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  1. 85 votes this week.

    Too early to start secret Santa?

  2. I have stopped putting my newly washed t-shirts away. It’s easier to leave them on the dresser so Paula doesn’t need to open the t-shirt drawer at night

  3. Maybe the day after the BBF Final voting. Two more to go?

  4. Nailed it.

  5. Uhm…no. BBF has 5 semi final rounds then the final. I also reserve the right to create a Pupster Pick round in case there are shenanigans with the electoral college.

  6. Leon, do you want to run SS this year or are you too busy? I can do it if you like.

  7. If anybody wants some free range persimmons today would be a good day to stop by. 3rd frost last night and the leaves are dropping off but the fruit is still on the tree. I probably ought to figure out what to do with them.

  8. wakey wakey

    I take no responsibility for grunge music. I did everything in my power to stop that shit.

    Kurt Cobain’s greatest contribution to music was pulling the trigger.

    No hold-on a hee-haw moment their. Nirvana isn’t for everyone, but they aren’t the entirety of “grunge”. Seriously, Alice in Chains … is still freakin awesome music. they were more talented than Nirvana, but somehow Nirvana became the “band” of “grunge”.

  9. Seattle should try to figure out how and why all their talented artists couldn’t cope with life and all died due to drugs.

  10. Just checked my calendar. 5 Fridays in this November for 5 rounds. Then the Final would be 6 December. Hmm, maybe kick off SS the Sunday before Thanksgiving and finalize the enrollment Thanksgiving Eve? That gives a solid week for procrastination, week for decision and a week for shipping.

  11. Forgot to add: “Fight me”

  12. Alice in chains factoid: the band was sort of jamming together, and Layne (the singer) would fill in, but was in some other bands and wouldn’t commit. So the rest of the guys held “auditions” for a singer, and got horrible singers – and acted all serious as if they were going to allow one to join. Layne got irritated and joined.

  13. It was a girlfriend that introduced him to heroin. She was supposed to score some coke, and all she could find was heroin (they were already signed/successful). And thus … we lose Layne. She died before he did, by several years. She was like the yoko ono of AIC, in that she destroyed him.

  14. Layne was my age. Weird, because he’s frozen in time.

  15. Looking at the success of Foo Fighters, I am going out on a limb to say Kurt’s major contributions were incomprehensible lyrics and psycho girlfriend.

  16. When it comes to music I mostly (keyword mostly) rate it on a measure of purity. If the artists can convey what they are trying to get across in a believable manner or capture a moment I tend to be entertained. Of course there are variations in what I find entertaining, if “its got a good beat and you can dance to it Dick” sometimes it works for me. I liked the crunch of Nirvanna but was too old to enjoy the angst portion of the program. Now I mostly view it as capturing a moment in musical history much the same as a Fats Domino or Jerry Lee Lewis. Overall I tend not to analyse music too much very often as I have better things to do with my meager brain power.

    Over at Americandigest.org if you scroll down a bit there is a video of a guy named Riley Green doing a song live……pretty cool in my opinion. Never heard of the guy till this week. It is “Country” music with a capitol C. Fair Warning.

  17. Weird, because he’s frozen in time.
    Got the same feeling with my brother who died in ’96 at age 26. Still picture him with his pre-hipster era pork chop sideburns, no gray hair or paunch and driving a Plymouth Sundance shitbox.

  18. Don’t get me wrong, I think Kurt had talent, etc. I just think Layne was a much better singer (honestly, one of the best) and AIC overall a better band. Smells like teen spirit just became a thing, and actually Kurt hated that.

  19. Cub Scout food drive just stopped by. 2 little girls in Cub Scout shirts with their dad. I happily gave away 5 cans of Jamaican Style Bush’s Baked Beans. I bought the multi pack and knew I was screwed when we made them and Paula took one bite and made the “Eww …” noise.

  20. Girl Cub Scouts?

    I must have missed something.

  21. Pretty sure anyone can be anything in the Girl/Boy/LGBT+ Scouts these days. The fact that a guy who looks like he works a real job showed up with his 2 girls on a Saturday morning for this can drive gave me the incentive to give away Jamaican beans. I did keep the Maple Bacon beans though.

  22. I can do Secret Santa again. I’ll announce it on Monday.

    So I went to the grocery store this morning. The music stations were playing crap and my usual Catholic station was playing daily mass in Alabama, but they were at the point of distributing communion so not much to listen to. I switched to the “Christian” station that sometimes has decent music in the afternoons.

    Today I learned that Germany has been the seat of the Holy Roman Empire for the last thousand years and is represented by the leopard in the book of Revelation, and that Russia will lead the final charge against Israel, which is identical to the modern nation-state. On the drive back I learned that if you pray for something more than once, you’re not “persisting in faith”, you’re actually weak in faith because you believe God didn’t hear you the first time.

    I feel so enlightened!

  23. If Alyssa can’t be in the finals, I’m not playing anymore.

  24. The music stations were playing crap and my usual Catholic station was playing daily mass in Alabama, but they were at the point of distributing communion so not much to listen to. I switched to the “Christian” station that sometimes has decent music in the afternoons

    Dude, there are actual radio stations that play honest to god jazz, ya know?

  25. I usually listen to a few different classic rock stations, but nada this AM. Then I got hooked in by the Art Bell-level theology.

  26. As I said, there are stations that play jazz.

  27. But I don’t like jazz.

  28. And the local classical station is housed at Andrews University. The Seventh-Day Adventist Seminary. And it’s Saturday morning.

  29. OSU is favored by 43 points.

  30. That’s a pretty big spread. Are they playing a high school team?

  31. I placed a bet on Hawaii one night, they were 48.5 point underdogs.

    They lost by 48.


  32. I was driving home from work close to midnight last night, and a DJ on the radio was signing off of his show. The last thing he said in his little blurb was “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Cracked me up.

  33. Wait, they lost by 49.

  34. Your mom and a 48.5 spread.

  35. But I don’t like jazz.

    Dude, you’re in your 40s – high time you left that childish stuff behind.

  36. If Alyssa can’t be in the finals, I’m not playing anymore.

    *fistbumps HS*

    But I don’t like jazz.

    *fistbumps Leon*

  37. It wouldn’t be Buckeye football without some NCAA violations.

  38. I’m significantly more likely to listen to Swedish heavy metal than jazz.

  39. I was informed that UM beat Notre Dame this year, so that’s nice.

  40. Well, Notre Dame plays Navy today, so that should be interesting.

  41. Oops. Not today. Next week.

  42. This is the long version of a video linked at AoS the other day


    It’s 30 minutes with about 10 good minutes so fast forward to the speaking parts. Thankfully they had the body cams running so everyone can see what an ass this future Democrat politician is

  43. “Gets the girls and saves the world” meme is disturbing in the mugs of the four evil motherf*ckers at the top of the picture.

    The dracula one…can’t vampires hypnotize you into doing what they want before they sip your neck or is that only something the Count has the power to do?

  44. ut I don’t like jazz.

    Dude, you’re in your 40s – high time you left that childish stuff behind.

    says the guy who saw ani difranco at the ark.

  45. *wonders if Pepe has ever made a hobbit shanker*

  46. Beasn, modern authors tend write vampires as having some sort of mental domination powers over victims, but it’s not there in Stoker at all, iirc.

    You have to figure that Dracula is several hundred years old at least, he can hear your heart beat and smell the tiniest change in your perspiration, and he’s been seducing people for blood for longer than you’ve been alive. Add to that the regal bearing of a nobleman who’s already a powerful alpha male, and wtf does he need hypno powers for?

  47. I watched a great review of Dracula 2000 with cuts from when Dracula is walking through Virgin Records, and all the hot chicks are basically throwing their panties at him. The reviewer had this priceless line:

    “These women aren’t acting, this is just what happens when Gerard Butler walks into a room.”

    How much more so for the real deal?

  48. I just thought the “May we come in?” was clever.

  49. I hope the Pupsters aren’t doing shots for this game.

  50. says the guy who saw ani difranco at the ark.

    I was tricked into that.

  51. Naww we don’t do that no mo.

    Kinda puts the brakes on the whole day.

    *hits bong for the third touchdown*

  52. Elliot just bit my hand, bad. at er for stitches. he’s about a stone’s throw from the farm, Mrs jay is talking me out of it.

  53. There are a lot of puppies who need homes, Jay.

  54. he’s not a puppy

  55. That’s my point. There are a lot of dogs out there who haven’t given you a grievous injury and would love to live with you.

  56. says the guy who saw ani difranco at the ark.

    I was tricked into that.

    Ba haaaa haaaa haaaa

  57. Oh ouch sorry j’ames. What happened? One of our dogs bite my dad in teh face (he needed stitches). We kept him. (the dog and my dad). The dog was just neurotic. Always had to be careful. We actually rescued him when my uncle got rid of him for biting my cousin.

  58. Sorry that happened Jay.

    Elliot needs to chillthefuckout.

  59. Stella snapped at Pat once. She hasn’t since, but I’m always cautious. If she takes something she shouldn’t, I make sure we “trade” things. I read somewhere that’s what you should do. I think she’s grown out it.

  60. not sure what happened. sitting on the couch petting him. all of a sudden growly growly, tried his name to get his attention, then started to move out of the way. he caught me on the hand by the little finger and clamped down. 3 stitches and a tetanus shot.

    I’m being talked out of the farm solution, but when he’s done it before, and this was worse with no provocation it will only happen again, unless we can change it.

  61. sorry if I’m snippy Leon, I’m a little pissed right now

  62. Does he have any pain in the place you were petting that might have set him off?

  63. Thankfully they had the body cams running so everyone can see what an ass this future Democrat politician is

    That was incredibly frustrating to watch. Some of the comments were obvious students who were raised by wolves.

  64. Add to that the regal bearing of a nobleman who’s already a powerful alpha male, and wtf does he need hypno powers for?…
    …….. when Dracula is walking through Virgin Records, and all the hot chicks are basically throwing their panties at him. The reviewer had this priceless line:

    “These women aren’t acting, this is just what happens when Gerard Butler walks into a room.”

    How much more so for the real deal?

    *Stares off into the distance, panties in hand. *
    *sings….who wants to live forever….(so long as he bites you while you still look good) *

  65. Jay, next time, bite him back like would happen in a wolf pack.

  66. Okay, off to rake some leaves and finish cleaning up the lower garden SYWM. I’ve got to go find my newer sweat pants that won’t reveal butt crack every time I bend over.

  67. oh he got some, beasn, IYKWIMAITYD

  68. let’s just say I’m still the alpha.

  69. Heh heh….jays been taking lessons from his dog on the snippy dept.

  70. Hopefully he learned a lesson.

  71. They give you antibiotics?

  72. sorry if I’m snippy Leon, I’m a little pissed right now

    I get it. My rescue knocked Possum off her feet once when we first got him from my sister (he really did go to live on a farm). Wife talked me down from putting a .22 between his eyes before I got to the gun safe.

  73. If he ever bites her, me, or the wife as badly as Elliot bit you, his lifespan will be measured in hours. No debate, no talking down. Rifle shot after some final pets and apology, then a hand-dug grave out back.

  74. yes scott, a big full bottle of antibiotics, 10 days and finish them all.

    lidocaine is wearing off, ouch

  75. Some dogs harbor really bad bugs in their mouth.

    Like kill you dead in a couple of days bad.

  76. Hrmph. Had a dog when I was a kid, don’t remember if she bit or nearly bit some neighborhood jerk kid, that was it for the dog.

    I loved that dog. I didn’t fault the dog’s actions and still don’t.

    I suspect I learned that anyone who stuck up for me would be put down. This may partly explain the trainwreck I am today.

  77. If Perdue could have scored one more TD, I would be 3 for 3,

    Stupid Perdue.

  78. Purdue.

  79. i missed OSU by points, purdue by points, and had PSU

  80. leon, if it was me I would have driven him up to the vet today. Mrs jay wants to consult with trainers, and I’m willing to listen.

    If it’s “well, this might work, not sure” he’s going to the vet. I’m not willing to chance it with kids or other people.

  81. Our grandson is having his 13th birthday party sleepover here tonight. The mothers are arriving with his buddies. Each mom has special instructions on what her kid can eat.

    Jesus. We’re fucked. These fucking kids are thirteen.

  82. brocav, are you saying the dog bit some kid that was torturing you for some reason? that isn’t a reason to put one down, that’s protecting you

  83. how bad are the eating instructions hs?

  84. “He can eat this, but not that.” “He can’t have dairy.” “He doesn’t eat fish.” “He can’t have soda.” “Is the pizza gluten free?”

    I swear to god. When I was 13 my parents dropped us at the end of the driveway, and if they said anything, it was, “Behave.”

  85. heh same here. we ate whatever

  86. Zach’s mom brought his own fucking pizza.

  87. all those dietary restrictions are on the parents I’m sure

  88. I do that, but I’m 43 and I know what’ll make me sick or not.

    A 13yo boy can eat anyfuckingthing.

  89. My memory is a bit foggy on exact details–this is something like 40 years ago, mind you–but the kid was being a jerk. I have to admit the dog probably overreacted somewhat, but dogs don’t do nuance.

  90. I am going to try and spend a lot more time outdoors this winter.

    Just ordered his and hers crampons.

    Fuck ice!

  91. One kid brought his own fucking giant screen tv. Evidently our wall mounted 52” isn’t big enough.

  92. wtf?

  93. Some dogs harbor really bad bugs in their mouth.
    Board answer is Pasteurella species, a “gram-negative, facultative, anaerobic, pleomorphic coccobacillus”.


    (couple of gross pictures at link, mostly words)

  94. This is the bad one https://www.wormsandgermsblog.com/2008/12/articles/animals/dogs/dog-bite-septicemia-capnocytophaga-canimorsus/

    Guy I knew went through it twice. He must not have had a spleen, or been an alcoholic or something.

  95. These fucking kids are thirteen.

    A 13 year old should know what not to eat if he has issues. I do give credit to the one who brought his own pizza. Especially if some food gives him the runs.

    The few times I took my kids to my parents, I’d either pack them something to eat or leave money for pizza. Otherwise, they’d serve them hotdogs. Hotdogs would make my daughter sick and they’re just pure shit. Fight me.

  96. Bought the Ninja Foodi Grill. Watching LSU @ BAMA. Minnesota Hockey at Wolverines on TV. Goldie beat PSU. Buckeyes destroyed that POS Locksley. Love the 🐻 meme

  97. My Toto dog is overweight. Cant clean herself “down there.” Had to take her to vet today to the tune of 125 for a UTI and a “sanitary clean”. Now she’s on antibiotics and we just finished her first in house cleaning with the solution provided at the vet (think doggie betadine type). She is not a happy camper. Did the cleaning thing and then applied some hydrocortisone creme hoping it will provide her with some pain relief. Vet described it as like having bad case of diaper rash. Looked for a creme that contained lidocaine or some other anesthetic but none of the OTC lidocaine cremes seemed appropriate for sensitive areas. Thinking about tattoo aftercare stuff now…..

  98. I would have no problem with a parent that brought food to meet their kids dietary needs….I do have a problem with a parent that expects me to monitor the individuals except for stuff related to life threatening allergies…..and the older the kid is the more I expect the kid to control their behavior.

  99. Bama-LSU is getting interesting

  100. I hope LSU will win for no other reason than it will give their coach more TV time. Dude talks like he’s gargling gravel. Ed Orgeron.


  101. I got close this week.

    If Penn State and Wisconsin both managed to score another TD I would have been 5/6 and $1600 richer.

    Wisconsin ran out the clock 10 yards away from that TD.

  102. Wow, TeeRoy. The things we do for our four legged family. My 16 year old is on 3 new meds. Braunschweiger. Massage therapy. At least massage therapy is at home. When she was younger, Doggie Daycare had a water massage therapist. Water message therapist, loved my dogs. They were always getting free therapy. Licensed massage therapist asked us if we minded using our dogs for training. See also groomer at Pet Paradise.

  103. I am already sick of Christmas commercials.

  104. Car Christmas commercials?

    Have you ever received or gifted a car for Christmas or know anyone who has?

  105. Dan’s BFF got a red corvette from his wife for Christmas. Big bow. She quit her job before the final payments. I guess he bought his own corvette. Next year, they had their first kid. When Dan visits Chris, Chris drives the corvette. Chris to Dan: “I didn’t even want a corvette. Wanted a dually. Bought my own truck. Don’t tell”.

  106. MJ should buy this lady a car.


  107. Who gets a car for Christmas? Geez. Never could see that.

  108. LSU coach sounds like Cookie Monster.

  109. https://tinyurl.com/y6bbu2k5

  110. Today Anita and I watched “Snowden”, the 2014 movie about snowden and Glenn Greenwald outing the NSA scooping *everything* about everyone, Clapper lying to congress about data collection of Americans and everyone else. Also exposed Brit spy network GCHQ having a much deeper program that wouldn’t have been permitted in the US, but the can do it, and we can share the data.

  111. I went to Atlanta to see family and watch Rocketboy compete in historical martial arts. Traffic was fucked six ways from Sunday because of Trump and because it’s Atlanta.

  112. LSU coach sounds like Cookie Monster.

    that’s his nickname

  113. So LSU beat Bama. There’s going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth at work.

  114. wow, ISU just lost going for 2 on their last play. I love the call myself.

  115. Deep emotions rule people.

  116. Tool was excellent, of course. We had a great time, thanks for asking.

  117. Hey, I heard Tool was great!

    Anyone else hear that?

  118. Oh! Refresh before commenting I guess.

  119. Yea, I was joshing but they were great. Went down early so I could get a poster (they only sell 600), got there and had NO idea what to do. Doors were locked, no one knew nothing. Wandered into Kid Rock’s restaurant (which is attached) and the waiter said we could just stay there, and then use their entrance into the venue. Food was really good, and man it was a great plan. 5:45, we just walked to the back – and when they opened I was about first in line. Poor fools who had to stand out in the cold. sorry/not sorry.

    They played for 2 hours. Between songs they had these interludes, and they were amazing. No phones policy was awesome – I hate being distracted by the 100 and 1000’s of screens when people are recording. Guy in front of me was recording and I told him he was going to get booted. Finally he did. Idiot.

  120. Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? These were on Amazon until people complained…


  121. It’s almost as if Amazon doesn’t vet the stuff it facilitates the sale of, sheesh.

  122. Cool story Carin! Even better that a real fan got to benefit from an insiders trick

  123. Ugh. gmoornehn.

    Picking up extra hours/ shifts this week. Also volunteered for extra day shifts on Sundays in Winter. Since my hobby life will likely be much less. Might as well work.

  124. This place is deader then Epstein…..

  125. wow does my hand hurt.

    at least it isn’t as bad as last night. Still.

  126. Feel better soon, Jay! Pay attention to any signs of infection. Heat, swelling, redness, etc.

    I hope the trainers agree with you that you shouldn’t keep the dog. Unpredictable violence is a shitty thing to have to live with in your own home.

    Dorkus had snapped at Scott a couple times not too long after we adopted him. I was ready to put the dog down both times, but Scott refused, saying he had provoked him (he had, but still).

  127. Carin, how is Pay doing?

  128. jays hand look at your own peeil

  129. With Pay’s arm and J’ames hand … Well, I know some women who aren’t going to get anything done on their “honey do” list.

  130. He can slightly twist his arm today. It’s small but it’s something.

  131. Holy moly, Jay. Ouch.
    I’m sorry you were chomped and even sorrier you have to do a course of antibiotics.
    How’s Elliot been acting since? Does he know he did something bad?

  132. I wonder … if one of the recommendations in dealing with elliot would be to do some hand feeding. That really instills that YOU ARE HOW AND WHY HE SURVIVES.

  133. So, one Chesa Boudin has been elected DA in San FranCommieland.
    Who is Boudin you might ask? According to the media reporting it…he’s just the most progressive name on the ticket. A reformer!

    Let’s take a closer look…

    Boudin was born in New York City.[1] His parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, were Weather Underground members.[2]

    When Boudin was 14 months old, his parents were arrested for their role as getaway car drivers in the Brink’s robbery of 1981 in Rockland County, New York.[1][3] His mother was sentenced to 20 years to life[4] and his father to 75 years to life for the felony murders of two police officers and a security guard.[5] After his parents were incarcerated, Boudin was raised in Chicago by adoptive parents Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who, like his parents, were members of the Weather Underground.[6] Kathy Boudin was released under parole supervision in 2003.[3][7]

    Boudin descends from a long left-wing lineage. His great-great-uncle, Louis B. Boudin,[8] was a Marxist theoretician and author of a two-volume history of the Supreme Court’s influence on American government, and his grandfather Leonard Boudin was an attorney who represented controversial clients such as Fidel Castro and Paul Robeson.[9] Boudin is also related to Michael Boudin,[8] a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and I.F. Stone, an independent journalist.[8][10]

    Boudin went to St Antony’s College, Oxford on a 2003 Rhodes Scholarship.[2] At Oxford, he earned two master’s degrees, one in Forced Migration and the other in Public Policy in Latin America. He received his J.D. degree from Yale Law School in 2011,[11] and began work for the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office as a post-doctoral fellow in 2012.[3]

  134. A degree in ‘Forced Migration’. What do you think that subject matter entails?

  135. What do you think that subject matter entails?

    Sipping penis

  136. City of TuscaIoosa post on Faceplant:

    We will be bringing in the best grief counselors to assist citizens in dealing with the recent loss against LSU. They’re coming in from Auburn and Knoxville, so you know they’re incredibly experienced.

  137. Master’s degree in Public Policy at Oxford is 43K pounds or $55K/year. A lot of money to find out white people are racist.

  138. OK, I fell down a new rabbit hole on YouTube: Octopus videos.

  139. Crampons arrived.

    What a country. Order to doorstep in 18 hours.

  140. And on a Sunday to boot

  141. Brother Cavil OMG. I follow Octopus videos on FB. Almost as good as Otter and Dachshund videos.

  142. beasn, Elliot does know he did something bad. He’s been staying away from me, and snuggling with Mrs Jay

  143. and just like that, Reid loses another game on defense. Good game, Chefs

  144. Chefs-Titans … wow!

  145. laura, there is a lot of swelling. Pain is better than yesterday, but still there in a big way, close to a nerve. Won’t be driving the stickshift to work tomorrow. 10 days to get the stitches out,and I’ll finish the antibiotics. Keflex, huge pills.

  146. car in, Elliot is very gentle taking food from people, anyone. Not sure how hand feeding will help.

    Mrs Jay asked if I’m willing to have an open mind about training. Yes, but they are going to have to convince me.

  147. Jay, Elliot is an older dog, right? Is it possible that he is developing doggy Alzheimer’s (I assume they can get that, too), or could he be losing his hearing and/or sight?

    Sorry about your hand; hope you feel better soon!

  148. He’s only 5.

  149. For some reason, I thought that he was older than that – must be thinking about someone else’s pup.

    Are there similar problems in other dogs of the same breed at the same age? (Just asking questions to which I don’t know the answers)

  150. I’ve read that spaniels are very loyal, and are known for being protective of other people than their immediate family. That’s why this is puzzling. He’s protective of me to the point of being an asshole to every other person around me. He’s not nearly as protective of Mrs. Jay.

  151. New Orleans was favored by 15 and lost by 17.

    That could be the biggest upset of the year.

  152. Do you have any idea on what set Elliot off?

  153. Grrrrr…I want Andy Reid gone. Typical Chef move hiring a guaranteed loser.

  154. Get well soon, Jay and Pat. (and Bcoch if he’s lurking out there)

  155. I had given Elliot a treat earlier from his box of cookies. I even broke it up for him, and he had just sniffed it, and licked it a little. He was lying on the couch next to me, snuggled up next to my leg. I was petting him. Maybe he was sleeping but he was calm. He lifted up his head, and was looking to the side, and I saw his lip curl up, and he started growling. I was saying his name over and over, trying to get his attention, and the growling was getting worse. He is still right next to my leg at this time. The treat was on the couch, and he’s a resource guarder, and a toy guarder. I was trying to get a better position to immobilize his head, usually I go for the back of the neck, or the throat. He caught my hand, and clamped down hard. Usually he has nipped and let go. This time he clamped.

    I then got the back of his neck and squeezed hard, still didn’t let go. I had to put my thumb of the other hand in the side of his mouth. After that He got hit hard, to try and get his attention. Still growling, I pinned him down, and yelled very loudly. Finally the growling stopped, and you could tell he recognized danger.

    At that point he was carried up to the kennel, and put in there. He didn’t try anything at that point. I was very angry at that point and may have damaged the door to the kennel.

  156. There is absolutely nothing there that could be provoking to him except the treat. totally unacceptable.

  157. They should be able to fix that.

    For some reason I thought it was completely out character and had an idea.

  158. Gutfeld is showing late night clips of Hillary and Chelsea. When Hillary was campaigning, I assumed the bulky shirts and ugly jackets were covering up a bulletproof vest. She’s still looking really blocky. Back brace? Some other device?

  159. Some dogs react in very strange ways when they have seizures.

    Temporary rage is one of them.

    A friends dog would chase imaginary insects.

  160. interesting idea

  161. love the Gutfeld show, roamy.

  162. Some other device?

    Colostomy bag. A really big one considering how full of crap she is.

  163. From your description of events, seems like he was in a fog of something until you pinned his ass and yelled through it.

  164. Maybe he was half asleep.

    Not that they tried to bite me, but both MIL and husband recently woke up in a panic. The former thought some alarm was going off (it was the shower) and was shrieking up the stairs…she even came upstairs. Scared hell out of me. And the husband was napping and then I hear him hollering at me to check if something was burning. He did the rounds and went back to his nap.

  165. that’s why I was saying his name, over and over, getting louder. trying to get his attention.

    He never snaps out of it, until he’s pinned by me, hand around throat.

  166. My laptop gave me an error notice, and restarted. Twice. Now it can’t find any networks.

    My phone and the TV are still connected to wifi but the laptop says “no networks identified.”

    Any ideas?

  167. network card failed.

  168. see if you can plug it in with a cat 5 cable.

  169. Hand feeding reinforces dominance and his submissive position.

  170. since I can’t grab the manual shift, I get to drive the new truck to work.


  171. I fiddled around with a bunch of stuff that I know nothing about and now it works.


  172. I’m kind of essited about ice-hiking this winter. I just need better earmuffs. Maybe some other layering clothes if we go in really really cold weather.

    Will I need a little ice axe? I might need a little ice axe.

  173. https://tinyurl.com/yfg5amyg

  174. All six experts at NBC said Dallas.

    That means Minnesota +3.5 should be a gimme.

  175. Notice how patriotic the NFL got today?

  176. They have been triggering Kaepernick all day.

  177. Sunday NF just showed the Anthem.

  178. Minn +17.5

  179. https://tinyurl.com/couple-arrested-for-stealing flip flops

  180. Sorry if you saw a post appear and go away.

    Nobody knew who it was or where it came from.

  181. I was wondering how many idiots kneeled today.

  182. You are scaring me.

  183. sounds like pups hit the publish button early.

    Multiple times

  184. do you ever NOT need a little ice axe?

  185. You need one for each hand if you are going to do it right.

  186. Premature publication happens.

  187. Premature publication happens.

    Feels like dropping a pop tart in your lap.

  188. Beasn bait.


  189. Flip flop link no worky.

  190. Diego emerged, relatively prepared.

  191. Flip flop


  192. Just like that, it was gone


  193. I saw this linked in some newsletter yesterday.


    To get one that suits all your needs (base + accessories) is the cost equivalent of buying a used car. I have neither the need or desire to own one of these finely tuned machines. But since we are part cooking blog I’ll just leave this here.

  194. This is for Leon – something he would be interested in:

    The Last Pig Picnic of 2019
    We buy (or birth) little pigs each spring to raise on pastures.
    Some farmers, who pasture hogs, try to prevent the pigs from destroying the sod. I let our pigs root and dig in the soil. I would not deprive them of that joy. It is clearly their nature to do so.
    That means I need to replant the pastures each spring. I plant a mix of a dozen or more seed types as early as possible. Normally in April.. That mix includes annual grains like oats, wheat and barley, legumes like clovers, cow peas, and beans, and brassicas like turnips, radishes, rape, and kale.
    I do that in all four pig pastures.
    By moving the herds to a fresh section each week or two we keep luscious green forage and roots available for them all through the growing season.
    In these photos, Aaron is moving the pigs in the northwest pasture to their final greenery of the year.
    It is November and we have had many frosty nights. But not cold enough to kill the brassicas. Brassicas are cool season plants that can withstand temperatures well be low 32 degrees.
    The pastures can be grazed repeatedly. The pasture section in the photos was grazed in mid-summer for two weeks. We then moved the hogs to a fresh section and let this area resprout. It did so from seeds produced by the initial growth. While eating the plants and tubers the pigs mixed the new seeds into the soil.
    You may see turnip bulbs and yellow rape blossoms if you look closely at the photos.
    Pigs that live well are happy pigs.

  195. Zach, at 13, needed to have his mom bring his own pizza to a sleepover party.


    Perhaps Zach will use his alone time during the Saide Hawkins dance weekend for something positive. Perhaps he won’t. But rest assured, he will be alone.

  196. “Uhm…no. BBF has 5 semi final rounds then the final. I also reserve the right to create a Pupster Pick round in case there are shenanigans with the electoral college.”

    unpossible that anyone would have the temerity to monkey w/the sanctity of the year end boob-off…..

  197. I’m aware of using pigs to till land, it’s their nature. Similarly, grazing animals will create or repair grassland if managed properly (basically you pretend to be a pack of wolves and keep them bunched up and on the move so they mow hard, poop, and then go). I keep trying to get the Mrs interested in rehabbing the whole field using just animals. She reminds me that while it would work, it would either need quite a few years, or it would need a lot more animals than we’re ready to handle just yet. I can handle 6 sheep. I likely cannot handle 60.

    I have the day off and spaced on poating. MMM around 10 with Secret Santa announcement inline. Date suggestions welcome. If I get fewer than 8 entries, we might want to just call it off.

  198. My school never had a Sadie Hawkins dance. Must be a regional thing for other regions.

  199. I heard the Tool concert was great.

  200. The Tool concert was great.

  201. Can someone besides Carin confirm this?

  202. New

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