2019 BBF Championship Semi-Final Round 4

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2019 Championship Semi-Final Round 4.




The headers are links to the contestant’s original 2019 post.



Contestant #16  GABBIE CARTER

Your model for today was born on August 8th, 2000 in Austin, Tx.  She stands 5′ 7″,  and measures 32DD-22-32 and 117 lbs.  Please calm down and don’t be creepy with Miss Gabbie Carter.





Contestant # 17  RYU JI HYE 

Your model for today was born in South Korea on October 28th, 1989.  She stands 5′ 7″ and weighs 108 lbs.  Please learn sign-language and welcomMisRyu Ji Hye !





Contestant # 18   KINSEY WOLANSKI

Your model for today was born on August 30th, 1996 in Los Angeles, CA.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 36 – 26 – 36 and 120 lbs.  Please put your best foot forward and welcome Miss Kinsey Wolanski!






Contestant # 19  YANA YATSKOVSKAYA 

Your model for today was born July 22nd, 1991 in Moscow, Russia.  She stands 5‘ 6″ and measures 36 – 20 – 34 and 112 lbs.  Please get cleaned up for Miss Yana Yatskovskaya AKA Яна Яцковская .





Contestant # 20  ASHLYN CORAY 

Your model for today was born April 10th, 1993 in Antioch, California.  She stands 5’9″ and measures 32 – 23 – 36 and 125 lbs.  Please step lively and fetch a water for Miss AshlyCoray.






  1. Yana has a fantastic head of hair, Ashlyn looks classy in a dress, Gabbie looks like the wild girl next door but my vote goes to Kinsey, #EPP.

    (Epic Polish Poon)

  2. The ONT story about the Chicago bar with the wall of Big Mouth Billy Bass singing in unison made me laugh. That was some pretty creative thinking and an example of making money out of nothing but hard work (tracking down the fish, wiring them together, syncing them) and imagination (who woulda thunk of 70 Billy Bob fish singing on a wall?).

  3. The Asian contestants don’t seem to do well in these EOTY countdowns. Maybe next year we could do an All-Asian Round to focus on them side by side (boob by boob?) and really earn the enmity of the Feminazis.

  4. It’s a thought, BBF World Championships. Americas versus Europe, Asia, South Pacific. Kind of like golf’s Ryder Cup.

    Rider Cups.

  5. It would appear we highlight more beauties in BBF than I thought.

    And not a bed duster in the group!

  6. You’re all a bunch of flabby losers!


    HA! Who did this? ^^^

  7. Why was there a poetry reading at dart league?

  8. Ms. Coray can take my poll anytime.

    As for the ladies from the East, frankly there’s something about how most of them so far put themselves forth that just doesn’t register usually. It must be cultural because the ladies of that descent but raised here don’t seem to present the same way.

  9. # 1 too young
    #2 In the running
    #3 Looks like one of the Bush daughters, skinny with tits
    #4 Inflata lips and looks like Russian Mob Boss girlfriend
    #5 Gets the vote but also has a psycho look

    I may be a loser but I am not flabby

    Hit OT yesterday, today is all OT. Some of these slot players put the Zee in Crazy. Ever see a Meth Head on a slot machine? Its like Tourettes at warp speed. It rained yesterday morning starting at 0630. Construction Crews went to work, got all wound up, and then couldn’t work…..getting them off the machines was a trick.

    Hope everyone’s day goes well. Im off to bring happiness and joy to my fellow man.

  10. I’m not approved for OT, only have 4 hours left in my week. Anything after that is going to be off-the-books flex time for next week.

  11. So you actually are emptying the machines, T Roy? For some reason I thought you were just the bag men.

  12. The Machines and access are heavily regulated. We run the reports off the machine, empty the monies, restock the ticket vouchers and perform minor trouble shoot / repairs (until I go through tech training after my license is approved and then Ill be allowed to access the “program”). We also empty and restock the ATM / Voucher redemption machine at each location. We restock approx 50K each location and remove about 20K. Average 10 to 14 stops each day and Mondays are the heaviest with Friday restock being pretty substantial. I like it, it keeps me moving. There is the Security aspect, The Accounting / Reporting aspect, and the Tech aspect. All conducted as fast as possible to minimize exposure and machine downtime / client interruption. A Hit n Run situation. 3 man crew, two work the machines and one over watch rotating through the week.

  13. Interesting clip of Edward Snowden.


  14. 10/10 would smash #1.

  15. I would #hertoo.

  16. Of course, I’d be in the triple digits for her.

  17. The team at F*rd was 1/3 foreigners, give or take. Some were Chinese nationals, but at least one was an actual Taiwanese. Lots of H1B PhDs.

    The number of ESL Orientals in DHS is terrifying.

  18. I voted for Ashlyn because she reminds me of your mom.

  19. Poetry reading was an activity separate from dart league, just happening at the same time.

    Seriously, I should have had SJW bingo cards, it was so cliche.

    I thought up a haiku that would have triggered everyone:

    Donald Trump, MAGA
    Donald Trump, MAGA MAGA
    Donald Trump, MAGA

    I would have brought down the house, literally, especially if I followed Mr 3/5’s of a person.

  20. I will never understand why Japanese bikinis are cut so oddly. It makes a woman’s hips look square.

  21. I’m betting clintbird is behind the tag line. This is his current rant stream on Faceass

  22. I would have brought down the house, literally, especially if I followed Mr 3/5’s of a person.

    I guarantee you that 99.99999% of the people who recite this fraction don’t know that “zero” was a better answer in that context.

  23. I’m actually curious how much that might have changed things. If it’s 1 then the slave states might have dominated electoral math a lot longer and delayed or even abrogated the start of the Civil War, if it’s 0 then it might have been outlawed federally and the slave states secede nearer to the aftermath of 1812, facing a weaker and smaller Union in the event that it does lead to an armed conflict.

  24. Yet one more idiot who doesn’t understand the Constitution, and probably never heard of the Federalist Papers.

  25. I went on a rant the other day because there is some shitty rap song that goes on about 3/5ths and a few other stupid things. You play that crap at crossfit, you’re going to get a lecture from me.

  26. The Abolitionists wanted 0. IIRC the delegation from Maryland was adamant about it (being Catholics, for whom owning a slave was an automatic excommunication and had been for 3 centuries or better).

  27. The Texas Twat looks like she’s too stupid to pour piss out of a boot.

    I prefer Asian women who are skinny. Like Lucy Lou. These lumpy ones……meh.

    The lovely young Polish lass from LA has captured my fancy.

  28. I don’t know what y’all are even talking about but could we please focus on the bewbs?

    Also Leon, are you going to do Secret Santa?

  29. I am, missed the announcement on Monday. I will add it to the end of the Saturday post and a reminder next Monday.

  30. I voted for Ashlyn. Gabby is cute, but I think she’s a porn performer so no.

  31. I voted for Kinsley

  32. Yana’s body looks a little freakish to me.

  33. Gabby is cute, but I think she’s a porn performer so no.

    Uh, yeah. She is, or was, but really that never ends.

  34. Yana’s body looks a little freakish to me.

    Would you like her better with a flannel shirt, loose carpenter pants and work boots?

  35. Kinsey is having colon problems because of the number of times…

    Well, you know.

  36. Yana is too scrawny.

  37. Scott?


  38. ould you like her better with a flannel shirt, loose carpenter pants and work boots?
    I looked for other pictures of her, and some of them look more normal. It’s just her midsection looks elongated or something. Too thin. Maybe someone got a little carried away touching up the pictures.

  39. Or maybe because some of the pictures are from when she was basically underage. Boobs and hips are there, but everything else is waiting to catch up.

  40. Yana has the prettiest head but her body…needs a few sammiches with bacon.

    Kinsey, though blonde, has a rockin’ body. She gets the vote.

  41. >>>Would you like her better with a flannel shirt, loose carpenter pants and work boots?


  42. Forgot the wallet chain.

  43. My sister is so fucking annoying. If she wonders why I don’t call, etc, perhaps she could look inward and think about why she makes everything SO FUCKING HARD when dealing with her about anything.

  44. I heard something interesting on a podcast yesterday:

    The globalists promised prosperity for all and imported hundreds of thousands of Phd candidates from China, India, and Southeast Asia.

    Partly to fill gaps in labor in for colleges, but also to control costs and labor for IT workers. These Phd candidates ended up in coding, not solving huge problems or starting businesses.

    We like to think we import the best minds and the brightest people on H1Bs but it’s really just coders, regardless of credentials.

    It’s all a Krugmanesque scam.

  45. We like to think we import the best minds and the brightest people on H1Bs but it’s really just coders, regardless of credentials.

    And shitty coders, by and large, competing for the closest thing to blue-collar work in the industry. I have had to teach “PhDs” not to use uninitialized pointers.

  46. Interesting clip of Edward Snowden.
    I listened for about 10 minutes and started falling asleep. Interesting topic but he wasn’t exactly a dynamic speaker about it. I read a book this summer about a serial killer and he mostly evaded detection even in the mass surveillance era. There were a few digital trails that did him in but it was surprising how long he got away with it.

    Here’s a long (or the NY Post anyway) article about the book


    *starts buying burner phones with cash*

  47. or = for

  48. https://tinyurl.com/tolrpl3

  49. It’s not just shitty coding. They import programmers and engineers who steal technology.

  50. Also, they imported those PhDs by making up unrealistic requirements for the jobs, paying off politicos and regulators, and then declaring that they couldn’t find any willing American workers.

  51. I’m stuck flying all day to Portland. Currently in Chicago awaiting my next flight. Also basically fasting the whole day since there’s nothing to eat that isn’t a pile of carbs.

  52. Oregon or Maine?

    Nevermind, it sucks either way, but Maine has fewer antifa.

  53. Oregon. Grandma’s memorial and then staying for Thanksgiving. Gonna visit Powell’s and go dancing, and try to avoid the antifa scum.

  54. Kick an antifa in the poon and tell him it’s from Hotspur and Mare.

  55. You should be able to smell them before you see them.

  56. Safe travels Alex. I’ve been told vodka is carb free in airports but $16 a shot.

  57. Comment by Hotspur on November 22, 2019 1:05 pm
    Kick an antifa in the poon and tell him it’s from Hotspur and Mare.


    Oh my gosh. As I was reading the “kick an Antifa in the poon” I was thinking I want to say the same thing and then you added my name.

    HHHAHAHAHAHAH, Mare loves Hotspur.

  58. Highlight from today. Someone took a shit on the floor. I had to “Guard” the spill. I put down safety cones and I steered Members away from the shit that had been walked through and buggied through before it was brought to our attention. Only one person thanked me for steering them away from a huge shit on the floor. One bitch was extremely put out that she had to put her fat ass in reverse. In my mind: By all means, walk through human shit and get shit on your shopping carts wheels so you can track shit through the club and maybe into your car, Cunt. What I said, “Please turn around. You don’t want to get poop on your shoes”

  59. I warn associates that this is shitting on floor season. I don’t profile old ladies off the Rez that squat and shit.

  60. Oh, there’s a thing on TikTok where you drop a deuce in public and film the results. Mostly malls and airports. Most of the vids I’ve seen have been Denver.

  61. Comment by osoloco11 on November 22, 2019 4:49 pm
    I warn associates that this is shitting on floor season. I don’t profile old ladies off the Rez that squat and shit.

    Comment by osoloco11 on November 22, 2019 5:03 pm
    Oh, there’s a thing on TikTok where you drop a deuce in public and film the results. Mostly malls and airports. Most of the vids I’ve seen have been Denver.

    Does that really happen? My God, people are gross.

  62. Fake News.

    We all pooped on Car in’s deck.

  63. Mare, stay alert. Be aware. We have Mexican Nationals with green cards at work. They use associate restrooms. Throw TP in trash not toilet. Nasty TP. Our maintenance crew is gross and lazy. I would rather use nasty public bathroom over associate bathroom.

  64. Poop deck.

  65. Mare, people are disgusting.

  66. Wow, Alex fantastic find.

  67. Oso, I don’t know how you do it. But I have to say, my Sam’s club is really clean and the bathrooms are nicer than Costco. Very clean.

  68. We have Mexican Nationals with green cards at work. They use associate restrooms. Throw TP in trash not toilet. Nasty TP.

    When my daughter was in Costa Rica, they were told not to flush anything other than what came out of their body because their system couldn’t handle it.
    Third world shithole problems being brought here. Perhaps Sams should instruct these Mexicans on how things work because it’s a public health issue – not a racist one.

  69. Mare, your Sam’s doesn’t have Mexican Nationals or Rez Indians.

  70. Beasn, welcome to border town America. NM is border. Sanctuary BS at work. Perfect Storm is low flush toilets and No flush toilets from 3rd world.

  71. Then Sams needs to inform everyone who comes in the door to not shit on the floor and to flush their f*cking dirty toilet paper. Hepatitis motherfuckers, do you want it? Sams, motherfucker, do you want a lawsuit?

  72. The worst I get is when a smelly diaper gets tossed in the exam room waste basket and the mom doesn’t tell the MA’s. After seeing the next patient we call a Code Brown and the trash is emptied and shitrus air freshener is sprayed to mask it.

  73. Maybe you and some of your coworkers should bombard corporate with that suggestion. Act like disgusted customers. Burner phone or use a library computer.

  74. My Sam’s is 2 hours from a border with New Brunswick. Thankfully most Canadians haven’t picked up the custom of floor shits but it’s only a matter of time.

  75. I was off for two days. Came back to work with 3 dirty diapers in books

  76. Beasn, Sam’s is better than Target or WalMart. Benefits of Membership

  77. SIL is back on the phone. Now, she’s looking for paperwork that Dan has had on hold for three years. I’m done. Getting tired of her lazy ass shit. Getting tired of Dan being nice to his lazy sister after 5 years of her lazy ass bitch persona.

  78. Dirty diapers in “Books” or in books?

  79. They deter bible thieves.

  80. Dirty diapers left in my book dept.

  81. I was going to say that maybe they were just skid-marking their place.

  82. One Flew Over the Ca-Ca Nest

    Gone with the Wipes

    Tinkle Tailor Soldier Spy

  83. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Somebody Took a Dump In

  84. Poop and Prejudice

    Little Women’s Room

  85. The Great Shatsby

  86. To Kill a Mockingturd

  87. The Shitter in the Rye

  88. The Dingleberries of Wrath

    The Old Man and the Toilet Seat

  89. Moby Dump

  90. Don Chipotle

  91. What Happened?

  92. For Whom the Taco Bell Tolls

  93. Crappleberry Finn.

  94. A Tale of Two Shitties

  95. Sharterhouse Five.

  96. https://tinyurl.com/wg2exac

  97. I just found about 10 lbs of persimmons on the porch.

    Thanks, Pupster.

  98. They are much bigger than the ones we got at the grocery store.

    I would say they have a street value of $2.50 each.

  99. We’ll repay you with Yard Goats swag, local maple syrup, or Tool tickets.

  100. Glad they made it. You are welcome.

    Little Outhouse on the Prairie

  101. Anne of Green Splatters

  102. Today was complicated. This morning at 0551 there was a huge impact. I felt it in my diaphragm, as if a transformer exploded. Then the sirens came, as a firetruck and medic unit rolled past.
    Turns out it was a car crash, three blocks south.
    It was a T-Bone between a box-truck and a car with an *intense* impact. They blocked the road for several hours to try to figure what happened.
    There was a man killed on impact. He was a friend of Anita from church who gave his whole life to GOD and his family. He left his wife, who suffers from MS, and six children. This is so tragic that I can’t really get my head around it.
    We are diminished.
    If you are one for prayer, say one for Johns family…

  103. Sorry, ChrisP…….

  104. So I’m staying with Dad and stepmom and I accidentally overheard them talking when I arrived (they we’re upstairs with the music blaring) and I think that they aren’t happy to have me here. I sounded like they thought I was going to spend the whole time over with my mom’s side of the family, and that we’d be dissing my sister (who cut off contact with that side of the family years ago).

    One week, and then I don’t have to come back for another five years…

  105. Sounds fucked up, Colex. Are you sure? And I don’t understand who is the ‘we’ involved in dissing your sister, or what side of the family was cut off.

  106. Crispy, that’s horrible. So sad. Is Anita ok?

  107. District elections require participation!

  108. Chrispy, how horrible. Of course, prayers are up for John and his family and I think Anita and you could use a little help with this too.
    Probably the whole community.

  109. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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