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  1. Is is just Scott and Lauraw that can’t connect to my tiny.url links or is it universal?

  2. I enjoyed the hoes mad.

    No, not for obvious reasons you little bitches.

  3. titty fuck tha lasagna is my new motto

  4. There was one last night that didn’t work but the Bruins-Canadiens one not only worked but I sent it to Paula who also enjoyed it

  5. Thanks Jimbro. Did you listen to The Heavy Eyes from yesterday? It’s another band I’d think you’d like.

  6. I think you’ll like.

    I’d think you’ll like.

    I am going to need a ruling on this hotspur.

  7. Pups, I look forward to the Saturday Meme poat.

  8. I’m glad you like them Mare. I like putting them together.

  9. I’ll circle back to listen. I was busy doing stuff yesterday and didn’t click play. I usually open the video on YT to keep listening after I refresh the page.

  10. Light Up Christmas is my favorite. Showed that one to Mr. RFH.

  11. TFTL for the win. Jim Bean a close second place. Morning. I actually managed to sleep past 0430 this morning and dont feel over rested. Im going to go out now and kick the rest of this days ass.

  12. That sign is why the internet is great.

  13. Who else wanted to put their hand on the glass to connect with that puppy? Everyone. Yes, I thought so.

  14. Metal detecting fantasy

    I’m fascinated at the notion of so many different mint marks on the coins. I think they said 14 various mints scattered throughout the Roman Empire and somehow they ended up in this hole in the ground in Britain.

  15. This is an excellent poat full of nutty, nougatty meme-goodness.

  16. I say, that sounds like jolly good fun. You titty fuck the lasagne while I stick my dick in the mashed potatoes.

  17. I think you’ll like.


  18. Hahahahaha

    Who knew? There were Hostages in Ancient Rome!!!!!! \o/

  19. Did you see the inscriptions on the other ones?
    Scroll down the thread to Cyr’s entries.

  20. It’s true. War never changes. Neither does shit-talking, apparently.

  21. That would be a good motto, “Spero te percusserit in cole” (according to Google translate)

  22. Now do lemon bear dick punch.

  23. Lasagna has tits?

  24. Good music selection on the BBF playoff post. I listened to one of their albums, also good!

    [The Heavy Eyes – He Dreams of Lions (Full Album 2015)]

  25. Lewerke Lewerke

  26. Every time the economy starts doing great, these bitches show up to whine about the gap.

    Always with the fucking gap. Can’t we enjoy the increase in our standard of living, without these jealous cunts poormouthing it?

    The FUCK, people. It’s like trying to sit down and enjoy a well-earned meal of lobster while some absolute child is across the table shrieking, “You’re eating buuuugs!!!”

    Shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my fucking life for five uninterrupted goddamned minutes, you ceaseless, tiresome, meddling sack of shit.

  27. Life was better when such people could be flogged publicly.

  28. beasn

  29. Just finished Man in the High Castle, season 4. What the actual fuck was that shit?

    It makes me less excited for The Expanse.


  31. Thanks for all the giggles, Pupster.

  32. Shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my fucking life for five uninterrupted goddamned minutes,

    THIS. You have so captured my thoughts on todays of the culture. They need to mind their own business and take of their own and stop telling everyone else what they should or should not be doing. Get your house in order, help those close to you to get their houses in order if necessary and fuck off everyone else that wont do the same. Im soo tired of the whiny ass nature or our culture. Shut up, Ruck Up and put one foot in front of the other. Life isnt “fair” or “unfair”. Others dont exist to better you. And the World doesn’t owe you a gawdamn thing, period. End of story. Then you die.

  33. Microsoft Excel is the debbil.

  34. I just realized something kinda interesting. I’ve played in four of the five stadiums where Big XII games are being played today. TTU in 78 in a freshman game. Baylor and Oklahoma State in 80 although technically it’s not the same stadium at Baylor anymore. Iowa State in 81. Never been to Manhattan Kansas.

  35. Good evening Hostages!

    In Paris tonight. The ‘yellow vests’ protesters were out, but the cops kept them out of city center.

    While walking to my favorite pub saw about a dozen very militarized police on the corner.i asked them if there was a threat, but they said it was deterrence show of force to keep them from the Champs de Elysee.

  36. 👋🏻 Phat.

  37. why is laura eating bugs?

  38. phat, did you see the loove ree?

  39. I don’t understand college rankings.

    #20 Iowa is favored by 3 points over #8 Minnesota.

  40. In case you missed it:

  41. Unranked Iowa State favored over #19 Texas. And up by 13.

  42. rankings are a popularity contest for reporters.

  43. Rankings are influenced by potential advertising $$$$. Heavily.

  44. Hey Phat.

  45. well we aren’t up by 13 any more. Down 1, stupid Cyclones.

  46. I’m gonna need a Zapruder frame by frame analysis of all that PG. All I’ve seen is the normal speed replay and the main thing on that is Rudolph getting hammered with a helmet.

  47. How about them Cyclones? I fuckin hate tu.

  48. Jimbro, I called White Privilege on Mason Rudolph yesterday. It was a fucking lock.

  49. I saw slow mo footage of Mason trying to yank the other dude’s helmet off with both hands while they were grappling around on the ground. The yoink – bonk was the middle of the fracas, not the beginning.

  50. First walk off win on a kick since 1983 PG. Amazing.

    Our kicking game is so bad.

  51. Beasn’s meteor gif


  53. Georgia almost blew a 21 point lead in the last 10 minutes.

    Andy probably has a few more gray hairs.

  54. I’m kinda pumped about the bears kicking the other Texas fllagship University.

  55. We are getting a turkey per associate for Thanksgiving. Too much for just the two of us. We decided to donate. Took 3 days to find an organization willing to accept the turkeys. Our former parish. It is insane what govt regulation is doing to charity.

  56. Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech like a rented mule.

  57. Where are leon and oso? I’ve got two possums on my deck RIGHT NOW gnawing on a seed block and hoovering up other seed I left out for the birds. I just watched the big one clean it’s face and lick it’s fingers.

  58. Oso, you should have kept that turkey for yourselves. Cook it up, divide it into meal packs and chop some into small cubes for soup. You can get several meals out of it = no cooking for a week.

    *listening to those furry f*ckers move the block around outside*

  59. I cook big turkeys like that too, beasn. Freezers are a wonderful thing.

    Thinking of getting a chamber vacuum sealer. $325 is a lot, but not as much as the $800 most want for them.

  60. HOLY SHIT, I just looked outside and the two possums have been replaced by one really healthy looking raccoon. He big and very very fluffy. No he did not eat a possum though he looks like he did.
    I watched one of the possums crawl to the other side of the rail to get around the coon and would occasionally pop it’s head up to check him out and the location of the seed block.

  61. I am easily amused. He really is a big fatty mcfluffy. I wish I could get a picture but my camera sucks even with the night flash thingie.

  62. Buddy of ours has a vacuum sealer which he uses quite a bit. He does a lot of hunting and smoking of all the meats.

  63. ….Beasn’s meteor gif…

    We were in it’s path 45 miles west of there.

  64. >>>beasn…

    Holy crap thems a lot of baby porkchops. But the mama waited for them.

  65. Raccoon gone…smaller possum came back.

    Yeah, no more seed blocks on the deck. I’ll wash away any remaining seed tomorrow and put up another feeder away from the house.

  66. LOL, earlier this evening, we were at Lowes looking to replace our oven. Couldn’t remember which one we got for the rental since I liked it and wouldn’t mind it for myself, so we asked the kids if they could check which brand it was and to send us a picture.

    SIL sent us a close-up of the brand logo which is on the bottom of the door. We text him back ‘we need a picture of the whole thing’. He sent us the same picture. *exhales in short puff out the nostrils*

    We went home and I found the folder with all the rehab receipts and model numbers. They eventually figured it out and sent us a photo of what we wanted. Dorks.

  67. mom has piles of raccoon poop outside the living room window. Evidently they watch TV with her at night.

  68. How’s your hand, Jay? Are you eating yogurt to counter your antibiotic?

  69. Silly…very destructive..raccoons.

  70. New hoax. Same Swamp.

  71. hand is doing better. stitches out on Monday or Tuesday. swelling is almost gone, still painful when I hit it.

  72. Disgusting eggplant–repulsive, putrid!

  73. Jay, is this from the dog bite? How many stitches? Yikes,

  74. Can we once and for all stop pretending that Meghan McCain is just a fat, grieving daughter?

  75. Most people in politics are that way, hell most people are that way.

    Trump simply ripped the masks off for everyone to see.

  76. I’m no thelologiacalist, but I’m pretty sure publicly wishing for the eternal damnation of another is one o’ them mortal sins.

  77. Last night I was watching this cute move (Yellow dog something -) and I swear Stella sat and watched it with me. It was hilarious. At one point she went right up to the tv and looked at it. It wasn’t just the sound she was reacting to.

    Movie was cute.

  78. Yesterday we went shopping in the am. Then Out to dinner for Erin’s b-day. Busy busy.

  79. Just finally looked up that helmet swing thing. Behind the times I am.

  80. Well, I was hoping Louisiana would pull a win. Voter fraud or too many gimme-gimmes?

  81. Heh, A friend of mine reported on facebook (she works for MSU in admissions)

    “Instead of watching “the game”, I spent my Saturday morning at a Career & College fair in Detroit that was sponsored by Rashida Tlaib.

    Though we had a low turnout ….”

  82. So, Colin Kaepernick pulled the biggest dick move yesterday? Lol. What a clown.

  83. Bwahahahaha!!! It’s Slate, but trust me on this one.


  85. This was a scary injury

    It’s going to be hard coming back from that one. I’ll go out on a limb and say he won’t play professional football. Could be wrong and I hope I am but it’ll be a long recovery for him

  86. Lets hope that guy took his college studies seriously…hows it work for him now? Does he lose his scholarship?

  87. Wow, that’s a really highly rated range, Mare. I was checking out the similar KitchenAid version on SK Lavery and reviewers are calling it a piece of crap in comparison to the GE, which was surprising.

  88. Not sure, I doubt he’d lose it though because of injury. He may be a senior anyway. I know the joke early in the NFL season was the Dolphins were “Tanking for Tua” for next year’s draft. Probably not gonna happen that way now.

  89. t’s Bama. If the boosters like him, he’ll be fine.

  90. The guy is worth $100 million if he’s healthy.

    I bet they are already growing him a new hip somewhere in China.

  91. I wonder what elicited such a strong response from Meghan McCain?

    She seldom has ripped a democrat, let’s say, Hillary for example, who for selfish political reasons didn’t give the Benghazi men the opportunity to be saved and then lied through her teeth right in the faces of the relatives of the 4 dead.

    If that isn’t evil, well, Meghan, you’re a dumbass.

  92. That is a great price for a double oven.

  93. IIRC you don’t lose your scholarship if your injured playing the sport and can no longer play.

  94. Car in, how old is Er in now. 12? 13?

  95. 20. She just looks 13.

  96. How does he get away with this?

  97. Roger probably refused to go along with a John McCain scheme so John was always bitter about it and Meghan is carrying on with the stupid.

    And don’t underestimate Meghan’s mother in the nasty department. Something about her rubs me (SYWM) the wrong way.

  98. hahahahhhahahaha, Kapernick douched out like the pussywhipped douche he is.

  99. Persimmon update, it looks like a baby pumpkin tree:

    The leaves are all down, but the fruit is still holding firm to the branches. I have a pair of mockingbirds that are picking at the fruit.

    We have a neighbor that is interested in harvesting, but she hasn’t been around.

  100. HO-LEE-SHIT

    The NFL agreed to allow NIKE to shoot a commercial at the supposed “workout.”

    OFFS this was a PR and marketing stunt for Nike from start to finish. He doesn’t want to play (he knows he kind of sucked) and Nike pays him a shit ton anyway so I guess the joke is on the NFL and of course fans who love the sport of football.

  101. Can’t see either of those links, Pups. *pouts*

  102. Took a sudafed last night to clear my sinuses while I slept, and so I woke up this morning around 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. The good news is that I’m ahead on laundry, picked up the living room, and went to the early morning latin mass, so I’m ahead on my day.

  103. Yeah, linky no worky.

  104. The links worked for me.

  105. Laundry all done and put away, time to set up some soup in the crockpot then declutter.

  106. I get “Error: Unable to find URL to redirect to.”

  107. I’m making a loaf of keto Soul bread right now before work, with the whey protein this time. See what happens. It’s supposed to be 1g carb per slice. Hope it’s passable.

  108. Ok, I just tried it again and now I’m getting the same error as Roamy.

  109. TIL Gavin Newsom is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew by marriage.

  110. Kunta Kinte. Ba haaaa haaaa haaaa …

  111. *drools*

    Oh MAN. You lucky ducky. I love persimmons and they’re so expensive.

    Set a couple of those stem-side down in a dark cupboard and let them ripen to jelly-soft. Can be eaten with a spoon, sweet as honey.

    You can also buy some wine yeast, acid blend, and wine nutrients and make a gorgeous white wine out of them.

  112. Nice, thank you, Pupster.


  114. They are still hard as tits. I would guess there is half a bushel basket out there.

    I like a sweet white wine but I’ve never made any. Boy one likes to buy apple juice in gallon glass jugs and water in glass bottles so I could probably get going if I knew what the fuck to do.

  115. » The NFL made considerable effort to work cooperatively with Colin’s representatives. We invited his agent to suggest questions for the interview. Yesterday, when Colin’s representatives said he wanted to bring his own receivers to the workout, we agreed to the request. In addition, Coach Hue Jackson discussed with Colin’s agent what drills would be run at the workout so that Colin would know what would be expected of him.

    » Last night, when Nike, with Colin’s approval, requested to shoot an ad featuring Colin and mentioning all the NFL teams present at the workout, we agreed to the request.


    ^^ This is from an instapundit link directly from the NFL statement.

  116. Yep, they should be pretty hard (and with mouth-drying astringency, so don’t bother tasting them yet) when you harvest them. They need to be brought inside to ripen and soften. I buy them hard from the store, put them in a dark cupboard, and check them every couple days for softness. They turn to sweet jelly inside.

  117. Based on the fact he didn’t show, and his character is shit, I’m siding with the NFL on this one and that’s fricken shocking since I think the NFL is total garbage.

  118. That’s an asian persimmon tree, too. Very nice.

  119. Yea, the article I linked did mention that the NFL made the statement they did. I honestly don’t know what to believe at this point?? Either way Khunta Kinte is an ass.

  120. Nike is most likely doing damage control.

  121. You would need to ripen the fruit before making wine out of them. That takes a while and will give you plenty of time to gather your kit together. Find a couple recipes and play.

  122. I’m reading that the flat-bottomed ones are non-astringent and may be sweet even when still firm. Maybe test-taste one?

  123. Has there been anything about the latest school shooter, or did he simply not fit the narrative?

  124. Carin, he passed away. No one in the media seemed to care once they found out he used a handgun and his dad bought it legally.

  125. Trying my luck with tinyurl

  126. When you look up wine yeasts, choose one for a sweet white wine. If you go with champagne or montrachet, it’s going to ferment all the sugar out to absolute dryness. Although, you could still sweeten it, but that can be tricky.

  127. Asian kid, supposedly quiet and normal. Dad passed away in 2017, parents were divorcing prior to dad’s death.

  128. Hahahaha, they’ve turned on the Lightbringer for “cooperating with fascists”.

  129. Not surprising. They were always going to turn on Obama once he was no longer useful, because that’s the nature of the left. Additionally, it’s becoming clear that a lot of the problems within the Dem party are the direct result of his failure to build up the party during his tenure in office.

    The wheels on the bus go round an’ round
    round an’ round,round an’ round…

  130. Will they ripen in the outdoors, or does it need to be room temp?

    I can box them up in with trash bag liners in the boxes, but I don’t have space indoors other than the garage.

    I checked the ones on the sunny side of the tree and they are starting to soften up, I don’t see any purple color but the softer ones are a darker orange.

  131. What you have looks like a fuyu persimmon.

    ‘Fuyu’ persimmons produce late-season fruit, ready for harvest in October or November. Cut persimmon fruits from the tree, making cuts close to the fruit calyx, when fruit is fully colored. Even though mature fruit is firm when picked, persimmons bruise easily. Store persimmons at room temperature until slightly soft and the flavor is fully developed. Excess fruit can be frozen or dried.

  132. Try some, just go ahead and slice up a firm one and then try a softer one. I’m reading where some people like the firmer ones because they’re more like eating an apple, and I guess with the fuyu type there is no astringency.

  133. …unless you’re chicken? Are you afraid to try a new fruit? Huh? Are you? Afraid? You gonna cry? Cry! Go on, cry!

    *bounces basketball off Pupster’s head*

  134. Almost time to go to work but then I’ll have to stop nagging Pupster. This is a difficult moment.


    For Leon and MJ

  136. mare, this is the oven we’re looking to get. It’s the one we bought for the rental and it’s very similar to the one we put in my MIL’s kitchen.

    We have a double oven up at the farm. It’s okay but I’m not crazy about it.

  137. The nice neighbor flagged me down and is coming to pick persimmons today. I think. She was across the street and I don’t speak jive.

  138. FuYu persimmons. (Capital Y, don’t care, funny)

  139. Beasn, you need otters.

  140. “I know what it is to look on the news and see your rights up for debate,” he told the crowd gathered in the sanctuary of an African Methodist Episcopal events center in Rock Hill

    Tax exemption status: intact!

  141. Guys, not a real fan of turkey. We’re buying the turkey from sam’s That you slice for sammiches. Oven roasted turkey breast. Making Bobbies.

  142. Osita, I was thinking the same thing. How appropriate that a Hostage has FuYu fruit.

  143. Leon, 45 EO’d the Johnson Act. Churches are free to be political without repercussions.

  144. Roamy, low hanging fruit…backyard…where’s XB?

  145. Leon, 45 EO’d the Johnson Act. Churches are free to be political without repercussions.

    Only if they spout leftist politics.

  146. Comment by Car in on November 17, 2019 11:35 am
    Nike is most likely doing damage control.


    Nailed it.

  147. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on November 17, 2019 11:52 am
    Trying my luck with tinyurl


    HA! Good one Roamy.

  148. Leon, that was before 45. Trump reiterated his EO repeal of the Johnson Act at the BlackVoicesForTrump rally.

  149. Leon, priest at St Paul called out the evil emanating from the Amazonian Synod and Pope Frank embracing the heresy of global climate change.

  150. Well that’s something. Did he get reprimanded by the bishop after that?

  151. The Loins are letting me down.

  152. Nope. Neither did Deacon Dan for calling out the Democrats in church supporting grave sin and being part of the problem. Fr Charles even supported Deacon Dan after catching heat from parishioners. Fr Erik has been attacked by local SLC news for his personal FB Page. Still has the support of the new Arch and bishop. Called a H8r for supporting traditional marriage. Kind of weird seeing Priests standing up for the Faith and not getting tossed under the bus for politics.

  153. Listening to the radio on the way home from Lowes. News blurb was playing Pelosi out there spreading the word that what Trump had done on the call was way worse than what Nixon did. Husband turned it off before I put my head through his windshield. Pretty sure wherever this was spoken, noone countered such a ridiculous claim.


    I can’t tell you how much I hate these motherfuckers.

  154. His re-election is going to be so much fun.

  155. Think they’ll find body double for Ginsburg?

  156. I’m watching riots in Iraq, Iran, Hong Kong, Chile, and Bolivia. MFM is all about Shiftless and his Kangaroo Court Of leakers and spies. GRRRR

  157. Riots in Iran thanks to sanctions. If it was happening on JEF’s watch they’d be ecstatic about how leading from behind and soft diplomacy were working wonders.

  158. Not that Iran would be close to rioting due to Obama’s policies. He’d be there as a guest of honor at a military parade, beaming with pride as they showed off their new mobile nuke launchers with Val Jar in the wings nodding her approval

  159. IKR, women led riots in parts of Iran. “High gas prices” to pay for Gaza’s terrorists. Lebanon riots last week. Kick Iran and Hezbollah out of Lebanon.


  161. That reminds me, I should go pump some tiny, foam-coated weights.

    Right after I do tomorrow’s post.

  162. Perfect play.

  163. If I remember correctly there were HUGE riots in Iran that approached regime change level actions during JEF’s administration and he was conspicuously silent when they occurred vs. offering support. End result was the Iranian Secret Police was let loose and they did what they do and “quelled” the actions.

    If the shitbirds ever regain full power watch how fast they develop a new law enforcement entity. MARK my words now, this will be on the test later.

  164. Just returned from the Fort and doing some handgun work. Worked with SIL on firing from the “rock” position out of the holster and creating / closing distance (footwork) while firing. Season has changed making presenting the firearm from winter clothing a consideration. The “shoot n see” 6″ stickers placed mid torso and head on a silhouette target are great for instantly identifying hits especially as light levels change.

  165. >>>and he was conspicuously silent when they occurred

    He was conspicuously a dick when he said we had no business putting our noses in other’s affairs, regarding that event, teeroy.
    JEF POS.

  166. What angers me about that whole mess is that literally that was the culmination of all of our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan: a pincer that removed terrorist safe havens, promoted democracy in the region, and put social and economic pressure on Iran. If he’d supported the protesters then they likely would have been able to topple the Iranian government, and the problems that we see today wouldn’t have existed. George W. Bush, despite his other faults, stayed the course and adjusted when needed to bring the region to that point, and Obama blew it.

  167. Obama was working with Brennan and the Iranians, all along. (Goes all Scooby Doo on 44)

  168. I was trying to be gentle…..but of course you are both correct.

    “His re-election is going to be so much fun.”

    Define “fun”.

  169. Define “fun”.

    The left is going to lose their everloving minds.

  170. If they aren’t successful in misleading more and more people.

  171. Was Obama too lazy to do anything or was ratface Valerie Jarrett running the show?

    If the shitbirds ever regain full power watch how fast they develop a new law enforcement entity.

    This was echoed in a Facedouche post. “The reason they want to take your weapons away is because they want to do things that would make you want to shoot them.”

  172. The Patriots need to get a whole lot better if they expect to do anything in the playoffs.

    Of the 10 teams they have faced this year, 2 currently have a winning record. They beat one by 6 points and got crushed by the other.

  173. Agree Scott. I think Patriots 2019 is more about the competition they’ve faced vs anything else. They need an offensive line and reliable receivers if they’re going to go anywhere in the post season.

  174. Trying to get Dan to stop watching football and watching some Disney +.

  175. Manfred wants to destroy minor league baseball. Eliminate the rookie leagues, including the Pioneer League. Limit the numbers of players a team can have and limit the draft.

  176. hmm, looks like sometime this weekend I lost one of the stitches. 2 left!

  177. Ask for a refund.

  178. Comment by osoloco11 on November 17, 2019 8:18 pm
    Trying to get Dan to stop watching football and watching some Disney +.

    Have you and MA tried a musical number? Possibly get some squirrels and birds to join in?

  179. Laura reminded houseguest that she needs to find another place to live. For a while I felt like we were letting her down, but after further review I am little pissed.

    We have given her two full years and she is in the exact same position. She could have looked for a better paying job, or a 2nd job.

    She has done nothing.

  180. Scott, you’ve extended her every kindness. If she has failed to take the appropriate steps, that’s on her.

  181. What CoAlex said.

  182. I don’t know if it is loyalty or fear of change, but some people never look for something better.

  183. I suspect it’s fear of rejection and low self-worth. Same reason that a person stays with a dipshit boyfriend/girlfriend even though they know the relationship is awful.

  184. I do business with a company that has 3 people.
    Owner, office lady, warehouse guy.

    Office lady has been there for at least 10 years.
    It makes me sad.

  185. It takes about 2 seconds to realize that she has 0% chance to advance her position.

    2 seconds.

    She goes back day after day, year after year, and she isn’t dumb.

  186. Small offices like that probably aren’t the best examples. I would imagine that they’re fairly intimate which builds loyalty. Does the office lady like her job? I can see staying on if she’s happy there, especially if she is a second-income so doesn’t need to advance, is paid decently, and gets good perks such as flexibility with her work schedule.

  187. I imagine the Democrats will be busy filling out absentee ballots for the next 12 months.

  188. ballot harvesting is gonna throw some races

  189. Here’s an idea for tomorrow’s poat – Meteor Missile Monday.

    Speed was over 44,000 mph. They can determine what it’s made of by the colors burning off as it zips by. Physics prof has a NASA friend who uses doppler radar that tracks falling raindrops to track falling rocks. They believe it entered the atmosphere around Troy, MO and then fell to the ground some 30-40 west. (Troy is about a half hour from here….and why we heard it.)

    “This is where the Missouri meteor likely landed… and other curiosities explained..”

  190. ROUS Valerie Jarrett

  191. Have you and MA tried a musical number? Possibly get some squirrels and birds to join in?

    *looks into the distance picturing that scene*

    *giggles like a loon*

  192. The NASA guy with the Doppler radar is probably Bill Cooke. I work with him, and he was an advisor for Mini-me’s rocket team in high school.

  193. What Pepe and Jay said. Democrats will be tripling down on voter fraud. Republicans will scratch their collective asses and go ‘derp’. Not once do they request to audit any of the results —recent example was reliably red Orange County turned blue after GOP won how many seats and then lost them in a couple of days due to ballot harvesting bullshit. Not one of them made a stink and contested any of it. “Oh wow, that was some good work. We need to learn ballot harvesting too. durr-b-durr

  194. And acktually, someone has been hit by a meteorite, a woman in Sylacauga, Alabama in the 1950’s. Crashed through the roof of her house and hit her. I don’t think she was hurt very badly.

  195. That is cool stuff, roamy!

  196. The cool stuff was for your previous comment…not the lady getting hit by one. Eek!

  197. Bill Cooke has a minor planet named after him. which I think is pretty cool.

  198. Scott, did your house guest at least save some money while she has been under your roof?

  199. Good read, though repetitive in some parts. And longish.

    Daniel Greenfield: “Guns Are How A Civil War Ends… Politics Is How It Starts”

    “Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that’s not the system that runs this country.

    The left’s system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country.

    If it’s in the White House, then the president can do anything. And I mean anything. He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens. He can fine you for not having health insurance. His power is unlimited.

    He’s a dictator.

    But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can’t do anything. He isn’t even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented.

    A Democrat in the White House has “discretion” to completely decide every aspect of immigration policy. A Republican doesn’t even have the “discretion” to reverse him.

  200. The shadow government is an ideological network. These days it calls itself by a hashtag #Resistance. Under any name, it runs the country. Most of the time we don’t realize that. When things are normal, when there’s a Democrat in the White House or a bunch of Democrats in Congress, it’s business as usual.

    Even with most Republican presidents, you didn’t notice anything too out of the ordinary. Sure, the Democrats got their way most of the time. But that’s how the game is usually played.

    It’s only when someone came on the scene who didn’t play the game by the same rules, that the network exposed itself. The shadow government emerged out of hiding and came for Trump.

    And that’s the civil war.

    This is a war over who runs the country. Do the people who vote run the country or does this network that can lose an election, but still get its agenda through, run the country?

    Horowitz has been writing about this for a long time. He wrote a book on it nearly 20 years ago.

  201. Working for Scott tomorrow near New Haven. I’m being exploited.

    *googles for good seafood restaurants in the area*

  202. Dennis enjoyed repulsive photographs.

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