Puns are like paper, they’re terrible.

This song just jumped into the lead for “H2 Blog Theme Song”

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We’re still doomed.

We’re from Iowa, Iowa! That’s where the tall corn grows!

Came across this song in the suggestions when I found the pun song (Pomplamoose and Malinda)

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  1. I give this post a 9.5. Golf clap for Jay. Still giggling over the “that’s oregano bitch” one.

    Go out and kick today’s ass y’all.

  2. Feefiphobia!

  3. The 6 fries per serving deal is my favorite.

  4. I played the pun song for Mr. RFH. I’m glad to see Sean back in the derp again.

  5. No one has ever eaten six fries

  6. I’m listening to Bannon talk about the Coronavirus/election 2020. He’s really interesting and an engaging speaker.


  7. Evander Holyfield’s trainer once limited him to 5 fries.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Slept for shit. Feeling anxious. Still dragging my stupid ass to work. I can always make a half-day of it if I keep feeling like shit, right?

    Fucking garbage brain. How the fuck am I supposed to turn my life around with this defective thing in my skull…

  10. I promise it’s easier to do with a brain than without.

  11. I may have to give up avocados and tequila for ethical reasons.

  12. Try reading 12 Rules.

    It’s kinda fluffy but provides direction for a lot of people.

  13. Since I finally got a night’s sleep last night and half of Sunday night, from coughing for a week, I sympathize, BroTim.

    Get you a nap!

  14. I may have to give up avocados and tequila for ethical reasons.

    Wait whut?

  15. I keep seeing reports Mexican cartels run the agave fields and avocado farms now. Diversification and whatnot. If they were just normal agribusiness that’d be fine, but as I understand it they basically move in like the mob and tell the farmer that he works for them now, and he’s got to like it.

  16. It’s only a little different from how ConAgra and Cargill run the my-people-call-it-maize trade.

  17. Heh, cool story from FB:

    When I turned 50 in 2008, I started fighting again. There were MMA matches in a warehouse out by the airport here in Bloomington. Two guys from Illinois State University came out one night to give it a go. They had no wrestling experience and I had wrestled for years. Because of that advantage I beat each of them bloody, literally. When we were getting our gear stowed away and leaving i overheard one of them say “I had to write a paper on the Viet Nam War this week.” The other asked what he wrote. I don’t recall his answer but nearly everything he said was wrong. I finally said “I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but everything you just said about Nam is wrong.” They asked what I meant and I explained it. One asked if I was a history professor. When I said no they asked how I knew so much about Viet Nam. I said “Well, I knew a lot about it because I thought I might have to go” They asked, go where? I looked at them strangely and said, “Viet Nam” They looked at each other and asked, “Why would you go there? “I said “For the fuckin’ war! Why do you think?” Now at the time I was shaving my head and dying my goatee so I didn’t have any gray showing. Then I realized these college kids had no idea I was 50. They stood there, still bleeding from the ass whuppin’ they just got, they looked at each other and one said “MISTER, HOW OLD ARE YOU?” I picked up my duffel, threw it over my should, looked him in the eye and said ‘Son, when I was born there were only 48 stars on the flag, and that’s the truth” With a smile on my face I walked past these two frat boys standing there with their mouths open and blood still flowing. In that moment I understood the expression “Don’t fuck with me boy. I’m old for a reason”.

    $20, tl;dr; you know the drill.

  18. It’s only a little different from how ConAgra and Cargill run the my-people-call-it-maize trade.

    Whatever, tinfoil!

  19. Top 10 stupidest things Democrats said

    Mr Reagan

  20. The FBI is full of corrupt people in a near-criminal conspiracy against the people they are sworn to defend and in violation of laws they’ve sworn to uphold, but Big Corn is run by angels.

    And tinfoil just lights you up to the RADAR.

    *adjusts matte-black pyramid hat*

  21. Heh, ConAgra controlling farmers would be like herding cats squared. Maybe I’ve been around too many independent farmers.

  22. Leon, that’s pretty much why I switched to fair trade chocolate and only domestic Gulf shrimp and peel it myself. I can’t stand the thought of slaves making my food. The shrimp peeling sheds are especially egregious, but it’s all bad.

  23. Most farming isn’t independent farmers anymore. It’s industrial mass production now, only of plants and animals.

  24. As I understand it, up here, they basically trap you into seed contracts/genetics. Those are very hard to really pull out of, and they wreck the land in the meanwhile. It’s a little different, but the end result is the same: you work for them or you don’t work, unless you want to take a massive loss in the short term when you switch companies or crops.

  25. I’m so full of opinions and factoids I should try monetizing this, I really should. What’s one more starving blogger on the Internet, amirite?

  26. Far as I know, farmers can buy from who they want. Don’t think my brother has to sign a contract, and there’s lots of seed companies.

    Industrial farming is not the farming that I’m familiar with, in Iowa.

  27. How exactly does a certain seed wreck the land? Is that crop rotation, lying fallow, and such, that combats that?

    Just want to make sure I’m on the same page.

  28. I had a friend whose family owned a grove in the San Joaquin valley. Sunkist absolutely governed raising and selling of the Orange crop. They were the only buyer. They would give you a price and determine when your crop would be picked. They would spray something on the trees to make the oranges ripen at a certain time that was convenient for them.

  29. Crossfit!!


  30. “Straddle Fracture” is a thing

  31. I’m not sure of the mechanism, and it could be anecdata, but a lot of the industrial ops will eventually have a whole field that just comes up short after a while, and there is evidence to suggest that just the corn-soybeans-fallow cycle does slowly deplete the topsoil. The dirt eventually loses it’s mycorrhizae (fungus tendrils) because the various herbicides and pesticides in tandem with annual tilling kill it off, and the monocrop nature of the farm and lack of trees keeps animal inputs to a bare minimum. It’s about as divorced from a natural ecosystem as you can get outside of a factory floor, and eventually as sterile.

  32. And yes, I know herbicides and pesticides aren’t fungicides and don’t kill fungus in the lab, but fungus is weird and shares aspects of both plant and insect biology. Dirt without fungus isn’t soil, it’s just a pile of tiny rocks. Farming that is just high-draining hydroponics, entirely dependent on sprayed nutrients and rain.

  33. Fitness “hotties” deserve what they get.

  34. CrossThot

  35. Not a lot of thots – in my experience – in crossfit. With the focus on functional fitness – Not enough classes devoted to “butts and gutts”.

    They’re at the other gym in town.

  36. My copy of Yoga Fitness for Men came, along with my collection of Altered Carbon books.

    Pretty sure there’s no jumping in yoga. And even if there is, there’s no potentially-injurious hurdles over which one must jump.

    Seriously, that’s effin’ stupid. If it’s meant to be jumped over rather than onto it should have all the integrity of a wicket gate.

  37. So when does Burnie have his fatal heart attack? Before Super Tuesday or after?

  38. Just before Hillary “reluctantly volunteers” to be the Dem nominee.

  39. My copy of Yoga Fitness for Men came, along with my collection of Altered Carbon books.

    Leon is becoming a basic bitch.

  40. I think that “hurdle” is supposed to be used for dips and similar (pike holds). not jumping. We have some very low “hurdles” but they only have the bar on one side, so get knocked over if you miss.

    But, lets be honest – fittness thots aren’t the brightest.

  41. What’s going to be most excited about Bernie’s eventual flame out is going to be the reaction from the Bernie Bros. It’s funny that they think he can win. I’m ok with the media’s encouragement.

  42. My cousin’s husband is a huge (jerk) dem. But they live really close to Miami. The idea that he would “have” to support Bernie is an idea that is just too delicious.

  43. Yeah, that was a tall “parallelette” meant for support.

  44. I’ve been gaming this out a little more.

    If they want to beat Trump, the dems best option is Burnie.

    If they steal the nomination, they lose. Populism is back on the menu for next election and they have to deal with Burnie 2.0.

    If they let Burnie win, they lose (likely but not certain) but also get to take the party back from him. The populist experiment loses and they become the corporatist party they’ve always been. No Burnie 2.0.

    I’m still hoping for Buttigieg tho.

  45. Leon is becoming a basic bitch.

    I’m concerned about mobility and injury at this point in my life, and my hips have some lingering issues from powerlifting. I’m not going to a class or saying “namaste” to anyfuckingbody.

  46. I’m giving you shit, but I actually enjoy yoga classes when I go. I ignore the namaste crap. The exercises were actually developed in Europe in the early part of the twentieth century, and the spiritual crap was tacked on later by self-help gurus.

    Hmmm, perhaps a class where the exercises are renamed and organized into a series of patterns set to gregorian chant, or readings from the bible…

  47. Also, how can you have mobility issues? You just need to do more squats and that will solve everything. Mark Rippetoe said so!

  48. I don’t have mobility issues yet and I can still squat ass-to-heels now but I’m in use-it-or-lose it territory.

  49. I watched kind of a goofy movie on Netflix last night that I’ve never heard of but it was fun, and I thought pretty good. The visual effects were really well done.


  50. MMT


  51. MMT


    Some interesting ideas, but not nearly the panacea that the left keeps claiming.

  52. Alita

    I’m an anime freak so I saw it in the theater. After I adapted to her eyes it was a really fun movie.

  53. “Comment by Jimbro on February 25, 2020 9:40 am
    “Straddle Fracture” is a thing”

    ………………… Just ask your mom!


  54. Did they have the rocket hammer in the movie? Because all I care about is the rocket hammer.

  55. I think Luwanda was trying to be punny.

  56. Did they have the rocket hammer in the movie? Because all I care about is the rocket hammer.

    Yeah, the doctor wielded sort of a rocket hammer kind of thing.

    The movie ending is a setup for a sequel.

    Sequels usually suck the wad-weenie though.

  57. Speaking of which, apparently Mission Impossible 7 was filming in Italy and is on indefinite hiatus for coronavirus quarantine.

    So don’t say it never did nothing for ya.

  58. Comment by MJ on February 25, 2020 7:39 am
    No one has ever eaten six fries

    I call that “the first bite”.

    Mr. TiFW has flu type A. Rebecca gave it to him. DD#3 is also feeling bad.

    Glad I am in North Carolina….

  59. HO-LEE-SHIT! This is exactly what we’ve been talking about, Buttplug being the fake “blank slate” doesn’t really believe in anything except what his lefty handlers tell him. FUDGE. This is what the stupid masses love…evidently.


  60. Don’t click the widget link dumbass, click the link within the box.

  61. Notice what he’s wearing too. The bullshit is high with this asshole.

  62. I just read Burnie’s plans if he wins. Its 22.8 trillion in new spending.

    That doesn’t include medicare for all or expansion of social security.

    I mean, wow. That’s bold. Talk about trying to move the overton window.

  63. Pete is the gay Obama.

    (which made me giggle just to type)

  64. Can you believe it though, it was WORD FOR WORD bullshit.

    They are trying to make Butterface out to be a moderate and he is moderate like Obama was…NOT.

  65. It was word for word because they think we are stupid.

  66. I just read Burnie’s plans if he wins. Its 22.8 trillion in new spending.

    MMT says this is fine and paying for it is an outmoded concept.

    Pete is the gayuncloseted Obama.


  67. It was word for word because they think we are stupid.

    He was talking to democrats.

  68. But is he wearing loafers?

  69. 30 degrees and 25 mph wind gusts right now. No fun at all.

  70. It was word for word because they think we know their constituents are stupid.


  71. Pete is the gay obama? How is it possible he’s gay for another gay?

  72. That’s why I giggled.

  73. So when does Burnie have his fatal heart attack? Before Super Tuesday or after?
    I was listening to NPR in the car the other day and the volume was low and outside noise was competing with the radio and I thought I heard “Bernie Sanders had a stroke”. My jaw dropped and I turned the volume up but it was a story about doing well in Nevada. I tried doing a reconstruction of what they said that I confused but came up with nothing.

  74. the dems are really in a bind. they’ve radicalized their base as a means to oppose Republicans, and they NEVER expected them to take that shit seriously. Now they have the crazy hippies combined with the dumb young know nothings … what are they going to do?

  75. Just spelunked a little in the twitter sewer. Saw Cernovich remarking the coronavirus is Trump’s Katrina. Wth? Yeah, it’s a perfect opportunity to shut down the southern border but then he’d have to do the same everywhere. Pretty sure that kind of panic would be even worse for the markets.

  76. So, I have to testify in a court case tomorrow. I’m going to wait until tomorrow to get nervous.

  77. Is it a #metoo case?

  78. you teach communism in schools, and now they are surprised the little snowflakes believe them. Reap the harvest, fuckheads.

  79. So, do I understand MMT that debt is just our imagination, because we can print money.

    As long as we control inflation, we don’t become Zimbabwe.

    Do I have it?

  80. Rememeber, IQ 80 here. I copy off Forrest Gump.

  81. I wish I was as smart as Forrest Gump.

  82. No, divorce stuff. Dude hid his pension during the … whatever that period is called. Now claims she knew about it. She didn’t. I was with her when her lawyer called and asked her …

  83. Jay, I’m sure that’s an oversimplification, but damned if that isn’t how it works in practice.

    I’m only half joking when I say I want to put all my money into farmland, vodka, and peppercorns.

  84. I used to have a decent IQ but it’s probably fallen due to atrophy. And all those years running that stupid keno machine.

  85. what is mmt?

    remember? Keno brain dumbing thing.

  86. It could also be having to repeat the names of the same four soups for 8 or so years … when THEY’RE FUCKING PRINTED RIGHT ON THE MENU.

  87. MMT basically argues that an economy with fiat money behaves differently in certain respects than an economy with commodity money. A lot of it gets into theories exactly what money is. Traditionally money is seen as a means of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account. Austrians would argue that the latter two stem from the former. MMT folks argue the opposite: that money first originated as a unit of account, tracking debts, and grew into a means of exchange from that.

    The central argument is that because a government can print whatever amount of money it needs to pay its debts, a government can never be forced into bankruptcy. In a fiat system you don’t tax the population in order to obtain money to spend. Instead you print money to cover your expenses, and use tax rates to control the overall level of money in the economy (preventing inflation) as well as create a demand for dollars. If you print more money than is taken back in taxes, you increase the overall supply of money in the economy, and risk inflation if there isn’t sufficient economic growth to cover that increase. MMT advocates argue that the hyperinflation seen in places like Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe is the result of other factors besides simply printing lots of money.

  88. So, monetary value is a unicorn.

  89. I think normal, decent, people have a hard time believing that public figures would go to the extreme evil of killing someone for personal or political reasons.

    But considering what they are willing to do to avoid political fallout, for example, letting 4 people die in Benghazi, lying to the family members in front of their caskets, and then lying and saying “what difference at this point does it make?” in front of congress and the world is capable of doing anything to get what she has most wanted her whole life.

    Tip of the iceberg with regard to the Clintons.

    The Clinton Foundation and Haiti is another WTF chapter of their shabby, evil, lives.

  90. Does this have anything to do with taking the dollar off of gold backing?

  91. Yes, but that’s always been the case, even for commodity money. A gold coin has value only to the extent that other people want it and are willing to trade for it.

  92. Gotcha. Makes sense.

  93. No, MMT was developed in the 90s to early aughts, principally by a trader who applied some of the principles to correctly guess whether the Italian government would default on it’s debts (it didn’t). Opposition to the gold standard has been long standing.

  94. Gah, my first reponse was to Car in. The second response it to Mare.

  95. This Wall Street speculation tax will raise $2.4 trillion over the next ten years. It works by placing a 0.5 percent tax on stock trades – 50 cents on every $100 of stock – a 0.1 percent fee on bond trades, and a 0.005 percent fee on derivative trades.

    Bernies Wall Street speculation tax. Like that won’t come out of all wall street trades. Average daily trading value is $169 billion in 2013. Average volume daily between 2 and 6 BILLION shares. 3 billion stock trades A DAY is $15 million. $3.9 billion a year.

    And wall street is gonna eat that? Wrong.

  96. Sure, to an extent. But I mean that mmt theorists believe that they can do something with money manipulation that has basically never worked anywhere.

  97. Thats 39 billion over 10 years. He’s talking 2 thousand 400 BILLION.

  98. Things that never work anywhere are the leftists’ favorite things.

  99. J’ames that fact sheet is just … amazing. His “wealth tax” is supposed to fund a lot of shit.

  100. My favorite is his plan to eliminate the ss tax cap.

  101. if that happens, the NYSE will move to 100% etherium/bitcoin/dogecoin and relocate to Costa Rica.

  102. Key Points
    Establish an annual tax on the extreme wealth of the top 0.1 percent of U.S. households.
    Only apply to net worth of over $32 million and anyone who has a net worth of less than $32 million, would not see their taxes go up at all under this plan.
    Will raise an estimated $4.35 trillion over the next decade and cut the wealth of billionaires in half over 15 years, which would substantially break up the concentration of wealth and power of this small privileged class.
    Ensure that the wealthy are not able to evade the tax by implementing strong enforcement policies.

    Tax on the extreme wealthy. How is this not envy, and communism?

  103. Yes, he’s this stupid:

    Cap consumer loans and credit cards rates at 15 percent across all financial institutions and allow states to go even further.
    Allow every post office to offer basic and affordable banking services and end lending discrimination.

  104. his numbers don’t take into account that net worth liquid assets. People are worth that ON PAPER. Bezos doesn’t have billions in cash, it’s stock certificates, same with Bloomberg.

    Fucking idiot.

  105. “tax on extreme wealth”

  106. Allow every post office to offer basic and affordable banking services and end lending discrimination.

    So now we’re nationalizing the banks? Has someone told them yet?

  107. You will see the biggest flight of capital and wealth … ever.

  108. Sure, to an extent. But I mean that mmt theorists believe that they can do something with money manipulation that has basically never worked anywhere.

    Like I said, I find some of their ideas interesting, but I don’t think it’s the easy solution that a lot on the left are promising. You still need high taxes to remove excess money from the economy, and massive government subsidies and high taxes are both guaranteed to have distortionary effects on the economy.

  109. “tax on extreme wealth”

    You mean like farmers with 300 acres, massive capital investments in depreciating hardware, who are perpetually cash-poor? That sort of “extreme wealth”?

    People will in fact have to line up for bread, just as predicted.

  110. This might be helpful to Bernie.

  111. So now we’re nationalizing the banks? Has someone told them yet?

    Not at all, we’re just injecting a competitor into their market that’s backed by the federal government and it’s ability to print infinite currency.

    Totally different, bro*.

    *modern English for “comrade”.

  112. https://bongino.com/aoc-my-teachers-thought-i-needed-remedial-education/

    She still does. Take Bernie with you, and Pocahontas.

  113. Yep, leon, that is the exact response I expect to get from idiot FB libs.

    How do you compete with someone that has control of the laws and no overhead?

  114. That’s a great one, mare. Vintage Whittle.

  115. They tried to pull the same shit with the “Public Option” health insurance too. It died at the time, but it’ll come back.

  116. Heh, ace slicing like a hammer again

    Pete Buttigieg Sure Has a Lot in Common With Barry Obama
    I mean, besides that.

  117. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/02/24/pete-buttigieg-boy-asks-candidate-help-coming-out-gay/4856598002/

    So now 9 year olds are gay? Aren’t we sexualized enough yet?

    Nope. They won’t be happy until your children are easy prey and you can do nothing to stop it.

    There’s going to be a backlash against this, and it’s going to be ugly. I sympathize with folks like AtC and Jewstin who are innocent bystanders but get some of the splash from the hatred.

  118. I knew I was hetero at 9, but I was a precocious child who’d found my parents’ porn at 8.

    If he “knows” he’s gay at 9, something or someone got to him.

  119. Dang. Think another young gal just got knocked up by a guy she’s been dating a minute. He’s a sorta nice guy. She’s a hot mess.


  120. Dang. Think another young gal just got knocked up by a guy she’s been dating a minute. He’s a sorta nice guy. She’s a hot mess.

    Who won the “waitresses versus cashiers” pool?

  121. Before puberty I probably had “crushes” on boys and girls. It wasn’t really like after puberty. You just become obsessed with people.

  122. She’s in the kitchen.

  123. Young women literally can get pregnant by having a young man look at them. We’ve discussed the fertility thing here before.

  124. This will be #2, with man #2.

  125. A woman in a kitchen?

    She’s wife material.

  126. *checks notes*

    Mare had “someone from the kitchen’!

  127. Yea, not really. she’s just not “front of the house” ready.

  128. Too many tattoos? Too few? Septum gauge too big?

  129. She’s only been dating this new guy a bit over a month. And my friend just told me it might not be his.


    They’re saying it’s his though.

  130. Weird hair. No front of the house experience. She’s rough around the edges, as we like to say.

  131. They’re saying it’s his though.

    Of course they are.

  132. Sounds like a catch. When’s the wedding?

  133. that’s just silly. It’s too early to make that sort of commitment.

  134. Heh, haven’t these people heard of condoms?

  135. People are gross. They deserve scorn for screwing like animals. Indiscriminately.

    She’s a dumb, skank. Period.

    The guys are losers. Period.

    I’m sure we’ll end up paying for it somehow.

  136. Society already is.

  137. Guarantee one or both are Bernie voters.

  138. What do we need to stock up on with the COVI 19 coming this way?

  139. Mare, Guns and ammo. TMI3rd. Follow him on Twitter. Wash your hands.

  140. https://tinyurl.com/rcg5w7b

  141. OFFS…hahahahah

    Old school H2

  142. Awesome is as awesome does:

  143. Mardi Gras. No booze unless we’re on vacation. I’ll drop a little weight. Get a little cranky.

  144. GND was just at a conference that featured a lobbyist for her industry (Wall St) and they are under no illusions about Bernie.

    Expect all the money of the finance world to be working against him.

  145. The IB is still smarter than the window licking paste eaters at the HQ.

  146. MJ, TFG and the D🐀 establishment are against the Commie.

  147. That kid has a great arm.

  148. Bernie is going to have a rough night.

    I can’t wait.

  149. Your day in retail. Company is weighting surveys. We haven’t bonuses off surveys in a year. We are trying to get people that like us to fill out surveys instead of #14 and #15 Amigo asshole.

  150. Why are the rat establishment anti-Bernie? They are Bernie behind their half masks.

    Considering the nutty stuff he says about naked toddlers and women/sex, why is anyone giving his economic plan any consideration beyond a match?

  151. He has unmasked the DNC agenda. They are the Commie party.

  152. Um.

  153. They aren’t stupid, they know what happened to Robespierre.

  154. And Lenin.

  155. They just want big gov and big regulation and sinecures and grift forever. Bernie might actually cost them money or worse. He’s a True Believer, not a cynical mobster like them, or at least that’s the risk.

  156. Made it through the day. Holy fuck. Of course my energy and willpower are now spent, but hey, there’s always tomorrow, right?

    Sheesh. FML.

  157. I’m glad to hear it, Tim.

  158. Brother Tim on February 25, 2020 at 3:50 pm
    Guarantee one or both

    Up by me, that is not a very sure thing. Very red here.

  159. The government/media/lobbyists are so freaking incestuous…..

    Odd Coincidence – Rogue CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein’s Sister…


  160. Tim, as with all of us, one day at a time. Pffffffffftttttt, one hour at a time and if necessary one minute at a time.

    Consider volunteering somewhere. Just a couple of hours. You are obviously smart and see events with a clear eye.

    “Of course my energy and willpower are now spent, but hey, there’s always tomorrow, right?”

    Not trying to diminish your situation but everyone’s energy and willpower are garbage at the end of the day. And you’re right, tomorrow is another day. Who knows what could happen… try and expect the best.

    Meet someone who is interesting. You never know.
    Do your work well.
    Kick ass (at least in your head)
    See something beautiful.
    Read something enlightening.

    I’m hoping all of this happens to you.

  161. The government/media/lobbyists are so freaking incestuous…..

    Odd Coincidence – Rogue CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein’s Sister…



    OFFS. Incestuous garbage indeed.

    Remember when I mentioned Pence’s lawyer is Comey’s daughter’s Godfather.


  162. “See something beautiful.”

    Debate is 30 minutes away.

  163. There’s a reason why what I once called “The Cavil Plan” forbade anyone with a family member or spouse or other such from holding any federal position of any kind. This is literally crime family territory.

  164. Washington DC = a giant box of hamsters.

  165. I wonder how much money you can make as a CDC spokesshit by just buying some hedge fund shares the day before a press release.

  166. Joe thinks he’s running for senate.

    Good ole Joe.

    * puts $20 on debate eye bleed *

  167. Razorfist’s image on his upcoming livestream is wrong…

  168. I thought tonight’s debate had Bernie as the target?

  169. We’ll see. Either way it should be fun.

  170. Ha Ha Ha, Joe isn’t making any sense.

  171. Comment by MJ on February 25, 2020 10:43 am



    This is Mission Management Team in my world.

  172. Manual Motor Testing

  173. I’m sure it’s some Apache project I will need to master at some point that esoterically involved in some new way of mismanaging Big Data.

  174. Warren just shot herself.

  175. Wow. She’s done.

  176. What did the HeapBigDung say, scott?

  177. MMT = Monckton Machine Tool, nearest Haas cnc distributor. All the way in Denver, cries……

  178. **hugs BroTim**

    We made it through another day. And no one needed bail money, either.

  179. She lied about getting fired for being pregnant again, while making a complete ass out of herself.

    Trump has already won this debate.

    They all look so horrible.

  180. This is wonderful.

  181. 150M people dead since 2007? Because of gun violence?

  182. Joe – “150 million people have been killed on the street since 2007 when Bernie supported gun manufacturers.”


  183. Joe’s running for Senate so it doesn’t really matter.

    Whenever he says fact, you have to drink.

  184. the fact of the matter is the fact that………..

    Polls have him winning SC.

    What is the average IQ in SC?

  185. 80

  186. Always looking to government to do something about the schools. How about you, as a parent, get off your ass and change priorities at home?

  187. Who was the dig on sports markting degrees aimed at?

  188. Joe is cracking me up.

    …. we added $150 million on the front end while taking $300 million off the back end, saving $3 trillion, while adding 1/2 a million jobs, good jobs, union jobs…..

    He has no clue where he is or what day it is.

    Not judging

  189. The most likeable person up there is Buttjudge.

    MJ called it/

  190. Amy wants to legalize pot.

    Because you know she’s got a lucite container of the stuff hidden on a shelf in her basement.

  191. MJ knows gay stuff.

  192. Here you go, J’Ames


  193. I want one more Mardi Gras bourbon. Dan has already called last fills. He’s watching the Voice. I can outlast.

  194. My weighted blanket is awesome. Best sleep in years. I thought my RLS was under control. Found out that I continue to kick Dan. Meh. I don’t wake up.

  195. Biden has more hair than he thinks he does.

    What a maroon!

  196. From 10 years ago, still true.
    “If you get an email titled “Nude photo of Nancy Pelosi” don’t open it. It contains a nude photo of Nancy Pelosi.”

  197. GUYS! Guys, guys, guys. And gals. Men, women, lads and lasses etc.
    The important thing to remember about all of this nonsense, is this:

    In three weeks it will be time to sow the sugarsnaps. Spring is almost here.

    *roar goes up from the crowd*

    *hunchback elbows her way through and does a disastrous backflip; 3 die*


  198. Deacons enjoy righteous priests.

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