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  1. Joe Biden told me this poat smells just like a 12 year old girl.

  2. The Alien Mike Bloomberg ad is my favorite. Good Lord, I’m sick of them, and it’s still three more days to Super Tuesday.

  3. Mornin’ all.

    Leon, you’re thinking of H1N1, SARS was like ’03 or ’05.

  4. HAHAHHHahaha, This poat was funny as a mofo then I go and read PD’s first comment.

    This place slays.

    My favs: The makeup deal (sparkling garbage)
    The raccoon, the Bloomberg Ad/Aliens and the Dr talking to the patient always makes me laugh.
    And every other meme.

  5. Our country is so lacking rational people, the masses forget that thousands die of the flu EVERY year. Yes, just the plain old flu kills people, lots of them.

  6. Lot of goodies up there. The one that will stick in my brain is pantsdrunk.

    There’s literally 6 weeks out of the year around here that it’s warm enough that sitting around in your underwear is comfortable.

  7. I don’t know a lot of the LoTR character names so those were just meh.

    Final grade remains an A however

  8. I bet LoTR names would be a rich source for MJ and GND to search through. Almost like a quest of sorts.

  9. There’s literally 6 weeks out of the year around here that it’s warm enough that sitting around in your underwear is comfortable.

    That many? Maybe it’s my thin Southern blood. Mr. RFH and I went on our honeymoon in Maine in July. He told me to pack a coat, and I thought, are you nuts, it’s July. One night it was 36 degrees.

  10. I am really grateful that Trump pushed for new trade deals with other countries and brought back manufacturing here before this corona shit hit the fan. Can you imagine how much worse this would have been under Obama.

  11. I didn’t say they were consecutive! Yeah, one thing I’ve noticed here is that come mid August it feels a lot like fall

  12. You’re right Tim. Sorry, all the world-ending deadly plagues blur together after a while.

    I miss monkey pox.

  13. ICYMI,

    Can’t imagine Obama ever doing that.

  14. Looks like the Grand Solar Minimum will take a toll on Maine tourism soon.

    The question is when do the climate fraudsters start blaming the cooling on CO2.

  15. The solar minimum will make the snowmobilers happy. Ditto for the ski resorts. As it is now we’re hearing endless stories about how the warmening is ruining sledding and skiing, decreasing lobsters in the Gulf of Maine and increasing ticks and Lyme disease.

  16. This winter has been terrible for snowmobiles in MI. None of our snowfalls has lasted more than a week. Very mild. If I’d been well and needed to clear any trees, this year would have been perfect.

  17. Lobster is a slow growing animal, isnt it? I’d think lower numbers would suggest overfishing well before anything to do with climate.

  18. IIRC, lobsters need 5-7 years to be of market weight.

  19. As an actual environmentalist as opposed to a communist using it as both camouflage and cudgel, overfishing is one of those things I try to take seriously. Ditto for managing game herds. We’ve got a real overpopulation problem with white tail here because kids don’t hunt.

    And what India and China put into their rivers and thus the ocean is criminal.

  20. Deer need about that long, but they’re 50-60 lbs, not 4.

  21. Oh, I tried kippered herring yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised.

  22. I think they have overfished the sea urchins in Maine. It’s a big sushi thing in Japan (uni?). I remember walking out on the bar in Bar Harbor at low tide and seeing hundreds of sea urchins, and the last time I didn’t see any.

  23. Leon, that’s for a 1 – 1.5 lb. lobster.

  24. I think a huge variable in the approach to this virus is whether it was man made or not. I think the media’s influence will create a panic inorder to intentionally disrupt the economy in its effort to manipulate our politics. I think we should prepare as much for a economic disruption as we should to address health related concerns. 90 day’s supplies for everything sounds about right to me.

  25. Holy crap. I forgot how tiny those things are.

    A 1yo squirrel has that much meat.

  26. This is really neat. This guy runs a marathon but breaks it up so he can do a bunch of stuff. Runs a mile then for the rest of the hour gets projects and fun things done. Worth the watch:

  27. Silver is on sale.

  28. Cattle are ready at 20 to 24 months. 🙂

  29. Pigs are ready at 6 months. Sheep are 4-5 months for lamb. Chicken is 10-12 weeks.


    A chiropractor friend who loves sushi told me that the sea urchin served in our local sushi restaurants was harvested in Maine, transported to Japan for processing and then returned to Maine for sale. I like it every now and then, like every couple of years. Looks like baby poop, tastes like low tide smells. Better than paste!

    All you want to know about bugs

  31. Who the fuck looked at a sea urchins and said “I should try and eat that?” Poor bastard musta been starving.

  32. I was looking at a site that had lists of food eaten in Ancient Rome and they ate sea urchins. Usually stuffed with some other disgusting thing.

  33. Rome fell for more than one reason.

  34. Sea urchin is not a go to food for me. Tastes funky (yep) and like j’brony mentioned is visually unappealing.

  35. Whitetail deer can be managed at 18 months btw. A 7 year old whitetail is ancient.

  36. And I totally agree w/ Leon re China’s pollution policies.

  37. The 7yo will have a nicer rack.

    My word as a Biden.

  38. They’re despicable.

  39. Squirrel and rabbit are under utilized.

  40. Beaver too …… heh.

  41. A lot of homesteading vloggers swear by rabbits as livestock. Easy keepers and breeders, and easier prep than chickens (plucking is a lot more work than skinning). Feed conversion ratio is not quite as good as chickens, though, and almost no fat unless you keep them until they are much older and overfeed them along the way.

  42. I have a serious question. Prior to about ten or fifteen years ago there was a “cold and flu season”. People got the flu, and it made the rounds, and if someone came to work sick you just thought, “What a dumbass. He should be home in bed.”

    There was no nationwide or worldwide freak out.

    What is the difference with “this” flu?

    Seriously. Is it that different? I mean, school has been closed in Japan for a month. They expect it to be closed until April.

  43. Rabbit fat tastes gross. You always remove the fat from a rabbit.

  44. So Hillary is going to start a “podcast”. Can’t wait. It makes me wonder a lot of things. First and foremost, who told her there was a demand for More Hillary? And I also wonder if she’ll be paid like the royalty she imagines she is rather than like all the other podcast peons out there. Is this just another way to get out there before reluctantly throwing her hat in the ring after the brokered convention superdelegates humbly ask her to be the Dem candidate?

  45. Mare, that was worth the watch. I totally understand, “I’ve been meaning to do that for 2 years, and it took 10 minutes.”

    Though I was grossed out by him leaving the peel on the pumpkin.

  46. nationwide or worldwide freak out.
    I think that’s become the norm for just routine flu season now. It really has evolved over that time period too. Don’t really know why either.

  47. Hotspur, when a virus jumps species, it makes epidemiologists sit up and bark for fish. I don’t know what I’m saying.

  48. Because globalism has made shitty Chinese hygiene a worldwide problem.

  49. marathon thing is cool

  50. Can you imagine how much worse this would have been under Obama.

    Obama would have been flying China’s patients here. The media and demrats, but I repeat myself, slobbered all over him when he did that with ebola.

  51. Love the butterfly on the doggo’s nosey. Love the LOTR being repressed one. Aw heckum, I love most of them.

    The deadly weapon bed end? My son-in-law moved their old bed into the other room, when the new one showed up, and did not put that end against the wall. May the shin denting commence.

  52. marathon thing is cool

    Agreed, awesome video.

    Beasn, I could FEEL that bed frame picture, ha ha ha.

  53. OMG I’m starting to get Bloomberg stuff in the mail!!

  54. But there was swine flu, bird flu, monkey flu, etc….

    How do you judge the seriousness of something when the media reports that the sky is falling every time a cat coughs up a hairball?

    And if we don’t take it seriously are we being foolish? How are we to know?

    Our niece is living in Yokohama, and HotBride and her sister are freaking out. They’re ready to hop on a plane and go get her.

    It’s nuts.

  55. I thought he looked very handsome when he shaved too. Thought that was a funny twist to throw in for his many “to-dos.”

    Ditto on the 2 years/10 minute projects.

  56. Also, “My garbage body; remember that mistake you made at work. Internalize it. Never forget.”

    It’s good to know I’m not the only idiot who does this shit.

  57. I’ll admit I’m a lot less worried since I can shelter in place for 2 weeks, no problem. For too many people, that would be a problem. I have one friend who has NOTHING but condiments and the occasional half-gallon of juice in her fridge. I’m like, I can see the back of your fridge.

    Also, I’m laughing at Chuck-you Schumer deleting his tweet on how racist Trump was for cancelling flights from China.

  58. But there was swine flu, bird flu, monkey flu, etc….

    Didn’t, I dunno, ALL of these come out of China?

    Infections that eat flesh: Africa
    Respiratory plagues: China

    When China finishes colonizing Africa, it’s zombie time.

  59. That was my thought also, Leon.

    The west coast freak show homeless situation, well, those people are vulnerable.

  60. Here’s the thing: a lot of people can point to these epidemics that killed so many people, and think it will happen today. And it CAN…but we are so much more robust than we used to be. One thing I always point to as an example is bowleggedness. When I was a kid, I knew quite a few older people- people like about 20 years or more older than my parents- who were bowlegged. They were malnourished as children. I haven’t seen a bowlegged person in years and years.

    Another thing, the communication that causes all this alarm…and the alarm itself, really do help prevent pandemics. I can’t be too upset about it. None of them have been a real shelf-clearing panic, like for example, your average snowstorm.

    Of course, this time the media is devoted to trying to make it that way because Trump Bad.

  61. What would you do?
    I sold an item to a gal back in December, through a collector group. I took a $100 loss on said item (mostly because I’m trying to reduce the clutter and want it gone) but required a $75 non-refundable deposit and a six week payoff – for the layaway she wanted.

    Throughout the time, she’d say ‘I’ll send payment this week’, and then I wouldn’t hear from her for two weeks. Rinse/repeat. Her excuse being her dog was sick. Then yesterday, six weeks past the original six weeks agreed upon, she paid the rest of what she owed. She paid the original asking price, realized her mistake, and asked for a refund, which was about $75. I told her I will try getting it back to her sometime that day as I was in the middle of a few things, and that I might not be able to ship until sometime early next week. About an hour later “I’m not seeing my refund…where’s my refund?” Oooookay. I paid her the $75 later in the evening.

    This morning, she’s bitching about the fees paypal took from the 75 and she wants me to refund her the fees. When I sent her the cash, I did not see the ‘friends and family’ option. It could be paypal hiccuped or it could be a glitch because my computer is on it’s last leg. Either way, technically, she never said which way to send the funds back.

    1. I let her have the item for $100 under price.
    2. Out of the kindness of my heart, I didn’t say anything when she stepped outside the terms of our agreement. At six weeks, I could have taken the deposit and told her to EABOD.
    3. It’s only a couple of dollars but it’s the principle of the thing. Should I ignore her or should I point out that $2 is way less of a tip I deserve for her making me wait six weeks beyond our agreement?

  62. Leon, some of my Jamaican coworkers were saying how the Chinese are taking over Jamaica. They are building up the infrastructure and setting up shop.

    Sayyyy…isn’t the West Indies kinda near to us?

  63. It’s not like you got the $2, PayPal got it. Tell her to go shit herself.

  64. I should have done what she did to me, “I’ll refund it this Wednesday, swearsies”, and then ignore her for two weeks…..3x.

  65. Seems a tad too proximate, and it’s not like Jamaica can afford to tell them to take their money and investments elsewhere.

    Chinese are probably waiting to buy out Venezuela at fire sale prices too.

  66. laura, I’m trying to think of a way to tell her that, in a nice way.
    She pissed me off enough that I shipped the thing parcel post – not priority. (how to ship was never discussed since i’m eating the cost of shipping, too)

  67. Try this Beast, it isn’t at all offensive:

    “Listen, you made me wait three times longer than we agreed to pay your balance. YOU made the mistake of overpaying me. I promptly refunded what I received. What you received from PayPal is between you and them.

    Please don’t order from me again.”

  68. I do think Beasnsnsns should add her “Eat a bag of dicks.”

    But that’s just me.

  69. Please see below vv

  70. Re: Beasnsnsns story

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    FFS this is classic, the bitch doesn’t pay like she said she would during which you could have complained. Then she wants you to fix a paypal issue.

    So typical.

    Those who take advantage ALWAYS dick you over and not in a good way.

  71. I haven’t seen a bowlegged person in years and years.
    In over 20 years of practice I’ve seen maybe 5 kids with true bowlegs. Most babies have what is physiologic genu varum (bow legs) that they grow out of by age 3 or 4. Kids are actually a little knock kneed before they get to the adult alignment.

    Couple were Chinese adoptions, couple were prolonged breastfeeding without table foods and one was a complete lack of sun exposure due to clothing worn by a religious sect. They all improved with Vitamin D therapy because they were young enough. The last kid saw me a few years ago. They’re a nice family, she’s in her early 20’s now and surprisingly normal.

  72. Use to be a lot of people with gimpy legs from polio. THANK GOD you don’t see that much anymore.

    I’m sure some asshole sect against polio vaccines will bring it back somewhere.

  73. The media wants you ignorant and fearful. That makes you easier to control. If the plagues thin the herd as well, hey, that’s a bonus to them.

    Powers and principalities, indeed.

  74. Isn’t polio still endemic in India?

  75. Oops, no longer; it’s endemic in Pakistan (as well as Afghanistan and Nigeria). Bing is (sometimes) my friend.

  76. Teresa, what’s going on with your Mom?

  77. Mom is sleeping a lot more, but she is feeling better for now. Hospice came in Thursday for the initial intake visit, then someone else came out yesterday to get the paperwork done.

    They should start next week.

    Mom is still relatively pain free, and she is chafing at being stuck in bed. We are hoping that they will be able to get her into a wheelchair and/or recliner for a little bit of time during the day.

  78. Polio goes away with good sanitation even without vaccinations hitting critical mass in the population. India has, iirc, the absolutely filthiest river on earth, and they dump sewage into it to this day.

    And they bathe in it.

    One cannot overstate how much we owe the Jews, Romans, and Greeks for their culture of hygiene.

  79. The Chinese are pulling the same shit in Africa: using US dollars to buy up the region. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan is to move weapons and military units in to “protect” their investments.

  80. Heard that ChrisP. Time to pile on Trump because he obviously infected this woman and hastened her demise with his rhetoric and orangeness.

  81. In my line of thinking the relevancy of freaking out over getting the virus is can easily be disputed. What can not be disputed is there is a freak out currently underway and it is already showing economic impacts. The protective measures Im suggesting are along those lines. Have resources in case the supply chain is disrupted for valid or non-valid reasons. The validity of the reason for the disruption will be determined after the fact. What is, IS. Don’t get caught with your proverbial pants down.

    If they order shelter in place. After a week or two infrastructures will begin to fail. Water Treatment plants need workers, Server Farms and electrical grids need control and maintenance. Trucks have to be operated, loaded and unloaded, etc. Hospitals and Police depts need to be manned. We’ve established that the Chinese cannot be trusted. We’ve established that our media cannot be trusted. We are at a information disadvantage. Stock and Plan now, if you dont need to initiate then you have a larder in the event of some other potential local catastrophe, etc. Better to have and not need than to need and not had. Its not freaking out if you approach problems in a rational, methodical manner.

    Just got back from the warehouse store. The vibe is still normal. You know our media will inflame this, they are our biggest enemy to societal harmony.

    Vio Condios and yippiekiyay

  82. Haven’t heard other health stats of the person who died.

  83. Wow, Brad Thor is a never trumper. And a dick about it.

  84. Then she wants you to fix a paypal issue.

    Technically it’s her issue. We all know paypal collects fees unless you specify ‘friends or family’, which she didn’t and which she is not.

  85. ChrisP, did they say what flavor human the 50 year old man was? White or yellow? And what about the student infected? He might not have gone to China, but who in his circle did? Is he related to the other cases?

  86. Trump’s CPAC speech is great..

  87. Beasn,
    They’ve updated the link I posted. It has more info and talks about 50 respiratory cases in Kirkland. Not many specifics…

  88. Oh man Trump is hilarious.

  89. Jay, I watched American Assasin again.

    The actor playing Mitch Rapp is growing on me. He has the intensity and he really beefed up for the role.

    Do not like the producer’s choice for Irene Kennedy, not because she’s black that would have been fine, it’s more how they wrote the part. Irene is pretty buttoned-up, she doesn’t let emotion get to her (outwardly at least). She would never have used the language the way this version of Irene did.

    Not sure what I think of Michael Keaton playing Hurley. It’s sure not what I had pictured in my head while reading but Hurley was ruthless and Keaton can have that crazy too.

    Also, the writing was kind of garbage.

    I want more. But sticking to the Vince Flynn dialog and storylines.

  90. Teresa, prayers up!

  91. >>>Mom is sleeping a lot more, but she is feeling better for now. Hospice came in Thursday for the initial intake visit.

    Hospice workers are angels. They are a tremendous help to you and to those preparing to cross. You are both in good hands. Hugs to you and your momma.

  92. Hospice workers are angels. They are a tremendous help to you and to those preparing to cross. You are both in good hands. Hugs to you and your momma.


    Well said, Besnsnsnsn.

  93. >>>Not many specifics…

    And therein lies the problem.

  94. I liked Keaton as Hurley, I thought the rest of the entirety of the movie was disappointing hot garbage.

  95. Mare, 👋🏻 Twin. Scott Glenn was Stan in my head, but I liked Keaton.

  96. I can be pretty dense at times. This AM for reals. I was scanning signs. 51 signs and 40 of them were nitrile gloves, cough & cold medicine, Clorox, hand wash, etc. We were limiting quantities to 5 per Member. I started putting signs up and I finally realized it was in response to supply and panicked Corona Virus shoppers. We ran out of bottled water. We got a water truck today, so people weren’t as angry as yesterday.

  97. I’m going to the garage and dig out my copy of American Assasin and read it again.

    Maybe read the whole series in order.

    One thing I HATED about the Rapp series was Rapp’s stupid wife. Besides being annoying, she was a “reporter” and a fricking irritating one. Shit, you’re married to Mitch Rapp, he’s not going to tell you everything he does, dumbass. When she got blown up, I was not sad.

  98. 👋🏻 Twin. I reread my Mitch Rapp’s last year. I really enjoy Robert Crais.

  99. Rapp was miscast. So was Kennedy. Hurley was great. The effort on the whole ate a bag of dicks.

  100. What I’d really like to see is a Dewey Andreas movie. Start with Power Down, then do them all.

  101. I pictured it as a movie as I read some of the Dewey Andreas books

  102. I stopped reading Brad Thor in 2016. His anti-Trump ass doesn’t need my money.

  103. Sooo. I found the Shawn Woods youtube channel.

    Our yard is going to be a rodent-free zone in no time flat.

  104. Lauraw, you’re getting a Dachshund?

  105. My Tia Monica has her 19th birthday, today. When we were kids, she used to fuck with us with her stupid leap year birthday.

  106. It’s only Sleepy Joe for the primaries.

    If Biden wins, Trump will change it to Creepy Joe and release the sniffing montages.

  107. No, Oso, Straight up-killin’, no doggy intermediaries.

    *sets traps*
    *cracks knuckles*

  108. Jay = Pupster = HS

    Hurley rocked, Rapp sucked. Still don’t like him.

  109. Traps are illegal in NM

  110. Yes, since Thor is such a dick about being anti trump, haven’t read a single thing of his.

  111. Watching Anna, the movie. The people they pick for being “extremely gorgeous” mystifies me. The guy who plays the Russian PM reminds me of a 5′ guy I knew in high school.

  112. I wish that Dachshunds were securing the grounds from Fat Bastard.

  113. Fat Bastard moved to a farm.

    He was at least twice the size of a Dachshund.

  114. Dachshunds are Badger Dogs. Aussie dogs are better for herding.

  115. Can’t get Disney + to load, so can’t watch Mandalorian


  116. I googled, dachshunds are twice the weight of groundhogs.

    They certainly don’t look it.

  117. Groundhogs are fluffy. Real dachshunds are bigger than the minis everyone seems to have.

  118. Luc Besson makes a good movie. Anna is pretty good, nice twists.

  119. Noooooooo! Steyer is out!

  120. Little billionaire can’t keep up with Bloomberg? Or theres just no purpose for 2 people in the race solely to run unlimited ads?

  121. Bloomie will ask him to be veep if Yang turns him down.

  122. Pope Francis has coronavirus. Going to be really awkward if BXVI outlives him.

    I have mixed feelings. God’s will be done.

  123. Osita, my niece had her 6th birthday today.

  124. That’s funny about Steyer, I just saw the first ads for him today. Buttigieg bought some ads, too, but it’s still wall-to-wall Bloomberg.

  125. Leon, no shit about the Pope?

  126. Vatican confirmed. Francis and two of his aides. Pretty sure Pope Francis was or maybe is a smoker, and I’ve read he has already had part of a lung removed, so this could be very serious for him.

  127. Any illness at age 83 is serious.

  128. Benedict is a few weeks away from 93. I pray they both stay well. A conclave would be extremely dangerous right now.

  129. Very scary and odd. How in the world did it get to them? These should be some of the most protected people on the planet.

  130. Green Book is a really good movie.

  131. Pope Francis the dubious gets COVID-19. From a nation that subverted its branch of the church and he went along. That espouses the end form of the philosophies he tries to pawn of as “Christian thought” that everyone before understood as heresy. That destroys the environment he browbeats the west into bankrupting itself to “protect”.

    There are times I question God’s sense of humor. This ain’t one.

  132. The pope says mass once a week at least, attended by crowds of people from all over the globe. I should be more surprised if it DIDN’T make its way there.

  133. Popes touch people all the time. He did imposition of ashes on several hundred on Wednesday.

    Plus Iran’s ambassador to the Vatican has it. As well as a bunch of Italians.

  134. Pat Sajak @patsajak
    True story: I just saw a TV commercial break with no Bloomberg ad.

  135. Dixon experienced repeated psychoses.

  136. Happy Meteorological Spring

  137. Thank goodness for short memories. Local weather guy was doing the month of March summary and mentioned that we had 33″ of snow in 2018. I’m sure I bitched about it as it happened, that’s a given, but the warm months heal all.

    Seeing fresh homegrown veggies in AZ on the garden thread made me wish global warming would hurry up and get here.

  138. oy!!!

  139. global warming and the return of free range dinosaur steaks… that’s my wish for the day

  140. I managed to get a 20 minute workout in yesterday before I started to worry my heart rate was too high. I’m really out of shape after all the time off for illness.

  141. Laugh for the day, “In balance”

  142. Not that anyone here would vote for Bernie

  143. My dad believes Bernie’s socialism isnt going to be “that kind of socialism” and that Congress will keep him in check. That out of control Trump must be stopped!

    He is belligerently misinformed and there’s no talking to him about it. MSDNC is the Oracle at Delphi.

  144. Take one look at what happened in Virginia when the Dems took over.

    But yeah, as Dave in Texas used to say, you can’t reason someone out of an opinion they were never reasoned into in the first place.

  145. Oprah has a large portion (heh) of ownership in Weight Watchers (now called WW.

    Why would anyone take dieting advice from a fat person? A fat person who has a monetary interest in you joining WW? A fat person with EVERY resource available to them to not be fat (besides discipline and possibly motivation)? A fat person who has done advertising for WW for the last three or so years and is still fat?

  146. I’ve pondered the bread line gig and it brings out some very unChristian thoughts.

  147. Mare vs. TSA

  148. Why no widget warning Mare?


  150. wwakey.

  151. Speaking of “stars” falling

    Not that I wish anyone pain (despite loathing both of them I hope the only thing they injured was their pride) but they are a pair of pompous asses.

  152. Can’t find a link for Vatican confirmation on Pope Francis’s specific illness. Maybe someone overstated what they knew, or maybe it’s still too soon after for me to find an article.

  153. Whoops.

  154. Somewhere I have pics of what happens to handprints in space.

  155. Articles I found said he just had a cold. That was from this morning.

  156. People still go see Madonna? that’s the shocking part to me.

  157. I believe it was Ace one time who referred to Madonna as “an elderly hooor”. I laughed.

  158. My phone is blowing up this morning. I hate this telescope project so much.

  159. Huh, I had no idea Madonna was still a sought after show. I actually believe age is just a number, not a cliche’ but depending on how you care for yourself, it doesn’t mean what it use to.

    On the other hand, Madonna spent a lot of her youth, energy and performance time as an ‘in your face” sex act. That does have an expiration date.

  160. And, holy cow, she’s done a lot of weird shit to her face. She’s got the puffy situation going on.

    Aging and doing what you can to look nice is one thing, desperately trying to look the same as your 30-year-old self. ufffffffffffffff

  161. Talk about a morning pick me up!!

    Hotspur keep your paws off the widget link!!

  162. CLICK ON:…etc

  163. that was a cute mass of cells. I’m glad her mama decided not to sell her for parts.

  164. James Woods tweeted this story:

  165. I’m trying to find a clip from Tucker Carlson where he said he felt sorry for Hunter Biden because he knows lots of other people doing the same thing as far as leeching off of foreign aid deals. Does anybody remember this clip?

    Scott told me about it a while back. The gist that I can remember was that Carlson knew of 20, 30 scions of political figures who everybody knew was working the same con but it was basically normalized.

  166. Why I could never be a democrat:

    – I want our borders secured
    – I think abortion is murder
    – I think tax money should follow the pupil (school choice)
    – I think public employee unions should be illegal
    – I think a time limit should be put on welfare except in extreme circumstances
    – I don’t think tax money should fund the arts
    – I think the loser should pay in civil suits
    – I think your mom is pretty hot

  167. Good article lauraw.

  168. Accurate prediction.

  169. Agreed, good article, Lauraw.

  170. this it, Lauraw?

  171. The first (and only) comment on that article is “interesting.”

  172. Yeah, fanks Romacita. It blows my mind that this shit just keeps happening and everybody at the top knows about it and shrugs. These people have the unmitigated gall to act like they’re sophisticated and smart ‘elites,’ too, when they are all just dodgy thieves and welfare bums. I just can’t even.

    And Tucker alludes to it, but there’s nofuckingway he would ever commit to an investigation or story on it. These are his friends and neighbors, don’tchaknow.


  174. It’s nonsense of course, but the lefties panicking in the comments is so much fun.

  175. Lauraw, I like how they are going to get their own progressive Twitter. Works for me, bye.


  177. B roll on an update on the coronavirus, showing Asians wearing masks. One was wearing his mask as more of a lower beard cover, mouth and nose completely exposed. Darwin in action.

  178. Yeah, fanks Romacita. It blows my mind that this shit just keeps happening and everybody at the top knows about it and shrugs. These people have the unmitigated gall to act like they’re sophisticated and smart ‘elites,’ too, when they are all just dodgy thieves and welfare bums. I just can’t even.

    And Tucker alludes to it, but there’s nofuckingway he would ever commit to an investigation or story on it. These are his friends and neighbors, don’tchaknow.

    Twenty years ago we began a mission to bring to Afghanistan western-style governance. Today Afghanistan is a country whose dysfunctional government is bureaucratic, top-heavy, unable to make basic decisions, whose leaders are concerned with paying off their cronies and enriching themselves, where elections have only the barest resemblance to actual democracy, and where many people, including those in the government, adhere to an ideology that is hostile to democratic ideals, and concerned with violent revolutionary social change, while many of the rest are simply grifters.

    So we were successful after all.

  179. Masks are only going to help if the sick people are the ones wearing them.

  180. Would you rather have someone in front of you at a store cough in front of you while you were wearing a mask or not wearing a mask?

  181. Hmmm, China landed in the dark side of the moon Jan 2, 2019. Corona virus hit about a year later……. 😉

  182. Sick people are coughing on doors and handles and what not- masks are a small part.

    Personally, if I thought someone had coronovirus, I’m not going to stand next to them WITH a mask on either.

  183. Local asian lady on the radio says business at Chinese restaurants and nail salons is down about 40%.

    Kind of surprised it’s not more.

  184. Well, the other 60% probably includes all the money laundering going on so they’ve got that going for them.


    Sex robots will need to be programmed correctly in order to avoid sexual assault, an expert has claimed.

    Dr David Levy believes robots of the future will have their own sexual desires as part of their own artificial intelligence (AI) libidos.

  186. There are a lot of assumptions and dumb in that article. Why TF would we make sexbots strong enough to overpower us? And it goes downhill from there.


  188. Why TF would we make sexbots strong enough to overpower us?

    Hey now, don’t kinkshame.

    Also, my first thought reading the article was, “sent wave after wave of my own men against them, until they reached their preset rape limit.”

  189. *read the Madonna hag story*

    *follows link to the other Madonna hag story*

    What a bitch.
    So she is regularly late to gigs and has been warned about venue curfews. Even mentions it before a performance in London. Goes to said gig late, curfew gets followed by venue as she goes over time, curtain comes down, sound system unplugged, and she goes on a foul-mouthed rant about being censored, before finishing next number without sound system.

    She’s being sued in the states for making people wait up to two hours for her gnarly ass to show up.

  190. HA! Those drug sniffing doggos need to go back to sniffy school.

  191. One would think that a legitimate media would investigate family members profiting off of politicians. The first Wookiee’s job at the hospital disappeared after the JEF became President. 45 knew that Blog was prosecuted for talking about the grift in IL.

  192. I spent a few hours this afternoon looking for my passport. I don’t have any imminent international travel planned but I sort of felt like it was expiring soon and figured I’d renew rather than let it lapse. It took me a while because once I opened my safe I had to work the actions on a few firearms. After moving to my office which looks like an episode of hoarders I did discover the wallet size card and, to my relief, it expires in 2021. Still need to find it, maybe I left it at camp. Could of sworn I had it for a license renewal or something like that in the last year or two.

  193. Found a couple of bags of CD’s for Ben to turn in for credit, a couple of gift cards (Best Buy, LL Bean) a bunch of books including a paperback copy of Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits”. You guys had me looking at the kindle version (pricey) and I just figured I’d get a library copy later.

  194. One would think that a legitimate media would investigate family members profiting off of politicians.

    One thinks those who own the media are also profiting if they keep that kind of shit on the down low. Greasy schmeasy palms.

  195. 👋🏻Beasn. Legitimate media would also tell us about their family members in the Swamp.

  196. Peter Pulls Out, MJ hardest hit.

  197. Looks like Mike Bloomberg bought 60 Minutes.

  198. My parents were really sad about Buttplug pulling out. I did a masterful job of hiding my elation.

  199. Who is their next choice?

  200. Imagine the wheeling and dealing going on at the DNC. Buttigieg was “forced” out with promises of other cabinet positons later, Bloomberg getting the high five from 60 minutes. Hmmmmm, expect a serious health condition (heart?) rear it’s head in sooner rather than later for Bernie.

    This is classic theater in the sense that it’s all so fake, staged and managed that only stupid dem voters would fall for this.

    No disrespect to Leon’s parents.

  201. They’d vote for Mao at this point because he’s not Trump, and Congress would totally keep him in check anyhow.

    I’m not feeding them if Bernie wins and obliterates their savings.

    Okay, I will, but it will be crow at every meal.

  202. I told them I’d assumed all along that he was running for veep since he can’t win another race in IN, and that had never occured to them.

    They are very well informed though. They watch the news all the time.

  203. Why can’t he win another race in IN?

  204. Bernie will sell out to Bloomberg.

    That will be their choice.

  205. South Bend hates him, and the only districts that might send him to congress in IN are areas with large black populations that already think he’s a racist (and a homo, but mostly a racist). He can’t win a statewide race there at all, IN is as red as TX these days.

  206. Guys like Romney would LOVE to vote for Bloomberg.

  207. Was 60 Minutes licking his boots?

  208. Boots. Yeah. Let’s stick with boots. Keep it PG.

  209. It was sneaky.

    They appeared to be fair and balanced, but they helped him walk back a lot of bad stuff.

  210. I have non-HHD poat fodder – shall I take Tuesday?

  211. I guess I thought South Bend was liberal enough to forgive him anything, but yeah, the black thing is why he did poorly in SC.

  212. The shooting incident in 2018 killed his favorability in SB. He very likely would have lost a primary for mayor if he hadn’t been term-limited.

  213. More accurately, his ham-fisted response to that incident.

  214. Rhode Island and NYC are on the radar. Italy reports a 50% increase overnite. Everything is fine. Nothing to see here. How long before the world blames the Chinese Gov and demands reparations? Any bets on what the market does tomorrow?

    PS. Turkey is allowing 30K “refugees” to bum rush Greece’s border and also engaged the Syrian Military by shooting down two fighters and destroying 100 tanks with personnel in a “spring initiative.”

  215. if you want tuesday, you can post it. Mine is just memes.

  216. Should I be more worried about Covid? Cuz I’m not.

  217. Looks like there are gonna be *more* cases diagnosed in WA. A second person has died, 70 YO male. There are 50 in a ‘senior care center’ in Kirkland with “severe respiratory distress”…

  218. Jay, I did set up the poat for Tuesday. Feel free to delay it to another day.

    Also, I checked my preps. Should probably buy more ammo, but I’m going to wait a week or two, let the crowds disperse. I made sure Rocketboy has two weeks’ worth of food, will probably still buy a case of soup or chili for him the next time I go to Costco, which again won’t be for a week or two.

  219. Roamy,
    Looks like Costco is being absolutely bombed by folks freaking out over the virus and buying up all of the bottled water, hand-wipes, and toilet paper.

    The *suicide* of Phil Haney might get interesting…

  220. Cool

    Nerdy cool

  221. Laura and Scott, early in the relationship…

  222. Dexterity enables rapid playing.

  223. Still not used to writing “20” as the year when I sign and date stuff

  224. Asking for prayers for my mom. She has been treated for lymphoma and colon cancer for the past year and a half and my sister is letting me know she’s slowing down. My mom’s last few texts have mentioned feeling lethargic. Currently skipping her chemo cycle and on antibiotics. Her recent PET scan was stable/good as in not showing progression but at age 79 there are other factors involved obviously. She has already spoken with the hospice people and my sister has moved in to her house. I don’t know if this is the final chapter. My mother is at peace with her life and has a connection with God. I’m sure she has prayed for you heathens at some point in the past. Amen

  225. Prayers up Jimbro. Added yall to my morning along with Tifw and the rest of you neer do wells. Have a great week everyone and stay healthy.

  226. Prayers, Jimbro.

  227. Don’t most elders in a nursing home have upper respiratory problems?And doesn’t ANY flu hit them the hardest?

  228. Jimbro, Mass today will be for you and your family.

  229. Jimbro, what is your Mother’s first name.

    And if you don’t mind I think I’ll throw in Teresa’s family too.

  230. Marilyn

    Many thanks

  231. Prayers, Jimbro and Teresa.

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