So God Made A Meatloaf

And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a tasty meal, easy to prepare, with or without an actual recipe”.

God said, “I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, grind up cows into beef, work all day in the kitchen, chop up vegetables, make supper, then go to town and get the things they forgot for the recipe.”

“I need somebody with arms strong enough to rustle up a loaf pan and yet gentle enough to finely mince assorted vegetables; somebody to consider adding some hog meat, tame cantankerous cooking times, come home hungry, have to wait on lunch until his wife’s done fixing the sides, then tell the kids they’re going to eat this meal like it or not — and mean it”

God said, “I need somebody willing to sit up all night with indigestion,  and feel like he’s gonna die, then dry his eyes and say, ‘Maybe next time I make it I’ll be able to digest it.’ I need somebody who can shape a toothpick from a persimmon sprout, wash a pan with a hunk of car tire, who can make leftovers out of haywire, feed sacks, shoe scraps and gravy; who, football time and playoff season, will finish his forty-hour week by Tuesday noon, and then pain’n from La-Z-Boy recliner back, put in another seventy-two hours of sports gambling”

So God Made A Meatloaf (with apologies to Paul Harvey and the FFA)

A History of Meatloaf, Long May It Reign

I really can’t do any better than this fascinating discussion of meatloaf from a historical perspective. The first mention of meatloaf is supposedly a 5th Century mention in the Apicius cookbook. I don’t know, can’t read Latin





Nothing says MFC like a Santa Loaf


Dead Man Meatloaf “Add one reft reg …”


Rat Loaf


We had “TV Dinners” every now and then as little kids. Kids are stupid.


Anyone had this MRE? Looks like a fine dish


Hopefully this post has inspired everyone to make your own loaf. Don’t make any rookie mistakes. It’s only Thursday so plenty of time to assemble your Avengers ingredients!








  1. “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against: A billionaire who calls women fat broads & horse faced lesbians, and no I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about mayor Bloomberg.”

    -Elizabeth Warren

  2. oh snap

  3. 3 minute read, capsule review of the debate for people who went to bed early


    Hopefully it’s not hidden behind the paywall.

    Key quote from the article if it is:

    “The IMD Exclusion, part of the 1965 law that established Medicaid, prevents the program from funding care for mentally ill adults while they live in hospitals or even adult homes with more than 16 beds. It was intended to prevent the federal government from taking on care of the mentally ill, which had historically been a state responsibility. Many mistakenly believed that newly developed antipsychotic drugs and community mental-health centers would obviate the need for institutions.

    It’s been a disaster. Before Medicaid was enacted, states paid for psychiatric hospitalization, and it was readily available. But states soon realized that if they kicked patients out of hospitals, Medicaid would kick in and pay half the cost of care. This “deinstitutionalization” continues. The country has lost more than 450,000 mental-hospital beds since the 1950s, 12,000 of them since 2005.”

  5. Laura mentioned two semi-related things a couple of days ago; the NHS right to refuse care and abusive patients. The NHS thing is scary in its own right because the right to refuse routine care to patients who are deemed “racists or homophobes” is a slippery slope and we all know what happens on slippery slopes. The deinstitutionalizing of so many mentally ill people has created a lot of problems for society. The patients who cause the most grief and tie up things in the ER are psych patients who can’t be placed. They take up beds and frequently need a security officer 1:1 nearby. They threaten the staff, swear and occasionally attack them. More often than not they are not psychotic but just marginal people with personality disorders.

  6. Jimbro has given me a lot of reading to do this morning. Ok. /gets more coffee

    wakey wakey

  7. Tool’s first live performance of 7empest. They kept saying they weren’t ready but you could occasionally hear it during soundcheck (with maynard doing vocals – they often do soundchecks not all together). It’s perfect.

  8. dammit. Paywall. I have to subscribe to WSJ again.

  9. Meatloaf MRE is good eating.

  10. I enjoy Jimbro’s “morning alone time at the H2.”

  11. Trump is a great president. Bravo. I can’t wait to see how the liberals try to spin this one.

  12. Some more reading material. It’s kind of counterintuitive, but given the crappy state of our schools, maybe not.

    Tl;dr We think we’re doing good building schools in agrarian societies, but we’re probably doing more harm because the kids don’t learn life skills and end up more susceptible to sex trafficking and suicide.

  13. “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against: A billionaire who calls women fat broads & horse faced lesbians, and no I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about mayor Bloomberg.”

    Wait, is this supposed to make me dislike Mike Bloomberg?

    I’d need to see the alleged fat broads and horse-faced lesbians to assess the factuality of the statement.

  14. I updated with a funny

  15. No way it’s this easy to make Andouille sausage (my favorite).

  16. Mini Mike sure didn’t seem very likable last night.

  17. That Santa Claus meatloaf is….disturbing.

  18. Heh. “Bloomberg brought a wallet to a knife fight.”

  19. What are you hosefuckers giving up for lent?

  20. reading your comments

  21. reading your comments



  22. calm down, mare

  23. How are you and your mom doing, TiFW?

  24. Some more reading material. It’s kind of counterintuitive, but given the crappy state of our schools, maybe not.

    Tl;dr We think we’re doing good building schools in agrarian societies, but we’re probably doing more harm because the kids don’t learn life skills and end up more susceptible to sex trafficking and suicide.

    The three cups of tea stuff was known to be bullshit years ago. Unfortunately a lot of wannabe intellectuals and Rhodes Scholars (BIRM) swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

    I still think that we should have simply taken over a couple of valleys in Afghanistan, sealed them off, taken in all the war orphans under age ten, and spent the next decade and a half training them into a military force and giving them an education in western values and knowledge.

  25. I liked the old Swanson TV dinners. Then again I was probably a Kaboom kid, so what do I know.

    Anyway, some wikipedia editor’s take on last night is illustrative:

  26. Nobody’s giving up your mom, Hotspur, try something else.

  27. Apparently the conference committee went until 3am last night, hearing testimony from about 70 witnesses.

    I’m on duty to cover it tonight, and it’s supposed to be just as bad. Pray for oso.

  28. I was planning to add a daily walk in Lent, and drop liquor for the duration.

  29. Normally I give up hot showers for Lent. This year instead I might give up video games entirely, and any internet after work.

  30. Sounds like a good plan, I may do likewise. Except for the Internet after work part, then I’d have almost no interactions at all with other people, which…yeah, I know, gotta work on that, but I’m not ready to take that radical a step.

  31. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on February 20, 2020 9:22 am
    How are you and your mom doing, TiFW?

    As well as can be expected:
    (link goes to my blog)

    Thanks, everyone, for holding my family in your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it!

  32. I’m giving up Candy Crush and saying a rosary every day for priests (specific ones and an increase in vocations – our parish priest is retiring in September.)

  33. This is not a “sacrifice” because I enjoy it when I go, but I would like to hit morning mass this Lenten season minimum 3 days a week (not counting Sunday of course). I have a few special intentions that I would like to focus on at Mass.

    Also, I always try to do something husband related. Not getting irked over _____, not complaining about _____ or doing _______ just because he would like it. SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTHS!! YOU’RE WHORES AND YOU KNOW IT.

    Maybe, I’ll do something here too, like not call Hotspur or MJ an assface or dickweed (good luck with that). Or not call Michelle Obama a tranny. Or even though I think Bernie Sanders is everything wrong with America not immediately call him a ****!

    Just spitballing.

  34. Oh and I always do something to my physical being…give up a food or drink that I love or do a certain exercise I know is good but I hate, something like that.

    Huh, have to think about that one.

  35. Huh, have to think about that one.

    Have you considered self-flagellation? I hear it’s all the rage these days.

  36. Have you considered self-flagellation? I hear it’s all the rage these days.


    I’m already an H2er.

  37. Bloomberg.

    First, that guy is tiny. He’s about 5’4″ and probably weighs about 120-130.

    Just like impeachment, I don’t get it. Maybe he thought he could buy the nomination and if not, he could still buy the party. So he bet $400M in himself and well fuck it. It was worth it to find out.

    But he’ll never be president. Last night proved that.

  38. I’m giving up sex with Mare.

  39. I didn’t watch last night’s debate.

    I listen to an asshole every time I fart.

  40. Just like impeachment, I don’t get it. Maybe he thought he could buy the nomination and if not, he could still buy the party. So he bet $400M in himself and well fuck it. It was worth it to find out.

    But he’ll never be president. Last night proved that.

    I like the one line I saw, “Bloomberg paid $500 mil to be degraded simultaneously by five strangers. I’m not one to kink shame but…”

  41. I can’t wait to see how the liberals try to spin this one.

    They’ll ignore it like it never happened = LIV will never hear about it. OraNgeManBad

  42. Over at PJMedia, in the sidebar:

    The Morning Briefing: Bloomberg is Satan – Discuss

  43. Satan would be more attractive in literally every sense.

  44. And much more persuasive.

  45. Have you considered self-flagellation? I hear it’s all the rage these days.

    And it’s cheaper than running for the Democrat nomination…

  46. Also, Satan is smarter and far more effective.

  47. I’ve been a semi-practicing Catholic since my mid-twenties, how come I have never heard of the practice of Adoration prior to several months ago when our priest really started pushing it? They’ve got every hour covered except for 2-4am slot.

  48. This is actually my argument for why Trump can’t be the devil either. Lord of the World captured the antichrist perfectly. Makes peace wherever he goes, everyone loves him, no one remembers anything specific that he said, only that what he said was wonderful, etc.

    Also, he’s a Freemason.

  49. Btw..Jimbro, this is an excellent poat. Loving the ‘cracker’ meme. Santa loaf would be easy to do…and the rat loaf, most excellent idea for a Halloween feast.

  50. We covered adoration when I did RCIA in 2013 like it was the most normal thing in the world, but we had a perpetual adoration ministry in that parish.

    I’ve done it many times since, but never regularly. I try to go on Holy Thursday every year if I can and stay until midnight.

  51. Cracker?


  52. I’ve known about Adoration since I was a kid in Catholic school.

    When I used to be a daily communicant, they always had Adoration after 7AM Mass on Friday. There weren’t very many people who stayed, or arrived later for it. I think it’s a pretty old fashioned thing – like praying the Rosary.

  53. Maybe it was Thursday. Can’t remember exactly.

  54. Every week is a remembrance on some level of Holy Week, that’s why there are often Thursday evening vigil masses, and why fasting was prescribed every Friday. The adoration on Thursday night remembers the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemene, where Peter, James, and John all fell asleep when they meant to keep watch with Jesus.

  55. I think when Monsignor came to our parish, he made adoration happen. The priest before him was the obama-loving lefty.

  56. Poignant

  57. I was going to include the famous song by Ja’net Dubois who recently passed away. Actor/singer/pioneering black entertainer. You’ll recognize her famous song instantly but I couldn’t make it work with meatloaf

  58. Bloomberg in a hastag: #LearntoEatCode

  59. Stone got 40 months

  60. The funniest part of Ace’s debate coverage was realizing I’ve been to the Chi Chi’s in South Bend.

    It’s not there anymore, btw, been closed for years and supposed to open again soon as Japanese cuisine of some sort.

  61. Laura?


  62. Adoration is awesome. Well, it can be. Numerous times I’ve been there alone (and that’s the best, zero distractions…I get distracted easily) and I’ve been able to get into a meditative state. Not asleep. Just slow breathing, focus on Christ and at peace.

  63. The focus is supposed to be on Christ or can you pray for St. Michael to smite or for others, who need some prayer?

  64. Hotspur?

  65. I thought you were just supposed to sit there, hate yourself, and say the holy mantra of “I’m so sorry”.

    I’m probably doing it wrong.

  66. Did I sound pretentious, Leon?


    The hardest thing for me is not being distracted.

  67. Not at all, Mare, our experiences with adoration just seem to differ.

  68. Not having gone and ‘researching’ the process, pretty sure you’re not supposed to hate yourself and apologize. More like ‘listen’ and clear your mind ..*sings* ‘so the rest will fol-low’….in your daily life.

    I was wondering if you could add some prayers for others.

  69. ‘Adore’ and be thankful….

  70. Mare does it right.

    She’s obviously a better Catholic.

  71. Yikes, I did not mean it like that at all, Hotpsur.

    I should have also said if I’m distracted my internal talk is:

    “that idiot’s bratty kid needs his ass kicked and I’m just the mom to do it… Why is she wearing tons of that perfume… will that car alarm never shut the hell up… I have to stop at Publix on the way home and I really don’t feel like making dinner… why do we have a fatass, homo, fake priest… I hope we don’t get hosed on our taxes…do I have anything that will fit for that dinner out tomorrow… who the hell ignores their asshole kid in an adoration chapel… did I unplug my curling iron… did I just inadvertently agree to be the magazine drive chairman, WTF wants 10 magazines…crap I have to buy magazines… does Boston Market deliver…”

    So not doing that is a huge win for me.

  72. Actually, I meant that you ARE doing it right.

    The “better Catholic” thing was a joke.

  73. Mare in Adoration.

  74. Correct!

  75. mare, I too, can have that same kind of internal distraction when we go to mass.
    This past Saturday, I almost got up and left when an older couple, came in at the last minute and wanted in my pew – I always sit in the last row, on the end. I got out to let them in and they didn’t scoot down far enough, leaving me sitting right on the edge and having to hold the book and my purse in my lap…but left enough room between the wife and the other couple for her purse and another foot of space. I only had enough room for one knee on the kneeler.

    “WTH, why did they squeeze in on my end, why not the other end closest to the door they came in and ask that couple to scoot over….OMG, he’s hacking up a lung (continuous old man loud throat clearing) and I can’t hear….okay, should I leave now and come back tomorrow or leave before ‘sign of peace’…oh shit, I’m never getting into Heaven, am I, kind of stuff going through my head until after the gospel was read and the priest started talking about how the reading is right out of the Beatitudes…Blessed is the pure of heart….

    …which gave me a flicker of STFU in a nice way, if this is the worst of your problems, in the moment, stay for the blessing.

  76. Maybe I should puff up, like lauraw, to make myself look bigger and badder, so everyone keeps walking to another pew.

  77. Elliot got his Irish on

  78. I sit in the front row. Nobody ever tries to barge in.

  79. She’s obviously a better Catholic.

    Don’t say that just because she still fits into the schoolgirl uniform.

  80. Simpatico, Beasmsnsnsnsnsnsn!!

    I wore a Catholic school uniform for 10 years. Last 2 years my stupid ass Jesuit Prep School got rid of uniforms and brought on a world of crazy regulations to deal with slutty outfits and sloppy boys.

  81. Elliot looks badass.

  82. Seriously, Elliot does look like a badass.

  83. I don’t think I’d mind so much anyone sitting next to me, if we didn’t have to touch each other in sign of peace. I don’t know where your dang hand has been. Ugh.
    I prefer Mr. B. coming with me. He’s a buffer from this on one side.

  84. hotspur, I thought about sitting in the front row but our church can get pretty crowded….though there is a section in the back, that has a front row…but it’s right where the vents are. The air coming out of there is always cold.

  85. I need prayers but not for St Michael to smite me….

    I have mandatory training this weekend. The instructor is a former CIA Direct Action guy. Unfortunately the last time he saw action was 1992. WTF?? I probably know guys he mentored before he left. Hell, my last experience was 2007 and I consider my self seriously past my shelf life due date. On top of that the topic is “situational awareness” something I actually practice daily and have tried to keep up on over the years. So Im working on keeping my mind right about the whole thing. And this ties into yall’s religious topic. Not being a Catholic (or any other denomination for that matter) my spiritual goal most recently is be more open to God working his will through me. (allowing God to being in control versus trying to manipulate things that I shouldn’t) ya know, the whole Serenity Prayer thing.

  86. How is Elliot? All fixed? Work in progress?

  87. Still has moments, but he’s better. Growled at me the other day out of the blue. That ended quickly.

  88. LOL

    Comment at Breitbart:

    Any more showings like this and Bloomberg will have to change his name to Hindenburg.

  89. Anybody got a good grasp on vitamin supplements? I would like to get some support for my old ass, primarily immune system but energy level would be helpful also. I’ve tried multivitamins but they give me headaches. I suspect zinc is the headache culprit but its been years since I gave the issue any consideration. Any insight would be appreciated. And fuck you very much in advance.

  90. 69 witnesses tonight. Two minutes each for testimony, plus about ten minutes for questions from the committee members equals 828 minutes total, or 13.8 hours.

  91. Elliot looks like the kinda dog that dresses up on St. Paddys day, runs the bar circuit and walks up to bitches saying “You got any Irish in ya”? If the answer is “No” Elliot says “You want some”? if “Yes” he says “You want some more”?


  92. Adoracion is a thing. Mostly first Friday, we’re Messican and lazy. Jojo Rabbit is a very good movie. Laughs and tears.

  93. Veneracion is real, too. Messicans like to pray. Pineapple Messicans like to pray. Novena time for carp crunchers. (Catholics get made fun of during Lent for not eating meat.)

  94. Oh God. Ace mucks up the alignment and it’s ASCII weenuses…

  95. I should snap up some canned salmon before the price rises.

  96. I’m giving up snapping the salmon for Lent

  97. TeeRoy, I take a multivitamin and fish oil but average 4 or 5 times a week rather than daily. I eat a varied diet and like most people should eat more veggies. I am not at risk of pellagra, scurvy or beri beri.

    Syphilis on the other hand might be a problem

  98. If I could I would attend a Mass wherein I’m the only person there.

    But that might defeat the purpose. But does it? Does it really? I just generally get annoyed with people. And I do mind people sitting next to me especially when they dick around the whole Mass.

    Sample dicking:

    Make noise looking for kleenex in purse for 1-2 minutes.
    Loudly blowing nose (in between the coughing fits)
    Clearing throat…constantly
    Looking for a pen to write a check for tithe that should have been written at home
    Tearing off of check slowly, but loudly.
    Can’t find the page for readings so goes back and forth with pages for about 1 minute
    Takes off sweater, uses Mass prompts page to fan themselves (I can relate). Puts sweater back on
    Talks to spouse before Mass, after the sermon, during Communion and after Communion (if they stay for the end of Mass

    And don’t get me started on kids. If you know your kid is an asshole, and let’s face it you do go to the crying room.

  99. Mare, that is what makes the adoracion great. You are alone. With the body of Christ. Better than Mass. It is quality time with Jesus. And Our Lady.

  100. “Syphilis on the other hand might be a problem”

    And here I thought you medical practitioner types washed your hands more often.

  101. Went to the dentist this morning. Drinking bourbon through a straw. Really thought Dan was making steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus. I was wrong whole chicken in the Le Creuset

  102. Redbox Thursday. Jojo Rabbit and Ford v Ferrari. Cleaning and filling went well. Mouth is almost no longer numbed. Feels like partial anaphylaxis.

  103. Le Creuset! 1%er!

    *browns crow in a Wal Mart Tramontina

  104. Dan also has German Le Creuset. Staub. When he worked for Pottery Barn. I miss the Pottery Barn discount. Don’t miss Californicated policies. See Old Navy.

  105. My newly cleaned teeth and new cavity filled problem teeth are ready for dinner. No more yogurt. No more arroz dulce.

  106. This witness is like a character out of a key and Peele sketch about inner City schools.

  107. Not supposed to text on Jury Duty, are ya?

  108. He’s witnessing proceedings, not participating. Sounds like a hoot.

  109. Legislature Committee hearing.

  110. I need prayers but not for St Michael to smite me….

    On it!

  111. Clearing throat…constantly

    What I sat next to on Sat. but louder, like a giant hairball was stuck.

  112. I really, really don’t know what any of you are talking about. Reading the last few hours of comments made me feel like I was having a stroke.

  113. Watching that has me giggling in my sweataloons.

  114. PUPSTER!!

  115. Up to three inches of snow in the mountains, Charlotte forecast for less than an inch. Schools shut down early. Mass chaos. Everybody is saying things like “be safe” and “I might work from home tomorrow”.


  116. Oh man, they have a student witness who just reeks of being a smarmy brown noser. I want to give him a swirlie and a noogie.

    Now they have the four varsity sports student.

  117. Adoration is a catholic and orthodox form of prayer, Pupster. It derives from a belief in the real presence of Christ in the eucharist. One sits in the presence of the blessed sacrament — either in the tabernacle or exposed in a monstrance — and prays or simply contemplates. It’s a form of prayer that goes back to the time of Acts, that the protestant and derivative sects have all but forgotten because it doesn’t comport to their theology.

  118. Could someone clue me in on what Alex is dealing with?

  119. If I could I would attend a Mass wherein I’m the only person there.

    Then I guess it wouldn’t be called Mass.

    I like to go to 8:30 Alone on Sundays.

    My parish has daily Alone at 7AM.

  120. Mare, there is a conference committee to pass a bill regarding edchoice scholarships. The scholarships are for students attending failing schools to attend private schools. I got assigned to cover the committee meeting tonight (our office serves the legislature) until 10pm, when a cow orker will replace me until the end of the hearing.

  121. Thanks, Alex.

  122. don’t know what any of you are talking about. Reading the last few hours of comments made me feel like I was having a stroke.

    We’ll pray for you. But not if anyone is sitting near us in the pew. or there is a crying baby.

    You know, never mind. You’re on your own.

  123. Middle school students now. Their testimony was obviously written by teachers.

  124. I don’t generally have too much trouble at mass, and we’re a packed house in a massive cruciform layout.

    There are a couple of spots with bad glare at the right time of day, or where there are stone columns and no kneelers. No crowding there.

  125. One of the churches here has had perpetual Adoration for over 30 years. Kudos to them, especially the people in the wee hours of the morning.

    There is a convent-monastery south of here, and they also have perpetual Adoration with the nuns on one side of the sanctuary, and the public can visit the other side. According to Wikipedia, the monstrance is 7.5 feet tall. In the pic, it’s in the upper right, above the altar and tabernacle. The nuns are on the other side.

  126. Lovely, Roamy.

  127. Jeffersons theme link always reminds me of the Hitler one.

  128. eucharist


    *things I had to look up in my funk & wagnall

    I just grilled two steaks in the 35 degree snowy conditions. I don’t mean to belittle the Catholic faith, I just don’t get the lingo or traditions.

  129. Mare, it is very peaceful and about as conducive to prayer as I can get, but I’m too busy looking at all the statues and windows to focus.

  130. Monstrance and monster share a root. The original meaning of “monster” was something closer to “omen”. A “monster” wasn’t just some horrible creature, it was meant to show you something, as a sort of harsh lesson.

    Eucharist is a word all of Christendom once knew, until Luther started his revolution and split the heart of it.


  132. Pupster, I was that way when I first tagged along with Mr. RFH to Mass. Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, kneel, stand up. (fight, fight, fight!) We get to the Lord’s Prayer, and I’m like, thank God, something I recognize. Except that Catholics separate the doxology from the rest of the prayer, so I was the only one continuing with “For thine is the kingdom…”

    Mr. RFH and I argued about that, because that’s all one prayer in the King James Bible. The earliest manuscripts don’t have it, but it was there in the first century, so I guess that’s why we still say it but put that pause in there.

    Which reminds me that I ought to go back and read The Didache again.

  133. Iran says 9 dead from Captain Trips, including a woman in her 30s.

    Well, we were due, I guess.

  134. doxology


    Front to Back

    Leon, Roamie, Hotspur and CARin explaining things to Pupster

    Pupster’s Jeep brain


  136. Doxology = “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, now and forever.”

    (In the Presbyterian church, a different doxology is sung and goes “Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below, praise Him above, ye heavenly host, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.”)

    Didache = a book that juuuuuust missed being part of the Bible. It’s included in some versions but was argued over and finally dropped for good in the 300s. The early Church fathers like Clement and Justin refer to it. It was a record of the catechism, the rites of the Church (how to baptize, etc), and includes the Lord’s Prayer with the doxology.

    LOL on the gif. I’ve had days like that in the lab.

  137. There’s beauty in the ritual and symbolism of the mass that I find comforting. I never liked my dad’s Baptist Church, because it was too informal. Stream of consciousness prayers and worship bands aren’t my thing. Plus the church has an intellectual heft of two millennia of thought.

  138. Pupster prolly thinks it’s weird to have a skull on your desk and spend some time looking at it every day like some nuns do.

    Okay, I admit, it’s a little weird, but I get it.

  139. Fun fact: Ash Wednesday is not a holy day of obligation, because a defining feature of such days is that they are all feasts and Ash Wednesday is explicitly a fasting day.

  140. I didn’t know that, Leon.

    (Expletive deleted), I gotta work Saturday and more than likely Sunday.

  141. Lots of people go, and it’s a very good day to attend, but it’s not an obligation.

    Also, I have to remember to bring my palm fronds this weekend. Chances are that’s true where you are too.


  143. More people show up then than for a real day of obligation.

  144. Classic, Scott.

  145. I know, I used to see people line up for ashes that I didn’t even see at Christmas or Easter.

  146. Hotspur?

  147. We should talk about tax law now.

  148. “Nun-skulls” are a thing?

  149. Yes, Pepe. It was a popular devotion for centuries, still occasionally practiced today.

    Basically, you’re supposed to look at the skull and remember
    (1) You gonna die 2 sumday
    (b) You still here
    (pi) You got work to do or you’d be dead already

  150. I meant to mention, I found an animal skull in the yard recently that I think is from a woodchuck.

    It was weird to just find like that. No body, just a bare, white skull.

  151. Lent is the most significant holy holiday – that’s why people try to reignite their faith on Ash Wednesday.

  152. I should put the skull on my desk so I can remember that woodchucks are mortal.

  153. Comment by Car in on February 20, 2020 9:29 pm
    reignite ……. on Ash Wednesday.


    Was that pun for Pups and J’Ames?

  154. Doesn’t everyone resent potholes?

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