriss looks great for that coming Zombie Invasion ™

  32. Have you put a optic on it MJ?

  33. We’ve been watching the White House briefings each day and I must say that Trump looked tired yesterday. HotBride remarked that he looks exhausted.

    He probably is.

    And then you have cunts like Schumer, Pelosi, and the media throwing gasoline on the fire

    It’s a wonder he can even get out of bed.

  34. Now THIS is interesting. Gotta poke around to find this stuff.,9753,7-406-98163_98173—,00.html

  35. Let me postulate … 40% of michigan’s death are black. Average age is 71.3 (median is 73) and everything is on track of what we see elsewhere.

    What do you want to guess that the 40% figure is do to the rather … bad health of many african americans living in the cities? Detroit and Wayne county (and Oakland) are the Mi hotspot and while detroit is mostly black, the communities that come in close contact with detroit are not.

  36. We’re already in the Zombie invasion. The zombies are telling you to stay home and assaulting you if you go outside.

    Most of them can’t be cured, either.

  37. Covid 19 is racist.

  38. I’ve been trying to pray for Trump every day. I saw where he had a second virus test, thank God it was negative.

  39. Have you put a optic on it MJ?
    Its still on its way!

  40. Of course America folded. In the last decade alone there has been provocation after provocation and between GOPe perfidy and “but I have a life to live” NOBODY DID ANYTHING CONCRETE ABOUT IT.

    The threshold was passed long ago. Why is anyone shocked?

  41. Bank lobbies are closed. You should see the line for the drive up window.

    Hoo boy.

    Looks like at least an hour wait.

  42. Made getting my replacement debit card interesting, I tell you that much.

  43. I ate ham this morning by accident, but in my defense I had no idea what day it was.

  44. That is something I would give them a phone call about. No way I’d try that through a drive up teller.

  45. This cancelled in my life so far:

    Carmina Burana concert
    Another concert I was taking my mil too (for both they have told us they are not rescheduling and no refunds)
    Trail Ragnar (end of June)

  46. Bank lobbies here have been closed for weeks. Just give it a few. The lines will go down.

  47. Y’know, my life is crazy screwed up. Been needing to be bailed out monthly to make rent, then winding up in the hospital and losing a week to straighten things out, and THEN the Blue Plague hysteria shuts everything down…honestly, it feels completely like my hands are being tied and my fate sealed deliberately. Which…I don’t care that this is something affecting literally EVERYBODY, after a while you kind of see a pattern (whether it’s there or not). And my pattern feels like someone wants me destroyed.

    Just venting, if nothing else. No idea where things go from here anymore.

  48. See, now I’m not a depressive person (I do get that way occasionally, but I can snap myself out of it) – but if I were … this would be …

    I think we’re going to see suicides go way up. Way. No work. Everything – I mean EVERYTHING – on hold. Nothing to look forward to. No ability to plan ANYTHING. Even running out to pain a room to brighten your mood? You’re going to be treated like shit by people who don’t think you should be BUYING PAINT DURING A PANDEMIC.

  49. Actually, the rent thing might be taking care of itself. Lots of people will be given leeway on making rent for the next few months, and it seems like you will benefit from that.

    Silver lining?

  50. Bro Tim, you’re not alone in that. The feeling that someone wants US destroyed is … prevalent.

    What’s the line? You’re not being paranoid if they really are out to get you?

  51. Alabama has no rent moratorium. After today I’m in deep shit, and I’ve already had one late payment in the past several months. Unless I can beg something off on medical grounds I’m well and truly fucked. And this time, I almost don’t feel anything about it, like I don’t care, even though my life is potentially about to come crashing down and I can’t do a damn thing about it.

    Maybe I just want it over with. I don’t know anymore. But I owe it to the folks who’ve helped me to at least try. Wish I knew how the fuck I get things turned around under these conditions, though.

  52. From my mom

    Can’t hurt, might help

  53. Comment by Jay in Ames on April 3, 2020 10:02 am
    Just don’t touch your face.


    BWHAHAHAHA Good one, Jay.

  54. *high fives Jimbro’s Mom*

  55. Comment by Jay in Ames on April 3, 2020 11:36 am
    Actually, the rent thing might be taking care of itself. Lots of people will be given leeway on making rent for the next few months, and it seems like you will benefit from that.

    Silver lining?


    I agree with Jay.

    I don’t know how all this is going to work but I think it’s going to be a matter of late payment forgiveness from the bottom up.

  56. I went to go sit at our Church today and wouldn’t you know it, of all the parishes in the State, the Bishop was filming his Easter “message to Florida Catholics” at our church.

    They had been locking the Adoration Chapel because it’s small but the Deacon let me in because I think he felt sorry I couldn’t get into the church. Jokes on him, I much prefer the Adoration Chapel but can’t use it during this bullshit because it’s locked.


  57. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on April 3, 2020 11:03 am
    I’ve been trying to pray for Trump every day.


    This is something I forget to do and appreciate the reminder Roamy.

  58. Is H2 infected with Corona? Is H3 sanitized? The second Hotspur hits it, LYSOL FOR EVERYONE.

  59. I don’t care that this is something affecting literally EVERYBODY, after a while you kind of see a pattern (whether it’s there or not). And my pattern feels like someone wants me destroyed.

    There is Someone who maybe wants your attention.
    Those who run Lifesite put out the call to say the rosary every day at noon.

  60. Ben just made a Chick-Fil-A run for his friends. He gets their orders and hits the drive through and drops it off at their houses while maintaining the 6 foot distance. He is a social animal and this quarantine BS is killing him.

  61. Sorry, been busy being datamined by the Chinese in Zoomgov meetings.

  62. Ooh, my apartment complex is, because of the pandemic, forgiving…credit card fees on payments.

    Credit. Card. Fees.

    Fucking a-holes.

  63. You’re going to be treated like shit by people who don’t think you should be BUYING PAINT DURING A PANDEMIC.

    Unless you are licking the cans, the door handles, or their faces, they can GFT with a stirring stick.

  64. I wish you lived closer BroTim, you could go fishing with Mr. B., for me. The MOAR fish the better. I might even share.

  65. He’s going to try to do some fishing later today after cleaning up the other tree he cut down at daughter’s place.

  66. BroTim, how long do you have left on your antibiotic adventure? Have you been given the all clear yet?

  67. Has anyone been watching the numbers lately? What is the increase?
    What is the recovery numbers or are they hiding those?

  68. Just got next week’s doses and supplies, one more after that. Then the rounds of followup appointments with cardiac and urologist. No idea how I pay for any of these copays. Already been in dire straights on regular bills. I don’t want to keep asking for help, I fucking need a way to improve my lot, but now the whole damn economy shuttered? WTF? I’m starting to feel like I’m in a game of The Sims played by a sadist.

  69. Do what you can do and leave the rest, which you have no control over, to God. Talk to your brother. He’s helped before, yes? Talk to your doctors when you go see them.

  70. Someone mentioned this lady on one of Car in’s facechimp poats. SLP trained her dog to communicate with her via a soundboard.

  71. Amazing.

  72. Well, that was cool.

  73. This is one of the comments:

    4 months ago
    Imagine sleeping at 3am and hearing “outside” “look” “scared”


  74. Two hours of Zoom meetings today.



  75. Read the whole thread if you haven’t.

  76. We’re going to start seeing shortages of things, and it’s not going to be good. One thing you can’t buy right now – and this isn’t an “important” thing, but it’s the start –
    a rower. All the concept 2 rowers – gone. They don’t know when they’ll start building them again. I wonder how long until this starts creeping into every day life items.

  77. Aaaaaand I just got the word we’re shut down for a couple more weeks.

    Fuck. The job may drive me nuts sometimes, but I need the extra isolation and uncertainty like I need an anvil sitting on my crotch.

  78. Paula dusted off and lubed up my 25 year old Concept 2 rower and put it in her garage gym. After 25 years the chain has lost some of its “zip” and she keeps talking about getting a new one. I’ll let her know the “antique”, as she calls it (and at times me), will have to do for now. There’s some type of bungee type cord under the frame that the chain attaches to which must have lost tension over time.

  79. Her birthday is fast approaching and she convinced me that the ideal gift would be some bike that Rogue makes. Epic, Echo, E-something or another but they’re all sold out. They were in stock 2 days before she had that conversation with me.


    I’ll get her a card with a voucher in it. And a new vacuum. Women love shit like that.

  80. The Big 4-0.

    Quarantine Party theme

  81. These people honestly need to just avoid any travel or athletic activities

  82. What a stupid accident. I read that story a bit ago.

  83. she was someone someone in the Obama administration. So the mom probably isn’t very bright. took the canoe out after a ball. @@

  84. Yea, they’re saying July before you can get one.

  85. Carin, those numbers tell me this is a big nothing burger. 8.6 million people in NYC. 1100 deaths. And if you don’t have an underlying condition you’re not going die.

    Check my math. .01%

  86. The Kennedy family has been plagued by tragedies ranging from the assassinations of McKean’s grandfather and great-uncle to the death of her cousin Saoirse Kennedy Hill last year.


    That’s because they have a pretty strong stupid gene. That and booze. Not the assassinations, just the stupid crap that is happening to the Kennedy (extended also) family all the time.

  87. And a new vacuum. Women love shit like that.

    Throw in a panini press and ironing board while you’re at it.

    It is Taco night. I’m pretty stoked.

  88. Tacos sound fantastic.

    Friday in Lent for me though. SAD!

    I’m going to have eggs. 4 of them. With cheese.

    Pups are you working?

  89. I’m reading a book about “Coastwatchers” in WWII right now. (One disadvantage of the kindle is that you don’t see the title every time you pick the book up) “Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons”. Anyway, in the South Pacific they had a system of mostly Aussies who manned radios and reported on Japanese troop, ship and plane movements. There was a chapter on JFK losing his PT boat after being sliced by a Japanese ship. It was a good chapter, focused on the Coastwatchers and natives who helped him and his crew get out of trouble.

  90. Pizza night here. Local House O’ Pizza is doing take out orders only

  91. that sounds good. Think I’ll call up the old pizza place and pick up an order. Wings too.

  92. Pups are you working?

    Youbetcha. We are critical infrastructure. For now. Our slowdown has been in sales, can’t sell anything without a meeting on site which is not happening. I’m back filling all the work that wasn’t getting done when we were having a record quarter of sales and nobody wondered how Pup could get all the engineering done but we’ll figure that out later.


  94. HA! Didn’t I just link something like that and say huskies are smart but sassy and vocal.

  95. Glad I was off yesterday. MOD didn’t feel like “Controlling the door”. He just let everyone in. MOD today was doing a great job controlling access. People are starting to take “Social Distancing” seriously. I only had to yell at 3 people. I was thanked by multiple people today for being open and working through this.

  96. We’re waiting on our masks at work. I’m allergic to elastic. I may have to improvise. Hope we get some cloth ties, but doubtful.

  97. Mrs. Pupster and are making masks this weekend, kind of an experiment really. Trying to figure out a hepa-type filter that is either disposable or washable. Furnace filter material or vacuum bags are in the mix. Hopefully Amazon will come through with some deliveries so we have our raw materials.

  98. I have two N95 masks from last year, made in China.

  99. Are supplies catching up, Oso? Still out of paper and cleaning products? We’re going to have to go to ABQ and resupply at some point. I don’t want to go up if everything is still unavailable.

  100. I’m allergic to elastic. I may have to improvise.

    May I make two suggestions.

  101. Pepe, for the most part, yes. Timing is everything. You need to be in line before 9. We have removed limits on water, meat not chicken, dairy except eggs, and all freezer/cooler items. We are still inconsistent with beans, rice, and flour. No one is getting hand sanitizer. Retail is at the bottom of the manufacturing list. Local breweries that have started making hand sanitizer are getting hit by the FDA. We’re waiting for 45 to go GM and 3M on the FDA.

  102. Pupper, I was looking at cowboy bandannas

  103. I read in the dietdoctor article that if you can’t wash the mask, to bake it at 180 degrees F for 20 minutes.

  104. I think we are going with a pocket for the filter material.

  105. You do not need a hepa type filter for this virus, it is not airborne (like tuberculosis). It is in droplets and aerosolized droplets from breath or sneezes. My mom made me some three-layer fabric masks; outside and inside layers, cotton fabric. Middle layer, flannel. Flannel is fuzzy and occludes its own weave. Done. Fine. Good enough.

    The paper towel and rubber band things you see on youtube work for this too. There is no aerosolized liquid gonna get through 3 or 4 layers of accordion-folded paper towels.

    Oso, if you’re allergic to the elastic, one thing you can do is to cover the elastic with a tube of fabric. The ‘string’ inside some drawstring pants is sometimes a thin fabric tube and not a real rope.

  106. View at


  108. Thank you Lawraw, that just made my project much easier.

    Moving from southern canada to North Carolina means we have some extra flannel.

  109. What if you used a stay free maxi pad for a mask? Would you get toxic shock syndrome?

  110. I guess I ought to look at Jimbros links before commenting.

  111. Bro Tim,

    Obviously each apt complex and landlord is different. The wife and I have a small bidness buying cheap foreclosures, fixing them up, and renting them out. Right now, about 70% of our tenants ain’t paying cuz they ain’t working. We’re working with them… Some are getting taxes back soon, and the stimulous is coming, etc. Commo is key. We wouldn’t be kicking folks out right now in any case. Not sure about MS, but I doubt if we even COULD kick them out in MI…no idea how I’d try to explain that to a judge during an eviction hearing. Talk about soulless bastards. You are not the only one in your complex going through this. And landlords who do it as a no shit business understand that evicting some one takes, minimum, 15% of the potential profit for the year. Multiply that by the number of folks in your complex not paying this month, and I bet the management company won’t be moving to evict anyone anytime soon. It’s much better business to wait and see who can start trying to pay arrears once jobs are up and running again.

  112. Where at in MI, Jude?

    *holds up a mitten*

  113. Where at in MI?


    Kzoo area currently.


  115. Now, THAT’S a bad case of the crab(s)!!!!!!

  116. Ann Arbor law students basically wrecked your rights as a landlord near as I could tell when I rented there.

  117. >>What if you used a stay free maxi pad for a mask? Would you get toxic shock syndrome?

    Only if you shove it deep inside your schnozz.

  118. Land contract guy hasn’t asked me for a delay, so we’ll see what happens when the check is due.


  120. Our governor will be shutting down our state come Monday, 0 o’clock. Apparently where most of the disease is spreading is St. Louis county where people were still hitting the parks in groups.

  121. Thing is, most people have been pretty good at social distancing. Don’t think much will change regarding only going out to grocery stores, bank, etc.. Surely Lowes will stay open.

  122. From over at Sweasels:

    Comment from OldFert
    Time: April 3, 2020, 11:19 pm

    Open carry while wearing a cloth mask should ensure that others keep their social distance in any store you go into.

  123. “The wife and I have a small bidness buying cheap foreclosures, fixing them up, and renting them out.”

    Got anything available near a zoo?

  124. Ann Arbor law students basically wrecked your rights as a landlord near as I could tell when I rented there.


    It’s actually not that bad… If you pay attention to your rights AND your responsibilities as a landlord, you can usually get done what you need done, even in an area with liberal courts. We don’t own rentals in kzoo… We buy a little more east. Haven’t had any real problems so far, even with the code/permit enforcers.

    Got anything available near a zoo?


    Depends on what you mean by near. But nothing open at this time.

  125. I was placed on unpaid leave today. Not fired, but I have to write them a check every month to keep my benefits for the next 3 months.

    It could have been worse I guess

  126. That sucks.

    Pretty sure this ends within month or two.

  127. Should have stayed in Texas though

  128. I hope so Scott

  129. I certainly hope it’s 1, not 2.

    I do believe flyover country will be back sooner.

  130. If you know of anyone hiring civil engineering techs Jay, let me know, Iowa is not far from Colorado

  131. What do you guys think about shoving two tampons up my nose in lieu of a mask?

  132. i have been drinking myself silly since I was, whatever, at 3 passing out soon.

  133. V-man, do you have any thoughts that they won’t re-hire you went this bullshit is over?

  134. Give the doggos skritches from me before you pass out.

  135. One tampon in both nostrils, unless you are rich.

  136. A septum piercing would help there.

  137. our company is always hiring,

  138. dang, you guys go to bed early these days.

  139. The nice thing about a 4.9 quake in Anza is it really gives your nuts a nice buzz.

  140. Glad you’re okay, XBrad.

    My favorite line today, “If all non-essential businesses are supposed to be closed, why is CNN still on the air?”

  141. I edited this comment. I created a page in the header menu called BroTim, you go there.

    Well, I give up. I’m leaving the whole mess in God’s hands because I have no idea how to handle this crap now. Which doesn’t mean I’m not going to ask more mortal acquaintances to lend a hand…

    My Indeed profile is here:
    If anyone has suggestions or knows of options, I’d be grateful, my depression addled brain isn’t seeing my best options.

    I feel dirty for even adding this, but this here is my PayPal REDACTED I have no expectations on that front, frankly the job search thing would be long run more helpful but short term makes its own demands, so I’ll just put it out there. Feel free to ignore, or if Those In Charge Here see fit delete it. Like I said, I feel dirty even posting it.

  142. I’ve been binge watching BTS. Cute kids. Like their moves. Husband looked up their ‘worth’. Made their handlers and S. Korea, a shit ton of money. I suspect they’re not paid very much….like some boy bands have been treated over here, in the past. I’ve watched some stuff about K Pop stars being pretty much slaves to the system. Their managers get very rich indeed, while they get crumbs and zero private life – no dating, etc.

    And then, they are required to serve in the military when they turn 28. Depends on the branch..up to 2 years. Some exceptions are made, but not many. So these young men won’t be able to start life life until after 30. Sheesh.

  143. Huh. Apparently the governor put the state on full “stay at home” effective 5pm tomorrow. No word of moratoriums on evictions etc. but I imagine that’s not likely to be far behind at this stage.

    Good news, places of worship and gun stores are both deemed “essential” in the state of Alabama. So there’s that.

  144. Depravity ended Randolph’s profession.

  145. I do Car in,
    While I like the weather in Colorado, it is far from the politics of Texas. While I only lived there about a decade, I have adopted Texas, and consider myself a Texan. Colorado is Clonifornia light. I contacted a headhunter I trust today before I passed out and upon a sober rereading I coherently asked him to find me a Jerb anywhere on the planet.
    I know trusted headhunter is not a word many people use but what else do I have?

  146. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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