Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Following the failure of Peach Mint this is how I think things are going to go for Trump and the country. Even those radicals who will be unwillingly dragged along suffering with their newfound prosperity.

Let’s add some brass to that

The first half is the trombones. The second half is some freak talking about his art or some such shit like that. No one is going to watch past the first 20 seconds anyway so it’s all good. Do check out the lady trombonists. They’re not BBF model quality but they’ve got the One-Time-At-Band-Camp thing going on. And any woman who can coax sound out of a trombone, well, let’s just say, she’s got some talents.

In completely unrelated news, I finally found some Sumo Oranges. I needed some Frank’s Hot Sauce for air fryer wings and stopped at a different supermarket than I normally go to. Bingo. They were the smaller versions but they still tasted great. Here’s all the FAQ’s about yo Sumo  https://sumocitrus.com/faqs/


Sumo Stew


After eating several bowls of stew, a little practice and wearing a Japanese g-string you too can be a sumo wrestler. Don’t let anyone body shame you.



  1. SNOW!!!!

  2. No tornado damage here, but it’s still raining. I’m waiting for sunrise to see how bad the road is.

  3. Saw a comment, and now I can’t find it, about how much damage Pelosi and the Squad have done for the women’s movement – that they can’t be trusted with lawmaker responsibilities because they are too emotional. Pelosi with her temper tantrum, AOC with her boycott, Tlaib storming out of the SOTU, etc.

  4. They are living up to pretty much every negative stereotype.

    Hissy fits are how you try in vain to get attention from Daddy, not how you govern.

  5. OMG, the BB is on fire with that Romney thing. lol

    wakey wakey

  6. Comment by Car in on February 6, 2020 8:27 am
    OMG, the BB is on fire with that Romney thing. lol


    What does that mean?

    I said to my husband yesterday that the women wearing white, Pelosi being a bitch and the muslim chicks all make women look petty and emotional.

  7. Paul Joseph Watson echoing a lot of stuff Carin and Leon discuss


  8. That thing you posted yesterday about Romney saying we shouldn’t follow false leaders.

  9. OHHHHH, the Babylon Bee. SHeeeeesh, I could not figure that out.

    Coffee, STAT!

    But isn’t it funny how the Mormons follow that weirdo Joseph Smith and then have the balls to get worked up over Trump’s supposed character?

  10. I’ve been thinking more about Trump giving Rush the Medal of Freedom. Bush would never have done that. Most nominally rightwing politicians seem to hold popular firebrands like Rush at arm’s length except for times here and there when they want access to his audience for something. It’s interesting.

  11. Right. I couldn’t find the article though. I hope they went into Smith’s behavior.

  12. Yeah, I saw the group pic of the women legislators dressed in white all lined up for a group pic on a staircase and I thought, “Men don’t do this shit.”

    Can you just do business like grownups, please? RIdiculous.

  13. These women are demonstrating the saying “women are emotional.” period. Not rational.

  14. Ace hit it spot on with his theory of the MacGuffinization of Politics. They do this shit because they don’t actually care about solving problems. Politics is just a means for them to be the hero of their story. Hence, everything suddenly becomes meaningful and symbolic when they do it.

  15. Politics for them is basically a yoga blog.

  16. Oh and don’t forget Schumer having to tell that stupid bitch Kamala Harris to shut up while he was talking and then she made a face like a child who got in trouble. FFS!

    This is an embarrassment for all women. Like Leon said, it’s a perfect example of a stereotype.

  17. That video screams, “I don’t really understand where I am but I do give a nice blowjob.”

  18. As bad as politiscrunts make all women look, it doesn’t make the fools of either gender who vote for them look entirely trustworthy, either.

  19. I bet Kamala knows her way around a trombone

  20. The “witnesses” in the House impeachment farce were not likable or credible. Most were not even relevant. Nice try losers.

  21. Last week Mitt: We need additional witnesses to explain the case for impeachment better

    This week Mitt: My understanding of the charges leads me to vote for impeachment

  22. Good point, Jimbro.

  23. You left out God and Faith.

  24. My daughter was an all state trombone player. So y’all shut your whore mouths. And shit.

  25. Hotbride is in Carriacou. I am not :(

  26. I use the google map feature to navigate my routes while at work. Not every time, as I’ve memorized a two or three of the routes and dont use the feature to save data costs. Google emails me today with a synopsis of my activity for Jan. 4,709 miles. I have a four day work week. So I figure not to shabby on the mileage dept.

    Spur, saw the super sweet group your Mrs produced. Very, Very Nice. Looks like shes found her minor correction and she’s all centered up. Any idea what correction she made or was it just a matter of her feeling more confident in recoil management?
    In the mind of keeping it interesting and fun I suggest getting some of the circular “shoot n see” stick on targets. Place them parallel to each other about 3 inches apart shoulder height on silhouette. Have her place one round on one target and then sweep lateral to one round in the other target. Rinse & repeat as long as her shoulders dont fatigue. Nice slow sweep to the side to avoid over travel and see if she can get in a rhythm. you can progress to two shots each target. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Stay with the front sight. 5-7 yrds. The paper dessert plates make good targets also. You can start with standard plate size and work your way down to develop confidence. Dirty secret behind this practice drill, bad guys usually come in twos.

  27. If the voters of Utah don’t send Romney to the showers next election I’ll probably lose faith in the goodwill of my fellow Americans. Oh wait, already crossed that threshold. I’ll have to find something else……

  28. I really fucking hate government work. I need to find a new job by the end of this year.

  29. TIL where Carriacou is (it’s near Grenada). I thought at first Hotspur misspelled Curaçao, and then I thought, nah, he wouldn’t do that.

  30. Dirty secret behind this practice drill, bad guys usually come in twos.

    We’ll get there eventually. Her confidence grows every time we shoot.

    She changed her sight picture a bit to bring her shots on center. I told her to do whatever works, as her groups are excellent. I can’t shoot that tight. Just stay consistent.

    I never thought she’d enjoy this as much as she does. (SYWM, Mare.)

  31. My numbers are the same, but I’m getting a slightly different total. I realize that one of the per pupil amounts he’s using is calculated from another sheet. Pull up that sheet. There’s no documentation about where he got the data, how he filtered it, etc.

  32. Data provenance is kind of important. Without it we have what are often euphemistically called “quality issues” by people who don’t think deeply about much beyond their meeting schedule.

  33. Earlier I pointed out that his calculations were using an older financial report, and that an updated version was available. He told me, “Yeah, I used the older version because it was available when we did the first simulation for the requestor, so I used in on this one to keep things consistent.” Again, not documented anywhere.

  34. And wrong.

  35. I can understand trying to keep things consistent. We will get a string of simulation requests when legislators are fiddling with potential legislation and you get a lot of horse trading and the like. Trying to update your financial data (usually total spending amounts for the year and student numbers) every time a new report is released would add confusion as to whether the financial impact of a proposed change was due to the change, or to unrelated updates. But that shit needs to be documented well. Nothing is.

  36. Just watched the PJW video, Pepe, thanks. He gets it.

  37. I think shooting is a great sport and of course great self-defense. I wish I had seen this video when I was shooting…A LOT. Good on Mrs. Hotspur for being kickass in one more way. I really enjoy this guy’s videos. I also like him as a person.


  38. Shoot, I’ll disembed. hahahaha, get it?

  39. Hoo boy, how is it possible Pelosi is more insane than we thought?

  40. She’s not insane, she’s counting on the MSM to reflect her statements as reality and Trump as delusional. She’s not wrong, that’s how they’ll try to sell it, but it’s the TV telling you the sky is green.

  41. What did she do now?

  42. Trump broke Nancy Pelosi. Absolutely broke her.

  43. She just had a 29 minute press conference and was insane the whole time.

    Trump was sedated.
    Obama’s economy
    Not state of the union state of his mind.

  44. Trump truly rattled Pelosi to the point of desperation.

  45. Things are so good that they have nothing to sell, so she has to resort to outright falsehoods*. If there are no broken windows, how can we sell glass!?

    *This, too, is the story of Climate Change.

  46. Democrats – Climate Change: same shit, different day.

  47. @ Mare. John Lovell is one of my fav youtube instructors not for the shooting stuff but for the mindset stuff. Really like his demeanor and delivery. Lots of good stuff about family, roles within the family, building good citizens, and of course defense of self and others. Former Ranger type with operational experience if I recall correctly.

  48. Obama’s economy. Yeah thats why the second after Trump was sworn in the markets responded and the hiring started. Obama’s plan was to wait until the next President was elected to take effect.

    These people are so full of shit its insulting. They think we are stupid and that is what I hate the most about them.

  49. 0’s economy stagnated my raises all through my late 30s.

  50. Troy, what you mentioned is exactly what I like about him! He does have lots of operational experience.

  51. At least he consistent. It was Bush’s economy for Obama’s first three years.

    But let’s not kid ourselves. If Obama hadn’t shat the bed he’d be taking credit.

    What a joke these people are.

  52. This post has been updated to express the blog’s sentiments on Mitt Fucking Romney.

  53. I don’t think the democrats think we are stupid. They fucking hate our guts, and really don’t care what we think. Since they hate us so much, they just do or say whatever the fuck they want. If we don’t like it, they couldn’t care less.

  54. Well, they know how stupid their own voters are, and just extrapolate.

  55. HA! I approve of MJ’s update.

  56. Happy birthday to Ronald Reagan. And Michael.

  57. Just when I think I couldn’t appreciate Trump any more than I do, I’m wrong.

  58. Nancy Pelosi’s and the cunts in white outfits’ behavior at the SOTU fall into the category of “What if a republican did this?”

    Remember when that guy yelled “You lie.” at our sacred redeemer and savior? He got savaged by the dems and the media. BIRM.

    What have the media done to Pelosi and the white suit cunts? Nada.

  59. Trump, you magnificent bastard!



    Whew, almost forgot.

  61. You know what you can do with your widget link.

  62. One of our close friends is in a plane RIGHT NOW sitting across the aisle from Romney. Any messages you’d like him to pass along?

    I’ve already asked him to punch him in the hair or start chanting, in a loud whisper ‘FOUR MORE YEARS’.

  63. Tell him it’s very brave to announce his retirement from politics in such a spectacular fashion.

  64. Have your friend ask about Mitt’s moral and principled stance on abortion.

  65. They do this shit because they don’t actually care about solving problems. Politics is just a means for them to be the hero of their story.

    Politics is just a means for them and their kids to get rich and then pass laws that favor their criminal selves or loser family/friends.

  66. Just ask him why he’s such a cunt.

  67. Too bad our buddy doesn’t have a MAGA hat.

    Mr. B still can’t listen to Trump, but yesterday, he came up the stairs mumbling ‘f*cking Romney’. He’s not a cusser.

  68. Ask him if he believes his own bullshit.

  69. Mj, check your G-string

  70. All set.

  71. Half the team signed up and ready to go. Invites go out as I get paid – lol. The other spots are taken, but they have to get the $$ to me. Hopefully in the next week or two.

  72. I saw this bit of a debate on the twizzler the other day and it’s pretty good. Some annoying typos that seem to be the kind of thing you get with a speech-to-text app and a British accent.


  73. As for the pace, I hope to be running faster by then, but with the hills and the exhaustion, I’ll be pretty content to pace that overall.

  74. So, you’re already making excuses?

    MJ, your team is doomed.

  75. So, MA is shutting down. Not in pain. Losing weight. Incontinent at times. We have puppy pads and waterproof mattress pads everywhere. Her cataracts impede her vision. We are adjusting her ramps. We are adjusting her feeding schedule. We are monitoring her for seizures. She has started to snuggle.

  76. So sorry, Osita.

  77. I’m sorry, oso. Love on her bigly, she’s letting you know right back. Give her a squish for me.

  78. Thanks, guys. It’s just so hard to know the right time to say goodbye. We are letting her tell us.

  79. Sorry, Oso. Hugs to MA and to you too.

  80. Oso, I hope for your sake that MA passes peacefully at home, and that you don’t have to take matters into your own hands.

    I was forever grateful that our beloved dog, Lady, went that way.

    {{{hugs}}} to you , Dan, and MA.

  81. Sorry Oso.

    Godspeed Maryann.

  82. Oh, Oso, I’m sorry about your doggie. (((hugs)))

    Those little scamps sure dig their way into our hearts.

  83. We’ve all been through this. It is just so hard to say good bye.

  84. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 5, 2020 2:24 pm

    My reaction to Romney’s speech

    Trump agreed with you. (Actually I think he said the impeachment was bullshit, but I still thought this was prescient.) Wonder if there’s an FCC fine for that?

  85. Sorry, Oso.

  86. Sorry, Oso.

  87. :( Just love her until the end Oso.

  88. So, you’re already making excuses?

    MJ, your team is doomed.

    We have pace times in the team center. I was referring to that. I put in 10:30 miles, because I run faster in the beginning, and slower after mile 20. lol.

  89. Condolences, Oso. Seems hard for me to even contemplate others’ losses these days, but prayers for peace, grace, mercy and healing.

  90. It is hard, Oso. That’s why I couldn’t bear to do anything with Dorkus until he had his final neuro event. The last few months were pretty hard living. For me, not for him. I kept him comfy. I’m confident you will know when to give MA her peace.

    I built shelves in the cellar today and started putting my little-used kitchen bulkies down there. Big pots, the canner, extra boxes of china, specialty pans and platters etc. The bench of shelves is right at the bottom of the kitchen stairs to the cellar so it is still convenient. Can’t believe I didn’t do this a long time ago. I’m throwing away a lot of stuff too.

    This should make it possible for me to eliminate a freestanding unit that occupies one whole corner of the kitchen.

    Not sure if I’m going to chuck that thing or use it somewhere else. Might be nice for organizing my gardening crap in the porch.

    Then I’m going to get a kitchen island.

    I love Wiserbride’s spice drawer, with all her spices sitting in identical little jars in alphabetical order. You open the drawer and you can see everything. I’m going to repackage my bulk and small spices that are taking up ONE ENTIRE THREE-TIER CABINET and do something similar with one of my drawers that will be emptied out soon. The original bulk containers can be vacuum-sealed and put downcellar too.

    Guys, my life is so exciting.

  91. Grieving in real time. Love, Prayers, and Muchos Gracias. So, Dan is Mr Local. We chatted with quite a few locals. Property crime is way up in the islands. Bail and 💰 BS. Locals have a hard time getting guns, but criminals always get them. Media refuses to report crime if it will hurt tourism. Worse on Oahu. Tourist crime up on every island. Local lady “It isn’t crime if a tourist is targeted. Crime is only local”

  92. LOL – Hotspur????


  93. https://disrn.com/news/barnes–noble-scraps-plans-to-re-release-classic-books-with-main-characters-depicted-as-people-of-color

    Get woke, go broke. Glad someone had some sense.

  94. How about B&N re-release The Color Purple with the main characters as white people?

  95. TiFW, pretty sure William Faulkner already wrote that one.

  96. Dan is making a lasagna soup. I H8 soup. Love lasagna. He forgot to make a bread for soup. Who does that?

  97. Well, you could make some biscuits to go with the soup, Oso. That’s quick.

  98. Lets remake the Blade trilogy with a white guy instead of Wesley Snipes.

  99. I’m part of an Aldi’s group on Faceplant. It’s usually interesting to see what people are cooking for dinner, but every now and then someone posts what looks like puke on a plate. We can’t all be Martha Stewart, but dayum.

  100. Lauraw, we have canned croissants. You know me!!! (Sourdough would be great. Sheesh. Sourdough is ALWAYS great)

  101. So, 44 fomented an anti American pro nativist movement for 8 years. It was like Santa Fe on steroids. New HI is a combination Antifa and No bail NY. GOVT isn’t reporting crime on tourists. Locals are pissed. A few locals we talked to are angry that it is too hard to get guns as private citizens, yet criminals can always get guns.

  102. Dan had a roasted garlic appetizer at Kona Brewing. I really expected his skin to be toxic. His breath. Fail. Roasted garlic spreaded like butter. It wasn’t even too strong for me. Pic on facedouche. I haz no linkfu.

  103. I’ve just been throwing shit out. Kitchen items that don’t get used have been given away. I want my closets and cabinets to be empty.

  104. More room for cats.

  105. Two things about Dan’s Lasagna soup. Cream based. Carrots.

  106. *clutches pearls*

  107. Dan is muttering about ungrateful make your own soup eat a pb&j blah blah. I’m not even talking about Dan’s soup on FB.

  108. Carrots in lasagna?

    Is Dan secretly Bcock?

  109. IKR?

  110. I’m just a humble mick-kraut-african-neandertal-spaniard, but I know carrots don’t go in lasagna.

  111. Carrots? That isn’t lasagna.

    Sounds like Ohio chili.

  112. Did he add cinnamon, too?

  113. What’s the difference between Epstein and the Democrat party?

    Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  114. Let’s hope they really did the job this time.

    Nominally, the dems are the oldest party, but Jefferson would have most of the moderns hung, shot, or deported if he were still here.

  115. Scott, I know! It was good, but it wasn’t lasagna.

  116. Leon, we buy Skyline chili on line at WalMart.

  117. I still have all my eggs. PCOS blocked them from releasing. I still haven’t menopaused. Most ironic joke ever. I love you all. You are my family. I can’t stop crying. I miss MA before she is gone. Please please please make me laugh.

  118. I laughed at the monkey washing cat gif in the ONT. Needs the music.

  119. Bald headed MFer loved washing monkeys.

  120. I have said this before, but Mr. RFH is sending a dad joke a day when Mini-me is away. I send him Jay’s puns. He calculated he needs 1,642 for all of college. Count is currently at 999.

    What do you call a train pulling boxcars of tootsie rolls and Wrigley’s Spearmint? That’s right, a chew-chew train

  121. Shades of XBrad.

  122. What kind of doctor is Dr Pepper? A FIZZician.

    **waves at Sean**

  123. Roamy, check your Face Douche. I know you are getting tagged in Dad joke posts.

  124. That worries me about Hawaii. I have immediate blood relatives there that…well OK technically we haven’t met, well except on the way out…uh, yeah, bio-mom lives in Hilo last I checked.

    I really ought to correct a certain nearly 25 year old mistake of mine.

  125. I make a lot of bad choices. God willing I may be able to correct or redeem at least some of them while I still draw breath.

  126. I got tagged on NM posts, too, thanks.

  127. Hotspur?


  128. BroTim, I knew you were adopted, didn’t know you’d found your birth mom.

  129. Demanding exaltation, Rowena pouted.

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