MMM 385: Ba’albek

Etymologically, there’s reason to believe that the city in modern Lebanon (famous for these ruins, and known as Heliopolis to the Greeks and Romans who once built and lived here) is named for the Ba’al of the Old Testament, the competing but false god prayed to by many neighbors of the Israelites.  The largest stones in the images below are the massive mastabas upon which the Greeks built their temples to Jupiter and Bacchus, which archaeologists tell us were added much later, though how much later is still up for dispute (dating stonework is harder than, say, skeletal remains).   Due to their strategic location in Lebanon, these same temples were used as garrisons and forts during various conflicts, including the Crusades, and there is evidence of “recent” (AD ~1200, iirc) repair to some wall segments by the Moslem forces who used them militarily.

This is known as “The Stone of the Pregnant Woman”.  It weighs 1820 tons.  No crane, no machines, no diesel fuel, quarried from bedrock and moved at least half a mile (though downhill) to where it now sits, half-sunk in the soil.

Wall segment with some remnant of the Roman columns.

“Little” rocks under big ones, precise fits to stones weighing several hundred tons apiece, put into place before the Book of Isaiah was written.

Excavated stone with modern graffiti.

Nearby towns have quarried the walls and temples over the centuries, and earthquakes have cracked many of the stones.

Look at how perfect the cuts are here.  These are solid rock, not concrete.  My eye looks at them and sees concrete and isn’t impressed, but that’s a jaundiced eyes used to modern architecture.  This was carving, not pouring.

More big rocks.

Same wall as above with people for scale.  This is a remnant of the Temple of Jupiter.

The Temple of Bacchus has weathered the centuries far better than that of Jupiter.  The modern city of Ba’albek can be seen in the background.

Happy Monday.


  1. Amazing. Interesting. That third picture gives some incredible perspective of size.

  2. This an excellent poat. I’d like to think I’d get a chance to visit this sight at some point , but alas, I’m pretty big on not getting blown up or beheaded.

  3. It really took some ba’als for my ancestors to build that

  4. *snicker*

  5. Surprisingly, this isn’t from the Babylon Bee.

    Kanye West tells televangelist Joel Osteen ‘the devil has been distracting me for a long time’ and calls himself ‘the greatest artist God has ever created’ at his Sunday Service in Houston – with a beaming Kim supporting in the front row

  6. Reminds me of Beit She’an in Israel.

  7. Kanyne West and Kim Kardashian might end up actually doing some good for the world.

    I can’t believe I’m writing this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.

  8. We started watching ‘Some Like it Hot’ last night. Part of our attempt to watch good, free, old movies.

    Marilyn Monroe is way bigger than I thought. Gurl is thic. And the movie is really funny!

  9. We now have three polls where Buttsauce is leading. It’s happening people.

    Gay > old rich white ladies, old rich white men, closeted black men, various brown people, a televangelist, and that little girl that was me.

  10. Wakey wakey

    Buttplug doesn’t have a chance. I don’t care what the polls say. But hey – look, it’d love him to be the nominee.

  11. I wouldn’t. He doesn’t have enough well-known negatives and he’s friends with Zuckerberg. Online sentiment poisoning plus the massive fraud they’ll be pulling is bad news. I want Warren or Bieden.

  12. You watching on TCM MJ? I like to check them out once in a while and will watch anything I’ve heard of or sounds interesting from the blurb on the guide.

  13. He is such an empty suit. It would be marvelous.

  14. There is that, but we suffered under President Empty Pants Crease for 8 years, and the rotten bitches he put on SCOTUS are still there dispensing “wisdom”.

  15. Now that Deval Patrick is in the race, does anything change? 0bama 2.0 rather than Warren’s feather-headed Hillary caricature?

  16. He has a chance!

  17. Little known fact…Obama actually borrowed Deval Patrick’s campaign themes, branding, and slogans.

    He was Obama 1.0

  18. I remember that now that you say it. He’s said he won’t swear off Super PAC money, and he’s got Bain Capital cash. I think that lets him squash Warren.

  19. I think he’s got nothing. Obama was Obama because he was Obama.

    Deval Patrick is Deval Patrick. Not gonna do it.

  20. 0 was a media creation, they could make him again out of Patrick running the same playbook.

  21. I think the dem superdelegates look at the electoral math and how Trump is polling among blacks and try to hire an overseer to get them back on the plantation. Biden’s got brain bleeds and baggage, Warren is an unlikable shrew with empty pockets, and Buttplug is repulsive to black voters. Bloomberg is a non-starter even with the money and the NYC cred.

    That leaves Patrick.

  22. That third picture gives some incredible perspective of size.

    I think Mare was reading the wrong blog.

  23. Kanyne West and Kim Kardashian might end up actually doing some good for the world.

    I can’t believe I’m writing this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.

    I still think we’re in the timeline where eventually Kim Kardashian argues a case before a SCOTUS that includes Associate Justice Tiffany Trump.

  24. Oh no, Bain capital!

    Wait, now it’s used by a Democrat, so that will be ignored. Although it was used by a Democrat in the first place, but Romney identified as a Republican at that time.

  25. I guess the church really likes weed now. Kanye FTW!

  26. how Trump is polling among blacks and try to hire an overseer to get them back on the plantation.

    Did you see where BootyJudge posted a poll about his support amongst blacks and others, when the report was about nothing of the sort? I’m sure it was posted here.

  27. 0 was a media creation, they could make him again out of Patrick running the same playbook.
    No way. Patrick is short, kinda squat, and doesn’t come across as aloof or ‘cool’ as the Dems would see it.

    He’s actually Obama whereas, Obama was a media creation as you stated.

    Grew up in Chicago, went to Harvard, civil rights lawyer, governor.

  28. Yeah, “all these black people support me!” included both non-supporters and non-blacks. Possibly even some non-black non-supporters.

  29. It’s going to be Hillary.

  30. She’ll have to move quickly (ha!) or she won’t have ballot access in some states.

  31. She’s going to need a Pentagon Issued Exoskeleton™.

    Seriously, the greatest hits from her campaign include:

    1. Wearing a blue bathrobe of some kind, clearly under the influence of medication and calling half the country irredeemable deplorables.

    2. Passing out on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and getting chucked into her security van. And rather than just saying she’s sick, she staged a random ‘hug’ with a 5 year old.

    3. 50 points ahead! Hic.

    4. The fake look of surprise and wonder as balloons dropped at the convention.

    5. Meticulously planning her spontaneous tour of Iowa to reintroduce her to the public.

  32. What a I missing?

  33. 2. Passing out on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and getting chucked into her security van. And rather than just saying she’s sick, she staged a random ‘hug’ with a 5 year old.

    A 5yo and Hillary’s body double, you mean.

  34. Seriously, she looked about 50# lighter in that shot.

  35. It won’t be Patrick. The far-left would see him as an attempt to stop their rise.

  36. Plausible. Maybe the superdelegates will calculate that their best bet is to put Sanders or Warren up there for annihilation and repudiation so they can wrest power back for 2024 and then run John Bel Edwards.

  37. I suspect that it may be Fauxchahontas/Bootyjudge. Try to boost wine mom turnout and keep the far left base mollified.

  38. It’s getting late for a “dark horse” to arrive through the primary season, but I still get this nagging feeling there’s going to be a surprise at the convention. Mind you I tend to be wrong about these things.

  39. also, can anyone tell me exactly what felony Roger Stone is guilty of?

  40. God willing, he won’t be guilty of anything after next November 3.

  41. he’s been convicted, we’re just waiting on sentencing now.

  42. My carnivore experiment died this morning. We’ve been trying to induce Possum to try literally anything other than her half-dozen foods, so I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Managed to get through the entire process without even tasting the batter, but I woke up hungry and they looked like they’d be great with my coffee. They were.

  43. Stone is guilty of Aiding and Abetting a Political Interloper in the first degree.

  44. I desperately want America to be liberated from queer influences.

    *touches earpiece*


    *continues to hold earpiece*


    *lengthy pause, more earpiece*


  45. The comments are interesting. I’d forgotten that there’s an anti-WWII element among libertarians.

  46. A lot of libertarians still think that FDR conspired to get Pearl Harbor bombed (or withheld intel warning of the attack) so we could join the war. I hate the guy as much as anyone, but that’s dumb.

  47. Don’tcha know that the poor Japanese had no choice but to attack us since we’d embargoed them in response to the depravities carried out in China. So it was all our fault to begin with. If only the government hadn’t immorally prevented private citizens from trading with an expansionist, bloodthirty power, we’d never have gone to war!

  48. Homo Economicus commenting on events through which they did not live.

  49. The image of Democrats as being anti-war is nothing more than a myth. The Democratic Party has never been anti-war.
    This is a terrible lie. The Democrats are anti-war at the moment the war turns out to be difficult.

  50. Also, for all of you non carb people, the extra toasty cheez its are the best thing in the entire world. You’re missing out.

    If Car in ate these at a tool concert she’d die from the delight of the experience.

  51. Kanye isn’t going to really do anything for anybody. Unless he’s going to start telling people to stop sinning, and state explicitly what sins are. At which point he will become an object of hate and be shunned. His wife would divorce him, that’s for sure, because she’s a complete product and purveyor of a repulsive and deeply immoral popular culture.

    Unless just dancing around and telling people you love Jesus is all that faith takes to be saved, while you continue to behave like an animal in the rest of your life? I don’t remember that in catechism.

  52. This is utterly stupid and dishonest.

  53. the democrats are anti-war the moment it becomes politically useful. To them, who gives a f*ck about anything else.

    Speaking of which, my dad said that the only republican he ever voted for was Nixon, because he got us out of Vietnam. He was delirious with hate for Bush. Guess what he thinks of Trump, who wants to end the endless wars…and him pulling out the 50 troops from Syria? Go ahead and guess.

  54. Good poat, leon. Why the little stones under the big ones?

  55. Somebody had a very bad day

  56. Btw, only one possum on my deck last night. I kicked the remaining seed block to the back of our yard.

  57. Unless he’s going to start telling people to stop sinning, and state explicitly what sins are.

    He started speaking out against porn before he converted, now he adds “sin” to why you shouldn’t.

    Good poat, leon. Why the little stones under the big ones?

    Likely to make a level platform for the larger stones and make the whole mastaba more stable, but I don’t know the real answer.

  58. *prays for Lauraw’s immortal soul while smackin’ a ho, smoking a blunt, and driving my Bentley to the cash money store

  59. I’m not going to criticize Kanye West, even if his faith isn’t exactly like mine. I will mock him for hanging out with Joel Osteen.

  60. This guy gives me hope:

    I just have to keep professing when the communists put me to death.

  61. Unless he’s going to start telling people to stop sinning, and state explicitly what sins are.

    Saw something yesterday about him talking about you have to marry the mother of your children. Didn’t click on it.

  62. For what it’s worth, Fr Mike Schmidtz had a good short video on praying for Kanye’s conversion and perseverance for exactly the reasons you state, Laura.

  63. Well, that is interesting. I hope he gets some traction, then.

  64. By the way, the keto Soul Bread recipe is pretty darn good. Holds up to sammich use. I would add a packet of yeast to improve the flavor, and omit or halve the salt. I’m going to try it again, with a little sesame paste in there too, to further flavorize it. Make me some burger buns with it.

    Maybe some cinnamon bread, too.

  65. It’s probably also worth praying for the conversion of Joel Osteen, as well. That’d be as big a deal as anything. The only voice that could really shatter Prosperity Gospel in the US is Osteen’s in a tone of penitence.

  66. I just have to keep professing when the communists put me to death.

    I hope you take a few with you if it comes to that, leon.

  67. …conversion would be better but I meant hand-to-hand combat in my previous comment.

  68. keto Soul Bread recipe is pretty darn good

    Do you have a link or put it on the recipe page, please? I just ate a deli sandwich and I feel like I need a nap.

  69. Whatever it takes, beasn. St Mark was an old man trying to keep his family safe until it was too late, praying for the conversion of his captors most likely.

    I should have “Repent!” stenciled on the blade of my KA-BAR.

  70. So yesterday, I my copy of the 4e version of GURPS Space arrived. It’d been about 25 years since I read and owned the 3e. Waves of nostalgia mixed with sadness. I remembered a younger me, studying physics wanting to, contribute to space exploration, maybe even go myself, inspired by a bright future for humanity and myself.

    I look back on my career filled with software hardly anyone ever used, projects killed for politics again and again. I look out on a vista of pervasively evil transnational megacorps that would beggar belief in a William Gibson novel, a NASA that cannot send men to space, a crumbling republic on the brink of civil war. I look at my life at the world I’ve done so little to help, and I can’t feel anything but despair.

    And I’m pissed that Dean Drives never panned out.

  71. Or on the side of your flamethrower which has a sword attachment.

  72. Kanye probably thinks Osteen’s version of church is pretty cool.

  73. It must be extremely entertaining and fun. Otherwise, why go at all? “Sunday obligation” is for papists and those weirdo Russian and Greek types.

  74. You would probably feel worse had you contributed to space exploration and possibly gone yourself, to watch it all get pissed away by pillaging partisan hacks and evil oligarchs. It is the nature of man.

    It is crushing to look at the entirety of it and I’m not as smart as you and didn’t apply myself like you did in the education of self, and I feel it. I’m really struggling over it and other things in my personal life.

    Perhaps step back, recognize it is not all meant for one man’s shoulders, prepare for the safety of your family/yourself and just worry about today. What small thing can you do in your corner of the universe to make it better? For one, train up your child, well. Or create a machine that transports commies to Mars.

  75. Kanye probably thinks Osteen’s version of church is pretty cool.

    Random association….

    Our church was host to a few priests from Africa, for a few weeks. We must have been frustrating to them with our solemn, non-swaying, non-clapping, white bread behinds. Bless them, they tried to get us to move.

  76. My simple pleasure today…I woke up. The geranium I brought indoors is still blooming. My niece sent me a picture of my great-niece. You guys.

  77. I hear the clown show will continue tomorrow with 8 more disgruntled hacks.

  78. Comment by MJ on November 18, 2019 7:55 am
    Kanyne West and Kim Kardashian might end up actually doing some good for the world.

    I can’t believe I’m writing this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.


    I know, right?

  79. because she’s a complete product and purveyor of a repulsive and deeply immoral popular culture.


    Nailed it.

  80. Comment by MJ on November 18, 2019 7:55 am
    Kanyne West and Kim Kardashian might end up actually doing some good for the world.


    God works in mysterious ways????

  81. Well, hell, Trump is literally the greatest thing to happen to America in decades. I think he’s better than Reagan. He’s had to fight harder and endure more. (obviously getting shot is in a class of its own)

  82. Leon, thoughts on Ford’s electric mustang?

  83. This guy may be an honorary Hostage… in the making of his German potato dumplings.

    4:55 in…’Damp hands make smooth balls.”

  84. They are trying to invoke the spirit of a salesworthy car by naming an undersized minivan/oversized golf cart after a fast horse.

    Does it play “wideopenv8.mp3” when it goes places?

  85. The best part will be when they try to add AV tech to one of those and drop the range to 30 miles because the processor and sensors draw 5 kW.

  86. Folks wonder about Kim and Kanye, and I keep thinking it’s like some guy trying to save the world, surrounded by some childhood buddies, a couple of fishermen, a former tax collector, and a political fanatic. And when the political fanatic flames out, he’s gonna replace him with one of the guys tasked with stamping his movement out.

    Stranger vessels…

  87. Pray for Kanye, pray for Kim. The world needs miracles like these.

    On a related note, I wonder if MindGeek is crashing and burning or if they’ve turned to paying “performers” in DogeCoin.

  88. What’s going on with MindGeek?

  89. >>He’s had to fight harder and endure more.

    He brought it all on himself mare because tweets. Had he never tweeted, he would be treated sooo much better and Brennan/Comey/Barry/hillary would have never had to do their coup.

  90. What’s going on with MindGeek?

    PayPal broke up with PornHub.

  91. Trump’s gonna Reaganed at some point.

  92. Oh yeah, that. I assume that has something to do with the fact that pornhub was caught with videos of an underaged girl and posts revenge porn.

  93. That’s the reasoning given by PP, iirc. I’m just hoping for casualties on both sides.

  94. I thought PayPal gave some other reason having to do with payments to the performers.

  95. Comment by MJ on November 18, 2019 2:47 pm
    Trump’s gonna Reaganed at some point.


    Does that mean you think he will have an assassination attempt against him?

  96. I’ve always assumed that someone will try.

  97. The 2016 election was a surprise and the Left considered him a sideshow.

    I’ve never really seen pure hatred like this, though. Wiser asked me on his show what I thought a ‘big’ story of 2019 was so far and I told him I thought it was how Trump has driven the Left to cognitive dissonance. Even the rational people are unhinged and the unhinged are becoming dangerous.

    If you think about it like the ticking clock thing for nuclear war we’re basically a min to midnight.

    I’m not sure if this is true but I read somewhere that Trump wears a vest.

  98. 1) Pupster, today at the food store, persimmons are $2 each. I bought two while grinding my teeth.


    There are scads of soul bread recipes online. This one tells you to use whey protein *isolate* of only a particular kind. But I used Bob’s Red Mill whey protein *concentrate* from the discount store, which is supposed to not work but it worked beautifully. I would recommend whipping the wet ingredients with the xanthan gum for a while until the gum really thickens the base well, before stirring in the rest of the dry ingredients. It will make it harder to stir in the dry ingredients but I think it’s worth it to activate the fluffy texture a bit more, especially if you used the ‘wrong’ whey as I did.

    Regardless, mine came out fluffy and nice, just exactly like the picture. I had buttered toast with my soup today and it was like eating regular toast. I could cry. One gram of carb per slice.

    Tonight I’m going to make another loaf, with my changes I mentioned earlier. I also did not use any sweetener in my bread. I think they use that to counteract any ‘soda bread’ flavor, but it doesn’t bother me, tastes fine without it.

  99. I think my use of the Bob’s red mill product means my slices are 2g carbs per slice instead of 1g. It’s not enough for me to give a damn about.

  100. MJ, I recall that. I also remember talk that he was packing. I can just see him joining the Secret Service in trading fire with would-be assassins. It would be just like him.

  101. No, I agree, MJ. Maybe it was your phrasing.

    I think what the left hates the most is Trump’s effectiveness. He gets shit done. He is actually trying to accomplish his campaign promises. Everyone else was giving lip service to their base and letting the deep state run shit.


  102. Any ‘leader’ of any country would be a fool not to be wearing a vest.

  103. Everyone else was giving lip service to their base and letting the deep state run shit.

    Heard a blurb from Glenn Beck. He did an interview with Bush once and may have asked him to do about – foreign policy, etc. – and Bush replied that on many things, president’s (his) hands are tied. What I heard…they weren’t talking about the usual friction between the co-equal branches of government. I took it the same way the recent ‘documentary’ someone did of following around congress critters and their frustration in the realization that the staffers run the show, not them.

  104. Hello, fake internet friends that I love dearly!

    Got back from Paris last night and the ‘yellow vest’ protests were in full swing on the outskirts of Paris.

    Our hotel is a block from the Champs de ‘elysee and close to the Arc de Triomph (or however the frogs spell that).

    The bar I usually go to had 12 cops decked out in riot gear on the corner and the bartender said that they have every ingress into the Champs similarly defended.

    Between the ‘migrant camps’ full of islamist assholes and the ‘yellow vests’, I think France is in for a very interesting new year.

  105. Yikes, Phat. Thanks for the first hand knowledge.

  106. I read that Donnie Two Scoops and Don Jr face more threats than any political figures in recent history. So much for the Mooch and JEF being in danger just because of the color of his skin.

  107. Phat, no engine trouble?

  108. Notre Dame was surrounded by gypsy panhandlers/pickpockets when I was last there. I observed that they immediately walked away when the German tourists spoke to them.

    Ich spreche Deutsch.

  109. Everyone else was giving lip service to their base and letting the deep state run shit.
    This is very well put. Very concise.

    Mare must be off the sauce, lol.

  110. Oso,

    The 767 has been purring like a kitten for me this year.

    Passenger issues have been my PITA lately. Had a suspected human trafficking issue I had the to call the Chicago Airport cops to last week and then had another problem leaving Paris on Sunday.

    The passenger (one of our ‘elite 1K members’) was removed from a SFO flight because he was drunk. They put him on my flight 3 hours later to Chicago.

    The deal was he can fly home, but you can’t have any alcohol. Jackass proceeds to order wine for a pre-departure drink.

    I had a great Captain who went back and talked to our highly valued customer. He said, ‘I heard you had a bit of a problem on the earlier flight. Can you promise me that won’t happen again? I’ve got no problem leaving you here.’

    No problems, we landed 30 mins early.

    Usually I’m the guy they send back to ‘Send the message’ (because I’m kinda big). It was cool to see the Captain deliver it.

  111. Phat, oh wow. Love your stories. AF UNM rescheduled for the 23rd. Lobo player committed suicide over a car keying misdemeanor. I know we make snowflake jokes, but there is something seriously wrong with our culture when we have kids killing themselves. I’m not talking about depression. I’m talking kids that are being taught that the world is dying anyway.

  112. They make ballistic business suit coats and other clothes now and have for at least ten yrs that I know of. If you were Trump, what would you be wearing?

    If Trump gets Epsteined it’ll be game on.

    Trump retained some of his guys n gals from his private detail (pre presidential) and they are very good and very loyal.

    If Trump were to be whacked and the Nation didnt burn itself down, we’d probably elect Don Jr as a bigger “fuck you” than when we elected Sr.

  113. People can be jerkholes. When they escort someone off a flight, don’t they become “detained” with airport security or something? This guy is sequestered for 3 hours and learns nothing. I’m glad you are home safe phat.

  114. Let me tell you about my cousin, Ana’s, son. William. He got his Eagle Scout last year. He runs in the Bataan Memorial Run/March. NM opens up the Mustang Gate. First weekend in April. This past weekend was a run in Vegas. 5K, 10K, and half marathon. Guess who saw a paraplegic being pushed by a family member in the Half and started pushing the wheelchair? Great kid. We expect him to go to an academy.

  115. Pupster, we have been on flights where the civilian authorities at the gate are harassing the hero of the flight and the airline reps are sucking up to the Karen and her disruptive feral kid.

  116. H8 CHKN has always been overpriced. Close to work. We prefer Popeyes.

  117. Well, Chick Fil A shit the bed.

    Refusing the Salvation Army????

    It’s such a good charity even we give to it.

    Eff CFA

  118. H8 CHKN has the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet.

  119. IKR? Their shakes…❤️

  120. Really? I’ll have to try one.

  121. Co-worker is half Mormon (Hispanic) and his Mom is Kiowa, Ute, and Navajo. I’d never heard the term “Prairie N-word” until today. That’s what his mom was called when they moved to Utah to be with his Dad. Growing up on the NM Rez wasn’t good for a half breed either.

  122. His Native grandmother, hated him and his siblings for not being Native enough. Teachers on the Rez refused to teach them, because they weren’t Clan. Crazy.

  123. Oso,

    I only have connections at USAFA, but I can give good general Academy advice if he doesn’t have any other source.

    Back in the olden days (before internet and cellphones) I walked in to my Congressional interview completely unprepared. I was late, still wearing my sweats from football practice.

    All of the other kids in the ‘waiting room’ were wearing suits and sitting with their parents.

    When I was called in to the interview (a board of of 10 retired generals/admirals), I apologized for my appearance, said I just got back from practice.

    ‘So, what position do you play?’ Was the way the interview started, and I got the appointment.

  124. So, in other words, everyone is racist.

  125. That comment was for oso.

  126. I learned about racism in Harlem NYC from 68 to 75 when I attended school at PS 121 & 125. It was great being the only white kid in class. When we moved from NYC to Virginia in 76 I learned about another form of bigotry being a long haired yankee from up north living in the Appalachians. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Kids are savages wearing human clothes. Adults arent much better

  127. Thanks, Phat. I’ll touch base with him. His godfather is my cousin that went USNA.

  128. If they get even CLOSE to killing Trump it’s on.

    If they miss but get wife or one of the kids…all Hell will break loose. Even by the standards of a bloody civil war.

  129. MJ?

  130. Heh. I love Dino Standup

  131. poat will be a little late tomorrow.

  132. #Fartgate trending on Twitter because Duke Nukem Swalwell let one rip while doing a live interview with Chris Matthews. I’m apparently 5 years old now. Best line from Donald Trump, Jr. “Most intelligible thing to come out of Swalwell in years.”

  133. I got a family member to set my mom up on FB so she could see family photos. I am used to her passive/aggressive comments. She accidentally deleted her account. I asked my cousin to send a kid over. Eagle Scout fresh from Las Vegas helped his great aunt to access her FB. Thanks, William.

  134. Duke Nukem, Swalwell, haha

  135. When’s the last time you saw/heard someone tear ass on live TV? How did the mic even pick it up? Must have been deafening in studio.

  136. One of the biggest posts at CTH, ever.
    This is massive:

    It’s so big, you might want to wait to tomorrow after a cup of coffee…

  137. Blerg

  138. I, too, am worried about an attempt on Trump. Praying for the Secret Service.

  139. Leon, one of teh tweeters swears he ripped hard enough that he visibly lifted up.

  140. Everyone is now waiting for Trump to tweet about it.

  141. Trump is the only thing keeping some people safe at this point. Ironically, it’s the same people who are trying to oust him.

  142. Trump won’t have tweet about it. He might, just for fun, but he might also make popcorn and just read for a bit.

  143. My CIL, keeps trying to talk to Dan. Hopes to shut down the lawyers. My SIL is a lazy POS. I want the lawyers to rip her lazy ass apart. Dan and my CIL think that SIL isn’t a lazy greedy POS.

  144. Oh dear lord, now they photoshopped Biden sniffing him.

  145. Dan donated our turkeys. 15# to Our Lady Of Fatima. They are feeding 80 families. We were Turkeys 11 and 12. Rest will be allocated funds. Thanksgiving is annual.

  146. Terrified by Aloha Snackbar. Dan agreed to placate me. We stayed at Indian Casino Hotels. He didn’t make me go to No Go Zones. He had my back at MOA.

  147. Trump will send him some Beano

  148. Why is Vindman still employed?

  149. They’re trying to say it was a mug scraping across the desk and not Fartwell. Bullshit. He pauses and bears down at the moment of expulsion.
    What a creeper.

  150. OMG roamy. I don’t know whether to laugh or barf.

  151. I larfed.

  152. Damn, Eric really pooted!

  153. Insomnia is awful, but, hey, I got HHD ready for tomorrow. I’m going to a funeral Mass for our retired parish priest tonight, and I don’t expect that to be a short service.

  154. *awards Seanderp 5 Bronx cheers*

  155. I’ve had some minor insomnia in the last couple of weeks too, nothing too bad, just an hour or two in the middle of the night. I blame the time change. And Mare.


  156. I have training all this week, and there are four audibly sick people in the class. I doubled up on the vitamin C.

  157. I hope Ken Jennings gets his ass beat on Jeopardy. What an ass.

  158. Eric Swalwell farting on live TV is pretty funny. There has to be a good explanation for it, but it won’t appease anyone.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer/dumber guy.

  159. If Mare Pete does that at one of his upcoming Black Summits, it’s over.

  160. Eric Swalwell is simply not a serious political player. He’s a buffoon. He is not the only politician to have embarrassed himself with bodily functions but it’s so rare. Add that to his incessant desire to say stupid things publicly and it all adds up to an idiot who OBVIOUSLY benefitted from ballot harvesting. If that is not the case, the people of California are even dumber and mentally vacant than I had originally thought.

  161. The absolute best comment I’ve heard over the #Fartgate debacle is this:

    It’s not what America needs but it’s what America deserves.


  163. Mare, Ford vs Ferrari is the best movie I’ve seen this year.

  164. Huh. Swalwell really WOULD drop the big one on Americans. After all, he just did on live television…

  165. I just watched A Goofy Movie for the very first time last night.

    It was the best movie I’ve seen this year.

  166. Excellent, thanks, Clint!

  167. Leon, do you have Disney plus?

    If so, can you get it on it’s own or is it part of some package (SYWM)?

  168. No, wife has a DVD.

    Disney will get no subscription from me.

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