Funeral for a Meme

His best work, and it’s a high bar. Fight me.

There is no better description for the purpose of Trump’s impeachment than this.

Oh, I HAD to add this one!

Oh yeah, here it comes, get ready!



  1. booyah

  2. The tapeworm shot is almost more than my stomach could take just to look at, this early in the morning.


  3. Nice set of memes you got there, Jay.

  4. Worked last night, and now the day shift. Four hours sleep. This should be interesting.

  5. You know, there are rules about how long truck drivers can work without a rest period. It is disappointing that the same does not hold true for healthcare professionals.

    Humpty Lumper Solutions, LLC

  6. Oh, people at my work routinely put in 16-hr shifts (a REAL double), I can’t complain.
    They even kindly let me leave work a little early last night so I could get to bed sooner, but I still just had a shitty night’s sleep.

    I think I narrowed down the poor sleep cycle: it seems to mostly be nights when I have potato chips too close to bedtime. I wake up with some tummy issue and suck down water.

  7. The Splash Mountain and Pornhub memes are my favorites. I’m with Lauraw on the tapeworm one.

  8. WTF is going on in Iowa?

  9. I’m hoping that the whole thing collapses and the Iowa Dem party has to come out and announce that they can’t give any final tally. The lawsuits would be glorious.

  10. A gym buddy was telling me the other night that his employer (Chase) is requiring him to do phone meetings with a “health adviser” twice a month because his BMI is too high, or else he doesn’t get his full HSA benefit. The guy is thinner than I am, lifts weights all the time, and is generally in good health.

    You are not a human being. You are a drone. You are a productivity unit, producing product in your productivity cube, before you go home to consume more product in your habitation pod. Report for your mandatory fitness assessment, drone.

  11. If Trump were to be acquitted

  12. Our health provider encourages you to participate in biometric screening. If you do there’s supposedly a benefit but they really haven’t boiled it down to a simple idiot proof “If this then this” level so the average idiot (i.e.: Me) can understand it.

  13. The hospital, which has really expanded throughout the state, created it’s own insurance provider about 2 years ago. I’m sure it was under development prior to that for a while. Most participants got spotty coverage for a good long time. I got a bill from something done in late 2018 around last October. It was long past the time I could have used my FSA dollars to cover it.

    At the end of the year we look at the FSA balance and it’s time for new eyeglasses if it’s high enough.

  14. My work physical found protein, blood, and calcium oxalate crystals in my urine, so I am likely dealing with kidney stones again. No pain (yet). Blood pressure normal (128/80), blood sugar normal (91 fasting). I need to bring water from home because the water at work tastes terrible (I have a reverse osmosis filter at home), and I need to quit the long hours in the clean room (late March at the earliest).

  15. I thought you could carry over some of a FSA balance.

  16. You can but I max mine out and most of our dollars go to measly co pays and the like so we tend to have a hefty balance going into the end of the calendar year. I’m always nervous we’re going to need it so that’s why I don’t halve it. Besides, spending pre-tax dollars sparks joy in me!

  17. Amazon and a few other companies are setting up their own insurance pools/provider networks/pharmacies.

    Didn’t we already go through this? Just finish an easy 75 hour week in the coal mine then head into the company store for a bottle of $45 beer? Pay your rent to the company housing authority and visit the company doctor for your mild black lung?

  18. Jimbro, the revenue cycle world in healthcare is the worst system I’ve ever worked in. It’s incomprehensible.

    We’re getting bill from July 2019 when we had to take the little guy to the ER. At this point we have no idea what’s real.

  19. I’ve had at least 5 insurance providers in the 20 years I’ve been here and the hospital’s one is the worst.

  20. It really is a disincentive to use it. That way you can avoid all the late bills and ridiculous balance billing.

    Somewhere an exec is leaning back in their X-Chair putting their Cole Haan shoes on their desk with fingers clasped behind their head saying “My plan is working precisely as expected”

  21. Years ago, Mr. RFH had hernia surgery. We were covered under his insurance then, and the FSA was on a debit card. I paid the co-pay with the debit card, which they ended up running like a credit card purchase in that it (supposedly) did not debit right away. At the end of that year, I spent the last of the FSA balance on a first aid kit. The following year, I got a bill from the doctor saying we owed the co-pay. I had the receipt where I had paid it, so I ignored it. Got another bill, called the office, found out that they didn’t process the payment for three months, and now it was showing up as an expired card. I still had the receipt, so we went round and round on that until they turned it over to a collection agency. I showed them the receipt, and they dropped it.

  22. Didn’t we already go through this? Just finish an easy 75 hour week in the coal mine then head into the company store for a bottle of $45 beer? Pay your rent to the company housing authority and visit the company doctor for your mild black lung?

    Apply that at a country wide level, and you described the dem’s plan for America.

  23. FB posts that make you laugh:

    I personally really like Andrew Yang, He’s done a phenomenal service to America by breaking the stereotype that Asians are Smart & Good at maths. Really great candidate for the Democrats

  24. Wakey wakey.

    Let me throw my hat into the ring and announce that I won the Iowa Caucus.

  25. HA, J’ames. That is funny.

  26. Thank god this is one more day that we don’t have John McCain fucking things up.

  27. Cracked me up when Joe Walsh asked Iowans, “Do you want four more years of the Donald Trump show?” and got a resounding, “YEAH!”

  28. The obnoxious thing to me is that it seems as though every person you “see” in a medical context is an independent contractor with a separate bill, likely forced on the industry by the insurance-government complex.

    And the big defense contractors are pulling that same crap, Alex. I just stopped telling the truth on the questionnaires. Me? Eat a high fat diet? Noooooooooo.

  29. Just tell the HR gal pushing this, “If you’re gonna nag me about my weight, you have to go to Christmas dinner with my family and give me the occasional handy. That’s how marriage works.”

  30. Got a call last week from my dentist to tell me that they were having some issues with my insurance company but not to worry, there was nothing that I needed to do. Gee, thanks.

  31. I’m beginning to think that companies above a certain market share should be thrown into a hat and one each year is randomly chosen to be broken up. As a warning to the others.

  32. LOL The democrats in Iowa are fighting over whose ballots are more “real”.

  33. It’s a clusterfuck wrapped in a goat rope wrapped in a dumpster fire.

  34. heh, is there video of Walsh saying that roamy?

  35. Didn’t we already go through this? Just finish an easy 75 hour week in the coal mine then head into the company store for a bottle of $45 beer? Pay your rent to the company housing authority and visit the company doctor for your mild black lung?

    All paid for in company scrip. And if you decide to quit, you can exchange your scrip for US Dollars at a rate of three scrip per dollar.

  36. Pretty sure that’s how G00G already runs.

  37. Hah, from unclefacts:

    pretty sure Trump is the first sitting President in history to win both Iowa Caucuses at the same time.

  38. BMI = Bullshit Medical Idea

    I can’t remember to turn my alarm on the night before and I know that.

    Still more organized than the Dems in Iowa.

    “…if this is how they run their caucuses, how do you expect they’ll run the government…?”

  39. Jay,

  40. You know when the hard working middle class had great health insurance?

    Before that son of a whore (literal) pencil dick, 5 pound weight lifting, lying, Muslim loving, pretend Constitutional (any subject)“scholar,” shitty basketball playing, married to a gorilla, fake heterosexual, America hating POS pushed his namesake garbage, money grab “insurance” on us. That’s when.

  41. How do I get a job with these “Shadow” guys? They seem like straight shooters.

  42. If I didn’t know better I’d say they were GOP agents.

  43. 2012: ORCA establishes Dem tech supremacy

    2020: Shadow makes Pixy look like a marvel of functional tech

  44. Ex-Hillary staffers

  45. If I didn’t know better I’d say they were GOP agents.

    This is my thinking. I’d love to get paid to fail so spectacularly that it left DJT as the de facto winner of the Iowa Dem and GOP cauci.

  46. I’d even go to Iowa.

    Imagine being the tech support guy on the floor getting shouted at and watching all that chaos and anger, trying to appear sympathetic and “working on a fix!” while inside you’re channeling Xanatos from Gargoyles.

  47. From Twitter:

    “Appstein didn’t crash itself.”

  48. This is actually why I think we’ll end up with some sort of socialized medicine pretty soon.

    1. People (80% of those with insurance) don’t feel like they’re paying for insurance because it comes out of a paycheck. This allows them to feel as though the healthcare bills are handled. People that pay bills regularly otherwise feel entitled not to pay for healthcare bills on time or at all.

    2. The providers can’t get their act together. Medical billing is so complex that good people can’t figure out how or what they are paying for.

    3. 40% of the country can’t understand anything except for ‘free’ and would like to have things for free even if they cost more.

    4. Insurance companies and politicians are in bed together, regardless of what they say. They’re both racing to create monopolies.

  49. If that happens, concierge medicine south of the border will get hyuge.

  50. Someone should build an app to help connect you with a Messican/Belizean/Costa Rican doc.

  51. If that happens I suspect that we’ll end up with Medicaid for All rather than Medicare for all, with the government paying a per-capita rate to insurance companies.

  52. Someone should build an app to help connect you with a Messican/Belizean/Costa Rican doc.

    Hostage Solutions, Inc.

  53. If that happens I suspect that we’ll end up with Medicaid for All

    You misspelled When that happens. The free shit army is strong, and not one of my lib friends understands the cost issue.

  54. Not a PEEP from any democrat about the caucuses. Not ONE. They’re waiting for how they’re supposed to feel.

  55. Got a belated Christmas check from Grandpa. I need to decide what I’m going to do with the money.

  56. Do your taxes first.

  57. I already started my taxes. I’m gonna get a small refund, mostly from the state.

  58. Good jerb, Jay! I like the bobcat and the light the gas stove and pornhub Trump.

    Pretty sure the cat Gods made me highly allergic because they knew if I had a cat or three, I’d be posing them in various wigs/outfits and instagraming the fun that follows.

  59. Re: yesterday and stage 4.
    My good friend’s parents were several packs a day smokers for 40 years. Both were diagnosed within a few months of each other at age 57 – dad with kidney cancer…mom with advanced lung cancer. Both given six months. Mom was gone under six months. Dad lasted two years.

    My friend had to inhale their smoke while growing up but never adopted the habit herself. She’s now 56 and is getting nervous.

  60. I smoked for 20+ years, quit over 10 years ago. My dad did too, but he didn’t die of lung cancer. COPD with complications from Vietnam chemicals.

  61. Sanders was #1 in the spiked Iowa poll. Biden 4th.

  62. Jimbro, have you poated a picture of your new pup and I missed it? If not, why not?

    *crosses arms, taps foot*

  63. aww, that sucks. Are there any options with other stores?

  64. LOL! Another dope not doing her homework.

  65. She’s a plant, nobody is that dumb, this is an op.

  66. That’s too bad, pupster.

  67. @Salem4Congress 1h

    I am now hearing that the Sanders campaign sent workers to every caucus to record the live results.

    The DNC was unaware of this. When their early tallies did not match the recorded results from campaign workers, his campaign had 5 lawyers contact the DNC. Now they’re meeting.


  68. It’s like being a Hospitaler watching the Mongols attacking the Turks.

    Nothing to do but root for casualties.

  69. leon, there are plenty of dumb people in the democrat party. My mom says the stupidest things about every republican running for office while taking as gospel every stupid thing a democrat tells her. If it has a D behind the name, she will vote for it without question. She thinks the government is hiding aliens….the green kind.

  70. It pains me to say that. If she focuses, she’s not an idiot. It’s like she just gave up along the way.

  71. She thinks the government is hiding aliens….the green kind.

    Would it really be that crazy to believe that nowadays?

  72. —-his campaign had 5 lawyers contact the DNC. Now they’re meeting.—–

    What do you think he’s going to ask for and get, if he’s going to bend over and hold his ankles, again.

  73. I absolutely believe the government would hide them, but “space aliens” being little green men from outside the solar system isn’t even remotely plausible.

    They’d have to be time travelers from the future. Wussified soyboys with their own internal chlorophyll or something.

  74. Heh, Trump bans CNN from pre-SOTU lunch, Omar wants to boycott the lunch.

  75. Has Tool ever done a cover of Funeral For a Friend?

  76. I hope not. The song would be an hour long.

  77. Dems have a long history of squabbling as the votes come in.

  78. Got the wifi working. It was the router.

  79. does your new one have 5g? switch some connections over to it, prevents overwhelming of wireless. Worked good for streaming here.

  80. Well. Today has been a clusterfuck and a waste of time. And it wasn’t entirely my fault! (Other than waking up at 8 because I didn’t turn my fucking alarm on. That’s on me.)

    Still, when you are going in for a job interview…you applied through a major job web site…they had five days, apparently never pulled your resume down, and now they can’t pull it down and they hand you a tablet and make you start over?

    I have a rule. Pay attention to how they treat you when you are up for a job with them, it’s a big tell to how they’ll treat you when you’re hired. Well…they failed the test massively today.


  81. don’t burn the bridge, just in case!

  82. I can’t believe no one complained about the music.

  83. Heh, Shadow is what happens when Clinton campaign staff LEARNS TO CODE.

  84. I haven’t put any Lola pics up yet Beasn. I looked at my camera roll and need some better ones. Think of a thicc blue heeler with an eye patch on her coat while you’re waiting for them to appear.

  85. Buttigieg is gay?

    No wonder MJ likes him.

  86. Worse, he’s the “light in the loafers” gay, not the “bushy mustache and big biceps” gay.

    MJ would really prefer the latter, but he’s not picky.

  87. Don’t link anymore Daily Caller. That fucking website is a disaster.

  88. ?

    Popups, or content?

  89. Worse, he’s the “light in the loafers” gay, not the “bushy mustache and big biceps” gay.
    Wait, there’s more than one type?


    Lil’ Sweet Funko pop obtained with the purchase of 3 Dr. Peppers

  91. Jack Donovan is gay, do an image search and compare to Mare Pete.

  92. The new Diet Dr Pepper ads are so cringeworthy. Love em.

  93. The Iowa caucus BS is hilarious because it’s the Dems driving yet another clown car into a brick wall.

  94. I’m just bullshitting Leon. My favorite kind of gay people are the ones who don’t tell me they are gay unless it comes up in conversation.

  95. It’s interesting that you and MJ both have a favorite kind of gay person.

  96. I can go to Starbucks and say my name is “Tugboat” and they’ll call me by that too.

  97. Boy1 works for a different grocery store chain, but Earth Fare has the majority of the food he will eat close by, the alternative is an hour round trip minimum to Whole Foods in fancy town.

  98. There are some good mail-order services for paleo-type stuff now.

  99. We’re both members of the Favorite Gay Friend Club.

    Don’t ask about the secret handshake …

  100. Thrive Market has a huge selection but they charge a yearly fee, even to look at the prices which is odd.

  101. Rowan: Screenshot

    Lola, lounging on the couch

    Posting a couple pics for Jimbro

  102. OMG, Lola is a chubby little snuggle-snausage!

  103. Thanks Jay

    Lola loves the sausage and every other type of edible. We’re getting her used to less frequent meals and snacks. Her last house had a few kids and two older dogs that we think she muscled out of food regularly.

  104. I took the couch picture because of the shoe she brought with her. Star used to bring Paula’s shoes into her crate and we were a little surprised when Lola started up with bringing one of her shoes onto the couch. She only goes in her crate at night and is quiet all night whereas Star used to hang out in her crate during the day and start banging on the door in the morning to get us the fuck out of bed.

  105. MJ is going to be insufferable now…

  106. Now?

  107. I wonder if Mare Pete cheats on his “husband” too.

    Somewhere out there is a loose-sphinctered man with a load of information.

  108. Houseguest brought the flu home.

    Pray for Oso.

  109. Yeah, I told ’em to call me when things were working. I’d done my due diligence and suspected the place might not have been worth working for, especially since it was for a sales job, but them being this far into the Charlie Foxtrot when I went for the interview pretty much sealed it. Was not happy. Don’t care if they don’t call now. Place would probably suck to work at from what I can see.


    Older and richer educated liberals look at Buttigieg and see a flattering reflection of their young selves or offspring. Young educated liberals look at Buttigieg and see a nauseating caricature, not of the person they are, or even the person they wanted to be, but of the person they’ve felt pressured to emulate but never quite became—an outcome they regard with tortured ambivalence. Buttigieg is the guy they hated in college, not only because he was obnoxiously successful, but also because his success sat uncomfortably, hauntingly close to the version of success they once felt prompted to achieve…

    This is a perhaps too-long-winded way of saying that much of the ire that Buttigieg inspires among the young educated left is a resentment of the small difference. He is annoying to young people not despite his youngness, but because of it. He is a disappointment to the progressive queer community not despite his gay marriage, but because of it. He is irksome to the overeducated media not despite his educational pedigree and off-the-charts verbal intelligence, but because of both. The diverse and angry and hyper-educated Millennial-and-Gen-Z cohort are a rising power on the cusp of a potentially seismic moment in American political history, and their most successful representative is a candidate who, it turns out, doesn’t really represent them.

    So this is my grand unifying theory of loving and loathing Pete Buttigieg. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor doesn’t offer any kind of New Deal, Green or otherwise. Rather, he offers one of the oldest deals in politics: generational change without class warfare. This is both why many older Democrats find his candidacy appealing and why many younger Democrats find him intolerable. The chief aim of progressive activism is to transform the U.S. political economy, not to pass the baton of neoliberal incrementalism between generations. But Buttigieg represents a new age of Democrats without representing its politics. This makes his campaign something more than a threat to the revolution; it feels, above all, like a betrayal of his people.

  111. Houseguest brought the flu home.

  112. Did she just call him a house queer?

  113. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 4, 2020 7:20 pm
    Did she just call him a house queer?

    Yup. And I don’t think she’s entirely wrong that he’s not flamboyant enough for the woke left.

  114. I went with Finlandia.

  115. Should have gone with Tito’s, he’s pre-med too.

  116. Nancy chose to wear the nipple button dress.

  117. Nancy looks like she’s catching up on filing she’s let accumulate

  118. try not to clap for anything, dems.

  119. Ivanka always looks good.

  120. Sinema didn’t wear white, and is clapping.



  122. Heh, not all NFL players are raging lefties:

    Doubt he’s a Republican, but he’s a fan of his outreach to Kanye.

  123. Wow, an actual victim of a Dem law.

    I’m sure he’s gonna send her to school.

  124. Trump plays dirty. I love it

  125. Trump is socking it to these motherfuckers. This is the best SOTU ever.

  126. Nancy looks like her uterus just prolapsed.

  127. What was the 3 chant?

  128. She hasn’t been smacking her dentures much.

  129. Wtf was that about?

  130. Whoa!!!

  131. Wow, gave Limbaugh the medal during the speech.

  132. Way to go Rush!

  133. Wonderful for Rush, God bless him. Presidential Medal of Honor.
    He’s looking so tired.

  134. Them bitches in white.

    Good on Trump for twisting the knife in them fuckers for their providing sanctuaries to criminal aliens. Pelosi looking like she ate a lemon. Bitch.

  135. Nancy looking at papers while taking aboutvRocky’s death was a bad look for Nancy

  136. Mars!

  137. pulling out all the stops tonight.

  138. That little boy is so happy.

  139. Love seeing Rush in the gallery with his medal of freedom around his neck

  140. Showmanship. Fist pump from Rush on that one.

  141. Maybe Nancy is doing her taxes?

  142. I’m a little behind. Had to watch the Rush thing twice

  143. She ripped up the speech, wow.

  144. Cunning stunt.


  146. She ripped up the speech, wow.

    Clearly, the adult in the room.

  147. your gov is on!

  148. Michiganders, your governor looks like she’s killed her husband’s mistress, along with the little bitch who took the head cheerleader spot instead of her daughter.

  149. I turned the channel after Trump walked out. Pelosi is a nasty cunt as well as her army of mean girls sitting in the gallery. She thinks she’s queen of the jr high.

  150. I want to hug Rush.

  151. The democrats looked petulant in their impotence. Trump played them like squeaky violins.

  152. I loved the young man and his Tuskegee great grandfather. 100 years old and got up and down with little effort. Kudos to him.

  153. Boring and plastic. And the audio is weird

  154. And she’s got a touch of the crazy eyes

  155. Why did you rip up the speech?

    It was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternative.

    That has to look bad, even to her people.

  156. Comment by Car in on February 4, 2020 10:45 pm
    And she’s got a touch of the crazy eyes

    I bet she can’t cum unless she’s being choked.

  157. *read upthread*

    Thank you Jimbro! Rowan is a handsome boy, isn’t he, yes he is! HAHA, Lola, the little chubchub.

  158. >>It was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternative.

    Did she really say that? What a bitch.
    I was watching whatever channel Nora whatshername is on. A couple of remarks she made didn’t flatter Nancy. They weren’t outright critical but they weren’t approving of her antics.

  159. Anyone know what the dems were chanting about earlier?

  160. Maybe the GOP running against Pelosi will have a chance now?

  161. They were chanting HR3, which is the Elijah Cummings memorial bill on prescription drugs, which I wouldn’t touch for anything. Guaranteed to be full of graft and fuck everything up.

  162. makes sense, thanks!

  163. Michigan governor was trying hard to be a real person.

  164. Which reminds me to meddle in the Michigan election for senator.

  165. I do like how Mike Pence didn’t pay any attention to Nancy’s hissy fit.

  166. This is where Rush gets the medal…from Fox. Towards the end, when Rush turns and Melania fastens it on, the camera angle catches Nigel Farage on the other side of the gallery/balcony.

  167. Pence should have backhanded the hag. I would have but then I’m not a gentleman.

  168. I think we need to start the rumor that Nancy tore up the speech because she’s racist. After all, there was a Tuskegee airman being promoted to brigadier general, there was the little girl with a scholarship to escape an inner-city school, there was the guy who broke his opioid addiction, etc. Nancy just wants to keep people of color down, while wearing white!

  169. And I don’t know about you, but if my husband had a surprise appearance after months of deployment, I would hug the stuffing out of him and I wouldn’t care if 100 million people watched.

  170. Dingoes eat relatively poorly.

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