China is Asshoe!

Are you aware that they’ve been putting pee pee in your coke since you were a kid? True story. There’s even a little song about it.

America’s official response to Chy nah Virus

Leon is indisposed so you’ll have to put up with MJs Fake News until this bullshit post gets pushed down.

These thing happened last week but you didn’t hear about it because you were panic welding a face mask out of a calendar, calculating the number of rounds you can waste dialing in your panic bought rifle, and working on an algorithm to ration your tp while facing the grim reality that you only panic bought cans of chili and black beans. Your math will need to be adjusted.

Joe Biden once again channeled his inner captured fighter pilot:

When asked why he is not streaming daily counterprogramming to President Trump’s White House briefings, Biden, 77, told reporters on a press call that his campaign is “in the process of setting up the mechanisms by which we can do that,” adding that is “above my paygrade.” 

“They tell me there’s ways we can do teleconferencing via us all being in different locations,” the former vice president and likely Democratic presidential nominee said.

VP Candidate?

James O’Keefe appeared on Eric Weinstein’s podcast called the Portal. If you have a few hours, it’s a great window into some of the questions I’m sure some of us have wanted to ask. Is Project Veritas about O’Keefe or the message? Is there a better way or does O’Keefe understand the lay of the land and doing his best to smash through it? Good stuff.

Member when O’Keefe dressed as a pimp and destroyed ACORN? Pepe farms members.

These things disappeared from the media:

Joe Biden’s mental acuity

Hunter Biden

Hong Kong

Bernie Sanders

I’m not prone to conspiracy theories and I don’t sign on to any of them surrounding Winne the Flu, but I also know that what isn’t reported is way more important that what is reported. The first two items on this list will be dealt with in the next few months but the last two are and will be completely vanished. Bernie Sanders doesn’t matter that much but Hong Kong was a really important event that down the memory hole. They have 47 years before Chy nah takes over for real. But we all know that it’s basically over. There will be no democracy in Hong Kong and the Chicoms have successfully chipped away at the foundation that could have had a different outcome. Hong Kong is lost.



It doesn’t say where to use it though.



  1. Old school gifs.

  2. Work call, kid sandwich, and Amazon delivery all at once.

    Exciting Monday so far.

  3. I’m so sad for Hong Kong. They should take advantage of the chaos and make a run for Taiwan.

  4. Hard to do that with all the chinese soldiers there.

  5. I want to send the 360 degree flipping bird gif to the program manager who bugged the shit out of me all last week to finish a review, due close of business today, which I finished Friday afternoon, only to extend the deadline as of 5:53 PM last night.

    It’s waaaay too early to start drinking, isn’t it.

  6. It’s waaaay too early to start drinking, isn’t it.

    Are you working from home?

  7. True enough. Walls to keep people in a sure sign of positive governance.

  8. Twenty after, and here I am, one of the chosen few still at work. Going to be a dull, drudge-filled day.

  9. Can you believe that POS Gillum was seriously being considered for VP?

  10. Next to the yelling lady and cat meme, Joe Biden sniffing things is my favorite.

  11. This poat has been updated like the little bitch that it is.

  12. If you haven’t seen the Chinese guy saying “China is asshole,” you’re missing out. It’s perfect.

  13. Oh, and MJ thanks for the excellent poat.

  14. They don’t really think Americans are going to do this bullshit for 10-12 more weeks?

  15. wakey wakey. How many of you have Kung Flu now?

  16. Had it in February.

  17. I don’t get the flu.

    *prays that God doesn’t want to prove me wrong just to show who’s boss*

  18. I read somewhere that something like 30% of American’s think they have it.

    The actual number of reported cases is .000045% of the US population.

    Good job media!

    Math. How does it work?

  19. Just another manufactured panic, courtesy of the MSM and the CCP’s puppets in government.

  20. Then again people also believe that 30% of the US is gay when it’s around 2-3%.

  21. Math is very very hard MJ. That’s why they like to keep telling us the cumulative body count instead of the day by day rate put into perspective .

  22. There’s one case in my county. We have a 30k pop. university here, with a 50k city behind it. .00125 % infection rate (that’s the percentage, raw number is .0000125)

  23. Like Trump said, the cure is worse than the virus.

    We are asshole.

  24. Gretchen Whitmer is asshole

  25. 23% of American’s think 9/11 was an inside job.

  26. Interesting. When you expand the question to a range of options that include

    a) 9/11 was an inside job

    1. Strongly agree
    2. Agree
    3. Somewhat agree
    4. Don’t agree
    5 Strongly disagree

    The number goes up to 50% for 1 and 2.

  27. WTF? Did they poll only Bernie supporters?

  28. A few other things I forgot to put in the post:

    The incessant calls for Trump to stop talking means he’s doing pretty well communicating directly to the people.

    And the fact that you’re being called a racist by the same people tells you that Trump is doing pretty well communicating directly to the people.

  29. At this point, only Bernie supporters will answer the phone.

  30. It’s hard to watch three minutes of this– but go to 2:30 and see what over a million person protest really looks like. Amazing. Those people (and it breaks my heart) really wanted American style freedom and were really putting their lives on the line and now it’s been shut down.

  31. I almost always have lost of stuff to do at home. Right now I have a list as long as hotspur’s mom’s list of clients. But I have to work tonight. One thing I find interesting, is when I have to go to the gas station or whatever still in my nursing scrubs, people are SUPER nice when they see me. Extra nice to nurses. If they only knew what satanic spawn some of my coworkers are, but I digress.

    Hobbies and projects, people. Hobbies and projects. Make something, do something. If you’re bored, it’s because you haven’t done anything different with your brain for a while. Novel experiences keep your brain young and stretchy.

    You could also learn something new. There’s some great lecture series’ on youtube on every subject you can imagine. One of them was virtually a word-for-word reteaching of my genetics class in nursing school. I mean, you could be going to college for free right now!

  32. my hobby is watching TV. I’m almost never bored.

  33. For anyone interested in R, statistics, and data models, this guy’s whole channel is great:

  34. HA! I’m finishing a needlepoint for my sister. Making my small closet look like that gal’s from Japan and learning one more chord on my Ukelele. (I only know F).

    I know what you’re thinking…”One more chord? One more chord?? Why isn’t she learning Bohemian Rhapsody??”

    Well, it’s because reasons, that’s why.

  35. My chicken coup kit comes next Tuesday. Should have at least a week to get it built and add the fencing it’ll need. Chicks won’t be safe outside until their flight feathers come in and it warms up a bit.

  36. Hope you get the D Mare

  37. D chord

  38. Jimbro, well played.

  39. Does your kiddo go to school yet, leon?

  40. Preschool 4 days a week for 3 hours. Cancelled until May at present.

    Wife is getting really worn out.

  41. Comment by Jimbro on March 23, 2020 10:41 am
    Hope you get the D Mare


    #MeToo, Jimbro, me too.

  42. I’m about to lose my shit if I have to say, “What did you say?” for the umpteenth time.

    IKR? Husband knows I have some hearing loss but will still talk to me from another room or with his back turned. It’s become a running joke in that I’ll just twist what I think he says or what it sort of sounds like, the goofiest way possible, and repeat it back to him. Hilarity ensues.

  43. These are next level paint by numbers.

  44. Novel experiences keep your brain young and stretchy.

    I’ve got a long list of projects needing to get done or start. A couple of fun ones…I’ve got body parts laying around needing to find a body….for my great niece. Hopefully we get to see her at Easter. Cutest baby ever.


  45. Mare, I actually bought one of those a year or so ago. The peony one…or was it roses? It’s printed on canvas that rolls up. It got buried somewhere in the chaos that became the dumping room.
    Pretty sure it came from Chy-Nah.

  46. You know when Trump is a little pissed by the way he pronounces some things, like Chy Na. It was apparent when dealing with the NBC dirtbag.
    We will forever refer to Chy Na, as Chy Na, in this household. It joins St. Panty’s Day and ground beef = snakes.

  47. Just got a “ALL” email from the program head to not use browsers on the customer’s production environment to run non-work-related searches.

    I work with profoundly stupid people.

  48. Saw the funniest thing on the news this morning. They were in a senior care place showing how the staff are keeping the residents entertained. They threw a bunch of those plastic colored balls in the middle of the circle of old farts in wheelchairs, who were holding a stick with boxes attached at the end and the staff played Hungry Hungry Hippo with them. LOL. Too cute. I want to do that with Mr. B’s mom and his aunt.

    Also seeing a thread from a NC senior care place on facechimp. Either residents or staff write messages on white boards and they post them holding it for family/friends on social media because they’re not allowed visitors.

  49. This post has been updated.


  51. LOL, MJ. I hope that guy won’t be tracked down.

  52. Is anyone else getting worried about Rush? He’s out again and there’s been no commentary/updates on his site or facebook. Only one day of ‘stuff’ from the guest host on the 20th. Isn’t there usually a daily stack from the guest hosts?

  53. CoAlex, yes, I am working from home.

    Just finished an hour-long telecon where one participant asked “Can everybody hear me?” every time before he spoke. Meant to see if that was bingo or not.

  54. I noticed Rush’s absence last week. Between cancer treatments and worrying about the Chinese virus he must be keeping a low profile.

  55. Yeah, he’s got to be feeling puny. Friend of ours went through intense chemo. He said the first 24 hours after a treatment, he’d feel fine, and then POW, it’d hit him like a ton of bricks.

  56. I see that we have a bill that will waste billions and have no serious oversight. I know the bill is in the trillions but I’m assuming at least a few dollars will be used to buy something useful like soap or masks.

  57. MI getting shut down. Is Pay essential? Batteries seem essential to me.

    leon is at home, hotspur is with your mom. Anyone else to worry about?

  58. I’m perfectly fine with the dems looking like partisan asswipes AND tanking trillions in new debt. Double win.

  59. I’m at home and can be in IN in minutes if I need anything. Fortunately they haven’t gone as mad as that bitch in Lansing with her teary-eyed press conference.

  60. in IN in

    Isn’t English fun?

  61. I hear IN just went quarantine, on FB. not sure what level, nothing on the googles so far.

  62. Indiana is the usual “Stay at home” except for getting supplies, medical attention. Restaurants will be drive-thru and takeout, as last week.

    They are locking buildings on Purdue campus Wednesday at 5. Makes IT hardware support a *itch*.

  63. MI governor is making this her campaign for the VP slot.

    So glad wrecking the state economy serves her personal ambitions.

  64. I’m still sorting through philosophy in my spare time and trying to get through Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

    It appears that the young Mr Hitler is a bit power hungry and almost messianic. I can’t wait to see how this story turns out.

  65. Its not a “how to” guide, MJ.

  66. *cancels order for full length leather trench coat

  67. Cuomo Gretchen?

  68. She seems pretty stupid, Jay. She probably still thinks Biden is the real nominee and not merely a placeholder to keep Bernie out of the slot.

  69. That’s ok, we have a republican doing it in Iowa.

  70. FUck Gretchen. But yea, she’s politicking. She’s going to try to be on the national ticket next go-around.

  71. 5 GOP senators are self quarantined, and that’s the only way the dems could block the deal.

  72. If I can work from home, why can’t they?

  73. they can’t vote if they aren’t there.

  74. Is Rush on today?

  75. Put ’em in hazmat suits and march ’em out, then.

  76. Or don’t, like I GAF if Dick Durbin catches Wuhan Lung Rot.

  77. I don’t wish General Tsao’s Sicken on anyone. No one should get Chop Fluey.

  78. Office shutting down after today until April 6. At least I get paid for the time. Frankly I could probably do with not being out and about right now anyway, given the reason for the tube in my arm.

  79. Blue Plague. It’s mostly hitting Blue areas. Alabama as an example, half our cases are in the B’ham metro area. Toss in Huntsville and Auburn and it’s 75%. The rest track with the metro areas (Mobile, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa to round it out). Large swaths of the state appear untouched.

  80. Jay, scroll up about Rush. But no, he isn’t.

  81. Husband just read to me that that bitch Pelosi put $30k student loan forgiveness in the her atrocious pork bill. Now I’m pissed.

    These f*ckers need to be called out. Reduce the interest rate or extend the loan, but cut everyone with outstanding student loans a $30k check? HTF is that fair to anyone?

  82. And why the hell can’t the senate rules be changed so that those in quarantine can call their vote in?

  83. Demrats said they blocked the bill in the senate because there wasn’t enough aid to individuals and too much to ‘Big Business’….isn’t forgiving $30k each to the mostly richer segment of society, the same thing?

  84. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 23, 2020 1:48 pm
    5 GOP senators are self quarantined, and that’s the only way the dems could block the deal.


    Are you effing kidding me?

    Eff these stupid, stupid politicians.

  85. Quarantine congress. The only money they can spend is for unemployment and medical expenses. That Phone in your vote from your home state you evil motherfuckers.

  86. My thoughts are not in a good place right now.

    I’m probably going to hell, aren’t I?

  87. My company put out guidelines “in the event of a possible quarantine”, which included work from home for the sales department. New sales dog hasn’t been in the office since the email, he thought it was effective immediately. I told him to read it again after he was berating me for being at my desk.

  88. My animosity only extends as far as their unrepentant wickedness. Were they to repent, or even merely to relent, my hatred would abate.

    I’m going to hell for other reasons.

  89. Hey Beneasefhdshbc, did you know I don’t do cross fit?

  90. Ha! I don’t do Crossfit 5 times a day!

  91. Being at the hospital, in my little sheltered corner of the complex, has a whole “Life During Wartime” feel about it.

  92. My father is so OCD and anal-retentive that he has informed me that I can’t go to the grocery store for food because I might hug someone or talk too long with them and I will get CV and give it to him and he will end up dead. The man is 88 years old with a very weak ticker – he’s gonna die at some point.

    He will let me make a list and he will go to the store and buy food for both of us. Never mind that he will be exposed to the same germs that I would be exposed to, he can’t “trust” me not to get germs on myself.

    We also cannot get take-out or delivery, and no packages are to be sent to the house for me – don’t know where they have been or who has touched them. I currently have two packages in quarantine in his garage.

    I know that I promised my Mom to look after him when she was gone, but it has been a week and I am ready to get on a plane and go home.

    If I do that, I cannot come back until the whole CV scare is over. Because germs. He could die. Buddy, if I am not here, you could die, too – the difference would be that someone would find you in less than 12 hours rather than your corpse being left for days before anyone knows that anything is wrong.

    I’ve looked at the seating charts on the planes – less than 1/4 full on most of the flights out of here.

  93. Good luck with that TiFw. Bless his heart.

  94. It wouldn’t be so bad if he was nice about it. But he’s not – he’s mean-spirited. All women are devious. They lie. They are deceptive. You’re overweight. Gee, looking at the stuff on your grocery list, no wonder you’re so fat. I think that you are mentally ill, just like your sister, and your mother, and your kids are probably mentally ill, too, based on how they act around me (dad). I can’t trust any of you people. I think your nephew (his grandson) is using drugs – he’s too skinny for someone his age. He blew all of his inheritance when your sister died, wouldn’t listen to my advice, he knew better than me what to do (kid had just turned 18 when his mom died, now he sees the error of his ways, but once someone has done something boneheaded, they can’t/won’t change).

    The thing is, he means well. But he doesn’t know how not to be an asshole.

  95. That whore Pelosi is probably still trying to get abortion funding in the bill to satisfy the Hollywood skank demographic and New York sex in the city skanks.

    In the last 3 months, we’ve had two Hollywood whores tell us they wouldn’t be in the business or have won an award without killing their babies. They want that option.

  96. All women are devious. They lie. They are deceptive.

    Well these are just facts. Sometimes facts are harsh and have to be shared tactfully, but that doesn’t make them untrue.

  97. Art Laffer just called Trump “the best president in my lifetime.”

    He’s been around since WWII.

  98. I’d say the same is true of men, by the way. The difference is that a greater % are too dumb to get away with it.

  99. A Portland strip club was forced to close so the owner created a stripper food delivery service called Boober Eats.


  100. I’m sorry you have to deal with that, Tifw, Maybe the going shopping instead of you, is his way of protecting you. If anyone’s gonna die, he’d rather it be him than his remaining daughter and it’s his weird way of showing it? Or he’s got some dementia. Has he always been this way?

    As far as insulting your person, tell him he’s a mean old goat but you’ll try to ignore it and love him anyway.

  101. Start the whole thing up right now. Whoever is still afraid of what will happen if they get it can stay home.

    I’m not worried even if I do get it.

    This is shit and Dr. Fauci is a quack.

  102. I need help reading through all the garbage. Is this a lot deadlier than other flu viruses?

  103. He has always been this way, Beasn. He doesn’t want me to get germs on me because I will catch something, give it to him, and he will get it, then he will die. I don’t want him to die, do I? “I am 88 years old, and I have a bad heart, you do know that, don’t you? Are you trying to kill me?

    You just wait – MILLIONS of Americans are going to die from this, if not TENS of millions. The Chinese can’t be trusted – this is war; Trump declared himself a Wartime President; the Russians and the Chinese are in on this together; don’t roll your eyes at me……”

    After about 2 hours of this, he has finally pushed enough Serotonin into his bloodstream to put him in his happy place, and things are relatively peaceful – until he needs another hit of Serotonin, and then we start the dance all over again.

    But I’m the crazy one, because I started taking Prozac (an SSRI).

  104. At the beginning of Rush’s show they played a tape of him explaining why he wasn’t in. Apparently Chemo is kicking his ass and they are making some adjustments. He was hoping to be back soon, but that may be wishful thinking on his part.

  105. Comment by scott on March 23, 2020 4:05 pm
    A Portland strip club was forced to close so the owner created a stripper food delivery service called Boober Eats.


  106. They had a deal in the senate and San Fran Nan came in this weekend with a list of demands and had them vote No on the agreed deal. Apparently Nancy runs the senate too.

  107. Years ago, Paul’s group sent a (SFW) Nurse-o-gram to his boss at an off-site lunch. Everyone got huge laughs out of it 😊

  108. I have a cold. Runny nose. Weepy eyes. It may just be seasonal allergies. Whatevs. I stayed home today. Dan is starting to lose it with people that won’t maintain social distance. People that are treating this like a holiday. People rolling in after we’ve been open for 5 hours getting mad about no TP.

  109. TiFW, you are a better daughter than I am. I guess I was supposed to take an LOA to take care of my mom. I don’t drive.

  110. Dan is starting to lose it with people that won’t maintain social distance.

  111. I saw that video of Madonna in the bathtub. The Botox has gone to her brain, and she looks two steps from being Jocelyn Wildenstein. Gross.

  112. TiFW, I’m sorry your dad is being a pill.

  113. It’s okay. Mom and I used to commiserate about Dad. Now I don’t have anyone to whine with!

  114. TiFW, we need that so more businesses can reopen.

  115. Holy crap, Roamy, Madonna looks horrendous.

  116. 90 years of hard living will do that to a gal.

  117. Oso, when I saw that picture, I started to wonder if hoop skirts and/or voluminous petticoats might have inadvertently served just that purpose.

    And in the South, a hoop skirt would be absolutely essential to keep cool underneath a long skirt – petticoats will keep you warm in the winter, but in the summertime, you’re sweating like a sinner in church!😂😂😂

  118. TiFW, 🤣🤣🤣🤪. I know that GWTW is verboten in cancel culture. I love that movie.

  119. I was going to argue with BroTim on CV and Huntsville, but I see we went from 6 cases to 21 today. Over half the cases in Alabama are in the Birmingham area.

  120. I was going to argue with BroTim on CV and Huntsville, but I see we went from 6 cases to 21 today. Over half the cases in Alabama are in the Birmingham area.


    Who are the patients?

  121. Don’t know, Mare, but 3 of the cases here worked on the arsenal, that’s why I’m working from home.

  122. Glad you’re taking precautions, Romey.

  123. Trump is going to wait and see if these drugs work. If they do, everyone goes on them and we go back to work.

    If they don’t work everyone goes back to work anyway.

    Face it, we are all going to get it. The good news is that we all wont get it at the same time. The country is too big and we are spread pretty thin. Seattle peaked, NYC is about to, and CT is probably 4 weeks out.

    We can move beds, ventilators, and even Dr’s. It won’t be like Italy and that is what everyone was worried about.

  124. From your fingers to God’s ears, scott, who knows things.

    Daughter said the school districts here, are out until April 22.

  125. MIL gave me her shopping list. Yes, Kleenex and and TP are on it. They’re checking IDs during senior hour, so I’m hosed. I bought extra on her frozen dinners last week…so won’t have to worry so much tomorrow.

  126. NY city is proof we can’t stop the spread. Hopefully the drugs prove to be effective.

  127. Are they going ahead with the various anti-virals including the one for malaria? Or is Fauci’s head still stuck up his arse?

  128. Comment by scott on March 23, 2020 3:46 pm
    Art Laffer just called Trump “the best president in my lifetime.”


    I know his son. I had no idea he was related until they gave Art Laffer the medal a few months ago.

  129. Trials start in New York tomorrow, beasn.

  130. Governor just put New Mexico on lockdown. Only essential businesses can remain open, all others closed until April 10.

    We had to go in today to get some groceries for ourselves and Penelope’s mom. Of course she wanted all the things they are out of: flour, toilet paper, beans, etc. Hardly anyone in masks or gloves. Out of all the non cooking foods, lunch meat, cheese, pizzas, Spam, frozen stuff, butter, yogurt. Lots of alcohol left. Very few people there. I

    I kept picturing the movie style, slow mo close-up of us getting infected. You know how they show a kid coughing, then someone touching it, then touching their face………

    Penelope got Captain Crunch, and I got a bag of M&Ms. Disaster prepping in style…….

  131. Anyone else getting Census mailings, encouraging us to count ourselves on-line?

  132. It’s not really a matter of precaution on my part, Mare, I was sent home. I’m considered a risk with my CHF.

    My boss sent me a link for a home blood oxygen monitor, and I didn’t quite know what to think about that.

  133. I have hope that warmth and sunlight will help cure or slow the virus. I expected LA to have a lot more cases by now, at least as many as NYC, and I think they are about an order of magnitude less.

  134. Pepe, that bitch is going to kill our shitty economy. Spent our surplus on teachers and is working against the economy that gave her a surplus. Crooked bitch is jealous of other panicking D Governors.

  135. Stopped by the store near daughter after looking for waterproof boots at Bass Pro, for me (I have to wear plastic bags on my shoes to/from the bird feeder, it’s so swampy back there.) Had to go online. I hope the 8s fit.
    Produce looked pretty good, minus bags of taters but they had a great sale on them this past week. Got lettuce, apples, pickles, and M&Ms because sale. Some chicken and beef left and I regret not getting a pack. All paper products still gone. They really need to limit those to one per customer.

  136. Got the census mailing last week.

    I complied.

  137. Jay *The Snake* Inslee just put WA on “Stay At Home”, except what HE deems critical business, like pot shops.
    If it’s your business, it’s critical to you!
    What an asshole (D), BIRM…

  138. Phone just gave me the emergency signal to let me know that the governor’s illegal “shelter at home” order was going into effect at midnight.

    Why should I believe it about anything else?

  139. Tonight was the night of the Roamy/Oso date in Old Town.

  140. We have been on “Stay at Home” after 2 or 3 deaths.

    We are probably 4 weeks behind Washington.

  141. 3 weeks. That fucking power line is never going to get done and I’ll have a gravel road through my field forever.

    I cannot be the only person ready to dump the tea in the bay at this point.

  142. Trump said NY is two weeks behind Washington State.

  143. Yep.

  144. In iowa, 2043 negative tests, 105 positive. 5%. Of the tested ones, and they aren’t testing random people yet.

  145. Tonight was the night of the Roamy/Oso date in Old Town.

    We’ll have that date. I’m just glad we called it off for now.

  146. Roamy and oso, sittin in a tree…

  147. Trials in NY with choloroquine: no hospitalizations, no intubations, sounds pretty promising.

  148. A couple of idiots in AZ decided to take chloroquine on their own as a virus preventative, except it was chloroquine phosphate for cleaning fish tanks and they dosed themselves a teaspoon each. It went as well as you’d expect.

  149. Should have used the methylene blue, also an antimalarial.

  150. The stuff you can get for aquariums is the same stuff, generally. Some people use it for off label things like skin care and pranks (it turns your pee blue).

  151. Good Eats Reloaded is back on April 13th!

  152. Guy heard about chloroquine on Laura Ingraham’s show, requested it from doctor, and he says it saved his life.

  153. The DNC media suck shriveled balls. Remember Trump bashing the shit from NBC for insinuating he was giving false hope regarding these treatments? I didn’t know that ass was badgering him even before his ridiculous question. Then the media cut all the badgering out to make it look like Trump went off on a reasonable question. The same media that said Trump was giving false hope, then switched gears after Cuomo comes out with nearly an identical press conference minus some fuckwit interrupting/badgering him…. saying what a leader he is…look how he’s giving people hope!!!

    Watch this:

  154. And so begins my Blue Plague-sponsored downtime. Given my current condition it was strongly suggested I not go out much…not like I need that advice, I’ve been trying to shed those habits and now they’re official guidance. What a fucked up world this is.

  155. Ok Washington state has only been adding around 200 cases a day on the Wu flue for last week. We have the lowest daily increase of any state and our moron of a Gov. has shut the state down for 2 weeks. The stupid burns.

  156. Dating Evie requires persistence.

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