1. A tie between Christmas nipple cookies and Florida Tesla truck. Good collection, Pupster.

  2. I am listening to Mark Steyn and company, including Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That, youtube.com/watch?v=FHUHsBnpCj8 if you care. One of them mentioned that he lives in CA and does have solar panels on his roof, not for the environment or virtual signaling but as a hedge against higher utility costs. CA has tiers for utility charges so if you use too much, you can end up paying as much as 80 cents per kilowatt-hour, but you are forgiven if you have solar panels. I looked up my utility rate, and it’s just under 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. I have broken $200 for a month’s utility bill in the summer with the A/C running full blast.

  3. The autocorrect guy is me. But throw in some swearing. Quietly, tastefully.

  4. I STILL love the emotional pointy lady vs cat meme.

  5. 10% Balls

  6. “Me telling my grandkids about how I wasted my entire life looking at memes.”

    LOL…This is my favorite.

  7. The vet office one is good, too. Co-worker named his cat Purry Mason.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Your coworker is old.

  10. Co-worker’s older than me, so yeah. I do catch the re-runs on MeTV every now and then.

  11. “This is an incredibly unique and rare event,” Lt. Col. Rick Mitchellm commander of the 303rd, said at the ceremony, according to a Tuesday release from the Air Force. “Very rarely is the Distinguished Flying Cross awarded.
    That seems odd. You’d think with the number of times troops need bailing out with close air support it would be less rare than that. Where’s Phat? We need him to weigh in on this!

  12. Chad on taint tanning.

  13. Didn’t realize that’s the same guy that did “I Got Friends in Safe Spaces” a couple years ago until the suggested videos popped up.

  14. So Hunter Biden paid strippers to use a sex toy on him. Someone on Insty suggested that his new nickname should be “Steely Dan”.

  15. Did everyone remain placid?

    Placid or flaccid?

  16. Yes.

  17. I want to know where all those polar bears are scoring Coke a Cola in glass bottles.

  18. Harris was unserious. Probably just did it for the $$.

  19. It’s messican Coke.

  20. Saw a recent pic of Debbie Harry. Oh, time. Time sucks. She looks like Elon Musk now.

  21. flying cross probably isn’t given out very much because no one else has an air force like ours. See also: Navy

  22. now Warren is saying You didn’t build that. It was such a winning strategy.


  23. Trump just sold rice to China

    Ketchup to a woman in white gloves

    Ice cream to an Eskimo

    Bag of dicks to Hotspur

  24. Mr. RFH, with the help of the county sheriff, chased off a couple of trespassing deer hunters. The gall of some people. They opened the gate and drove across the trebuchet field to get to their hunting spot. It’s bad enough mowing that field without ruts.

  25. https://tinyurl.com/rxsrh9a

  26. hehehehehe Justice Thomas has choice words for Biden, who voted and campaigned against his appointment:


    I was the wrong black guy. That’s gonna leave a mark.

  27. wow, that’s ballsy, roamy.

    I left out the comma, and upon review, I reflected upon the importance of the comma in that comment.

  28. The snow tomorrow is supposed to be wet heavy snow. The sticky stuff. Scott has a new snowthrower. He’s like, https://is.gd/iAgETo

  29. He’s like,

    He’s autistic? I thought his flu shot was next week?

  30. Important expose` on inner city school.


  31. … wet heavy snow. The sticky stuff
    Use the clean out tool to dislodge the mashed potato snow. Even with the blower off the auger can spin. I trimmed back and closed more than a few stubby fingers on nights and weekends as a resident.

  32. Have you guys watched The King?

    I thought it was a series and would be one of those overly sexualized, depraved deals where they work the series around sex and deviancy.


    It’s a fantastic movie with excellent dialogue, costumes and sets. Loved it.

  33. Bag of dicks to Hotspur



  34. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on November 30, 2019 10:07 am
    So Hunter Biden paid strippers to use a sex toy on him. Someone on Insty suggested that his new nickname should be “Steely Dan”.


    Where is THAT story?

  35. But it turned out that through all of that, ultimately the biggest impediment was the modern-day liberal. democrat – no different than the Jim Crow KKK democrat of old.


  36. Scott went to HD to buy some snowblower spray. When the snow is sticky you’re supposed to lubricate your chute.

    I’ll just place this fruit gently on the ground.

    Worky worky. ‘Ta

  37. Hey leon, if your dog hasn’t eaten the possum I sent Possum, you should show Possum how to properly dress her possum.

    Proper Possum Disney Princess


  38. Build-a-bear outfits should somewhat fit.

  39. For mare


  40. 17 pound turkey in the oven. Unfortunately, son already left to go back home. He wanted to avoid the traffic tomorrow.

  41. Thanks, Alex!

  42. We have John Wayne work shirts. Millennial that works in clothing asked me “Who’s John Wayne?”. I tried to explain. The John Wayne estate has magazines, cookbooks, handbooks, JW themed Monopoly, calendars, and I sell a buttload of JW Memorabilia. She has never seen a JW movie.

  43. Canadian Club and the Doxie. 😆🥰

  44. True Story. My legs were twitching so much, I decided to sleep on the couch. Turn on the light, Dan had left us about an hour before. MA and I had been left in the family bed. I took over the middle of the bed. Fast forward. Getting ready for work, I told Dan that I had planned on taking the couch, but he beat me to it. Dan “Your legs were twitching so much, I couldn’t sleep. Are you taking your Magnesium? Staying hydrated?” Blergh.

  45. https://tinyurl.com/Dont-go-to-parties-dressed as a pinata.

  46. Iron Bowl is nuts.

    It’s going to take an hour to show the highlights.

  47. As I was reading I was thinking that a big can of WD40 might provide a solution for sticky wet snow. The user could spurt it into the chute and on the auger developing a consistent rhythm after thrusting the device through the snow.

    Dear Penthouse Forum….I never though this could happen to me while engaged in snow removal in my neighborhood…

  48. Crap Tree is up. Christmas season has begun.

  49. Thanksgiving II was today. Turkey, stuffing, butternut squash, peas with pearl onions and cranberry sauce. So much better at home. I stripped the bird and put the bones and tendons in the crock pot for broth. Two bags of turkey for the freezer and a container for the fridge. Maybe some turkey chili next weekend.

  50. Local news has been teasing the upcoming storm during football commercial breaks. I finally looked at the forecast. Between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning we’re forecast for about 8 inches. Okay, decent storm but not worth breathless coverage.

  51. Made you look.

  52. Not at their station though … bwahahaha!

  53. Pretty strange “Fall”, here.
    First frost was 9-30. Second was 10-1, way the fuck early.
    We just jumped into winter, fuck fall! November has been strangely dry. The “Water Year” starts 10/1. So far we are 4.5″ behind normal. It’s been colder than shit, but very dry. We’re doing 17-23 every night.
    As I type this, I can’t feel the tips of my index fingers, due to cold.
    I would turn on the heat, but Anita is on the treadmill and would be too warm, so I sit here in the computer room and just ‘chill’.
    So it goes…

  54. Electric sweatshirts kick ass.

  55. Electric Sweatsharts slick my ass.

  56. Discovering evidence remains possible.

  57. wind is a blowing here!

  58. “wolvermemes”


    Pups did it again.

  59. ww

  60. Yo.

  61. No Malarkey.

  62. Wtf is wrong with Biden? Did he really start sucking on his wife’s fingers while she was giving a speech?

  63. Wow, Reason has decided to go with, “Opium really wasn’t a problem in China, it’s all a prohibitionist myth”. They’re nothing if not predictable.

  64. “No Malarky” will really resonate with the youth demographic.

  65. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the fashion at the time…

  66. Maybe he should show up to campaign stops in really youthful trappings, like a raccoon coat, spats, and a Ford Model T.

  67. There is no question, none, that Joe Biden has dementia if not something worse. It’s shameful his inner circle would not have discouraged this craziness before he got into the race.

  68. Joe Biden is 77. If he won he would be 79 November 20th the year he took office.

    He’s barely able to form coherent sentences now. He has zero impulse control. His son is a trainwreck. How is he polling 15 points higher than anyone else? Do the people that answer these polls ever listen/watch the candidates? This is insanity.

  69. I dunno. I think Biden was always a bit dim and now he’s a fair bit slower. GEOTUS hit it on the head when he said Biden has lost his fastball.

    And it is terrible that anyone let him do this. At least SCOAMF tried to talk him out of it. Probably for selfish reasons but at the minimum he knew Biden wasn’t gonna make it.

    But a lot of people who crave power have a hard time hanging it up.

  70. Mare, I think it’s pure name recognition by low information voters.

  71. How is he polling 15 points higher than anyone else?

    -name recognition and memories

    Do the people that answer these polls ever listen/watch the candidates?

    -no, not yet

  72. He’s doing so well because everyone else sucks so much (not that way, Kamala!).

    This is all thanks to Obama. If he had given even a small bit of concern for the health of the Party, they wouldn’t have lost over a thousand seats and gutted their mid-level candidates who were the heirs to Pelosi and Schumer.

  73. *high fives RFH

    Biden has been very steady nationally. So has Sanders. Sanders has real support at 18% and Biden has name recognition.

    Harris got a brief look but then flamed out. Warren is going through that process. Buttigieg, for all my bluster, will go through the same thing or possibly walk away with it. He’s a total wild card.

    In the end, I’m guessing it’s Biden and Sanders but I’m pretty invested in my Buttigieg theory because its so dumb.

  74. Bootyjudge is a strong candidate for VP. Especially if it’s Biden or Snaders and they need appeal to wine moms and millennials.

  75. Their freshman House group in 18 was pretty solid. But they’re going to get wiped out completely in 20.

  76. Good point. He’s a good VP pick

  77. If you listen to Biden speak, there is no question that he is mental.

    Of course, he was always an idiot, but now, it’s dementia. Loss of words. Incorrect use of words, fake memories (although he’s a known liar since his much younger days), saying things that make no sense. No sense. And then there is the impulse control. Yikes.

  78. Please watch this…TRAINWRECK.


  79. Their freshman House group in 18 was pretty solid. But they’re going to get wiped out completely in 20.

    The problem is that they are freshman, which means that they don’t know how national level politics works, nor do they have the infrastructure. Pelosi retains her power because she knows the right people and controls the money. Ditto Schumer. Ideally there’d be a dozen or so younger Dems, guys with 10-15 years of experience at the national level, who’d be ready to step into the leadership roles at the DNC and in Congress. There aren’t. It’s all old guard while the younger folks, the AOCs of the world, are chomping at the bit to take over and the money folks are either on their side, or scared to death of what will happen when they do.

  80. The Book Thread’s picture of MPPPP’s library is going to put some people on new lists.

    Expect that pic to be the top image search result for AoSHQ when twitgoogface gets done with it.

  81. 3 yr old grandson spent the night here. Slept in the king size between me and the better half. Only kicked the shit out of my kidneys 3-4 times. Christmas Tree is up and lights have been strung, ornaments are on the agenda for today.

    On Friday night two losers broke into one of our locations (a bar in the middle of nowhere) and absolutely destroyed 3 out of 5 machines and damaged the other two. Clean up on Aisle 4 later this week after the Gaming Board investigators finish the forensics. These two dummies were captured on high res camera(s) and didnt even touch the ATM / Redemption Terminal where the big money lives. We had just serviced the machines on Wed so they probably got maybe two grand for their efforts leaving 70K behind. They have no idea about the world of hurt they have brought into their lives.

    My employer has formally announced its intent to seek license for cannabis distribution and at the same time is stating that we had 198% growth last year on the Video Gaming side. I spent three hours on Friday physically stocking a bank account (delivering cash to the bank) with 1mil in small bills to meet the cannabis license requirements. When we went to deliver the last deposit the bank refused to accept the transaction indicating we had exceeded their ability to process and store the cash. I’ll be heading back to the bank sometime tomorrow. I may have chosen well when I considered this outfit, fairly likely enhanced opportunities will present themselves for a individual with my background and skill sets.

  82. Anybody want to buy some naked pictures of Mare?

  83. How much will you pay me to take them?

  84. Dude, she’s gonna kill you for that remark.

  85. Are they a different set than the ones I got with my Hostage Membership?

  86. (not that way, Kamala!).


  87. Current mood. Mini-me will be back in just 2 weeks, still hard on momma.

    Crap Tree (TM) is up. Rocketboy did not help this year, he put up his own tree.

  88. Seriously, did you guys watch that video of Biden I linked. It’s cray cray.

  89. “Seriously, did you guys watch that video of Biden I linked.”

    No I was busy being ignored and raking wet leaves from the high winds last week. Next on the honey do list is “fix the toilet bowl flapper”. My 92 dollah water bill has provided the inspiration necessary for me to dig around in the back of a toilet.

    PS. I must not be on the approved member list having NOT received my complimentary nakey Mare pics upon sign up.

    *files discrimnation complaint with the ACLU

  90. Pretty interesting job situation you got going on TTroy. Best wishes on increased opportunities and advancement, man. That other door had to close before you could move on to something better.

    One of my current coworkers is trying to poach me to go work someplace else when they have another opening. But it’s 12 hour shifts at a desk job. I can’t see myself sitting behind a desk for 8 hours, nevermind 12.

  91. I bing’d ‘Biden sucks wife’s fingers’. Good thing safe search is on. Whole list of things like ‘finger in her ass’ pop up.

  92. It’s shameful his inner circle would not have discouraged this craziness before he got into the race.

    Why would they when he will be a good puppet and do whatever he’s paid to do?

  93. PS. I must not be on the approved member list having NOT received my complimentary nakey Mare pics upon sign up.

    Thay aren’t complimentary. You have to pay me.

  94. I may have chosen well when I considered this outfit, fairly likely enhanced opportunities will present themselves for a individual with my background and skill sets.

    Do you mean that in a ‘target practice will come in handy’ sort of way? Stay safe TeeRoy.

  95. Mini-me will be back in just 2 weeks, still hard on momma.

    I feel for you.
    Wait ’til she gets married.
    I asked daughter at Thanksgiving at BiL’s (first time we talked since the day after the wedding)…’You miss me?’
    Her: *thinks a few seconds too long* Um. Yeah.
    Me: Lying sack of poo.
    Her: *grins*

    She finally got her name legally changed this past week. She wanted to either keep hers or have her husband change his. He said no. His name is….unfortunate.

    Maybe I need to start a guinea pig rescue.

  96. Well, I’m going to hold my breath until you all watch that video.

    I think a we should do a Biden intervention.

    And several H2 men need their ass kicked and by someone who enjoys it.

  97. Bootyjudge?

  98. I just watched the clip, mare. Holy crap.

  99. What do you think the press would do if Trump started to talk about his leg hairs and enjoying kids jumping in his lap? Yeah..yeah, we know.

  100. PS. I must not be on the approved member list having NOT received my complimentary nakey Mare pics upon sign up.

    Stick with bikini Mare pics. Nakey Mare apparently never got out of the 70s…

  101. enjoying kids jumping in his lap

    Just how many politicians are in the pingpong pizza gang?

  102. Beta Unfortunate is a terrible moniker to hang on a kid.

  103. “Thay aren’t complimentary. You have to pay me”

    Check’s in da mail.

    “And several H2 men need their ass kicked and by someone who enjoys it.”

    I believe I should be excluded from this suggestion as (as shown) I do not now, nor have I ever viewed, possessed or otherwise been exposed to said nakey pics…..that I know of…

    At this stage of the game beasn I’m aspiring to a nice Asst Dir of Security or Director of Training position to ride until retirement. The Field Ops stuff is for the youngins.

  104. For Oso


  105. Just think, TeeRoy, you could have done all that ten years ago without all the legal protections and made maybe half the money…

  106. 28 degrees and raining.

    Worst snowstorm ever.

  107. Gotta have the sound for this (NSFW language)


  108. Gruden is wearing a raiders toboggan with a little black pom-pom on top and it is ADORABLE.

  109. Altar society came up with frou frou Advent Wreath. Green wreath. 4 white candles. Fluffy tulle purple and pink ribbons for the white candles. Fr Charles is from Nigeria. He became completely unhinged about the Advent Wreath. It was hilarious to watch. We’ll be in PHX next week for Steelers/Cardinals. Won’t be there to see the new Advent Wreath.

  110. Chefs getting every call

  111. Ours was tasteful and venue appropriate for the size of our parish.

  112. Leon, was it Catholic? Nigerian Priest was in attack mode today. He was hitting us with other truths today, but I’m all in for suburban Catholic.

  113. 16 yr old Dachshund has issues. Febreze and puppy pads are our friends. She has adopted my Chiefs throw as her own. Not Dan’s Steeler throw. Peepee throw is more when.

  114. Missed mass today. May try to get to the Latin mass next Sunday morning.

  115. CoAl…Mass in PHX next wknd.

  116. The Chargers loss was amazing,

  117. I think I have watched at least 40 hours of football this week,

  118. 49’ers v. Ravens felt like a SB preview. After the next few weeks (Pats play Texans, Chefs, Bills, Bungles, Dolphins) I think the Ravens will have a better record than the Patriots. If the Pats make it to the AFC Championship game it’ll be in Baltimore. It’s really going to take extra cheating this year and a few extra pay offs to the refs to pull another SB victory off again.

  119. We ventured out for Black Friday movies. Nothing better than the foosball

  120. Catholic mass in Granger, IN. Suburb of Buttplugland, but our parish is pretty good. Handmade wreath, correct candle colors, not fancy, and we started mass with the lights dimmed for the lighting of Advent 1.

  121. You gardeners need to pick it up


  122. Young Laura


  123. Lol


  124. Patriots era is over.

  125. Distribute everything randomly, please.

  126. I watched the video. Fine. He’s lost his marble.

    Note that I said marble. Singular.

    I also hope that he wins because I’d like to see his eye explode on TV again and watch the entire media complex 1) ignore it 2) tell me its a right wing conspiracy that never happened 3) tell me how brave it is for a special needs person to run for president 4) tell me that Biden, a black man, is 4x more likely to have a brain aneurysm and that we need to pass comprehensive immigration, climate, and healthcare reform so other black men don’t suffer the same fate.

  127. Comment by scott on December 1, 2019 9:49 pm

    Patriots era is over.
    I turned the game off at the half because I could see where it was heading. The door is closing on them for sure. I won’t say it’s over-over quite yet. It’ll be interesting over the next couple of years to see whether Brady’s performance declines or if they get him a decent O-line and some receivers whether he can defeat Father Time and be the oldest QB to win a SB. And by “interesting” I mean potentially painful. As much noise as there has been about Brady being a free agent at the end of the season and animosity with Belichick I think he’ll stick around for another year or two in NE. I have mixed feelings about that. It may prevent Belichick from hoarding draft picks and rebuilding while they make it to the playoffs but go home early during what in retrospect will be called Tom’s Farewell Tour.

  128. I wonder what’s going on in all the Democrat think tanks today and over the weekend following Biden’s speech leak. Like MJ said, the impassioned defense of Biden will be some laughably ludicrous bullshit

  129. Awoooo

  130. Some rap singer appropriately called Noname says she’s not going to tour any more because she doesn’t want to perform for white people. Good luck with that. Favorite Twitter snark: can you buy concert tickets with food stamps.

    Can you imagine the blowback on a white artist who said he didn’t want to perform for black people?

  131. wakey wakey wakey

  132. What MJ said about Biden and the media is why Roamy ♥ MJ.

  133. Sunday’s paper had a long article about “blackspace”. This is the reason we cancelled our subscription.

    You see, Detroit is black black black. Black. Ever since the white flight (oh which happened because of the black riots) blacks have apparently been doing just fine and dandy in Detroit and teh “black space” means that they can go anywhere they want and feel comfortable.

    But the “new Detroit” isn’t accommodating the “blackspace” rule. (insert bizarre rant about a Journey song and whether or not one is comfortable belting it out in a crowded bar). All the new businesses should have somehow been magically created so that blacks can walk in a feel like … I dunno, as if they’re in their living room or something.


  134. Writer lives in dumbspace.

    Clock alarm played a tone I’d literally never heard it play before this morning. Checking for signs I’ve slipped into an alternate reality.

  135. Segregation is fine and dandy when WE do it, in other words.

    MMM shortly, just waking up and I have weird vertigo at the moment.

  136. It is just infuriating. As if EVERY black person wants to walk into a public space with Hot sauce in their purse, and Beyonce blaring.

  137. As I understand it, there would be NO comeback for Detroit if icky “white” companies (CEO and majority of employees) hadn’t taken a chance ($$$$) and relocated.

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