MMM 388: Malta

There are actually a number of megalithic sites in Malta (Gozo and Hagar Qim are the ones I know offhand and by name).  And these are old, like older than the currently agreed-upon dates  for the Great Pyramids at Giza.  They are believed to have been built between 3600 BC and 2500 BC.  Granted, they lack the grandeur and scale of the pyramids, but they are some of the earliest megalithic ruins that remain with us today.









Daughter was sick and I was solo dad for 4 days straight, so I haven’t managed to do my Secret Santa shopping yet.  When do people want to open gifts?  I was thinking maybe next Thursday (assuming I can something bought and mailed that fast).



    Dates are in BC, so it looks legit.

  2. Wow, I’d never seen that one before…I don’t think.

    Ancient Aliens is my go to for megaliths.

    We think we’re so smart but there are so many mysteries in this world and that’s not counting the spiritual.

  3. Let’s delay secret santa later than Thursday. maybe late next week. I still need to shop for my gift, but I won’t have time until later this week.

  4. wwakey

  5. *sues for missing M’s*

  6. Biden claims no one told him his drug addled son was potentially doing something wrong in Ukraine. Why do I know more than the press?

    In December, 2015, as Joe Biden prepared to return to Ukraine, his aides braced for renewed scrutiny of Hunter’s relationship with Burisma. Amos Hochstein, the Obama Administration’s special envoy for energy policy, raised the matter with Biden, but did not go so far as to recommend that Hunter leave the board. As Hunter recalled, his father discussed Burisma with him just once: “Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do.’ ”

    This article, which was published to get the dirt out ahead of the stories prior to Biden’s WH run, is a treasure trove of information. But apparently it doesn’t exist because you can’t condense it down to 140 characters on Twitter.


    “His résumé, though arguably more substantive than that of the current president (the only person ever elected with no political or military experience), is mighty slim.

    Since 2012, Buttigieg been mayor of South Bend, which is the 306th largest city in the United States, with a population of just over 100,000.”

    –some fag in Slate

  8. Is America ready to elect a bottom?

  9. Here’s a criticism you won’t hear: he’s too young. I know he’s legally old enough, but he’s much too inexperienced at Life to be presiding over a nation like ours in the Current Year. It takes a Boomer. It’ll be a few more years before GenX is ready to be president.

  10. Obama was hardly a “top”.

  11. Is America ready for a president that has tasted wiener?

  12. So far we’ve said no but I’m assuming Hillary is the only one that has smoked a pole.

  13. Bring back the Coursus Honorarum.

  14. MJ, you spelled Huma’s Taco wrong.

  15. So I didn’t know this, maybe y’all did.

    Did you know Julian the Apostate tried to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem as a deliberate flip-off to Christianity, and was thwarted by an earthquake?

  16. ISU playing the Golden Domers in a bowl game!

  17. Golden Domers?

  18. Notre Dame


    In virtually every high-income country, and increasingly some developing ones as well, the middle class, as a recent OECD report states, is looking “increasingly like a boat in rocky waters.” Overall, particularly in the West and nations like Japan, this decline has been accelerating for three decades. In the United States, among children born in 1940, about 90 percent grew up to experience higher incomes than their parents, according to researchers at the Equality of Opportunity Project; that dropped to only 50 percent among those born in the 1980s.

    There’s a clear a loss of confidence in the future among the middle orders, and most particularly their heirs. Three-quarters of American adults today predict their children will not grow up to be better off than they are, suggests Pew. These sentiments about the new generation are even worse in France, Britain, Spain, Italy and Germany. In Japan, a remarkable three-quarters of those polled believed things would be worse for the next generation.

  20. From our local scanner page – how’s this working out for ya?

    DRYDEN FIRST RESPONDERS / EMS ALPHA 80 (EARLIER CALL 12-8-19): 4100 Blk of S.Mill St. 16 y/o F locked herself in the bathroom. Caller thinks she is possibly self harming herself. The F that identifies as a M had slit her wrists,and there is blood everywhere. The knife had been taken away from her. #Dryden

  21. There are ways to do successful reboots.

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife looks pretty cool.

  22. Benched 105 today. I know, that’s not much, but when I started working on improving my bench – about 6 months ago- I had been stuck at 90 for … years. I’m doing the 5/3/1 method.

  23. 105 went up pretty easily. Using the rep scheme, supposedly my 1 rep right now is 110.

  24. The gal I bench with does 145.

  25. I could bench 145 before I finished puberty. Untrained.

    But allowing men on estrogen into women’s sports is fine.

  26. My bench is stuck at about 190.

  27. I topped out at 255, but both of my elbows pop now so I’m done with it.

  28. Work out update.

    2 months, 337 miles.

    0 pounds lost

  29. My bench is also 105

  30. I’m less concerned with my bench than I am with trying to improve my overhead press. I’d like to get that to 185.

  31. I benched 90 once in college. Weight training class. Females had to bench 90% of their weight for a ‘A’. I was 100 pounds soaking wet. Didn’t bother trying to do more because I figured I met the requirement. Had we had to do reps of that…probably wouldn’t be able to do more than two.

  32. I never weighed my bench, nor have I lifted it since moving.

  33. I managed to get a double on OHP at 140 once, that’s the hard one for me. I weighed 170 at the time, so it was proportionally not too bad, but still lower than I wanted.

  34. True story: my shoulder came out of the socket while benching once.

    That was hilarious.

  35. You don’t lose weight running. It just doesn’t happen.

  36. My strict press is worse than my bench, so I’m working on that too.

  37. The Washington Post has a good article on the Afghan war and a lot of documents that they’ve obtained containing criticisms of it by military and civilian leadership. It’s worth a read.

    One thing that struck me about the criticisms was the common complaint that the mission was constantly changing, and that everyone had their pet cause that needed to be a priority. And this is true. It reminded me of something I noticed when I was deployed there back in 2011: we were still living and working in temporary buildings. Tents, modular buildings, plywood structures… nothing was permanent. And this was by design, because we were told we couldn’t spend money to build anything permanent.

    Since the beginning that attitude has been to have one foot out the door, and I think it contributes to the problems listed above. When your plan is to be gone in a year or two, you tend to think about throwing money at any problem that pops up. You try to push off issues onto the security forces that aren’t ready. You look for short-cuts and immediate solutions that paper over deeper problems.

    Anywho, I got to thinking about why this is, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that our government really isn’t built for long-term problems. The House, which controls the purse, is elected every two years, which means Congressmen are constantly under pressure to provide results, even if those results can’t happen in the 12-18 months you have left once a bill has gone through the legislative process and become law. Furthermore, the size of the House means that you’ve got a constantly changing composition which means constantly changing interests. Meanwhile the Senate, which is supposed to be the more deliberative body, is in fact often useless in acting as a check on the House.

    Personally, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to reverse the tenures of the two: make the House a six-year term with 1/3 elected each two years, while the Senate is elected (or, more ideally, appointed by state governments) as a whole every two years.


  38. Both house and senate should stay in their home districts and keep a day job.


  40. Shit, I’ve got another cold and I have to run to the post office and then take more pictures of stuff to sell.
    One gal offered me twice the price for an item. I agreed and now she’s AWOL.

  41. Could DB Cooper or Jimmy Hoffa be buried in those ruins?

  42. I sat on a bench numerous times overs the years.

  43. I guess Kaepernick was too busy

    “2019 Sportsperson of the Year: Megan Rapinoe

    Playing the world’s game, on the world’s stage, under attack by a world leader, she dominated. And in doing so without fear, Megan Rapinoe became a voice for so many across the world”

  44. Wasn’t Rapinoe at Kaepernick’s workout? Everyone gets a job, when you attend!

  45. The constant elevation of everything beyond reality is exhausting.

    It’s fucking soccer. And women’s soccer at that. No one GAF.

  46. NPR story

    “When she was 2, Parker Curry became a viral sensation when a museumgoer took a picture of her standing there, spellbound at Michelle Obama’s official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. Less than a week later, Parker got to meet – and dance — with Obama. Parker, now 4, and her mom have written a book based on the experience, Parker Looks Up.”

    Now do Melania Trump

    It struck me over the weekend how the media are just not doing those fawning stories about politician “rockstars” like they did during the Obama years. I saw some report about Biden after the Iowa standoff with the guy he called fat and they were doing everything they could to portray him in a good light. I know, I know, it’s nothing new but I’ve gotten used to an adversarial press and sort of forgot how much of a rump swab they are to the Dems.

  47. One of the biggest positives from the Trump era is that no one believes the media anymore.

    I used to seriously doubt what I was thinking 10-15 years ago; turns out they’re all liars.

  48. It struck me over the weekend how the media are just not doing those fawning stories about politician “rockstars” like they did during the Obama years.
    Some of it was just tribalism and partisanship but I also thought that most elite people, whether in the media, academia, politics, etc, don’t know any black people. They sort of fetishized the Obamas because they’re pretty normal. Making them exotic was a weird overreaction.

  49. So. Lady in my office had an interesting weekend. Dude on a 4-wheel ATV with a baby lost control and smashed through her bedroom window. Fortunately nobody was home. Also fortunately, his instinct to throw the baby clear before impact was correct.

    Still. On a 4-wheeler with a baby? WTF?

  50. Obama was a really dark white dude. He grew up in an upper middle class home and moved in upper middle class academic circles. He knew how to speak the language of that type of progressive, and learned how to say what he knew they wanted to hear. This made him the perfect Black Friend. I suspect that he figured it out early on, used it to his advantage, and secretly despised everyone around him because of it.

  51. What MJ said.

  52. One of the young sailors killed on the Airbase in Pensacola was a kid from Lakewood high school right down the street. Directly across from the church we went to this morning. News crew was there…sad.

  53. Baby on a 4 wheeler? You’re an idiot.

  54. It’s slow in here today.

    Y’all need to step it up, or I’m going to start posting weird news articles. You have been warned.

  55. We just survived a drive through fog. I made Dan listen to Rush from Gallup to Albuquerque. I raged from the Drat lawyers making statements and being used as fact witnesses for hearsay evidence by Nads to the IG report.

  56. Some loud talker at the bar yesterday was talking Steeler smack, but I didn’t start mouthing off. I calmly relayed what he was saying to Dan and friends. They were able to ignore him. Old me would’ve started talking shit to the pot stirrer.

  57. We should duct tape a banana to our graffiti wall. Class this place up.

  58. 1) crossfit
    2) water conditioner mystery (not solved)
    3) medical insurance phone calls
    4) angry cleaning, due to #3
    5) drive to return something and fax a referral (see #3)
    6) Lunch
    7) more phone calls
    8) spin
    9) get ready to go stack cans of spaghetti sauce*.

    *my new expression for work, thank you BiteMe Biden.

  59. So my phone number neighbor (same phone number -1 digit) sent me a text picture of a possum wearing a crown of flowers. I thought it was one of you possum lovers but didn’t recognize the number at first. Is this a thing?

  60. Comment by Car in on December 9, 2019 3:34 pm
    We should duct tape a banana to our graffiti wall. Class this place up.



    The best part about the banana deal is some “performance artist” ate the banana.

    I believe, like others have stated, this banana art deal is simpy money
    laundering. Has to be.

  61. Do you think if Layne Staley could have seen what was to become of his life, THAT could have helped him? But his drug addiction was like death by a thousand papercuts … the decline (which was relatively fast – he died young) just happening slow enough that every day he could handle being that much lesser? 1% lesser each week, or so? Until he finally figured he was beyond help. (he was something like 86 pounds at time of death, and had liver failure, etc)

  62. I know an artist that put a ridiculous dollar amount on a work of art just to see if someone would buy it.

    I was really tempted but what would I do with another dildo suction cupped to a horse mask?

  63. When is the ragnar?


    I went out with another straight, cisgender man last week. Jason fed me pho, drove me home on his hog, and said goodbye shortly after coming all over my face. As he rode away on his motorcycle, I wondered who he would carefully strap into his spare helmet after me. Would the man my sisters and I share ever connect us? Or would Jason stay invisible, passing through trans girls like a ghost, the way he weaves between midnight traffic on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway?

    For marginalized people, the tech world’s constant barrage of “innovations” is getting exhausting. It seems like every week, science and tech pioneers are revealing new projects that pose a clear threat to anyone not white, cisgender, or male—whether it’s porn deepfakes or algorithms that judge womens’ boobs.

    Enter Harvard Medical School, where researchers are creating a new dating app that matches people based on their DNA. The goal is to create a system that “screens out matches that would result in a child with an inherited disease,” according to a report aired Sunday night on 60 Minutes.

    In other words, it’s a dating app for eugenics—the disturbing ideological practice of systematically discriminating against people based on genetic qualities judged to be undesirable or inferior.

  65. Comment by MJ on December 9, 2019 3:49 pm
    When is the ragnar?

    A bizarre cult obsessed with self abuse and weird rituals. Like CrossFit, only fewer burpees.

  66. We’re doing two . The Trail is the end of June. The road is the end of September. THEY ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME.

    We’re doing at least two teams for each – an ultra and a regular.

  67. You gonna join us?

  68. I’m mulling it over.

  69. In other words, it’s a dating app for eugenics—the disturbing ideological practice of systematically discriminating against people based on genetic qualities judged to be undesirable or inferior.

    In the future, dysgenics will be practiced under penalty of law.

  70. The Anti-Gattica.

  71. Yep.

  72. I’m waiting for same-race dating to be outlawed. Or same-race porn to be a fetish. It’s coming.

  73. Giant balls. Is that a plus or a negative?

  74. Sort of in the middle of nowhere. I like that.

    How many on a team? Do I have to run 8 legs? That’s a shit ton.


    Wojcicki told ’60 Minutes’ that Google employs 10,000 people to focus on “controversial content.” She described their schedule, which includes time for therapy. Stahl also said there are reports that the “monitors” are “beginning to buy the conspiracy theories.”

  76. Ultra is 4, regular is 8. 3 or 6 legs depending (16 or 32 miles. )right now I supposedly have full teams for the trail but who knows. We may be able to get another team going. The road teams aren’t formed at all yet.

  77. I was really tempted but what would I do with another dildo suction cupped to a horse mask?

    *scratches out entry on secret santa shopping list*

  78. We picked up MA from Pet Paradise. Her Pawgress Report was typical. She spent most of her time with chaperones. She likes being cuddled. She is a watcher, but she played with a dog named “Lucky”

  79. “beginning to buy the conspiracy theories.”

    In this weird new timeline, I’m starting to wonder which ones aren’t true.

  80. In this weird new timeline, I’m starting to wonder which ones aren’t true.


    In all seriousness, this is where I stand.

    I think things are so bad, as normals we cannot fathom that creepy cabals run most everything.

    I think Epstein is a perfect example.

    So many weird options/twists/turns/lies.

    Pedophile, blackmailer, spy, Mossad agent, thief, devil worshiper, scammer, genius, tool?

  81. Tweaker, Trader, Pervert, Spy…

  82. The new mattress is here! The new mattress is here!

  83. Where did all the video recordings go?

  84. Blowed up real good

  85. Ghislaine has them. Recent meetings at Buckingham Palace with Randy Andy. Staying one step ahead of the Clintons.

  86. What’s the benefit of liquid hydrogen (which sounds amazingly dangerous and prone embrittling containers) over, say, kerosene or LNG?


  88. From Facebook

    The key to a successful marriage is letting things go, I’ve started with myself…..

  89. H2 shut down early tonight?

  90. I guess everyone is watching Matlock…..

  91. Trying to get all my packages ready to mail tomorrow.

  92. Leon, please research black soldier fly larva production and get back to me about whether this Is A Thing. Thanks, —Hunchy

  93. It’s A Thing. Can be a profitable bidness.

  94. That Layne guy? He looks like my cousin in his younger years. My cousin did some serous drugs. In his late 20s he fried his brain as a result of a bad trip and has been living in a group home ever since.

    Later, when another cousin passed at age 40 – due to VA incompetence/negligence, I saw Danny at the funeral. Wide crazy eyes studied me for a bit and then, ‘I remember you’, kinda slow.
    Think he’s about 64 now.

  95. Did not expect a reply tonight. You are one EFFICIENT mufaku. Holy shit!!

    GO TO BED.

  96. black soldier fly larva production

    Okay, which one of you a-holes forgot to take lauraw out back for her weekly scraping, burn-off with kerosene, and firehose shower?

    *borrows one of jimbro’s beekeeper outfits*

  97. I’d already done some research on it and had the answer at the ready.

  98. *locks self into buck-proof humpback stanchion and waits*

    Please do the kerosene thing twice, there were munching noises back there two days ago

  99. Duke Ellington recorded prolifically.

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