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Question of the day: Aren’t live songs by definition cover songs?

Just because this is my favorite picture of this entire impeachment fiasco:

Actual tweet from Lockhart!

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the pun.




  1. “Follow Me For More Recipes”


  2. Busy day yesterday so I missed 90% of the Trump defense team. Anyone got a link to a quick summary? Video highlight?

  3. And is there really someone named “Purpura”? This is purpura

  4. Freebies



  5. Bad Boston Accents Selling Cars

  6. i may have just lost my PCP… we’ll see how he reacts to me giving his resident the boot from morning rounds/checkin with a sick monkey.

    she’s an obnoxious hotspot word…. Sean would use bint i think.

    holy shit i’m getting crotchety …

  7. Some residents just need killin’ …

    Wait! Education is what I meant to say!

  8. Anyone got a link to a quick summary?

    I’m looking for that, too. I saw a few bits and pieces on Twitter but not really a good overview. It looked like they took a good chunk of time but didn’t repeat themselves ad nauseum.


  10. It’s sort of ironic that no one has put this all together.

    1. Joe Biden announces he’s going to run in 2020. April 2019

    2. Hunter Biden sits for a long interview and puff piece about him for the New Yorker. The point of the story is to get ahead of the bad stuff he was doing in Ukraine, China, etc. Multiple people, including Obama’s state department, Obama’s political advisors, and his communication people, talked to Joe Biden about his son’s corruption but they decided to do nothing. July 1, 2019.

    3. Trump calls Zelensky. Everyone in DC was talking about Biden and his corrupt son because of the New Yorker article. It was also on Trump’s mind and he mentioned it to Zelensky. July 2019.

    4. Bob Mueller wets his depends…Russiagate fizzles. July 2019

    5. Nothing happens for a few months.

    6. Impeach Trump for asking about Biden’s corruption that we also asked about multiple times cuz Orange Man Bad.

  11. Here is the entire Bondi bit. I cheered.

  12. wakey wakey

  13. Bondi was really good, but I think they just opened up a huge can of worms.

  14. Imma gonna need a ruling on the question of the day. Maybe i should call wiser.

  15. Can Pam Bondi be featured on BBF this week?

  16. I believe HS proposed that scenario, PG.

  17. Jay, you’re such a Negative Nancy. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  18. beasn! There’s a new Grumpy Cat!

  19. Haha, negative nancy?

  20. If they call witnesses and Romney’s Ukraine ties wind up front and center I’m going to laugh and laugh…

  21. ChrisP, thoughts?

  22. Haha, negative Nancy?

    Yeah. Don’t get like me.


    Fucking horrifying. The death of Rome wasn’t so ugly as this.

  24. Willful ignorance on the part of what is left of Western civilization.

  25. “Don Lemon will laugh for a minute straight over Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali mocking Trump supporters and calling them stupid, but don’t you dare make a meme or he will freak out,” Washington Free Beacon media analyst Cameron Cawthorne quipped.”

  26. From twitter: “how do 4 senators running for president get to vote on impeaching their opponent?”

    lulz, they should be forced to abstain to avoid conflict of interest, ha ha ha haaaa

  27. Yes, Trump asking about Biden’s blackmail scheme in the Ukraine (WHICH HE BRAGGED ABOUT PUBLICLY) is nothing like using the press and your impeachment vote to hurt a political opponent. *COUGH*

  28. It’s all so fake. The media knows that we know so why don’t they just give it up already.

  29. I wish I would have remembered this last night but the whole Bolton thing…

    It’ll be later found out that the leak wasn’t a direct quote, it was a summary, that the leaker didn’t read it himself, he just heard it from someone who read it.

  30. Somebody assumed Bolton wrote that.

  31. 3 presentations to the Senate today, starting with Philbin, then Sekulo.

  32. Cocaine War Turtle needs to get this over with. A few days of questions and then vote.

    There are only 4 dems and 4 republicans that might vote differently than their party.

  33. Haha, like any dem wouldn’t vote party line in this. I’ll bet we get witnesses because of slow talking Collins, I-Couldn’t-Win-As-A-Rep-Murkowski, and Mittens will vote with dems.

  34. Isn’t it a moot point unless 20+ ostensible “our side” guys flip?

  35. Blah blah blah political narrative blah blah bipartisan support for impeachment blah blah blah

    Ye gods, I hate DC.

  36. Wolf Blitzer has his election night face on.

    HA HA

  37. Mittens would have been impeached and probably gone along with it.

  38. Wolf Blitzer has his election night face on.
    Before or after 9pm?

  39. After.

    If his foot were on fire he would make the same face.

  40. Oh my GOD I can’t believe Scott missed this part. Cipollone just stuck it in and broke it off.


  41. Clip after clip of Democrats in 1998 arguing that impeachment is being misused as a political tool, including Schumer saying it will be used by Democrats against a Republican president as payback.

  42. Oh my, what happened?

  43. Cipollone’s closing arguments. Fantastic. I hate this kind of crap, but it was electrifying and hilarious. After the clip of Schumer, Cipollone said, “You were right,” and the whole place chuckled.

  44. Here you go, Leon.

  45. Car in, did your shirt finally arrive? Mine did. They run small. Though, the very tiny size chart I can barely see tells us that. Going to order an XL and give this one to a smaller gal I know who lurves her some Trump.

  46. I can find no fault with his logic, though for my own sake I’d pick a spear over a poleaxe.

  47. A dwarf would be better with a large shield and a gladius. It also makes more sense for combat in the tight quarters of a mine.

  48. Jay, the Grumpy Cat 2.0 is more cuter. He/she shall be gravatared for a few.

  49. A gladius with a strong stabbing a perfect weapon for close quarters. You can chop with it when you have space, but in a tunnel or hallway, a simple thrust is safest.

  50. The woman on death row made me lol.

  51. In Korea when you move into a new neighborhood its traditional to gift your new neighbors.

    We have new neighbors and a case of Korean pears

    They have a puppy!!

  52. We have new neighbors and a case of Korean pears

    They have a puppy!!

    It doesn’t get any better than that.

  53. Puppy!!!!

  54. “They have a puppy!!”

    Think they’ll be asking Laura for recipes?

  55. They might know barbecue stuff.

  56. How much pear butter is Laura currently planning to make?

  57. Not sure. They look like they might be pretty amazing.

  58. Looks like Fotis Dulos might be a vegetable.

    Attempted suicide by exhaust in the garage. They found him dead and revived him, but he’s on life support.

    I was hoping he would rot in jail.

  59. Cool!

  60. Vein viewers are for pussies

  61. Why not just leave him dead? Save the taxpayer some $$$$

  62. True story: I’ve never started an IV. It’s not that the hospitals I trained in had great ancillary services, they were awful. It was just luck of the draw and after I realized it most of the way through my internship it became a point of pride and I continued the streak through my training. I’ve drawn venous blood from arm veins, scalp veins, femoral veins and done arterial lines, central lines and and even once had to drain a couple of units of blood from a guy with Hemochromatosis into a glass vacuum bottle the size of a 2 liter soda bottle.

    Most of the nurses that start a lot of IV’s are good at it and can coax an IV into a tiny vein without assistance. When they break out the vein finder that means you’ve either got crappy veins or a crappy nurse.

  63. Save taxpayer money?

    We don’t do that here.

    Life support for 20-30 years is more likely.

  64. ***points to arms with baby-sized veins***

    This gal likes it when they use vein finders…..

  65. WTF Geraldo is making sense again. Did I get into the crazy pills again?

    WTF Bolton, you idiot. Used to like you, just like Romney.

  66. The person that Biden said Don’t Vote For Me to today? One of the biggest lefties in Iowa, Ed Fallon! Huge Dem.

  67. You want more Trump? This is how you get more Trump.

    I didn’t hear about this.

  68. Sigh. I keep getting myself into the same crises. I should just find some place out in the woods somewhere to live without going into debt. Or just get voluntarily committed. I should have seen to this by now. AGAIN. FML. I suck.

    Seriously, I don’t have the maturity to adult and I’m two weeks from 49. Why the fuck do I keep doing this to myself? Short on rent again. Can’t pull a rabbit out of my hat this time. Probably should just swallow my pride and beg my brother for help. This is pathetic.

    I can’t manage my time or my money. I can’t manage my life. What the fuck do I do now? Lose everything and live in a damn box? Because that feels like all I’m competent for anymore.

    Sick joke, my life. I look after my dad for two years and now I can’t even see to my own life.

  69. By all rights I should be a Democrat. It would be a more honest fit with my core competencies. How the hell I can be a conservative in thought and such an utter waste in action is beyond me.

  70. Depression sucks. It’s going to be the death of me yet.

    I don’t even know what I expect posting this. I guess so folks understand what happened if I disappear from my usual haunts. Maybe act as a cautionary tale, I don’t know.

  71. I don’t even know what to ask or look for. I’ll squander it like I have everything else.

  72. Gotta get this out of my system. Document my fate if nothing else.

  73. Don’t do anything rash, BC. You took care of your dad for 2 years. Grief takes time, as does taking care of settling an estate. And you are finally starting to address your depression and trying to get on top of that.

    Baby steps. If you need help, ask for it. I’m sure that your brother will help you out.

    Sleep on this – rest works wonders. If you need to, call your doctor.

    You’re going to get through this. I believe in you!

  74. Yeah. I don’t believe in myself.

    Calling my shrink tomorrow. I’m getting worse. I need new options. May see about voluntary commitment. I’m that far gone now.

  75. Dear Lord, please bless Brother Cavil in this moment. Thank You for inviting all of us to be still and find rest in the refuge of Your Sacred Heart. When life gets stressful, may we always remember that we’re not alone, and that we can always turn to You for help and strength. Amen.

    **whispers “read Psalm 4, it helped me.” **


  76. You can do voluntary commitment any time of the day or night. If you think that’s what you need, better that than the alternative.

  77. If you’re around to read this, BC, there’s no shame in asking for help. I’ve had to do so, and it stings a little, sure, but it’s the first step toward making changes we need to make. Please don’t give up, and please don’t let your pride get the better of you. I’ve seen far too many people killed by their own pride. Reach out to your brother, talk to your doctor. Be honest about what’s going on, and allow yourself to admit that you don’t know how to fix it by yourself.

    Been there. Done that. Still alive as a result of it.

  78. Oh, and if you need to talk to someone, text me in the morning.

    1 800 Donkey Punch .

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