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  1. Sipping coffee with Paula who is telling me stories from work aka “The Corona Hole”. At the end she sounded like me bitching about the stupidity of the American public. Who can blame people who are being purposely riled up by the media?

  2. Hope Zeke is okay VMan

  3. Find a job you like…
    My bae…
    …what would happen if you punched them
    …Cafe Du Monde

    But as usual this is a stellar line up of laughs.

    *high fives Pups but misses and throws my back out, remembers mid-swing not to touch anyone*

  4. Very sorry to hear about Zeke, cannot believe it’s been 11 years.

    MJ, what degree are you working towards? Are you doing this online or going to classes?

  5. I don’t get the he’s attractive and into memes one.

    Favorites are give it my some, coworker email (it’s funny because it’s true), greeting people at work, mullet, and mailman joke. Excellent collection, Pupster.

  6. Someone at work tested positive for the virus, now the whole center is on telework except for mission-critical. The telescope from hell is mission-critical, so I expect to go in at least a couple of days in the next two weeks.

  7. Oh, and Happy Pi Day.

  8. I don’t get the he’s attractive and into memes one.

    She has marked out the area of her body that will be dangerously damp in that event.

  9. Ah. Thank you.

  10. slippery when wet …

  11. refresh

  12. mare drawing on the dirty window — funny stuff

  13. the middle finger dealio was me at work this past week – this virus thing has supposedly reasonable, educated ppl headed toward max stupid.

    i don’t get it – this isn’t 1918

  14. Good to see you, Jam, how you doing?

  15. leon i just updated one of my beater laptops to win10 – i’ll let you know if it catches on fire –

    so far – so good

  16. Happy Pi Day
    Doh! Other than a single mention a few days ago I missed the usual run up to Pi Day/pie recipes/pie party suggestions. Almost like there’s something distracting the Life & Style reporters from doing their usual thing. I’ve seen a few columns on how to cook from your pantry so at least they’re working.

  17. good roamy – thanks

  18. I actually did the Ho Ho Basket meme last night.

  19. FYI – The schools here are closed for 2 weeks. Parents are expected to teach their kids at home, and login for updates to the teacher.

    I don’t have a kid in school yet but I’d def be saying, FU to that.

  20. MJ, what degree are you working towards? Are you doing this online or going to classes?
    It’s a ALM. Masters of Liberal Arts. Concentration in Management.

    It’s basically an MBA but for experienced people with a job that aren’t 25.

    The classes are actually the same.

    Most is online but I have to fly to Boston for on campus weekends 4x.

    I’m learning a lot more than I expected, which is humbling.

  21. https://tinyurl.com/t23vheu

  22. I can neither confirm nor deny that fifth apocalypse dude is the guy from my avatard.

    Seriously, I don’t actually know.

  23. One of the Morons posted pics from Costco this morning, people lined up with carts halfway around the building. Shit’s about to get real. Aldi’s posted that they are restocking with what they have, there is nothing left in the back, please be nice to the employees.

    Today is a good day to stay home. I thought yesterday was nuts with the gas station.

  24. Curious about what you’ve learned, MJ. What would you say is the biggest takeaway?

  25. Havaad.

  26. Brilliant!


  27. Can’t wait for Sunday’s debate

  28. I don’t know what is real anymore since the democrats will literally do or say anything to regain power, however, common sense tells me that Joe Biden’s candidacy is about the Vice Presidential pick.

  29. The DNC cannot possibly let him “debate” anyone.

    Is this real life?

  30. Hologram Joe!

  31. Just bought gas for $1.70. Good day to have the truck at quarter tank, I guess.

  32. crude took a dump –

    the muzzies are in a pissing match with russia i guess

  33. Silver too.

    Why does it follow the price of oil?

  34. From Twitter
    The “friend” who Andrew Gillum was in the hotel room with is an openly gay male escort with a profile on a website called “Rent Men”

    Oh my…

  35. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

    Tagging on to mare’s comment, knowing what we know now about how dirty and corrupt the Deep State DNC, and various agencies in our federal government, are, I wouldn’t put it past them to unleash a virus upon the public….in China, with the help of China. I trust them zip, zero, nada.
    We all smell a rotting rat carcass with this over-the-top media driven panic.

  36. *dons pyramidal lead-foiled fedora*

    I think this was a planned bioweapon that got out too early in development because the Chinese lab tech sold some test animals in the meat market.

  37. Apparently every business I’ve ever dealt with is sending me a “we are taking the coronavirus seriously” email. Just this morning: my ob/gyn, my bank, my carpet cleaning service, the Brazilian steakhouse, the formalwear shop where Mr. RFH bought his wedding suit, Aldi’s, the library, and two hotel chains. Last night was the gem and mineral society (auction is postponed), the church, Delta Airlines (flight’s in June) and American Airlines (that one is soon, I’m okay with this one).

  38. I’m guessing the EMT’s who went into Gillum’s room saw a bunch of stuff that somehow they were encouraged not to speak of.

    This was simply a meth-fueled orgy.

  39. I don’t care how I’m mocked, very few “conspiracies” are out of the realm of possibility.

  40. That POS was 34,000 votes away from being in control of Florida’s purse strings and everything else.

  41. State Science Olympiad is cancelled. Mr. RFH wasn’t going this year, but he has been coaching one event and was helping the kids get ready.

  42. That POS was 34,000 votes away from being in control of Florida’s purse strings and everything else.

    You dodged a bullet with that one. Probably a lot of voter fraud in this year’s election, too.

  43. Yeah, the Connecticut and Philadelphia Horticultural Societies both cancelled all their stuff too, Romacita.

    A lady at work left us for another job and they had a party for her. I like her a whole lot and gave her a quick hug right before she left us for the last time; there was an audible gasp in the room. I was like, OH SHIT. SORRY.

    In my defense, she hugged me right back.

  44. At the gym. Barbell hip thrust girl is doing deadlifts today.

  45. Hnnnnnnnnnngggggg.

  46. Sumo deadlifts. In spandex shorts.

  47. I was bitching about the emails yesterday. Credit card companies. @@.

  48. Curious about what you’ve learned, MJ. What would you say is the biggest takeaway?
    There are a few things:

    Harvard is more conservative than I expected but I’m taking Econ, Accounting, and Business Analytics so…

    The elasticity of the demand for a product determines whether or not the consumers pay a tax if it’s imposed. For example, if the government taxes cigarettes, the consumer pays 100%. Not so for elastic demand curves. I always assumed all taxes were passed on.

    People can be really dumb and predictable. There are sections where you’re asked to respond to a question or write a few paragraphs about a topic, and with total certainty 80% of the class will write about the same thing. For example, this week’s homework was to write about a government intervention into a market and whether or not it was good or had a positive effect. 80% of the responses were about COVID 19. When asked about an accounting scandal 80% of responses were about Enron. Whatever is at the top of google will capture 80% of the available attention.

    It’s more difficult that you’d think to fudge numbers for a business. Accounting is pretty straight forward, but also really complex in terms of rules. You’re gonna get caught. There’s really no escape in the long run.

    Econ is a pretty healthy dose of art and science. I think we all know this but its interesting to see it acknowledged and taught that way. Half the rules are out the window once you get humans involved because they aren’t rational.

    Karl Marx can blow me.

    The ability to analyze data is rare and highly prized by companies right now. There’s a glut of data and no supply of brains to interpret it. See bullet point number three above.

    CEOs really do think a bit differently than your average exec. The dozen or so that have presented info are as calm as hindu cows and have an uncanny ability to cut through the bullshit. I don’t know if that’s learned or is a character trait.

    The biggest take away is that there is value in pursuing education as an experienced adult. I assumed that my tenure made it irrelevant but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s kind of the flip of the 80% rule above. I think I’ve got working knowledge of about 80% of the stuff presented in the class but that last 20% is just so incredibly valuable.

  49. Stupid futhermuckers STILL won’t tell me if or when I go home, and the folks dealing with my treatment supplies twice to see when I was available, and they were told this morning I was leaving today! I’m wondering if there will be groceries to get when I do get out at this rate.

    I’m tempted to find a lawyer to help me arrange a talk with them about the many-fold errors of their ways.

  50. MJ, thanks, it sounds like it’s worth it. Glad they aren’t teaching socialism (yet). Lol’d at “Karl Marx can blow me.”

  51. Price elasticity of demand is how I can tell whether someone has more than a passing knowledge of econ theory. It’s why I can’t stand econ discussions at the HQ. I’m constantly amazed that people don’t know it.

  52. MJ, whatabouts do you do in real life…besides the muppet pron.

  53. BroTim, it seems if they tell you you’re going home ‘tomorrow’, they usually mean as late as possible tomorrow. They’ll come in in the morning for last minute stuff and then you wait at least six hours for discharge papers.
    Pretty sure you’ll be okay finding some groceries. Probably not canned goods tho.

  54. He’s a lean six sigma manager for a drug cartel.

  55. >>That POS was 34,000 votes away from being in control of Florida’s purse strings and everything else.

    Tells me all I need to know about democrat voters.

  56. I was busy last night. I see Scott asked yesterday.

  57. Grocery stores are making bank. Went to the local mega discount store this morning and almost all produce was completely gone. There were radishes left and that was about it. All ramen gone, all milk gone, most meat gone.

  58. I watched the press conference……… ” the odds of catching this is still very low.”

    Then I flipped to CNN for a reaction… (D) congresscritter from CA


  59. I wonder how much of this is driven by the food stamp crowd. There were 30-40 carts half full of stuff to be put back parked in the empty produce section. I assume these were from people that didn’t have enough money to buy everything in their cart. If so this should peter out soon since they will have spent their wad at least till the first of next month.

  60. Econ is a pretty healthy dose of art and science. I think we all know this but its interesting to see it acknowledged and taught that way. Half the rules are out the window once you get humans involved because they aren’t rational.

    I compare it to Medieval astronomy. We observe some phenomenon and attempt to model it, but know very little about what we’re actually observing. And our models may be useful in the short run, while being completely useless over longer periods of time and having no actual relationship with reality. Plus, just like medieval astronomers also wrote horoscopes, even the famous economists are willing to engage in some sketchy shit to please the people in power.

  61. https://tinyurl.com/ur2l3ay

  62. Soothsayers will always find a paying audience if they look hard enough. Socialism is basically in the same camp now, it’s a con you sell to people, either for donations or power.

  63. https://tinyurl.com/uckteto

  64. Blue shells are the debbil.

  65. Lots of funny today. I loved the nerd card. Due to recent incidents, we have an LEO presence at the Club. Last night, they had local firefighters in the Club, calming people TF down. Today, Sheriffs Deputy.

  66. Deputy: “Everyone calm down!”
    Firefighter: “It’s going to be fine!”
    Oso: “Use the tasers and firehose! Use the tasers and firehose!”

  67. Comment by Pupster on March 14, 2020 5:01 pm

    They tried to create a collegiate league, but were shut down by Title IX lawsuits because there was no possible equivalent program for women.

  68. The last doc has weighed in. The wheels finAlly are turning.

  69. CoAl, YES!

  70. Prayers for Zeke, VMan

  71. Oso, how many people have been stabbed at your store today? Round to the nearest dozen.

  72. https://tinyurl.com/Cassandra-Meyer

  73. Home at last!

    /keels over

  74. WooHoo…umm. Glad you are home.

  75. We got home from work and MA was at the bottom of the stairs in a pile of poop and urine. We figure she got to close to the edge of the top step and her royal blindness must have fallen. Cleanup ensued. She’s not showing any signs of pain. We’re monitoring. She doesn’t like baths.

  76. https://tinyurl.com/qlju3vs

  77. Dan has been trying to get off the phone with his sister for almost 30 minutes. Let’s all laugh at Dan’s Pickled Eggs.

  78. Pickled eggs = juevos?

  79. Dan makes his own pickled eggs. I think MJ added it to the subject list. So far today, We’ve watched a Phi Slama Jama documentary and a Johnny Bench documentary. Pray for Oso.

  80. Then I flipped to CNN for a reaction… (D) congresscritter from CA


    You misspelled Tucker Carlson

  81. Cafe du Monde made me think of Hotspurs trip to Nawlins.

    I raffed

  82. Whoa, the idea of of Donald Trump Jr. and Hunter Biden debating would be ratings gold.

  83. Love the middle-finger salute meme.

    Sent it to my Army commander, with the comment that I could support this safety measure. He responded to me that the resemblance between my usual expression and Jack Nicholson’s was almost uncanny.

    Also, the mullet one is pure truth.

  84. So, Trump tests negative for coronavirus. Woopee!

  85. Anyone looking for a news source?

    Founded by conservative thought leaders Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, The Dispatch provides fact based journalism that covers politics, policy, and culture.

  86. For Pi Day

  87. Did the H2 get exciting and go out on a saturday? Or is everyone looking for TP?

  88. heh, Greg Gutfeld with no audience. Weird watching it.

  89. Binge-watching classic Star Trek episodes.

    Mr. RFH and I went to Mass tonight. Pretty good turnout, less than normal but more than football Saturdays. I failed both social distance and not touching my face. Anxious about Rocketboy, Mini-me, FDIL, and godson, gotta let it go.

  90. We are watching Octonauts for the brazillianth time.

  91. https://tinyurl.com/sef4d2z

  92. Now watching Greg Gutfeld, too. Where’s Tyrus?

  93. I’ve been puttering around the apartment. Not going out for a while. Maybe next weekend I go grab a drink at a little dive bar nearby.

  94. Not sure. They had Mike Baker listed earlier this week, so it wasn’t a last minute thing.

  95. Try Beano for puttering

  96. a double big mac? sign me up!

  97. No sports at this time is really weird.

  98. I finally dragged the remains of a bush I cut down back in December out to the burning spot. Between that and Costco my day was pretty productive.

  99. Double ‘Big Mac’ is bogus. They should just put the ‘Quarter Pounder’ patties in there and you would not have the “Pattie Slippage” logistic problem.
    Stupid people are stupid. (see toilet paper shortage)…

  100. Ouch!


  101. Holy crap, that bull brought the hurt.

  102. People are losing their mind about this an
    D it is impacting my job.

  103. I feel sorry for the hotel workers, travel professional, etc

  104. Everybody, man. Everybody is affected. The entire economy is taking a hit. Literally every gig, every retail store, every place of business that can’t do it from home. All of us.

  105. As great as e-commerce is, it has not eliminated all of the direct interactions we need to conduct in order to contribute to an economy.

  106. Details emerged regarding Pamela.

  107. I saw this in memes and didn’t know what it meant, even though I had college classes in medieval and Renaissance history. Now I know.


  108. We went out to eat last night. We’re healthy, being served by young healthy people – who need money.

  109. My bil is up visiting. I had a delicious walleye picatta. Yummy.

  110. I knew it!!!!!!!!!

  111. Pam is not as pure as she pretended – that lying whore.

  112. We need more doctors wearing plague mask outfits to convey the seriousness of this pandemic to the American public.

  113. Ben is angry because his parents are in healthcare and take the precautions seriously. If it’s as bad as they say and we have to cancel school for 2 weeks we also need to maintain social distancing. [Ben’s school district said 2 weeks, it will surely be extended at the 2 week mark but I like the approach of 2 rather than 6 right off the bat.]

    He and his pack of friends have all made plans to meet at the Bangor Public Library and Starbucks to do their distance learning together. Completely missing the point of the whole exercise. No word on whether school feeding stations will be open but I’m sure they will. Free breakfast and lunch are a human right.

  114. https://tinyurl.com/spl93nh

  115. How do they get to the free meals?

    Does the bus run?

  116. One of my facebook friends keep seeing vans of people in hazmat suits, so he’s completely gone round the bend.

  117. I didn’t believe your FB friend saying that Biden plans to fight the coronavirus by rejoining the Paris accord, but it’s true.

  118. Does the bus run?
    Seems like a great idea. Or vans for curbside delivery.

  119. Schools provide laundry service now?

  120. Kids will be sleeping as school soon.

    We’ll call it camp.

  121. Just got an email from the chief of our department to the service. It addressed the “rumor” that elective surgery is going to be canceled.

    Not yet but it will be by dinner time I’m sure. No school so a lot of staff are going to be missing work for child care reasons.

  122. I don’t want to burden the guy now but I’m wondering if we’ll have a policy limiting kids from accompanying clinic patients. On snow days when they cancel school the whole family comes in to appointments. This seems unwise during a pandemic. I’ll email him and the practice manager later. Maybe I’ll get to work from home!

  123. That night’s sleep felt awesome!

    No word on whether my office is having effects, though enough folks work in the field with many different people I can’t pretend there won’t be.

  124. Glad you’re home, BroTim.

  125. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-national-day-prayer-americans-affected-coronavirus-pandemic-national-response-efforts/

    Also praying for a safe trip home for Rocketboy and my godson.

  126. https://tinyurl.com/yx4udo8e

  127. https://tinyurl.com/You-are-still-going-to-the Alabama Comic Con, right Roamy?

  128. Went to Mass this morning at our (very old demographic church). About 1/3 full compared to usual.

    Went to breakfast out afterwards and it was less than normal but not too bad.

    Went to Sam’s Club after that to look for a brisket to smoke (sywm) and all the meat was gone, no TP and no paper towels. I didn’t want or need either of those but I thought it was funny they had 3 employees directing people to the paper towels and loudly exclaiming “toilet paper is out, we have no toilet paper.”

  129. Yo. How’s errybody’s weekend going? Work has been off the hook. We have a lot of staff out sick with the flu. I’m working my ‘off’ weekend and picking up extra hours on top, too. But we’re still shorthanded every shift. And we have some real doozies for patients.

    One of the clinicians came up to a nurse yesterday and started trying to talk to her about some special finicky need her patient was requesting, and was basically laughed at. Wrong level of Maslow’s hierarchy. Sorry.

    Next two days off are going to feel like a vacation.

  130. Sam’s Club didn’t have any eggs. None.

  131. Paula went to the grocery store this morning with Ben. Bread was all gone. I suggested they leave early but at 0830 Ben still needed to shower. Learning event. He already knows people are jerks from working at CFA. This is just a different flavor of the same thing.

  132. I should get moving on a chicken tractor. Pullets are ready at Tractor Supply.

  133. I asked the cleaning person to clean a patient’s room yesterday and she looked fucking shattered. Her shoulders slumped, she sank into a chair and put her head in her hands. Apparently these people have been busting ass nonstop, too, and she was overwhelmed with orders.

  134. My weekend has been great. My younger daughter is in town so my other daughter and her husband have been hanging out with us.

    We went trap shooting yesterday (I did poorly), which was a blast, pun intended. Then to a kind of fun place for a drink and play corn hole (the actual game, scum), then to a new rooftop bar for the view and beverage then home to grill and laugh our tails off.

    Screw you, COVID19!

  135. Her shoulders slumped, she sank into a chair and put her head in her hands. Apparently these people have been busting ass nonstop, too, and she was overwhelmed with orders.


    Holy cow that’s awful. I hope they get overtime or some kind of compensation for toughing it out.

  136. I wonder if the restaurant supply place is having similar shortages.

  137. So, if we didn’t have enough excitement to deal with …

    Erin’s ex (most recent) show up at work last night. Went by the back to see if she was working. Then came in to eat with some girl (apparently he’s back with his ex?) Upon leaving he was told he wasn’t welcome anymore, and he went out back, and erin was going to her car and he harassed her. Called her every name in the book, etc etc.

    Police were called. PPO as soon as the court opens tomorrow.

    He has a PPO on another girl.

  138. Yikes. Sorry, Carin. I hope Erin never sees that bum again. It’s hard to understand the motivation for these kinds of behaviors.

    Why was he told he couldn’t eat at the restaurant anymore? Was he rude while he was in there?

  139. Somewhere Troy is leaning back in his bunker shaking his head and saying “I tried to warn them”.

    Hopefully peak hysteria happens soon and we see the blunting of the infection curve this societal shut down is supposed to create.

  140. Because he came there in ORDER to upset her (he’d come several times to see if she was working). Everyone there hates him because of his behavior (long story) toward Erin. So, manager’s discretion. You’re no longer welcome.

  141. Yikes … Erin needs to legally/socially/physically distance herself from this asshole

  142. She hasn’t spoken to him in over 6 weeks. She’s ignored his texts.

  143. Hoo boy, Erin’s ex sounds like a giant a-hole.

  144. So, how many rolls of TP does everyone have?

  145. Yea, big mistake on her part. I hope she’s learned her lesson.

  146. Today’s workout will be, for time, the hundred yard body drag, six foot hole dig, and a Newfie walk.

  147. What does PPO stand for? I assume it refers to a restraining order but I don’t recognize the abbreviation.

  148. Personal protection

  149. My PPO is a 9mm.

  150. YOU CAN’T IGNORE ME!!!!!!!!!!

  151. https://nypost.com/2020/03/13/coronavirus-hasnt-forced-nasa-to-push-back-next-mars-rover-yet/

    Well, yeah, if they delay the launch beyond the current launch window, it’s another two years before the orbits line up again. That happened to InSight.

  152. Someone is going to worry about introducing Coronavirus on to Mars … just you wait

  153. TIL what Maslow’s hierarchy is. Yesterday was price elasticity of demand. H2, come for the memes, stay for the free learnin’.

  154. Martians are immune. Nothing to worry about.

  155. But do you know what Matlow’s Elasticity is?

  156. Jimbro, there’s a whole group for “planetary protection”, basically making sure if we’re looking for life on other planets and moons (Europa is a big deal right now), that we don’t introduce it ourselves.

    Tardigrades are apparently a big deal. I don’t know, I don’t do biology.

  157. Rosetta educated me on what a rusty trombone and a lemon party so, yeah, this place is very educational!

  158. Tardigrades are some awesome creatures

  159. Isn’t MJ a tardigrade?

  160. Yea, probably TIFW. And bring a girl around to get her JEALOUS.

  161. Tardigrades live in a pretty extreme environment here on earth, so that makes sense.

    My biggest fear for Mars is that we’ll find life there and then decide that obligates us not to colonize it. My second biggest fear is that we’ll start a colony before terraforming and thus prohibit all the good terraforming ideas. Like hitting Mars with comets ‘n’ shit.

  162. Dating is a learning experience. The duds end up showing their horrible true colors. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  163. Stoopid fuckers with their Outer Space Treaty already want us to do jack shit with anything off Earth. And then turn around and sign treaties that say we can’t do squat here, either. Anti-human scum all around.

  164. Tardigrades are also known as moss piglets, so beasn probably likes them.

  165. Comment by Hotspur on March 15, 2020 12:48 pm
    But do you know what Matlow’s Elasticity is?


    Thousands know about your mom’s elasticity….

  166. So, is Biden still rockin’ the “No Malarkey” bus?

  167. Day off. We’re expecting a paper truck tomorrow. We aren’t allowed to purchase any items that people are hoarding. “For our safety”. The “Inside” retail stories don’t seem to be making the MSM.

  168. Our meat cutters are working OT and can’t keep the bunkers filled. Pallets of eggs and milk being sold in a few hours. We’ve increased the number of trucks for meat, produce, and dairy. Tempers still hot. Most people are cool with us, but hating on the “Hoarders”.

  169. The chart toward the bottom is rather interesting:

  170. The chart is in the middle of the article.

  171. https://tinyurl.com/w58nmx4

  172. https://tinyurl.com/uopvzn7

  173. Grocery store is still a mess.

  174. Multiple attacks nationwide on people with TP and/or paper towels in their shopping carts. People getting stabbed over water. Vehicles getting broken into after thieves see people putting product in their cars. Worse than Christmas. Pedestrians getting run over and merchandise being stolen from their carts. I guess I can see why the MFM isn’t covering. Be safe guys. Situational awareness

  175. ^^^Which neighborhoods (do I need to ask)?^^^

  176. In NM, it has been Westside. Where I live and work. Stories coming in from GA and MO.

  177. It was crazy at my neighborhood supermarket. Some guy was outside the store wearing a colander face mask and leather chaps and kept telling us that Lord Humungous was merciful and that we could just surrender our TP and walk. away.

  178. That must be happening here too.

    My regular store now has a uniformed police officer roaming the store.

  179. LOL. What’s everyone’s estimate how long the panic will run? I would think after a week or two people have to be running out of money or space to horde more. I’m probably wrong, stupid behavior can always go on longer than expected.

  180. I expect another week or so as well. Right now no one knows whether this is going to blow up or fizzle out. Everyone is looking at China or Italy and worrying about the worst case scenario. In another week we’ll have a better idea about how bad it’s going to get, people will have adjusted to working/studying from home, and most people will have stocked up enough that they’re no longer panicking.

  181. Lord Humungous was merciful and that we could just surrender our TP and walk. away.
    Did you offer to drive the tanker full of TP?

  182. I don’t see how this goes much past April 1 at worst. It’s unsustainable.

    Possum and I are at the park. Absolutely normal. Families and kids walking around and playing.

  183. No. I sided with Lord Humungous.

  184. Now Governors and Mayors are closing restaurants and beaches. Scott, standard here now. After Friday night. I guess when we ran out of milk and eggs, people went crazy. We’re seriously considering staying home without pay. Dan wants to spend more time with MA and we can do it without penalty.

  185. Good call, Alex. Better to join the local warlord early. Easier to get a high rank that way.

  186. I got the email I was anticipating before dinner. All elective surgery is canceled. Emergency only. Anything not clearly an emergency but might result in morbidity to the patient if not done soon must be cleared by the chief of service.

    All physicians may be required to cover other services such as the ER or inpatient medicine. That is a scary thought. [The old joke is; Q: What is the definition of a double blind study? A: Two orthopedic surgeons looking at an EKG.] I shared that news with Paula and she said the patients would be better off having the ER nurses treat them. No argument from me.

    Near the bottom of the email was a mention of suspending elective clinic admissions. I’ll predict that happens by the end of the week.

  187. I hope that doesn’t happen to the orthopedic clinics here. I broke my foot yesterday walking the dog. I really hope to get in this week.

  188. Good luck, Themadin. Hope you live in a state that hasn’t cancelled elective care.

  189. Fractures are emergency enough that if it needs surgery it would slip through. If it just needs casting you’re all set. I think the gray area is a fracture that could go either way tIreatment-wise (cast v. surgery). I would guess they’d lean more towards closed treatment rather than ORIF.

  190. Guys, return policies have been tweaked. Most retailers are disallowing returns even if they fall between 90 days on hoarded products.

  191. Osita, are they closing restaurants in ABQ?

  192. Oso, Eastern Washington. We haven’t had a local case yet, but schools are closed and lots of freaking out.

    I got an x-ray at a nearbyy ugent care place. Bone fragment near where a tendon connects near the cuboid bone. I’ve got pain, but not the swelling and bruising associated with a tendon detachment. The PA wasn’t sure what was going on.

  193. Roamy, not yet. Our city council wants to give extra legal protections to our Mayor. Including gun confiscation, no gun sales, no ammo. I see them following OH and IL. We already cancelled our FL baseball vacation. I’m hoping you guys can still come to NM. Members at work are cancelling weddings. Churches have closed. Reception halls.

  194. Prayers, Themadin

  195. Have you guys “heard” that the FBI has lost the records of General Flynn? Like Rogan O’Handley (almost a million followers on Instagram, has been to the White House 2-3 times, also speaks at CPAC and other conservative venues) says, our FBI is pure corrupt trash.

    They are the definition of garbage people.

  196. He’s also a lawyer.

  197. If the FBI has lost the records then Flynn’s guilty plea should be withdrawn and all charges immediately dismissed. And the agents responsible for record keeping need to be fired.

  198. Oso, Thanks and the same to you on your pup. That’s always a bad situation and you have my sympathy.

  199. Hopefully it is your left foot.

    Driving without the right one is more challenging than you would think.

  200. Avulsion fracture is okay to treat closed


    Jones fracture has a high rate of nonunion. Often treated in a cast until it’s clear no healing is occurring then the screw goes in. When you hear of athletes having surgery for a “foot bone” it’s often this one.


    I’ve used a screw on the Jones fractures something like the link above. Never used that one and it cracks me up because they cut the head at an angle and probably charge an extra $300/screw for that feature.

  201. Hmmmmmm


    you no click widget rink

  202. Thank you, Themadin. Mare makes Oso raff.

  203. H2 might be window licking paste eaters, but we’re better than your average Moron. (IB still makes me feel dumb)

  204. Two hours until Slow Joe and Crazy Bernie face off!

    I’ve never been this excited for a Democrat debate ever.

    I’m sure the moderators will protect Biden as much as humanly possible

  205. Joe’s virtual town hall was hysterical.

  206. That’s crazy – how do they lose Flynn’s stuff ?

    Has for the crazy behavior – they’ve closed bars/restaurants in Ohio and Illinois. How long can all those people go w/o a paycheck? Now they’re saying they’re going to close small business.

    All the “we can just work form home – it will suck but be ok” doesn’t apply to how many millions and millions of people?

  207. Scott, I fully expected South Park’s Officer Barbrady to stroll through with the “Nothing to see here”. Jerry Wayne has the perfect NRA AD. AR-14.

  208. Car in, that is the plan. Peak anti Trump might’ve come too early.

  209. Is it legal for a governor to shut down privately owned businesses? Don’t know, but it seems sketchy.

  210. OH and IL governors had better catch hell over this overreaction.

    Bitch Whitmer is rumored to be mulling similar asinine steps for Michigan, including suspension of firearms and ammunition sales. I will become Lord Humongous if that happens.

  211. Peak anti Trump might’ve come too early.

    I’ve been thinking the same thing

  212. Scott, left foot thank God, so I can at least still drive.
    Jimbro, looked at the x-rays close and the metatarsal looks fine. Looks like maybe part of the cuboid bone broke off. That can’t be good.

  213. Premature pandemic is a common problem.

    No one is ever going to believe the media about this stuff again unless a zombie outbreak happens in the next week or two.

  214. Has for the crazy behavior – they’ve closed bars/restaurants in Ohio and Illinois. How long can all those people go w/o a paycheck? Now they’re saying they’re going to close small business.

    All the “we can just work form home – it will suck but be ok” doesn’t apply to how many millions and millions of people?

    I’m going to be honest, my sympathy is limited. My whole life I’ve been told “make sure you have enough savings to last 3-6 months of unemployment”. Even if not that, if you can’t cover your expenses for a couple weeks (or more likely a week and a half) then likely you’ve been very irresponsible.

  215. MJ, (or anyone, but he’s a famous mixologist and you aren’t), I just shook gin, cointreau, and vermouth with some ice and served it in a margarita glass. Did I

    1) invent something tasty
    2) do something stupid
    3) reinvent something that already has a name

  216. The era of cheap credit has left a lot of small businesses in a very vulnerable position of operating on a thin margin of borrowed money, as I have heard it anyhow. Seems extremely risky, but if your competitors do it and make good, you can’t compete without doing the same.

  217. Roamy, MLG has closed state parks. Keep checking.

  218. Closing ski areas starting today. This shit is out of control.

  219. Mare, by the time law suits progress, the panic should be over. We will not forget the fascist POS in our local government

  220. They kept Sugarloaf Ski Area open but canceled concerts

  221. Jerry Wayne has the perfect NRA AD. AR-14.


  222. I’m guessing it was getting close to the end of the season, people weren’t coming and salaries were eating up any profit. Easy decision for them in the name of “Safety”

  223. I’m curious what they say about your cuboid Themadin. I’d like to see your films at some point for my own edumacation.

  224. I’m thinking “martinarita”.


    1 oz Cointreau
    1.5 oz gin
    1 oz dry vermouth
    1 dash aromatic bitters

  226. It’s debate time!

    *puts $20 on eye explodes and another $20 on wets pants *

  227. Why is there someone who can barely speak English moderating the debate?

  228. Biden has corona virus

  229. Is that a real thing or did you just name it for me, Scott?

  230. Biden is coronavirus.

  231. I mean small businesses losing income for who knows how long. And a lot of waitresses live week to week. They’re mostly young. My friend dana just bought a house. It’s going to Eat unti her savings. Fir who knows how long. Meanwhile teachers are at home getting a paycheck.

  232. Back in 2008, when Dan quit his job to keep a single mom in her management position, we thought he’d be hired right away. Obama’s America gave us a big FU. We relied on savings until April. Home Depot hired him as Will Call. Sam’s hired him FT.

  233. I googled the ingredients and that popped up.

    It’s also very close to a drink named after a French olympian (fencing)


  234. CNN gave the candidates the questions or vise versa.

  235. Thanks. Hadn’t thought to just run a search. I used 2 oz of gin and no bitters, but the rest was the same.

  236. I’ll have to look for some campari after Chinese lung rot panic ends.

  237. Small businesses will have to fire people.

  238. Sam’s just adjusted hours to 9AM. I have respiratory allergies. Type II. Dan is freaking out about me.

  239. Car In, check out Long Beach Union guys

  240. Unions across America are still in Fuck Trump mode. I work with these Cunts

  241. Every time a question is asked they look down at their notes, sometimes they will turn a piece of paper over.

    Jake Tapper could just say “What’s your answer to question 11?”

  242. Bernie is trying to tell people that the poor in America are worse off now than 45 years ago. People really believe that shit.

    It’s fucking ridiculous. Standard of living is up all the time.

  243. 1/2 of our people don’t struggle to put food on the table, you grouchy old man.


  245. 2 lying assholes calling each other liers.

  246. This debate brought to you by Trump/Pence 2020.

  247. I keep hoping that Joe will ask her, “Will you repeat that in english?”

  248. They can’t do any ot these things, yet the panel acts like it’s all common sense. Only challenge I saw was Tapper pointing out that fracking gives natural gas, which lowered emissions. Bernies answer was inventing something that doesn’t exist and use that.

  249. I shouldn’t keep watching fantasy TV

  250. “moss piglet” made me squee. They look kinda cute when they roll over for some skritchies.


  251. For beasn

  252. That fat fuck Pritzker in IL needs a dose of ebola. Or maybe have some organs removed/sold.

  253. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. Awww, thank you, CoAlex! I miss my piggies.

  255. I was responding to scritches.

  256. My life just got more interesting. Plan is to make a mad dash across the state starting tomorrow to recover 6 mil in 50k – 75k increments. In return they’ll pay me for the next two weeks and not hit my PTO. Pray for Oso

  257. Teeroy sounds like he’s in the plot of a screwball comedy.

  258. The T-ballz Run.

  259. Be safe, TeeRoy!

  260. As to my Pritzker comment…..just a reminder that he pushed/passed a bill that allows abortion through the 9th month. The ‘bigger parts’ = MOAR $$.


    >>>>The Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering enhances biomedical science and engineering research activities at Illinois Tech.

  261. I hope T-Ballz has a wacky sidekick and a hot chick to do the run with him.

  262. I’m picturing a stretch of highway, some beat of van crests a hill, going airborne as it does so. Inside Teeroy is behind the wheel, Jonah Hill is in the passenger side, there’s a deer behind them in the middle. All three are screaming.

    Freeze frame. “Baba O’Reilly” starts playing.

    Teeroy: How did I end up here, you may be asking…

  263. Well that sucks all kinds of donkey balls. Just got a notice that the community college is cancelling all classes/orientations until April 6. I was signed up for an orientation for this Weds to get info/ask questions/possibly enroll.

    *wonders if it’s a sign that I should get a job stocking shelves, instead)

  264. hums…..Speak softly love..la..la..la..la

    They don’t make ’em like Andy Williams any more.


  265. L to R, R to L, L to R: beasn, CoAlex


  266. For the rest of you pervs…


  267. My mom died at 9:50 pm. She had death rattles for less than an hour. She was gone too quickly for my Dad to get to the facility.

    The world feels weird now.

  268. Peace and comfort to your family, Teresa. Deepest condolences.

  269. I pray that you feel God’s love and the love of all the people who pray for you and care for you, Teresa.

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  270. May God bless you and your family Teresa

  271. Condolences to you and your family.

  272. So sorry, TiFW.

  273. ((((hugs)))) Teresa.

  274. Deepest condolences, TiFW.

  275. I watched the first hour of the debate before throwing in the towel. I immediately noticed they were standing at podiums rather than sitting as was advertised. Neither septuagenarian wanted to be perceived as unable to stand for 2 hours. Sanders tried attacking Biden but Lyin’ Joe managed to lie his way out of them. In the absence of a hyphema or incontinence I declare Joe the winner

  276. Sorry for your loss, TiFW.

  277. So sorry, Teresa.

    MMM is underway, should be up at 830.

  278. So, restaurants in michigan get shut down today at 3 …

  279. That gives you plenty of time this afternoon to bury a body.

  280. So sorry, Teresa.

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