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UPDATE [leoncaruthers]:

If you are interested in Secret Santa for 2019, gmail my name.  I’ll be posting daily reminders until Black Friday, and I’ll call the list good on the subsequent Saturday.  So long as we have at least 8 participants, giftee names will go out on Monday, December 7, and we’ll do opening on either 12-21 or 12-22.



  1. The cat meme does actually win the internetwebs.

    The dinosaur 1 second before a meteor kills them” Oh man.

    The dog with the donut pillow? I love it.

    I love the crossfit one too. *cough*

  2. Well, you are up early today.

    https://tinyurl.com/What-are-your-plans-today-Mare ?

  3. Shoot, I’m still giving off fat vibes. Pepe linked that gif of me yesterday, Pups.

  4. I thought it looked familiar.

    *shakes fists at skunk*


  5. Shoot, I’m still giving off fat vibes. Pepe linked that gif of me yesterday, Pups.

    That’s because deep down you’re still that little fat girl.

    Just like Rosetta always was.

    wakey wakey

  6. The BMW one was awesome too.


  7. You’re not fat, Mare, just squeezable.

  8. The Air Force Crew Chief and Army Airborne one got captured and sent to my teammates…..a former Air Force Crew Chief and Former Army Airborne guy. The AF guy is 58 and is the Lead in our crew and the Army guy is 26 and still all young and exuberant. Makes for some funny shit as we go about our day in the vehicle.

  9. Laura, my sister cut off contact with mom’s side of the family years ago. Mom’s mother died and the memorial is today.

    I just hate that dad is still letting anger and bitterness poison him, almost thirty years after he go divorced, and twenty years after he got custody of my sister and I graduated from high school.

  10. My favorite is the turkey and mashed potatoes. Stealing that meme.

  11. Pups, “Once you get to know meme”


  12. Could someone explain the British person/propaganda deal?

  13. I loved the Air Force/Airborn too. I know lots of people that will enjoy that one.

    Let’s face it, they’re all good.

  14. Propaganda = “propper gander”

  15. Enjoying slices of silky persimmon with my coffee. I love now knowing the flat persimmons can be eaten firm and are not astringent. I’m used to waiting to eat them when they are jelly and sweet as honey but I think I like them this way better. More like a juicy pear texture and not sticky-sweet.

    I love being me today.

  16. More memes to steal.


  17. Oh, thanks Alex.

  18. Im kinda partial to the “people say Im unapproachable”

  19. Those were awesome, Roamy. Chrispy usually posts those.

  20. Welp…kinda of a poopy day outside….cant decide if it wants to snow, sleet, or rain. Gray, breezy, damp, cold….better half is headed to the hair stylist or salon or whatevah the fuck its called these days ….I think I’ll do something productive indoors like take a nap and play video games….Ill make up for it later by cleaning my guns…..

  21. LOL

    Ace: He’s not just butthurt, he’s bitter in the shitter.

    Love that guy.

  22. Who was Ace referring to?

  23. Found it! I was just reading it.

  24. Getting tired of Dan being nice to his lazy sister after 5 years of her lazy ass bitch persona.

    I’m with you. There is some ongoing drama on my side of the family that my sister informed me of. Non-stop negative shit that once again reminds me of why I have to avoid them for my own mental health. (to do with Bernie-bro brother stirring up shit with family in another state. I can only imagine what that a-hole has told them…causing a fight between them and my parents…and my parent’s response. Good grief.)

    I told Mr. B. that if he ever goes against my wishes again as it regards my side of the family, I will cut him. He asked me with what…I said I would start with a fork.

  25. Weight lifting. Shopping for mom’s b-day present (got her some books). Run. Then drive to Detroit to take her to dinner.

  26. Got a haircut and bought stuff for breffest. Gonna go for a short run, then eat, shower and get ready for the memorial.

  27. I’m probably going to eat THEN shower after my run. I’ve only had a protein bar and an O2 with CBD in it so far. After the lifting.

  28. It’s 38 degrees out. I’m finding it hard to dig up the motivation to go outside.

  29. Boy 1 is getting ready for work by eating about 2 quarts of homemade chili, heads up if you are shopping in frozen foods today.

    Boy 2 is enjoying his last Saturday off until the holidays by sleeping in still. This is their busy season and the OT pay is nice, but he’s not enthused about working 6 days a week.

    Mrs. Pupster and I are watching OSU-Penn State and being lazy on this rainy day. Chilly 51 degrees.

  30. bought stuff for breffest

    This and your dad’s attitude really make me sad. I would fix breakfast for visiting family or any guest and accommodate dietary needs if not unreasonable.

  31. I went on a bike ride fasted then did my burpees. I hate them. But that was to be expected. Still focusing on good form but doing them at a good pace. The push-up part is the hardest. And those usually aren’t killer for me.

    I need to make my egg casserole for breakfast at lunchtime for the week.


    Any great football games on today?

  32. This and your dad’s attitude really make me sad. I would fix breakfast for visiting family or any guest and accommodate dietary needs if not unreasonable.


    I agree Roamy.

    This is all weird.

    Maybe Alex is making them breakfast as a good guest gesture?

  33. Hey Mare can you post that keto donut recipe again?


  34. Everyone is busy today. Dad and stepmom went to a funeral for a member of their choir. Stepmom bought a pastry ring for breakfast but I’m trying to avoid too many carbs. I bought bacon, eggs, and steak for myself. I’ll probably cook some pulled pork for tacos for dinner later this week as a way of saying thank you.

  35. Pups, she makes you scroll like a mofo but it’s there. Also, I used maple flavoring for the icing and it was great, I’m sure you could use any flavoring for the icing and enjoy.


  36. If you don’t have a donut mold, muffin tins work.

  37. You know what sucks about a lot of keto recipes? Coconut in all the things. I’m allergic to coconut.

    Think I’ll tweak that recipe to make fatass donuts to see how they taste. Use regular flour/sugar and substitute out the butter. Maybe margarine since it tastes closer to butter.

  38. Besnsnsnssn, there have to be a zillion great regular donut recipes.

  39. If you don’t have a donut mold, muffin tins work.

    there have to be a zillion great regular donut recipes

    If you need to know anything about donuts, ask Mare.

  40. Donut Molds make excellent hostess gifts.

    “Here Fatass, you probably already have some of these, (quick glance down) but this one is special”

  41. https://www.scouter.com/topic/31750-bsa-mortgages-philmont-scout-ranch/

    BSA is busy paying for the pervs. Never made it to Philmont, the old man took my older brother and me to an international jamboree in Ireland where I got to meet my cousins for the first time.

  42. I broke down a turkey today and made a big turkey chowdah with the dark meat. Scott smoked the bewbs for sammich slices. The bones are making broth.

    We’re all set for a while. Unless you don’t like turkey in everything. Which is crazy. When it’s $0.39/lb., you like turkey in everything.

  43. Paula was listening to a video earlier and, half listening across the room, I heard the interviewer saying that he was talking to Jason Fung. I was like “Whoa … Fung, I know that name”. She said the video was about intermittent fasting and the light bulb turned on. I told her that various Hostages have talked about Fung’s work and a lot of them do intermittent fasting. When I told her a few do multi-day fasts she said she would end up killing someone (while staring at me) if she did a multi-day. I figure the fasting talk around here will pick up after Turkey Day

  44. I’ll buy our turkey on Black Friday since we’re going to her parents for Thanksgiving. We were going to have one this weekend but I had a chicken in the fridge already and that’s too much poultry for us to process.

  45. Store your donuts in a cool dry place.

    No donut mold.

  46. That’s a rare steam powdered pup.

  47. I went on two different two week treks at Philmont. Both were fantastic experiences. It’s just a hop and a skip from where I grew up (7 hours). I can’t believe that Boy Scouts has gotten so fucked up.

  48. Santa-related update has been added to post.

    BSA is leaving a nice wide gap for something like American Heritage Girls. I suspect the Mormons will have their own before long, they were/are a huge part of modern Scouts.

  49. After much pondering I’ve been able to determine the exact moment young men started down the slippery road to pussification – when the Mr. Rogers Show debuted.

    Boys have been ruined ever since.

    He was a fucking pervert.

  50. And now Hollywood is trying to canonize him.

    Fuck him.

  51. Breaks my heart what the BSA has become. My own experience was wonderful in Scouting. From my mom being a den leader in Cub Scouts and my dad the Scoutmaster in Scouts I have nothing but fond memories.

  52. I have good memories of scouts, ‘til they kicked me out for eating brownies.

  53. That seems a little harsh.

  54. CBS just had to show the halftime protest at Yale.

    That means there will be more of them next week.

    Liberals ruin everything.

  55. Philmont is pretty cool. Part of NM that actually gets weather.

  56. Why are there protests at Yale?

  57. From the other day, when I think mare pasted this comment from Ace…” As I’ve said, I actually think Epstein did kill himself. The idea of corrupt cops working for Hillary Clinton or the Royal Family bumping him off is just too big a thing for me to accept, on an intuitive, gut-guess level.”

    He’s kidding right? Surely he’s not that naive. Has he not been paying attention to the weaponizing of federal agencies, Spygate, Russia-gate, the attempted destruction of Kavanaugh, what f*cking Schitts-for-brains has been doing in these hearings?

  58. Beasn, Yale and Harvard are the proving grounds for douchetastic Soros globalism. Gheyest 🏈 tradition in the CONUS.

  59. Ace is still in denial about the Deep State. At heart, he’s still a Coastie. He’s gradually been dragged into flyover POW country. (People Of WalMart)

  60. A couple hundred students took to the field at the end of halftime to protest.

    Apparently Yale and Harvard aren’t doing enough to stop global warming, They delayed the start of the 3rd quarter by almost an hour.

  61. I suspect the Mormons will have their own before long, they were/are a huge part of modern Scouts.

    The Catholic Church has the Troop of Saint George. Personally, I’d say resurrect the military orders for training young men.

  62. One of their chants was “OK boomers.”

  63. Yes to both CoAl and Leon and the BSA

  64. OK Safe Space Snowflake. I brought you into this world and I’ll take you out (one of dear old Moms fav sayings) So please continue to be condescending and dismissive of your betters…. this ends with you getting spanked again just like in the past….I have no more tolerance for petulant children than my folks did, and they killed their nazi’s and commies. Have a Nice Day.

  65. What a stupid time to be alive.

  66. I guarded the human poop yesterday. Dan has everyone calling me “Jr Brown. Poop patrol” (Most Of my Cows have no idea who Jr Brown is. Never heard Highway Patrol. Too afraid to say “OK, Boomer” to Dan)

  67. This blog needs a tax guy, and a mechanic.

  68. Scott, I don’t want to be doing my job on the poop patrol🎶🎶🎶

  69. and a veterinarian and a dog trainer.

  70. Is Elliot still being a jerk?

  71. YouTube is my mechanic friend.

  72. Google has been my primary physician for at least a decade.

  73. Dr Google saved my life in 2009.

  74. RBG is back in the hospital for chills and a fever.

  75. Dr Mario taught me everything I need to know about medicine.

  76. I wonder if Fr Scalia visits her. I hope she gets Last Rites. Not because I hope she dies, but because she’s on the hook for millions of deaths and her soul is probably at serious risk.

  77. She’s Jewish, isn’t she?

    If she passes before Christmas I want McConnell to announce that any impeachment trial will occur after the Senate votes on her replacement.

  78. She’s as Jewish as George Soros.

  79. Spent the day helping #1 Son work cattle. Really nice day, but lots of work. #1 pup and I are tired.

  80. https://tinyurl.com/ux5s8vg

  81. This is kind of fun, and, yes, Anita feels like a part of her life has been torn off with Johns death,
    One more of our friends has died.
    This happens when we get to an age…


  82. Dr Google saved my life in 2009.

    When u almost died from diverticulitis but figured you were “fine “?

  83. Memorial done. Dinner with Mom and stepdad done. Time for swing dancing and a drink.

  84. Ugh, it’s their annual meeting tonight, so there’s a break in the dancing to talk about ballots.

  85. Discretion enabled Roger’s ploys.

  86. In to work for day shift today, instead of my regular evening shift. This is terrible. I feel like a vampire dragged into the light.

    Except its still dark, and there’s a cold, pissing, miserable rain.


  87. Gray overcast day here too. Rain then snow coming.

    Dump run, then it’s time to get the wood stove going

  88. Looks like we actually have a nice day ahead. High of 45 and sunny.

  89. BSA also has a full program of activities involving heavy activity and children. Trust me, the ambulance chasers are a bigger impact on their insurance costs than the kiddy diddlers.

  90. Leon, did you see that Rev Fulton Sheen will be beatified?
    I thought there was some pushback from some such priests in Chicago. May have that story messed up.

  91. Way too much time on your hands


  92. This is just crazy


  93. As I understand it, most of the kerfluffle over his cause for sainthood was about which diocese would get to claim him.

    Yeah, that’s gonna be a fun one to explain in your particular judgement, guys.

  94. Cardinal Dolan was a jerk about it and wasted a lot of money on lawyers.

  95. Sentence could have stopped at “jerk” and stayed in present tense. His public track record isn’t one that makes me think “prince of the Church”.

  96. Sentence could have stopped at “jerk” and stayed in present tense. His public track record isn’t one that makes me think “prince of the Church”.


    There are so few.

    In my church bulletin, they had quotes about “violence” taken from the Bible or from Biblical scholars. This is from a section in the bulletin from an organization called, something, something organization for nonviolence. I can’t say for sure because I threw it away.

    This was the first quote and when I read it to my husband he said, “that’s it, we’re not writing a check anymore, we’ll give to individuals who we think need it.”

    “When Jesus disarmed Peter, he disarmed us all.”

  97. Whoever wrote that needs to have a long chat with St Augustine of Hippo.

  98. Dancing last night was great. Grabbed a couple drinks after Weird dreams all night.

  99. Good job lefties. You’ve trained a couple of generations of young worthless cunts to hate older people.

  100. Of course we hate older folks. You all smell like Ben-Gay and watch Matlock.

  101. What I find alarming is the people around 40 years old referring to others as “olds”. I saw Gabe doing that on Twitter the other day. I’m like, wtf? Does he think young people see him as one of them?

  102. Love him, but sad to see him buy into that social division.

  103. I’m 37 and it’s weird to think that I’m now part of the old folks crowd. I guess in part because I’m still single and haven’t settled down.

  104. I’ve got bad news Alex, I’m 52 and I think it’s weird that I’m part of the old folks crowd, I guess in part because you need to get off my fucking lawn.

  105. Is it bad I want a lawn just so I can tell those dang kids to get off it?

  106. >>>Ace is still in denial about the Deep State.

    Is Ace on facebook?

  107. Apparently Yale and Harvard aren’t doing enough to stop global warming, They delayed the start of the 3rd quarter by almost an hour……..
    One of their chants was “OK boomers.”

    FFS. Our best and brightest sound worse than preschoolers. Perhaps they should look inward and demand their parents give up all their nice shit and then take on-line courses offered at community colleges close to their new grass hut.

  108. Is it bad I want a lawn just so I can tell those dang kids to get off it?


  109. Rocketboy thanked Mr. RFH and me for a good Catholic education and not having any student loans. His eyes are open. He assured me that his college is probably the least woke of any out there these days.

  110. I wish we would have sent our kids to Catholic school. Husband had one – a Catholic education. I wish I had one. Husband didn’t want to pay double, so the public school we did send them to – daughter got a pretty good education…son was bored silly and slacked off (he made up for it in his chosen degree/classes). Both did well, no loans BUT I don’t think PSR was enough.

  111. Please PLEASE young people tell me if you think using “Ok, Boomer” is clever. Because then I know I can completely ignore you and that you’re an idiot.

  112. I mean, every generations has it’s … downfalls, but perhaps it’s be helpful to list all the accomplishments of the boomer generation.

  113. Good interview with Posie Parker – a ‘feminist’ activist who has been red-pilled by the tranny movement. (she was the one ‘interviewed’ by police for hate speech against a tranny.) At about 55:10 in, one of the hosts asks –

    Host: I have to say, as a man, who has been repeatedly told that as a man I’m not allowed to have certain opinions, I don’t know what I’m talking about simply because I have a penis. I have a little bit of schadenfreude about this. I really do. Because I look at feminists being told to shut because they don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t had a certain life experience and I go, ‘You guys fucking created this and now it’s being used against you.’ Enjoy. Am I right about that? Am I wrong about that?

    Posie: There’s loads of …..(?) who think the same as you. blah blah..*crosstalk*. I totally have sympathy with that. I absolutely do and sometimes..listen I’m not a feminist anymore.

    H: why don’t you believe in women’s equality, Posie?

    P: I know far too many fucking women, that’s why. *laughter* In this movement, it’s ….awful. It’s properly awful. The way women behave in their own movement is shocking. I don’t think men do it. I don’t know what it is. I’ve thought about it often, but in my life, the people who have been the most awful to me are women.


  114. Parker Posie is a One on the binary scale. She was very nice to watch in Blade: Trinity which otherwise sucked hairy donkey ballz.

  115. I still love saying Ok Boomer, to people that are younger than I am.

  116. Posie Parker – Parker Posey, not the same people. Had to look up the second one.
    Not getting the one on the binary scale just like I don’t get any of the made up 56 gender pronoun b.s. the mentally ill want us to regurgitate.

  117. Posie Parker – Parker Posey, not the same people

    Well that’s just effin’ confusing.

  118. Binary scale:

    1 = “hit it”
    0 = “don’t hit it”

  119. Ok. Going to see CHevelle on the 10th. Need a partner in crime. My friend laura (not to be confused with Lauraw) really wanted me to go with her, but she isn’t responded to my texts. She probably busy but STILL

  120. I would go except that my spare funds are depleted for the next few months.

  121. I didn’t want to go see this show, because I didn’t think they were going to be playing a full set (I saw them this summer and it was 8 or so songs). But they responded to my inquiry on facedouche and said they were doing a full set. And it’s a tiny venue. It’s not close, but … whatever.

  122. Rocketboy, FDIL, and Mini-me went to the Five Finger Death Punch/Three Days Grace concert. They said it was good.

  123. FFDP is good live. So is TDG. Not a huge fan of either (I like FFDP better), but both put on a good show.

  124. I was looking forward to Mississippi Pot Roast. Getting Posole. I H8 soup.

  125. I enjoyed FFDP and Nothing More. Good show.

  126. Posole is messican pot roast.

  127. MIL gave Mr. B a bag of walking Liberty half dollars. Some are JFK – a few from ’64.
    Wonder if we should take them to a place that deals in coins or just sell them our own selves…maybe ebay.

  128. *looks around*

    I’ve got a crapton of stuff that needs selling. Just got to make room to set it all up and photograph.

  129. Beasn, we just donated a bunch of toys to Marines. Let them do the eBay to get the money for Toys for Tots. Collectibles without the time factor.

  130. CoAl, it really isn’t. I can’t afford to piss off the cook. Pray for Oso.

  131. Yea, Nothing More is really good. I’ve seen them twice. They just keep touring and touring.

  132. True Story. Cristo Rey was a pilgrimage my Grammo made for years. Cartels made the trek too dangerous. I was today years old when I realized that it shared a Feast Day with Christ the King. I didn’t know white people celebrated Feast Days.

  133. Oh, cornbread. My dad hated grits and cornbread. And Blue Grass Music. He thought Buckeyes were better than ridge runners and Hillbillies. I love corn. Sweet Corn. Cornbread. My hubby is Lace Curtain Irish. Those fuckers are anti corn. I want 🌽

  134. I like me some corn. My lard layer lurves it some corn.

  135. I didn’t know Marines do the ebay for $$ for TFT. Do they really?

  136. Wypipo appropriate feast days as an excuse to day drink without shame.

  137. Beasn, they did when we donated collections as opposed to generic toys. VHS donations as well. Once we donate, they make the decision. 7 yrs of pushing hoarding off on Marines.

  138. CoAl, I didn’t even know Wypipo have feast days

  139. Corn is a food of supernatural evil.

    Think about it. It’s fattening and yet somehow also passes through you undigested.

    I’m dropping pearls here, people. Pick ’em up.

  140. Or Saint Days.

  141. Going to see CHevelle on the 10th. Need a partner in crime.

    Where is the show? Now that Pay is handicapped I think I can take him.

  142. Corn is on the list of NO for Type II. CORNBREAD. Pearls, or kernels?

  143. I was watching a video trialling various recipes for keto cornbread, and the one by ‘fluffy chix cook’ blog won. Apparently they use a sweet corn extract to flavor their corn-free batter and it’s convincing.

  144. Oso, we steal feast days from innocent brown people.

  145. Not St. Patrick’s Day. That’s ourn.

  146. Pretty sure we stole the Cristo Rey from tanned Mediterranean people. Lauraw, Keto cornbread….checking it out.

  147. Beasn, the people that buy and sell will usually offer you half of what they are worth.

    Their melt value right now is about $6.15 each.

  148. Mi familia wasn’t introduced to white People Thanksgiving until my mom married my dad. First white guy. My mom didn’t know fruit salad was made with Mayo. Buckeye grandfather didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Mi familia has fruit salad with Cool Whip. 50 years. They didn’t know my mom effed up a white people tradition.

  149. This was the deeply weird recipe that won the keto cornbread cookoff. None of the almond flour recipes won, but none of them had that extract,either. I think that’s probably the key. Too bad it’s so pricey or I’d give it a try. I went to the Amoretti website and checked out some of their other extracts. They actually have a fresh baked bread flavor. Thinking of getting it and adding it to my keto sandwich bread recipe, hah!


  150. Fruit salad with mayonnaise?!? Are you fucking kidding me?? That’s disgusting! Who does this?

  151. Fruit salad for us was cut up pieces of fruit, maybe some sugar sprinkled on top of the fruit wasn’t sweet.

  152. Apparently it was a white people thing in the 60s that my mom violated.

  153. My grandmother would serve canned pear halves with mayo and grated cheddar cheese on top. I hate canned pears and mayo because of this. First time I had a Harry and David pear, I’m thinking, where have you been all my life?

  154. I make fruit salad with lemonade mix sprinkled into it. Citric acid keeps it from browning and just enough sugar.

  155. My mom would cook down the giblets and the turkey neck from the cavity. Made a traditional stuffing. I married into a dressing family. Civil War.

  156. Roamy, my dad was Mr Pear halves

  157. Citrus juice is great on all kinds of fruit salad. A bowl of sliced strawberries splashed with orange juice? YUMMY.

    My grandmother would serve canned pear halves with mayo and grated cheddar cheese on top.


    This is a sin against the wonder that is the Juicy Winter Pear.

  158. Winter Pears are one of my all time favorite foods. I have had a small pile of them slowly ripening one after another on my kitchen counter for a week. In the morning I sniff each one and choose the most fragrant. They’re getting better every day. So juicy.

    I can hardly wait until my trees start to bear. Should have planted some 20 years ago.

  159. Cubed apples, celery, walnuts and mayo was my mom’s fruit salad. Add little marshmallows and canned mandarin oranges when she felt fancy.

  160. Well, that’s different. The apples, celery, walnuts thing is different. That’s more of a savory salad. Like, you could put all those things on a lettuce salad with greens and a vinegary salad dressing and it would be delightful.

    The marshmallows and canned mandarin sections are satanic, though. I’m sorry your mom worships Satan, man. Bad salad ideas is probably the most benign expression of demonic possession there is, though, if it makes you feel better.

  161. You really have no idea.

    Canned fruit cocktail in little glass dessert dishes. Jello with carrot shavings.

  162. Canned peaches on cottage cheese.

  163. Canned peaches and canned pears are pretty good. Just not with mayo, because that combination opens a Hell portal.

    We’ve been over this.

    I used to make a kickass peach ice cream that used the higher-quality canned peaches (glass jar ones in the produce section) and freshly grated nutmeg simmered in heavy cream. Canned peaches make better ice cream than fresh.

    Should see if I can resurrect that idea.

  164. We’d get the expensive version of fruit cocktail at holidays. The kind that came in a glass jar and didn’t have the sugary syrup on it. And a small scoop of orange sherbet in it. There were special little coupe style glasses to serve it in. The sheer amount of silverware involved with holiday dinners overwhelmed me as a kid.

  165. Canned peaches and cottage cheese was diet food when I was a kid. Cottage cheese is vile.

  166. I marinated steak, which Mr. RFH grilled, and fixed Pioneer Woman crash potatoes and a caprese salad for dinner. It was good having everyone here. Dessert was Aldi’s truffles and Gibson Bakery (the one in the fight with Oberlin) sea salt caramels. Life is good, and I am so lucky. Rocketboy took some of his stuff back to his house, so that is my decluttering for today.

  167. https://tinyurl.com/uvtkgbd

  168. Pepe, I’ve been waiting for social approval of this, forever.

    *laces up gloves*

  169. We eat all the things mentioned here. Guess I’m the most midwest lutheran here.

    I don’t mind mayo fruit salad, just can’t go overboard.

  170. Crash potatoes are the best. love them. And I just did the russetts, someday I’ll get the red potatoes. But I’m cheap.

  171. The kind that came in a glass jar and didn’t have the sugary syrup on it. And a small scoop of orange sherbet in it

    Mmm, that’s tasty.

  172. Still waiting to hear the facts that the right is messing up. Haven’t heard one yet, Juliet.


  173. https://boingboing.net/2019/11/15/freedoms-just-another-word.html

    a new mood among many Chinese businesspeople that they are at the end of the long Chinese boom and that there’s no reason not to burn their bridges with non-Chinese firms, because they’re not going to be doing business with them for much longer no matter what.

  174. 49’ers – Patriots Super Bowl?

  175. Don’t remember Juliet. What’s the over/under on an impeachment vote vs. just a censure vote so they don’t get cross-examined in the Senate.

  176. Dignitaries entered Robertson’s parlor.

  177. From Alex’s article “Our China lawyers have been doing a lot of work in the last six months helping our clients reduce their China footprint and thereby reduce their China risks. No matter what you are doing in or with China, now is a good time to look at how you too can reduce your risks.”

    That seems ominous. Maybe we’ll actually do some more manufacturing domestically rather than just reflexively look for other foreign countries.

  178. 49’ers – Patriots Super Bowl?
    The NFL would love that story line and I think the viewers would too. Finally seeing Brady getting knocked off his throne by the kid who was brought in to be his successor. Not that Jimmy G departed on acrimonious terms … I’m sure he was delighted to finally play and earn a mega contract. The 46’ers offense versus the Patriots defense with Brady desperately looking for someone to throw the ball to for any kind of gain.

    Pats gotta get past the Ravens to get there and the Ravens have been looking unstoppable lately

  179. MMM in about 15-20.

  180. Good morning, Good People!!

  181. My knees are sore- when doing my burpees I’m going into a deep squat. That sounds dirty.

    Burpees suck…and not in a good way.

  182. Also, I’m burning out my arms doing a real, low push up. MAN!!

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