Countdown To Beard Gone


Yes, it’s that time of year again. I’ve done NSN for the past few years and done my part to raise awareness for “Men’s Health” … whatever that means. No, seriously, WTF does that actually mean? I think it’s just the combination of colder weather, hunting season and general fatigue with shaving that led to this concept. My wife sure as hell doesn’t like it. I’ll spare you her comments but she does make me laugh so that’s something.

Not my house


Not sure who came up with this one



I’m so old I remember when it was called Movember


Less than 2 weeks left


Have a great Thursday. Countdown to the weekend!





  1. FIRST!

  2. Heh … impeachment farce will negate any debate news today other than a few pre-planned “zingers” the candidates rattled off that the nets will feel obliged to run until another bombshell from Schiff

  3. Smoooooooth.

  4. Anyone watch the debate?

    I’m sure serious discussions of practical answers to National problems ensued.

  5. It was on too late for me.

    Plus Buttigieg has it sewn up so nothing really matters. It’s gonna be hilarious when Tank Abrams is the VP nominee.

    She’s like 3x his size. This little gay dude and a huge black woman is the dream ticket for the blame America crowd. No matter what they win.

  6. looking forward to another year of being called a racist dark after, while increasing my tax load

  7. California must be proud

  8. At least the stage management for impeachment is getting better.

    They fake a bombshell, take a break, all of the news stations run it so now it’s totally true in their eyes, then the demotards come back and remember that, oh yeah, that isn’t really the whole truth but by then it’s too late.

    Good job Adam Schiff! You’re learning!

    If he was smart he’s invite all of the women that Trump fake groped or fake raped to the hearing.

    I’m not saying it would work, but it would be funny.

    My final verdict on all of this bullshit is that you can’t out Trump Trump. And for some reason the demotards have decided to play his game.

  9. My final verdict on all of this bullshit is that you can’t out Trump Trump. And for some reason the demotards have decided to play his game.

    It’s easier than their actual jobs, like writing a budget based on rigorously-negotiated details and without assistance from an army of lobbyists and aides.

  10. It’s easier than their actual jobs, like writing a budget based on rigorously-negotiated details and without assistance from an army of lobbyists and aides.


    Mare loves Leon.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. The whole thing is a also smokescreen meant to block the replacement of the demon hag when she finally goes home to her chosen lord and master.

  13. From Oso last night:

    We’re closing our San Juan plant to focus on renewable energy and fuck New Mexicans with higher electric bills. Millions in retraining energy workers.

    Can we have Lee and Eddy counties before y’all do that? We’d trade you El Paso.

  14. They’ll put in a bunch of solar plants with Chinese-made panels whose manufacture poisoned land you’ll never see but where children can no longer play, add some bird-killing giant fans for extra showiness, then replace the real baseload power with natgas plants.

  15. Who gives a shit if children can ever play? That argument is highly overrated.

  16. Have you been grossed out yet today?

  17. Who gives a shit if children can ever play? That argument is highly overrated.

    Well, I think it’s abundantly clear that almost no one on Earth actually cares about Chinese or Bolivian children. Definitely not American leftists.

  18. My sister is kind of stupid. So is my mom. But in their defense, they’re HUGE team players for the dems.

  19. So they’re fat?

  20. Well, they’re not physically in great shape either.

  21. Gluhmnermen.

  22. Man, the way shit is the reign of Cavil I, High Warlord of the Americas, Emperor of the West, and Protector of Japan would be kinda split personality, where the responsible and sane live free while the rest are ruled with an iron fist. Naturally it would end badly, but hey, it would be lit AF until then.

  23. We’d do a lot of good by walling in the cities and charging for day passes to the real world.

    No overnights. You’re an outlaw if you stay out past sunset.

  24. Eh. I like the cities. There folks living in cities are often being manipulated by their leaders. We should wall them in.

  25. the

  26. All the young people around me are obsessed with the lash extension thing. I think they look … ridiculous.

    And I’m pretty sure it’s one of those things that only other girls (not women) like. Girls as in – I’m ok with putting something completely fake on my face, and pretending it someone how makes me better .

    I bet if I did a VENN diagram of girls who get lash extensions and those who pretty much always post pictures of themselves with a filter – you’d just have a regular ole circle.

  27. I agree on the lash extensions. Now, if you add a little body to the lashes, that’s fine. But adding length?

  28. Body is added with just mascara. Not $100 plus every few weeks. Shit GLUED onto your eyelid. WHich then pulls out your actual eyelashes. It’s all just gross.

  29. I used to deliver the Tribune. It was, at the time, a good paper.

    That article is nice to see.

  30. Also, there was 0 mention of the Dem debate on the news this morning. 3 mentions of the name Sondland.

    Debate must have been boring.

  31. I always look silly with mascara. It runs when I cry.

  32. The prices range from $100 (if you get a deal)- $300 and you need to get them redone/fixed every 3 weeks. Or you look stupid. And it’s 2 hours of your time each time.

  33. But government should pay for birth control pills and tampons.

  34. Downpour rainfail here. This’d be a foot or more of snow.

  35. Skinny ass bitches flexing their tiny muscles triggers me. One day I may lose it and comment on their dumb pictures.

  36. IDF girls >> InstaTHOTs

  37. Gah. I really think the left is completely ignorant of the hell they will unleash if they remove Trump. They are acting as if … it’s the only logical thing for a sane society to do.

  38. What i’m going to say on those pictures is … wow, you’re really skinny. lol

    When they’re trying to “flex”, they should know I’m not complimenting them.

    I should just say something really bitchy like “Wow, impressive … what’s your deadlift?”

  39. I mean, it’s not that they’re not attractive. They are. They are pretty, but skinny. You can’t really have it both ways. They are heralding some arm definition, when in reality definition on a skinny arm is pretty easy to do and not really indicative of some tough workout regime. But they want to put themselves forth as some sort of workout “influencer”. Complete with the “GET IT GIRL” kind of bs.

    You’re skinny. But those muscles you’re showing off aren’t impressive.

  40. Real women get their husbands to pick heavy shit up for them.

    *dodge, dip, dive, duck*

  41. Rained for a while here, then turned to snow. We really need the moisture. Gonna be a muddy mess for a while, though.

  42. Heavy stuff
    jar lids
    out with the trash
    lawn care


    Division of labor, don’t mess with it.

  43. dead mice

  44. carving the turkey

  45. Killing varmints.


  47. I’m glad Scott took over most of the killin’ around here too, yeah.

    Scott had a weird one last week. In a vole trap he found just a head. The trap was on a vole tunnel, under a large flowerpot, so it’s not like a cat got it.

  48. Division of labor, don’t mess with it.


    Add hair out of the drain too. If I have to clean the bathroom even when my shoulder was not movey and quite painful, you have to pull the snotty glob out of the drain. (his defense…he’s not bendy)

  49. I help set the traps. Husband has to discard the carcasses. Mostly.

    If husband has to go fishing, he has to gut and clean. I help eat them. It’s only right.

  50. Pat can’t lift heavy things right now, so it’s a good thing I can fill in.

    He did take care of some dead mice for me last night. There was a scream (on my part) upon the discovery, which Pat correctly identified as a “you just saw a mouse” scream.

  51. LOL, that reminds me car in, this past summer husband was up here working and heard his mom screeching. He goes down there and she has a lizard cornered in her kitchen, with her broom, yelling at it.

    MIL: It scared the shit out of me!

    She HATES snakes/lizards.

  52. I usually just do one scream. That’s enough. it’s just the initial horror.

  53. I’d be supportive of government paying for tummy tucks and boob jobs. For chicks.

    I can’t believe we have to specify now.

  54. Dudes can get tummy tucks and boob jobs.

  55. Male Breast Reduction Surgery. Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is the surgical correction of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men.

  56. here’s a picture.

  57. I’m going to go vomit up my lunch now. SOme of those pictures … are … yuck.

  58. We are equal opportunity vermin killers. I hate all rodents. Fortunately we have a bunch (7) of barn cats, so we haven’t had any mice in the house. They keep the area around the house pretty clear. They won’t mess with squirrels, though. Our squirrels are tough, even the dog is leery of them.

    I don’t kill spiders unless they build a web in the way, or get in our bed. If they want to hang around its fine by me. No centipedes or other bugs, though.

  59. Heh. Labor manifesto – 12 point plan – this is my favorite:

    7. Nationalise key industries

    The party will nationalise the so-called big six energy firms, National Grid, the water industry, Royal Mail, railways and the broadband arm of BT.

    Labour’s manifesto is one of the most radical proposed overhauls of the way companies are owned and run in decades. It would mark the biggest ownership takeover by the state since the nationalisations that occurred after the outbreak of World War Two.

    Those companies that Labour does not want to own and operate themselves will also face a huge change in the way they are supervised by government. The current inhabitants of company boardrooms are very aware life would be very different under a Labour government.

    This policy would apply to the whole of the UK.

  60. Meanwhile here at home:

    No one in the wealthiest county in the world should be forced to sleep on the streets.

    Today I am introducing the Homes for All Act, a bold 21st century vision to build 12 million new public & affordable housing units and guarantee housing as a human right. #HomesforAll- ilhan Omar

  61. Just as a coinkydink, I went out to the garden today to grab a chicory from under the row covers. The one I grabbed was leaning, and the heart had been eaten out of it, with tunnels to and from the base of the plant. I pulled the row covers off the garden, saw it was all tunnels under there. Harvested the rest of the sugarloaf chicory (several had been similarly defiled) and the escarole, which got chewed too.

    I tasted some of the chicory. No bitterness. As clean and sweet as can be. The little bastards got the best of this harvest ahead of me.

    While I was cutting an escarole off at the feet, I heard a rustle and saw the little vole fucker slip from the path to a hole in the dirt under another escarole leaf.

    I met Scott in the driveway as soon as he pulled up. He set up the traps in the new tunnels. Mufakus.

    *shakes fist*

    I hate rodents with a burning hatey-hate. They ruin and enfilthen. Their only redeeming graces are 1) in being an abundant source of food for better animals and 2) the peace I feel when another one bites the dust.

  62. I like lizards. So long as they don’t get in. Then I’m not well pleased.

  63. I’m a fun wrecker. Moose’s collar batteries were out and the two had started wandering a bit. Mostly behind the house – investigating who know what. But they always came back when I called.

    This morning, I saw they’d found a way to break into the neighbor’s yard – to play with their dogs. OSchi used to go over there all the time. But Moose is too big, and the guy is sorta frail and I’d hate for him to be too rambunctious with them.

    So, new batteries, and fixed the fence.

    Moose is sort of depressed.

  64. If protestors blocked me from going where I wanted … someone is getting hurt. This isn’t bravado. that kind of shit lights me up.

  65. Looks like a target-rich environment.

  66. What pictures of skinny girls flexing is everyone talking about?

  67. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few…

  68. these are women I know, and their social media bs.

  69. The two worst offenders are good friends.

  70. Oh man. That would be awesome.

    I’d fake left, then go right and watch the whole chain of know nothings fall down.

  71. I’m easily irritated, though, so it could be me.

    Everyone around me is sharing this “missing person” thing for a 22 y/o from the area who went missing. The post has this:

    People are asking for info on Melissa. She is from Columbiaville, Lapeer area in Michigan. She was last seen In Ohio where she was staying for a bit. She has ties to Detroit Michigan and surrounding states. She disappeared without a trace with no contact or social media activity. This is not her normal behavior.

    Alright Damn it. I need everyone that sees this on my feed to share. Someone knows something. I hope none of your children or family comes up missing. If they did I would do whatever I could to help. Even if it is just clicking the Share button. It makes me sick the lack of response on my page. 🤦‍♀️ smh

    Thank you to all of you that have been sharing right along. She is family. We want her back home in Michigan.

    She leaves out a few details. She was actually arrested the day before she went missing, and one of the charges was smuggling something into a jail and theft. The something is either (most likely ) drugs, money, cell phone, or a weapon.

    Someone knows something … I’m sure. Very likely the woman who is hanging around with criminals and sneaking them drugs. Most likely she’s just lying low so she doesn’t go to jail.

    But let’s pretend she’s just some innocent gal gone missing.

    (see? I’m easily irritated)

  72. I’d go for one of the chicks wearing a kerchief on their face.

  73. Feint a mask-grab, then a quick shot to the gut or a stomp on the forward knee.

  74. Ace says:

    ” As I’ve said, I actually think Epstein did kill himself. The idea of corrupt cops working for Hillary Clinton or the Royal Family bumping him off is just too big a thing for me to accept, on an intuitive, gut-guess level.”

    I’m surprised Ace doesn’t have the imagination to know that’s not how it works. It’s not “someone working for someone” it’s someone through someone, who has a family member threatened or a ghost account getting $9,999 deposited every month for 5 months. All you have to do is look the other way, go on break, fall asleep or sever that security feed. And prison guards are not your top of the line anything.

    I’m sure he has read about prisoners getting a shiv and NO ONE knows who did it. But said prisoner had enemies outside of prison.

  75. Also, even in our shit prisons, you mean to tell me the most high profile prisoner there and no one checks to see if either of TWO cameras work?

    And he was on suicide watch. Huh?

  76. Pretty sure getting the average person in federal lockup killed is relatively inexpensive by assassination price standards.

    Epstein was probably a high-markup item, but still available for sale. The question is whether the people who made the sale will be left alive to spend the money. Loose ends and all that.

  77. When dealing with Antifa and the like, you must strike in a quick and stealthy fashion. Fast and using your body as a shield so that few if any cameras could catch it. Also, it needs to be a move to make them double over, that makes it harder for them to identify you. Elbow to solar Plexus for example…as you’re bending over to pick up your purse, umbrella, whatever. Plausable deniability.

  78. I may have said too much.

  79. “Comment by Car in on November 21, 2019 2:43 pm
    I’d go for one of the chicks wearing a kerchief on their face.”

    When you say “go for…” 😉

  80. a bold 21st century vision to build 12 million new public & affordable housing units and guarantee housing as a human right. #HomesforAll- ilhan Omar

    Stupid bitch needs to read up on ‘public housing’.

    “Pruitt–Igoe, were joint urban housing projects first occupied in 1954[2] in the US city of St. Louis, Missouri. Living conditions in Pruitt–Igoe began to decline soon after completion in 1956.[3] By the late 1960s, the complex had become internationally infamous for its poverty, crime, and racial segregation. All 33 buildings were demolished with explosives in the mid-1970s,[4] and the project has become an icon of failure of urban renewal and of public-policy planning.”–Igoe

  81. Pendejo, we don’t want El Paso. We already have Espanola and Las Cruces.

  82. El Chapo is in the same prison as Epstein was…

  83. Feint a mask-grab, then a quick shot to the gut or a stomp on the forward knee.

    Bear spray the fuck out of the entire line.

  84. Take Car in with you and have her caber toss the fucks out of the way.

  85. Take leon with you and have him bring his flamethrower.

  86. scott and laura can put a scoop on the front of their Banglar Party Van to clear the way.

  87. Now THAT’S a viral video.

  88. MJ can whip out his gentleman’s sausage. The feminist cranks will run and the flouncy bois will line up for a date.

    While that is happening, CoAlex and I can tango in and start kicking them in the ass.

  89. Pupster’s persimmons will come in handy.

  90. *laughs as I picture Phat buzzing the crowd so low you can see mare in the co-pilot’s seat with her smiling face shouting COCK*

  91. So I get “misdirecting emergency and law enforcement personnel” duty, eh?

  92. Somber BroCavil is hard to recognize behind a big ol’ grin and an ARMA-100.

  93. Brain is short circuiting due to I need a snack. Brb…

    please add to our merry band of misfit wishful thinking…

  94. I’ll bring the succinylcholine blowgun darts

  95. We were out checking the traps and there was movement in the leaves. I killed a vole out there by stompinating it and then hitting it with a brick. That one was visible. I might have killed another one too but I didn’t bother turning the place upside down to find it. I just walked over two beds, crushing tunnels.

  96. K…apple and a T of peanut butter for the win!!

  97. Oooo, most excellent, Jimbro!!

    lauraw, that is how my FIL used to deal with critters. He’d stomp them or was known to get his little hatchet out when he found a nest of baby varmints….i.e. possums. Brrrr..

  98. I would never kill opossums.

    These stupid voles are pretty plump. Full of my good produce I reckon. There’s a black-and-white cat stalking the compost pile and the garden perimeter. The police, lol.

  99. I only kill them when they go into my barn. I’m happy to have them on the property eating ticks and whatnot, but not the barn.

  100. Possums eat ticks. Lots of them. They can stay.

    Kind of like bats, which devour mosquitoes by the bushel.

  101. IMO, voles are more destructive than rabbits. I’m all about finding a balance in living in harmony with nature. I’m all about respect. But come in and destroy my entire 12′ x 4′ garden down to nubs when you have the whole selection of roughs around a golf course and some woodsy vastness, it’s on, you furry little f*cks.

  102. Re: hacking possums

    My in-laws want no critters in their space. And FIL grew up on a farm/was a laborer all his life. What really drove them – or more specifically, my MIL nuts, is when kids entered their yard space. Ooooo, you want to see MIL’s head spin, have a kid kick a ball in our yard. She gives me morning reports on what cat walked across her patio. LOL

  103. ” I just walked over two beds, crushing tunnels.”

    Did you do your Godzilla impression?

  104. Oooooooooohhhh Nooooo, there goes Vole-key-oh…

  105. I am always doing a Godzilla ‘impression.’ It’s my only look.

    *adjusts green tarp across enormous scaly hunchback*


  106. Voles, though, can fuck off.

  107. beasn, I was really alarmed to see the voles darting into the strawberry bed. When the strawbs were outside of the garden, the bunnies killed most of them one Winter by chewing down the crowns. I went ahead and walked all across that bed, too. It was very soft, must have also been totally criscrossed with tunnels.

    I keep thinking I’m going to have a good Winter produce garden someday, but I don’t think it’s actually possible here. The pest pressure is just too much. While I was out there I was able to kick over more plants that had been hollowed out at the ground line.

  108. Have you thought about digging an 8 trench around the garden, laying in pavers sideways, leaving about 2 inches above ground, chicken-wiring on top of that? Not sure how deep voles tunnel but it would definitely stop the runny babbits.

    *that’s what I’m thinking of doing

  109. Chicken wire and paver around your entire yard. I know scott can do it!!

  110. How is the coup going? I haven’t seen or heard much today.

  111. Voles don’t tunnel into the garden, they walk in. Nothing makes tunnels in the hard rocky clay of our lawn. The voles walk into the gardens, then make tunnels when they encounter the soft mulched earth there.

  112. …and my garden is like, 30′ x 40′ now. Maybe a little bigger. That’s too many bricks, even if voles needed to dig their way in, which they don’t. They run across the ground no problem. I saw them do just that, several times today. Don’t waste your money on bricks, beasn.

  113. You need to build a big, beautiful wall and make the voles pay for it

  114. I have had a training class all this week, and one of my co-workers was kind enough to text me dirty jokes when I was ready to fall asleep.

    Why doesn’t Ilhan Omar do reverse cowgirl?
    Because you don’t turn your back on family.

  115. If Stefanik were as critical of Trump as she is effective in support of him you know the MSM would be fawning over her

  116. I have one more day of this crap, then I’m done for another two years. Assuming I pass the test, and I’m not worried about that.

  117. Jimbro?

  118. The voles walk into the gardens, then make tunnels when they encounter the soft mulched earth there.

    Maybe you could put more rocky clay in your garden!

  119. CT is weak. If it was NM, Voles would be a protected species and you’d be required by law to allow them to take over your property. (Kept giving myself the Rocky Top earworm. Voles not Vols)

  120. at dart league, poetry reading. we’ve heard how great millenials are and race. 3/5 s brought up, n word. like a checklist

  121. toxic masculinity now


  123. Sorry about that crap ruining dart night. I could hear SIL talking to Dan. She’s worried my opinion of her will change due to her suing my cousin. Dan “No opinions are changing over this” (Dan knows I wrote her off when Dan was doing all the heavy work for his parents)

  124. I just had to explain “Ok, Boomer” to Dan.

  125. it’s funny at this point. I should have bingo cards

  126. I was in dart leagues for 10 years and never heard poetry.

    Ames must be weird.

  127. it’s a college town so of course it’s weird

  128. Dominic earned raises, periodically.

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