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  1. The moon phases and disappearances ones were educational

    The rest made me giggle

    -wondering if a titty is in the kitchen making me breakfast-

  2. On the couch sipping coffee and surfing memes with dogs napping to my right while the wood stove gets going

    Unfortunately Paula left for work so my coffee refill is going to upset the apple cart

  3. Morning. Mrs. Pupster will be home late tomorrow night after a two week hiatus to help take care of her grandma in Ohio. Somebody really should clean this house.

    Doggies napping together, Jimbro? Has the pack settled down?

  4. The “don’t buy dumb shit at the store” reminded me of the big metal chicken story.

  5. Jimbro, regarding the overnight derp and old-fashioned names, one of my grandmother’s middle names is Edna. Mini-me has a grandma-era name but not that one.

  6. Mini-me complains every now and then that she can never find personalized items like coffee mugs and keychains, and I just laugh. Neveah can probably find a mini-license plate.

  7. *prays to God that his wife doesn’t realize five foot metal chickens are available for sale…..

  8. I love the Dr. vs Me memes. They always make me LOL. On the other hand, most of Pups memes make me laugh out loud.

    “When you give them free will and they use it to wear crocks.”

    Oh man, that’s funny.

  9. For Pups

  10. Damnit, Orson Bean died.

  11. I listened to Rush’s podcast yesterday live – the first caller spoke so rapidly Rush couldn’t follow him, so he cut him off. Thanks to Mare’s link, I was able to get the guy’s name and what he was talking about on Youtube. Hoo boy. Should have screened that guy a little better.


    I actually know Larry Brown of Victory Baptist Church, and I’m pretty sure he’s not a murderer.

  12. The pack is okay more than 95% of the time. They’ve had quite a few scuffles and the humans are becoming smarter. Chew toys lead to guarding behavior and growling but soft squeaky toys are only Lola’s thing so she has her “baby” (as Paula calls it) and Rowan could not give a flying fuck. Lola lost a tooth in a frisbee collision and went after Rowan as they both arrived at the frizz at the same time. So throwing games are now segregated. Her old owners gave mini Milk Bones at crate time at night and she starts whining to go up around 8:45. After getting a few biscuits in the crate the cover goes over the front and Rowan gets a couple of treats too. She barks like a lunatic when she hears Rowan crunching them. Weirdo doggo

  13. A moment of honesty.

  14. I shouldn’t make fun of that guy, he needs help.

  15. Sorry to hear about Orson Bean. I saw him on Mark Steyn’s Christmas show a month ago – he did an excellent rendition of Scrooge.

  16. Jimbro, I think I missed something. Did you get a new pup named Lola? What kind of dog?

  17. Yeah, new Blue Heeler about 2-1/2 years old. Lola was at a house with 2 moms, one of whom was expecting a baby (via AI) any day now. Lola ruled their roost with two other dogs, one a senior dog and the other a 3-legged critter. She had killed one of their cats and was exhibiting a lot of other bad behaviors. Their kids were older, like elementary school, high school and adult and they were fearful about bringing a newborn into the mix with the cat killer

    She is a sweet dog with a lot of quirks. We’ve got ahead of most of them (or at least she’s letting us believe we are) and she is a work in progress. Most of our issues stem from Rowan not being a pushover for her bad behaviors. They’re constantly tweaking each other with dog politics and most of it is harmless. Every now and then we have to put the hammer down to keep things from getting bloody.

  18. Well I can’t speak for Lola but that cat was probably fucking asking for it.

  19. Thanks for the update, Jimbro.

    Pupster, shut your whore mouth.

  20. I’m not sure what they were thinking mixing cats and dogs. I’m sure it would be horrifying to come home and discover your cat kilt by your dog. It’s a rare dog who will put up with a cat and ACD’s are known for being a handful. Dingoes and babies are another bad combo.

  21. That’s why kitten and doggie togetherness online breaks the internet.

  22. How did they know which dog did it?

  23. wakey wakey

  24. Oh God, it was a bloody mess wasn’t it

  25. Laura would be great in ax murderer movies.

  26. We didn’t ask for specifics but given her behavior near the cats with them home and the fact the other dogs were a senior citizen and a tripod the process was straightforward

    CSI Winterport

  27. Yes, I would make a great axe murderer….’in movies.’

    *eyes flit around all shifty-like*

  28. Poat died by axe-murder and alternative spellings of ‘ax’ in one comments section, but mostly by axe-murder

  29. How many imaginary vegetables are you eating with squash right now?

    I’m going to be taking Boy1 into the wilds of non-healthfoodstore shopping here in a bit.

    This house is a mess. I think I’ll buy Mrs. Pupster some flowers to cover the smell.

  30. I was going to ax Laura a question, but I got askeered.

  31. Interesting. Weve always had dogs n cats together in our homes and never did we have any trouble with aggression from the dogs. All kinds of dogs, from labs, to shepards, to terriers, small, med, lrg, none purebred. Nephew has a blue heeler that is a actual working cow dog (nephew is a real cowboy) no problems around other household critters. Daughter has a Golden and a wire haired terrier, and two cats, no problems. Ive always assumed the Dog / Cat conflict thing was more hype within a household than not. My experience was that they both just mostly ignored the other once introduced. Occasionally the dogs would allow a cat to groom them but mostly it was stay in your lane and ill stay in mine kinda vibe.

  32. I’ve never lived in a dog/cat house but I’ve visited a few over the years where it worked. Rowan loses his shit if he even sees a cat out the window. There’s a few neighborhood cats that roam down our driveway and we’ve been fortunate that he’s never seen one slinking down the driveway. When the dogs are outside they’re either walking on a leash or playing fetch. Left alone they tend to wander into the woods and find trouble (river mud, porcupines, the main road) so we don’t leave them alone out there too long. A few years ago Rowan came across a baby bunny. He had no idea what it was and all he did was put his front paw on it to hold it down. After realizing he wasn’t going to leave it alone we had to pick him up and carry him in the house. He might get along with a cat if we had one after a few claws off his nose but we’ll never have one so the point is moot. I think Pupster nailed it, the cat had it coming.

  33. If dogs grow up around cats, I think it can work. If they don’t, dogs pretty much want to kill them.

  34. Outdoors it’s all territory I guess. Indoors is the den and I would guess that pack leader determines acceptable behavior within by demonstration and force. If the pack leaders demonstrate tolerance and acceptance of the critter along with punishment for those that don’t, I figure doggy will quickly adopt the party line. Least that’s been my experience.

    Also, I’ve never “crated” our dogs except to transport and even then rarely.

  35. The History of Dogs and Cats

    Long, long ago, before there were people, there were dogs and cats – and they were the greatest of pals. They did things together – they did things for each other, and they just generally were great friends. But the cats liked to play practical jokes, and this is what happened:

    One night the cats decided to have a party and they invited all of the dogs. But as was customary, the dogs and cats had to check their assholes in the coat room as they entered. Each dog and cat got a ticket for their asshole, then they all went inside and enjoyed the party.

    While everyone was living it up, the cats, up to their usual tricks, mixed up the assholes of all of the dogs so that when they later left the party and got their assholes back they began noticing that they didn’t have the right one. Then they noticed that the cats were laughing uproariously and pointing at the dogs. Well, the dogs soon realized what the cats had done and they were furious. But by then the cats had dashed off. Everything was so mixed up the dogs became frantic, but eventually left in a huff.

    And that, dear reader is the reason why dogs, who once loved cats, hate them and fight with them to this day, and also why dogs go around sniffing each others’ assholes – they’re still searching for their own.

  36. Well, I didn’t follow Pupster’s advice, I went shopping on an empty stomach and ended up with aisle 4 AND aisle 7.

  37. Good one, Hotspur.

  38. “The New Way Forward” Act.
    They are doing this very quietly.
    I wonder why…

    These people are insane, and *very* dangerous…

  39. It’s like Laura and Leon merged.

  40. a senior citizen and a tripod the process was straightforward

    I’m amazed this phrase was used on H2 without Hotspur’s mom being involved.

  41. Before the internet you had to drive all the way down to Tijuana to see the senior citizen tripod act

  42. What the Hell are those recipes?

  43. Someone used fed computer AI a bunch of recipes and had it try to create new ones. These were the results.

    Remember this the next time they tell you about self-driving cars.


  45. First TD of the new XFL season just happened.

  46. PAT can be either a 1, 2 or 3 point attempt with the ball placed at increasing distances from the goal line. No kicks for PAT’s.

  47. We were watching XFL. Now, golf. I took a PTO day today for rest. Bronchitis kicking my butt. My coughing is disturbing the princess.

  48. Get some sheep, Leon. It’ll be fun…..


  50. That last hit on Pepe’s vid. DAMN. That was facial reconstruction level hit…..

  51. $100 computer arrived and It works just fine.

  52. I am glad someone is taking Coronavirus seriously.

  53. HA! Chrispy!

  54. Duke vs NC is just nuts.

  55. NC is colluding with Russia.

  56. That sheep was moving with purpose. Clearly there’s history there.

  57. Years ago a ram killed a Navajo woman on the res near here.


  59. Orson Bean was Andrew Breitbart’s father in law.

  60. Dixon eschewed retail prices.

  61. Good morning Hostages!

    Bright clear day here with frigid air in the teens

  62. ww


    Wish she would read a little more Friedman and a lot less Marx.

  64. I get the feeling the Berenstain Bears would tax her faculties to the limit.

  65. BroTim, I think you’re right.

    How are you doing? Weatherman here predicts between 3″ and 10″ more rain tomorrow through Wednesday, which is probably going to make my road flood again.

  66. That was pretty funny.

  67. We had snow flurries yesterday. This is some fuckin bullshit right here.

    Mrs. Pupster will be home late tonight, the house looks like a dorm room but smells like fresh cut flowers.


    Does anyone ever get released from Chinese quarantine camps?

  69. I was watching a video last night after work and from there I went to listen to music from some entity called ‘Timecop 1983.’ It’s the kind of synthetic music that Scott and Rosetta liked. In a style with Tangerine Dream, and Yellowjackets.

    But more than them, this all sounds like 80’s movie mood music, evoking feelings of striving, relief, or bittersweet ennui. It’s fucking weird. I don’t know how people sit and listen to it. It’s quite literally background music.

  70. There’s a disconnect between the corona virus coverage.

    Seeing the Chinese goon squads hauling people out of houses for quarantine versus the comparatively relaxed surveillance here in the US and EU doesn’t add up. Either they’re over reacting or we’re under reacting.

  71. Yeah, it’s hard to know what’s really going on. The news overplays everything “Storm of the Century!!!” so often, it’s hard to know what’s a real threat. Seems like it’s very communicable, and the death rate is > 2%. 2% doesn’t sound horrible, but when you apply it to a population of 300 million, it’s 6 million dead. And that’s if you believe the Chinese numbers…….

  72. “Does anyone ever get released from Chinese quarantine camps?”

    Absolutely! When they load your dead ass into a incinerator you are released.

  73. The media has destroyed its credibility with obvious lies, mis-characterization and sensationalism. They are viewed through the prism of “the boy who cried wolf.” Their collective disservice is so great that they have created a environment that effectively impedes our ability to make real time decisions. Ironic is a age of instant communication.

  74. I’m still in the school that says the “coronavirus” is being used as cover for the CCP to take care of domestic business. Which is to say there’s a legit virus, but there’s some opportunistic oppression taking place as well. As a result it’s going to be hard to disentangle legit disease casualties vs folks the ChiComs just felt like making go away.

    The fact that it’s basically in their heartland would, if the theory is right, imply the domestic unrest potential was much, much worse than anyone suspected.

    Anyway. Rain, chilly, more excuses than I needed not to leave the apartment. Trying to figure out how to observe B-Day 49 this week. While also working the search for new opportunities. So, day ending in Y.

  75. That sheep up yonder….schnikey. Dude, stay down until that fucker is a hundred or so meters away. Anyone with an ounce of sense should be wary around male sheeps/goats. Aggressive-fuckers-just-asking-to-be-sacrificed.

  76. Bro Tim, I suspect you are closer to the truth of what’s going on in DemCongcomLand.

  77. And that’s if you believe the Chinese numbers…….

    Exactly. Didn’t they say ‘no’ to a team of our CDC coming in and helping?

  78. Daughter tells us that SIL interviewed with his old boss at another company. Position will bring his salary on par with hers. Any good vibes, thoughts, prayers, sheep sacrifices sent his way, would be greatly appreciated.
    If he gets it, then maybe I’ll get me some grandbabies, sooner.

  79. Best wishes for SIL, Beasnsnsnss.

    Yes, I’m torn. Media likes to hype up situations for ratings. On the other hand, I think the “official” numbers coming out of China are grossly under-reported. You don’t shut down China Disney for 30 deaths (at the time) across the whole country. The videos of people screaming, being thrown into vans and one I saw was a metal box are disconcerting.

  80. And because of the Deep State shenanigans (all fricken true and probably worse), I am now a total conspiracy theorist.

    “Mare, an ancient alien theorist” Heh

  81. 10 yrs ago if you had used the words deep state in my presence I would’ve laughed at you….now its freely acknowledged. That we allow it to exist after acknowledging its existence is what I do not understand. We should kill it with prejudice. It is a corruption no different than cancer.

  82. Seeing all of that stuff from China makes you realize why the Second Amendment is so vitally important.

    No doubt some of the people being dragged away are politically motivated, under the guise of medical quarantine.

    Never let a crisis go to waste, and all that….

  83. Believing that people in government are corrupt as a default position is reasonable. Believing that aliens made Stonehenge is not.

    I have the flu. Wife is at SANGB until 4 and then has a 3 hour drive. My parents in AZ and my sister and her family are in Florida. I have no backup and I’m relying on dayquil and coffee to get me through. Pray for Oso.

  84. No bat soup lately, so it’s probably just the normal flu.

  85. I’m starting to wonder how much of “dad bod” is because preschool sends home a new illness every few weeks.

  86. The virus did kind of get Hong Kong off the front page.

    I hope you feel more better soon Leon.

  87. Great training opportunity for possum to help out around the house. Like make daddy lay down, bring him a blanket, and keep him hydrated. Encourage that nurturing female instinct.

  88. praying for Leo-so

  89. 10 yrs ago if you had used the words deep state in my presence I would’ve laughed at you….now its freely acknowledged.

    Question asked, but never answered by any member of the Free Shit Army…’Knowing how flippin’ corrupt these a-holes are (referring to D.C.) why on earth would you want to turn your healthcare, defense, or pretty much anything to do with your livelihood, over to them? Did you fall and hit your head or are you that filled with hate/envy of your neighbor, you’re okey dokey with mass Venezuelan-sized misery for all?

  90. jam, how is your infection load RIGHT NOW? You feeling better? I hope you’re feeling better and still attached to your reft reg.

  91. She’s 4, beasn. The best she can do for me is to not ask to have her Minnie Mouse ears put back on too often.

  92. Kids always go off during school breaks and catch some new virus. They come back and trade them during the first few days back. Then they morph and catch them again. After every single break. It stops after third grade for the most part.

  93. You’ve got the flu, leon, and quite possibly delirious from fever. Four year olds are pretty smart and want to be like big girls/boys. Explain to her that you’re ill and need her help…like bring me a glass/bottle of water and sit quietly until mama gets home. If she bugs you about her MM ears, just say ‘no’.
    If you don’t have critters to tend, sit your butt down and hydrate.


  95. When my kids were in preschool, we were sick for 3 years. I wound up with the worst of it because they would never catch whatever it was at the same time. One week…one kid….second kid would get it the following week.

    >>It stops after third grade for the most part.

    For us, after 1st grade, when we had both kid’s tonsils/adenoids removed.

  96. You know what would be super helpful in this situation?

    That’s right.

    Articulated Unicorn Head

  97. Look at the bright side, if you were Chinese you would already be on your way to Camp Quarantine.

  98. The “ancient alien theorist” was just a joke…the craziest theory I could think of. Hence the “heh.”

    But pretty much most of the other political theories I’ve heard about I now believe.

    Pizzagate? Yes. Pedophile rings in high places? Yes. McCain totally trying to bring down Trump with the Dems? Yes. Romney wanting to be Trump’s SOS to try and hurt him from within? Yes. Everything? Yes.

  99. Comment by Pupster on February 9, 2020 1:33 pm


    Yep, I believe it.

  100. Just remember, China always considers the individual when making policy. It’s never what’s good for the State or how Communism looks.


  101. I’ve got sick kids coughing all over my office all the time. Through some combination of luck, hand washing/gelling and a halfway decent immune system I only get a couple of big colds a year and a couple of minor nuisance ones. On the review of system forms the parents fill out at least half of them are circled under cough, congestion, fever or diarrhea.

  102. She can’t reach any water. Stupid house is built for giants or something. She’s been good about keeping herself entertained so far. Just a little food prep and origami on my part.

  103. It’s hard to believe that so many weirdos are attracted to children sexually, regardless, it’s true. They need to be hunted down and destroyed (killed). Abuse only perpetuates itself. Harsh but also true.

  104. She can’t reach any water. Stupid house is built for giants or something.

    Perfect time to teach her to do what you do…drag a chair over to the sink….

    HAAA, just messing with you. Tho, it is the perfect time to start teaching her to adapt in the event her parents fall and can’t get up and she needs to fend for herself for a few days. How to get to/turn on the faucet…how to use the microwave…how to use the phone, etc. (My son was using the microwave at 2 1/2 because he liked warm milk and I got tired of having to do it 50 million times a day.)

  105. Speaking of being attracted to underage kids, this is creepy (Thank goodness Mom found the note):

  106. Four is old enough to know how to mix a “medicinal” cocktail for Daddy.

  107. That thought always scared me when the kids were little. What if I kicked the bucket while dad was on a business trip? Would they know what to do? Not sure about the phone business and not sure they’d go to a neighbor (both very shy) but pretty sure son would be able to feed the both of them.
    I’ve got a picture of him, age 3, standing on the kitchen counter, trying to get to hidden Easter candy in the top cabinet.

  108. Microwave is over the fridge and nothing she eats ever goes in there. Toaster oven or nothing, and it’s a struggle to get her to eat protein at all most days. Not a weird fear on my part, she won’t eat anything soggy.

    She wants water with cookies. Won’t even sip milk. Switched at birth.

    She has a stool to wash her own hands in the bathroom, but she lacks the height and strength to safely pour out her pee from the kid potty. And that sink isn’t the super-filtered drinking water anyhow. I am managing, but I can’t really give her chores.

  109. Did you know you can’t have “medicine” on the same day as dayquil without risk of liver damage?

    Because I read the damn bottle and had a sad.

  110. Who puts a microwave above a fridge? That’s just wrong.

  111. Stove. How the hell did I write fridge? She was bugging me to play catch and I must have had a brain fart. Either way, it’s out of reach and wouldn’t feed her regardless.

    Every drill it’s something, at least the basement isn’t flooded.


    Okay, not flooded.

  112. I love stuff like this.

    How to make a mini lathe in 10 minutes – YouTube

  113. “Frost free” sillcock on the back of the house decided to start leaking again after having stopped last March. Wouldn’t be an issue if the plumber who put in all that pretty copper pipe had done flippin’ shutoff valve.

  114. They had some druggies kill some other druggies here in NM a long time ago. They left the two little kids (3 and 4) locked in a cabin. The kids starved to death because they couldn’t work a can opener, or get anything else to eat or drink. It made us teach our kid how to open a can and get other kinds of food and water. You can google “Torreon family slayings” or something like that.

  115. Pepe, I’ve worked with People on both sides of Torreón.

  116. I need to get a membership to the local DIY place so I can use their lathes.

  117. The kids starved to death because they couldn’t work a can opener, or get anything else to eat or drink. It made us teach our kid how to open a can and get other kinds of food and water.

    Yep. Always my fear. Daughter was quite timid around appliances but our son was a smarty. He would have taken care of them both. When grandma came over and watched them for a couple of days, he taught her how to make things like grilled cheese sammiches. ‘Hewuh gwandmah, I teach you.’

  118. Beasn, you are a great parent.

  119. Yes, husband’s mom didn’t know how to make grilled cheese. Husband never had a grilled cheese at home. Lunch was usually the big meal of the day or an assortment of lunch meats/bread/peppers.

  120. My Tia was a single parent, her kids learned to be self sufficient. Celena was 9. I lived with them when their dad left. I am closer to them, than I am to my own siblings. Torreón is puro New Mexico. It defines us more than Breaking Bad.

  121. Beasn, I have funny stories about my mom and white people food.

  122. That is sweet of you to say, oso. Maybe when they were little.

    What is funny is that my son, while teaching grandma how to make lunch, or use the microwave and VCR, he would make sure to instruct her on safety. Like “turn this knob and push this button (on the microwave) and one, two, three steps back so you don’t cook your brains”. LOL
    Tickles my MIL to this day.

  123. Nick Taylor had a 5 stroke lead with 9 to play.

    Now it’s 3 strokes with 6 to play.

    This could be an epic choke.

  124. Andrew Breitbart tweeted this in 2011:

    How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t a household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.

  125. Now it’s 3 strokes with 6 to play.

    This could be an epic choke.

    Carradine levels?

  126. 2 strokes with 4 to play.

  127. Monica Peterson committed “suicide.” She was investigating the Clinton Foundation’s ties to a child sex ring in Haiti.

    Another suicide, strange death near the Clintons. I’d never heard of this one.

  128. This weekend: finished Orphan x, and tried TWO different stains on a chest of drawers I’ve been restoring before I resorted to what my friend told me to do in the first place.

    Dilute white paint.

    I don’t want to tell her she was right, but I’m probably going to have to.

    What should I read now?

  129. Hilarious facebook video you guys would enjoy. I’ll try to find it in another format.

  130. Found it:

  131. My kids could make a sammich or a bowl of cereal when they were 4. I know how you are about grains, Leon, but when they got picky about food, I could say, you can make yourself a sandwich if you don’t want to eat what I’ve fixed, and no dessert. I kept those things where they could reach them.

    It’s probably why Rocketboy eats peanut butter sammiches – he was too lazy to bother with jelly.

  132. The second comment down discussing the “burning” is rather interesting.

    Hotspur, you know the drill.

  133. I cannot believe that Buttiegeg is an actual Presidential Candidate.


  134. He’s been a mayor of a small city for 2 years Mare.

    That makes him 5X more qualified than Obama.

  135. uffffffffff That’s true.

  136. BIden called a woman, “a lying dog-faced pony soldier” after she asked a question about the Iowa caucus.

    That seems normal.

  137. We’ll have to ask Hotspur what that means.

  138. I understand each of those words, just not the combination

    dog faced?——–check
    pony soldier?—–we’re gonna need Hotspur

  139. Ok, I’m back. What did I miss?

  140. You left??

  141. My theory is that Joe won’t drop out because he sees this as the campaign that Beau should have been running. Beau Biden was supposed to take up the family legacy and eventually run for President. Most likely run for Governor of Delaware in 2016, then run for President in 2020 or 2024, depending on whether a Dem or Republican won in 2016.

  142. Jay, when he was a little girl.

  143. Joe is in it to keep Hunter out of prison.

    It won’t work.

  144. In the video mare linked, I wonder what is being said. I can believe them filthy commies using a virus outbreak as cover to round up dissidents.
    Anyone know how many were arrested in Hong Kong?

  145. Re. The China video:

    ” We’re from the government, and we’re here to help. “

  146. Universal health care! Quarantine Camp is free for everyone.


  148. MJ?

  149. For anybody keeping track of the ‘released’ coronavirus data, this is a very powerful data aggregator and explorer. You can drill down to individual cases in some places(US).

  150. The deaths vs recovered seems hopeful. Unless I’m reading it incorrectly.

    I do NOT trust the Chinese government to be forthcoming. Getting lots of internet news on crematoriums going 24/7 but I’m willing to say that could be garbage, internet, hype.

  151. Thanks, Chrispy!

  152. The Chinese commies are lying through their teeth. It’s what God-forsaken commies do(see Bernie). But, yeah, the crematoriums burning 24/7/365, hundreds of bodies/day and the corona deaths are what?
    One thing I read was that a dead person who has not been diagnosed with the virus is counted as a pneumonia death, not coronavirus.
    Inscrutable, these commies.
    Who’da thunk…

  153. I practiced a little escapism today and watched the Jerry Lewis movie “Cinderfella”. It was silly but not one of his better movies, mainly because of bad editing. The French probably like it. It was filmed in the same mansion as “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Dame Judith Anderson was the wicked stepmother, Ed Wynn was the fairy godfather. I give it two and a half out of five bald heads.

  154. 62% of NH demoncrats would prefer SMOD extinguish all life on earth over Trump being re-elected.
    These people are nuckin’ futs…

  155. Debra eventually regained popularity.

  156. I refuse to comment until someone puts up a new post.

    *wraps loose skin around arms and folds them

  157. MJ, maybe you should run in place until the new poat is up?

  158. *wraps loose skin around arms and folds them

    Ha ha ha, nice try but we know you don’t have any loose skin, plumpy.

    *tosses MJ a sugar-glazed jelly-fillled cruller*

  159. So, MJ – just so you know what kind of crazy folks you’ll be running with – yesterday our team mate Andrea picked the workout (we met at open gym). 150 backsquats (115 – it was supposed to be body weight, but that wasn’t happening) and every time you had to rack the bar, you had a 200 meter row.

    Usually, workouts put backsquat for men at body weight, and for women at 3/4 body weight, so that’s what we did.

    I can barely walk today.

  160. SMOD is a fuckin’ tease. They will learn, as we did.


  161. Raining here, apparently for the next couple days. Kitchen cabinet cleanout today. The meat slicer takes up a lot of room and does not spark joy.

  162. Caruthers is probably still sick, isn’t he? I can put up a garbage poat if you guys want. I’ll see if anything is in queue first.

  163. He really should have taught his daughter to poat for him. THAT would be helpful.

  164. Went to bed at 7 and just got up. Debating calling in sick and going back to bed. The coughing fits really hurt.

  165. Go back to bed. I got this. It’s gonna be a baby animals poat today. Shhhhh, rest.

    Guys, just gimme ten minutes and low expectations, please.

  166. What Laura said. No one likes using sick days “just in case I really need them” but it sounds like you need codeine and hot tea with honey and whiskey

  167. Low expectations…MY FAVORITE!!

  168. Thanks, Lauraw.

  169. Love the (non) reaction. Stick a fork in her, she’s done.

  170. Elizabeth Warren is a true political whore. She’s the last thing we need in politics. Only stupid dems would vote for her.

    Even that shriveled egg, Carvill, knows paying off student loan debt is stupid.

  171. If like Buttigieg you think reparations are a thing, I actually have disdain for you.

  172. People in NH must know they’ll be visited by the pols looking to be seen among “normal everyday people”. You can tell people are just being polite but not really enthusiastic at all.

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