Mysterious Megalith Monday

How about something different?

The wikipedia article is somehow mercifully dated in BC, so it might actually be worth reading:


Here are some great images I found.

This is the only megalithic structure I’ve seen in person.

It’s not as big as I was expecting.  You don’t get a real sense of grand scale standing near it, but my sense of large structures has been set by modern cities and the Washington monument and the like.

And yet, the stones you’re looking at (the unbroken ones, anyhow) average 25 tons.  They weren’t quarried on site, or anywhere within 20 miles, and they weren’t moved by people with modern cranes or flatbed trucks.

That’s a whole lot of effort to go to for something that isn’t an immediate payoff, so obviously they felt like it was worth putting an enormous amount of work into building this thing that at best may have helped them check the arrival of the solstices or other astronomical events.  That’s how important something that’s effectively a giant calendar or almanac was.

This isn’t Egypt or Mexico, either.  You either take breaks when it snows or you move blocks in real British winters until you’ve finished.

The people who built it aren’t around to ask, either, and they didn’t write anything down for us.  But they probably looked a lot like me (my family name originates only about 150 miles north of where it stands).  The were born, hunted, farmed, and raised families near this colossal stone structure, lived with it as a backdrop or even the site of every important event in their day to day existence.  And what about those who came much later, long after the builders and their children and even their children’s children were dead and buried, what did they think of it?



  1. This post rocks.

  2. Also…

    This post? Rocks.

  3. No one knows who they were, or the rest of this quote…

  4. I hope the government takes over the power company in California. Is that bad of me?

    wakey wakey

  5. The government of CA already controls PG&E, that’s why it sucks so badly and they are forbidden to do anything useful to prevent fires or fix the grid.

    What’s being discussed now is dispensing with the legal fiction that it’s a real corporation beholden to stockholders.

  6. This poat is a failure due to it’s lack of the one obvious link.

  7. Both PG&E and the state of CA suck. They’re made for each other.

  8. I like this post. These mysteries are great food for thought.

    If you run out of ideas for MMM (which considering this poat you won’t) I think it was Carin who linked a bodyweight workout chart. Kind of neat. Maybe a Motivational Monday “can’t fail if you do it” single exercise.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

    I just got done doing one of Sean T’s 20-minute transformation deals and I feel it. Lots of lunges, bi and tri pushups (SYWM) and ab work.

  9. I’m finally well enough to start exercising again, so today will be attempt number 2 at the stupidly-light dumbbell routine.

  10. Was it here where I read that two (MORE) of the three major problems with PG & E were…

    1) Not clear cutting fire stop areas because of the idiot eco freaks
    2) PG& E with pressure from the legislature putting billions into wind,
    solar and other bullshit “eco-friendly” projects
    3) The billions in payouts for employee retirement benefits

  11. I created my own version of a megalith earlier this morning

  12. 2) instead of propping up the already in place but shaky infrastructure.

  13. *kicks Jimbo in the poon*

  14. It’s Tool week everyone. You’ve been warned.

    So, the 16 mile run yesterday about killed me yesterday, but aside from my quads being a little sore, I’m fine.

  15. Mare, I’ve got megaliths for weeks if not months. I find them fascinating. Especially the ones that are “too old” like Gobleki Tepe. That one structure pushed back the date of earliest agriculture by almost 2000 years, and it appears to be a one-off. No earlier, less-sophisticated structures nearby to suggest progression. So either the earlier ones were quarried to make the structure we’ve found, or there are even older ones yet to be found.

  16. No, I want full government control etc of the power company. It’s going to be awesome. Right now, they can pretend they’re not responsible. It’s going to be awesome when it’s a full-throated fail.

  17. *also kicks Jimbro in the poon*

  18. Oh, I agree. I think it’s a farce to leave it like it is, with PG&E branded as “evil capitalists” when they’re really basically a beaten slave held at gunpoint and being forced to clean out their account at an ATM and then drive like a maniac.

  19. Love it, Leon.

    How about that crazy one wherein they have cut the rocks as close to laser-like precision as anything we have today at Puma Punku.There is also that rock split in the middle east that’s crazy looking, Al Naslraa

  20. Was it a training run, Carin or an organized run?

  21. Just a training run. I’ve always wanted to check out this one path – it’s about 20 min from my house. It was GORGEOUS. It goes from Lake orion to Rochester hills and follows Paint Creek. Big houses – you see their backyards – and lots of just trees. The whole areas is very wooded, and it passes a golf course, and all sorts of interesting pretty stuff. It’s not all backyards – that would be boring. But you sort of weave in and out.

  22. The show Ancient Aliens is crazy but I love it because they take you to some really spectacular places. I enjoy the mysteries. And that greek guy reminds me of xbrad because of xbrad’s use of his avatar.

  23. The precision stonecutting is great. The hard part with this stuff is staying with genuine archeology and not wandering into David Icke territory, though.

    Graham Hancock has done some genuinely great writing on the topic, and has actually done dives to a large number of what appear to be inundated cities/sites off the coast of Malta and India, but he tends to speculate pretty far afield after that. That said, he’s paid out of pocket to get some real science done on ancient coastlines and Doggerland maps, and those are absolutely amazing.

    The Indian subcontinent alone lost an area the size of Texas when the glaciers in North America melted. Doggerland (between Briton and France) was completely submerged, and was the (a) size of Michigan and (b) prime farm land. What’s down there? How fast did it flood? I love thinking about this stuff.

  24. This is not a spoiler because this was from season one but James Greer being a muslim, foul-mouthed, poor decision-making glump is a slap in the face to Clancy’s wise, stand up, southern tradition leader.

    Somebody probably thinks this is what Tom would have wanted. Or stick a finger in his eye, because of his beliefs. Either way, mare is right, Greer was a solid american patriot, and we had no idea if he was a democrat or a republican. In fact, isn’t Ryan an independent?

  25. Lots of lunges, bi and tri pushups (SYWM) and ab work.

    Sounds like a Katie Hill Thruple Workout™

  26. The Indian subcontinent alone lost an area the size of Texas when the glaciers in North America melted.

    See what happens with global warming? Hmm? HMMM?

  27. Well, North America (the glacial ice shelf extended down into whats now Missouri) and vast swathes of Asia were covered in ice at the time. There literally isn’t enough water on earth to do that again. No amount of melting of what remains at the poles would have that same effect.

  28. 9/10. Would not smash.

    I really like this post.

  29. leon, I have been assured that we will all drown if we continue down this path.

  30. When we went to Stonehenge, there was a protest going on against the British national parks organization. You can see the rocks without having to spend $20, so people were lined up along the fence, holding signs.

    I am terribly late for work. My pilot friend flew Mini-me back to MO yesterday, and I rode along. No heater. I bundled up on the couch after a hot, hot shower to thaw out and fell asleep. Mr. RFH left me alone, and I just woke up with a headache. I’m either dehydrated or in need of caffeine.

  31. Oh, and I met Mini-me’s new boyfriend. I had brought sammiches so the pilot could have something to eat and take a break before flying back. Offered new boyfriend a ham sammich, found out he’s Jewish. Oops.

  32. I can’t believe they got all the rocks moved at Stonehenge for Daylight Savings Time. Or is that automated?

  33. leon, I have been assured that we will all drown if we continue down this path.

    Math is hard.

  34. In my more fanciful moments I like to imagine what it would be like if it was discovered that humans actually developed agricultural and metalworking civilizations along some of the coastal regions during the previous interglacial, only to have everything wiped out by the glacial period and humanity reduced down to primitive hunting and gathering again.

  35. The “Saving” in DST isn’t plural. Or real.

  36. Alex, I strongly suspect that something exactly like that happened. Too many flood myths in too many disparate cultures, too many stories of lost cities, and too many anomalous artifacts.

  37. Ok, I had it backwards, they would have developed along coastal regions during the glacial periods, and then been flooded out at the beginning of this interglacial.

  38. I don’t think (as Hancock speculates) that any of them was a “global” civilization in any real sense, but I think it’s entirely possible that things were traded pretty far between neighboring cities. We know that iron was getting from Greenland to the Aleutians at roughly the same time as Stonehenge was being built.

  39. Right, I read your “interglacial” as LGM without thinking about it.

  40. Agreed. Lots of little human settlements appearing, combined with rudimentary trade routes mostly via the coasts.

  41. This is, btw, another great reason to acquire Greenland. There’s so much iron there it deflects compasses a thousand miles away.

  42. Cultures were flooded out by glacial melting due to the multiple industrial revolutions and cars in Avalon or Atlantis.

    Fight me!

  43. It’s all a simulation.

    Stonehenge is one of those things that’s built in that is absurd. It makes no sense and therefore makes the simulation more real.

  44. gumbebe

  45. Cultures were flooded out by glacial melting due to the multiple industrial revolutions and cars in Avalon or Atlantis.

    So you’ve read Fingerprints of the Gods, then?

    Kidding, he doesn’t suggest global warming as the cause (or anything, that early in his writing, since the iridium study suggesting a comet impact hadn’t happened yet). He does ask the pertinent “how long would an ipad last –even in a landfill — if the culture that made it vanished?” I think that’s suggesting far too much, but it’s not an unreasonable question. Nothing made of wood lasts for very long, and even good steel rusts away to nothing if left alone and not buried. Plastic would last, but I think I’m on solid ground saying that 20th century America is the first time that was ever manufactured anywhere.

  46. There was a very interesting moment on Bill Maher’s show this weekend.

    Dennis Prager mentioned that America is the least racist place on the planet and everyone laughed. Then he mentioned that the Left is lying to us by saying it is racist. He also mentioned that other lies include trans men or women are not actually women or men. And that public places are now demanding that tampons be sold in men’s rooms and that men can have a period.

    Not one person on the panel, when asked, knew about this. They had no idea that biology and the lies we’re being asked to accept were out there.

    They all sort of laughed and called him crazy.

    Does the Left not know what their own fringe is up to?

  47. The whole Greer being a muzzy thing just pissed me off. It’s only relevance was so Hollywood could let its freak flag fly.

    They did the same fucking thing in Homeland.

    The entire second season was a complete waste. Worse, it killed brain cells.

  48. Fight me!



  49. Does the Left not know what their own fringe is up to?

    Why would they? MSNBC and CNN are 24/7 OrangeManBad and they refuse to watch Faux Nuze.

  50. I guarantee that if I tell my dad about Drag Queen Story Hour he’ll think I’m messing with him or at least exaggerating.

  51. Greer in the books was as solid as a rock, one of those guys you always want in your corner. The Greer in this TV series is a jackass.

    I don’t remember if in the book he was specifically black and I didn’t care, all I knew is I liked the guy and trusted him with America’s secrets.

    Of course, now I’m jaded and think both the FBI and the CIA should be nuked.

    Yes, I too, know someone in the FBI who is a good guy.

  52. Glaciers scour away any formations on the surface of the planet, rising seas bury others. Metal gets dug up and reused, while bodies decompose.

    Give the planet ten thousand years, and you’d be hard pressed to prove that the US ever existed.

  53. Dennis Prager mentioned that America is the least racist place on the planet and everyone laughed. Then he mentioned that the Left is lying to us by saying it is racist.

    This is truth. You want to see real racism? Look at Europe, or Africa, or Asia, or South America. All of them display more casual racism in every day interactions and beliefs than your average American.

  54. Alex, plastic in landfills would still tell a tale. That’s the difference this time. So would the flag on the moon and the robots on Mars, if what came next ever got there.

  55. That’s why I said you’d be hard pressed. Landfills are fairly compact and you’d have to do a lot of digging to find one, or know where to dig.

  56. True enough. A primitive people would look at them and think the hills are natural, if there are even hills left by then. You’d have to tunnel in to find it.

  57. CoAlex, I’ve suspected your hypothesis is on target for quite some time. If the whole Atlantis thing isn’t just something that got made up out of whole cloth by Plato, it could be explained as an “advanced” for its era culture whose settlements were inundated as sea levels rose. Needless to say, for a people who lack the sort of knowledge we now (allegedly) have, that would sure look like the wrath of the gods. Could well convince them into giving up their advanced metallurgy and agriculture for more primitive means. Hmm, that sounds familiar…

  58. Cavil, there’s also the fact that an advanced civilization is inherently more fragile. They don’t have to choose to give up metallurgy and agriculture, they just have to lose the people who knew how, or the records kept. The stone-age hunter-gatherers next door have a lifestyle that’s much harder to disrupt, and easy to adopt.

  59. We’ve entered Bizarro-world where Kanye West is the voice of alt-right reason.

  60. I figure Atlantis was a mish-mash of older myths, combined with a collective memory of previous floods, as well as the Bronze Age Collapse.

  61. I’ve come back in time from the year 2025, where Kanye West has released his latest album, a hip-hop requiem entirely in Latin.

    It’s won five Grammys and went platinum inside of a week.

  62. I figure Atlantis was a mish-mash of older myths, combined with a collective memory of previous floods, as well as the Bronze Age Collapse.

    It’s worth noting that Plato’s date for the flood of Atlantis matches up very closely with the date generated by the comet impact hypothesis.

  63. Greenland. There’s so much iron there

    Iron isn’t part of the Green New Deal. Weighs too much, uses too much carbon.

  64. I remember an article I once read, about future archaeologists uncovering a guy sitting in his chair, or bed, watching TV with a remote. They completely missed the point of the objects, and instead assigned religious components to each item. The remote was a religious wand to offer praise to the god display in front of the man, the TV was a portal displaying a decayed picture of the man’s god, all out of context because nothing worked like they thought. Pretty funny.

    Makes me wonder what future archaeologists will think of us in this age. We’ve gotten rid of books, replaced with electrons. no evidence will exist of everything we come up with now.

  65. This may be less esoteric that the current discussion, however, Rebel ice cream in salted caramel is rather delish.

    Dat Keto Lady (instagram and youtube) has an incredible keto ice cream recipe. You need an ice cream maker for best results. She also has a phenomenal recipe for chocolate chip cookie cheesecake combo.

    Also, I Dream About Food All Day has a fantastic keto chocolate donut recipe. You don’t need a donut pan. I used maple flavoring for the icing, oh, man!

    I don’t normally eat keto sweets because I will eat them all. My daughter had us over and made me keto donuts and it was so sweet of her I just had to take them home and eat all of them.

  66. This is truth. You want to see real racism? Look at Europe, or Africa, or Asia, or South America.
    I say this all the time. Until you’ve visited or worked with people from all over the world it’s really hard to understand how ingrained race and hierarchy are.

    In South America there are a lot of people that look like me. They live in a different world than the people descended from indians.

    Western Europeans totally disdain Americans for lack of culture but share racial affinity. You don’t really notice it too much. But folks from the ME or black people are second class citizens. Eastern Europeans are 1.5 class citizens, like Americans.

    India has an illegal caste system that everyone still follows.

    The Chinese? They basically think you’re human scum.

  67. Dad always said the Middle East was the most racist region he was ever in. Including Vietnam.

  68. I once had an Indian PhD who’d lived in Germany tell me that America was racist.

    “Are you fucking kidding me?” He backed down quickly after I started asking about Brahmin and if he’d ever watched Messican soap operas.

  69. I watched part of Kanye’s Sunday Service or whatever and really liked it.

    I’m not a church guy but it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun.

  70. Hell, I had so many Indian coworkers at Ford I could watch the caste system play out in real time.

    The really dark guy had white friends, because the other Indians wouldn’t talk to him.

  71. they just have to lose the people who knew how, or the records kept.

    Our public school system K-20.

  72. Its pretty hard to describe.

    Church/rap/Kenny G sax solo/gospel choir


    What is this??????????

  73. The Chinese? They basically think you’re human scum.

    The ones I’ve seen think even less of those with dark skin and are not afraid to spell it out.

  74. Which is kind of funny considering how much intellectual stuff they swipe from whitey.

  75. China will be genociding Africa soon, I suspect. They’ll probably be subtle about it and just give them daytime TV, but if I were an African I’d be nervous about accepting any “vaccines”.

  76. When I was doing housing market analysis for the Santa Barbara firm, I discovered that if you want to know about a housing market, talk to a realtor who’s a little old Asian woman. They will be brutally honest about their opinions of a neighborhood’s inhabitants.

  77. I’ve heard the best bet is to visit the closest WalMart and see how many things are locked up in the pharmacy area.

  78. Bill Gates and his wife have already begun the genociding via their funding of abortion/birth control programs. The corrupt leaders are happy to get on that train… $hoo $hoo.

  79. We’re losing knowledge now. Not just stuff like how to make the Apollo rockets, people no longer have basic information on how society and the world works. Sefton over at the HQ linked an excellent piece on that very subject this morning.

  80. Oh wait..that has rustled up the dust in my head…wasn’t there some kind of scandal of ‘vaccines’ given to young girls/women in some parts of Africa, and it turned out that they shot them up with hormones…possibly implants?

  81. Yes. They’ve already started sterilizing the unwitting in some places. Give a 17yo girl a 5 year NorPlant in Africa and even if it somehow doesn’t kill her fertility for life, she goes from a would-have-been-mother-of-6 to a mother-of-maybe-3. 2 of whom won’t live to adulthood anyhow.

  82. Birth control stuff, IIRC.

  83. And that’s the real hell of it. The “global community” would come out in force against foreign entities shooting their way into Africa and killing the inhabitants, but you contracept them into extinction and nobody bats an eye. You might even get contributions from “humanitarian” entities.

  84. Yeah, that’s going to go over real well. Africa is overrun with conspiracy theories in response to perfectly above-the-board activities, anything hinky with Chinese doings and they’re going to learn what the West (mostly) figured out about Africa long ago.

  85. Anything being done to Africa will eventually be rolled out elsewhere, if it hasn’t been the other way ’round already.

  86. The West has (at least the memory of) Christian morals holding them back. They walked away disheartened and chastened by too many failures.

    Racist, fascist China looks around and sees lesser beasts that talk and have some claim to diamonds and farmland.

  87. Those Africans are living on historically Chinese lands, as evidenced by this study conducted by the People’s Liberation Army Archeology Division.

  88. I’ve got a bunch of turkey legs and chicken breasts thawed as I try to clear out my freezer for my pig and lamb. Going to try and make some satay sauce. Turkey satay sounds like it could be a thing.

  89. Yeah, I want to see China turn all of Africa into its very own quagmire. Assets getting nationalized, then troops getting deployed, then troops getting eaten up by guerillas and disease but mostly diseased guerilla, eventual deployment of WMDs and defoliants…good times, good times.

  90. We all get optimistic about 2020, but then the entire US population is getting bombarded by articles like this:

  91. The Chinese will annihilate the guerilla, like they are doing the elephant and rhinos because tiny dick syndrome.

  92. Juan Williams is a tool.

  93. The Chinese would round up every inhabitant of an area and march them into prepared villages that were little more than concentration camps, and they’d never leave. They’d be harvested for organs and used for medical experimentation.

  94. but we’re racist, with our wimmens voting and shit.

  95. good grief….’gorilla’

  96. maybe they were wearing Che shirts, beasn!

  97. Turkey legs make fabulous soup.

    Speaking of soup, I’m making some butternut squash bisque for Mom and Sis today. Both can’t do dairy so I’m making it with coconut milk.

    Spicing it with a combo of ras el hanout and curry powder. Got a nice glug of sherry in there too while I was deglazing the brown fond from the leeks. House smells delightful.

  98. Would their organs even be useful for Chinese? I know the further you get in the gene pool etc. etc. but who knows.

  99. Hey, are our lurkers delurking more?


    Have y’all seen this bullshit in the morning rant post at the HQ? I had to google to see who this poor ignorant child is. Turns out he’s a big time radio host for the Justice Democrats that are the force behind the squad and other dangerous idiots. Sometimes I think the only way to educate these fools as to what reality actually looks like would be to take out all the bridges, mine all the harbors, and shut off the pipelines and deny them access to the fruits of the nation they hate so much. Just for a year or so. Sorry, Scott and Laura. We’ll send care packages as needed.

  101. Escape from Connecticut?

  102. I’m a big fan of walling off the cities and requiring a day pass to exit. They can do whatever they like in there, just don’t tell the people in the big rectangles how to run shit.

  103. Comment by Jay in Ames on November 4, 2019 1:20 pm
    Escape from Connecticut?

    Where are we going to get two hanggliders and a drag queen?

  104. They sell both at Target.

  105. We have lurkers? Who would read this POS blog?

  106. We have lurkers? Who would read this POS blog?

    Robust haunch enthusiasts, Tool fans, Tool haters, pun aficionados, fake messicans, muppet fanciers, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.

    And Mare.

  107. Why would anyone hate Tool?

  108. I’m Tool-indifferent.

  109. Comment by Car in on November 4, 2019 2:16 pm
    Why would anyone hate Tool?

    I dunno. They’re philistines? Probably don’t like newfies either.

  110. Tool is all about teh Maths Leon. I’d think you’d like ’em a little bit.

  111. Also, I thought most of the buggerers were regular commenters, not lurkers.

  112. I’m not really sure what ‘Tool’ is. Whenever Carin mentions it, I kind of zone out.

  113. Turkey satay is not, in fact, much of a thing.

    Free range turkey legs are just too tough.

  114. I joke about Kanye composing a requiem, but while I’m not a huge Tool fan I’d probably buy an album of a requiem composed by Tool.

  115. Does Tool have any power ballads? I love those.

  116. Nice. Kweisi Mfume is running to take over Elijah Cummings seat. He was mayor of Baltimore when I lived there, in the 80’s and 90’s. He ruled over the “City that Bleeds” before taking the seat he is seeking now.

    More of the same, then.

  117. Power ballads? Yes. duh

  118. It’s a love song to his mother.

  119. I WAS KIDDING!!!

  120. Nope. Got that wrong. Mfume was never mayor. He was Rep while I was there.

  121. I’m 3 minutes in, when does the song actually start?

    Is there an intermission, too?

  122. Tool Sucks!

    *contrarian MJ

  123. I was going to make a “no Methodists” joke but I know too many good folk who are Methodists, making that one of the few gags I’d actually feel guilty about. What the hell’s wrong with me?

  124. Okay, it started picking up a bit at the 5 minute mark.

    I guess it’s okay if you’ve got all day to wait around.

  125. Methodists are fine.

    No Presbyterians.

  126. And Mormons are fine but they have to watch the relevant Lutheran Satire video and admit to laughing at least once.

  127. I’d say no Unitarians, but how would you even be able to tell?

  128. As long as your units are Imperial, that’s fine.

    No metric unitarians.

  129. The Lutheran Satire videos are pretty funny.

    “So you’re saying that you’re more afraid of your mother than the wrath of God?”

    “Yes. Does that make me a bad person?”

    “No, but it does make you Irish.”

  130. God is merciful in ways an Irish mother is not.

  131. The grandma who started charging my dad rent when he turned 18 so he’d gtfo?


  132. You can’t have a short attention span and be a fan of Tool.

  133. I start every fresh run of Skyrim with 2-3 hours of gathering alchemy ingredients. I focus like an autist and can almost do it in my sleep at this point.

    Attention span isn’t my issue.

  134. Leon needs a game “Mushroom Hunter”

  135. i didn’t think it was. I’m just saying that is one of the reasons people don’t like Tool. You gotta wait for it. It’s not 3 minuets and done. And there probably isn’t going to be a chorus, let alone a catchy one.

  136. Linda Hamilton looks like a skull on a stick. Holy shit.

  137. The mushrooms are critical to the strategy. As are garlic, salmon roe, and barnacles on submerged rocks and ships.

  138. I know that’s a typo, but a minuet by Tool would be trippy.

  139. Blue mountain flowers and wheat. The rest has uses but I gotta have those two.

  140. I’m okay with Mormons EXCEPT for Mitt. He can kiss my ass.

  141. I should reload Skyrim and play through it again. Restoration and blunt weapons for the win.

  142. Alex, can you give us a little background or is it as it seems.

    Don’t listen to weirdos, listen to happily married men?

    What is nonutnovember?

  143. Yeah, he’s saying “don’t listen to the leftwing weirdos, listen to married men who are happily married and want you to be as well. No Nut November means no masturbation (although I think they take it to mean *total* abstinence, even from sex).

  144. Blue mountain flowers and wheat. The rest has uses but I gotta have those two.

    Add hanging moss and you’ve got a good, moderately-priced potion you can skill up on and sell.

    I should reload Skyrim and play through it again. Restoration and blunt weapons for the win.

    If you can get your Destruction spell costs to 0, enchanted weapons never lose their charge. Combine chaos damage and absorb health (both are destruction enchants) on a master-enchanted weapon (preferably 2 of them) and you’re almost unstoppable.

  145. Absorb health should have been a school of Restoration spell.

  146. I want the old Mages Guild spell creator back, where you could create custom spells with advantages and drawbacks that you have to balance out.

  147. Ackshually, your key potions are

    Blue mountain flower + hanging moss + lavender
    Garlic + salmon roe + nordic barnacle (ridiculously expensive)
    fly amanita + dragon’s tongue + mora tapinella or bee

    You can gather enough of those in 2 hours at level 1 to never need money again if you get the Merchant perk in the Speech tree.

  148. Absorb health should have been a school of Restoration spell.

    It hurts people, it’s destruction.

    Fite me!

  149. I’m working through a no-mods survival run because I hadn’t done survival and I’ve modded the game like crazy in the past so, needed the challenge. It’s almost a whole new game. Definitely a good idea to finish Dragonborn DLC first if you do that.

  150. It heals someone, it deals with the transfer of life energies, therefore it’s a sandwich… I mean it’s Restoration.

    Destruction should do large amounts of damage but at the cost of some of your health.

  151. CoAlex, that system spawned abominations. My “lazy looter special” should have been banned throughout Mundus.

  152. I’m on PS4, so no mods, but I watched a playthrough of the main questline on survival mode and noticed that you can literally freeze to death in dialogues that you can’t exit. No thanks, playing on Legendary is enough for me.

  153. Dress for weather, carry hot meals, and mind where you get in conversations. I haven’t died of exposure once this runthrough, though I did manage to get frostbite once on the trip from Winterhold to Windhelm.

    Also, fuck Winterhold.

  154. I hate the way rpgs have gone since WoW. Diablo III was horrible. Constant swarms of monsters and piles of crappy magic weapons meant I felt like I was playing Spreadsheet Wars. Diablo 4 looks to be more of the same, so I’d pass even if I wasn’t boycotting Blizzard over the Hong Kong mess.

    I’d love an RPG that did away with mana and had just life and endurance. Swing a sword? Endurance drops. Cast a spell? Endurance drops. When you’re tired the chance of a miss or a fizzled spell increases dramatically. Increasing your knowledge decreases the effort necessary to cast a spell, the time necessary to cast it, and increases the chance of a successful casting.

    You could probably even get rid of a health bar as well. Just calculate the enemy attack value minus your defense value. If the result is 1, you receive a “minor wound”, 2, “light wound”, 3, “moderate wound”, 4 “major wound”, 5 “crippling wound”, 6 “mortal wound”, 7+ “dead”. Each wound type reduces your defense value by some amount.

  155. Bushido Blade had an injury system like that 20 years ago. Never saw it again, not even for BB 2.


  157. It would help if they’d quit hiding deficiencies in gameplay with killer graphics.

    Let’s not get started about monetization, either.

  158. Monetization is the debbil.

  159. There’s a reason I only play Skyrim, Fallout 4, and The Long Dark.

  160. The only video game I’ve ever played is CAD/CAM. Real world consequences for mistakes. :)

  161. Okay, time to go wreck myself with 5# dumbbells wrapped in bright green foam.

  162. The people losing their minds over Nationals players having the nerve to be conservative are once again learning that they’re rooting for laundry. Not every Nationals player was born and raised in a blue state dipshits.

  163. Delay of game, wife wanted to feed equines.

    Possum fell asleep on the couch after dinner with her blanky. Otters and kittens are shit for cuteness. Shit, I say.

  164. Minecraft has my attention right now. Astroneer, Subnautica, ARK when I feel like inflicting pain on myself, a couple of others. Honestly between what I have I don’t really need another game ever.

  165. I bought a new computer a couple months ago because my laptop was starting to struggle even for basic crap like Excel, so I’ve splurged on a few games since then. I’ll probably not play much, if at all, after the next few weeks.

  166. Kurt Schlichter is right, they hate us and want us dead. Nichols really thinks we are stupid.

  167. Nowhatvember now?

  168. No-nut-November, Pupster. It either means you avoid all the things the whole month, or you indulge but never complete and thus turn your balls a neon shade of cyan, depending on whom you ask.

  169. Why not just tie rubberbands around those suckers?

  170. Well, maybe next year. I thought that was all Movember now, grow a mustache if you like.

    *eyes dart to mare and back*

    *squints at Lauraw’s upper lip real hard*

  171. Looks like beahseseds is in.

  172. Why not just tie rubberbands around those suckers?

    They’re supposed to suffer a little, not turn black and fall off.

    Also it’s insane to do if you’re married and she’s not a frigid bitch.

  173. Exodus 90 is way less crazy.

  174. I don’t see how it’s insane to abstain from sex for 30 whole days, especially if you’re using the time to focus on spiritual renewal. Just make plans to send the kids to grandma the weekend after Thanksgiving…

  175. *squints at Lauraw’s upper lip real hard*


    *orders 5-lb block of wax on Amazon*

  176. Workout #2 completed a little bit ago. Still getting my breath back. The lactic acid burn is pretty serious. Planning to go again in the morning before I eat again. Even 5 hours after my only meal, I was on the edge of cramps a few times.

  177. Laura, can’t you use the wax exuded from the pores in your hump for that? It’s gotta be good for something.

  178. Cramps? Take a couple slo-Mag.

  179. I take magnesium citrate at bedtime.

  180. “Trump is stepping on his dick. It looks bad that HE is asking a foreign government to look into his political opponent. He doesn’t care about the corruption…he only cares about it helping him in the election and that is wrong.”


  181. The cramps were from working my abdominal wall with a little bit of lunch still in my upper gut. I’d meant to work out before I ate to avoid that.

  182. “Trump is stepping on his dick. It looks bad that HE is asking a foreign government to look into his political opponent. He doesn’t care about the corruption…he only cares about it helping him in the election and that is wrong.”

    Embrace the power of AND.

  183. Leon bait

  184. “As president he should insulate himself. He should have had someone else do the inquiry.”

    — Um, wouldn’t that be the same thing of benefiting himself for the election? Or are you saying that not only should he shut the fuck up but he should let senior officials continue to extort foreign governments?

  185. “As president he should insulate himself. He should have had someone else do the inquiry.”

    Then the accusation is that he used an intermediary to avoid accountability. This is no-win BS.

  186. Leon bait

    I wonder if I can still do those. Gut’s probably in the way.

  187. This is no-win BS.

    Exactly. I pointed that out and I was told to quit yelling.

  188. I respect a man who does his own work. Trump probably has only a handful of people he can trust with intel work, and they’re all busier than long-tailed cats at a rocking chair convention.

  189. That’s what I said. As a leader, he can ask another leader, of whom we have a treaty to root out such corruption, on a private phone call to look into it. He didn’t have to release the call but he did.

    “He’s president. He’s got the DOJ and the FBI to do that sort of thing. If they are as corrupt as you say, then it’s his job to fix it.”

  190. “He’s president. He’s got the DOJ and the FBI to do that sort of thing. If they are as corrupt as you say, then it’s his job to fix it.”

    1) the leaks prove the corruption beyond all reasonable doubt
    2) the best way for Trump to fix them is to smoke them out by finding leakers in scenarios like this

  191. HTF can he fix it if everything he Constitutionally does sets people’s hair on fire and leakers leaking untrue shit? Or when the entire intel apparatus is filled with career bureaucrats protecting their jobs/benefits/terf? Do you honestly thing those fuckers put the Constitution first (because the gripe was…by asking Ukraine to look into the corruption because self-interest as opposed to Constitution IS WRONG) Oh, so you’re a mind reader now?

  192. The other gripe was ‘he fires everybody and then throws them under the bus’.

    I can’t even right now.

  193. Tosses chocolate toward Beasn, steps quietly out of the room…..

  194. The other gripe was ‘he fires everybody and then throws them under the bus’.

    Put this on a t-shirt with “Trump 2020” under it. It’s a goddamn endorsement.

  195. As far as I can tell, he fires people when they aren’t working out, and only throws them under the bus after the attack him first.

  196. If I’m a wealthy Canadian, it seems like it’d be in my best interest to influence American politics to kill anything that looks like Medicare-for-all.

    Just a thought. It’s not like we’d even notice a Canuck if Soros can pull all the shit he does.

  197. Wealthy Canadians can afford to go overseas for their treatment.

    It’s the middle class Canadians who rely on the US for any serious treatment.

  198. The other gripe was ‘he fires everybody and then throws them under the bus’.

    The Clinton way is much greener.

    No bus,and a different kind of firing.

  199. The correct answer to the accusatory question is, of course, “LOLgetfucked”.

  200. You might pre- or post-script it with “Fuck Your Feelings”.

  201. The Clinton way is much greener.

    If you think about it, Hillary! really has done more to reduce the American carbon footprint than AOC ever has.

  202. My husband cannot stand Trump.
    You don’t have to like the guy or his mouth, but for the most part, his agenda is one you like. Vote for that, not the man. How hard is that?

    He’s usually pretty reasonable/logical and it frustrates me silly that he’s holding him to this ridiculous standard that sunk Bush.

  203. But it’s ten times worse what they’re doing to Trump.

  204. If Trump doesn’t get this done, what comes next will be a Warren with a weaponized Deep State that has no fear and Alphabet at its beck and call.

    What comes after that will make the Napoleonic Wars look like a playground tiff.

  205. Yeah, I asked him what if hillary runs again and wins? Or Warren or Sanders. Trump was just the punching bag or speedbump in the Washington establishment and unelected bureaucrats lashing out at those who refused to vote in their candidate.
    They will make us pay for that transgression…moreso than they are now. I agree they will double down obama-style of weaponized Fedzilla.


  207. I try to pray for Trump every day.

  208. I like to put it this way:

    He’s not the only thing protecting us from them.

    He’s the only thing protecting THEM from US.

    Après moi, l’enfer.

  209. Demoted, Eric returned, penniless.

  210. *gazes upon megalithic post, wonders what the ancient ones used it for*

  211. In a weak attempt to keep the author from looking at pictures of poorly-dressed women that might elicit an unwelcome hormonal cascade and lead to a further darkening of his intellect, perhaps.


  212. I’d disagree with poorly-dressed as a descriptor. My choice would either be “scantily-dressed” or “appropriately-dressed” (most of them are in gyms of some sort it seems).

  213. “Immodestly”, then, and often posed to accentuate such.

  214. Mental gymnastics.

    I saw a video of parkour guys teaching gymnasts how to do parkour moves and it was pretty good. Kind of long at almost 20 minutes but it went into the background of parkour as a military training for the French Armed Forces (insert throw down arms-run away joke here) and then they teach three obviously skilled gymnasts a few moves then combine them at the end. 8/10, would smash the gymnasts.

  215. Ronan Farrow ought to watch his back with his recent calling out for justice for Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

  216. Parkour minus the tricks is amazing to watch, and a clever application of our arboreal heritage to the manufactured, urban environment.

    I hate the tricks, makes it look like breakdancing. Speed through the obstacle is all I care about. There’s a French movie called District B-13 that used to be on Netflix that had a ton of good parkour.

  217. Side note: Paula’s step-mother called Rowan by Ronan for the longest time. It became one of our names for him, useful especially after he does something assholish, usually involving getting into the trashcan.

  218. Ronan always makes me think of ronin, a samurai with no daimyo (master). Which sounds awesome in a comic book, but was actually pretty close to being a criminal or outlaw. You were still of the samurai class and could thus openly carry weapons and pretty much do what you liked to peasants, but most folks wouldn’t mind if something bad happened to you, either, and no daimyo meant no one had your back.

    They were pretty few and far between in feudal Japan, but proliferate in literature for obvious reasons.

  219. Also the contrast between the image of a ronin with whatever Ronan Farrow is makes me LOL in my skort. It’s like naming your Pomeranian “Gilgamesh”.


    President Trump threatened to cut off federal funding to assist California in fighting wildfires as the state grapples with the fallout from blazes that have led to evacuations and power outages.

    In a Sunday morning tweet, Mr. Trump alleged that California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, wasn’t doing enough to stop the fires, accusing him of doing a “terrible job of forest management.”

    “Every year, as the fire’s rage & California burns, it is the same thing – and then he comes to the Federal Government for $$$ help. No more. Get your act together Governor,” the president wrote.

    Mr. Trump again called on Mr. Newsom to “clean” the state’s forest floors to help prevent the spread of fires, an argument he has been making publicly for months.

  221. Newsom’s response:

    ““You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from this conversation,” the governor wrote Sunday on Twitter in response to the president.”

    Sure Gavin, that’ll win him over to your cause

  222. “Oh thank God, I didn’t want to talk to you anyway!”

  223. Wasn’t the local word for California before white settlers got there something like “the burning hills”?

  224. So they took a place that catches fire every year, planted a bunch of famously oily trees (eucalyptus), then outlawed the clearing of brush.


  225. The indigenous people practiced various forms of sophisticated forest gardening in the forests, grasslands, mixed woodlands, and wetlands to ensure availability of food and medicine plants. They controlled fire on a regional scale to create a low-intensity fire ecology; this prevented larger, catastrophic fires and sustained a low-density “wild” agriculture in loose rotation.[17][18][19][20] By burning underbrush and grass, the natives revitalized patches of land and provided fresh shoots to attract food animals. A form of fire-stick farming was used to clear areas of old growth to encourage new in a repeated cycle; a permaculture.[19]

    Gavin Newsome hates indigenous cultural heritage.

  226. Do we have something planned, or do we need a Tool post?

  227. I’ll put something up

  228. Wife was gifted a turkey on her Guard weekend, so we’re roasting that today.

    I have left over satay sauce, winning!

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