Little Drummer Meme

Yep, you guessed the song! Maybe not the arrangement, though:

It’s after Thanksgiving, we can put up the Christmas decorations now.














And for your pun today:



  1. Excellent poat, Jay!!

    And our shared love of “angry gal/don’t give a shit cat” gives me the warm and fuzzies. (wtf does that even mean?)

  2. And I know this is shocking coming from me, but I actually listened to the musical selection and loved it.

  3. The pepper residue in the kid’s eyes made me LOL for some reason.

    Stupid crying kid.

  4. That made me laugh too.

  5. Just a few things to remember if you’re pissed about James Comey all over the media saying how he’s a super straight arrow that was right along:

    1. Comey learned of his dismissal from televisions tuned to the news, as he was addressing the workforce at the FBI office in Los Angeles. LOLGF

    2. He’s such a massive pussy that after a meeting with GEOTUS he wrote a memo to himself, then sent it to a friend, who then leaked it to the media. Super brave!

    3. He’s a lying hack that was a shit spy, shit attorney, and is shit person. He embodies the credentialed elite. Totally clueless, but convinced of their own superiority.

  6. I’ve done the pepper in the rye thing, as well as “down there”.

  7. the ball made me giggle when I found it

  8. I uncovered leons research with the self driving car

  9. Anyone else get weird dreams when they went low-carb?

  10. No weird dreams, but mood swings and headaches.

  11. I don’t sleep when I low-carb

  12. wakey wakey

  13. Low carb seems hard. How do you eat M&Ms or Cheez its?

  14. I get the weird dreams if I have carbs after a long stint without them.

  15. I heard on the radio yesterday that a study was recently concluded that determined that eating reduced carbs impacts the ability of the brain to function on high order. The announcer cited some official sounding group of medical practitioners…..I know low carb made my better half a bitch for awhile. Seriously, after a couple of weeks I told her she had been “difficult” since starting her new diet and to get her shit together. There was a noticeable degradation in attitude with no other environmental factors having changed except the diet.

  16. My wife gets that and then turns back before she fully acclimates every time. There’s a metabolic switchover that can be really slow for some people before you start metabolizing fat properly. Having sugar now makes me happy, then sleepy, then depressed for several days. I’m better without them. Much more stable.

  17. Never bet against trans athletes

  18. * puts down sourdough pretzel *

    Carbs are the best.

  19. Comment by Pupster on December 10, 2019 8:18 am
    No weird dreams, but mood swings and headaches.

    That’s your period. You’re manstruating.

  20. Comment by Car in on December 10, 2019 8:39 am
    I don’t sleep when I low-carb

    Who needs sleep when you could be working out?

  21. That’s your period. You’re manstruating.

    Coalex wins comment of the day. Here’s your prize.



    The left tried to use a skank to take down Trump, and may end up with a skank torpedoing their chances in 2020 instead.

  23. I never noticed any mood changes when I went low carb – something I did for years. I do know that when I went back to embracing carbs, my sleep vastly improved – insomnia is a thing for me, so perhaps I’m more sensitive.

    I don’t think carbs are bad, but it’s really easy to over do. I do know that when I have a healthy amount of carbs, I am stronger. I try to focus on good carbs.

  24. Maybe that’s because you’re always in a bad mood. Ever think about that?

  25. maybe that’s it …

  26. I’ve had weird dreams for the past two weeks. Some of it may be from the penicillin I was taking after that weekend with your moms.

    Also, my new memory foam mattress arrived yesterday, so last night was my first night sleeping on it. No back pain today, and it seems like I slept a little bit better. Will have to give it a few days to see how things go.

  27. We were touring St. Louis Cemetery #1, and I came across this.

  28. Heh, define “hang out to dry”

    Rep. Gaetz Exposes Impeachment Investigator as Partisan Democrat

  29. All I saw on the news yesterday was Goldman. Seems like he had trouble with questions.

    WATCH: Rep. Doug Collins’ full questioning of committee lawyers | Trump impeachment hearings

  30. also notice the source on those clips was cspan and pbs. Hardly FauxNews. That’s just for any lefty listening devices that might be around.

  31. Nice HS. New Orleans cemeteries are amazing, all above ground.

  32. has Congress announced impeachment yet? It was due this morning.

  33. They have to be, water tables, soil, elevation and all that, IIRC.

    Wasn’t impressed when I visited NO back in ’10…jeez, it’s almost 10 years. How time flies.

  34. Yeah, water pressure would push them out of the ground.

  35. They have a disconcerting tendency to do so after floods as it is.

    Did I mention most of NO is below sea level? And has a lake on the other side of it? And the levees suck? I wonder if there’s an example of what happens when they break down…oh, right.

  36. New Orleans is the second-greatest prank the French ever played on the US. The greatest is the Statue of Liberty, though that’s mostly on the commie poem that got added later.

  37. I’m watching a very long interview with Edward Snowden.

    He’s not super bright but thinks he’s a super genius.

  38. JR: When did you start feeling as though you needed to do the things you did while at the NSA?

    ES: Blah blah blah blah blah

    44 mins later…

    JR: I want to turn it back to the original question. When did you start feeling as though you needed to do the things you did while at the NSA?


  39. We were touring St. Louis Cemetery #1, and I came across this.

    That was awesome and clever.

  40. Tomb of Dicks is your mom’s username.

  41. The Tomb of Dicks was the worst D&D module.

  42. Indiana Jones and Tomb of Dicks was not what I expected.

  43. Have you seen an uptick in cases like that, laura?

  44. No, we don’t confine manbuns in locked psych wards. That’s all done outpatient.

  45. you should start up a katana class. You could practice on manbuns!

  46. Comment by MJ on December 10, 2019 11:31 am
    Indiana Jones and Tomb of Dicks was not what I expected.

    It wasn’t gay porn?

  47. It was.

  48. Wow, he’s just a POS IRL. Not that I’m shocked. It’s just … why do we listen to these people about anything?

  49. Yeah, listen to the star of Zoolander for political advice.

  50. Tomb of Dicks


    Womb of Dicks?

  51. That’s pretty psychopathic to not be interested in even seeing your daughter or being involved in her life

  52. Story says he’s a good dad to his other kids by other women he’s not involved with anymore.


    The funds for the loan I took out on retirement were sent REGULAR FUCKING MAIL! I’ll have them Friday if I’m lucky and I have no idea whether apartment management will hold off that long!

    This is a fucking nightmare! I’ll have to go after work and beg them to hold off until it arrives. Damn it all!

  54. he’s a good dad to his other kids by other women he’s not involved with anymore.
    All is forgiven. The kid is probably a brat anyway.

  55. I wonder if the mom is crazy/possessive and this is his attempt to avoid her.

  56. If you leave a small deposit, I don’t think they can legally do anything, since the money is on the way. That’s what mom always said, from her time working as a bill collector.

  57. At 25K a month, she better be a brat!

  58. You misunderstand me, Jimbro. I mean something must be different about this situation. I suspect that ex might be so toxic that he can’t risk contact. Can’t know of course, but it’s weird that his behavior changed.

  59. I tried that. Offered half. They said they can’t accept partial! I gotta get it to them in certified funds when the time comes now, and technically I’m past the deadline now probably, I expected the funds to be here already!

    I. Am. So. Fucking. Screwed.

    Good faith. It’s for suckers, apparently.

  60. I thought you might have meant that Laura. I don’t know, you’re right, something is up with this situation. But I have to believe that Owen Wilson probably knows/pays a couple of lawyers that could arrange something where he could at least see the kid.

  61. Yeah, you would hope so.

    One thing we know for sure: This guy will not learn to use a rubber.

  62. He was with the ex for 5 years (on and off). How toxic can she be? Also, wrap your little jimmy if she’s “so toxic” that you would completely abandon an offspring to her. duh. These people are stupid.

  63. “Wow, my ex is a psycho … and I have a ton of money and certainly could get a fair day in court …oh fuck it. I have other kids.”

  64. He was with the ex for 5 years (on and off). How toxic can she be?

    Never underestimate the seductive power of crazy. And it’s unlikely that he would get full custody if he went to court. More likely she’d get custody, a payout anyways, and then make his life a living hell if he tried to see his kids.

  65. Owen Wilson should have read the script for Tomb of Dicks.

    He clearly didn’t.

  66. When Joe Rogan shuts up and that’s usually when he’s not high (which is rare), his interviewees are sooooo interesting.

  67. I really like long format interviews and Joe Rogan is pretty good at it.

    But you need to wade through a hundred or so shitty episodes to get to a good one.

  68. You know, if the huddled masses actually turned up yearning to be free rather than yearning for free shit, we’d be a lot better off.

  69. The only way to do it is to stop supplying all the free shit.

  70. When he’s high, which is often, they should keep the camera off of him. Yeesh. He just looks and sounds like a high guy.

  71. Schools are locked down in Atlanta because of the shooting in NJ.

  72. We’ve been doing a fun thing at work. One person bakes up a bunch of potatoes, another person brings butter and sour cream, another person makes a bunch of bacon, someone else shows up with cooked broccoli and cheese, someone else gets chili and chopped onions, etc.
    We set it up like a buffet and we all make ourselves some loaded baked potatoes for dinner at work. It is so much fun.

  73. The only way to do it is to stop supplying all the free shit.
    Where do I sign?

  74. What if someone brings in ice cream? Do you have to put it on the potatoes?

  75. Cute little Dachshund pupper, Pups.

  76. *throws the ball at oso


  77. Thanks Oso.

  78. Someone left a really ugly fake christmas tree by my mother’s door with a note – “Santa’s elf told me you don’t have any Christmas spirit this year,”

    Now she’s pissed because she has to put up the ugly fake tree,


  80. OK. Not going to burden you further with my failures.

    Going to call my brother in ATL. This is a Hail Mary and I need a miracle.

    Seeing my family talk about Christmas presents in email…and I’m on the verge of eviction…

    This is killing me.

    Pray for me, please.

  81. Prayers, BC. J’ames, I would hide behind taller players and take a squib to the leg on purpose. I hated dodgeball, dungeon ball, kickball, and Red Rover.

  82. Lauraw, we used to do that with Frito Pie and Nachos.

  83. I used to do that with your mom and your sisters.

  84. I discovered today.

    Drudge is drifting to the left and there are rumors that he sold it.

  85. Scott, si.

  86. Hotspur, back in the 80s when I was in NOLA for Spring Break, the cemeteries we’re off limits to tours and private tours due to high crime. I was pretty upset. There were so many no go zones at the time. Even parts of the French Quarter.

  87. Scott, I followed JJ Sefton’s morning report on Twitter. I still have to look it up by name. Never on my TL. Just like 45s Tweets. @jack is a tool.

  88. I’m not sure about any of the other cemeteries but the only way you could get in to St. Louis #1 was with a tour guide.

    We stayed in the French Quarter, and walked all over it for five days. There were some blocks at night that looked a little skeevy, but during the day everything was okay. We didn’t stay out past ten on any night, and even Bourbon Street is most vomit free at that time of night.

    There are a lot of derelicts, but during the day they’re mostly passed out on the sidewalk or on the grass under a pile of rags

    They literally wash all of the streets down before dawn, so the urine and vomit is all gone by morning.

  89. Bro Cav, email me at alexander.b.moon at the gstring thingie.

  90. “I followed JJ Sefton’s”

    He’s a nice guy. I met him at a little meat up at Wiser’s house.

    His wife is very liberal and doesn’t know of his AOS gig.

  91. Scott, that’s awesome. Hotspur, Dan still needs to go to SF and NOLA. I should suck it up and go with him.

  92. On my way to see chevelle

  93. There’s a Chevelle parked in the parking lot. No big woop.

  94. My cousin, Raul, went to law school with Goldman. I’m avoiding all familia impeachment posts.

  95. Elliot is a cutey patootie. How are his classes going?

  96. lessons are proof that dogs can learn anything, just depends on voltage (electric collar).

    He wears it all the time, but he only is disciplined when he’s wearing his choke collar (3rd collar). He’s learning to walk nicely right now, but it has already improved how he walks all the time. Sometimes I walk him with the short leash, but sometimes retractable, but he’s much nicer on the long leash now.

  97. Yay, Elliot. FYI y’all may want to consider buying stock in Pet Paradise, Puppy Pads, and Febreze. Just sayin

  98. Haven’t had any of that.

  99. My 16 year old is increasingly incontinent. 💰

  100. Pet Paradise loves MA. Once again, her Pawgress report is mostly about her snuggling with counselors/chaperones. We pay for Doggie day camp. She is spending her time being cuddled.

  101. I read JJ Sefton’s recap at AoS in the morning, and Liz Sheld’s. She was on Instapundit, then moved to AmericanGreatness.

  102. So is the electric collar under the bandanna?

    Electric collars are great, especially for cowdogs who tend to get over enthusiastic. We call them “hearing aids”.

  103. It’s snowing here.

  104. Note to self: Self, you know DAMN WELL you have anxiety in the mix. STOP IMAGINING THE WORST. You know you will panic and it’s stupid and un-necessary and a bunch of other words you have issues spelling and you look like a shithead doing it.

    Reply from self: FuQ U Rnt teh b0ss of mi

    /takes self’s keyboard away

    Shit. My inner child grew up to be an utter dickweed.

  105. Dammit. I’m craving a baked potato bar. With green Chile. Dan is making a tater tot casserole. Close enough.

  106. That would be a good gang name for Obama.

    Tater Tot Casserole

  107. Tater Tot casserole is yummy.

  108. I had to google. Looks good.

  109. Holy shit. Now I want tater tot casserole.

  110. It snowed here a little all day. Just little flurries, no piles.

    SS shopping done. Should ship out in the AM.

  111. Have you ever had an Egg Bake, Scott?

  112. I think we call that a frittata.

  113. wait, laura hasn’t made you tater tot casserole? Oh wait, you aren’t in the midwest and lutheran.


    It’s still good.

    (egg bake = egg bites, in a way)

  114. I expected the funds to be here already!

    do you not have family that can wire you some cash?

  115. Oso?

  116. Obama’s gang name should be Ice Queen

  117. Fluffernutter.

  118. No Negro Dialect

  119. Hello Kitty

  120. Pupster is seriously not an actor from Airplane. Do not answer.

  121. *finally read down the thread*


  122. Its happening in Virginia. The lines are being drawn. The organizing has begun.

  123. Elliot’s 2nd Hostage Proof Of Life photo

    Looks like he’s wondering if your haunch tastes like pork or chicken.

    I keed…

  124. What’s happening in VA? Tater tot casserole or the taking over by commie bastards?

  125. Pupster is seriously not an actor from Airplane. Do not answer.

    He was asked if he liked movies about gladiators.

  126. Tater Tot casserole with pico pica hot sauce.

  127. Now she’s pissed because she has to put up the ugly fake tree,

    Haaaaa hahahaaa, oh man that is funny, I can see her getting flummoxed by that. She’s entirely too polite and etiquette-minded to simply not put up the tree. But she’s so fussy about her surroundings she’s going to grind her teeth about it the whole time.

  128. Pretty sure that shootout in Jersey City included my father-in-law’s alma mater.

  129. If I had gotten Osita’s name for Secret Santa.

  130. Decadent expenditures remain popular.

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