MMM 399: Sacsayhuamán Walls

Sacsayhuamán was an Incan city on the outskirts of modern Cusco, Peru, the stone walls of which were built between 1100 and 1200 AD, though the area had been occupied continuously since ~900 AD.  For reference, these stone walls were being built at roughly the same time as great cathedrals were being erected in Europe, like Basel Cathedral in 1019 AD.  This is amazing stonework, no doubt, but it’s essentially medieval era in age, not ancient like many structures we’ve featured here.

This first image actually shows two stone walls.  The Incan megalith wall forms the basis for a later stone fortification.


The Arch suggests that roof of sorts made of less durable material may once have covered this lane.


Note the stone “posts” that jut out at good height above the heads of the tourists.


Many of the larger blocks near the bottom are 100+ tons, and had to be quarried and moved through what is now (but may not have then been) Peruvian jungle.


These look terraced, but that’s mostly the camera angle and only a slight rise of the hill.


Some stone paths remain as well.  I don’t know if this is the modern city abutting the old wall, or if the wall itself is actually still in use by the modern inhabitants.



  1. Loving these Monday posts! Fascinating stuff.

  2. Agreed.

  3. I don’t actually know if the Inca of the time had what we’d consider modern metal tools and the like, nor do I know what the cities around these walls looked like at the time. I know Europe at this time was, well, the Holy Roman Empire. The Crusades era started in ~1095 AD. Knights in metal armor who prayed in churches with stained glass windows. Surviving Incan art appears to be mostly shaped gold with inset jade or other stones, which is impressive but gold is soft enough that you can work it with almost any hard tool, and smelt it almost with a charcoal fire.

  4. Those stones (bottom picture), and how they got there are so interesting. Love it.

  5. My new coop kit is coming later this morning on a semi.

  6. I really like this in part because they lead to fights between archaeologists and structural engineers. When you point out to the Egyptologist that the “ramps and ropes” method that they claim built the pyramids would mean ramps 1200-2600′ long and multi-ton stones being placed every 2-3 minutes, they sputter and fall into argumentation fallacies.

  7. “Ramps and ropes” is still the official story, btw. It’s the one that goes in textbooks, in spite of the absurdity.

  8. Everyone knows that the pyramids were built by alien technology.

  9. I’m so bored, I might get more chickens. What else do I have to do for the next month?

  10. Burpees

  11. I hate burpees so much.

  12. I’m actually of the opinion that they were built with gravel mounds as a base, then stones were placed and the gravel removed.

  13. After seeing all three John Wick movies I am dumber, more in awe of Keanu Reeves as an actor, and need to get in a fight inside of barn so I can slap a horse and have it kick my adversary to death.

    That little trick was so awesome they used it twice.

    John Wick is the best series of movies ever made.

  14. IIRC, that’s how Rockefeller’s dad died.

  15. Re: the Chinese lady who grabbed the Pope’s hand. I thought that was about the Pope’s letting the Chinese government pick bishops. He caved to the Commies with that, and it will have repercussions for a long time, especially as to whether their ordinations are valid or not. (I say no.)

    Can you do a conditional ordination like a conditional baptism?

  16. Where did the gravel go? Roads?

  17. Fish tanks.

  18. We watched “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse”, and I liked it. Mini-me has never seen “Superman” with Christopher Reeve, so that’s on deck.

  19. That explains why the Egyptian civilization died off. They had to clean their fish tanks, and probably had coronavirus.

  20. wow, the Italians misreporting their death rate. Explains why the numbers are so high, but doesn’t explain why they are doing it. Do they get more aid because of it?

  21. well, I just got to that part of the video. Huh, amazing.

  22. The US fudging numbers too?

  23. “Thermadin, as of yesterday that’s not what the CDC claims.
    it claims 2100.”

    Mare is correct, the death number is 2500 as of this morning. I looked at the recovered number.

  24. Coop delivered. Weather today is nasty, so it might have to just sit for the day.

  25. This is cute and bonus there is a woman in a swimsuit who isn’t gross:

  26. If you have the time this is a great video on debunking the ancient aliens crap. He has time stamps to specific topics. The part on the pyramids is pretty interesting. There is a section on Inca stones as well.

  27. That is some gorgeous stonework. I love the windowed sides of the lane in pic 2.

  28. I think it’s so interesting that we have no idea how these cities were built.

    I listened to Dan Carlin’s audiobook and he told a story about Ninevah? and how it was so thoroughly eradicated that people living within 50 miles of it had no idea what it was 2 generations later.

  29. Ninevah is where the funniest book in the bible takes place. That’s where Jonah was commanded to go and preach to the people that they might repent. Jonah hated them and didn’t want to go, then finally went and they repented. Jonah was furious because he was hoping they’d get wiped out.

    Guess it just happened later on anyhow.

  30. What new hobby should I pick up?

    1) Scottish history
    2) Pounding your mom’s ass

  31. I would have loved for the koala to have launched at the woman, fangs and claws out. It would have been a much better video……

  32. IL – 65 deaths, 4596 cases

    MO – 12 deaths, 903 cases

    So, 1.4 and 1.3 mortality, consistent across the board. Once more testing, good chance this goes down?

  33. Comment by MJ on March 30, 2020 12:08 pm
    What new hobby should I pick up?

    1) Scottish history
    2) Pounding your mom’s ass

    If you’re interesting in ass-pounding, there’s more of it in Scottish history.

  34. Quit lying to make Trump look bad, you MSM fuckers.

  35. That aide that posted that shit to twitter is an obama soy-boy sensationalizing for hits, and more than likely still doing obama’s ‘organizing’ to take out the opponent.

  36. Holy crap, all of the first 4 seasons of Silk Stalkings is on YT.

  37. Mitzi Kapture was a fucking babe.

  38. Indeed, those eyes.

  39. OCD self-discovery: Nobody on a cooking show can spoon-mix anything thoroughly enough for my liking. I’m always thinking they’re missing part of the bowl, or just tickling the ingredients.

    Especially the people who just seem to toss the spoon weakly back and forth. I’m vaguely distressed when they then go to pour the batter or whatever into the pan as if it’s ready to go.

    I’m just going to fast forward over those parts now that I know this about myself.

  40. I hate that too, Laura. It’s almost always just a token effort for the camera. Alton Brown always makes a point of telling you when not to overstir (muffins and pancakes), but see him understirring sometimes too.

    Also, Mitzi has — by modern standards — no ass. This is shocking.

  41. NM, I see the problem. Her hair and shoulderpads are making the rest of her look spookily tiny.

  42. “Du Hast” is actually a German pun. I know, shocking that German has humor of any kind, but it does. This one is about hate, though, which makes it less surprising.

  43. OCD self-discovery

    We buy brownie mix now and then and when P wants a chocolate fix she’ll get Ben to make them for her by leveraging some privilege he might lose. He’s figured out how to not fuck up brownies from a mix after fucking them up for the first year or so. No matter how many times I mention using a silicone spatula to get the mix out of the bowl it falls on deaf ears. After using a tablespoon or wooden spoon to transfer the mix there’s always a lot of brownie mix left in the bowl. If there’s one thing I learned in 7th grade home economics class it was to use a fucking spatula to get the mix out the bowl. Makes me cringe when I see the mixing bowl in the sink covered with mix all over the edges.

  44. That’s the stuff of nightmares, Jimbro.

  45. This is a buddy movie I really, really wasn’t expecting.

  46. There’s no John Wick in it.

  47. Took care of one of my colleague’s kids today. They were all home and playing outdoors last week on a good day. She was after the kids all day to be careful not to get hurt and it worked all day long. Then they came in and while she was making dinner one of her kids tripped over a jacket left on the floor and broke her elbow. Thankfully not bad enough to need surgery.

  48. That’s the stuff of nightmares, Jimbro.

    Bah haaa haaa haaaaa ….

    I’m going to start my own cooking channel. Jimbro and Lauraw are going to Lose. Their. Minds.

    Probably Scott too.

  49. Have not seen JW III yet. JW 1 & 2 are on constant play on the movie networks.

  50. It can’t be any worse than Paula. Her focus is on making the food. Fast. Everything she makes is good, tasty and hella fast. But Lord Almighty, does that woman make a mess!

  51. The hospital that I frequently visited last year is in rural Illinois.

    They set up tents and outdoor treatment facilities to handle the overflow patients.

    Current number of cases in the county = 1.


  52. If only 10 people live in your county, that’s pretty bad.

  53. Heh, you haven’t seen a mess until I start cooking.

    Fast though? I’ll race anyone. Short order training here.

  54. and you don’t need to mix everything to a fine slurry. Your pancakes probably suck.

  55. Muffin batters need to be mixed and only just. Cookie batters need thorough combining.

  56. All my batters are perfect

  57. Being able to get groceries delivered by an online portal comes in pretty handy when you have the shit timing to be (hopefully temporarily) cardiac-compromised just in time for COVIDmania.

  58. Sitting on a couch for two weeks makes you soft.

    Easy job today and it kicked my ass.

  59. Which service are you using BroTim?

    My sister moved in with my mom and my BiL is doing the grocery runs. He stops by early AM after shopping at the senior hours and leaves the groceries in the garage. Trying to minimize any exposure for them.

    We’re doing it the old fashioned way with one of us making a run to the store. My nurse swears by Walmart pick up service but I haven’t asked her if it’s still up and running.

  60. Virginia closing down until June 10th????? WTFF. The numbers in NO way support that kind of decision. That blackfaced idiot is an idiot.

  61. We’re preparing to furlough almost all of our workforce and there will likely be pretty big layoffs in corporate.

    The irony is that it’s in healthcare.

  62. I really enjoy this Monday posts. Thanks, Leon.

  63. Lauraw, I’ve been watching the Chef docuseries on Netflix. Creeping me out. No hairnets. No gloves. No single use tasting spoons. The episode with sourdough was pretty good.

  64. Trump should have waited at least a week before adding two more weeks on whatever it is feds are doing. This is leveled out already.

    Additionally, I’ve stopped (if I ever did) caring about how many die from this clusterf*ck.

    I like older people in particular. But pretending most of these poor individuals would not have died from complications from pneumonia from other colds/flues is not rational.

  65. OCD Baking Solutions LLC

  66. what chef docuseries? Is it like Worst Cooks on Earth?

  67. Leon has another excuse to build a sauna.

  68. Wow. Lots of My Pillows on fire right now.

  69. Did they find out Lindell supported Trump at one point?

  70. Press conference right now. Lindell took the stage and thanked God for the election of Donald Trump and the change of course for our country.

    Trump introduced him as a good friend.

  71. It’s with Jon Favreau. Roy Choi is the chef who trained him for the movie Chef. They visit with other Chefs and celebrities.

  72. I love My Pillow. Dan, not so much. He doesn’t snore with his My Pillow, so I have to wake him up periodically to make sure he’s still breathing. Did 45’s hair suddenly go white?

  73. I love My Pillow. So does my husband. They’re pretty comfortable, wash easily and come in different firmnesses (you’re all whores).

  74. Mare, I have a My Pillow, too. Love it. I need a doggie My Pillow. 🤪 Dan just took MA out to TCOB. A Roadrunner was chilling in front of our door. No Coyotes today. They came through just after midnight.

  75. come in different firmnesses (you’re all whores).

    I’m less concerned about pillow firmness but rather their perkiness.


  77. “Did 45’s hair suddenly go white?”

    All the salons are closed.

  78. So, yellow is a choice? I thought his white hair made him look less Orange.

  79. I noticed the same thing.

  80. “According to an estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were approximately 45 million cases of the flu in the United States during the 2017-2018 influenza season, resulting in an estimated 810,000 flu-associated hospitalizations and an estimated 61,000 flu-associated deaths.”

  81. We pre-order our groceries from the local chain where Boy1 works, they shop for you and call if something on your list is unavailable, and offer substitutions. My only complaint is they give you the oldest meat and dairy, not the freshest. They tell you when to pick it up, and there is a special pull up lane with an intercom, they come out and load up your car.

    We’ve done Walmart pickup too Jimbro, it works fine. I just prefer to dig out the freshest dairy and meat with my own eyes.

  82. Did you guys know that in 2017- 61,000 died from the flu in 2017?

    Do you know we are not going to lose anywhere near half of that with this flu?

    Don’t trust the media, the media is asshoe!

  83. Oh one thing, it used to be 6-8 hours from order to pickup, now it is 4 or 5 days.

  84. Did you know CNN’s ratings are up 80%?

    If you are scared of this virus, hiding, in a panic, CNN has done their job.

    People panicking watch a lot of news. As we did during and after 9-11.

  85. We pick up or ship most things. Not groceries though. WalMart is great. Everyone is buying new pillows. Weirdest item that is in every shopping cart…pillows.

  86. Work just extended work-from-home until May. This should be interesting.

  87. School just cancelled, apparently for the rest of the year. Seniors are just done. Everyone just moves on to the next grade.

    Teachers are soooo important. Someone please tell me how schools and teachers need more money.

  88. Carin, this was another article in the sidebar of that site

    I’m suspicious of this story but totally believe Joe shits backwards while on the laptop

  89. It’s really a story too good to verify.

  90. Yeah, if I’m buying discount meat I want to inspect it carefully and make a conscious decision. I’d be okay with boxed and canned staples and some veggies and even vacuum packed meat but hesitant on other stuff. No way would I even consider buying fish.

  91. “I’ve yet to find a single incident of anyone actually being arrested for violating these orders. Why? Because for the most part, people are simply complying. When a law enforcement official shows up and tells them to break up their little coffee clutch or clear out of the dog park, people are just wandering off and following instructions. Much like the case with Angela Chase and her friends in My So-Called Life, we appear to be rapidly adjusting to our new normal.”

    – Jazz shaw

  92. When this is all done, remind me to tell you what Our Club is doing for LEOs, EMTs, FFs, and hospitals, elder care, and private medical practices.

  93. I’m not really good with complicated stats and numbers, but we have this:,9753,7-406-98163_98173—,00.html

    Given that the as you get older, there are “less” people in a given population, when you look at stats the % represented is sort of skewed because they aren’t equally represented in the general population.

    So … 19% of of the coronavirus cases are people who are 60-69. 13% are 70- 79%

    So are they OVER represented for their age group or under?

    In addition, “cases” makes no mention of severity.

    Age data of overall deceased – 67.5 for michigan. Again – it could be skewed, because there simply aren’t a LOT of 90 year olds. I don’t know if there is a way to … adjust for this?

    Do we have a house statistician here? We need one.

  94. Carin, this is why I don’t understand why more people aren’t fired up about this.

    Freedom is more important than safety. How do people not get this? Didn’t Benjamin Franklin have a saying about this?

    In WWII we were fighting for the American way of life. Yeah, we could have said, let’s just let Hitler run things, we’ll live and be safe. FFS I don’t get this at all.

    No, I am not comparing this to WWII. But our actions are the total pussification of a country. Pathetic.

  95. From what I understand (I don’t watch the news) California is on lockdown. I don’t even know what that means. But it’s a fricken head scratcher.

    Lockdown. Eff you.

  96. Mare, as an “Essential” on the frontlines of this BS, I can tell you that with precautions in place, there are a lot of businesses that should be open. I agree with 45 that we should have graduated response in regards to our response. Hot Spots should be treated differently from rural.

  97. No one, not one person, news outlet, or scientist online has explained why this virus is worse than any other and why we are taking these actions with this year’s virus.

    Yes, let’s completely kill small business and create a depression because people will die but we don’t know how many although every year and in previous years many more have died.

  98. Do we have a house statistician here? We need one.

    Working on it. Gotta finish a few more courses on Udemy.

  99. Mr. RFH and I also have My Pillows. My sleep is effed up at the moment, so I’m using five pillows total – three make up a wedge, one under my knees, and one under my right shoulder. The knee and shoulder ones are old and flat.

  100. all the peoples keep saying it’s the elevated mortality. But other countries keep uncovering more reasons why it isn’t General Tsao’s Sicken.

  101. I haven’t seen Tiger King yet, but my cousin knows Joe Exotic and says he’s on Satan’s burn-in-hell-first list.


  103. “Spread like a 3 bit sponge monkey with a greased up sprocket pump”

    that is pure gold.

    I bet he recorded that while sitting on the toilet backwards.

  104. Heh.

    Which reminds me, I thought the Marvel New Warriors thing that Ace posted was a parody, not a real thing. Especially Snowflake with the they/them pronouns.

  105. Now explaining to another cousin that USNS Comfort is a Navy ship, not the American Red Cross.

    You can donate to the American Red Cross if you want to, but quite frankly, I think Samaritan’s Purse does a better job. They do a better job that Catholic Relief Services, too.

  106. I didn’t know USNS Comfort and Mercy used to be oil tankers.

  107. they look more like ore carriers

  108. The Incas were edging into a copper/bronze technology.

  109. No iron in Peru, or just running on a later timeframe?

    The giant migration from the Bering sea to Peru probably took a bit longer than getting from the Fertile Crescent to Europe, that alone could account for a lot.

  110. I didn’t see this on the news.

  111. Does the chloroquinone approval by the FDA render MI and NV governors’ ban moot?


    I work with people like this.

  113. I hear you Roamy, I work some of those same people. Unfortunately many of them are why my labs have to be safe for toddlers. It’s increasing hard to get work done due to all the safety hoops. However I’m meeting a guy in the lab tomorrow to try and use a ton of DC current to spot weld some tricky parts they are trying to join. God it will be nice to get back in the lab if only for a little bit. The whole state is shut down here.


    I work with people like this.

    Honestly? I AM a person like that. Thank goodness I never have access to the kinds of technology that in my completely idiotic ‘strokes of brilliance’ moments I would definitely use to accidentally perforate myself.

    More than I do already, that is.

    Because I do. A lot.

  115. Scott’s always like, why are you holding a paper towel to your hand and running up the stairs? And I’m always like, “MYOB! Where are the butterfly bandages?”

  116. I wasn’t there for this one, but the techs told the story of one of the electrical engineers in the Apollo days who was jealous of the money another engineer got for a patent. He decided he was going to invent something, so he picked health monitoring – it was a big deal and was getting a lot of press. He didn’t know jack shit about biology, but that didn’t stop him. So he started wiring up something to be a heart and breathing rate monitor and he used himself as a guinea pig. The techs kept an eye on him because he’d run the test setup for a while and start gasping and turning pale until he gave up and pulled the plug. Then he’d change wires or resistors and test it again on himself. Turns out he was putting direct current through his heart, and it’s a wonder he didn’t kill himself.

  117. Oh MAN, yeah, that’s pretty bad. Hope there wasn’t lasting damage. Dumbshit.

  118. Dependably, evil remains persistent.

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