MMM 390: Dwarka

Dwarka?  No, not the modern, coastal city.  This Dwarka.


There are, in fact two sunken Dwarkas.  One just off the coast, and one even farther out.


The ruins have been dated as far back as 10k or even 12k BC, which puts them safely above water until two ancient periods of sea rise as the last major glaciation ended (whether that end was gradual or sudden is hotly debated, with the establishment holding that the ice melted gently over a long time, and a growing number who believe that it came suddenly, and may have coincided with a cosmic impact of some sort).


This isn’t the clearest water, and marine ecology has a way of wearing down most everything people build, so it’s amazing we can see this stuff as well as we can given the time in that environment.dwarka1.jpg

Some columns miraculously still stand.


This is a nice montage set I couldn’t find apart.


Some beautiful steps.


And that’s it for this week.  Happy Advent!


  1. Tagged as problematic for anyone who believes that the OT is meant as a precise chronology.

  2. Are you sure that last pic goes with the rest? Those styles look more ancient Egyptian than anything local. Not that Egypt doesn’t have its own sunken sites…

  3. Nice pictures.

    I work today and Friday.


  4. NVM, and holy shit, reverse image search dredges up crackpots by the bushel.

  5. You’re a Sunken Dwarka!

    No … YOU’RE a Sunken Dwarka!


  6. Tagged as problematic for anyone who believes that the OT is meant as a precise chronology.

    I assume by “OT” you mean the Old Testament. I’ve never understood the need for a literal interpretation of the OT, or to try and push a young Earth hypothesis based on it. Genesis has about two chapters on the formation of the world; it’s not a story about the creation of everything, it’s a story about the creation of the Jewish people.

  7. I’ll double check, but it was grouped with other images in a Dwarka article rather than just “sunken cities”. There are so many that the latter gets you too many images of elsewhere.

  8. Thanks for information and pictures, knowing nothing about it before now.
    Still wishing youd change moms kids portrait.


    The headline is dishonest. Nevertheless, ugh.

  10. Do you tip carpet installers and how much?

  11. We’ve tried changing the picture. Someone always changes it back.

  12. This pope is acting like Obama … managing a declining church rather than a declining America

  13. The actual comment isn’t that controversial. He basically says, “live your life as a Christian, do good works to help people, and when they ask you about it tell them the Gospel. But don’t try to push it on people who don’t want it.”

  14. “Proselytize” is one of those terribly-nuanced and thus exceedingly difficult words to translate well. Francis is nowhere near the polyglot his predecessors were, and even his native vocabulary seems limited.

    But yes, Pope Francis seems to at best see himself as an administrator doing his time in charge of some big charitable organization, not as the general of an army charged with winning God’s world back from the enemy.

  15. I’ve never had carpet installed, so I don’t know. I would have tipped my gutter installers but they left without talking to me after the job was done.

  16. I should have carpet installed. Or a new floor put in the master bedroom, at least.


    Good summary of the mob family that manages congress for the Big 2.5.

  18. Boeing’s CEO just resigned, which isn’t surprising given the company’s record over the past few years.

  19. I’m sure he won’t go hungry.

  20. Fuck Pope Frankfurt School.

  21. And I say that as someone struggling mightily to get his own ass back in the pews.

    Not. Fucking. Helping.

  22. I know I say it a lot, but I miss the Borgias these days. That was scandal I could live with, mere human failings and weakness. The apparent carelessness and poor catechesis is a lot harder to take. But he’s just a man, he’s old and mortal, and the forces that put him in this seat are now spent and their influence visible. Even the new ones he’s appointed won’t manage this coup again.

  23. I suspect that Frances may eventually be seen by history in the same way the Neville Chamberlain is seen.

  24. History will most likely remember him as a puppet installed after BXVI was forced out by conspirators. He’ll be on a list of “bad popes” someday, if he’s lucky. If he really lets fly, I imagine he’ll make the other list by 2075 or so.

  25. I should stress that even if the above isn’t exactly true, I strongly suspect that this is how he will be remembered. The Francis Fanboy club is mostly people with one foot and 7-8 toes out of the Church already, so the remainers will be those who tell the story.

  26. Yo. How is everyone this morning?

    I’m at the stage of Christmas prep where I feel my efforts have been too paltry and I’m thinking of wrapping and gifting actual possessions, as well as unclaimed freight stored in the basement.

    I need to get a grip. Nobody in my fam goes all out. And Mom and Sis know I have been working a lot and am not going to do all that baking I usually do.

    *continues to struggle internally*

    Scott got all excited when I was talking about gifting unclaimed freight and he showed me all these boxes of pretty glass things in the garage whose owner has abandoned them.

    AAAARGH. Tempted. So tempted.

  27. I say do it.

  28. DO IT!
    DO IT!
    DO IT!
    DO IT!

  29. It’s giving garbage. It’s giving garbage. Thrice, I tell you: It’s giving garbage. Not hap’nin.

    Yeah. Maybe. I have to take a better look at what’s out there.

  30. So I’m trying to decide if I should make almond blondies for Christmas dinner, or a spiced steamed pudding. Gonna top either with a maple-bourbon sauce.

  31. Both sound good.

  32. Spiced steamed pudding sounds warming and luxurious. Very Christmassy.

  33. Don’t forget the mound of whipped cream.

  34. My scrooge employer has decided that we should stay open an hour longer than we usually do on Christmas eve – because Fuck it, he won’t be there and it’s more money for him. I pray he didn’t allow reservations up until the very end, but he probably did.


  35. Scott is trapped on an out of state job with some FUCKING DOUCHE who was all hot and heavy to have him drive out on a Sunday on short notice,

    This is why you charge extra for working on Sundays. Did you make the f*cker pay?

  36. That’s ridiculous, Carin.

    I hope you find a new place where you’ll be happier, real soon.

    Around here, restaurants open for holidays traditionally have the gratuity included in the check, it’s usually 18%. Does your place do that?

  37. Scott said it was a good enough paying job, beasn. But he is soft hearted. It was some kid on a college campus. “Wait right here, I have to take a bus across campus to get my bike, I’ll be back in 20 minutes” yeah that really happened too. Scott knew that would actually take an hour so he drove the kid himself. Such nonsense. Younguns.

  38. We do not do that. And I make more than 18% usually, so I’m not letting anyone think that 18% is enough LOL. I *usually* walk with 20% after tipping out (which ranges from $20-30 ).

    I’m not working but erin is – a double.

  39. Tell Erin it’s not a real double.

  40. “Wait right here, I have to take a bus across campus to get my bike, I’ll be back in 20 minutes”
    Most kids have no concept of time. And most of them figure that stuff out on their own. Sadly, not everyone does.

  41. I’d vote for the Christmas Pudding. I always think I’d like to make a figgy pudding but by the time I’ve got the fruitcake done I realize it’s just better left unmade.

    Of the cousins of my generation only my cousin Alan has the same affection for all the Christmas cakes of the past our mothers used to make.

    December: Fruitcake, standard
    New Year’s: Fruitcake with almond paste and royal icing
    Christmas Day: Christmas pudding with custard sauce
    February: George Washington cake

    Just when you catch your breath from these it’s time for Irish bread and scones.

  42. I lurves me some Irish soda bread. So does my lard.

  43. Shit. I hear MIL with the shop vac*. She tries to come up the stairs again, I will have to beat her.

    *does the best on carpeted stairs

  44. I’ve left the Christmas shopping to Mr. B.. After the stress of the wedding and then back-to-back colds…this last one lingering like your mom at hotspur’s…my heart is not in it. (Not into the shopping/gifting thing, that is. I’m down with the reason for the season.)

    It’s enough that I’m cleaning the bathrooms and then doing the cooking. The rate I’m going, I don’t think I’m going to get my grandniece’s triceratops finished. Not that babies care…tho, this one probably would enjoy it. Besides my son, when he was new, I’ve never seen such an alert, curious, baby.

  45. Good grief, that mother needs a smack upside the head. It is because of her that her girls were tossed out.

  46. I looked for a twitter thread on that subject. The ignorance made my brain bleed. Now I’m retarded.


    Just kidding. But here’s a sample of the hot takes: “This is why the cultural appropriation movement is so important.”

    Um. Ballet is from Europe, dumbshit. If cultural appropriation were a thing, the ‘black nutcracker’ would have been shut down already.

    OK. Off to work. Nobody tell Hotspur his fly is open and his one long ball is on the chair.

  47. Don’t forget the mound of whipped cream.

    In my family it is a hard sauce that melts on top of the pudding. Plus it gets doused in brandy and set on fire.

  48. Tonight I’m going to White Nutcracker.

  49. Gonna argue with Twitchy about Starliner. Yeah, it’s a disappointment that it didn’t dock with the space station, but it’s not a failure. At least it landed properly with all the parachutes (previous test missed one) and didn’t have “unscheduled rapid disassembly”.

  50. Insty was full of comments about the Starliner issues and how it was a complete disaster, SpaceX is the greatest ever, yada yada yada. Anything that doesn’t suck Elon Musk’s dick get’s shat on by the fanboys.

  51. Leon bait.

  52. L to R: Pupster, bacon

  53. Back story with bigger gif

  54. “Julio Vasquez, 31, will be charged with felony stalking and felony evading, according to FOX5 San Diego He could face more charges for punching the K-9.”

    Immigration status?

  55. That there’s a good pupper. Julio is lucky he didn’t lose digits or appendages.

  56. I hope good boy Duke didn’t get cut from those shards of glass.

  57. Julio hit him. F*cker.

  58. America’s Top Dog premiers on 1/8.

    It’s American Ninja Warriors for police dogs.

    Might be interesting.

  59. I have to be fair between the different companies. I have to work with SpaceX, LockMart, Boeing, Blue Origin, Northrup, whomever. That said, SpaceX is 3 for 4 on engineers being insufferable and annoying. All but two of the Boeing engineers I know have retired. Blue Origin is willing to learn. Northrup asks nicely for help and is competent. LockMart is all over the map.

  60. I mean, I love bitey dogs flying through bad guy’s windows and all, I just can’t believe that was the best option right then. Need to get a dude out of his car? Get some pepper spray shotgun pellets but with fartsmell (trade mark).

  61. Liquid Ass Pellets

  62. 👋🏻

  63. If you don’t come out we are sending in the homeless guy with a bucket of poo.

  64. Time to pick it up, Laura

    Mare, driving a stick


    Beasn crafting for the holidays

  65. Marriage is your hubby packing extra panties and fem hygiene when you go on vacation…just in case.

  66. Mr. RFH and I are watching Kenneth Branagh’s “Much Ado about Nothing”. Brian Blessed is in it, and every time he says something in that booming voice, I think of “Gordon’s alive!!!”


  68. Pups?

  69. King Vultan is easily his best work.

  70. True Story: I worked 10 pallets of books in 4 days. My back is shit. I’m averaging $6000 in sales a day. We took freakzilla to Pet Paradise today. Counter workers recognized MA when we got out of the car. Three way fight between desk people over who was going to take MA to her room. A3 or A7. 5 different people involved in MAs reservation.

  71. ” I worked 10 pallets of books in 4 days.”

    Crossfit is gonna take your job. Throw in some burpees and a t-shirt and people will pay to do that.

  72. Elliot got a bath today, so he’s non-stinky for the trip to grandmas.

  73. I didn’t like it when tips were automatically added. I usually got ripped off then, made better money without the auto add. Even with the occasional stiff, which happens anyway.

  74. Tomorrow morning I make the trek to my brother’s in ATL for Christmas. Sadly I work on Thursday so I return afternoon/evening of the 25th, but it’s worth it, every minute.

    Still hate the drive though. It’s three hours I’d rather do something else with. I’m impatient like that I guess.

  75. glad you get to do something you enjoy BC. Merry Christmas.

  76. I am working Thursday, too, but I’m not traveling anywhere. Mr. RFH got voted down, and we are going to midnight Mass tomorrow instead of the kiddie Mass.

  77. Oh wow. Twitter acquaintance took his kids to see My Fair Lady at the Kennedy Center, got surprised by the transvestites dancing during the “I’m Gettin’ Married” scene, including simulated oral sex. Lerner and Loewe meets Rocky Horror.

  78. ??WHAT?? In the actual theater, this was happening? And nobody gets expelled from the place?

  79. I hope your friend asked for – and got – his money back.

  80. bathroom walls in epoxy?

  81. Discuss early retirement plans.

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