Started By One Little Meme

Everything starts small:

H2: That’s what she said…

I’m not getting nearly enough hate for puns. Guess I better step up my game.

Haha, just had to add this one.

It’s all how you present yourself!


  1. I’ve seen that Travolta deal all over Instagram and it sucks.

    Sorry, but sometimes hard truths need to be said.

  2. Calm down Mare

  3. Those flash mob videos seem to take place in interesting European squares filled with nice architecture and normal appearing people. I’d like to see an American version in an old mall filled with the usual stereotypical characters you’d expect to be hanging around the mall.

  4. I don’t mind the parents who make a balloon out of a vinyl glove and play with their kid to keep them occupied while waiting for me. If it keeps the kid from crying the second I open the door that’s fine. I usually draw a face on the thumb end with my pen which makes most kids laugh. What I hate is when the family with 2 or 3 kids outfits every kid in the room with a couple of pairs of gloves and thinks it’s adorable that their little fucking hands are in oversized gloves. They are clueless so my “You’re a pack of losers”-expression is wasted on them. I bet if they had to pay a quarter each for the gloves they’d try to get them covered by the state insurance plan.

  5. I’ve not seen the travolta meme but Mare Johnson is correct.


  7. Day 2 of Corona Epidemic.

    0 cases reported, 0 fatalities in the MJ household.

    As a precaution I’ve commandeered the neighbor’s water and food at gunpoint. Abundance of caution.

  8. see, this is the kind of hate I was referring to. well done.

  9. heh, I wonder when we will see that exact scenario mj.

  10. jimbro, those parents are the same ones that grab 200 packs of free crackers at the restaurant for their little darling.

  11. I saw a funny meme that was a woman looking perplexed and the meme said:

    Corona Virus, fever, upper respiratory distress, coughing.
    Why is there a shortage of toilet paper?

  12. Why is there a shortage of toilet paper?
    Butthurt that Trump won 4 years ago. Still.

  13. For the same reason people are buying cases of bottled water.

  14. Vote for the Bern.

  15. I saw a bit of an interview where they asked people why they were buying toilet paper. Didn’t read the whole thing, but the what I got through was “I dunno, everyone else is buying it”.

    You think we could start a mass panic buy on something else? Like mayonnaise?

  16. Buy all the sauerkraut! Here, have my share!

  17. Joe-mentum!

    It’s all how you look at it.

  18. I’m voting in the primary today, but remain undecided. Not sure I want to see even a single person see me ask for a Dem ballot.

  19. Heh, I had to add that one to the post.

  20. Honestly, if you think that you’re going to be stuck at home for a week, it makes sense to stock up on toilet paper if you were running low. Everyone is panicking that the basics will run out by the time that they need them.

  21. Only one thumbs down? Come on, you can do better!

  22. I’m pretty sure most of the people up in Lapeer are voting D in an operation chaos manner. I doubt they looked at me twice.

  23. Swear to God, this damn infection doesn’t go away soon I’m charging it rent.

  24. Ok, so chick who faked a pregnancy – and apparently the boyfriend is upset about this and (I hope) they broke up. This morning she posts this (she has a 2 y/o son as well):
    Sleeping alone sucks.
    Not having someone next to you in bed sucks.
    Being alone sucks.
    Not having the persons connection sucks.

    From being use to be next to someone at night to nothing really sucks. I don’t get sleep anymore. My son sleeps more than me and loves it. He doesn’t wake up till like noon and goes to sleep at like midnight.


    I don’t even know where to begin.

  25. I don’t even know where to begin.


    I do, this person is a POS.

  26. Yep. That sums it up.

  27. I suddenly feel like a highly competent and accomplished parent.

  28. malicious fake pregnancy? Then yeah, reap what you sow, liar.

  29. I was gonna make a short joke, but that seems mean.

  30. She just needs to give the kid some melatonin while she goes to Crossfit.

  31. MJ is on Facedouche!

  32. She is a mess. She’s young maybe 20. 2 year old When she started working there, she was dating an older cook (much older -dude has to be over 35). HE’S a hot mess too. Anyway, they broke up apparently, and then she started dating this nice young man who makes bread/prep line. No one was happy about that. Then the pregnancy announcement. Which was weird, since they’d only been dating for a minute. Apparently boyfriends mom wanted to go with her for the sonogram, and she refused, and suddenly announced that she had LOST the baby.

    Just cray cray.

  33. I don’t even know where to begin.
    I do, this person is a POS.

    And is very likely going to raise some new POSs.

    No wonder we get Bernie Sanders.

  34. This is not the central issue, of course, but I don’t think my children EVER slept until noon and they absolutely NEVER went to bed at midnight. FFS. My kids were in bed getting read to at 8 pm every night. Maybe goofing off with grandma and grandpa until 9 on a Saturday. Or swimming in the pool after dark because it was so different and fun.

    We had a somewhat strict bedtime because kids need sleep and our kids (since we didn’t have video games and they played a shit ton of sports, were exhausted anyway).

    My kids are great sleepers now and very early risers.

  35. No wonder we get Bernie Sanders.

    These people I have no problem believing it.

    Its the idiots who work in college, including people I know and watched grow up, and now work in a bank, supporting Sanders. People who graduated college, in Iowa not NYC.

  36. Oh, I went to bed at midnight a lot. Maybe I was in my room, but not in bed.

  37. My mom is a night owl, too.

  38. Kinda walked into that one.

  39. Math and history are hard subjects. “Smart” people who don’t know them believe all sorts of stupidity. And you really do need both, which is why you’ll never hear me argue that STEM students shouldn’t “waste time” studying the classics or languages. If anything, I think a course in Nichomachean Ethics should be mandatory for a Baccalaureate.

  40. Ok for real. We’ve been talking about this since Joe started running.

    He’s clearly not the same as he was a few years ago. And that version of Joe was really dumb.

    What in god’s name are people thinking?

  41. In middle school and high school, my kids stayed up for papers, slumber parties or travel. My kids weren’t into music, however, they are now.

    Patterns make people night owls. It’s not a best-case scenario. Circadian rhythms are important.

    My friends use to marvel that my youngest when she was very little would grab her blanket, find a cozy spot and take a nap on her own.

    But she was like an adult from the get-go. Easiest kid ever.

  42. The DNC is desperate to keep Bernie from the nomination, both to protect downballot races and to prevent the AOC wing from gaining political power.

    Joe refused to step aside for personal reasons: Beau. I really do think that he expected this to be Beau’s candidacy. Delaware Gov in 2016, presidential run in 2020. Biden couldn’t reach the White House, and would have to settle for Vice President, but he could be satisfied knowing that his son would reach those achievements that he didn’t. Instead, Beau died too soon from cancer, and Biden’s other children are addicts and screw-ups.

  43. And you really do need both, which is why you’ll never hear me argue that STEM students shouldn’t “waste time” studying the classics or languages. I

    1) languages are really hard for older people to learn
    2) 85% (I just made that statistic up) who take a foreign language in high school and college are not even close to understanding the language
    3) to do WELL in a foreign language – you have to study a LOT, which takes time away from your core classes. math and sciences

    and finally, this is a biggie

    4) People who know a foreign language, because they spoke it in the home, are exempt from this requirement, giving foreign language speakers an unfair advantage in college.

    Total immersion is the only way to learn a language later in life. It’s useless to make it mandatory for a LOT of students.

  44. I heard last night that Obama made phone calls to everyone to get behind Joe NOW. And everyone snapped to.

    I’m not sure how that was known, but it was stated as fact.

  45. MJ, Biden is a mean, lying, dirtbag who has been in politics for decades and has done nothing but sponsor some of the worst bills in history and make a ton of money for himself and his kids.

    That being said, it’s cruel for the sake of politics to allow this obviously mentally deficient senior (early to mid stages of dementia) to run for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

    What are they thinking? A known entity that can be controlled behind the scenes by the far left who is slightly less of a socialist than Bernie.

  46. Yes, Alex is correct, I think the DNC is thinking about the down-ballot.

  47. I heard last night that Obama made phone calls to everyone to get behind Joe NOW. And everyone snapped to.


    Utter bullshit.

    Obama doesn’t that have that kind of persuasion.

    Maybe Jarrett or someone who used to pull his strings. If it was actually Obama he was just stating DNC directives.

  48. Are any of you watching The Crown?

    What do you think?

  49. Language is an alternative to a core Humanities curriculum, nothing more. I’d want it available as an option for those who need to study it, say a mathematician who needs to read journals in German or a doctor intending to practice with a foreign-language population.

  50. I watched part of it. It was really good but I lost interest I guess.

  51. It’s certainly different if the skill is needed. BUt that’s not the current deal. Hannah HAD to take a foreign language. Not a humanities class. A language requirement. Stupid.

    And, as she said, all the arabs she goes to school with (the kids of doctors, I’ll add) don’t need to take it. Or work, because the parents are rich.

  52. Yes, not a lot happens but the acting is good and you get pulled in. It might also be somewhat as close to factual as these shows can get. Based on my lame google searches.

    I’m only in the first season but the only character I like besides Churchill is Queen Elizabeth. Odd, but she’s the only royal in real life I don’t think is a jackass, dumpster fire.

  53. I watch nothing.

    You can always answer the question posed to me with a “no”.

    I feel like everything that is good, started a few years ago so I’m behind, and I just figure — nevermind.

    The last two shows I started watching and liked – one wasn’t renewed, and the other went down hill second season.

  54. I don’t watch anything new anymore. The last show I watched was The Expanse. The TV shows I used to watch all got cancelled or turned stupid.

  55. Patterns make people night owls.


  56. Kate Middleton seems to be operating in her role as future wife of the King and Mother of possible kings/queens with quiet dignity. The most we can ask for out of this bunch of idiots.

  57. Hannah HAD to take a foreign language. Not a humanities class. A language requirement. Stupid.

    Agreed. UM had the “finish a humanities sequence” requirement. and that was common between LS&A and Eng. I took German, buddy of mine took History.

  58. I only watch “Mountain Men” and “Alone”. Everything else is YouToob or nature documentaries.

  59. And, as she said, all the arabs she goes to school with (the kids of doctors, I’ll add) don’t need to take it. Or work, because the parents are rich.

    Oh, then those mother fuckers definitely need to PAY.

    Oh wait, they’re protected.

    How do lefties keep their shit straight?

  60. Jackass dumpster fire is no way to go through life, son.

  61. Jackass dumpster fire is no way to go through life, son.

    I’ll take “things Joe Biden should have told Hunter Biden, but didn’t” for $500, Alex.

  62. Lost a credit card and driver’s license. Just cancelled the card. Guess I’ll go get a new liscense.

    No charges for the card. So, it’s just a pain in the ass.

  63. It really is a full time job, though, deleting my emails. I don’t know if It’s safe to leave my house.

    I think maybe the last time I used my DL was for a return at Home Depot. Not positive though. Maybe they forgot it give it back?

  64. I can write you a cron job to just delete them every day.

  65. Call HD and ask.

  66. Oh, joy. Infection is staph but not MRSA. I’m stuck here a while longer.
    Wait, it gets worse! Apparently the old ticker has an injection fraction of 35-40%.
    It seems all my sins are catching up with me at once.

  67. I guess I could just run over there.

  68. Anyone have any experience upgrading windows 7 to windows 10? I bought my no-longer-safe-for-work laptop from my company and I’m toying with the idea of upgrading and adding RAM for gaming rather than just making it a monster linux lappy.

  69. I upgraded when it was a free upgrade, didn’t have any problems, leon.

  70. “he just wants to help people, nobody lets him help!”

    He want to help, with our money. EABOD trollop.

  71. Feel more better soon BroTim.

    I somehow Payed up my shoulder last week, along with the shoulder pain my first three fingers went numb. The shoulder pain is gone now but the fingers have not gone back to normal.

    *free medical advice welcomed*


    New Jersey has reported its first COVID-19-related death — a 69-year-old man from Bergen County — as New York unveils its most stringent measures yet to combat the surge in coronavirus cases in Westchester County.

    The New Jersey man hasn’t been identified by name but health officials said he has underlying conditions including emphysema, hypertension and diabetes. He has no travel history, but does have connections to New York.

    He initially survived one cardiac arrest but went into cardiac arrest for a second time Tuesday. The second time he could not be revived. He is among the now 15 presumptive positive cases in the Garden State.

    Nevermind any of that. FIRST CORONAVIRUS DEATH IN NY.

  73. New Jersey Sorry. The story I was reading was about NY. I don’t know why they brought NJ into it.

  74. I couldn’t/didn’t grab the free upgrade when it was free because it was a work-owned machine. I’ll have to see if that’s still on offer for a price.

  75. Sounds like a nerve issue Pupster. I’ve had those after surgery (numb spots after anesthesia) that did eventually resolve without intervention.

  76. Heh, Biden to UAW worker: You’re full of shit, after referring to an AR-14

  77. emphysema, hypertension and diabetes

    Hmm, none of those have to do with breathing, right? Smoking? Diet problems?

    Fuckin Coronavirus

  78. Emphysema is the bad one, I’d say, for this virus.

  79. Emphysema: bad for a lung infection/pneumonia
    Diabetes: immune compromise
    HTN: possibly adverse response via the heart

  80. Word for the day is “cardiomyopathy”, which probably means my sorry ass ain’t getting happy news in the near future.

  81. Oh come on, like any of you are a doctor, you don’t KNOW!

  82. Here’s hoping the news ain’t too bad, Brotim

  83. Sounds like an ulnar neuropathy Pups.
    Wide differential, anywhere from the neck to the wrist.
    Most common is at the elbow but your shoulder pain threw me off a little.

  84. This is a BFD

    It’s a huge convention. I’ve gone a couple of times in SF, pre-feces on the street days and was overwhelmed with the size of the meeting.

  85. Roamie?

  86. Haha, people are hoarding ramen in Ames.

  87. Get yourself better, Tim, and then figure out if there are underlying causes of the cardiomyopathy/get those under control.

  88. heh, I wonder when we will see that exact scenario mj.

    There have already been fist fights in stores in Australia over toilet paper. One person takes a pack out of another person’s cart…KAPOW!! Fat chicks and old ladies. One store or maybe the chain of stores is now limiting purchase to one per customer…down from 4/customer.

  89. Funny thing is, apparently I scanned fine last time I got laid up. I suspect actions taken or not taken during my depressive episode around and after the holidays may have taken a toll.

  90. I remember the ammo shortage during the O’Biden Bama years when no one could find 22LR so people started scarfing up every box they had and soon it was impossible to find. Currently you can buy it as low as 4 cents/round.

  91. well, beasn, that’s Australia. Those german speakers by the Rhine are crazy.

  92. Most common is at the elbow but your shoulder pain threw me off a little.

    Yeah so the pain is/was shoulder to elbow so your diagnosis is accurate. Cellphone elbow is probably more shitty office chair mouse and keyboard elbow/ shoulder in my case.

  93. Finally some potential good news, it seems my two conditions may be linked–the staph may be at the heart valves, which means clearing it out can potentially clear up the other thing. Of course it could also drag out the antibiotic treatment, so there’s that.

  94. Get well, BroTim.

  95. I need to make an appointment to see the doc for my annual check up. I should also ask about the dry skin/rash and the neck/shoulder pain.

  96. Where’s the rash? I had an awful case of folliculitis on the back of my neck for years.

    Amoxicillin and not scratching cleared it up within a week after I finally asked a GP about it.

  97. Calves, ears, and I get it occasionally around my mouth where my beard is.

  98. Definitely ask.

  99. Mine was at the hairline. It’s a bacterial infection exacerbated by sweating heavily in the area.

  100. Your Retail Wuhan Flu update. We only got 3 pallets of Frito/Lay, today. Usual weekday is 8-10. Our vendor, Mike, said that the supply chain has been compromised, nationwide. Frito can’t get enough product to the warehouses that supply the stores. Bright side, Members have stopped blaming us for shortages and have started blaming other Members. 3 different people blame “Fake News” for the panic. We did the secret #MAGA eyebrow raise and wink. Native guy asked me “What happened?”. Oso “What do you mean?”. NG “Where is everything?” Oso “Everyone is panicking over the Corona Virus.” NG “What’s that?” 👀

  101. Took MIL grocery shopping. The bigger packs of TP – 3 pallets worth – gone at the Aldis.
    At the regular grocery, the store brand canned goods, which are on sale, gone. That may or may not be due to idiots. .59 is a decent price for canned tomatoes/sauce. TP is full. Ever since the other nearby location of this chain was closed, my store became super duper high volume.

  102. >>Frito can’t get enough product to the warehouses that supply the stores.

    LOL. That’s odd. Fritos are not something normal people prep with.

  103. Okay, off to vote. I was going to vote Bernie, but I got so grossed out at the thought, I can’t.

  104. IKR? I hadn’t paid attention to the Frito aisle. Hoarding Frito Lay makes less sense than TP and Paper Towels.

  105. Geez. Here I am worried about how I’m going to buy food, turns out there may be nothing to buy at this rate.

  106. I bet no one is hoarding kippered herring, and those are amazeballs.

  107. Your mom is hoarding. Or at least that’s what I thought I heard.

  108. Fritos work as fire starters. So buying Fritos counts as prepping. I looked for videos demonstrating this but the first 5 I previewed were done by true morons and I just couldn’t link them.

  109. Survivorman used a stale frito in the Sonoran desert, iirc. It was like a candle.

  110. We didn’t carry Kippered Herring in the Club this year. Online only.

  111. Short shelf life. It is BS. HOARDING HOES GOT TO HOARD.

  112. Kippers? you mean salted leftover minnows from the bait shop?

  113. Fritos work as fire starters.

    Wait, what?

  114. No toilet paper or water on the shelves, events being cancelled, people acting crazy…

    It’s like a Bernie Sanders test run.

  115. Kippers? you mean salted leftover minnows from the bait shop?

    They’re too big to be minnows. Try them. Oscar’s brand. Good stuff.

    We didn’t carry Kippered Herring in the Club this year. Online only.

    Why does Sam’s hate Catholics and Scandis?

  116. Jay, if you have a frito around, or any fried corn chip, hold a match or lighter to it and you’ll see. They hold flame like Prince Colwyn in Krull.

  117. In related news, Francesca Annis has aged pretty well.

  118. Leon, si. It has been crazy. We are cutting SKUs and moving product to Sam’s Club. com We’ve had maybe 4 people looking for the pickled herring.

  119. DIY for home bidet. Shit’s getting real. $1.87 a gallon. Lines out the wazoo. I think we’re trying to get ahead of the crazy

  120. What did people hoard during different flu outbreaks…like last year?

    I’ve been through 8 hurricanes/hurricane scares. Toilet paper was never a thing to hoard. What is going on?

  121. Are any of you watching The Crown?

    What do you think?

    Really liked the first couple seasons. The latest season was hard to watch. Almost like they switched directors when they switched actors. First director liked the queen and wanted you to like her too. Second director hates all royals and wants your vote on that as well.

  122. The TP is probably one of those “well, if I buy it now, I won’t have to for a while, and it’s not like it goes bad”. I do that when paper towels go on sale at Costco.

  123. I’m voting in the primary today, but remain undecided. Not sure I want to see even a single person see me ask for a Dem ballot.

    I was planning on some Operation Chaos voting. But I got to the pricinct and no one was there (around 1330) except the people running the vote. I saw three gun control bumper stickers and 1 feel the Been bumper sticker on the total of 5 vehicles in the parking lot. So when I walked in, all the volunteers have to be in their 70s. So I loudly asked for whatever ballot would get Trump reelected, just to see who would stroke out. Plus, I love seeing how Trump out did the Dems during the primary. Maybe I screwed up, but I don’t care cuz I’m still laughing about the expression of the blue-haired lady who was forced to give me a Republican ballot.

  124. Fuckin auto collect. Should have been feel the BERN

  125. Interesting, St Jude. May not go all the way with it.

  126. Really liked the first couple seasons. The latest season was hard to watch. Almost like they switched directors when they switched actors. First director liked the queen and wanted you to like her too. Second director hates all royals and wants your vote on that as well.

    This. First two seasons, Elizabeth is a young queen, getting used to her role, occasionally getting burned by her advisors, dealing with a husband who is needy and insecure in his role and a sister who is one crisis after another. Third season, cold bitch with whiny oldest son and slutty daughter.

    I did like the episode where Philip’s mother moves in with them.


  128. BroTim, are you still in the hospital?

    Get well, dammit!

  129. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on March 10, 2020 6:50 pm


    hahahahashahahahaha Funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

  130. What?? Tim is still in the hospital??????? I miss everything.

  131. It’s really true, the left cannot meme. LOL idiots.

    Only a dick would click on the widget link

  132. Mare, true story, most CONUS don’t get HI. Big issue is conflating HI for Oahu. I let it slide as I edumacate People about HI. I live in a city with 5 dormant volcanoes. State with malpaise, lava tubes, and petroglyphs. NM is HI sans ocean.

  133. Huh, never thought of the post volcano world you live in Oso. Pretty cool.

  134. Yes, I am STILL in the hospital, will be at least until FRIDAY, and am now officially BORED AS FUCK.

  135. We know Joe is a pedo, nice of them to confirm.

  136. I mean, shit, sick at home I could at least haunt the job boards or just Fuck off in some game for a while, but nooooo, for me it’s getting poked and prodded and stuck with needles, interspersed with meals, taking a bathroom break, naps, and doing what I can with my phone and Kindle. Turning the TV on is pointless, and WILL SOMEBODY COME TAKE CARE OF THIS IV DRIP THAT I CALLED ABOUT TWENTY MINUTES AGO?!?

  137. Malpais. Mare, NM was once HI. I know you love Taos. Check out Wheeler Peak.

  138. YOu got books to read? Hospitals suck.

  139. Meh. If people run out of food, most folks could stand to diet for a bit. Cripes. People are ridiculous.

  140. Frito. I just can’t even with that.


  141. Soo, I didn’t have time to tell you guys the story Pay told me this morning.

    Our book keepers SISTER was a workout person – more than me – until she got something going on in her neck shoulder back – I dunno. Completely messed up and she cannot work out anymore. Her husband makes something like $170,000 working for a car company but he has “anxiety issues”.

    SO, the sister applied for SSDI. Because… ? She got $3000 a MONTH. Plus, “back” pay totalling $25,000. they’re going to Disneyworld. True story (they have younger kids too).

    Now, they’re thinking hubby should get SSDI too, because … why not?

    Remember this next time you hear a sob story about the evils of cutting benefits.

    Fuck them. Seriously. And she CAN work. SHe can’t lift anymore. Fuck her. She’s a book keeper too – I don’t think those “books” exceed her lifting limit.

  142. Carin, 45 is going after SSDI for non-English speakers.

  143. It’s bs. total bs. They entire thing needs to be torn down.

  144. So, my night vision has been sorta sucky since the eye surgery thing, but that’s ok. Most of my day/activity I’m overall in the win column. BUt a few weeks ago it was a clear night and the stars were super bright, but my shitty view pushed me to the edge and I ordered some glasses (doc gave me an rx – saying lot use them for night driving). they arrived today and I can’t wait to try them out in the dark. During the day, they are just too powerful. But driving, star gazing, and concerts …

    So. that’s my big story for today.

    (and I’m really ok with needed glasses in the dark – since 99% of the time I’m good)

  145. The stars at night
    are big and bright

  146. CoAl, my dry scaly skin was a new form of exema

  147. Of course, tonight it is overcast.


  148. I drained the gas out of the snow blower on Sunday, and had my snow tires removed today.

    Winter should be roaring back any day now.

  149. The Tool songs play
    all night and day

  150. I think this lady used to comment here:

  151. I won’t let my guard down for another few weeks. The 10 day forecast has rain/snow for next week but they don’t give any totals so probably not much. Almost time to write the final check for the plow guy. I haven’t started a fire in the wood stove in a couple of weeks.

  152. My winter coat has been a hoodie for all but 3 days this winter.

  153. Tucker is in full freak out mode over this. I wanna know how much tp he’s hoarded

  154. Teresa’s link doesn’t work for me.

    Who was it?

  155. How many dead baby polar bears have you seen this winter? Round to the nearest hundred.

  156. I built a bidet with a bucket and my garden hose.

  157. That’s pretty redneck, Leon. Perhaps Cajun?

  158. When beasn stops by somebody ask her about the kc mo mayor not getting to vote. I know she’s on the other end of the state but figure she might have heard something. Sounds kinda fishy.

  159. Eco-friendly, too. Empty the bucket right onto the compost pile.

    Water comes out at about 40F though. Brisk.

  160. That is why I don’t buy produce from China.

  161. * adds Michigan produce to list *

  162. I can’t get shit for benefits, make squat, and am a shambling heap, but that bitch gets $3k a month? Fuck all the programs.

  163. If you want free money move up here.

    Lady across the street lives in a nice house, drives a nice car, and cashes checks for a living.

  164. The average age for corona deaths is 80.


    The average age of death is less than that.

    It’s a scam.

  165. BroTim, if you are in Baptist South, I can find you and bust you out of there. Dr. Finkley might still be there, I dunno.

  166. TiFW’s link didn’t work for me, either.

  167. Ivy League cancelled their basketball championship, and sent the regular season champ to the NCAA tournament.

    There’s talk of closing the first and second round games to the public, all but necessary personnel.

  168. Penelope had to go into town today. She picked up a few things at Wal-Mart. I asked if anything was low or sold out. Cleaning products like Lysol were all gone. Beans and rice were low. Bottled water was low. Just big cartons of toilet paper. Overall, most stuff was available.

  169. Nah, went to East. Closer to where I live. Having a probe go down my gullet on Thursday is what amounts to “interesting” on my schedule.

  170. Leon,

    Windows 10 upgrade is still free. I did it last month, and it only took 30 min. I was amazed, but then my SSD died a week later so I got to buy a new one and start over. I installed my windows 7 again and then did the upgrade as a clean install. It worked fine.

  171. Good to know, thanks. I’ll give that a shot.

  172. BroTim, not following you. What does the probe have to do with your heart?

  173. I feel like none of my little circles of friends get together unless I arrange it, and I’m getting sad about that. I let two (an old work one and an old school one) go completely because it was always all on me, and nobody from either of them has made a peep in months and months. Bah. I guess I’m done with those people? But why? We always have fun! It’s sad.

    Scott would be delighted if we went full-on hermit, but I’m not made that way.

  174. what, you didn’t like my recommendation?

  175. Laura, I’ve gone through the same thing. I figure that if they won’t make the effort I’m not going to waste my time. Part of why I’m frustrated with Ohio is that dancing and fencing gave me groups of friends with similar interests which gave us a ready reason to get together

  176. Colex, fuck these simple assholes that won’t make three texts to arrange a get-together among friends. Next time I’m anywhere near wherever the fuck it is you live now, and I don’t know where that is, we’re going blacksmith-fencing-dancing, and you better not burn or cut me, motherfucker.

  177. Is it possible people don’t invite me to parties because of the way I am? That’s just silly.

  178. (whispers ‘motherfucker’ again)

  179. Purdue just sent out an email this afternoon to staff and students informing them that classes after spring break MUST be done online, because of the threat of COVID-19. Teachers are instructed to prepare for this (during spring break). This may extend to May 2, the end of the semester, depending on how the virus spreads. I think we have 1 confirmed case in Indiana.


  180. I think it would be awesome if the lefties’ own hysteria leads to smashing the teachers’ union because most teaching can be done by video lesson and a little cheap tutoring.

  181. Swifty, Mini-me’s college has a contingency plan for online classes but says they are monitoring the situation. Bit smaller school than Purdue, though.

  182. Divorce exacerbated Roberta’s predicament.

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