Happy Valen-meme’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

This is life in Iowa, Dec-Apr.

Just remember:

“How come when you mix water and flour together you get glue…and then you add eggs and sugar and you get cake? Where does the glue go?”
– Rita Rudner

Not sure how the Iowa caucus works? Here’s the dem side.

Lets go out to eat!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

C ar in’s favorite restaurant

Snack time!

And now for the pun!

I’m not really sorry. Fake news.

Almost forgot the Thursday standby, and keeping it in theme:


  1. Like the “Follow Me For More Recipes” meme.

    Pretty much every recipe on the internet is ruined by 1. too many pictures and backstory and 9. the constant requests to follow their site

    I mean, I get it, that’s the goal, either gaining followers or posting the stuff because it’s what they love doing, but it does get old.

  2. People were saying that the rise in COVID-19 was flattening out, they were wrong…

    Pretty scary…
    This is a great dashboard ChrisP. Thanks for posting.

  3. 22% kill rate? Is that right?


    *calls Hunter Biden

  4. My favorites are the honey badger and the chuck wagon. I remember those ads! Good find for Thorsday, too.

  5. I liked the Honey Badger. I used upper case because I respect them so much. And if you haven’t seen the Honey Badger viral youtube video from several years ago you’re missing out.

  6. Would one of you tell me how GW Bush has the nerve to say publically that President Trump “doesn’t know what it means to be President?”

    Fights opposition
    Puts America First
    Fought for deregulation
    Fought for lower taxes
    Fighting for our security
    Trying to withdraw our servicemen and women from unwinnable fights(actually cares)
    Wants prosperity for all
    Known excellent track record with gays, minorities and bullies
    Wants to work for the American people more than celebrities, the left, or the media
    Looks at government corruption like regular Americans-wants it irradicated.
    All his Foreign policy puts America first.
    Never appeases enemies without getting something big for it.
    Is a true pro-lifer. (First to go to March for Life-unbelievable no other R President went)
    Connects with real Americans.
    Stands tall and confident.
    No other President would have the balls to leave the Paris Bullshit Accords which were an obvious money grab (American money) and regulation juggernaut (on American behaviour)
    Has a First Lady who does her job and not the job of someone who should have been voted on by the American Public.
    Kids that Love him, fight for him and are as All American as he is.
    He hasn’t become rich from being in the office and is one of the few that deserves to.
    Refuses to buckle under to appease leftists and the squishy right
    Calls out liars, cheats and the spineless.
    Does not cross the aisle for worthless compromises that always hurt conservatives.

    I appreciate this President more than I did Ronald Reagan.

  7. Oh, and there is a Trump video with the Honey Badger dialog dubbed in and it’s great.

  8. Yesterday my mom texted me that she and my sister were driving up to my old hometown and visiting the cemetery and then driving by a candy store.


    I told her to say Hi to Richie for me. Richie is Dick Gowell Jr, son of the guy who started the candy factory/store. His dad was alive when men were proudly called Dick and no one snickered. I knew his son Richie from Boy Scouts but he was more into baseball than scouting so he didn’t last all that long. His dad was a big benefactor for the scouts and every year allowed us to make a shit ton of fudge and sell it for profit. I used to set up a table with my friends and sell it at the church sponsored Bingo games. It was my introduction to friendly fat people who shouldn’t be eating fudge or spending money on Bingo but, then again, who was I to argue with the dollars going to the scouts.

    Anyway, late yesterday afternoon I got a UPS notice that there was a delivery coming today from Gowell’s. Very interesting …

  9. Great list Mare. I agree. I was not as politically active in the Reagan years but I was aware of the over the top hatred directed at him even as a college kid in the mid 80’s.

  10. I don’t know how trustworthy any data coming out of china is.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. Yeah GW, maybe he will figure it out later.


  13. Sheeple doing what sheeple do. https://www.peta.org/blog/joaquin-phoenix-oscar-speech-end-speciesism/?utm_source=PETA::Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=0220::veg::PETA::Facebook::joaquin%20phoenix%20oscar%20speech%20turning%20people%20vegan::::link

  14. That’s an ugly link. But it works. so it stays.

  15. GW is all in. too committed to his asinine belief. He’s a full steam ahead sort of fellow.

  16. Would one of you tell me how GW Bush has the nerve to say publically that President Trump “doesn’t know what it means to be President?” a Politician. ”

    There. Fixt it for you GW. that’s a feature not a bug.

  17. For years and years I never remembered my dreams. For the last six months or so, suddenly they’re all back.

    Last night I dreamed I went to see that Lord Of Dance thing (if it’s still a thing).

  18. 6

  19. Snowing here, so the dogs are outside. They love that shit. Wish they knew how to shovel.

  20. President vs Politician

    Pretty good fix, Carin.

  21. GW Bush’s tell is how quiet he was during Obama’s abomination.

    Globalist c88t.

  22. So, dwyane Wade’s kid now has no biological future. good to make that decision at 12.

  23. If he could sit tight-lipped through 8 years of the Indonesian Imbecile, he can STFD and STFU.

  24. Oh. got it. His wife is an actress from Pose. The stupid is spreading pretty bad from hollywood. I’m afraid the basic reproductive number (RO) is estimated to be between a 4.7 and 6.6. Just like the corona virus.

  25. Lotta genetic lines coming to a screeching halt over this shit.

    If they really are “born this way” (hint: no) they won’t be for long.

  26. Possum loves Lord of the Dance. It’s got a full performance out there on YouToob for free, and it’s from like 17 years ago. No way Flatley is still doing it, if anyone is.

  27. Local fb discussion regarding the snow, road conditions, and school. I just can’t get over this comment.

    Tracey : Why in the heck is their school…

    I mean, I make typos all the time, but this is cracking me.

  28. It’s 40 degrees colder today than when the sun went down yesterday. -9.


  29. Something sort of incarnation of it is performing in Detroit soonish. I keep getting ads for it.

  30. Not seeing the typo

  31. The woman is asking where there is school today.

  32. where – why. lol ironic.

  33. Their is possessive, “there” is correct in that sentence.

  34. It just tickled me. plus, you know, apparently it’s my day to entertain YOU people.

  35. A woman wondering why “their” is school when “they’re” is approximate 1.5 inches of snow on the ground, probably enjoyed her fair share of “snow” days.

  36. Pretty much every recipe on the internet is ruined by 1. too many pictures and backstory and 9. the constant requests to follow their site

    You are extremely wise, Jibro.

  37. I can still see blades of grass through the snow, and my road is clear blacktop. It’d be silly to call it here.

    I’m in the Lake Effect region now, but so far it hasn’t been too bad either winter. I’m pretty sure my expectation of “winter” was set back in the blizzard of ’83 and nothing came close until ’13 and ’14. Anything less seems mild.

  38. I get a tax refund this year …and then its……gun parts in my mailbox make me happeeeeee…..gun parts in my mailbox make me smiiiiile……

    A day without gun parts is like a day without sunshine and rainbows

  39. with the ellipses at the end, I thought it continued on. Never mind.

  40. Yeah, that confused me too, Jay. It could have been correct with the right end, but no, it was the typed version of vocal fry.

  41. Rainy and 41 F here on Monday. I ain’t shoveling.

  42. Ames schools just closed for the day due to bitter cold. Don’t send your kids outside!

    Oh give me a freakin break! Snowflakes, and we wonder why they are so enamored of socialism.

  43. It is the beautiful kind of snow, too. Came down light enough and with so little wind that it’s still resting perfectly on the branches of all my burning bushes.

  44. Yea, it’s pretty here. Not tips of grass though.

  45. I cut mine pretty high so I don’t bounce the mower deck, but I don’t think it’s more than a couple of inches of snow here. No wind meant no drift up to the slider on the sunroom, so that was nice.

  46. A card-carrying member of a Michigan tribe – friend of mine and the wife – was checking updates to her 23&me reports and discovered that’s she’s no longer Native American. 0% down from I think mid-teens.

    Seems legit.

  47. Richie is Dick Gowell Jr, son of the guy who started the candy factory/store. His dad was alive when men were proudly called Dick and no one snickered. I knew his son Richie from Boy Scouts but he was more into baseball than scouting so he didn’t last all that long. His dad was a big benefactor for the scouts and every year allowed us to make a shit ton of fudge and sell it for profit.

    “How did you make money for scouting?”

    “We packed fudge all summer!”

  48. Also:

  49. I was more of a fudge maker. The packing followed the pouring and, let’s face it, packing fudge is delicate work. A couple of the moms helped on that end.

    Seriously though, after a couple of years of helping out I finally stopped eating the candy off the storage shelves because I had had enough. Unlike your mom who no one can ever get enough of

  50. Flatley retired in ’16. That sort of thing takes its toll. His troupe performed at Trump’s inauguration, which is kinda cool.

  51. I wonder how it’s going to work out for 2A supporters and hoarders (I mean that in a positive way) in Virginia?

    I see this (more so than other issues-obviously) as a violent outcome.

  52. I think it’s a real, “cold dead hands” issue.

  53. leon, that’s the same outfit that apparently said my (adoptive) family has twice the average amount of Neanderthal DNA. Yeah, it’s all bullshit. Oh, and somebody else has rights to those folks’ genetics and it’s being sold worldwide since already. “It’s a scam” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  54. Also, 49, meh. Just another day.

  55. Snowing here too, light and steady. School is in session, I think they’ve canceled a few times already and one was unnecessary so they’re a little gun shy about it affecting their precious vacations or months off in the summer

  56. Happy Birthday, Tim!

  57. Happy Birthday, Tim!

  58. You people with yer high falutin grammar and punctuation. This is the interwebs. One is allowed to exercise certain how shall we say?? Allowances.

    And now I must leave you so that I may search the countryside for critters (coyotes) to shoot.

  59. “How did you make money for scouting?”
    “We packed fudge all summer!”

    Given the current state of scouting, that sounds about right.

  60. This thread explains a lot. What we always knew…corruption.

  61. It’s important to scroll up on that thread. I don’t know why it didn’t start at the beginning.

  62. Hey, Brother Tim!!! Happy Birthday!!

    I enjoy celebrating birthdays. I’ve always made a bid deal for my kids and my husband. Not big parties and crazy stuff, although my children did have a few birthday parties. I think it’s fun to make it special that they were born and it was a great day. Great enough to celebrate.

    You’re alive, you’re smart, and if you need anything to be thankful for someone I read said, “If you can’t find anything to be thankful for start by picturing yourself without one of your senses or limbs and then keep taking one away until you get it.”

  63. This is a comment at Ace’s. I don’t know the veracity of these statements but this is third world bullshit if this is true.

    401 I don’t know if the person responding to Mollie is accurate but, if so, HOLY HELL!


    The lead Roger Stone juror is a Russia collusion truther. How in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was this permitted?


    Judge Jackson also refused to remove Obama Comms Director Jennifer Palmieri from the jury pool and allowed the wife of a DOJ official in the same division that went after Stone to be an actual juror as well.

    Obvious kangaroo court is obvious.

  64. Don’t click on Mare’s links. It’s a trap.

  65. Well, off for a meeting to decide how to do something the business can’t even define. fun fun.

  66. https://disrn.com/news/pope-francis-denies-bishops-request-to-let-married-men-be-priests

    Well that should put this crap to bed until the next pontificate, at least.

  67. Heh. In those terms I guess 49 ain’t all bad.

    And actually, Mare’s links are perfectly fine. It’s just the widgets you don’t click on, don’t act like she doesn’t warn you!

  68. Wait a minute, what?? I did not know (because of course, I don’t watch that shit) but Jaquin Pheonix (don’t give a shit how you spell his stupid name) used his Oscar speech time to say were are mean to cows and take their milk to put in our coffee??

    WTFF? I don’t want to google the whole speech but what was his point?

    And is he paid behind the scenes by the Almond milk industry, the cashew industry or the coconut industry?

  69. HHAHAHAHAAH, Amen, Tim.

    I warn him plenty!

  70. Between the DNC blatantly trying to sabotage Bernie’s run, the Roger Stone fiasco, and the State/NSC ongoing attempt to undermine Trump, it’s amazing how the masks have all come off. They see elections as a formality to rubber stamp policy already decided by bureaucrats, and have become increasingly desperate to strike at anyone who challenges them.

  71. Where’s the widget link?

  72. Happy Birthday TIM!!!!

  73. Happy birthday TimBro

  74. https://tinyurl.com/q2h6kjq

  75. There’s actually a lot of chatter about impeaching him again.

    I just can’t even.

  76. Ba haaa haaa haaa …

  77. Comment by MJ on February 13, 2020 11:52 am
    There’s actually a lot of chatter about impeaching him again.

    I just can’t even.

    They’ve embraced their id. This is all self-gratification at this point. Plus, I suspect that they figure they’re going to get creamed in November.

  78. I’m trying to be cautious but I don’t get anything that’s happening.

    Fuck it. The lid is off Pandora’s box and we’re all just living in Trump’s America.

    What a great time to be alive.

  79. Good morning. Cold rain today, sunny tomorrow, to be followed by a hard freeze in single digits F.

    Oh hey, I’ve got a single digit of F right here too!

  80. Is Adrian a good boy name?

  81. Quadratus is better.

  82. And no, it’s not good to name a boy after Rocky’s wife.

  83. F it! Join the minus club!

  84. Comment by MJ on February 13, 2020 12:11 pm
    Is Adrian a good boy name?

    Do you have something to tell us?

  85. Adrian better not be arriving in September.

  86. By the time any Adrian’s born today reach their teens the association with rocky will have passed into obscure reference territory. Now whether or not its ghey is a another matter.

  87. If you name it Adrian, it’s all the easier to change it to Addy when he decides he’s a girl.

  88. MJ, come on, don’t tease us.

  89. No, but Ruger is.

  90. Harvey?

  91. Heh, I like Glock. Can be used as a middle name too.

  92. No, but George is.

  93. Adrienne is girl name. Good for whoever likes the name.

  94. Name the child “Pat”. Problem solved.

  95. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian,_Texas

  96. Comment by MJ on February 13, 2020 1:05 pm

    Then his middle name damn well better be “Wallbanger”.

  97. Richard

  98. Harvey is fine, especially if it’s a family name.

  99. Is Adrian a good boy name?

    Yeah, if you want him to get his ass beat everyday in junior high school.

  100. Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine: The Final Piece

    hour and 25 mins. Why aren’t we listening to Beck? Is this bullshit? Doesn’t seem like it.

  101. Comment by Car in on February 13, 2020 12:32 pm
    Adrian better not be arriving in September.

    Team running skorts already ordered?

  102. Sooooooo tempted to point roamy at the current thread at the HQ, sit back, and pop some popcorn.

  103. Which thread?

  104. I think it was the stupid Swalwell one, when folks started going off on the idea of female NASA engineers…

  105. Daughter just called.
    The good news is that SIL was formally offered the better paying jerb with an old boss (a different company). He’ll start in March.
    The bad news is SIL woke up with the flu.

    She’s out buying a thermometer and a variety of soups/beverages to help keep him hydrated.

  106. Need some prayers, please. Apparently Mom woke up yesterday and was unable to use her legs. Spent all day at the ER, and has been moved to a hospice house. She is alert and talking.

    I have a flight booked tomorrow, and will probably be there for the duration.

  107. Ah, jeez…prayers for your mom, TiFW. That’s gotta be terrifying.

  108. Prayers up, Teresa. One hour at a time.

  109. Laura, the comments are as funny as the video.

    I’m dying.

  110. Lawd Reekus !

  111. Happy Birthday BroTim.


  112. That kid’s face, Pups. Priceless.

  113. Comment by Brother Tim on February 13, 2020 5:13 pm
    I think it was the stupid Swalwell one, when folks started going off on the idea of female NASA engineers…

    I feel the same way every time the Insty commenters start in about NASA.

  114. From Ace’s sidebar, what the fuck is a chaffle?


    Should be of interest to you low carb keto warriors.

  115. Chaffle = Cheese and egg waffle

    Also known as an “abomination”

  116. I’ll pass. I don’t need bread substitutes other than the pizza crust I’ve already perfected.

  117. Happy Birthday, BT. Prayers, TiFW.

  118. Narcos Mexico Season 2 dropped today. I always think of Scott when a distant cousin is in play. Multiple cousins in cartels on both side of the border. 👋🏻

  119. Happy birthday, BroTim!

    Prayers up, TiFW.

    Too tired to argue today. Did my damnedest to save a space telescope. Finally eating supper, hooray for leftovers.

  120. And Mr. RFH wanted me to meet him for a drink (no) and my brother is asking me what I am doing the morning of the day before the wedding. I plan things but not to that level this early.

  121. Prayers up to TiFW-mama.

  122. One word to describe the dude flipping on his head….braindamaged.

  123. Debuts rarely earn praise.

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