MMM 389: Göbekli Tepe

This is the mother of all archaeological crackpot magnets.  Not because of its size (though the site is large) or its grand height (it was buried for almost 10,000 years), but because radio-carbon dating gave us reliable estimates of the age of its construction (~10k BC at the latest) and the time at which it was buried under sand and sediment (~ 8000 BC).  We don’t know why it was buried, if it was deliberate human activity or if some catastrophic event.  The age of its founding is a serious shift for anthropology, because it either implies that hunter-gatherers could (and would) build enormous temple structures, or that dawn of agriculture was a at least a full 2 millennia earlier than is currently believed.



Sophisticated stonecutting and carving is present on many of T-shaped stones structures.


The whole site is now under a stadium canopy to protect it from rain and sand storms.


This was taken before the canopy.  There may have been some sun-tracking or other astronomical significance to the stone placement, so the canopy is something of a mixed blessing in that regard.


The front of the stone depicts a man-shaped face, but here we see a carved, 3-fingered hand at the end of a carved depression suggesting an arm.


These purses with handles are one of those motifs that show up in shaped almost exactly like this in stone carvings in a LOT of places seemingly at about the same time, even on different continents.  Central America, Japan, and India.  If anything, these may be the oldest such carvings, but not by much.  Note also the man-bird shapes beneath the purses.  That comes up a lot too.


Another shot of the site from what is now ground level.


More wide shots.  Some of the more fragile and elaborately carved stones are now covered by boxes to protect them from the elements (or – according to unconventional students of history – to hide “dangerous” iconography that would upset Big History).


To be fair, excavating the burial matter has left some of the larger stones pretty tippy.




  1. Secret Santa Update: Please email me when you have your gift, I want to just schedule opening once I know all gifts are in hand.

  2. Oh my goodness this is amazing. The mystery of it all!

  3. The mystery of it all, like how Hotspur’s ankles support his girth.

  4. I mailed my Sekret Satan gift this morning, so it should arrive no later than Thursday.

  5. There are other stone carvings worth looking at if you do an image search. One looks like a hog of some sort, suggesting either that it was a common hunting target or possibly even already domesticated.

  6. The age of its founding is a serious shift for anthropology, because it either implies that hunter-gatherers could (and would) build enormous temple structures, or that dawn of agriculture was a at least a full 2 millennia earlier than is currently believed.

    I kinda like the idea that humanity developed agriculture a lot earlier and that most of the evidence was wiped out by time or swallowed by rising seas.

  7. “Ancient Alien researchers theorize…”

  8. Leon’s categories made me laugh.

  9. If I want to see a lesbian Christmas, I’ll go to Pornhub.

  10. Hahaha. We talked about it last night.

    As if any lesbian wedding looks like that.

  11. Not enough dogs for a lesbian wedding.

  12. I kinda like the idea that humanity developed agriculture a lot earlier and that most of the evidence was wiped out by time or swallowed by rising seas.

    It’s shocking to me that this is even remotely controversial at this point. When the “standard timeline” was established, we didn’t have the technology to look. Now we’ve got it, and we can easily see sunken cities in numerous locations. We know the seas rose, we know that people cluster near the coasts and waterways after they have even the simplest boats, and we know that millennia of ocean waves would wipe out anything like a “farm”. It should be what every paleo-anthropologist is looking for, not chiding the Ancient Aliens crowd about.

  13. There’s nothing romantic in the slightest about two women getting together to mutually masturbate for a few weeks and then get fat and start hitting each other.

  14. Word. I think I ranted before about “Atlantis” being some garbled memory of the oldest settlements getting swallowed by rising seas as the Ice Age receded further. Seems a logical conclusion to make.

  15. It shouldn’t be a hard leap. Flood myths (in the sense of a story deprived of date and with some embellishment, but nonetheless containing truth) are universal. There’s like one ancient culture that lacks such a myth, and they lived high in the mountains of Japan.

  16. I’ve had this thought but didn’t write this. Good stuff,

    View at

  17. I saw that on Insty the other day.

    You have to have the technical skills and the knowledge of the underlying theory before you can experiment. This goes for music, theater, cooking, etc., not just studio art. Picasso was actually a very skilled artist, which makes his style all the more interesting because he’s making a deliberate choice to focus on certain techniques to the exclusion of others. A jazz musician who experiments with certain dissonances can only do so if he understands the underlying harmonies that he’s modifying or rejecting.

  18. I’m watching Comey’s interview on Fox this weekend.

    He shouldn’t have done this. Very poor choice. Our elites aren’t very elite.

  19. His defense is, ‘we’re all idiots, not criminals.’


  20. Our elites aren’t very elite.

    I read an article years ago about the Rhodes Scholarship program, and one of the members of the admissions committee admitted that all the applicants were the exact people that they didn’t want: all type A weasels whose entire lives were carefully crafted to gain admission. That struck me as a pretty good summation of the political class, and much of our “elite” in general.

  21. I think I had Chem 101 lab with a Rhodes scholar. He mentioned it a lot.

    I was a bit confused because I assumed he’d be super smart. It wasn’t until much later that I realized talent is about half of anything. The rest is connections, luck, etc.

    His name was Evan and he looked exactly like an Evan. Such a stereotype.

  22. “His name was Evan”

    My brain filled in the face for me automatically

    …and he looked exactly like an Evan.”

    ha ha haaaa, yesss!

  23. His defense is, ‘we’re all idiots, not criminals.’

    This is similar to my prayers for mercy from God Almighty. I’m weak and irresolute, not in rebellion. It works (I hope) with him, because it’s sincere and contrite.

    Does anyone at all think Comey is sincere or contrite?

  24. He seemed pretty sincere in the interview. Not conniving, or that he had prepared answers.

    His default is just that there is no bias, no illegality, but a they were sloppy in following the process. The people are good but the process isn’t great. Need to fix that. More training, etc.

    But he’s a technocrat. He’s going to say that. My guess is that he has a 49 step process for sex.

  25. Good people can make a bad process work. A good process can’t save a team of shitheels. Anyone who thinks differently is likely a systems engineer, and a bad one at that.

  26. y guess is that he has a 49 step process for sex.

    Step 1. Hide in closet
    Step 2. Watch wife screw the poolboy
    Step 3. Masturbate furiously while crying…

  27. You left out the steps where he waits for the ice block holding his chastity cage key to melt.

  28. Have you ever noticed that people look exactly as you’d expect sometimes.

    When I read something from the New Yorker, I know exactly what their little cartoon image will look like.

    When I heard the lady that testified in front of the house judiciary committee from Yale or Stanford or whatever, I knew she’d be a cat lady. Saw the video and BAM. Cat lady.

  29. I can almost always generate a good mental picture from a voice, never tried it with just text.

  30. One time, I was in the car with my wife and I told her that, and she said it was bullshit. There was a female DJ talking at the time on the radio, and I said, “she sounds fat and short, probably a talk-to-manager haircut”. We looked later. Nailed it, even got her age within 2 years (I gave a range, she was in it).

  31. Physiognomy is real. Just look at any soiboi.

    Actually, I suspect that it has a lot to do with tribalism and human nature. People adjust their physical appearance to match those around them and to distinguish themselves.

  32. Wellll….for a while. Making too many assumptions is dangerous, especially as people age.

  33. For example, you’d never be able to tell these days that Hotspur was a gay-bar stripper back in the day.

  34. *kicks blog in the punani* WAKE UP

  35. Meh. Dull, quiet day. At least I’m getting paid.

  36. Just finished a late lunch. I might burn a couple hours of personal time and leave at 4pm.

  37. You know what would help me get out of here early? If the damned web-based document editor would let me actually change a document.

  38. Ok, crisis averted. Turns out that you have to manually turn on “insert text” mode…


  40. Your mom has a manual insert mode too.

  41. gay weddings on hallmark, white supremacy signs at the Army Navy game, it’s a stupid time we live in

  42. One of my Anglo cousins was a Rhodes scholar. She worked for State Farm before becoming a SAHM. Her dad was shocked, because she was never that competitive just always had great grades.

  43. No fun at all outside today. Sunny, but 34 degrees at 1:00 pm and 15 to 20 mph wind. Trying to fix a water tank heater, so bonus cold points for ice and having to work without gloves.

  44. SAHM??

    Simply Awful Hispanic Mistress?
    Sweet Anglo House Mother?
    Sexy And Hot Mess?

  45. There’s nothing romantic in the slightest about two women getting together to mutually masturbate for a few weeks and then get fat and start hitting each other.

    It’s stuff like this is one reason why I lurves leon.
    That and your subject matter on MMM (minus the chicks…while I can admire the beauty of human form, I like your other subject matter more better.)

  46. Some Amigo Hit Me

  47. *puts ice pack on blog’s punani

  48. Staying At Hotspur’s Mom’s

  49. *Throws flag at Pepe* SAHM isn’t even mine. It’s Stay At Home Mom.

  50. Really like both Scott and CoAl’s guesses.

  51. SAHM made my day

    About the ancient buildings and carvings, I’m calling bullshit on this whole thing. Everyone knows authentic ancient civilizations had stone carvings of penises everywhere. So many, in fact, they could give directions around town by the various penis carvings. “Yeah, bang a left at the corner with the curved penis on it and go straight till you hit the eunuch wiener”

    “Carved satchels” … excuse me, purses with handles

    As if …

  52. Archaeologists uncovered a 12,500-year-old site in Avon CT.

    Thousands of artifacts.

    They stumbled upon it while excavating for a new bridge.

  53. That’s suspicious.

    And tell me precisely how the pumpkin spice latte isn’t a symbol of white power? It’s practically the American version of tea with lemon and sugar, aka the symbolic drink of the British Empire.

  54. Pumpkin spice only exists due to colonialist conquest of foreign countries in order to facilitate capitalist trade in spices and other goods. The White Man takes the products of the African and Asian Man and uses it to oppress the flavor of the Native American Man.

  55. Shitty weather headed my way. BroCav needs to keep an eye on that front, too.

    Also, my secret Santa package arrived today, woot!

  56. Lots of tornados down there.

    I won’t bitch about the snow it’s bringing us.

  57. Have you fired up the new snowblower yet?

  58. tornadoes

  59. Last week we got about 8″ of really wet heavy snow.

    Tore right through the pile at the end of the driveway.

    It was a blast.

  60. Anyone want to hear about my new diet plan? 18 pounds gone since Saturday.

  61. Bad clams?

    2 week old ham?

  62. Uh oh, what did you do to the dog?

  63. Chainsaw accident, Lefty?

  64. 1) dog is safe, no attacks either
    2) no limbs lopped off
    3) ham not involved

  65. So it was clams.

  66. Didn’t you go to a sporting event on Saturday?

    Sharing the air with thousands.?


  67. Glad you are feeling better.

  68. Thursday was the sporting event, and thanks.

  69. Can someone tell me why I should give a shit if Lauri Loughlin gave $500k to USC to get her daughter into school? People do that shit all the time.

  70. J’ames, we need 300 + Feebs looking into Aunt Becky while missing Jihadis across America. She is challenging the prosecution. Judge said the FBI was not on trial and told lawyers they couldn’t challenge 302s. I hope she wins. The FBI and the DOJ is a joke.

  71. Interesting EDKH twist.
    I suspected something like this, given G Maxwell fathers history
    With Israel and Mossad.

  72. Someone with linkfu show PJs ring. Not everyone is on Facechimp and her ring is lovely.


    An Education Department investigation revealed universities failed to report more than a billion dollars in foreign funding, which officials believe is only a sliver of the unreported overseas donations flowing onto campuses.

  74. Shauna’s ring

  75. Drew Brees: 28-29 with 4 tds. Wow.

  76. Had a great day at the ER today!

    Been having some chest congestion for a week, but nothing serious. Flew my scheduled trip. Was walking up from the Platz in Brussels back to the hotel when I was getting really short of breath and feeling some chest pain.

    I’m in decent shape for 53 and this concerned me. The next day even walking through the airport kinda winded me.

    I got home last night and the phatbride ordered me to call the Doc in the am.

    Welp, we have snowmageddon going on here in the heartland, so the Doc office said to go to the ER because they were closing at noon.

    That was fun.

  77. Diagnosis: pneumonia.

    A hundred years ago I would probably died from it, so let’s hear it for the USA medical system and drugs.

  78. How the Hell did you get pneumonia?

    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better real soon.

  79. Dimly, Erica recognized Patrick.

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