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  1. HELLA POAT Pups. Well done. Im off to put holes in paper and hopefully learn some new tricks.

    PS. Way to finish strong!

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Thanks Tee.

    Just put next week’s BBF in draft, I swear it is a labor of love but wow is it time consuming for me these days. I used to hotlink everything but that is just not kosh with gifs anymore. I’m out of media space on most of my wordpress sites, I’m either going to have to fork over some dough for premium or start a new site.

  4. Morning CARin.

    What’s the soup of the day?

    How is Pay’s shoulder?

  5. Soup Du Jour. You should try it.

    Pay’s shoulder is still the same.

  6. Well, shit. That sucks.

  7. Puppy has figured out how to deal.

  8. Bugs like that are part of why I live here. Where they aren’t.

  9. Pups, this poat, made me laugh out loud so many times my husband asked what the heck was going on.

  10. Hey Leon, I thought you might find this interesting.

  11. “Yes, that’s correct. And the horse you rode in on.”

    Still laughing.

  12. Interesting, sounds like an analogue to a buffer overflow attack based on implementation knowledge of the parser.

  13. The chair in my room, and the guy washing dishes with pink gloves got me.

    Last night Scott broke a paint stick in half lengthwise, glued the strips together and shoved the resulting shim into a gap above a kitchen cabinet.

    Laura: (while applying wood putty over the shims) When the next owners of this house get the kitchen redone, some contractor is going to walk up to them holding this paint stick thing you made.

    Scott: “Look at this hack bullshit!”

    Scott and Laura: (laugh together)

  14. sounds like an analogue to a buffer overflow attack based on implementation knowledge of the parser.

    YES of course. I thought exactly the same thing.

  15. No, you’re a buffer overflow.

  16. I’ve been sitting in the sun on my back patio periodically this morning. A mocking bird flew down and landed about 5 feet away and I watched him poke around looking for food. It will probably be the highlight of my weekend so I wanted to share.

  17. Basically, you know that the machine reading the sequence of inputs will enter a pathological state if it reads a particular sequence that’s it’s otherwise unlikely to encounter, then you feed it a ‘document’s with that sequence. Here, they had to use a DNA sequencer to write their poison-pill document. For a player piano or old card reader you could have used a hole punch.

  18. Pups, if you want to know how to get mockingbirds to follow you all around your yard screaming at you pitilessly every time you step outside, let me know. I have the know-how.

  19. Well yeah, that happens when I wear my MAGA hat.

  20. I watched a hawk in the tree outside our sliding glass door and I feel pretty good about that.

    Weekend nailed.

  21. Well yeah, that happens when I wear my MAGA hat.

    Birds are definitely members of the FSA.

  22. Surprising amount of content for a 2 second video

  23. Scott: “Look at this hack bullshit!”

    We refer to that as a cobb job.

  24. Literally everything below Pupster’s imgur link was toxic feminism. Normally that’s only like 25% of imgur. Is it some satanic holiday today or something?

  25. It is based on you search history there Nancy.

  26. I search with DDG and basically never on this device. Last thing I searched for was a Skyrim perk point calculator.

  27. Drive by. …. Oy!!!!!

  28. Pups you’ve got some nice b00bs this year.

  29. Monkey out.


  31. D’awwww, missed the monkey.

  32. Just pruned my new fruit trees according to the ‘Grow a Little Fruit Tree’ advice. It took one minute per tree and I was able to see how my choices last year affected the developing canopy structure, which is looking quite all right. Surprisingly satisfying activity. Highly recommend.

  33. Pupster, what can I do to help you with the blog situation? Want me to post some non-boob Fridays from time to time? I understand that I am not permitted to contribute to BBF in the traditional way, in light of the way I find subverting expectations (and abusing others’ trust) to be endlessly funny.

  34. And, your BBFs lately have been very big posts. We could also go back to the shorter format. A few links, a few pics, done.

  35. Scott: “Look at this hack bullshit!”

    Wait…they shim the shit out of cabinets on install if you have wonky floors and walls.

  36. Great selection, Puppeh!!

    The getting up from a nap one is what I imagine mare to look like after she visits the sewer that is twitter.

  37. Raccoon – 2 Me – 0

    Sorta not quite accurate. I rejiggered the bird feeder yesterday by tying it to a branch where it wouldn’t hold the weight of the fat f*ck and making the ‘hang’ 12 – 15″. This morning, I thought he outsmarted me again on first look, as the feeder was on the ground. But, the jute was intact and most of the seed not eaten. I’m thinking the branch couldn’t hold him and he fell with the feeder. Probably spooked him and he ran off.
    Only thing…that branch is now weeping all along it’s joints (it’s a maple).

    Until I can figure out something separate and industrial, I’ll have to bring the feeders in every night. Or Mr. B. will have to set traps.

  38. On second look, the when you wake up from a nap, looks like a baby hunchback.

    *eyeballs lauraw*

  39. Mammals are sensitive to hot pepper oil, birds are not. Some people season their birdseed for this type of pest.

  40. LOL HotBride just sent me a photo of Angus, on the table staring intently out the window at the bird feeder about three feet away.

    HotBride: Angus just discovered the bird feeder. 😦

    Me: Is he doing that clicky-clicky thing with his jaw?

    HotBride: No, not yet. He’s just a beginner.

  41. I’ll look into that, laura, thank you.

  42. California State Senate Committee Bans Saying ‘He’ and ‘She’

    “We are now a state recognizing the nonbinary designation as a gender,” Jackson said. “We are using the phrase ‘they’ and replacing other designations so that it’s a gender-neutral designation of ‘they.’ Basically, that’s the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.”

    Jackson was a victim of her own rules, however, when she referred to her old grammar teacher as a “her” instead of “them.”

    “We are using what my grammar teacher would have heart attack over. We are using the phrase ‘they.’ My grammar teacher’s long gone. And I won’t be hearing from her. If any of you—”

    She was cut off mid-sentence from several people in the audience who corrected her and insisted she use the words “them” or “they.”

  43. I vote California out of the union. They are no longer our countrymen.

    We should prepare to invade them 15 years hence to liberate them from what’s sure to come.

  44. The state of Joe Biden‘s campaign

    He needs to go home and enjoy his remaining years.

  45. We should sell California to Saudi Arabia.

    I’m sure they’d love the idea of morality police and beheadings until they realized they’re the targets.

  46. We should prepare to invade them 15 years hence to liberate them from what’s sure to come.

    Kurt Schlichter’s 4th book.

  47. I worked for about an hour and a half this morning, will return tomorrow for who knows how long. This project is more fucked up than a soup sandwich.


  49. nobody wants to see your unruly banana vids, Pupster

  50. Sorry you have to clock in on the weekends Roamster. Every once in a while I’ll work a few hours alone in the office and I’m PRODUCTIVE AS EFF for about an hour and a half. I’m not trying to creep you out or anything but “…scientist working alone in the lab” is the beginning part to a lot of movies.

  51. Unruly Banana is a pretty sweet band name, Good Jerb. I found by the paint can .

  52. Or was that CAULK

  53. with the sound on.

  54. One of the Masked Singers is in a banana costume, and I’m really hoping he does “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” before he gets kicked off.

  55. Pupster, at least I’m not working in the building with the feral cat. Strange noises.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if I weren’t skeptical of eventual project success and if one of the lead engineers wasn’t a John McCain-class asshole. Test engineer and quality engineer (both with 30+ years) and I (34 years) all agreed this is the worst project we’ve ever worked on, and that’s saying something.

  56. My favorites are “and the horse you rode in on” and boobs. I liked the My Pillow because that reminds me of the bus ride in STL.

  57. I often get more done between 5pm and 7pm on a work day than I will between 1pm and 5pm. Everyone else is gone and I can focus.

  58. Don’t know if it was autocorrect or just bad spelling, but I lol’d at the FB friend who meant “fiancé” but wrote “fiasco”.

  59. I really like the ‘just get married and fold the towels wrong…’


  60. My Fiasco is another good band name. You people are on fire today.

  61. California needs to be broken up into five states.

  62. Southern Shithole, Little Mexico Shithole, Fags Shitting in the Streets Shithole, Crop Picker Shithole, and Places That Nobody Cares About Shithole

    Excellent idea. 8 new guaranteed democrat senators.

  63. If CA was broken up you’d likely end up with two blue states, two red states, and a purple state.

  64. Bernie wins big in Nevada.

    This is going to be fun


  66. G-d give me strength. I’m in a 50 person group text of familia. All Democrats. 3 that aren’t are pussys. All about the DM. My DA cousin is PMing me about Sessions/Barr and law enforcement. He’s running for re-election. Won’t give 45 his due.

  67. ‘Lobo’ the Siberian Husky goes off script in the 24 inch class of agility competition | FOX SPORTS – YouTube

  68. Oso, I hope you’re mixing it up on your familia texts. Start chanting MA-GA, MA-GA! If they give you any shit tell ’em to EABOD.

  69. LO-BO! LO-BO!

  70. Burn some bridges.

  71. Hahaha, at least Lobo didn’t poop in the arena.

  72. Beasn, I’m flying under the radar. I just can’t even. Right now, we are focused on us and our 16 year old freak.

  73. Visited grandma today for the afternoon. She turns 98 in April. She cooked dinner.

  74. It’s cute that anyone thinks Biden’s remaining time is measured in years.

  75. Bernie’s radical politics should be easy to attack for someone like Trump.

    Show an upper middle class white woman with her sick kid waiting in a dingy hospital lobby, constantly begging nurses to get someone to see her sick child. Or two parents being told that the government has decided that her son’s illness is too expensive to treat. Or an older couple sitting down at the table to see on the news that their retirement savings are being seized by the government.

  76. Very first ad.

    If Bernie wins, move closer to a zoo because that is where the food will be.

  77. The way he’s talking, I half-expect Chris Matthews to endorse Trump grudgingly and with tears in his eyes if Sanders gets the nomination.

  78. No one will be able to understand him because he’ll be so shitfaced from despair.

  79. That really will be the best part of it. Open bottle of Jameson sitting right there on the desk in front of him while he slurs and spits.

  80. Hotspur, does Jameson go with sipping dicks?

  81. Jameson is actually quite good. I’m all out of it at the moment.

  82. I’m out of bourbon, and it’s too late to go to the store. This makes Alex a sad panda.

  83. Watching a Buck Rogers episode with Roddy McDowell and Jack Palance.

  84. Gil Gerard needs a repeat on HHD.

  85. Jameson is delicious.

    And so was Gil Gerard. Seriously studly. It’s a goddamn travesty that the wardrobe they had for him in that era was so un-manly. “Hey, we have here a big, strong, hairy man who is highly attractive to women. Let’s put him in gold spandex and high heels.”


    Nice gams.

  87. Jameson is girl whiskey.

    Friday, no, Saturday Night Fights!

  88. Da fuck?

  89. I think the race will be tighter than we are being led to believe. Both through resilience of Bernie voters, and cheating.

  90. Blind test between Jameson and Bushmills. Bushmills won, all 4 of us picking.

  91. Will the cheat machines work for Bernie? An interesting question, that.

  92. Dock everyone’s retirement pensions.

  93. else click on it I’m serious.

  94. What are you doing up so early pups? My eyes open at 0400 every day whether I want them to or not.

  95. i think Bernie 2020 may have Sean held hostage…

  96. My eyes open at 0400 every day whether I want them to or not.

    Yeppers, me too. Most mornings I am up at the crack of derp.

  97. “Last year, Mike’s rocket launch was grounded after he used a defective water heater bought off of craigslist.”

    i/m a horrible person…. my first reaction was to laugh when i read the article on the deranged guy’s death – i’ve liked following his antics because he was a 5 year old stuck in a man’s body; i remember building rockets under my tree house when i was a kid; if i had more money (or craigslist) back then i would have probably done something just as stupid and augered in too…
    ah well – RIP Crazy Mike

  98. I’m glad to see you monkeyboy.

    Godspeed Mad Mike.

  99. Hello, Jam. God to see your monkey face.

    Keep the feces throwing to a minimum.

  100. That’s an interesting typo. D’OH!

  101. i started a venison heart and shoulder roast late last night using one of those new fangled instapot pressure cooker things that c-arin sells…..
    the house smells wonderful; i just added a bunch of salt potatoes and carrots to the batch, slow cook the rest of the day;; dinner should be nice

  102. hi marezeedotes

  103. How on Earth did Mike Bloomberg win NYC? Did he just buy enough votes?

    **waves at Jam**

    Sean has been seen on Facedouche, probably hanging out with Pajama Momma.

  104. HA! It’s just lyrics and I love it.

  105. Good morning, dorks. Whose turn is it to make the coffee and accidentally not set the pot correctly in the holder so that it makes a puddle on the counter?

  106. I watched lawn dart guy’s documentary. Sad to see he finally got enough people around him to help him kill himself.

  107. Oh, and thanks Pups.

    Reminds me of the good old days when raping a deer was not frowned upon. Much.

  108. How goes the kitchen, Lauraw? Do you regret your exotic vegetable motif?

  109. Moral Authority blog startup meeting.

  110. You think this “model” needs a nascar-like crew to get her ready for bikini shoots?

  111. The only motif in this kitchen is ‘white, near white, and gargoyles, for some reason.’

    I will eventually have a couple large prints on the wall above the new counter top.

  112. click the arrow Mare.

  113. I hear that heavy brows are the style now, Jimbro.

  114. Pups, true.

    Except. No one made it out of the ditch.

    Pro tip: never get out of the ditch. It has electrolytes!

  115. Best thing that ever happened at AMA is that Beth came and posted for a while.

    I miss that beautiful wit.

    Like a perfectly tuned chainsaw.

  116. dang Benadryl!

  117. Jeff Ottoman, man of many foot furniture.

    What happens if you spend too much time with Lance/Rosetta….

  118. My bad. But I kind of enjoyed just reading the lyrics and having the music in my head.


  119. Redwing blackbirds are back in town and the sparrows staked out nesting spots under the eaves.

    It’s coming.

  120. Wow. Jeff Ottoman click led me to Cranky click then to Steamboat McGoo’s Aardvarks and now I has a sad.

    Been banging around these internets for a bit.

  121. i didn’t remember lauraw made the last post ever in ottoman land…..

  122. I clickded PJ, but, yeah.

  123. Yup, Pups.

    Too many good people….

  124. Geese are loud this morning. I miss ducks, but the damn geese ran them off years ago.

  125. Oh, man, the dems are actually going to nominate Bernie. How insane is this?

    Well done, lefties. Your corruption of our educational system has paid off. Hats off to you and your bullshit.

    The weak-minded have been thoroughly manipulated.

  126. Oh, man, the dems are actually going to nominate Bernie. How insane is this?

    Well done, lefties. Your corruption of our educational system has paid off. Hats off to you and your bullshit.

    I really need to figure out how to make a meme of the “You arrogant ass, you’ve killed us!” scene from Hunt for Red October, only with the media and DNC logos over the the faces of the Russian captain and XO.

  127. I blowed up the blog sidebars for a minute. Do not adjust the vertical. Do not adjust the horizontal.

  128. So it may still be blowed up a little. I don’t remember the sidebars starting halfway down the header image.

    Sorry. I’m not touching it again as it could explode any second.

  129. Alex, I read that article and there is a lot of crazy to unpack within it.

    I hate to break it to Lewis but she’s a cliche’. Probably what she most hates. She wants to be smart, sophisticated, different but she’s just a sad, thick, lesbian who has Daddy and Mommy issues (a shit ton of them) and says a lot of words without saying anything. And although she wants to break down the family as an institution…got married.

    I kept thinking as I was reading her comments…WTF does that even mean?

    Cliche, indeed.

    “Lewis described her slice of West Philadelphia as a “village”: It includes Gold Standard, the quaint cafe where we first met, a tattoo parlor, a “social-justicey” yoga studio, a community garden, a “punk” hair salon, and an antique shop where Lewis and Osterweil had a $50 voucher, a wedding gift they still hadn’t used more than a year after they married. Days earlier, hunting for a seat at Gold Standard, we spotted someone leaving who turned out to be a friend of Lewis: They told her that they planned to sign up for the Brooklyn Institute class she is teaching this month at the anarchist bookstore Wooden Shoe Books.”

  130. How dumb do you have to be to marry that kind of oxygen thief?

  131. I blowed up the blog sidebars for a minute”

    Not me, used to my job….

  132. Howdy, Mesa. Give Owen a bear hug.

  133. I’m baking a smoked ham from the pig I bought. House is going to smell amazing in an hour or so.

  134. 54 degrees. Odd seeing motorcycles in February.

  135. Steamboat Mcgoo? Is he gone too? When?

  136. Went to my great-niece’s christening this morning. Not sure which denomination, in a building that doesn’t look like a church, in a city that probably considers itself ‘progressive’…had a band. Interesting. At first we wondered if most of the service was going to be standing up and singing – which was the first 15 minutes or so. But then the pastor showed up, did the baptizing of the cutest baby ever, and then went on to break down a passage from Ecclesiastes. That actually was the interesting part. Then five more minutes of singing. Fin.

    Great niece is such a good baby. Six months old. Alert, no fussies, and was still being a good girl when we left to come home, five hours later.

  137. When Lewis demands “full surrogacy now,” she isn’t talking about commercial surrogacy, or ”Surrogacy™,” as she puts it. Instead, she uses the surrogacy industry to build the argument that all gestation is work because of the immense physical and emotional labor it requires of those who do it.

    I’m confused. Wasn’t there a book written about this very thing and then made into a movie? Wasn’t it supposed to be a very bad thing?

    She often refers to pregnancy as an “extreme sport.”

    How would she know? Pregnancy is not extreme anything. It’s something female mammals do because mammal. Anyone want to take bets on the number of cats or STDs she’ll have to keep her company while other people’s kids have to pay for her social security?

  138. I pray for the sake of the species that she refrains from extreme sports.

  139. She’s a cunt. Who gives a shit about her? Nobody will listen to her.

  140. Midway is pretty freakin good.

  141. “I’m baking a smoked ham from the pig I bought.”

    Good to know that you didnt steal it. Noted. I keed, I keed

    Training yesterday was a absolute shit show. It was so bad that my boss telephones me after and apologized for the guy. Unprepared, Inappropriate, subject matter outdated, kept telling us we needed more physical handling training (without conducting a eval) that we should sign up for big money to receive from him. Ran some very basic dry drills where he nit picked non-impacting matters of form. Not a round fired and the boss had purchased over a thousand rounds on the company dime. Just ugly. Preparing now for a power move to become the company in house instructor. I’ve written a rough syllabus outline and will be asking for a meeting so I can present a solution to our problem of inadequate training. Pray for Oso.

  142. Steamboat Mcgoo? Is he gone too? When?

    I don’t KNOW it for a fact Beasdfeddsedfrgsss, he just stopped commenting and his site is defunct.

  143. Dan has decided to appropriate Asian culture and Stir Fry. I like Jameson. Four Roses and the Dickel are my faves I’m poor. Evan FTW and for the Lenten bye bye

  144. Watched Midway last night. We enjoyed it. JoJo Rabbit is tonight.

  145. What exactly did the dude expect the rocket to do? Make orbit? what was his landing safely on the ground plan?

  146. Car in, I really liked JOJO. Watch the shoes.

  147. Ok, gonna start it in a bit.

  148. I’m no expert, but I think his landing-plan-parachute deployed at liftoff instead of at the apex of his flight.

  149. Car in, that thing that fell to the ground just after takeoff was his parachute.

  150. Ah. Oops.

  151. Teeroy, good luck, and I hope you get the instruction job. Annoys me when they pay for training and I could have taught the class, made it more interesting, and finished in half the time (like your mom).

  152. Troy, I actually bought a whole pig this last December, I just worded awkwardly that I was cooking one of the hams therefrom.

  153. Teeroy, not Troy. Autocucumbered.

  154. @ Leon. Troy would be correct as given to me by my mum. I figured as much regarding the piggy but couldn’t resist poking you cause you gave the opening. LOL.

    @ Roamy. Me mum is never finished. She is reportedly insatiable.
    I have a personal interest in this endeavor Im undertaking. If my boss takes that Instructor up to Chicago in front of our very pretentious corporate higher ups (extremely materialistic and prone to putting on “airs”) it will undermine the establishment of a security approach / program that could easily impact my safety on a personal level and Im not fond of having my arse in the proverbial breeze

    Meeting is scheduled tentatively for tomorrow 10:00 hrs.

  155. I’m calling him Troy. So it is written so it will be.

  156. “Midway is pretty freakin good.”

    Chinese CGI and money…

    They are spending a lot on American history movies that shit on Japan.

    I don’t have a problem…..

  157. Me neither. I always thought Gyoza was Chinese. Taiwan occupied ROC led me to believe that Gyoza was Chinese. Went to lunch with Dan’s Oki boss. She couldn’t stop laughing at my Chinese accent. Pot stickers are Japanese.

  158. Unbroken. Watch Fires On The Plain on YouTube

  159. Netflix comedian from Singapore is funny. Anti-Trump BS is negligible. Rest of his stand up is ok.

  160. Laundry is ready.

  161. At what point in the “flight” do you think the guy realized there was no parachute. He was channeling his inner Wile E. Coyote. Was the rocket an ACME product?

  162. His only job could have been ripcord.

    I bet he tugged on that a few times during his 15 seconds of free fall.

  163. Laughter is the best medicine…..
    Unless you have diarrhea…


  165. CoAlex?

  166. Time to step it up, Laura

  167. Neat

  168. Remember, rape, pillage, THEN burn.

  169. Laura?

  170. you can’t prove shit

  171. Dreams enchanted Raoul’s psyche.

  172. I’m watching the Trumps tour Taj Mahal. The President is wearing a bright yellow tie, and I assume there has to be some meaning behind that color in India for him to forego his usual power red tie. Quick google says it means prosperity and peace. Melania is beautiful as always.

  173. Melania is wearing a sash made of Indian cloth. Classic and elegant, compared to Mooch. To be fair, there’s pics of Mooch in an Indian designer outfit, but it’s chaotic and not very flattering.


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