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Your model for today was born in Melbourne, Florida on December 7th, 1988.  She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 34D2435 and 119 lbs.  Stop multitasking and focus on Miss Elizabeth Ostrander.



  1. Spectacular Funbags Solutions, Inc.

  2. I’ve seen his freak before in his iteration of “Human Ken Doll”

    I suppose this was inevitable

  3. Forecast is for freezing rain today, starting early morning and lasting all day. Wondering if we’ll lose power.

  4. Special “Mid Week In Pictures” edition

    Thanks go out to ChrisP for introducing me to that site with his links

  5. For a finely freckled redhead Miss Ostrander sure does get a lot of sun

  6. She used her Playboy money to fund a trip around the world. No really. With her husband, a professional sailor.

  7. Erik … fell in love with Elizabeth, but not just because she’s a stone cold gorgeous redhead who is enthusiastic about sailing and “wants to be a playful sex bomb for life.”
    Well there! A BBF model story with a happy ending


  8. I’ve had carrots in lasagna once. One of my friend’s then girlfriend/now wife brought a vegetarian lasagna to some potluck we had and it was actually pretty damn good. It wasn’t vegan so it had real cheese and the rest of the usual stuff. It obviously made an impression on me because that dinner was before they were married and their 3 kids have all finished high school at this point.

  9. She’s a couple of over inflated lips away from being a stunner.

  10. 9/10 would smash

  11. MJ, would you let her get on top?

  12. DNC headquarters in Iowa:

  13. She seems nice.

    It’s snowing here.

  14. She’s pretty but PD is right, those lips…hmmmm.

  15. Laughed a little too hard at the deer gif.

  16. Not bad at all.

    Re: biomom, she actually reached out in ’96. I was going to respond but…well, freaked out. The info she gave has meant I’ve been able to keep tabs through this wonderful thing called social media, that I hate but find just too damned useful at times.

    So, yeah. I could contact her. I could do any number of things in my life if I could break free of this damned black dog. So it goes.

  17. Model’s kids definitely seem to have her looks, at least in the “little kid cute” stage. Hoping they beat the odds and stay a solid and happy family.

  18. Model is pretty if a bit too tall.

    We got 5″ of snow and the wife has Guard duty and mom and dad are headed to AZ for a couple of weeks, so it gets shoveled today or not at all.

  19. Anyone watch Tucker last night? What the name of the immigration bill they’re trying to push through?

  20. MJ, would you let her get on top?
    Is the pope a pedo?

  21. I’m not even sure if he’s pope. If the “wealth redistribution” comments are correct, he may have just excommunicated himself.

  22. Snowing a little here too

  23. Carin, the New Way Forward Act.

    There’s another one they are pushing that is basically AB5 for the whole country. That would destroy the economy.

  24. AB5 would eliminate subcontractors on fed programs, so my whole company would die and the big integrators would have to actually hire competent engineers instead of meeting diversity quotas with employees and then outsourcing the work.

    Recession in the short term for sure, if not outright depression.

  25. I wonder if she gets out of bed every morning and says, “What should I do with my tits today?”

  26. Comment by MJ on February 7, 2020 9:01 am
    Snowing a little here too

    So basically mass chaos, panic, and disorder?

    Hope you stocked up on bread, milk, and eggs.

  27. Her face is weird.

  28. The whole city is shut down. A flurry was spotted on 285.

    Just kidding, we’re all dead already.

    CoAlex: It appears that our confusion about impeachment was well founded. I still have no idea what that was all about except stepping on one’s gentlemen’s sausage. The only winners are Schiff, Trump, and Republicans.

    I think it’s fair to say that Schiff runs the party and Nancy really is the drunken, foggy old lady we always imagined her to be.

  29. It’s impressive that the Dems not only managed to step on their collective dick this week, but actually tap danced on it.

  30. Snow flurries reported north of here. Not sticking like it did two years ago, but still fun and games.

  31. Dear Elizabeth Warren,

    We’re just not that into you.


    Everyone with more than 2 brain cells

  32. Warren has a very awkward neck/head thing going on. It’s as if it was grafted on to her body or something.

  33. Plus she lied about being an American Indian for personal gain.

    She basically handed an actual diversity candidate a blanket with small pox so she could get ahead.

  34. I heard she’s a cunt in real life.

  35. Maybe she should have fucked her way up the ladder.

  36. Or fellated her way like Harris.

  37. AOC is Warren with less IQ and more authenticity.

  38. Can we agree that politicians are attention whores/regular whores, stupid, or grifters?

    And I’m willing to embrace the power of “and.”

  39. It’s fun to rip on AOC for being dumb. But, really, she’s very dumb. She’s stupid.

  40. She’s had a gentleman’s sausage or two in her.

  41. Probably at the same time.

  42. This is racist (I guess) but how do blacks vote for Maxine Waters?
    Johnson? The idiot from Texas who wears the stupid bedazzled hats?

    This is racist too, how do people vote for Swalwell? He’s barely functioning with regard to speaking publically. Warren? Schiff?

  43. She’s worse than just being stupid. She’s aggressively stupid. She blazes new trails in stupid on a daily basis.

  44. Spring is coming. I should use up some of these squashes sitting in the bay window.

  45. Easy. I think a lot of them vote the party, not the person. See the D, pull the lever.

  46. Only time I ever talked to another person in a polling place was a black guy in Ann Arbor asking me about the “Democrat” box at the top of the ballot and whether he had to fill out the rest if he just checked that.

  47. Ahhhh, I see Brother Tim and Leon have hit the answer.

  48. Free shit army.

    Case closed.

  49. This video is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time. It makes me smile and cry at the same time. If you’re not happy for this girl, you’re dead to me.

  50. One of the comments on Mare’s link:

    “That’s my reaction when Obama was elected President.”


  51. That was my reaction when Trump won. *cough*

  52. Between the 737 Max problems, and this, It might be for the best if Boeing was forcibly broken up at this point.

  53. Boeing is likely a hollow shell at this point, like a lot of the big aerospace corps. Very few actual employees, and most of them are likely “scrum masters” or middle management, and an army of subs. Work is piecemeal’d out to the subs at the lowest cost under some abomination akin to SAFE and the people at the middle and top of the pyramid always have a bunch of green rectangles in their user story spreadsheets because bad news stops at the lowest level possible.

  54. Even more reason to break it up.

  55. LOL – the government’s model in everything: job goes to the lowest bidder. Or, as we say in construction contracting, “The guy who made the biggest mistake in his bid.”

  56. I wasn’t disagreeing, I’m just not sure you could knock them down and not have to do the same to LockMart and the rest. Whatever replaces Boeing if they stop being the widget-builder of choice for NASA might be just as bad.

  57. NASA is a scam – bunch of climate change cultists.


    Space force ships will travel the stars coated in a skin of fungus!

  59. NASA’s problem is that they are subject to the whims of politicians, and the left sees them as a waste. I truly believe that the Obama admin’s changes to the Mars mission were an attempt to kill the program and eventually NASA without any blowback.

    The more commercial launch capabilities, the better for NASA, since it will give them more flexibility and make them less subject to 180 changes in policy.

  60. It’s dead, Jim.

  61. So, basically the democrats will have a senile communist, lying harpy cunt, or a smarmy fudge packer to vote for.


  62. Space force ships will travel the stars coated in a skin of fungus!

    1) I had guessed that we’d eventually find something like this in nature, plenty of non-sun energy out there to harvest with the right molecular mechanism
    b) I have to get in on this, it’s like the complete merging of all my interests.

  63. The more commercial launch capabilities, the better for NASA, since it will give them more flexibility and make them less subject to 180 changes in policy.

    This. Plus all the Nazis are dead, all the people who worked with them have died or retired, and no one left knows how to successfully build a rocket any more.

  64. If we built an H2 rocket it would have giant aerodynamic tits, a mushroom skin, and a sign on the back that says, ‘Your Mom is on Board.’

  65. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with Boeing and the other companies who rely heavily on China in their supply chain. Hopefully with the tariff war, they moved to homeland sources.

  66. It would also have a mushroom tip, and that would be the only part that was supposed to go into space, but of course that’s just what we say. The whole thing goes all the way.

  67. And slap a label on saying “Powered by Kerbal Space Program”.

  68. Oh, and the fungal-powered spaceships should have a base near Pluto. Because tradition and Lovecraft, but mostly Lovecraft.

  69. Is Rush on today, or is it another guest host?

  70. Welp, Biden is mort.

    Buttigieg, Sanders, and Warren.

  71. Yes, Rush is on RIGHT NOW!

  72. The capsule would be named Your Mom, because she can fit three men inside her at once.

  73. MJ, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass? Just updating my records.

  74. Brother Tim, this may not be any of my business, so feel free to tell me to shut it, but if your mom reached out to you in ’96, it was probably because she feels bad about giving you up for adoption.

    Obviously, I don’t know the particulars, but if you think that you might want to meet her and/or have some questions answered, please get in touch with her before it’s too late.

    Some of your depression may be related to that, and it could well be that resolving that relationship would go a long way towards starting some healing – perhaps on both sides.

    I do understand that it might also open up a whole ‘nuther can of worms, though.

    Have you talked with your therapist/doctor about it?


    “One of the more bizarre aspects of AOC’s ongoing struggle with verbal diarrhea is that the media insists on celebrating everything she says actually having intellectual heft. Sure, it’s not unusual for the mainstream media to fawn over their own creations — Beto O’Rourke comes to mind — but the treatment of AOC stands out because she is truly a remarkably stupid woman.

    I mean, a real paste-eater.”

  76. Space force ships will travel the stars coated in a skin of fungus!

    1) I had guessed that we’d eventually find something like this in nature, plenty of non-sun energy out there to harvest with the right molecular mechanism
    b) I have to get in on this, it’s like the complete merging of all my interests.

    I wouldn’t call your crazy dream about sending your toejam to Mars to jumpstart life, your “interests.”

  77. In other news, I finally bit the bullet and got in on a great deal on big dry-packed scallops (U10-U20) from the restaurant supply place. I portioned and vacuum sealed 8 packages and tucked them in the freezer. They smell so sweet. I can’t wait to make dinner.

    Just need to learn how to sear them properly so I don’t fuck it up.


    Don’t know if this is true or not. If it is, you would think the media would take an interest in developing this story

  79. Hot iron skillet with butter, you have to keep spooning and basting them so the don’t dry out.

  80. MJ, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass? Just updating my records.


    I like to have a bit of a tail.

  81. In 2013, this suit of hand-made guinea pig armor was posted on eBay.

    It eventually sold for more than $24k, which was donated to a Virginia guinea pig rescue group.

    The things you find doing bored web searches.

  82. TiFW, it has come up. I spent most of my life not really having an issue about it…or did I? It’s amazing how much I’ve been reassessing “what I told myself” vs. “what went on deep in my head”.

    Going to pray on it.

  83. Beasnsnsnssnsn, thank you for the heads up that Rush was on!

    I thoroughly enjoyed his program.

    Much like Hotspur enjoyed several gentleman’s sausages. IYKWIMAITTYD.

  84. I should open a butcher shop called “Gentlemen’s Sausages”.

  85. You grabbed the program and stuck it in your ear?

    Carry on then.

  86. Mare’s driving.

  87. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on February 7, 2020 3:04 pm
    I should open a butcher shop called “Gentlemen’s Sausages”.



    Yes, yes you should.

  88. Gentlemen’s Sausages
    “Your mom’s favorite on a Friday night!”

  89. It eventually sold for more than $24k, which was donated to a Virginia guinea pig rescue group.

    A most worthy cause. I approve and had I that kind of money to throw around, I’d open my own. Or not as I may have a problem handing any of them over to someone without a thorough background check.

  90. Ypsilanti had “The Wurst Bar”.

  91. Still do.

  92. NeverTrumper when Rush is describing how Trump wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer….how he would not be denied: “GAH, that behavior just drives me crazy. Rush just got bad news and has so much to get in order…blah blah..”.

    Me: 1. Tuesday was prep for what’s to come. If he can, for a once in a lifetime opportunity, why not move part of it to the next morning..
    2. good doctors, especially in oncology, want their patients to be in as positive frame of mind as possible, for what’s to come…
    3. getting him there for such an honor was good medicine for Rush.

  93. Or not as I may have a problem handing any of them over to someone without a thorough background check.

    Admit it, you’d be busy creating your own army of armored guinea pigs, ready to unleash an adorable onslaught upon the world…

  94. Jimbro,
    Two of the three still living are Rudy and Eric Prince.
    Who is the third?

  95. Tony Wiener?


    GM is finally expanding its hands-free Super Cruise driver-assist system beyond the Cadillac brand. According to GM president Mark Reuss, the feature will be available as an option on 22 vehicles by 2023, with seven vehicles getting the feature next year and 12 more in 2022 and 2023. This, it goes without saying, is a huge expansion of the system that will bring it to a much wider customer base.

  97. When polled, “super-cruise” was what drivers seemed to actually want in an “autonomous car”. Part of what I found so frustrating about the Ford project. Bar was set too high on the problem to be solved and at a market that didn’t exist. Plus an “autonomous” car that can’t drive off the freeway is vastly less useful as a weapon.

  98. I don’t understand why there hasn’t been more focus on the highway portion. I’m happy to drive in city traffic, if I don’t have to worry about staring ahead at a highway for endless hours. Truck drivers would seem to benefit from it as well.

  99. Ugh, just scrolled down my sister’s FB feed. Some of her friends are duking it out with our demrat uncle ‘I fought for my country…he’s a draft dodger’, and my other sister, after saying she voted for Trump, looks like she reverted to her old ways. I wonder if she thought he’d be handing out as much free shit as the JEF did.

    It made me so jittery, I ate a brownie with choc chip cookie dough baked in.

  100. A friend told me about an acquaintance in common…who is now in a rehab center due to having his left foot and right leg/right above the knee, amputated. Apparently, he wasn’t feeling well and his family took him to the hospital, thinking he had a really bad flu. Turns out they diagnosed him as diabetic and he got some infection.

    He had to know something was up waaayyy before getting to that point. I’m hearing one of excuses is that he can’t go to the doctor because he doesn’t have insurance. I call b.s.. If you can afford to go to a collector convention every year and spend hundreds of dollars for soft sculpture dolls, you can certainly skip a year or two and get thee arse to a doctor for a checkup.

  101. Now, I guess, he can claim disability and attach himself to Uncle Sam’s teat.

  102. LOL They sent Vindman down the road talking to himself today.

  103. He should be court martialed, leaking little shit.

  104. He had to know something was up waaayyy before getting to that point.

    This is what drives me crazy about one of my co-workers. He was told he was pre-diabetic (fasting blood sugar above 100) for years, then he’s fucking surprised when he’s diagnosed with diabetes. Also drives me crazy that his diabetes diet includes Special K and corn flakes. He’s on metaformin, and I expect he’ll be on insulin if he keeps this up.

  105. Update on Jordan Peterson. He became physiologically dependent on some medication, which resulted in a paradoxical reaction – did the opposite of what it was supposed to on him. Rare but it happens. Reaction made him suicidal. Got treatment in Russia and is now off those meds and on the road to recovery.

  106. Do you guys think MJ knows that Buttigieg is a queer?

  107. I hear ya, roamy. I had a coworker whose husband was like that. Diabetic, heart issues, etc. – on disability. She would work only so much because if her little salary goes over a certain limit, his ‘benefits’ would decrease. He did most of the cooking for the family, which includes their 30 something year old mentally disabled son. Dinners consisted of a pound bag of tater tots, fried baloney and/or hotdogs, and soda. Or mac-n-cheese/hotdogs/ice cream. All obese and missing half of their teeth.

    She would tell me that his meds cost around $4k a month but since the rest of us are paying for it, she shrugged it off. Taxpayers paid for husband’s motility scooter. They gave it to their adult son to drive around their yard to give him something to do.


    Might be a repeat, don’t care. Includes some nice pics of FLOTUS.

  109. Roamy! I’d never seen that video. I loved it. Beautifully shot down every stupid thing they said! I love it.

    And yes, Melania was looking lovely.

    She’s been a gracious First Lady. Emphasis on Lady.

    Off-topic, just curious, why do so many pictures of Michelle Obama make her look like she has a penis? Good photoshopping?

  110. MA is kind of pissed that we gave up on her. Might be Diabeetus. Vet visit on Monday.

  111. Interesting.

    · 28m
    Replying to @monicaonairtalk and @realDonaldTrump
    Did you notice that he apologized for his lack of maturity spiritually at the prayer breakfast…noting that Christianity lived is not easy….and then at his speech afterwards he admitted to having done wrong in the past?? Me thinks me See’s growth!!!

    I think people loving him, counting on him and laying hands on him to pray is pretty fricking humbling.

  112. I’m not sure Chris. It was news to me that 7 of 10 were not with us anymore. Did a quick search but found nothing. I’m on my phone now, internet and cable are out with the storm.

  113. are humbling?

  114. Jimbro, I wonder what the statistical odds are on that many dying.

  115. Scallops came out really nice. Seared up nice and golden brown, still a little translucent in the center, like they’re supposed to be. Tender. I tested one out before doing the rest, and decided against using any salt or pepper, they were so nice and sweet. Used a combo of ghee and clean pork fat as the fry oil.

    I still have about 9 pounds of scallops in the freezer to play with in the coming months.

    I wonder if they make a nice chowder.

    Recipe search time! wheeeeee

  116. Oooo grilled scallop tacos

  117. Oooo grilled scallop tacos


    Yes, please.

  118. Those will be a perfect task for the hibachi, or my tiny flowerpot grill.

  119. MJ?

  120. Thank you, Mare. Dan actually listened to Rush.

  121. Mare, I’ve noted his deference to Melania about this 💩.

  122. Last time I had a prostate exam the doctor paid me.

  123. I’m now terrified of that happening to me to me at a prostate exam.

  124. Just think about baseball or something Leon

  125. Or think about Nancy Pelosi.

  126. I have a rant. Sober. So different. I have been freaking about my dog for a week. Posts here and social media. Hostages with love and prayers. Check. Twitter verse…check. Face Chimp…Morons, Hostages, and work friends…CHECK. Mi familia 🦗🦗🦗

  127. Sheridan’s grandpa had a birthday yesterday. Mutual friends on FB. They have all expressed Prayers for my freakzilla. Dan is trying to keep me all Christian and 💩 about my family

  128. Rained here every day in January, and most days since.
    Now, 13 rivers on the west side of the Cascades flooding, landslides closing I-5 and the North-South Amtrack lines, highway 410 up to Crystal Mountain ski resort and on around Mt. Rainier.
    Just checked some of the local rain-gauges and seeing 0.54in/hr. That’s pretty impressive.
    The ground is totally saturated, the crawl-space is wet, every low spot has standing water.
    The “Surface Water”, for which we pay a “Surface Water Management” fee, is at the surface, and *It is not being managed*.
    On the other paw, nobodies wells are going to go dry this summer…

  129. Damn, it’s really gotta be a deluge, to faze the Wet Coast.

  130. Daringly, Edna removed petticoats.

  131. I know there’s a new poat but the derp got me thinking … you don’t see many Ednas nowadays. When you hear the name your first thought is “Someone’s grandmother”. I bet back in the day there were more than a few trollopes named Edna.

  132. Similarly, in 50 years the nursing homes will be filled with women named Neveah

    Alright, got that off my chest. Let the day begin

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