Resolutions Thread

the Hostages are at the cutting edge of societal goals, so I thought we could have a post to inspire the internet

Stay strong and motivated, H2!


  1. Some people can still get along

    Noam Shalev event in Sweden:

  2. This is the speech that I witness when I stopped watching recorded shows last night.

    Michelle William shouted her abortion right there at the #GlodenGlobes

    Safe, legal, and rare, they said.

  3. Link to a motivational collage for Leon:

  4. My goals are basically the same as last year. I was hoping to make more progress than I have.

  5. My goal for 2020 is your mom.

  6. My goals: Keep myself from walking in front of a truck, keep myself housed and fed, get better with God, and generally be less of a loss.

    It may be overly ambitious in places.

  7. I only gave myself until July 1 to hit my goals. My reward if I hit them is either a new gun or a personal sauna.

  8. So I was watching vids by this guy last night:

    I have some niggling issues about putting down the computer when I should, eating late at night, etc and I’ve had low success with forming new good habits on my own just generally. So I ended up buying the book he was plumping at the end of that video because I couldn’t help but notice that the advice aligns with the scientific shit I’ve previously learned about brain-programming.

    I’ll read it and try it, and let you guys know how it goes.

  9. I have some niggling issues about putting down the computer when I should, eating late at night, etc and I’ve had low success with forming new good habits on my own just generally.

    Same thing here. I spent all weekend playing a video game and then was up late last night watching some show on Amazon Prime. I’ve been better about doing prep work the night before so I’m not rushing around in the morning (laying out work clothes, prepping lunch if I’m taking it in, etc.), but I have a bad habit of staying up too late and sleeping in too late to get to the gym in the morning. I usually go in the evenings, but that means I get home late at night and don’t want to go straight to bed. The ideal is I get up early, go to the gym, and then have the evenings when I get home from work to read and unwind.

  10. My goal is to punch more poon in 2020.

    Also, your mom.

  11. I’ve never stayed awake for an entire Harry Potter movie.

  12. I’ve seen it before but my favorite line, “we’ve got to little ****** on Swiffers.”


  14. Comment by Brother Cavil on January 6, 2020 10:19 am
    My goals: Keep myself from walking in front of a truck, keep myself housed and fed, get better with God, and generally be less of a loss.

    It may be overly ambitious in places.


    I’m sorry Brother Cavil, but that last line made me laugh.

    You’re doing alright, you’re here, aren’t you? *cough* Maybe being here is not a good example.

  15. Twitter is on fire today. ww

  16. I just really need to focus on nutrition this year.

  17. Good twitter or bad twitter, Carin?

  18. Yeah, don’t walk in front of a truck. It’s crazy messy…may total the truck which isn’t yours to fix, give the truck owner nightmares…and you more than likely will wind up in diapers and a wheel chair.

    I suggest finding joy in the smallest thing, which is the best thing, and wonder at the beauty of God’s creations and finding a hobby that engages you. Mine is watching the birds, laughing at coons and possums slinking on my deck (fat f*ckers), and picking up a crochet hook.

    Then go rescue a critter. Dogs are kinda needy, so get a cat, who will enslave you.

  19. I will continue to try to reduce my lard load….and sell off tons of stuff – some of it the rest of my kid’s stuff and some mine, and then look for a jerb. Not sure what.
    Does anyone know anything about billing/coding, work from home kind of thing? I saw the community college is offering some classes on it. Don’t want to take any if the pool of jobs are small.

  20. I could apply at Walmart, down the street, again. But this time stock shelves. Something stress-free. (staying away from the bakery — they can’t keep cake decorators because nothing has changed)

  21. Good. Funny.

  22. My resolution is to read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

    I may have read it before, or at least part one, but I can’t quite recall.

  23. John CUack … I just can’t.

  24. I could apply at Walmart, down the street, again. But this time stock shelves. Something stress-free. (staying away from the bakery — they can’t keep cake decorators because nothing has changed)

    I’m probably just going to go back to dancing for blue-haired grannies. The money is better, and I don’t feel dirty and morally repugnant when I go home every night.

  25. Weirdos.

  26. Jay, this was a funny poat.

  27. thanks mare. tried to stay on-topic for Monday

  28. My goals are centered on longevity at this point. I need to do a lot of mobility and strength work and get my by% down after what feels like a couple of years of really letting myself go.

  29. Obviously not a hate crime, since the murderer was gay (he was married to a guy).

  30. I read the Ben Rhodes article today that said, serious you guys, leaving the Iran deal was totes the worst. C’mon guys. This is bad.

    So naturally I laughed and thought about how weird it must be to always be trying to convince people that a wet turd is a diamond.

  31. Favorite exercises are jumping to conclusions, running people down, and pushing my luck.

    Please change picture of two kids to one of Trump.


  32. Little known fact: the picture of the boy up top is Trump as a boy.

  33. And the girl is Rosetta

  34. I thought it was Rosetta and Mare before both of them transitioned.

  35. You are correct, Leon.

  36. I should sell Florida real estate or used cars to people in DC. I’d clean up! Evidently, they believe whatever you tell them. They don’t use reason or critical thinking, they don’t care about facts, they just buy into whatever the cult leader they currently have says. I could use some of that sweet, sweet government money they receive but do not earn.

    Anyone, ANYONE who believes the Iran deal was legit, is a raving lunatic. But come on, we know they didn’t believe any of it. It was a means of transferring some money to a regime they were soft on.

  37. It’s been covered but did Michelle Williams really say she wouldn’t have won an award had she not aborted her child?

  38. heh, from FB:

    this week I get to hear everyone’s dumb ass ignorant, probably couldn’t find Iran on a map, thinks Sunni and Shia are two of the Kardashian sisters

  39. She strongly hinted that.

  40. yes, she did, mare.

  41. this week I get to hear everyone’s dumb ass ignorant, probably couldn’t find Iran on a map, thinks Sunni and Shia are two of the Kardashian sisters



  42. Imagine thinking an award is more important than a child. She’s s dumb whore.

  43. One is hopefully a symbol of love and acceptance and the other is merely a sign that you spread your legs for the right man.

  44. Tom Hanks is an effing douche. Not referring to any particular comment of his, just making a comment. And kind of a dumb douche.
    Also, a living in a bubble, dumb, douche. Yes, he’s right in tune with the American people:

    “Tom Hanks says Donald Trump will be president “when spaceships come down filled with dinosaurs in red capes.”

  45. If the haters don’t like the childhood pics of laura and scott, then they should comment more and become poaters.

  46. I hear pupster has a new workout routine for 2020.

  47. Anyone who thought the “Trump is a Russian Asset” deal was legit is also a moron.

  48. hhhahahahaha, I loved the yawn.

  49. Please change picture of two kids to one of Trump.


  50. I ❤️ The two kids. I ❤️ My weighted blanket. 15#. I’ve slept really well with no insomnia. Dan was sick today. I told him to use my blanket. He was feeling better by 9AM. Great sleep.

  51. Her fingernails gross me the hell out:

  52. I know that dogs calm down with a weighted vest. What is the science behind the weighted vest/blanket? Glad you got a good sleepy sleep, Oso.

  53. There is a questionable memo/letter about us leaving Iraq. I don’t have a problem with that, however, WTF would we stay in Afghanistan? It’s a losing proposition. I would have thought before Obama cocked it up staying in Iraq would have been a quick response place for our interests in the Middle East.

  54. Always follow the effing money. Sheeeesh. She is such a whore.

  55. Isn’t she the same one who had a Chinese spy in her inner circle for a dillion years?

  56. Yes. Feinstein is a Chinese asset and has been for decades.

  57. Given Yamamoto’s concern about invading the US and finding a “a rifle behind every blade of grass”, is it even the slightest bit implausible that most anti-gun efforts in this country might be backed by undisclosed foreign interests?

    Just spitballin’.

  58. Mare, I don’t know. Quite a few Morons on FaceChimp started talking about theirs. We were selling the crap out of them. I bought one and I love it. One Moron said 1/3 body weight + 1#. I just bought the 15# with two covers. I didn’t do the math.

  59. I use Mrs. Pupster instead of a weighted blanket.

  60. Mrs Caruthers still shares a bed with Possum, so I can’t make similar use of her.

  61. I love this kind of stuff. I’d make a floor like this for an outdoor structure, but I’d change it a bit. A porous woven polypropylene underlayment instead of (what looks like) cotton duck, which is going to rot and release the sand that it’s holding up. Mortar doesn’t really adhere to wood, so I’d save myself the trouble and instead of sealing the edges like that I would just use packed gravel. Also he didn’t ram down the sand well before putting on the bricks, and it shows.

    Maybe make the bricks out of pressure treated wood, too. Dunno. Got to think about that one.

    The comments are interesting, too. Apparently Sikorsky, not too far from here, had floors like this over their concrete floors.

  62. Dang, you guys all have goals and plans and stuff, and I’m usually just trying to make it through the day. My life is Triage, just trying to figure out which is the most urgent crisis and take care of it.

  63. My primary goal for the year is to get both of my toilets replaced, Pepe, if that helps.

    If I get to 2021 and that isn’t done, I’ll consider the whole year a failure.

  64. Trying to make it through the day is a goal. Successfully dealing with crises as they arise is a goal. Yeah, not the big ambitious sexeh goals, but probably more realistic and practical than 99% of what folks come up with.

  65. I’m just trying to sleep. I have the contour pillow and now the weighted blanket. Already taking chromium, magnesium, and iron. Still keeping everyone awake with my RLS. So far, weighted blanket isn’t pissing bedmates off.

  66. Honestly I’ve slept under full bedding, quilt, etc. for years no matter the weather precisely because it felt comforting. For once I was ahead of a trend! Sorta.

  67. BC, I used to have quilts from my Grammo, that weighed around 15#. I still vent my leg for temp.

  68. Not sure if you mentioned it already but the first I heard of weighted blankets was from parents with kids having autism.

    (first reference on duckduckgo)

  69. Thank you, Jimbro, for the science.

  70. I still vent my leg for temp.

    Gotta be careful. That’s how the monsters get you while you’re asleep.

  71. IKR! That is why we close Closet doors. 30 years of Dan not recognizing monsters.

  72. My goals for the year are:
    1. Get rehearsal dinner reservations done by the end of January (looking at Rigazzi’s or Favazza or one other FDIL’s parents recommended)
    B. Lose some damn weight before June so I don’t look like a whale in a muu-muu at the wedding
    Pi. Go to a new state. Looking at New Mexico for spring break, Osita. How’s your schedule the week of March 22?
    iv. Not murder anyone involved in this telescope project that is truly pissing me off.

  73. Roamy, as long as it isn’t Holy Week, I can work it out.

  74. Romacita, if it helps, the blog Idaho Geezers lost ~25lbs apiece in a year IIRC by doing IF. I think their version was not eating until 12PM every day. Narrowing your eating window helps with insulin resistance. Go on and email Pat and ask how it went.

  75. Osita, Easter is April 12.

  76. Lauraw, I have been doing mostly IF, eating between 11 AM and 7 PM. Stress has been off the charts, screwing up my sleep. I lost 25 lbs last year and have gained every bit back.

  77. Psst I know. Ash Wednesday is in February.

  78. So this year I resolved to comment on the poats instead of just lurking. I should have started before now, but kind of thought there was a test or an interview. So… I do keto with IF, I have more guns than people in my house, and I don’t have any tattoos that are visible in a snow suit and face mask. Am I hired?

  79. Bummer, Roamy!! Stress is wicked. It’s a killer, actually. Is there anything you can do to eliminate it?

  80. St Jude, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass right now?

  81. Jude, this is the test.

  82. Is there anything you can do to eliminate it?

    That relates to #iv. on the list. Today’s screwup – I was handed three witness samples for analysis, none with what chamber or test step they witnessed. They’ll get back to me on that.

    Hi St. Jude, welcome to the funny farm.

  83. LOL Laura is so old school.

  84. Uh-ohhhh…. I didn’t study this chapter. Are bullwhips up the ass a requirement? Maybe I should have resolved to lurk on all posts except hhd…

  85. F#ck it. Let’s go with 3….FTW!

  86. 3?

    Welcome. Now you have to make fun of engineers. Just for pretend, refer to, umm, let’s say leon.

  87. What state do you call home?

  88. You don’t have to tell the truth. The rest of us lied.

    At least, I hope we did.

    CostCo’s liquor aisle got me again. I got an economy-sized jug of Hennessy.

  89. As Hillary said, after the first bullwhip, what difference does it make?

  90. I’m not an engineer anymore, so I don’t care. I’m a well-paid janitor. Considering a career shift into twitch streaming. I’m just going to play Fallout 4 in a smoking jacket and fez while I smoke cheap cigars and sip whiskey.

  91. Oh, yes… I forgot to include this in my application, but I live in SW Michigan. I’m pretty sure that means an automatic job offer at the HQ

  92. Huh. I’m in Niles near Granger.

  93. Ace hasn’t offered me a job, though.

  94. MI is taking over!

  95. Southwest Michigan?

    Leon is getting primaried.

  96. I’m not an engineer anymore, so I don’t care. I’m a well-paid janitor

    I actually like engineers. Any one who says 1+1 equals 7, just to make sure it can take the stress, is someone I can drink with.

  97. Just NW of Kalamazoo

  98. Wait… Now that I have my compass out… Let’s call it NE of Kalamazoo. Maps are confusing. Or I just can’t type. I’ll let you decide

  99. I have family in Mattawan and Kazoo, just sold some land in Comstock.

  100. The land he’s going to try and sell you is totally not swamp.

  101. Phat!

  102. Tomorrow’s poat will be after I get to work. I don’t feel like pulling out the laptop tonight.

  103. It’s already sold, Scott. At a loss and on land contract, but sold. And it isn’t swamp, it’s got the same stupid-high water table as the rest of that valley, the problem is the laws on where you can put a septic system have tightened to the point of absurdity.

    The guy who bought it just planted a giant deer plot and a tree stand.

  104. Michigan is a shithole.

  105. This is how I know we’re getting old….a younger Jay would’ve pulled his laptop out all nite long…nowadays….not so much.

    Only 3?

    Here’s the REAL question….What did you name yer favorite gun?

  106. well, at least you don’t have to worry about it, or pay taxes

  107. Comstock twp is about 3 miles south of me. I don’t like hearing banjos so I don’t go there often.

  108. You are welcome here St Jude.

    It may not seem like it but you are.

  109. No, I still have to pay taxes, sort of. They are escrowed into the land-contract payments. I haven’t got the winter tax bill yet, either, so I need to ask the buyer if they sent it to him and have him pack it with this month’s check if they did. The LC is 3 years, so I won’t be entirely done with it until August of ’22, when there’s a balloon payment due.

    The nice thing is that I can foreclose and sell it again if he doesn’t pay me.

  110. If the music wasn’t so horrible this would be a Michigan blog.

  111. Horrible music? must be talking about Car in.

  112. St. Jude,

    You gotta bump those numbers up. 3 is rookie numbers.

    Also, how do you feel about Ragnar marathons, because you’re gonna be drafted by Car in.

  113. No marathons please… Ragnar or otherwise. Unless there is beer at the end. That’s the only reason I did that tough mudder. Well, I was also double dog dared. But mostly the free beer at the end of the $50 race.

  114. Oh shit, you did a Tough Mudder?

    She’ll never leave you alone now.

  115. Don’t struggle, it only excites her more.

  116. Michigan is a shithole.

    Yes. COmplete shithole. Everyone stay out.

  117. At the end of the Ragnar, one of my team mates handed me two beers and declared that there was a two-drink minimum at the afterparty. What shirt size do you wear?

  118. Aha! I’m no longer the “new kid” of the blog! (Welcome to the loonybin, St. Jude!)

  119. We need another MI meetup.

  120. Yeah, it’s about time for somebody to hatch another evil pl…I mean, arrange a meetup.

  121. July 4 is a Saturday this year. Just saying…

  122. I am psyched! my company has been asking me for a few weeks if I would go to Phoenix and help out there for a week or so. All of the decision makers were back today and decided I should go next week.

    Next week is the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale 7 miles from the Phoenix office. I hope they don’t throw me out for drooling on all the cool cars.

  123. Danny’s egotism remains problematic.

  124. Vmax, if you want to see an auction in the boonies of Midcoast Maine this one gets a lot of press around here

    If you made the journey I’d even make an exception to my rule of avoiding crowds to join you and pay for the lobster rolls*

    (*one lobster roll per visit, let’s not get too crazy)

  125. Glad you had the intestinal fortitude to delurk St Jude. Hope you stick around and share your thoughts, rational or otherwise, with us.

    Same goes for any other lurkers out there. Shed the gimp suit, wipe the lube off your hands and type your thoughts in the comment box.

  126. Won’t you join us on Jay’s new “EARLY LATE POST”?

  127. Well, St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, so I suppose we had to get a visit sooner or later.

  128. And Vmax, if you go to Phoenix, say hello to everyone in Globe for us.

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