The Season’s Upon Us


An H2 Christmas, is there anything more magical?












Best Christmas show EVAH!








Merry Christmas, you reprobates.

As much as I like Jennifer. someone has outdone her on this song.



  1. Mornin.


  3. The season’s upon us indeed


    Half day at the bone factory this morning and then grabbing the mail and home to toss the frisbee for my red dog.

  4. Paula has already put a deposit on a new blue girl pup from the same breeder we got Rowan from. They have a bitch who is pregnant now and depending on how many pups she delivers we will either have a new sister for Rowan in the March time frame or we’ll need to wait till the fall when another one of their bitches is bred.

    (Part of my enjoyment when discussing dog breeding and using the word “bitch” with a straight face)

  5. College football bowl season is also upon us.

    I love the name of some of these bowl games

  6. Hmm … detecting a trend here

    “It’s a Christmas miracle” no one was killed

  7. Alright, off to the Miracle Shop

  8. Some people think that when you lose a dog, you need to go through a mourning period before you rush out and get another pet.

    I am not one of those people.

    More dogs is the answer for dog-loss pain. You’re not replacing them. You’re filling the empty spot. I just didn’t want stella to look that oschi. She does sorta, from an angle. BUt no. No confusion.

    wakey wakey.

  9. I have oschi’s picture right by my puter. Looking at me.

  10. I have a million things to do today. Coffee first then away I go.

    Last night at work was busy.

  11. Last day of work this week.

  12. I don’t think of “replacement” pets, I think of “successors”.

    Y’know the more I use and think of that world the less I’m sure it isn’t sounds without meaning. I hate when that happens.

    (Departure delayed until noonish, still going.)

  13. I consider all my current pets irreplaceable, as in, there will be no replacements and I want to breathe air free of animal hair in my house.

  14. I posted this nine years ago.

    Merry Christmas

  15. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  16. D’awww. Merry Christmas, Hotspur and Hotwife.

    We need to plan another meetup for Spring.

  17. J’Ames, I like the look of the metallic/ pearlescent powders in very small doses. I would never do a whole panel like that. I have a little bit of pearl ‘crystal’ here and there in my fake marble counter but I’d have to point it out to you and it isn’t the best looking parts. I think if you did some sample boards with the epoxy you would see what I mean. The more subtle stuff looks more real, to me.

  18. AOC for Veep candidate? She’s not eligible to be President, so that’s just her getting in front of the cameras again.

  19. I thought VP candidates had to qualify for the job.

  20. If by qualify you mean – be an insufferable cum guzzling shit-for-brains cunt – like the last vp, then yes, they have to qualify.

  21. Leon, I’m sure you’re misogynist for that, or racist, or somethin’.

  22. I should go to the gym this morning, before they close in an hour, but fuck it. I’ll go on Thursday.

    Gotta run to the store and buy the rest of the stuff for dinner tomorrow. Spices, bourbon, etc.

  23. Can’t she just “identify” as a middle-aged broad and run herself?

  24. I need to know what’s in “sinfully white cake” because I just had a birthday and that was a real missed opportunity in hindsight.

  25. A sinfully white cake is made with two cups of technological and economic advancement, one cup of bad dancing, and a pinch of 4chan.

  26. Not feeling great to day and I have to do some baking. I’ll do that and say f*ck it to anything else. (same lingering cold and not enough sleep)
    Also waiting on word from tomorrow’s dinner guests. Several are sick. So depending on how they feel this evening, will determine if they’re coming. One of them was like, ‘I stopped having the vomiting/diarrhea yesterday afternoon…what do you think?’ Yeah, thanks for putting it back on us.

    Oy. I’ll stay on the other side of the room.

  27. For my last Christmas and birthday, I got a comfy recliner. When son comes in town, he takes it over. Imma bout ready to beat him. He’s sitting in it, with his feet up on the sofa’s arm. IT’S A RECLINER YOU DORK, recline it and get your smelly feet off where my head rests sometimes. Wtf.

  28. I need a wife to help me with shit.

  29. My computer chair has a massage thing on it. I’m taking a break – one cycle.

    Then back at it.

  30. I need a wife to help me with shit.

    My wife wants one too. It’s only a matter of time before there are sexbots that do housework. So there’s that.

  31. I found an elegant double vanity solution for your bathroom, J’Ames. DIY, very nice.

  32. It’s a mark of quality cabinetry when you enlist the help of a seafood restaurant.

  33. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good…afternoon.

  34. hah, I’ll have to view that later. On the road now!

  35. I thought that guy’s rock sink looks stupid.

  36. Yay, another Lutheran Satire!

  37. You didn’t see the breathtaking beauty created by sticking a thousand dollars of gold leaf on $0.25 of driveway gravel? Well, I just don’t know what to do about your serious lack of taste. Tut-tut. WELL!

  38. That’s the kind of bathroom you buy when you graduate high school and sign a multi-million dollar basketball contract.

  39. Wondering if you could do that with pyrite and have it look better.

  40. I was waiting for him to goldleaf the oyster shells.

  41. I have seen flame experiments on ISS in the glovebox, but I imagine a drippy wax candle is right out.

  42. Jessica Meir is a big deal here. She’s from Aroostook County. Lots of news coverage for her NASA stuff.

  43. I have 23 more clocks to pack.

  44. That vanity is absolutely hideous.

  45. We get Fox News??!!! Have not watched since we cut cable about 10 years ago,

    Everyone got old.

  46. My former chief has a Christmas tradition of gifting all his colleagues with a family made cheese ball. His wife is a Pediatrician and, although lacking confirmation, I assume they hit her colleagues too. That’s an awful lot of balls. They have about 6 kids and after cheese ball manufacture they’re tasked with delivery. Earlier while I was elbows deep in dirty dishes and Rowan was barking his head off. I figured it was a delivery from UPS or FedEx and kept on washing. When I checked later I saw that I was cheeseballed.

  47. I cheeseballed your mom.

  48. I’ve been giving Christmas cookies to local friends for several years, usually in a pretty Christmas tin. The ones who dared the House of Plague over the weekend returned their tins from last year. I opened them up to nest them for storage and got hit with the smell of rancid nuts. They’d eaten the cookies but closed up the tins and never washed the crumbs out. Gah.

  49. but not rancid cheeseball nuts……

  50. Rancid Nuts would be an awesome band name for Carin’ genre.

  51. I got rancid nuts from cheeseballing your mom.

  52. I cheeseballed your mom’s rancid nuts.

  53. Comment by scott on December 24, 2019 3:24 pm
    I have 23 more clocks to pack.

    Mare routinely packs that many clocks in an average day. You need to step up your game.

  54. Band Name….Rancid nuts of Depravity….

    Santa just passed by riding a fire engine running code 3…..I thought the muthafucka was supposed to sneek in at nite? Gotta be confusing to be a kid nowadays…

  55. Happy Christmas Eve you clock packing rancid nutted cheeseballs!

  56. Does this mean Scott is a experienced clock packer? Does Scott enjoy packing clocks or is it just something he does for money? Should he add clock packing to his list of expert services when marketing his business? If you only pack one or two clocks…are you really a clock packer? Or is that just experimenting like in college?

    How many clocks can you pack without reporting it to the IRS? Does the state require a special license and medical exam to pack clocks?

    Im not ashamed to admit it, I have some friends that are clock packers…very low key, not the in your face type..seem like good people….who am I to judge? What people do in the privacy of their own business is their own business… long as its properly taxed and regulated….

  57. I’ve packed hundreds of clocks. Every size and type you can imagine. Giant old grandfather clocks, all the way down to tiny clocks you can nestle in the palm of your hand. Great antiques with long swinging weights below them, and the newer ones with tightly coiled springs.

    I’ve given that all up now, working a regular job. But our customers didnt miss a beat, and now Scott packs all their clocks, even better than I used to do.

  58. Are these, like, dead peoples clocks? Y’all are like cuckoo clock serial killers.


  60. I have one right now that is nearly 5 feet tall.

    Early industry in CT was guns and clocks. Lots and lots of clock collectors around here.

  61. “Cuckoo Clock Serial Killers”

    Band name or whodunit novel. Either one works.

  62. One more day of this crap.

    Then we can put all this crappy music away.

  63. Christmas music, not the stuff Car in listens to.

  64. Merry Christmas all you all. I give this holiday 12 of these thingies: ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  65. Merry Christmas Hostages!
    Since I have moved to Denver 107.9 Rocks the Rockies is commercial free? Car in music, and I must say not bad, The morning stoners are entertaining.

  66. Getting ready for midnight Mass.

  67. Went to not quite midnight mass at the closer church. Gotta get up early and run to the store.

  68. Goodnight, sugarees. Have a good day tomorrow and a wonderful Christmas, enjoy!

  69. Dodge enchanted reindeer poop!

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