Mysterious & Murderous Monday

Hey there. I watched a pretty good documentary series over the past week or so while recovering from a severe stomach bug. It was more of a stomach pterodactyl but you get the point.

The Devil Next Door is a Netflix special that tracks the case of John Demjanjuk, who was thought to be the infamous Ivan the Terrible, a wachman (guard) at Treblikna who took particular pleasure in bayoneting men, women, and children into the gas chamber in far west Ukraine. Please skip the next few paragraphs if you don’t know about the case and would like to be surprised if you intend to watch it.

John Demjanjuk was an immigrant to the US from Ukraine shortly after WWII. From all appearances, he was a pretty normal guy that worked on the maintenance crew at the local Ford plant, got married, raised a family, and was active in the local Ukrainian church and community in Cleveland.

In the mid 80s, the OSI (Office of Special Investigations) moved in to strip him of his US citizenship and allow him to be extradited to Israel to stand trial as the Nazi SS man, Ivan the Terrible based on an SS card that was forwarded to the US from the KGB.

Memorial at Treblinka – both haunting and beautiful

Already you’re thinking, ‘KGB? Really?’ and you’d be right to wonder about it but the evidence that he was involved in the death camps was pretty strong so the US decided ‘not my fight bro’ and kicked his ass out of the country. In Israel, it became a show trial televised daily and featuring the very dramatic testimony of Treblinka survivors. Think of it as a national catharsis and dramatic end to the Nazi hunting era; but also a healing between the survivors and the Jews living in Israel during the war. There’s an interesting judgement or suspicion of the survivors by Israelis, wondering what exactly these people did to survive.

As you can imagine, the weight of the survivor testimony led to a conviction but upon appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court, John Demjanjuk was set free for lack of certainty that he was actually Ivan of Treblinka. There is ample evidence to place him at Sobibor, a death camp about 60 miles to the South of Treblinka, but that wasn’t the thrust of the trial. It devolved into whether or not John was Ivan, which couldn’t be definitively proved.

Ultimately he was send back to the US and he resumed his former quiet life.

Fast forward another 15 years and the OSI moved in again to extradite him to Germany to stand trial for war crimes. Germans, ironically, are better at show trials and quickly convicted him of his crimes in Sobibor. While awaiting appeal he passed away and was therefore, under German law, considered ‘not guilty’ simply because the trial was not concluded.

Was he Ivan the Terrible? Was he a Nazi wachman? Was he just John Demjanjuk, a refugee after WWII where people did anything to survive the horrors of the Western front? Many of these questions are left open to the viewer and I’m curious as to whether or not the H2 knows of the case or has an opinion.

The documentary features an interesting cast of characters that are impossible to summarize:

John Demjanjuk’s son in law, Ed Nishnik – a broken man that spent most of his adult life raising money in the US – Ukrainian community for the legal defense.

The defense lawyer, Yoram Sheftel – a hated and eccentric man that never wavers from his belief that it’s a show trial intent on convicting an innocent man.

Dalia Dorner – Part of a three person Israeli judge panel that decided the fate of Jon Demjanjuk. She’s convinced he’s the Ivan the Terrible and never wavers from her belief.

Eliyahu Rosenberg – The star witness survivor that demands Jon Demjanjuk remove his glasses so that he can look into his eyes to be sure that he is accusing the right man.

Michael Shaked – the prosecutor and the only person that seems dispassionately involved but also believes he has the right man.

Watch and find out or speculate wildly without any knowledge for Mysterious & Murderous Monday!


  1. First

  2. Not my fight bro.

  3. oh goody, trial in the court of public opinion.

  4. 1980s – Nazis still held accountable for hundreds of thousands of murders, regardless of age.

    2020 – Ordering the wrong kind of coffee from a hipster POS is the same as being a Nazi at Treblinka.

  5. Somebody didn’t read my comments.

    Oh well, we’ll do Baalbek next week I guess.

  6. wtf is Baalbek?

  7. Sorry it took me awhile to do this.

  8. Probably wasn’t him, and even if it was, was he a threat to anyone as an auto worker in Detroit?

  9. wtf is Baalbek?


  10. heh, in the Argument Room, The Daily Beast is a centrist non-partisan publication.

  11. Right down the middle, like CNN.

  12. The Daily Beast

    I assumed the name was an open admission to being the mouthpiece of Satan.

  13. They should have executed him right away.

  14. PBS – center right news organization.

    I actually heard some serious gaslighting on PBS this weekend. David Brooks used Matt Taibbi’s piece on Biden’s corruption in Ukraine but flipped the thesis around.

    Trump used John Soloman to plant the corruption story and then cited the Hill to legitimize it.

    There’s only one problem. It’s actually true.

    LOLGF creased pant admirer.

  15. Some dude named astijake John likes this pos post.

  16. What kind of pizza did Zach bring over?

  17. Some kind of douchey bullshit with just cheese on it.

  18. Vegan cheese probably.

  19. Did you slice it for him?

    Zach isn’t allowed to touch knives.

  20. I was going to take a poll to see how many were penis sippers, but HotBride wouldn’t let me.

  21. Too bad their moms didn’t know that their little darlings spent the night in a house with loaded guns.

  22. Did you have to chew it up for him and feed him like a little bird?

  23. You should have sent each of them home with a shell casing.

  24. No. That’s where I draw the line.

  25. The eponymous Nerds who took revenge back in ’84 were towering pillars of masculinity compared to the modern snowflake.

  26. Earlier this year a college in Rhode Island was evacuated because someone found a spent shell casing in a hallway.

    They are insane.

  27. * tosses a couple of foam earplugs into blog *

    Rubber bullets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. HAHAHA, scott!!

    It’s funny, not really funny considering this is how the powers that be brainwash the next generation of Ivans-in-waiting.

  29. Is anyone else getting an error when clicking on tinyurl links?

  30. People are pretty dangerous.

    Ideology is what freaks me out. I have little doubt that AOC would be shoving people into gas chambers if it meant saving the planet from climate change.

  31. Yesterday, it got up to 60 degrees and we got most of the rest of the yard in order.
    It’s sleeting RIGHT NOW. Supposed to get down into the teens.

  32. we have 4 inches of snow. slow going in central Iowa today!

  33. Ditto, MJ. The political ‘climate’ and the blatant in-your-face lying clown shows with the wink and a nod from that sector to antifas and usually polite folks to go full-on bitch, is freaking me out. Amazing how many people are so willing to follow and believe it.

  34. I fully expect California to start the ball rolling on the camps by the end of next year. I am not joking in the slightest.

  35. Sleet has turned into snow chunks.

  36. Could be a mess here. I’m going to go get my bread and milk.

  37. Thank you vets, for your service, and Happy Veterans Day!

  38. Seeing as how guys like spawn of Weather Underground are running the show, I can see something like that starting in CA, BroCavil.

    Those punks sat around discussing, back in the day, what would happen if people couldn’t be ‘re-educated’.

  39. I found it very interesting how Nikki Haley writes about Tillerson and Kelly trying to get her to go against/around the boss. Wth? She told them that maybe they should be going to him to discuss such things and not her.

    Tillerson and Kelly. Fired. That explains that.

  40. I fully expect California to start the ball rolling on the camps by the end of next year. I am not joking in the slightest.
    No way. Too complex.

    They might limit meat eating, plastics, other shit, but they won’t start executing people.

    But there are people that would support extermination for sure. My FIL openly talks about it. Kill all the mentally defective people, limit birth rates, forced abortion.

    He’s so dumb that he doesn’t realize he advocates for nazi policy while calling everyone a nazi.

  41. most Nazis don’t even know they are nazis. See also: racists and democrats. BIRM

  42. MJ, you’ve got the Pelosis, Newsoms, Castros, Browns, and now Weather Underground, that are turning CA into a third world shithole. Add in some cartel magic with that open border… the antifa-types and lots of your FIL….
    Any conservative that goes to speak at universities has to come with LOTS of extra security….

  43. I always thought it was ridiculous that they tried to convict people on eyewitness testimony of events that happened 40 or 50 years ago.

  44. MJ, of course they won’t call it that. It will start as “a solution to the homeless problem by resettling them in controlled communities so they can get the help they need”. The new “treatment camps” will be created in shitty areas nobody cares about. And of course after the homeless, the next thing will be the violent or potentially violent mentally ill…and guess who will be on THAT list…

  45. When my sister still worked 911, her office was in a police station.
    Lots of people say that if the government began gun confiscation, police would not follow that order. My sister begs to differ. There were cops in that precinct that said they hoped the order came down because they would have zero problem kicking in doors. My dad, a retired cop, believes noone but the government should be allowed to own guns. When asked if he ever took a civics or history class, he hung up on me.

  46. I got bit on my left index finger by a spider yesterday. Last night it was all swollen and purple (my finger) but today it looks normal (my finger) but the bite marks are still there.

  47. Jay, have you shot that dog yet?

  48. Sounds like traveling spider poison, Hotspur. No telling where it went to now. Check your prostate.

  49. How does one check one’s prostate?

  50. With a dip stick

  51. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 11, 2019 9:22 am
    Probably wasn’t him, and even if it was, was he a threat to anyone as an auto worker in Detroit?


    Holy shit, are you talking about Demjanjuk?

    If he’s the guy, he’s as bad or worse than Hitler, he enjoyed the orders. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

  52. My dad, a retired cop, believes noone but the government should be allowed to own guns. When asked if he ever took a civics or history class, he hung up on me.


    Good question, BEASNSNSNSNS

  53. If he’s the guy, he’s as bad or worse than Hitler, he enjoyed the orders. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

    Then they needed to prove that, no just harass a man to death based on KGB reports and sketchy identifiers. I get that incarceration is about more than protecting the rest of us from the violent, but if this was an innocent man, this was compounded evil, not justice served, that’s why we take such pains to presume innocence in our criminal justice system. If it was really him, and he’s just an old man when they find him, you have to be sure, really sure that you’ve got the right man, and prove that beyond all reasonable doubt. Better to have him die and face final judgment free than have it appear that you might have scapegoated an innocent refugee.

  54. Plus, I misread it. He wasn’t in Detroit, he was in Cleveland.

    Practically Gehenna already.

  55. Comment by Hotspur on November 11, 2019 11:41 am
    How does one check one’s prostate?

    You sit around with a thumb up your ass.

  56. Then MJ checks his prostate all day long?

  57. After a certain point, it ceases to be “checking”, IIYWIM.

  58. My thumb smells funny.

  59. Was he Ivan the Terrible? That is debatable.

    Was he a guy that put people in the gas chamber at Sobibor? Yep. He sure was.

    We’re just talking about where he is on the evil spectrum not if he’s on it.


    The ferocious pro-EU rearguard action does not just represent the anger of an incumbent ruling class defending its perks. It also expresses the class anxieties of the lower echelons of those supposedly elite “open” classes, provisionally accepted as such via their graduate status, whose access to the perks of the open culture is at best precarious but whose cultural identity depends on it.

    “Cultural Remain” should be understood less as a reasoned-through position and more as a highly emotional proxy for a faltering but still enticing lifestyle promise. As well as a howl of rage by a middle class unused to being balked, it is a wail of terror from young people terrified at the prospect of falling through the ever-thinning economic ice that separates the slick, happy modern “us” from the miserable, stagnant “them”. It is in this context that we should understand Corbynism.

  61. I just dug up some horseradish and made a pint of sauce with it. Glad I did the pouring out of the food processor outdoors! Burned my eyes at arm’s length. Labeled the jar lid ‘face eraser’ and shoved it in the fridge.

    *rubs hands together*

    It just so happens there’s some smoky, rare roast beest in the fridge too…

  62. Face Eraser! Hilarious.

  63. My first word was IF.

  64. Weatherman said 3-5″. We have 6″ and it is still coming down.

  65. Thank you, veterans!

  66. So the guy may or may not have been Ivan…but he was actually there shoving folks in ovens, yes? If so, his fate is the same as Ivan’s.

  67. Labeled the jar lid ‘face eraser’ and shoved it in the fridge.

    LOL! I bought a fresh jar of horseradish a couple of weeks ago. Just a taste sent instant WTF all up in my sinuses and eyes. Can’t imagine what your fresher stuff would do.

  68. lauraw, do you cook it at all or it’s something you can just grind up and store straight from the ground?

  69. Raw. Yep, wash it, trim it, scrape the roots until they’re white, then chuck them in the blender with some white vinegar and run until slushy.

    The vineger keeps the hot compounds from degrading/ becoming mild too fast.

  70. So Mini-me didn’t take Rocketboy’s advice on dating prior to going off to college. Rocketboy knew he was going 500 miles from home and didn’t want to deal with a long distance relationship then, so he kept it platonic his senior year in high school. He reiterated this advice last summer because now he does have a long distance relationship, and he knows how difficult it is to maintain.

    Mini-me didn’t listen to her brother, or the boyfriend was persuasive enough to get her to make promises. Boyfriend gave her a necklace and swore they’d make it work. He left for school first, and she and I put together a care package and mailed it.

    Less than six weeks later, he’s ghosting her. No calls, no emails, no texts. WTF. She didn’t want to break up with him over the phone, but finally everyone was telling her, get on with your life and DTMFA. It took a week to get hold of him just to break up with him, and that was by asking one of her friends to call the dipshit and ask him to call Mini-me. Done and done, she has moved on to the next boyfriend.

    Fast forward to today, more than a month after they broke up, and old boyfriend is calling her. This brings out the mama bear in me.

    $20, which I spent on shotgun shells.

  71. Yea, boys are assholes from senior year until about halfway through their freshman year of college. ALL boys. I mean, even the nice ones. The dick ones never come around. Erin still has the one that broker her heart two years ago trying to get back together. She won’t even take his calls.

  72. Nothing wrong with mini-me telling the boy they could be friends. Unless, of course, he broke her heart.
    Maybe later, if it doesn’t work out with new boyfriend/s……?

  73. My mechanic is giving all active or retired military free oil changes for the rest of the week.

    He’s a good guy.

  74. Husband was a year ahead of me. He went off to college first and within the first couple of months, he broke it off with me. He eventually came around and sorta begged forgiveness. Probably because with his classes and all the time spent on his sport, no time to look into dating anyone else.
    He cringes over that, today.

  75. I’m not allowed to shoot the dog. We’re going to therapy.

  76. I told her the sage advice I received, “Never let someone be your priority who considers you optional.”

  77. Cost of therapy ~$100

    Cost of one 22LR round ~5¢

  78. Cost of kicking Hotspur in the poon – PRICELESS!


    *blows kiss in ‘spurts general direction*

  79. Thats a good piece of advice, Romacita.

  80. I’m sure Car in is busy lifting things or bringing people house salads, but I bet she will remember the good ol Shoegaze days.

    Slowdive has a newish record. It’s like the early 90s all over again.

  81. don’t I know it, HS. spending money is always better than common sense, right? Then we’ll be out the $100 the next time he bites me.

  82. This is 24 years old.

  83. Grandma passed away last night (it was expected, she’s been bedridden for months and we’ve been waiting for the end). Now Mom thinks my aunt doesn’t want her to attend the memorial (which will be at my Aunt’s house a week from Saturday).

  84. your aunt can piss up a rope, it’s their mom.

  85. Condolences, and good luck with the obligatory drama.

  86. Laptop crashed for the 3rd time in 24 hours so I ordered its replacement from Walmart.

    4.5 years is a pretty good run for a laptop.

  87. I usually get about 5 out of mine. Sounds about right.

    Your laptop was probably a nazi anyway.

  88. My old laptop lasted seven years before it finally gave up the ghost. I bought a desktop which I’m now regertting, since I’m going to be traveling a lot for the holidays.

  89. Balaclavas arrived today.

    I will always call them baklavas.

    We are going to kick winter’s ass,

  90. Hockey commentator Don Cherry fired after calling immigrants “you people” in a rant on television in which he said new immigrants are not honoring the country’s fallen soldiers.

    you people.

  91. Well, was he wrong?

    Sorry, Alex.

    Time to go shovel the global warming.

  92. mmmm baklava

  93. Scott?

  94. Happy Veterans Day. Sorry about your gramma, CoAl.

  95. Hotspur, google Porsche Boxster into 2nd floor NJ.

    Pretty impressive.

  96. Video

  97. Darwin strikes again.

  98. Trololo was king of the interwebs.

    Didn’t know VW did that, what a hoot.

  99. Sigh. When the Horde sinks its teeth into something…


  101. I got a Under Armor balaklava in black from the old days…..

    Just let my dogs out, both had frozen paws in less than a minute. Had to carry my little one in while the big one hobbled in on three legs. Its that freaking cold. Got about 3 inches of snow / sleet here. Was mucho funno on the roads today in a van with 30mph gusting winds on ice. Arrived home and shoveled. Had to get the in laws vehicles brushed off and path between houses taken care of. Shoveled a puppy poop area, but now they are locked in the kitchen with puppy pads strategically placed. Lord I hate the snow. Im looking forward to April and its not even Turkey Day….Im fooked

  102. I just made no-bake cookies and I’m never moving back to someplace where the air hurts my face.

  103. I really enjoy watching Pete Carroll lose.

  104. Jimbro probably knows why Josh Gordon got waived by the Patriots.

  105. I just made no-bake cookies and I’m never moving back to someplace where the air hurts my face.

    This is merely a sign of facial weakness. Gotta work on your facegainz.

  106. He threw chocolate chips into a jar of peanut butter and ate it with a spoon.

    That isn’t a cookie.

  107. What about a jar of some shit in the refrigerator?

  108. IIRC, “no-bake” cookies usually involve a saucepan. Baking is a lot less work for a better product.

    But Pupster is a wussie little man who can’t handle snow in his snizz, so regard his life decisions with that in mind.

  109. Josh Gordon waiver remains a mystery. It’ll come out eventually.

    Local sports network theorized the 2-1/2 year long mystery of the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl benching was the result of a disagreement with a coach. Specifically Belichick’s son Steve who coaches for him. I think the theory took off after Michael Bennett got traded to the ‘Boys after having words with a different coach.

  110. It snowed again after I shoveled. Should make for a brisk morning tidying up again tomorrow.

  111. Had a guy ask me where the Baklava was located. We were in clothing. Oso: Are you looking for the pastry or the hat? Member: There’s a pastry?

  112. We have lizards.

  113. We have lizards.

    That ain’t right. Reptiles with legs, running around? GTFO. Not fit for human habitation.

  114. poat tomorrow will be a little late. don’t feel like firing up that computer, and I had actual work to do today.

  115. at 10 degrees right now. supposed to be 4 when the sun comes up. brrr

    30% humidity

  116. Sorry for your loss, CoAlex.

  117. Condolences, Coalex.

  118. Took my daughter 2 hours to get home…on ice. She is pretty sure the turds won’t call tomorrow off either even though record low temps and expectation of more precip.
    Portions of major highways are shut down due to ice and accidents. Traffic backed up for miles.
    Birdies were checking out my deck, so I swept a path for them and put out seed. They’ll thank me in the morning.

  119. Also, a couple of hours ago, we heard a BOOM of some kind. We checked MIL..she’s snoozing. No sirens, so it wasn’t someone running into something.
    Local news said people were calling in like crazy thinking it was thunder – but conditions weren’t happening that would produce thunder. The system was already out of the area. AHA…it may have been a meteor! The news camera caught a couple of them streak by and a few people sent in footage from their house cameras of one flying low and fast.

  120. From the next town over…

  121. wow!! cool beasn!

  122. Dominic exited, ruminating pensively.

  123. Everyone’s frozen?

  124. New Poat!

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