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  1. I feel like my perception of who is the top BBF model is different than the herd this year

  2. Well, I’m guessing there are 50-60 non commenters who are voting. They are most likely a bunch of maniacs.

  3. PD, it actually isn’t your friend. I forgot about him!! 2 “older” men with very young children.

    I think there are lots of great things in store for people regardless of age if they are diligent about living a good life. Putting themselves out there, following the Commandments, not being lazy, doing things for others, etc..

  4. I believe in MemeDay just like I believe in Santa!!

  5. wakey wakey

  6. So there is Swerve sweetener, and there is also Swerve powdered sweetener.

  7. Well, so far Saturday is starting out pretty shitty.


  8. Sorry, Carin. Are you okay?

  9. Yea, just … youngest is being a shit. I don’t even have a christmas tree yet. No shopping. They think the nerve damage in pat’s arm may be permanent and he needs “emergency” surgery (sometime this week).

    I need something to roll our way.

    And a sorta distant friend had her house burn down this week while she was with her mother who was JUST diagnosed with terminal cancer. And the house wasn’t insured. So, I mean, I feel like shit for feeling like shit about what’s on my plate.

  10. Oh my God. That’s just a lot to deal with. Sorry, Carin. Poor Pat, he must be pretty upset.

  11. …and if there’s a time to cut yourself some slack, now would be it. Feel how you feel, nobody is expecting you to be a superhero.

    If youngest is being a pain because Christmas isn’t happening this year, she needs to get her ass in gear and help out.

  12. I think the youngest is Ethan.

  13. All aboard the Impeachment bus!!

  14. beasn

  15. I hope your Christmas gets more better CARin.

  16. Star is off to the emergency vet for persistent vomiting and lethargy. Last weekend she had frequent urination and we thought maybe diabetes or a UTI. Our local vet tested her urine and it was clean. Her CBC showed mild anemia but a WBC of 36k (normal for humans is 3.5-10.5k) and put her on antibiotics “just in case she was missing something”. Still lethargic despite antibiotics and yesterday was the puke day, all day. Our plan of observing her for the weekend and bringing her to the local vet on Monday went out the window when she couldn’t stand to drink water or even pee. She hasn’t peed since last night around 8.

    Might be a bowel obstruction or perforation from the clothes she eats although we haven’t seen any clothes with holes in them lately. Might be leukemia with the high WBC and anemia. Don’t know. We’ve talked it over and there’s not going to be heroic measures for her, just keeping her comfortable if this is it for her. The vet office asked Paula if we wanted CPR at the intake desk and she said no. I’m guessing it’s a standard question there just like at the hospital but it shook her up a little. Work up just started.

  17. Oh my Fucking God. We’re having one of those runs of luck, aren’t we? Work last night was a goddamned abortion too, and it looks like it’s going to be that way for a while.

    Sorry about Star, Jimbro. I hope they can fix her up.

  18. Oh jeeze. Sorry Jimbro.

  19. Booo, so sorry about Star. Poor pup.

  20. X-ray “looked good” whatever that means. In human terms it would mean no free air indicating a perforation, air throughout the bowel not in one place implying an obstruction and no obvious foreign bodies within the intestines or esophagus.

    Waiting for bloodwork …

  21. Re: Virginia – are any of those sanctuaries in blue cities? Does anyone regret their last election? If so, what did they think they were going to get when they choose ‘D’?

  22. Don’t like nieces or nephews on either side. Entitled and spoiled POS. I have cousins with awesome kids that are kissing up for ornaments, toys, collectibles, jewelry, etc.

    Write down which kids you want to have your stuff and then let them know. Or start giving it away the closer you think you are to being planted.


  24. Daww, what a happy little alpacadeer.

  25. That reminds me, I need to make sure my deceased in-laws won’t be voting in VA next year.

    I feel guilty (and very thankful) for having a good night last night. Rocketboy invited us over for dinner. He didn’t make enough for everybody, but it was a good effort. Chili and cornbread. I brought homemade beef jerky, Chex party mix, and his favorite Christmas cookies. Mini-me is on her way home, so I get to spoil her soon.


  27. Sorry to hear bout yer doggie Jimbro. Prayers for her healing and comfort and your families well being.

  28. Poor pupper.

  29. Get well soon, Pat and Star.

  30. I’m exhausted still from last night at work. 5 hrs sleep since then. Ugh. Working five days in a row, one day off, then back at it. Starting to regret picking up extra hours in December when I have Christmas making projects to do. I should have waited until January for that.

    I need to journal these things or else I’ll screw it up again next year.

  31. Lauraw, it was the full moon or just past it, so that had to make things crazy, too.

  32. Friday nights are always bad at my work, plus the top brass shoved another completely inappropriate patient down our gullets while also cutting staff. We are so fucked right now.

  33. Why would you wait til January to do Christmas making projects?

    *channels purposely obtuse guy

  34. Ok. I have a tree.


  36. Hope everything works out okay for your doggie, Jimbro.


  38. Home Stallone creeps me out.

  39. Praying for the Hostages. Good Catholic Prayers.

  40. Navy QB rushed for 304 yards today.

  41. He has multiple 100 yd games. Ended the Army streak. I bet Mare roots for Navy.

  42. Mare does like seamen.

  43. It will be interesting to see what the NFL does with him. He might end up as a wide receiver.

  44. Yah. He still has to give 3 years. Pretty sure post David Robinson allows for Reserve not Active duty.

  45. He should have to go to the fleet for at least a year. None of this reserves bullshit. Any idea what it costs for four years at the academy? Why should I as a citizen be on the hook for this guys education and then professional football career? Or he could pay his tuition back.

  46. He should have to cut my lawn for a year or two.

  47. Sad day for us today. Star is gone. WBC came back at 56k, creatinine was high and she was spilling protein in her urine. Vet did an US which showed an abdominal mass near her spleen but she was unable to characterize it further. Plan was to give her fluids and antibiotics overnight and if she perked up bring her home and have our Vet come over for her when she couldn’t get comfort any longer. Paula got home at 1 and they called at 2:30 that we better come back. By the time we got there she was gone over the bridge. Lot of heartbreak here. Despite the fact she barked at me every time I moved she was a good dog who always would roll over on her back for tummy rubs when she finished barking at me. She was Paula’s shadow and she’s beside herself now. So hard to lose a dog as you all know. Been a long few days and we all need sleep.

  48. Sorry for your loss.

  49. Sorry, Jimbro.

  50. So sorry, Jimbro (and Paula).

  51. Condolences to your family Jimbro.

  52. Condolences, Jimbro.

  53. (((HUGS))) for Jimbro and Paula

  54. Mini-me is home. Happy momma.

  55. sorry to hear about star.

  56. I’m sorry Jimbro/Paula. RIP sweet crazy girl, Star.

  57. YAY Roamy!


  59. Damn, Sorry about your pup Jimbro.

  60. Dieppe’s esplanade remains popular.

  61. Despite everything, reality persisted

  62. Thanks guys. We’ll miss her awful, she was “momma’s cranky girl” who would have been barking at me even now as I sat sat the bedside reminiscing!

  63. Very sorry for your loss, Jimbro.

  64. Dang. Just got on to see how Star was doing. Sorry to hear that.

  65. Condolences Jimbro and Paula.

  66. Got an update from Lauraw, good job Scott.

  67. Sorry Jimbro.

    I think we’ll have to put one of ours down soon.

  68. It’s been a bad year for our puppies.

  69. Sorry Jimbro.

  70. I didn’t get the spider. I have no idea where it got to. I tried to get it with a folded piece of paper and it fucking disappeared. I had a heebiejeebie fit, convinced it had fallen on me, and disrobed into the hamper. All of this happened in like, one hundredths of a second.

  71. *shakes blog*

  72. It’s my birthday, 44. The bright guys in our production environment did a “maintenance” window yesterday and broke something, so they called at 12:50AM to ask for help. I missed that call, so now I’m spending Sunday morning trying to fix what they broke.

  73. Happy Birthday, Leon.

  74. Happy birthday leon


    I got you one of these.

  76. I used one of the automated kiosks for fast food the other day, pretty neat. This is better though.

  77. Early mass this morning, but my cold started acting up so I came home early. Played video games and ate breffist, and now I’m going to read for a bit, then finish up the laundry and throw a roast in the oven.

  78. Happy Birthday, Leon! To the smartest person I don’t actually know!!

  79. Happy B’Day, Leon.
    Hope it don’t take too long to unfuck what they “fixed”…

  80. I can’t actually do the unf*cking, but I determined that they did it and told some incredulous bastard how to do the unf*cking. I wash my hands of it now and will proceed to make a sausage omelet.

  81. Happy Birthday, Leon! To the smartest person I don’t actually know!!

    I know him. He isn’t all that smart.

  82. Happy birthday, Leon.

  83. I’m making a pumpkin caramel tart. I’ll post photos if it’s worth a shit.

  84. Happy Birthday, Leon!

  85. So very sorry, Jimbro and Paula. Happy Birthday, Leon.

  86. Almost done decorating my house. I need to do a bit of spinning on my bike.

  87. Happy birthday, Leon!

  88. Almost done decorating my house. I need to do a bit of spinning on my bike.

    Why? Pat’s pimp hand isn’t working. You’re safe now.

    Have some Aviation Gin…

  89. Snort.

    His left arm works ok, and he’s pretty ambidextrous.

  90. Got about 5 inches of snow today. Noone has cleared our street yet. Will have to watch mass on the teevees (via Heart of a Nation on youtubes…I slept late and missed it when it was on actual tv at 9am).

    Roast in a pot. Will start some gravy and mashed taters in a few.

  91. Made this for dinner, with white sauce instead of red:

    Everybody liked it, I thought it needed more spice in the parmesan breading.

  92. When is the secret santa unwrapping he asked nonchalantly.

  93. I still need to get my Sekret Satan gift in the mail. Gonna send it out on Monday.

  94. We’re number one!

  95. Made this today

    No leeks so I substituted parsnips which last forever in the veggie drawer. Dried herbs rather than fresh. And a table wine version of wine rather than burgundy which my store didn’t have. Skipped step 4 with the whole sauce step. 8/10 delicious, would make again and even follow the recipe exactly next time.

  96. Houseguest found a giant pork loin for .99/lb.

    That seems to happen every holiday season. Everyone is buying hams, so they end up with stacks of loins.

    Go loins!

  97. Houseguest found a giant pork loin for .99/lb.

    She has found food for the tribe. Now you don’t have to abandon her on an ice floe.

  98. Next year is her last.

    She’s family and I love her, but enough is enough.

  99. I know him. He isn’t all that smart.

    It’s true. I just sound smart because I’ve read a lot of books ‘n’ shizz.

  100. Dope her up one night so she sleeps like a rock, and move the house so she wakes up in an empty lot.

    It’s really the best option.

  101. Tell her your converting her room back into your lovenaseum.

  102. It was my warehouse, and I really miss it.


  104. Diesel engines reduced pollution.

  105. Early Monday workie workie

    -seeing ghost dogs as I move about the house-

  106. -seeing ghost dogs as I move about the house-


    Awwww, hugs to Jimbro.

  107. Yea, doggie ghosts. 😦

    Stella looks a LOT like Oschi in the face – even though the coloring is different. A LOT. Now she’s started sneaking into the neighbor’s yard to play with those dogs … just like Oschi. I have her picture by my puter.

    wakey wakey

  108. MMM coming shortly.

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