Thanksgiving Meme

You know what song is gonna be the theme this week, dontcha?












And your Thanksgiving pun is:


Happy Thanksgiving week!



  1. We keep our tree in the cellar

  2. * peeks outside of bunker, sneeks past sleeping cray cray…

    The 80% lower I have does not have a serial number. I think (depending on state law) one can number the lower and register its existence but Im fuzzy on that requirement and probably wouldn’t engage is such behavior. I have to get dressed now as I promised my cray cray that I would search the shed this morning for a AWOL inflatable Penguin lawn ornament and determine the exact location of a Christmas Tree that has seen better days before work.

    Processed a cool million is cash yesterday and we are #8 in size company wise in the state. Phenomenal amounts of money moving through this industry, more half these places are in (or adjacent to) lower socio economic areas (the hoods and trailer parks) makes one wonder….and worry about cross contamination from narcotics.

  3. pretty cool tee toy. I’ve delivered pizza to the parking division at osu when they count money after a football game. it’s amazing to see a table sized pile of money, mostly 20s.

  4. Its funny, I really dont think of it as money like I think of MY money. More like stacks of paper that represent a number that has to be balanced at the end of the day. Unfortunately at some of the places I visit one can see the customers just about salivating at the sight of the receptacles (cassettes) we use to load & unload the machines. Makes for a interesting vibe, especially once the sun goes down.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Tee – I know what you mean. I’ve had a lot of money in my pocket at the end of the night (working ), not as much as you – but still – the vibe that it’s not MY money is the same thing. Counting cash -bartending drawer, whatever, keno – it’s not your money. You’re just hoping it all adds up . That’s pretty much the singular focus.

  7. So, what’s everyone having for Thanksgiving? We’re a turkey and ham family. Something for everyone.

  8. I’m roasting up the flesh of my two jarradhales as a side dish with some butter and pumpkin pie spice. Might add a touch of honey to sweeten them as they roast.

  9. Turkey,Sweet pot cass, green bean cass (from scratch – it’s amazing), tatters. I want to make a crustless pumpkin pie, so I need to look up a recipe for that. There will be the regular one.

    Like the doggo meme. Not really how it is for my dogs – they’ll just lay on the floor politely waiting. Ever hopeful. Nephew’s dog will be here and he’s a bit more insistent. We’re still waiting for that one to calm down a bit. Hasn’t happened yet.

  10. That’s a good thread.

  11. heh, nice

  12. I’m making crown roast of pork, which is basically a bunch of pork chops tied in a circle and stuffing. Others are making appetizers, cramberries, Brussels sprouts, cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans, pecan and punkin pies, and macaroons, and some other shit I am forgetting.

  13. Having made more than a few deposits for my workplace, yeah, I get that vibe. I’ve never felt tempted to “lose” some of it (like it wouldn’t get sniffed out anyway), it’s more a hassle I just want successfully handled.

  14. I landed in Denver last week. I was raised in Florida and worked in Houston the past 7 years. Snow is different, being snowed in is fun!

  15. It’s fun the first few days, after day three it gets pretty damn old.

  16. I’ll keep that in mind BC. Scraping the ice and snow off my car was fun for 2 mi, then it was tiring.

    Major rock slide closed the interstate. Don’t hear about them in Fl or Tx

  17. I’ve had enough of this “friendsgiving” bullshit. So, Hannah and matt aren’t coming to Thanksgiving – hannah is working, and Matt is going to his GF family’s house (so they can come to ours for Christmas – which bigger holiday). BUT on Saturday, BOTH of them will be at a friendsgiving. It’s all bullshit.

    Regardless, I know how to have a BLOW OUT thanksgiving … to make them feel bad (shut up, don’t you judge me). I need ideas.

  18. know – now

  19. I mean, unless you literally have no family — and no one invites you to a thanksgiving meal … it’s merely just a gathering where people who really don’t know how to cook try to make a pale imitation of what they’re moms/grandma’s make and probably drink/smoke a lot.

  20. their. whatever. I need to start cleaning.

  21. Sounds amazing, Hotspur.

  22. Friendsgiving is fallout from two generations of hormonal birth control and government policies and industry pushing two-earner families and broken homes.

    Change my mind.

  23. Friendsgiving is bullshit.

    I understand that there are some families so toxic it’s better to just not go.

    However, Thanksgiving should be a time where you make the effort to be with family. How about exercising some self-control, selflessness and good cheer instead of fighting about bullshit and having expectations that your family members should be perfect?

  24. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 26, 2019 10:09 am
    Friendsgiving is fallout from two generations of hormonal birth control and government policies and industry pushing two-earner families and broken homes.

    Change my mind.


    Nope, you’re right.

  25. Yeah, I get that some families are unpleasant, but there’s a growing sentiment culturally that families are disposable, that you can just write them off entirely if you like, because family members are no more important to you than anyone else, and favoring family over friends is some sort of discrimination in the negative sense. It also means that the average millennial has lost the ability to be civil with and even make small talk with people with whom they have less in common, let alone major disagreements. Bad times coming.

  26. When Thanksgiving gets boring

  27. Anybody brings up politics at my thanksgiving table is going to get served a heaping helping of shut your fucking turkey hole.

  28. Today’s lefty cartoon of the week

    I can’t even imagine what goes on in a liberal’s head.

  29. Haha HS. It’s fun when everyone is on your side. It’ll be a big Fox News convention at my house. I’m not at the In Laws.

  30. HotBride took one of the old table tents from the inn that says “No smoking at this table.” and pasted the word cellphones over the word smoking.

    And she enforces it.

  31. If you live way out of town, celebrating with friends is appropriate.

    My daughter will be spending Thanksgiving with friends.

    Well, I guess my “Friendsgiving is bullshit” theory has some holes in it.

  32. Common courtesy requires that you turn off your phone before arriving as a guest at someone’s home.

  33. One of my daughters and her husband are pretty conservative ( they own their own business). Everyone else are leftards to varying degrees.

    Now I have grandkids of voting age, so they’ll be especially vulnerable to the urge to spew. Ain’t gonna happen.

  34. The only acceptable reason to pull a phone out at the table is to share photos.

  35. That is acceptable behavior at our table, Leon.

  36. Heh, since Dad was in the military, he was used to giving orders. No phones at the table.

    How can people play on the phone, when there is sibling rivalry to partake in? Asking grandma for things she doesn’t have in the fridge? Taunting nieces and nephews?

  37. Also for taking photos, as no one has a camera anymore.

  38. I need to start getting more of mine printed for a photo book.

  39. Mare, you didn’t say what you are doing.

  40. Happy early thanksgiving, morons.

  41. We aren’t morons, we’re hostages. Wrong shithole, douchebag.

  42. Taunting nieces and nephews was great fun. Wait ‘til you have grandkids.


  43. Oh right. Happy early thanksgiving hostages!

    Will you be stuffing the turkey with a bag of vegan dicks or are you going with regular schlongs this year?

  44. I think we’re going to #1 son’s house for Thanksgiving. His wife doesn’t really know how to cook, so it may be interesting. Urrrgh, I’ll have to talk to people.

    I think we had ribs last Thanksgiving. I’m not a big holiday person.

    Big winter storm pushing through today, a little snow, but 22 degrees and high winds.

  45. We’re doing our annual trip to the Biltmore for Thanksgiving.

  46. The Biltmore is racist.

  47. Thanksgiving is the only time I get to cook for a crowd, so of course my mom is cooking everything when she’s over 80. We’ll be helping, but this PBC is sitting EMPTY!

  48. Carin, make some epic goody bags for your guests to take home with them after dinner.

  49. There’s also a spot where you can get that perfect tan.

  50. If I opened with “Happy Thanksgiving, jackholes” would that be OK, or do I have to check if the domain is available?

  51. Now I have grandkids of voting age, so they’ll be especially vulnerable to the urge to spew. Ain’t gonna happen.


    Good, if their parents didn’t teach them it’s poor manners to spout off at a Holiday dinner, you’ll have to teach them.

  52. Heh, Brother Cavil!

  53. Comment by MJ on November 26, 2019 10:51 am
    We’re doing our annual trip to the Biltmore for Thanksgiving.


    Kiss our white trash ass.

  54. Kiss our white trash ass.
    But I’ll get my monocle dirty!

  55. That’s taken, BC. Try

  56. I also know some families around here do a shellfish table before their holiday feasts. So, platters of clams and cold cooked shrimp, cracked crab, etc. with the attendant sauces and crisps alongside.

    If my family ever took up this tradition I would fight/bribe my coworkers for the holiday off every year.

  57. We’re going to New Orleans in early December for HotBride’s birthday. I was watching YouTube videos last night about NO. I think I’ll be putting on weight.

  58. I would fight/bribe my coworkers for the holiday off every year.

    Don’t be so shellfish

  59. I used to love the cold cooked shrimp, now I’m wary of them because so many are from Chinese waters or farmed there.

  60. We’re going to Paula’s parents house. Classics for dinner: turkey stuffing mashed green beans dinner rolls and because Paula’s oldest has a birthday near Thanksgiving cake and ice cream for dessert.

  61. I only buy shrimp that says US Gulf shrimp now. It costs at least twice as much but I’d rather not eat Chinese garbage

  62. I should volunteer to supply shrimp just to make sure that happens.

    My folks aren’t woke to food sourcing.

  63. Yeah, I buy only Gulf shrimp and peel it myself. No nasty chemicals, and no slavery.

  64. This all sounds wonderful. I’m happy everyone is going to have a nice thanksgiving.

  65. Hotspur, did you stop drinking completely or is just a “I needed to cut back for my weight and control issues” kind of deal?

  66. MJ, I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your beautiful family.

    Except for your father in law, he’s an ass.

  67. It’s just us Mare. We save up all year and go to the Biltmore for one holiday every year. Trying to do a family tradition thing.

    Christmas will be at my parents house with all of my sisters, nieces, etc.

    My FIL is dead to me. He recently said to GND, you know I think MJ has a problem with my past. LOLFG loser. I have a problem with your present. I’ll never lose another minute of thought over that man.

  68. We’re going to BIL’s for Thanksgiving. They will have the standard fare and I will be making/bringing an apple pie – MIL will make the German slaw.
    I bought a 15# fresh turkey, which I’ll make for us, Friday or Saturday before beasnson goes back home. That should leave us with plenty of leftovers.

  69. Oh, and thank you.

  70. MJ, what kind of relationship does your wife have with her dad? Is she pretty much where you stand with him?

  71. Don’t forget outsourcing which destroyed industry in entire regions, forcing younger generations to move further away for work.

    Sis lives on OK, and BIL doesn’t fly so they aren’t coming for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I might do something for Christmas with friends since I’m going to celebrate Christmas at Mom’s late this year. Stepdad works for the USPS, so Christmas is incredibly busy. Better to celebrate a week or so later when he has some time off and isn’t exhausted.

  72. You know I was kidding about the Biltmore…what an excellent thing to do.

    We’re going to Sun Valley for Christmas. My Brother invited all of us including My older sister and her husband. He has a beautiful home there 5 minutes from the slopes. It’s going to be a hoot.

  73. Dolly Parton was on with Jimmy Kimmel. She’s always a fun interview. If you don’t want to watch the entire 8 minutes, skip to 5:45 and…wait for it. She doesn’t disappoint.


    Stuffed turkey roll

    Fascinating to watch tis guy’s knife skills

  75. this

  76. Oh, I just thought you were from Jamaica, Jimbro.

  77. Do any of you have a FitBit Versa 2? I’ve seen some sales for $149.

    Worth it? Accurate?

    I need to start counting my steps again. It’s always an eye-opener.

  78. Google bought or is buying FitBit, Mare. Nothing is worth that. Get a pedometer.

  79. HS, you haven’t been to Nawlins to eat? So good!

    Beignets at Cafe Dumonde, shrimp po-boys at a hole in the wall by the water, jambalaya or gumbo or etouffe, mmmm

  80. I quit drinking entirely. Haven’t had anything since April.

  81. Heh, the Newsweek article:

    In other words, facts are upsetting our grievance mongering.

  82. First trip for both HotBride and me. Cafe Dumonde is on the list, plus several others from my Youtube research.

  83. Jay, the funny part is that many of us on the right predicted that this would happen: body cameras don’t show massive police misconduct, they instead show that most complainants are criminal lowlifes.

  84. The French quarter smells bad, but it’s a trip! We had the best dinner at a place right inside the quarter, can’t remember the name now, but there’s lots like it.

    My brother knew all the good places.

  85. MJ, what kind of relationship does your wife have with her dad? Is she pretty much where you stand with him?
    Their relationship changed dramatically after our wedding and the election. He lost his mind both times. First because he couldn’t conceive of not having the wedding in FL and secondly cuz orange man bad. Each time he basically cursed her out and said some things that can’t be walked back.

    She just tolerates him and keeps her distance. It’ll come to a head at some point. I’m guessing after OMB gets reelected.

    Trump might be a weirdo but he’s ripping the masks off of everyone.

  86. You know I was kidding about the Biltmore…what an excellent thing to do.
    Oh totally. I just think its a bit funny because I don’t fit in there at all but GND loves it. I’m a total faker.

  87. The Leadership Conference report advises that police departments institute a “clean reporting” policy, under which officers write an initial incident report before reviewing any footage

    ??Um, wouldn’t actual footage be more accurate than memory, several hours after the fact? FFS.

  88. What does the Biltmore do for Thanksgiving? Do you get to dine in the actual house?

  89. mmmm salad

  90. Is Black Friday racist? It has to be.

  91. Huh, I’ve heard of the Biltmore but don’t know much about it

    Looks like a classy joint

  92. There’s a fancy hotel on the property. It’s basically a two night deal; on the first night we’re doing a candlelight tour of the house (it’s all decked out for christmas) and the second night is dinner either in the fancy restaurant or a more family friendly version in the hotel ballroom.

    Last year we did the fancy dinner on christmas eve with the baby. It was hilarious. Imagine a michelin star restaurant and waiters in suits – the whole nine…and a drooling one year old in a big red sweater.

    They brought him chicken fingers with a big silver dome over it and unveiled it in full fancy dinner fashion. I still chuckle thinking about that.

    Needless to say we’ll be doing the more family friendly version this year.

    There’s a lot to do on the property besides the house. This time I think we’re doing a guided hike, campfire thingy with s’mores, a carriage ride and the candlelight tour.

  93. Hey Lauraw, search for the biltmore gardens. You’d LOVE it!

  94. Robert De Niro can go fuck himself with a saguaro cactus sideways.

    I am at the point where I won’t watch one of his films even if it is free.

    Pretty much there with Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hanks.

  95. I should take the wife to Tippecanoe Place sometime.

    It’s the Tucker mansion, now a fancy schancy restaurant.

    Have I told y’all about the “Bail Out Tucker!” bumper stickers? I guess they were popular here during the GM bailout.

  96. There’s a lot to do on the property besides the house. This time I think we’re doing a guided hike, campfire thingy with s’mores, a carriage ride and the candlelight tour.

    We would do a meatup there.

  97. We aren’t one year olds, but we could wear red sweaters.

  98. I get Friendsgiving if you live away, can’t go home. But it’s now a weekend thing. So, if you actually do have an intact family who love you and invite you and cook for you … that is no longer enough. You also have to have “Friends” version on the Saturday afterwards.

    It’s lamo. You just ate turkey two days perviously.

    I’m doing a seafood table. Excellent idea.

  99. I’m doing a see-food table.

  100. We aren’t one year olds, but we could wear red sweaters

    Red sweaters, tan trousers, and red shoes.

    …No we aren’t retarded!

  101. Friendsgiving is a bullshit name. It somehow implies that Thanksgiving isn’t applicable. Nobody ever said Thanksgiving was for family only, you cock gobbling stupid fucks. Quit changing shit just because you don’t like boomers.

  102. Friendsgiving is a bullshit name. It somehow implies that Thanksgiving isn’t applicable. Nobody ever said Thanksgiving was for family only, you cock gobbling stupid fucks. Quit changing shit just because you don’t like boomers.
    This is so boomer.

  103. it’s all from that episode of Friends, which no one in this generation has seen.


    Heh, funny comeback: Now I really want to see it just so you cry more.

  105. This is in German or something but it looks pretty great. But wouldn’t it be better to line the interior with clay brick instead of fire brick? I would think you’d want maximum heat absorption since the idea is to make it super efficient with fuel.

  106. Woops, here:

  107. I saw the Biltmore gardens this past year. It was really too much to take in on one visit. At one point, we were walking up to another whole area and I just stopped abruptly and said, “Yeah, I get it. I’ve had enough,” and we left. LOL, it was a ‘brain full’ moment.

    I really really liked the water lily garden. They had some nice tropical waterlilies in there. So hard for me to grow them up here, they need really hot water to live and bloom in.

  108. OK, I just looked it up and now I’m learning that some fire bricks absorb, and others insulate. INteresting.

  109. Nobody ever said Thanksgiving was for family only, you cock gobbling stupid fucks.


    This is true.

  110. I’m subscribing to Hotspur’s newsletter.

  111. Part of the deal is that young people are all about the party. Party party party. after thanksgiving, it seems superfluous to “part”, but you wanna. So you make up some bullshit reason. It’s FRIENDSGIVING.

    Someone a few weeks back posted the question of “what ” some of these young people were celebrating every week.

    And not to get on my kid’s ass, but you guys have me wound up. Last week was Ian’s b-day. He was super busy and then his weekend was taken up by Matt’s girlfriend’s 21 b-day weekend extravaganza. All day affair. Starting with brunch. And then THIS weekend, I can’t see my kids because of their bs “friendsgiving”.

    I may not grow them Pot next summer.

  112. Upstairs is clean. Time to move to the downstairs. I think I may need cofffee.

  113. um…back up a few sentences, Carin…

  114. Friendsgiving is food and booze. Stress on the latter.

  115. CoAlex, it looks like the readers didn’t buy that either.

  116. laura, congratulations! You’ve just figured out (part of) how masonry heaters work. I ever get to build a house of my own I’m making sure I have one.

  117. I always thought it was dumb that wood stoves eat a ton of wood and then pipe all that heat right out of the house. Apparently these masonry heaters sip wood (much like Hotspur) and combust it nearly totally.

  118. Car in’s garden this year was a couple of pot plants and a beer tree.

  119. Thanksgiving with family would require using vacation days better spent on a trip to Bali that everyone can see on Instagram.

  120. BC, Reason was bemoaning body cams a year or so ago for the same reason: it didn’t suddenly prove that the pigs were all corrupt and evil and racist, but instead showed that most cops are trying to do their jobs professionally while dealing with the dregs of humanity.

  121. The woostove I had in my cottage was designed to give off lots of heat, and conserve wood. I could load it at night, and it would still be going strong in the morning – a lot like your mom. Or Laura.

  122. Growing weed is legal in michigan now. So I grew two plants. My whole garden stunk. I am apparently an excellent “grower”.

  123. The beer tree was disappointing. I think I used the wrong fertilizer.

  124. Growing weed is legal in michigan now. So I grew two plants.

    Um, you know you need a license for that, right?

  125. To sell it. Not to grow.

  126. Adults can grow up to 12 plants as long as they are enclosed, or completely private from the public eye. For patients who prefer, caregivers can also grow marijuana in Michigan. A caregiver needs to be at least 21 years old and not been committed a felony. Caregivers can grow for up to five patients.

    Michigan residents should still check local laws since municipalities could possibly ban the use of marijuana or home growing. For example, you could face a fine in the city of Ann Arbor or if on the University of Michigan campus.


    we only grew two.

  127. Better to be a grower than a shower.

  128. Did they eliminate the “caregiver” license requirement or are we back to unlicensed drug dealers?

  129. You can grow for your personal use. If you are growing for someone else or to sell, it’s more complicated. Pretty sure you need some sort of license to grow for someone else – or several someone else’s but I don’t know because that didn’t apply.

  130. Do your crackfat friends know you’re dabbling in PEDs?

  131. So, Carin is now our resident pothead?

  132. I’m a great grower. I don’t sample the wares, though.

  133. MJ and Hotspur still retain the title.

  134. Almost like people are after validation rather than truth…

  135. She’s prolly stoned right now and thinking about a trip to Taco Bell. And Pizza Hut. Or possibly a combination thereof.

  136. My crossfit friends do know I grew some. The fittest chick there grows a LOT more than me. I came in once, after trimming the bushes (SYWM) and she almost asked me why I smelled like weed. lol. I admitted what I had been doing … then she said I reeked.

  137. Dude … I could use a pizzahut/taco bell combo right now. Let me get on my monkey and ride to get some …

  138. Not that I wouldn’t do it again, but I haven’t smoked in a long time. Maybe a couple of years. I don’t like the way it makes me feel anymore.

    And it makes me cough nonstop for about five minutes. I don’t like that.

  139. The new Pizza Hut Doritos chalupa pizza. Available only in Michigan.

  140. Just the two of us for Thanksgiving. Not a Holy Day, so all of the Masses are late. Ugh. Dan is making a breakfast casserole. We’re having The Bobbie from Capriotti’s with tweaks. Green chile, open face, and smothered with turkey gravy.

  141. Car in, tell your kids that if they don’t visit their mother on Thanksgiving weekend – TH or FRI – you will friendsgiving Christmas with us. We’ll smoke their pot and open their gifts, while we wear red sweaters, striped socks, and candy cane headbands.

  142. Member asked “Where are the Sunyans?”
    Oso: I’m sorry, what’s a Sunyan?
    Member: It’s a type of onion.
    Oso: Do you mean “Funyuns”?
    Member: No. my wife said “Sunyans”. He shows me his list. His wife wrote “Sunyans”.

  143. Oso, did the wife mean “cream of sunyun guy?”

  144. We are dealing with a nephew who trashed his brain smoking pot through highschool. Diagnosed schizophrenic. His life is trash, really, a non-functioning person. That developing brain did not appreciate the weed.

    Now you adult losers, you do what you want.

  145. CoAl, I have no idea. 🤣🤣🤣

  146. Oso, did the wife mean “cream of sunyun guy?”

    That’s what she was busy getting while he was out looking for non-existent products.

  147. Some of the parents who bring their kids in to see me absolutely reek of weed. Could be morning or early afternoon. I’d like to say it doesn’t alter my opinion during the visit but that’s just not true. I’m sure I’d be told it’s medical marijuana if I asked. I don’t ask, I just judge. Like a boomer.

  148. Punky Brewster told me to say no, so I said no.

  149. Not a good idea to have me cashier during Thanksgiving week. Your tax dollars through SNAP are paying for some very nice meals. Lobster tail, steak, shrimp, ham, and all the fixins. Desserts, too. (We’re out of turkeys)

  150. Stoners at work crush up Funyuns in casseroles.

  151. Stoners make casseroles?

    Do Lutherans smoke weed?

  152. MJ, the Land Rover thing at the Biltmore looked like fun,

  153. Heh, i thought Car in was kidding.

    I’m for it, but like everyone says, have to be an adult.

  154. Can’t buy Funyuns round here, used to love em.

  155. HO-LEE-SHIT

    Robert Soros, son of George Soros is married to Melissa Schiff, Adam Schiff’s sister.

    What a circle jerk cesspool.

  156. Does Melissa Schiff look like a pencil-necked retard too? Because I’d think that kind of wealth really should afford a man higher-quality poontang.

  157. Mare, yah, it all goes back to Soros.

  158. heh my instagram account has been disabled for violating our terms.
    I never posted a thing, just liked my nieces posts. How is that violating terms?

  159. Evidently your nieces are racists.

  160. must be. I might have liked a few knife posts, or maybe cars.

  161. Vman, are you still in Denver?

  162. We like Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs

  163. I am Oso

  164. Taken a drive on 70 west yet?

  165. So, Dan’s boss was livid. Undermined by non-Fresh managers. We’re donating over $2000 in Pecan pies, because of idiots. She’s on a tear. Dan tells me to ask her what sides she decided on for our party tomorrow. She ripped into me. We don’t deserve a party. Blah blah blah. I walk away. Dan goes back to bakery. She’s like “WTF with Oso and tomorrow’s party”. Dan starts laughing. He set both of us up.

  166. Scott, We did 70 this Summer. Scary. Closed from Denver to Kansas state line.

  167. Pupster, have we seen this finely freckled female in a BBF yet?

  168. Already sick of Christmas shit on TV. And we hardly watch any TV.

    Gonna be a long month.

  169. Every fool wishing a Merry Christmas should be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart

  170. No I have not Scott,
    I am looking forward to going for drives in the summer

  171. I haven’t seen a single Christmas thing on tv yet. I watch VERY little tv. Not out of protest. I love the idea of tv. There is literally never anything on that interests me. I mostly listen to music.

  172. Thanks Jimbro!

  173. Do Lutherans smoke weed?

    Lutheran versus Calvinists stoners sounds like a Babylon Bee article.

  174. I mostly listen to music.


  175. *admires Car in for her horticultural experiment and wonders where she got the seed?

    Cannabis industry is exploding here in Illinois in anticipation of legalization taking effect on Jan 1.

    I gots no beefs with Christmas or anything associated with same, but then again, I watch zero “tv”. The better half and I are watching The Punisher on netflix but only doing a episode at a time. One on Saturday and One on Sunday. Episode 3 & 4 this weekend.

    No Funyans in Iowa? WTF you guys go all commie? I luv me some funyans.

  176. Mare, wasn’t it Soros who donated most to Schitt’s run for congress?

    Funds Sec of State project…now doing DAs…proclaimed his ownership of the dem party back in ’04.

  177. Looked it up, Soros son did marry a Melissa Schiff but her parents and Schitt’s parents have different names.

  178. “No I have not Scott”

    You are going to wait more than 6 months?

    You will be pissed at yourself.

  179. I have summer tires on the Dodge Scott. I may buy tires and wheels later for the seasons, but moving is expensive so that will wait.

  180. BaHAHAHA


  182. roamy, did you see my physics question above?

  183. Not seed. I started with clones.

  184. That’s where it starts.

  185. At first it’s just growing a couple of plants, and next thing you know Car in and Moose are riding around in the back of a van, solving mysteries.

  186. There was a big black floofie Newfie head sticking out of a car window at a shopping center parking lot today.

    It got sweet-talked and scritched and smooshed a little.

  187. Well, that is some serendipidous ‘shoulda refreshed before posting’ kinda shit if I ever saw some.

  188. Went to Costco tonight. There was a massive line for pies. talked to the cashier, she said they sold 22,000 pies last year, the most of any Costco. They let some one buy 60 today. Apparently when the line gets long you are limited to one. Then people get mad. She said they weren’t selling real Christmas this year since last year people were fighting over them. It’s all insane. Pie is so easy why would you buy it.

  189. Driving erratically, Rico panicked.

  190. Car in and Moose are riding around in the back of a van, solving mysteries.


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