Leon’s Sick Day Replacement Will Be Baby Animals And You’re Just Going To Deal With It

Yaaawnn…it’s a rainy crappy day, and eating lauraw’s pea seedlings is exhausting. I think I’ll put on my fluffy bunny slippers and take a nap.

This one isn’t a baby, but he’s trying to ACT like one, and I think you all know by now how I feel about rodents. My main beef with rodents is that they don’t crunch underfoot in a satisfying way the way you would imagine they do. Well, they don’t.



This is for Laura:

This is for Leon: (Get well.)
Can you find

And this is for Mare: (She’s always up to something.)


No puppies?  I fixt it (car in):





(Colex) Trying to fix the images…


  1. Nothing better than baby animals. Lack of kittens, Sad.

  2. HA! I like the categories.

  3. They feel absolutely horrid underfoot. Soft, a little roll-y. Terrible. No redeeming qualities.

  4. Anybody can add whatever they want to this poat. Kittens weren’t doing it for me this morning, but have at it.

  5. I can barely post a pic in the media folder. Sad.

  6. Hmmmmmm…

    Speaks to what Chrispy and I were looking at last night with regard to China.

  7. Coding from the cuckshed.

  8. Damn, this poat died early.

  9. Hmm, my comment didn’t make it.

    Freezing rain here this morning. Just finished moving some cattle around and feeding. Off to work on a cattle drinker in a little bit. Nothing says fun like working in freezing water in a freezing rain.

    We leave for a show in Nashville on Thursday. I just checked the forecast, freezing and flooding there. Perfect timing………

  10. JFC, Hotspur.

  11. This poat has had further work performed.

  12. Sorry. I got a bit carried away for a moment.

  13. Excellent update!

  14. I fixed the lack of puppies. You’re welcome

  15. Only stupid dems would vote for her.

    She’s probably why my sister has done a 180 on Trump. Scratching my head as to why…..then I remembered she had a shit ton of student debt.
    She voted for obama because he campaigned on stomping the credit card companies.
    Continued bad financial planning/decisions and she wants everyone else to bail her arse out. “We, as a society, have to help each other out, beasn.”….”Not if you’re being irresponsible gooble gobble and not at the point of a gun.”

  16. I give my vote to the baby fart squirrel.

  17. Imagine how stupid we’ll feel if idiots get their student debt erased. Hannah made the decision to go where she did based on $$$. She got an academic scholarship, versus taking out loans for a bigger name school. We’ve scrimped to cover what wasn’t covered by the scholarship.

    Boy, are we stupid.

  18. Of course, Hopefully Hannah (who’s gotten very liberal) will realize that SHE ill be paying off those debts.

  19. Continued bad financial planning/decisions and she wants everyone else to bail her arse out. “We, as a society, have to help each other out, beasn.”….”Not if you’re being irresponsible gooble gobble and not at the point of a gun.”

    The moral destruction caused by excessive private debt/easy credit is something that cannot be overstated.

  20. My student debt relief proposal:

    You can get your debts reduced by half and capped at $60,000. This means that a debt of $50k would become $25k, $100k would become $50k, and $130k would become $60k. HOWEVER, you receive a tax penalty equal to the standard deduction every year for the next twenty years. Additionally, the US Government ends all its student loan programs so that this doesn’t happen again.

  21. If they forgive student debt, I’ll start a class action suit in getting my kids, who worked their way through college, reimbursed.
    Getting tired of feeling like a sucker.

  22. Booo, no Rush. He’s got the flu and his doctors are quarantining him.

  23. My student debt relief proposal:

    1. Federal government gets out of student loans.
    2. Colleges/universities get zero government dollars.

  24. My student debt relief proposal:

    1. Pay off the debt you signed your name to.

  25. Fire everyone at Sallie Mae, forbid them to work for any government or quasi-government entity ever again. Then do Fannie and Freddie.

  26. Btw, my sister turned 60 this year. About 10-12 years ago, she took out a large loan to pay for some Sanford Brown edumacation, which she never followed through with, on top of whatever loan she hadn’t paid off from a previous associates degree she received.
    She was in her 50s when she bought her first house, didn’t listen to anyone, didn’t get an inspection, and bought it for way overpriced-for-the-area asking price. She qualified for obama’s $8k downpayment thingie. Two weeks in, the A/C shit the bed. She decided she made a bad decision and wanted to sell right away but if she did, she’d have to pay it back, so she stayed.
    She put the new A/C and and some new livingroom furniture on her credit card.

  27. How do I add baby piggies to the poat? Put a picture in the media folder and then what?

  28. Are the pictures already uploaded? I can add them.

  29. Comment by lauraw on February 10, 2020 11:14 am
    JFC, Hotspur.



  30. The reality is that the ones the deepest in debt are unlikely to ever pay it all off. Even if they do, it will mean foregoing other expenditures, which will likely come back to bite us on the ass through other social services such as medicaid/medicare and social security. And while it’s easy to blame the borrowers, the Fedgov does bear a lot of the blame for deliberately creating an environment of easy lending, combined with strong push for college attendance. Not just through subsidized lending, but from a lot of other policies, including trade policies which encouraged outsourcing blue-collar jobs, regulations which make it more difficult to start or maintain businesses here, and insane policies which limit the ability of businesses to hire or develop talent without being sued for “discrimination”.

  31. So, fuck the rest of us. It wasn’t their fault.

    Sorry. Not sorry.

  32. The reality is that many of those in deep, deep debt shouldn’t have gone to college, found another way, or studied something else.

    I graduated with a LOT in debt. Undergrad and grad school. I didn’t use my degree, but worked and we paid it off. We didn’t drive new cars and for YEARS we had to share a car.

    Shit. A ton of kids today complaining about their student debt are diving shiny new cars. They get a new iPhone every year.

    One of my friends really wanted to go back and finish her degree (she dropped out to have baby). She went to a private college, for a … nothing degree, and the tuition is $34,000 a year. She’s got loans up her ass.

    She shouldn’t have taken out those loans.

  33. CoAlex, I just added the pic. You can add it or tell me how to do it.

  34. I just saw a tufted titmouse SYWM, near my feeder.

  35. Ruh roh, did my picture blow something up?

  36. JFC, Beasn.

  37. Alright, I think that fixed it. It was my fault, because I thought that Wordpuss would automatically resize the pictures.

  38. KFC, hotsquirt. It wasn’t me.

  39. So it was me. I shoulda paid attention to the size.

  40. Thank you, CoAlex!

  41. LOL

  42. Comment by beasn on February 10, 2020 1:46 pm
    I shoulda paid attention to the size.

    Bigger isn’t always better, eh?

  43. So my MIL has been more weepy than usual. She’s always been a Debbie Downer but husband says it’s worse/something more. She’s lonely and still grieving for Pops, who she constantly hollered at for being messy.
    We’ve got to figure out something to snap her out of it, she’s saying some really ridiculous stuff. But, her only hobby/interest she’s ever had was cleaning. She’s been in a life-long battle with dust and is pissed it’s winning as her 91 year old body is complaining. She isn’t social, doesn’t like being in crowds for long, zero interest in crochet. I do check out magazines for her from the library but she’s done with those in an hour and wants them out of her house asap.
    A dog might help but then she wouldn’t want to live with it. A bird might help, but a basement apartment might be a few degrees too cool for one. Maybe potty train a raccoon? IDK.
    I thought about finding a senior daycare thing where they might have different things to do but knowing her, she would get mad at the chattering and mess being made, and start clearing tables and picking crap up off the floor.

  44. Bigger isn’t always better, eh?

    Um. *cough*

    Stupid blerg didn’t enjoy it.

  45. Comment by Hotspur on February 10, 2020 1:02 pm
    So, fuck the rest of us. It wasn’t their fault.

    You’re eighteen years old and grew up watching your neighbors struggle because the factories shut down and the jobs either went overseas, or were filled by illegals working under the table for less than minimum wage. Your school cut funding for shop class and home economics, so you don’t even have a knowledge of the basics, and certainly not any knowledge of money. And the teachers, counselors, politicians, etc. are all telling you that the only way you’re going to be able to survive in the future economy is with a college degree, any degree, and just take the loans because you’ll be able to pay them off with your good job later…
    Yeah, i’m sympathetic. Sure, they bear a lot of the responsibility, but to pretend that others who pushed this crap for twenty years don’t bear any is insane. It’s the Otter Stratton Defense. “You fucked up, you trusted us.”

  46. My problem, Coalex, is that for a lot of people it was a deal that was simply too good to be true. At some point, while they were partying, and barely studying – they should have realized. At SOME point along the line. I come at it from the perspective of knowing some of these young people and I don’t honestly know what the fuck they were thinking.

    They pick college majors based on what “is interesting”. Yea, that undergrad psych degree is really going to take you places. BUt you got to read all that *really interesting* stuff.

  47. At some point, while they were partying, and barely studying – they should have realized. At SOME point along the line.

    People are actually really bad at predicting the future. The only thing they have is the past, and they often overemphasize the wrong things. So no, I don’t expect them to realize it until it was too late. What would you expect when people with high time-preferences, and mediocre IQs are told that they need a college degree, any degree, and also sold the idea of college as an “experience”? They were told by a large portion of society that what they were doing was fine. During the booms of the 90s and early 00s they would have seen their peers a few years ahead doing well. So why assume that they would be any different? Not to mention the problems with the sunk cost fallacy. How many students did realize that there was a problem, but were already two and a half or three years into their psychology degree, and didn’t want to “waste” that money and time by starting over as an engineering or comp sci student?

    I don’t want to completely absolve the students because they need to face pain as that is the only way most people will learn. Hence my proposal above, which would reduce their debt but not eliminate it, and would impose a harsh penalty on anyone taking advantage of the program, hopefully encouraging borrowers to figure out ways to pay down their debt without it.

  48. I only had enough money for one year of college by the time I shipped me off to one. Mostly to get away from home. Since I was footing the bill, I figured out real quick, due to the shitty education the St. Louis public schools ‘provided’, I could only afford and get admittance into the cheaper state university…had to take remedial coursework (basic maths I should have been exposed to previously)…and knew to choose a useful major. If wimmens studies was offered, no way in hell would I have chosen such dimwittery.
    I did minor in psychology though. Not something I wanted to continue or could because lack of $$…and patience.

    These days, I do put some blame on colleges offering said dead-end shit. They have become scams. Not at all letting those attending off the hook. You signed up for it, you’re responsible for footing the bill, and learning a life lesson.

  49. College is magic. You don’t have to work at it, and it will magically hand you a corner office and a 6 digit salary out of the block. That’s the expectation I see.

    Some of us realized it, and worked it. At a cheaper school.

  50. 1. Is an eighteen year old an adult?
    2. Did they promise to repay the money?
    3. Were they defrauded in any way?
    4. Did someone guarantee a certain result?

    Okay, their lives are negatively impacted. But I was 18 once. I could have chosen the draft, enlisting (which I did), or college (which I would have had to borrow the money for).

    I want those six years back, and a free diploma.

  51. If you’re getting a degree in a “studies” program, you are probably too dumb to be in college and should have become something that doesn’t require a college degree.

    Universities and the stupid government backing loans have a lot to answer for.

    But tough shit, I’m not paying for your stupidity. Life is hard, it’s harder when you’re stupid. And even harder when you’re stupid, have a shit ton of debt and a worthless degree.

    Yes, you effed up now you have to live with the consequences.

    Alex, you don’t really believe that someone who BORROWED money should be let off the hook. They knew they would have to pay it back. And like Carin said, I know people who traveled with their student loans and did all kinds of bullshit stuff. Tough shit.

  52. So, Pete says the White House is weaponizing white identity politics.

    Must be all those unemployment rates lowering across the board.

  53. So, Pete says the White House is weaponizing white identity politics.


    I sincerely don’t have any idea what that means.

  54. You know what you get when people who shouldn’t be in college get a free ride?

    The Obamas.

    Hate America
    Don’t recognize how stupid they are.
    Don’t appreciate that everything was handed to them.
    Won’t admit that affirmative action got them across the finish line.
    Most of the shit they said and did was stupid and destructive.

    Feuch them.

    Read the gorilla’s thesis paper and then tell me she knows English, even at a basic level.

  55. I know Alex never said to “let them off the hook.”

  56. I do know that the “let them off the hook” crowd is ready to vote in Bernie or Elizabeth. They are perfectly fine with that option. They’re not really interested in anything else.

  57. My “finding” powers are really unappreciated by my family.

  58. Heh, what did you find now? Criminal history in the family tree?

  59. I really don’t know what my friends see in Bernie. One guy is really smart, saving his money, wants to retire at 50, and is on schedule to do it.

    And he likes Bernie. Just don’t get it.

    Another one owns his own business. He’s a Trump fan now.

  60. No. Ethan lost is phone that I got him about one week ago. @@. Brand new iPhone.

    He’s stressing me out. He’s completely unhelpful when I go through the “when was the absolute LAST place you saw it”. In his car, he says. He always puts it on his seat.

    He noticed it was missing when he went to get gas (I made him go check there, they didn’t have it). Now … me being a detective KNOWS that he grabs money from my purse for his “school gas”. @@. So, first place I look is my car (yea, sure … the last place you saw it was in your car …@@). So, I look in my car … nopt … then … I basically walk straight to it in the snow. Dogs had found it, you see, and moved it to the middle of the yard.

    I thought it was incredible on my part. He was unimpressed.

  61. My younger daughter went to Tx Tech on several scholarships and got a degree with almost no cost to me at all. As a reward for a job well done, I bought her the vehicle of her choice when she graduated. If we’re gonna write off all these useless douche nozzles college debt Then I want to be reimbursed $33k for a Jeep Wrangler. It’s only fair.

  62. My brother sees free shit from Bernie. It ain’t right that some people work their asses off and reap the benefits of that hard work, years down the line. If he can’t have a piece of that, then neither should the hard worker.

  63. If you’re getting a degree in a “studies” program, you are probably too dumb to be in college and should have become something that doesn’t require a college degree.

    Except EVERYTHING “requires” college these days. It’s a stand in for more effective means of measuring a possible candidate. Government’s fault, again.

    Never got a lick of use out of my college degree. Or the one I got later when I went back to school just before the Obama Error. And yet, I have debt to pay. It would be finished now if I hadn’t had to refi in ’17 once my finances went to hell after dad passed. Now I’ll be lucky to finish it off before I die. If these stupid mofos are getting off the hook, I want every damn cent I paid back, with goddamn interest.

  64. Alex, you don’t really believe that someone who BORROWED money should be let off the hook. They knew they would have to pay it back. And like Carin said, I know people who traveled with their student loans and did all kinds of bullshit stuff. Tough shit.

    I don’t think that they should be let off the hook. I’ve specifically said that they will still have to feel pain, because they’ll still have to pay back half of their debt as well as increased taxes for the next twenty years. The issue is that they took on this debt in no small part due to the encouragement by the government, both directly through loan subsidies and indirectly through policy preferences.

    The reality is that the millennials are entering their late thirties, and when Trump leaves office they’ll be in their early forties to early thirties. Those are prime years for political engagement, and years when it’s going to become apparent how much that debt has held them back. My sister is a perfect example. She racked up almost six figures in school debt, and her husband went into debt as well for undergrad and grad school. She now works for a university in their admin department, and he works for the local government. They’re in their early thirties and just now trying to buy a house. I seriously doubt that they’ll have children at this rate, because they’ll put it off too long. I don’t think that they should have everything excused, but I’m also aware that their situation, multiplied by millions of their peers, is an economic and political problem looming.

    There’s a good chance that the president after Trump will be a Dem, and selling a complete absolution of all school debt will be a campaign issue if it isn’t addressed before then. Better to get ahead of it by trying to provide a solution that involves everyone eating a little shit, rather than having it all force-fed to you by some socialist candidate down the line.


  65. Haha, just got a spam call, from “Amazon Services”. That’s a new one.

  66. No question, Trump needs to stop the government backed program. PERIOD.

    Schools need to finance their own loans.

  67. How are you going to make it fair to those who didn’t borrow? Remember last year when Robert Smith paid off the entire student debt of the class of 2019 at Morehouse College? If I had worked my way through school and didn’t borrow, I would have been irate.

  68. Again, I’d impose a significant tax penalty on all those who take any student loan bailout.

  69. https://tinyurl.com/sound-on-Lola

  70. I don’t think the freeshit army will ever be placaded. It is never enough no matter what you take from Peter to pay poor Paul.

  71. Socialism works great, until you run out of other people’s money.

  72. I like the GI bill option for school. Public service for college money.

  73. That scamp Lola.

  74. So, did anyone even hear of Parasite? The Best Picture winner? I didn’t. I saw 3 nominees, too. Ford vs Ferrari was the best in my book.

  75. I got a lot more done in the kitchen today than I thought I would. Cleared out 20 years of accumulated crap and moved a bunch of the bulky items that get used twice a year into the new cellar shelving.

    The big cabinet in the corner is almost empty. We’re going to move it to the porch in place of an ugly louver-door shelving unit that currently houses the outdoor stuff.

  76. Moving stuff out of the kitchen, that isn’t used? UNPOSSIBLE!

  77. OT took MaryAnn to the Vet. We’ve been worst case scenario since Pet Paradise started calling us in HI. Vet “I thought you were bringing in a sick dog?” All of her tests are fine. No diabetes. No Cushing. One of her fatty tumors is growing and putting pressure on her liver. She gets stressed at Pet Paradise. He won’t do a surgery on a 16 year old. We just need to keep watching her and loving her. Vet had 3 of his 8 dogs at work. 2 Springers and German Shorthair cornered a porcupine. Showed us the pictures of the dogs with quills. One of the Springers didn’t learn the first time under the hedge. Took quills to the tonsils. Ouch.

  78. I love youtube very very much.

  79. Comment by Pupster on February 10, 2020 5:25 pm
    I don’t think the freeshit army will ever be placaded. It is never enough no matter what you take from Peter to pay poor Paul.



  80. What other movies nominated did you see, Jay?

  81. Joker and 1917

  82. I had heard of Parasite, mainly because I saw it mentioned here and there in articles around the web. Until yesterday I had no idea what the plot was and it wasn’t what I imagined it was going to be.

  83. My old dogs had free rein of the yard with an invisible fence around the perimeter of the fields. My old cattle dog Pikachu got quilled 3 times after attacking porcupines late at night. I was able to pull the quills out twice with a needle holder but the last time he had too many. I vetoed going to the emergency vet and put him in his crate. The following day he got the sleepy juice at our local vet and had them pulled. We now have the shit pen for early morning and night time bathroom breaks. Much easier.

  84. I’ve pulled porcupine quills out a few times. Mostly just a dozen or so. We had a German shepherd once that really got stuck. Had to take her to the vet to knock her out. Porkies are pretty cute. Frikken autocorrect changed Porkies to ” Our kids”. Wtf???

  85. Bernie was ranting about Trump being the most dangerous President evah, so that got me thinking, who was the most dangerous? FDR? Wilson? Obama?

  86. Wilson.

  87. Most dangerous? Maybe Kennedy. Very nearly touched off WWIII.

  88. Also Johnson. 58,000 US casualties. For what?

  89. Jimbro, our Vet just put all three under in the field and pulled the quills. He was out GPSing deer and got bit by a deer. Blood blister under his thumb nail. German shorthair is 11 months old. Nova really wanted to play with MA. MA really likes her new Vet. (3 years now.)

  90. Obama and his sophomoric crew of “Undeserved Harvard admittance Dorm Room Planners Designing How America Should Be” were so destructive to the economy, foreign policy, and horribly, horribly destructive to race relations and how we view the military and police.

  91. Oso, I think I want to say, this is fantastic news! Hopefully more time with the little scamp and more time to just love that pup until times up.

  92. Forgot to specifically point out that Obama and his stupid Arab Spring brought on the Syrian refugee fiasco that is changing all of Europe.

    And all the world loved to worship Obama but the leaders knew this was great because Obama was also a pushover. Win-Win for them. Give the stupe some love you get everything you want and more. They no more had respect for that wimpy POS than I do for Romney.

  93. Yeah, I’m going with Obama.

    And I don’t take 58,000 dead in Vietnam lightly. At least we were trying to fight communism (in the most hand tied way possible).

  94. Tax cuts and net neutrality were worse.

  95. Wow, Adam Carolla’s interview on the homeless in CA is spot on. CA Govt doesn’t give a shit about them because they can’t make money off of them.

  96. It’s on Tucker, BTW

  97. J’Ames?

    Car in can use this….


  98. Some of these are funny


  99. Scott and Laura


  100. Pretty much

  101. Woodrow Fucking Wilson fucked the entire world up so badly we’re STILL dealing with the effects.

  102. J’aames, how does it feel to live in a third world state that enables scam elections. I’m just askin cause we probably next.

  103. Only one party has scam elections. GOP caucus went just fine.

  104. Wretchard, on ‘Secrets’.


    The nCorona virus pandemic could have been headed off.
    But, reasons…

  105. Don’t ever reuse postage.

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