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  1. Weekend memes start the weekend off right!

    How my dog sees himself…
    Be prepared to give your girlfriend…
    Chunky tinsel.
    I might look calm…

    Theoretically (for the elderly and immune compromised) high fives Pups.

  2. Good morning. Managed to sleep past 0600. Not so Paula who let the dogs out earlier.

    Coffee drunk, eggs eaten, memes processed … let this glorious day begin!

  3. Everyone sleeping in pretending our government isn’t doing something nefarious?

  4. I have a friend who works at Beaumont. I’ll ask.

    wakey wakey

  5. 20 something vulnerable — vaping.

  6. And the uptick in dope smoking.

  7. I don’t see anything about it though. This site is the best thing out there.

  8. Somewhere is the darkness, Kenny Rogers broke even.

  9. What? That’s my to-do list for the whole day!

  10. Favorites today: Ohio, the puppy with the butterfly on his nose (probably tried to eat it), GenX being neglected, punched you three times. Good job, Pupster!

  11. Sorry to hear that about Kenny Rogers but not surprised.


  13. Ah yes, the start of a weekend not in hospital where I’m supposed to stay in and avoid other people.

    Same as usual, then…

  14. The, “finding out your normal daily lifestyle is called quarantining” hit home.

    And the lesbian fashion spectrum hit my home town.


  16. That is pretty close to how houseguest loads the dishwasher.

  17. Comment by Pupster on March 21, 2020 9:23 am


    Signs of a psychopath?

  18. *twitch* *twitch* *twitch*

  19. Might buy baby chicks today and house them in the block shed.

    Then I gotta plan out the eggmobile.

  20. Hit 80 degrees this week, AC is on.

    Tree pollen is painting everything yellow. I bet a whole bunch of allergy sufferers are freaking out thinking they got the flu.

  21. Are these the first chickens, Leon?

  22. Apparently the stores are crazy where my mom lives. She needed eggs but the stores were out, so she called a friend who raises chickens. Stepdad volunteered to go pick up the eggs.

    Mom: So you’re going to meet her in the parking lot of the gas station up on X road. She’ll be driving a green SUV. Bring cash.

    Stepdad: …this sounds an awful lot like some of the sketchy shit I did in my youth, but now I’m just doing it to buy organic eggs. Dear god I’m old.

  23. The first chickens at the new farm, yes.

  24. Lol, CoAlex. Psst, hey buddy, I got the good stuff here.

  25. Pretty sure a friend of mine just posted photographic evidence of stealing toilet paper from a restaurant.

  26. My parents are flipping the heck out. Dad’s an MSNBC junkie. Mom texted earlier and asked if we needed anything because Dad was going to the grocery store’s “senior hours” and could leave stuff on the porch for us.

    The wickedness of this whole thing is breathtaking.

  27. Look what they’ve done to us.

  28. Also my dad: kicking himself for buying gas at $1.70 when he saw it for $1.50 today.

  29. He’s retired, he barely drives except to shop for groceries and go to the gym.

    OBSESSED with the price of gas.

  30. Kittycat with a rock collection made my frickin’ whole day. Joyful lil’ cuteness.

    Might buy baby chicks today and house them in the block shed.

    Then I gotta plan out the eggmobile.

    *claps hands!* YAAAYYYY! Exciting! You must be stoked!

    I have to work the next few days. When I left last time there was scuttlebutt about a patient positive for THE virus on another floor, be interesting to see if that was true or not. I can’t imagine what they would need to do if it was true. Quarantine the whole floor, including staff? Madness. Impossible.

  31. I GOT EGGS!

  32. I figured ct would have lots of cases. stay clean!

  33. I’m not picturing Leon driving the Eggmobile, a rusty beat-up truck with a load of chickens in the back, madly down the highway while pursued by a horde of angry Karens in minivans and SUVs like something out of Mad Max.

  34. Totally relate to bitchy face.

    Totally relate to I may look calm but in my head I’ve already punched you 3 times. Retail. Amirite, oso?

    GenX? Please. You think anyone cared about us ass-end boomers? Our parents didn’t know or care where we were most of the time. Our diets weren’t much better either.

  35. Husband was talking to one of his cow orkers in India. He can’t figure out why Italy is hit so bad and they, who are much closer to China, are not. (Same guy who says he likes the U.S. because they respect life more than the rest of the world.)
    I’m betting India isn’t seeing as much because I don’t think India, in general, has the ability to track it. So many of their poor die every day, they just shrug it off.

  36. Loved the cat collecting rocks, too.

  37. Oh thank goodness. The TP was a giveaway promo.

  38. blow the man down is weird

  39. Husband was talking to one of his cow orkers in India. He can’t figure out why Italy is hit so bad and they, who are much closer to China, are not. (Same guy who says he likes the U.S. because they respect life more than the rest of the world.)


    Beassnsnsnsns, I read where China has purchased a lot of leather manufacturing in Northern Italy. Not surprisingly Wuhan is one of the places that is connected to this industry, they have direct flights between the two areas. That is why Northern Italy got smashed.

    Also, the medical system in Italy is shit. It’s National and garbage.

  40. I’d like to meet that cat with the rock collection. He’s pretty cool.

  41. I’m not picturing Leon driving the Eggmobile, a rusty beat-up truck with a load of chickens in the back, madly down the highway while pursued by a horde of angry Karens in minivans and SUVs like something out of Mad Max.

    This is so much better than the A-frame with nest boxes and hardware cloth that it’s actually going to be.

  42. hahahahahahahahaha. I think this is appropriate for this dump.

    I just saw a meme that had a guy holding a sign that said:

    Whoever invented COVID-19 Your Mom is a hoe.

  43. I read where China has purchased a lot of leather manufacturing in Northern Italy.

    That’s what Mr. B. told him after I reminded him in the background…’hey..hey…leather industry, older demographic, direct route…shit hole to shit hole, crappy socialized healthcare = disaster’

    He didn’t tag on the latter two or the idea India is also a cesspool of death because he’s nicer than I am.

  44. My brother sent that video via text to all us siblings last night. My poor sister has become so jaded about the depravity of men that she didn’t realize it was well done humor. And was still doubtful after I explained it to her. Poor kid.

  45. Mare!

  46. Mrs Caruthers LOLed in her hoodie at Mr Couch.


  48. She wants your loaf of bread and she’s not going to ask twice

  49. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  50. Loved the dancing doggo.

    And the next one…mare is out of toilet paper.

  51. My wife called from the other room and asked if I ever got a sharp pain, like someone’s stabbing a voodoo doll of me. I said no. Then she asked, ” How about now? “

  52. Thank GOD. I finally got an email regarding how my internet provider is handling Covid19.

  53. This little male Anole:

    and this sizable Skink:

    are not respecting each others social distance boundaries on my back patio.

  54. BaHahahaha, Pepe! Good one.

  55. We really don’t stop shoplifters anymore. Guy filled a backpack, wouldn’t leave the property. Looking into cars. Called cops. Rapid response. Guy “Resisted Arrest” while claiming he had corona and spitting on cops. He left in an ambulance. Our weekend cop detail has moved to mornings. (Love the post. Love the rock collector) Video was hilarious. Oh, he had $2000 of merchandise in his backpack.

  56. Beasn, Pepe was funny. Beasn, no cakes. No birthday parties. Decorators are having to bake. 🤪

  57. 3 black australorps, 3 wyandottes. Still fuzzy, so they’re in the basement with a heat lamp for at least a couple of weeks.

  58. Sounds racist.

  59. When manager sent manager to check on guy, he said “Black hoodie”. Second manager was looking for “Black Guy in hoodie”. Thought he’d left. Gas is$1.39 2nd gas attendant recognized the guy. Called PoPo.

  60. * pictures Leon walking up a female clerk at TSC, “may I see your fuzzy Australorps?” *

  61. Leon how many eggs a week do you get from 6 hens?

  62. heh ladies working at farm supply stores here are pretty tough hombres.

  63. A healthy hen lays about 1 egg/25 hours, so let’s say 5.5 eggs a day on average, roughly 3 dozen eggs.

  64. Showed Lauraw’s video to Mr. RFH, got a geniune LOL. Thanks!

  65. Not being able to plan anything is killing Dan. He’s the real OCD in our relationship.

  66. UFC is the best thing ever.

  67. Dan!

  68. Two dads, one cuck

  69. scott and laura, the rosemary in the bacon recipe really comes through, very delicious!

  70. Bacon!

  71. yes, Bacon!

  72. You tried the rosemary recipe? Awesome!

  73. yes, and the rosemary really pops. cured for ~14 days, smoked to 150 on the PBC with pellets in a foil pouch.

  74. 14 days is a long cure. I’ma try that. Let me know if you modified the recipe in other ways and I’ll try it your way next time.

  75. I vacuum sealed it, individual pieces. I didn’t spread the rub enough. But vacuum sealing works great to flip and massage every couple days.

  76. oh I used garlic, not shallot. ground up everything, and after cure I soaked in water to remove some salt.

  77. Didn’t take long to cook in the over. Trying to sous vide a couple pieces overnight, then cooling. See what that works out like.

  78. Mini-me is home, and I am very happy!

  79. Yayyy Roamy! Quality time! And quantity, too, I reckon, if she can’t go back to school for a while and everything is shut down.

  80. good to hear that

  81. So, New York is declared a disaster area, and the Army is deployed?

  82. Derek’s eczema recurred periodically.

  83. Derek ought to slather on some coal tar lotion

  84. I saw a few videos on Twitter yesterday showing army vehicles being transported by train with the people filming it declaring “This is it. Time for martial law”

    Anyone who put martial law in a comment said it was Marshall Law

  85. The guy from Tekken?

  86. State is locked down for at least another month.

    Small business owners are screwed.

  87. They added two weeks to the two week shut down here in michigan.

  88. Nick Searcy singing his own version of “Imagine” is hilarious. Plus he plays the piano. It’s on Faceplant, haven’t found it on youtube yet.

  89. Houseguest’s niece lost her housecleaning job because of the edict. So she started working gigs at, delivering groceries. Made $600 in 4 days. I don’t know how many hours it took her. May not cover everything but it’ll help pay some bills.

  90. Everybody must be tending to their fuzzy Australorps

  91. Everybody must be tending to their fuzzy Australorps

    I’ve been told that’s a sin and that I’ll go blind if I do it too much.

  92. This whole thing is stupid. Based on the numbers, we’re nuts.

  93. I just had to explain to people that they’re stupid. I didn’t say it like that. Work people complaining that people going out and about are responsible for us being out of work longer.

    Uh. No. The reason they don’t want us going out is to “flatten the curve”. Which means, no huge spike at one time, but the virus sticks around longer.


    Which means … as long as were requiring a zero %/low new infection rate, we’re going to be out of work for a longer time.

  94. ^^^Nailed it, Carin.^^^^

    We are actually not doing the Country any favors financially.

    And many of us have already had it. My sister had it and my youngest thinks she did too (based on the known symptoms).

  95. Both of them had it late December early January.

  96. The diocesan website is broadcasting Mass in half an hour, with a special message from the bishop. Place your bets on the livestream getting bogged down after 100 people join.

  97. Have you guys seen the pictures of naked Andrew Gillum, laying on the floor with a vomit filled towel next to his mouth?

    He seems nice.

    I don’t know if they are real, but it’s what happened so why wouldn’t they be?



    Hotspur, put down your ass potato and listen, don’t click the widget link.


  101. Mare, what the fuck is wrong with you today? I’m going to delete that bullshit. Jesus H Farquhar.

  102. Whose turn is it to tell Mare to calm down?


  104. I want that picture spread to everyone who can see it.

  105. Shoving an obscene image at people who don’t want to see it, isn’t having the effect on them that you hope it does.




  109. Hardware store is staying open.

  110. BAHAHAHA!!..on me rolling into the ocean all sexy-like and scott’s silly walk.

  111. Mare, democrat voters don’t care. Lot’s of conservative blacks I follow are saying they are seeing all kinds of excuses being made for Mr. Down Low up there, in the black community. Some saying ‘well Trump and his string of prostitutes kind of thing’ ignoring that the one ho has said it didn’t happen and was ordered to pay his attorney’s fees.

  112. Husband is watching something about Queen Elizabeth’s garden. Something something about bee research. Bees dance in ‘code’ to tell their buddies back at the hive where the good stuff they found was.

  113. They dance in circles, the angle they stand tells the direction, and the waggle tells the distance.

  114. Love the look on his face throughout.

  115. Waggle Waggle Waggle

    *that means there’s toilet paper and taco seasoning mix at Schnucks*

  116. He was just out having fun.

  117. Oooo, now they’re talking about the fungi growing there and sped up the camera as they grew/released spores for next year’s growth.
    Leon pron.

  118. HAHAHA, pretty much, Jimbro.

  119. oso, the thief you describe is the kind of low-life that needs their skulls busted.

  120. This is what we’re dealing with . Chick posts this article.–z2YgLFPjDT9MpmXrikGhzF9Ltrp5hoJw0bDxuKziGcjh5Ea-WQ&_hsmi=84897805&fbclid=IwAR1HlXC8xr948t4bdDEEMoGKPwgXPC8FlHfN0ErguV84MqHY_eUuNJkskmQ

    This is the exchange:

    Carin Seyler O’Brien You mean destroy the economy?

    · Reply · 32m

    Kaycee Cypher II
    Kaycee Cypher II Carin Seyler O’Brien if that’s what it takes to rebuild a society where humans, animals, and the earth have a chance then yes.

  121. We decided to do a fixed coop for the laying hens rather than an eggmobile. Going to build chicken tractors for the lawn and do some meat birds this year as well, but those only need to house birds in warm months and can be a lot less robust.

  122. Only an idiot looks at what is going on right now and see it as a template

  123. I went to TSS to look at the chicks, but there was someone with a mask around his neck … he’d pulled it down to talk to the chick person.

    Yea. keep walking.

  124. America has done more for the standard of living in the world than anything in history. ideas freed whole societies. and these people blame us, because they don’t have power.

  125. Mexico is 85% under the control of drug cartels. No lockdown.

    If this is as bad as the hair-on-fire crowd claims and isn’t impeded by warm weather, they’re all doomed. Nothing’s gonna happen. You are literally better off living under a Mexican drug cartel at this point.

  126. more directly they are jealous that somebody else has more than they do.

  127. Just finished watching iracing on FS1. Now, we’re watching the Ocho.

  128. Scott. I loved seal farts.

  129. Just checked, looks like the Diocese of Tabasco has suspended masses and gatherings. Stupid.

  130. There are no new cases in China because they stopped testing.

  131. Competitive Seal Farting

  132. China got what it wanted – to take the world down with them when they lost the game of Chicken with Trump.

    And now I gotta wait who knows how many weeks for my yarn delivery from overseas. (UK and Denmark) Usually takes 7-10 days. Not made in China. One kind is made in India and it’s amazing how much yarn is made in Turkey.

  133. Cotton is racist.

  134. if that’s what it takes to rebuild a society where humans, animals, and the earth have a chance then yes.

    Pretty sure little girl won’t be liking the utopia the commies have in store for her whether she’s a true believer or not. It’s who he/she/xer votes for is what makes the earth miserable for humans/animals/nature (little dicked-chingalings are huge poachers of all creatures great and small. f*ckers.)

  135. I’m going stir crazy. It turned winter overnight and snowed this morning. It stuck.

  136. What Scott said followed by why is SFO resuming flights from China?

  137. I enjoyed my day off. My $300 life is going back into the fray tomorrow.

  138. Dan is more Trump Humping than he was before.

  139. I had forgotten that “Ruby (Don’t Take Your Love to Town)” was a cover song for Kenny Rogers. Mel Tillis wrote it, and both Waylon Jennings and Roger Miller recorded it.

    **belatedly looks around for Wiser**

  140. The Good Shepherd[Kindle Edition]

    By: C. S. Forester

    99 cent kindle, the book that the new Tom Hanks movie Greyhound is based on

    “We’ll bring Hell from on down high”

  141. SFO did what? But I still can’t go to a sit down restaurant? This is unreal.

  142. Is the Governor of Michigan crazy?

    Short tempered ashtray throwing crazy?

  143. I’m pissed. We have a few days to engage OMB about SFO flights.

  144. Slush fund !

  145. 5 republican Senators in quarantine.

  146. Apparently Rand Paul decided that the best way to wait for the results of his Coronavirus test was to pump iron at the Congressional Gym alongside other senators and reps.

  147. Welp, the decision whether to stay open or close the office for the next couple of weeks was to be made this weekend. As I have heard nothing, I’m operating under the assumption we’re open tomorrow. Since I finished off my existing workload last week, it’s going to be clutter clearing and odds-and-ends.

    Frankly it barely matters to me, other than boredom will get me one way or the other as things stand.

  148. I’m in a similar boat. I’ve cleared a lot of open projects off my plate last week, so now I’m working on one or two things but once they’re done I’m going to have nothing to do.

  149. I have plenty to do at work, no end in sight.

    Both bosses are now working from home. It’s going swimmingly.

    Not for me, but for everyone else. Oh well, I still have a job.

  150. The Good Shepherd By: C. S. Forester

    Oooh, that’s one of the books Dad gave me. That should be next in the queue then. Currently reading “Hints of Heaven” by Fr. George Rutler for Lent. It’s about Jesus’ parables.

  151. I see all the lefties praising Andrew Cuomo, taking charge! What did he do today?

  152. I have lost a bunch of work. Maybe half? Not sure yet.

  153. Cuomo is going to be their nominee.

  154. What did he do today?

    He scored a shit ton of federal aid. I’d like one of the shits in the media to ask him if he has yet reconsidered his sanctuary policies.

  155. Mr. B. was asking me how much cash we had in the house. He’s spooked. MN fed chair, Kashkari was on 60 minutes. Said the interview he gave was horrible, as in mixed message, tank the markets tomorrow horrible.

  156. I smell several stinky rats.
    On top of the fed chair, then you have Fauci claiming those stories of anti-virals are all just anecdotal…..even though the one has been around for 70 years and we know it’s risks but red tape must be done first. Reports are Belgium, France, and China are now using them on this SARS 2.0.

    Do you really think any of this would be going on if hillary was queen? I’m not even sure the rest of the world would be on fire. Globalist media would probably have downplayed this too.

    All this chaos and confusion to keep people riled up. If a Cuomo or Biden wins, this disappears instantly.

  157. you mean it can get worse?

  158. Technically, Fauci is right, according to the narrow band of testing strategies he’s considering: it is anecdotal. There was testing, though, and the two drugs have been used in the past, so it’s not like we’re harvesting bat testicles to extract drugs from.

  159. You know what sucks? I try to ‘pin’ different things from conservative websites and commie f*ck pinterest blocks them.

  160. School buses in Ames (contractor runs them, so they will be getting theirs) will be running on Monday, delivering students to free breakfast and lunch.

    People want the bus drivers to deliver the meals. I’m gonna go french kiss my shotgun

  161. I have plenty of work to do, and I’m hoping that the Project-That-Must-Not-Be-Named continues to be not mission-critical so I can work on something other than that.

  162. Yes, technically he’s right in that we haven’t tested those drugs on bat flu but there is 70 years of data on chloroquine. We don’t have years to screw around with something ‘not yet out there’ as he’s saying, during a pandemic. There were reports those drugs worked back during the first SARS outbreak and piddle-f*cked with imaginary racism for 15 years instead of working on not yet out there for the eventual next plague that floats out of China.

  163. ComfortablySmug on Twitter
    “I’ve decided Bill de Blasio is a moron more concerned with going to the YMCA than managing this city.

    I’m getting on a plane. And I’m getting the hell out of here while I still can. I’m not trying to catch the Wuhan because that idiot doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

    And he left.

  164. So what happens if a bus driver infects all the state owned pets on his route? Or one of the little darling’s family member infects the bus drivers?
    Use your flipping EBT to buy your kids a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread. $3. You can’t tell me these people don’t have 3 dollars laying around.
    On second thought…hoarders. Are all the kids in the community included in this crap? As a taxpayer, I’d want that bus to stop by my house.

  165. China, France, and Belgium have published their studies on this old antimalarial drug. It’s been around since 1944. This drug increases the metabolism of zinc.
    They have found zero virus load after 5 – 6 days of therapy, but it is still “Anecdotal” evidence to the little doctor.
    They are running with this drug, an antibiotic for the pneumonia, and zinc.
    The FDA and the dwarf doctor need to be flushed…

  166. Looks like i’m in the bin. I have to go to bed…

  167. Either someone popped you out, ChrisP, or you just needed to refresh. Nothing in the trap.

  168. Dirk’s employees remain pessimistic.

  169. Rise and shine, quarantiners.

  170. I’ve been seeing more articles, interviews and whatnot that are willing to say that diabetes and obesity are terrible for immune response.

    I’ve heard it called “the elephant in the room.”


  171. I’m going to go ahead and put my money on, ‘this isn’t anything abnormal’ and the failure of our elites to understand basic math or historical context has combined with social media to create our first world wide panic.

    The third world will continue to do third world shit. We should be creating a strategy to disentangle from them and let them evolve before we invite them for dinner again.

  172. Pachamama hero is doing better and is home from the hospital. Deo Gratias.

  173. No big rocks poat today. Wife had insomnia and Possum work up early and needs parental assistance until Mrs C can get some rest,

  174. Plus it snowed 3″ here yesterday.

  175. Today…already…

    Did a load of laundry
    Emptied dishwasher
    Made a casserole
    Cleaned the kitchen
    Organized the pantry
    Workout next

    Then what?

    I’m reading the Mitch Rapp series for the 4 or 5th time.

  176. I can put up a poat, gimme a few minutes.

  177. Never mind, looks like MJ is putting one together.

  178. Workout at 11. Supposedly Gretchen is putting out a “stay at home” order today.

    Fuck her. I don’t exactly know how that differs from what we’re doing now. Everything is cancelled and closed. But it puts her face on the teevee again.

  179. I love Mr. RFH dearly, but he is mumbling and not enunciating clearly, and I’m about to lose my shit if I have to say, “What did you say?” for the umpteenth time. I’m in no mood for that shit today.

  180. If a politician doesn’t appear in the media, do they really exist?

  181. new

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