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  1. The beluga one is my favorite, but the Heinzsight is getting added to the dad joke list.

  2. Jimbro?
    Very true, that professor is a wise man. For me it’s a situation where every year there is a new crop of kids getting taller and braver and, in turn, brave enough to climb the monkey bars, grandma’s old apple tree or try to ride their bike down “Suicide Hill” with hands off the handlebars. Welcome to the world of pain kid …

    Thankfully they heal so fast 🙂

  3. After listening to the explanation from GEOTUS yesterday and after weighing the input of the hostages, I can now say that I am fully onboard with droning the guy from Iran.

    To be honest, it was the memes. They’re so funny. We need more funny in our lives and if a weirdo terrorist from a goat fucker country has to meet his virgins in order to get the meme juices flowing…so be it.

    I wonder if he smoked? Cuz it would have been funny if he just quit and then this happened.

    Jeez. What a day, I could really use a smoke. WISH GRANTED!

  4. Marketing team was good.

  5. Wastebasket cat = me. Dammit.

  6. “goes in one hole and comes out three” did it for me.

  7. I read somewhere, maybe Gateway Pundit, so not 100% reliable, that the esteemed general was in Iraq to rally the militias and stage a coup leading to an overwhelming assault on the embassy. I just looked there trying to find it again with no luck. If that’s true it would be huge so I wonder if that info will come up again.

  8. I read the same thing somewhere else. I think Iran is pretty much in control of Iraq anyway.

    I also watched Tucker last night and some military guy said we should accept the Iraqi parliament’s wish to leave the country. Everyone. Take the opportunity to get the fuck out and let them deal with it.

    Not a bad option, actually.

  9. Not a bad idea. We’re all over the ME, it’s not like we couldn’t hurl a few bombs from some other shithole country.

  10. Or we could just neutron bomb the whole region and turn it into New Texas.

  11. It isn’t fully in control of Iraq, which is their problem. A large portion of the Iraqi population does not like Iran nor want them meddling in Iraqi affairs.

  12. Iraq and Iran are scams.

  13. I like, “for the hard to reach children in the backseat.”

  14. MJ, what is your avatar?

  15. I recall there was an idea floated a while back about separating Sunni Iraq from Shia Iraq but it wasn’t workable.

  16. I made sausage and pumpkin hash for food today. Better than I expected, but I seasoned the heck out of it and might just be enjoying the pepper and sage.

  17. I watched Hunt for Red October last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I’ve seen it many, many times but it’s one of those movies which has so many perfect scenes.

    Yes, yes I know Alec Baldwin is a douche.

  18. I loved Fred Thompson in that movie.

  19. I made sausage and pumpkin hash for food today….



  20. Because I had pumpkin left over from Christmas. I’ve made hash with sweet potatoes in the past, this was close, and way fewer carbohydrates.

  21. Love Fred in it too.

    Scott Glenn was great too.

    The guy who played the Secretary of Defense, excellent.

    Sean Connery, the side kicked who died and is a famous actor whose name I can’t remember…greatness.



    Gruntworks is doing Iran/WW3 memes, in case you are wondering. I should probably stop so Pupster has something for next week.

  24. Don’t stop on my account. Imgur is convinced that we are headed for WW3 and they’ll get drafted.

    As if.

  25. We haven’t had a draft in what, nearly 50 years? Besides, we’ve already been at war since 9/11.

    Scott Adams’ talk yesterday was that he thought someone in the Iran regime wants peace with the US (or at least an end to sanctions) and dropped the dime on Suleiman as a gesture. A little too altruistic, I think, but Trump had some nice words, that he respects the Iranians, he thinks they are good people, they just had a terrorist leader that needed to be eliminated.

  26. Last draft in 1973. Close enough.

  27. According to imgur, we all died after net neutrality ended, so they should just shut up and go back in their coffins.

  28. Anybody know what happened to Chi? I was reminded of him scrolling through the post tags. If he ever said bye I missed it.

  29. is mare still eating that ham?

  30. I think chi is commenting at aos. Leon pissed him off

  31. Probably me, yeah.

  32. Almost zero sleep last night, miserable, face is killing me, sweated through my pajamas and sheets. Food, hot tea, zicam, sleep on the recliner. rinse, repeat. I am so fucking sick of this shit. That’s two days utterly wasted. When I see that kid at work who gave me this cold I’m gonna have words. DON’T WORK SICK WHEN YOU HAVE PAID SICK DAYS.

  33. MJ, what is your avatar?
    My dad has been working on our family tree and can trace his maternal line back to England/Scottish border area. It’s the family crest which was only in use for a bit. Apparently my ancestors couldn’t quite figure out which side of the fence to play during the mid 1600s and had to move to America.

    One min they had made it to the lowest level of landed gentry…the next they were on a boat with other treasonous scum.

  34. I don’t remember what leon did to Chi. Let’s make something up.

    did I wakey wakey?

  35. I’m guessing it was one of those days where they were droning on about computer things.


  36. Or, maybe he couldn’t take Leon’s insults about my music any longer.

    /stares into distance

  37. We’ve been over this. If you want to listen to cats f*cking in the closet, that’s your bidness, I just don’t share your tastes.

    I’m not even sure what my taste in music is anymore. I was tidying my office and found a stack of CDs, not one of which I wanted to listen to in the slightest.

  38. It was probably some passive aggressive comment or post about being motivated at the start of the week.

  39. I’ve been trying to work on the passive aggression. It’s a bad habit and I need to have it called out when I do it.

    And I quit trying to motivate anyone ages ago. Maybe he hates mushrooms.

  40. It was a beautiful partly sunny day until I lit the grill for slow cooked ribs. Black clouds moved in and it started raining before the charcoal was even ready.

    Still. Ribs are smoking.

    I hope you feel more better soon Lauraw, me and Pupster boys have had a semi-nasty cold virus for a couple of days, but I can keep going with sudafed and ibuprofen.

  41. Sympathies, Laura. I feel like I’ve been sick since October to greater or lesser degrees, sinus infection for the last week or so that might finally be subsiding.

  42. Thanks guys. Sorry to vent snot all over the blog.

    One min they had made it to the lowest level of landed gentry…the next they were on a boat with other treasonous scum.

    They left the losers behind them.

  43. Ugh, that was me yesterday. Couldn’t keep my eyes open without them just draining constantly, either, so much sinus pressure.

  44. Bug going through the Club. Cold not Flu. I’m Snots the dog. Everything still clear, but I’m a mucus machine. TMI.

  45. Yar Sale made me laugh, but that’s because of a Meme making fun of nutmeggers. Yard Sale. Garage Sale. Only in Connecticut is it called a Tag Sale. It feels true. Massholes call Slug Bug “Punch Buggy”

  46. My new trail running shoes are awesome. I fell on my face zero times today. Last time, that number was 4.

  47. Picture on FB? Cute shoes

  48. Dan didn’t feel like making cornbread last night. I refused to eat his Navy Bean soup. Tonight, cornbread in a cast iron skillet.

  49. Heckin Chonkasaurus, my new middle name.

    I like the tourette’s shirt and may have to get one made.

  50. ‘Sup, cock-knocks?

  51. Yep. They are very grippy.

  52. 👋🏻 Cock curious

  53. My dryer is fixed. Thanks for asking.

  54. Your dryer was broken?

  55. I could have fixed your dryer. Appliance repair is my thing.

  56. Last time I fixed an appliance I learned that it is best to unplug it first.

  57. MA wanted to go outside this AM. Wanted early brekkies. Dan was late in shower. Late getting ready. I ended up with 10 minutes to shower and dress. Bought a weighted blanket. I’ll let you know. Other Morons swear by them.

  58. something …something…yer moms appliance….

  59. Last time I fixed an appliance I learned that it is best to unplug it first.

    Did that too. To be fair, I did unplug it. Someone was just being helpful and plugged it back in when I wasn’t looking.

  60. Dinner was spaghetti with meat sauce. I even made it myself! (Not the sauce, I’m not masochistic.) Haven’t done that in years now. Have to admit the urge to cook kind of went away once it was just me.

  61. Dan finally made cornbread for the navy bean soup that I refused to eat last night. MA got late 🐥🐥. Braunschweiger for the princess.

  62. If I didn’t cook for myself, I’d starve and be sad. The years of powerlifting demanded that I get good at it.

  63. I married my cook.

  64. Trying my 15# weighted blanket tonight. Morons love theirs. I’ll weigh in.

  65. I should make spaghetti. That sounds good.

  66. Mmmmm spaghetti. I really hope J’ames is Itialian

  67. A Black Italian?

  68. I don’t give two shits about what anybody did to offend anyone else. Suck it up, dipshit.

    But I don’t EVER want Leon to stop posting. Whether it be his fat bottomed girls, mushrooms or my favorite, ancient civilization sites.

    Also, MJ, your crest is cool.

    I never had a crest because I come from the most peasant of peasant stock. It’s what makes me insanely healthy and blessed with a family who mostly lived into their late 90’s.

    Dad had 10 brothers and sisters and 7 of them lived (with a vibrant mind and body) past 95. Dad died at 93. Full mental capacities.

  69. I should get a 40# weighted blanket and walk around my field with it for exercise in winter.

  70. Patriots aren’t done yet.

  71. Most of the SI writers picked the Titans to win this game in their playoff game predictions. Only one had them reaching the Super Bowl and predicted a loss to the Seahawks. Predicting SB participants much less winners at this stage is bullshit.

  72. Not italian, but I make a mean spaghetti sauce. Danes and Swedes (iceback here) like tomato sauce too.

  73. Getting past the Titans, Chiefs and Ravens is a tall order. Next to impossible. Of course I’d like to see it happen but if it does and Brady gets #7 I’ll start to think it’s all scripted like pro wrestling.

  74. Why not just get the blanket wet, leon?

  75. Heh, Chefs don’t play defense in the playoffs. No problem.

  76. Every time I see them making sauce in The Godfather I have the urge to make homemade spaghetti sauce. Haven’t done it yet.


  78. Powerline:
    The Week In Pictures

  79. All this (delay of game and false start) just to run a minute off the clock. Don’t care for this part of the game.

  80. Tucker is not a fan of the drone strike, just what the neocons wanted.

  81. Wow, can’t get much better than that punt right there.

    Why wouldn’t Brady come back? Some other team gonna sign him? He should do like Wainwright did for the Cardinals. Take less salary and load up on incentives.

    And, there’s a pick 6.

  82. Y’all go to bed quite early. Hope you remembered your Geritol and Metamucil.

  83. Danielle’s elderly relatives phoned.

  84. It’s generic psyllium husk fibers Jay. No one can afford brand name Metamucil.

  85. Why wouldn’t Brady come back? Some other team gonna sign him? He should do like Wainwright did for the Cardinals. Take less salary and load up on incentives.
    Welcome to the next 4 to 6 weeks of local sports talk here. Every team shifts personnel after the season and the Pats are no different. Most of the guys that leave play for losing teams but make more money. No problem with that since the average career is short.

    My hope is he reaches a deal with the Pats to build/maintain a better O-line, tight ends and wide receivers and make another run at it. I think it was equal parts age and team makeup that defined this year for them. I almost think he’d play for all incentives if they stacked a team for him.

  86. After the game I turned the channel to The Revenant. Watching DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass recover from a bear attack seemed like the perfect metaphor.


    *coffee kicked in*

  88. Your mom needs help.

  89. Yale has become a joke.

  90. These are the people who demand protection from offensive costumes.

    The president is crazy, and the fact that he is acting normal proves it.

  91. Wish Rosetta was here for me to tease him about this.

  92. That Yale psychiatrist has been on this tear for a while. Her book was published a while ago. Killing Suleimani is just an excuse to get more publicity for her book by tying the claim he’s crazy to that. The writer at Salon is just as crazy as her since xhe actually explores the topic like it’s a bona fide claim.

  93. Eating healthy is dangerous

  94. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President
    by Bandy X. Lee (Contributor)

    Hardcover, 360 pages
    Published October 3rd 2017 by Thomas Dunne Books

    Looking to push the remaining copies and juice the ebook sales.

  95. The weak-minded, “well educated” think Obama’s policies were more prudent than President Trump.

    They were not. They were silly and embarrassing.

    Let us NEVER forget that John Kerry actually brought James Taylor to France to sing in front of France’s version of the Legislature.


  96. I know the James Taylor deal was not a “policy” but it was just a giant embarrassing turd that was a perfect example of the not serious garbage that made up the Obama foreign policy.

  97. Yea, I’d forgotten about that. what a turd.

  98. Good morning! Got my first real night of sleep in three days. Sinus pain almost gone. Still a snotmonster, but a much more energetic snotmonster.

  99. Mr. RFH and I are watching “Rock ‘n Roll High School”. Cracked me up with the Indian in full headdress, scalping tickets. Couldn’t have that in a movie today.

  100. THat was awesome!

  101. LOL, Carin.

    Glad you are feeling better, Lauraw.

  102. Rebecca sounds nice. Does she have an Instagram?

  103. HHAHHAHAHAH, That was great, Carin.

  104. London is lost.

  105. Just back from the range with HotBride. She’s a deadeye. No kidding.

  106. Eff them, Carin. Third world scum.

  107. Weighted blanket is awesome. Until my RLS kicked in. Breakfast burrito this AM is still kicking my butt. Hot chile. Both Red and Green. So much carne adovada, I had the meat sweats.

  108. Your mom has the meat sweats.

  109. HS, my mom called me out on FB for not being Raza enough. 🤣🤣🤣

  110. Lauraw, my Nina made a key lime cheeseball for Vanilla Wafers. I can’t remember if it was PA or Gabe with the pumpkin cheeseball recipe at the HQ.

  111. HS, my mom called me out on FB for not being Raza enough. 🤣🤣🤣

    Because you’re too white? Tell her she’s racist.

  112. Better not get out of line now, HS. She’ll shoot you in the driveway.

  113. What is driveway code for?

  114. Rah rah ree
    Shoot ‘em in the knee.
    Rah rah rass
    Shoot ‘em in the other knee.

  115. HS, MY Mom is a hard core racist. Dan has been calling her out for over 30 years. Brown Beret. Socialist.

  116. Dan knows our history and he still tries to make me a better Catholic and human when it comes to my mom.

  117. I keep forgetting to try to make a cheeseball. Not sure if I will. Just as easy to go buy some chevre.

  118. American cheese is really easy to make into a ball. Unwrapping all of them from the plastic is a pain.

  119. I gave it a halfhearted effort last year. It was alright, nothing memorable. I’m pretty much the only one who will eat it so that’s a disincentive to put much effort into it.

  120. These sound good.

    Oh wait, that’s because it’s a recipe for frikadellar (meatball in Danish)


  122. Clowney better get fined for that cheap shot on Wentz.

  123. All they can talk about is how great he is.

  124. I was shocked there wasn’t a flag on that play.

  125. How did that escape a review? That’s textbook helmet to helmet.

  126. Hillary had a lot of money on Seattle.

  127. Golden globes intro was amazing. Must see tv

  128. I’m not watching – dr who is on. Pat made me watch it.

  129. what happened? I’m not watching either.

  130. Ricky Gervais is hosting. He’s never going to be invited back

  131. He’s done the same thing the other way.

  132. Funny as shit but the not funny to those present. Canned laughter and applause was necessary

  133. Gonna have to watch it tomorrow. I can see on twitter by who laughed their asses off, and who is saying THAT’S NOT FUNNY, that it’s got to be funny as shit.

  134. heh, just quit watching recorded shows, and Golden Globes was on. Michelle Williams has a speech about abortion, and how it’s part of her faith.

    Uh huh.

  135. At least Chernobyl won.

  136. Ricky could GAF. He lost the GG by making fun of Bruce Jenner. 2 successful Netflix later.

  137. Getting ready for night 2 with my weighted blanket.

  138. Huh. I missed out on store-bought eggnog this year. Time to look up recipes, damned if I’m missing out totally…

  139. HAHA…just watched a few clips of Gervais roasting them dumb f*ckers…which he basically called them….and then telling them to just take your award and f*ck off – no political speeches…

  140. Disabilities ended Randall’s progress.

  141. Good morning cheeseballs and crudites

  142. My sister is mourning the death of her pet possum. Not really a pet, but she fed it cat food or table scraps every night. Crazy.

  143. Gervais’ speech was a work of art. The looks on their faces were priceless.

  144. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching an “award” show, but twitter is doing a pretty good job of showing clips of Gervaise. Unfortunately, it appears the particularly dumb ones didn’t get the memo.

  145. MJs 2020 media style guide:

    1. When anonymous sources are cited you can disregard the information as partisan spin enabled by willing/stupid accomplices in the media.

    2. Any media/dem repetition of a phrase means the opposite is true. Examples include, ‘without evidence’, ‘no one has alleged any wrongdoing,’ ‘impeachable offense,’ ‘abandoning our allies,’ etc.

  146. @Qasam_Soleimani on Twitter is pretty funny.

    “Me and Saddam were bored, so I suggested we play hangman.
    He was not amused.”

  147. “Someone should tell Al-Shabab that they’re about to go Al-Shaboom.”


  148. I saw an article commenting on some tool’s citing anonymous sources from the intelligence agencies that the strike was based on dubious evidence. Subconsciously I was applying the style guide as I read it.

  149. Seeing the opening was a fluke. It came on right after the football game and Pat had been watching it in the basement while he was working on some projects. He came rushing up after and made me watch it.

  150. OMG. The Ricky Gervais thing is pretty funny.

  151. Iran put a $80M bounty on Trump.

    That seems a bit dramatic. Kinda gay actually.

  152. That’s only 1/18th of the pallet.

  153. MJs 2020 media style guide:

    1. When anonymous sources are cited you can disregard the information as partisan spin enabled by willing/stupid accomplices in the media.

    2. Any media/dem repetition of a phrase means the opposite is true. Examples include, ‘without evidence’, ‘no one has alleged any wrongdoing,’ ‘impeachable offense,’ ‘abandoning our allies,’ etc.


    For a young turd, MJ is pretty wise.

  154. Monday is running a little behind. Had to clean up 3 pee puddles, shower, then found a 4th, then had to wake family for the day and make a sandwich for daughter.

  155. Did anyone else refuse to believe it was possible for Michael Moore to get fatter, grosser and dumber?


  157. Good morning!

    Calm down, Mare.

  158. *punches new year’s baby in the top hat*

  159. I’ve worked with fatter, uglier people, so I’m not surprised. If he’s still around in 2030, though, I’ll be shocked.

  160. Oh come on, it’s like I always say, there IS no “Peak Stupid”. There is ALWAYS more stupid.

  161. Hrmph. Holiday Cylons remain until I get home. Keeping track of what asset I have where is a PITA.

  162. Michael Moore’s publicity photos frequently show this downward camera angle to minimize his jowls, and they also do something to edit away some of his sideways facial flubber. I think it’s fucking hilarious this shaggy porker who looks like he smells bad at all times actually has that kind of vanity. He is a tortured soul. The fucker believes that by rights he should be good looking but unlike the Hollywood set, he looks exactly like he is supposed to look.

  163. I think I’m stuffed for the morning. Got a big stinker of an assignment handed to me late last night, I just discovered in email.

    Feel free to post something. I’m sure I’ve already run off all the lurkers who used to come for fitness chicks.

  164. Terry Schappert slicing like a hammer, re: solomaney (sp wrong on purpose)

    I think he was probably the one orchestrating the embassy BS this time, and that probably punched his ticket. Bold, and controversial, but Trump don’t play like Obama, Bush, etc.

  165. Some people can still get along

    Noam Shalev event in Sweden:

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