1. I might be gay if I like this?

    Well sign me up for MJ’s Pride Parade because this is awesome!

  2. Good morning

  3. It’s in my Amazon cart

    “M48 United Tactical War Hammer with Vortec Sheath”

    No background check either

  4. This is why Liz will never be president

    There’s a long list of other reasons but her failure as a politician is evident in this interaction.

    Wanna bet if she was a favored candidate the “Iowa Dad” would have gotten the Joe The Plumber treatment by the networks? It’s like the Nick Sandmann thing taught them nothing. I’m sure there’s a Joe The Plumber scenario coming for whoever embarrasses their favored candidate following the nomination convention

  5. wakey wakey

  6. I usually put my BBFs together on Saturday mornings, and I accumulate memes throughout the week for the weekend poats. This is fair warning. Download and backup all the files you will need to survive for the rest of your lives, because next week’s BBF is going to break the internet. It has been a privilege knowing you all. I don’t know how the world can survive after next Friday.

  7. Jeezum … between the Wuhan crud and bandwidth crushing boobs there is no safe place

    Old school Boston punk

  8. I mean it this time.

  9. If the internet breaks, we’ll all have more time to spend with our family and read books

  10. If the internet breaks I can just go back to your mom.

  11. Following the impeachment trial. Mr. RFH thinks I’m a glutton for punishment. Happy that they led off with Schiff’s make-believe phone call.

  12. *looks at stack of books next to my laptop*

    Carin Johnson is right….


    not that I’m marking the days off on my calendar .

    /shoves calendar under a stack of papers

    Nope. That would be nerdy.

  14. The little parade through the hall with the boxes on cards is so parody worthy …I wish I had some mad skillz.

  15. carts

  16. I know, they were walking extra slowly to make themselves look very, very, ponderous and intimidating, too, ha ha ha haaa.

    Here we come. With our little carts full of paper. BOO! Hide your kids, hide your wife…

  17. Some tree-hugger should rip into them for the waste of paper.

  18. LOL, I thought that too. who the fuck walks that slow? And then – did you notice, on one of the left turns they took, they slowed even more, took a wide turn and picked up a “new” set of ponderous walkers?

  19. Nice that they pointed out lots of Schiff’s inconsistencies, especially re: the whistleblower.

  20. LAU-RA mean long time come out.

  21. *narrows eyes*

  22. Books???…..Ok Boomers.

    @ Pups, Do your best suh! Break dat muhfuckah. I triple dawg dare ya.

  23. I think it’ll get loose but I don’t think it will be at the Spanish Flu level mortality. Not that we’re that much more advanced in terms of viral pandemic treatment compared with then but the recognition of the potential for catastrophe is greater now.

    People are selfish and stupid, indeed it will get out. China should, but won’t, quarantine themselves. Little dicked f*ckwads with weird appetites. (thinking specifically of their fixation on aphrodisiacs and the poaching of elephants and rhinos. A-holes.)

    St. Louis shut down most everything during the 1917 flu pandemic. Because of that, we had the fewest deaths of all major cities.

  24. I received an advance copy of the Orphan X book.

    It sucks.

  25. Current book “So Anyway”, autobiography of John Cleese. I saw this when I was looking for Scott Kelly’s book at the library and thought why not. I checked it out before Terry Jones passed.

  26. Wait…the republicans are presenting their case today? If so, why do they get Saturday and the demrats got primetime? Are the networks even covering it and who, other than republicans, going to watch it?

  27. Hotspur, shut your whore mouth.

    Pupster , you, Sir are one funny MoFo.

  28. This was Rebecca’s pizza buddy – we knew her from the time she was a wee little baby:

  29. Beasn, Fox covered it, gavel to gavel. Didn’t look at any of the other channels. They kept it to 2 hours today and will be back on Monday with more.

  30. Thanks for the laughs, Pupster – needed those today! 😊

  31. The smile on Chief Justice Roberts’ face at the end was priceless. Dems screwed up by blathering and repeating so much. Less is more.

  32. From Teresa’s link:
    “Wednesday, nearly 2,000 people attended her service. Nine thousand more watched a livestream online.”


  33. This was long but well done.

  34. Did someone drop Jennifer Rubin on her head?

  35. It’ll be interesting to see which networks cover Trump’s defense and which ones go back to airing soaps.

  36. Ixnay on the ainbray amatray.

    I think you are being very insensitive CARin. How is Pay’s shoulder doing? Can he “make his own sandwich” yet?

  37. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but does she ride the short bus to her office at the Washington Post?

    Pay can make his own sammiches, and has learned how to massage my back by first using his good arm to put his bad arm in place. i’m all about helping with his therapy on this. Staples still in, and he’s enjoying scaring children with his Frakenstein’s monster impression.

    I told him he should wear an ascot.

  38. People are Crazy, vol 7468787874777

    So, last night this man comes in and starts yelling at the hostess, he needs to see the manager. manager goes up and the guys says 1) he was pulling into one of our parking spots 2) it was dark and 3) rainy and 4) he scraped the side of his (leased) car on one of our landscaping rocks which 5) caused great damage and 6) we are responsible for the repairs because 7) the rock OBVIOUSLY was too close the curb and 8) it certainly wasn’t HIS fault.

    He wrote out a page report and made the manager sign it (@@) flourishing out that he was going to be contacting his insurance company to get in contact with us.

    There is literally no way the rock caused damage unless he was actually ON the curb, which be obviously was.

    He also at one point claimed he thought the rock was a snow pile. There was close to zero snow in this spot.

  39. Trump’s speech at Davos is a barn burner. He really twists the knife.

  40. The mom went on Facebook and poured her heart out throughout this journey – very raw and emotional, yet uplifting. Her postings touched a chord in people’s souls.

    One of the buildings in Fort Worth lit up in purple and pink in Raven’s honor; one of the main streets downtown lit their auxiliary lights up in pink and purple as well (Raven’s favorite color was “purplepink”).

    Paul and I completely missed all of this, as we were paying attention to other things, and I wasn’t following Facebook at the time. That’s why it came as such a shock to us last night.

  41. Here is one of her postings:

    Here is where she talks more about what is going on, and how everything happened:

    And this is after everything is over:

    Remarkably strong young woman. We talked last night, and we understood exactly how she and the family were feeling. I hope that we were of some help to them. We will continue to be there for them.

  42. (((HUGS))), Teresa.

  43. Why would Trump ask Parnas to fire Yovanovitch when he had his own reality show with the punchline, “You’re fired!”

    This is a Kavanaugh move, and Dems suck.

  44. That’s very sad, Teresa. Some of my friends at work were talking about this, but I didn’t know anything about it until you mentioned it.

  45. Ever get the feeling that a lifelong friendship may have been one big-ass mistake?

    I’m grappling with that right now. It’s not a good feeling and I don’t trust my instincts here.

  46. Carin’s story is one of the reasons the staff at the inn were tasked with keeping me away from customers. I’d have told him to shove his note up his ass, and called the cops to report the damage he did to my boulder.

  47. Hotspur – we made copies of the note and were all laughing about it in the kitchen.

    Sometimes you have to make your own fun.

  48. The night before that happened, Raven had won some balls at the “claw” machine, and she gave one to Rebecca. She was always doing stuff like that. Just a sweet, sweet girl. We are going to miss seeing her.

  49. Many moons ago I parked in a no parking zone and a guy backed into me. He want me to pay for the damage to his car because I parked illegally.

    I told him to piss off so he called the police.

    I laughed when she said “it doesn’t matter where he was parked. He can park in the middle of an intersection and that doesn’t give you the right to drive into him.”

  50. Comment by Brother Cavil on January 25, 2020 3:07 pm
    Ever get the feeling that a lifelong friendship may have been one big-ass mistake?

    I’m grappling with that right now. It’s not a good feeling and I don’t trust my instincts here.

    If it turns out to have been a bad thing, then look at it going forward as a huge learning opportunity – from now on, you know what to look out for.

    It’s all a matter of perspective.

  51. I watched her description of what happened.

    I don’t know how you get through something like that.


  52. Laughing about douchebags is also a good response.

  53. Had a good friend from HS who cut off all contact completely because of my support for Trump.

  54. Started doing my taxes, but realized that I need a couple of documents that haven’t been sent yet.

    It looks like my fed refund may be ~$50. I consider that a win.

  55. I paid all my quarterly estimated income tax payments this year.

    First time ever.

    We’ve got a shot at a refund, another first.

  56. Is this what we’ve come to?

  57. Not the comments.

    Took forever for me to load the poat.

  58. Yes. You still have the keys to this place?

  59. I made the keys.

  60. Well, i made the first site before lunatic burned it down.

    I haven’t been banned – yet.

    Good to see you.

  61. A customer occasionally would scrape their bumper on the concrete parking block in front of my store, then come in all hotheaded at me about it. I’m still mystified by this behavior. If your car is that low, why not stay a foot away from the thing? Why try to bring the nose over it?

  62. Free Karen stuff.

  63. Sorry to hear about your dialup being so slow, mesa.

  64. NFL Network is replaying a Superbowl every 30 minutes.

    They are up to 1972 and I am remembering some of it.

  65. Oh my, babylon bee is making purchases now:

  66. Let me know when they get to 1985…

  67. Jay, I wish I had dial up.

    I have stand on top of a mountain in Montana and hope you have a signal. Up.

  68. 1985 kicks off in 5 1/2 hours.

  69. Smoke signal internet.

  70. Sweet and Sour Abortion

  71. I’m ballparking that I’ll be writing a check to the US Treasury for about $2k on or around 4/15.

  72. Did the Dems just accidentally disprove the basis of Impeachment?

    Long, but good. Tim Pool is center reporting.

  73. Watching Skyscraper, and Neve Campbell is still hot.

  74. Ugh. Can’t sleep. Four hours, jeez.

  75. I got five, BroCav. Frustrating, when I’m still tired and don’t have to be anywhere this morning.

    I thought this was interesting. I thought all the pro-life Democrats had been kicked out of the party. Cuomo specifically said they have no place.

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