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Happy Halloween!



  1. The word “haint” is something I’ve only ever read. I’ve never heard anyone say it in normal conversation. I was gonna go with SPOOK but didn’t really want SPLC doxxing my shit


  3. wakey wakey

    Apparently everyone is up in arms about Halloween this year. The Move it/don’t move it battle is RAGING.

  4. Hmm … that’s a real puzzler. Halloween for kids has already been replaced by PC “Trunk or Treat” activities (indoors if there’s any rain or cold in the forecast) while wearing gender neutral non-offensive costumes. So the Move It crowd is really young people who want to wear costumes while getting blitzed until the wee hours and nurse their hangovers while watching college football and reruns of The Office. The Don’t Move It crowd’s argument is paying homage to its pagan origins so they’re on the horns of a dilemma.

  5. Apparently everyone is up in arms about Halloween this year. The Move it/don’t move it battle is RAGING.

    Ah, parental bullshit fights. Never go against a wine mom when her convenience is on the line!

  6. We did Trunk or Treat at our church because our old parish was so rural it was basically the only option.

  7. Move It puts it onto the actual Holy Day which it’s supposed to anticipate, which is deeply stupid.

    In real nations with common culture, holidays mean things and happen on the day.

  8. Its my understanding that the word “haint” is / was used in the south originating in the black culture. But I could be wrong.

  9. Beyond the word being a southern expression I got nothing more on it

  10. There is a lot of outrage over moving it, from what I see.

  11. Its my understanding that the word “haint” is / was used in the south originating in the black culture. But I could be wrong.

    The etymology of “goober” is a fun one to read if you’re interested.

  12. Church near us does Trunk or Treat. Since they are in the middle of town, the kids really clean up. There are a LOT of cars in the lot.

  13. That’s a pretty cute Thor. Even cuter than Hemsworth.


    When Christian Chase wants to take a bathroom break at his high school, he can’t just raise his hand.

    Instead, the 17-year-old senior makes a special request on his school-issued Chromebook computer. A teacher approves it pending any red flags in the system, such as another student he should avoid out in the hall at the same time, then logs him back in on his return. If he were out of class for more than a set amount of time, the application would summon an administrator to check on him.

    Heritage High School in Loudoun County, Virginia, introduced the software, called e-Hallpass, in September as a way to track trips to the bathroom, the nurse’s office, the principal or other places on campus. It collects the data for each student’s comings and goings so approved administrators can see pass histories or look for patterns.

  15. 6 degrees this morning, no fun at all.

    Penelope tried to do a trunk or treat, but nobody here understood it. I think 5 kids showed up.

  16. Ugh, there are two hard left lawyers in the office next to my cubicle, and it’s way too damn early to hear them talking politics.

  17. Candy corn is on the worst and the best list.

    I call bullshit.

  18. So the incredibly-evil GOOG is even datamining student bathroom habits.

    You’ll get to go potty based on your social credit score, comrade!

  19. Kulaks and wreckers use the slit trench behind the school. Toilets are for party members in good standing only.

  20. I used your mom’s slit trench.

  21. This year we are going to observe the ltime-honored Halloween tradition of closing all the drapes, shutting the lights off, sitting in the dark and drinking until it’s over.

    We’ll be the scariest house on the block!

  22. ISP is well past the end of my patience today.

  23. MJ, take off that costume. The kids don’t need to see a guy in a gimp suit and ball gag.

  24. MJ, take off that costume. The kids don’t need to see a guy in a gimp suit and ball gag.

    The Mickey Mouse ears are perhaps the most disturbing part.

  25. And Mare, a slut outfit is not a costume in your case. It won’t fool anyone.

  26. Laura, there’s no way you can dress that up to hide it.

  27. There may be an axe murder in my office today. Or at our ISP’s office. Not sure which.

  28. Dress…up…? But this is the tarp I always wear.

    Are you being a cunt again?

  29. Again?

  30. Hahahahahaaa

  31. Comment by Hotspur on October 31, 2019 9:53 am

    Candy corn is on the worst and the best list.

    I call bullshit.
    Others call it a conundrum, from the Latin root word of cuntundrum

  32. *raises coffee cup*

    Aaaanyway. Man, what a shitty rainy day. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. Started cleaning out the fridge but lost interest.

  33. coffee sounds really good right now.

  34. Yea, zero motivation here too. Cold rain. yuck.

  35. It’s rainy and cold here too. WTFITS?

  36. Possum may have to trick-or-treat at the mall.

  37. It’s actually pretty warm rain here. 68 degrees out. Ridiculous.

    So this year I finally figured out the method for growing finocchio so that it would produce a good bulb and not bolt. Eating one in salad now. If you do what the seed pack tells you, you will have fennel flowers in Summer but nothing to eat.

    So there’s something.

    Seed packets are a bunch of lies and you have to figure out what works in your climate and your yard all on your own.

  38. That sounds like a made up vegetable.

  39. Hotspur, your assface costume was obviously bought at the Dollar Tree, there’s brown stuff all over it.

  40. No fire pit for Halloween this year, I left it behind in Southern Canada. No dog going ape-shit crazy and scareing the bejesus out of the kids this year either.

  41. Finocchio? Finocchio?

    Oh, man, look at the airs Lauraw is putting on over fennel!!

    I bet you rub your hump with Marula oil too.

  42. I’m sorry Pups.

    Our good friends just sent us a pic of their new puppy I put it into the media library.

  43. Finoccio is a cucumber that gets bigger when you lie to it.

    One of your mom’s favorites.

  44. Between wishing the Reagan library burned down to the impeachment stuff … I’m ready to pick side on the next civil war.

  45. I could watch this shit all day…

    *looks out window to grey rainbleargh*

    …and probably will.

  46. HA! I was ready to fly to DC for the ProTrump rallies about a year ago.

  47. Laura, I love watching woodturning videos!

  48. OCD vase

  49. The difference, Mare, is that today I’m really angry. I mean, I’ve been upset, but I feel like they’ve finally crossed that final line.

  50. This vase is cooler

  51. This guy is pretty interesting, IMHO. Not a whole lot of fancy turning, but he focuses on making things that you could realistically sell at an art market or the like.

  52. I would prefer to get back into metalworking, but for picturesque rainy day video watching, you can’t beat woodturning.

  53. I would love to have access to a forge for blacksmithing classes, but there’s not much around here, and money is tight right now. Hopefully next year.

  54. Not sure I’m all that crazy about the waterfall-style wood + iridescent epoxy things people are making, vases, tables, etc. Too wild for me.

  55. I’ve heard good things about the latest Harbor Freight multiprocess welders. They’re supposed to be cheap but good, and work on 120V service.

    Someday. Someday.

    I need a workshop for all my stupid ideas.

  56. Someday. Someday.

    I need a workshop for all my stupid ideas.

    My dream is a place where I can have a workshop with a forge on one side and a woodshop on the other and make everything in a house…

  57. I would call that vase a work of art.

  58. Which one of you is this?

  59. I guarantee you that guy has a “toy drawer”.

  60. Steyer is a very strange man and his wife is nutty too.

  61. Wow, Glenn Beck really digs into reporting on the facts of the impeachment trials.

    Very long, but very interesting. No way the lies can be this blatant, are they?

  62. I sincerely hope XBrad and Sean and any other CA Hostages (Paulitics?) are okay and not having to deal with the blackouts, but I got a bad case of schadenfreude listening to one of the bleeding heart libs at JPL bitch about his power being out for 48 hours.

  63. MrScience, too.

  64. This seems like a big fucking deal.

  65. Miraculous. I wonder if similar breakthroughs are on the way for PKD and other terrible genetic diseases.

  66. Jay, Rush has been saying for months they are straight-up lying. Who’s going to call them on it and get coverage of it?

    And when aren’t they completely lying using projection as their means.

  67. ?

  68. Everybody wants to believe the lies, it seems. No one wants the truth.

  69. I can’t wait for election night.

  70. Strange day at the jerb. Arrived to discover that the Van (like Scott’s recent acquisition) was down for service. Was then issued a Volkswagon Jetta to do our collection runs. This resulted in three guys in a passenger car with about 500K in the trunk with another 250 in bundles on the back seat. Car had tinted windows and it snowed most of the day. I kept thinking if we get hit or pulled over things are going to get interesting quick. Not to mention the additional exposure that we incurred on location working out of the trunk.

  71. I used to know a guy who walked money out of casinos.

    Just an old guy with a briefcase.

  72. Well armed old guy.

  73. *sets up roadblock on our street to screen for random Jettas*

  74. Thats what Im doing Scott. Go in & download the machine(s), refill with prescribed amount and depart. 5 machines and 1 ATM type redemption machine at each stop. $100s in 10,000 dollar increments, 20s in 1000 dollar increments, 5s in 500 dollar increments. Takes two medium size gym bags when we’re not using preloaded plastic money magazines. Springfield XD 40 cal concealed.

  75. 2, 3, and 10 are the worst candies ever. Blech.

    Loved Smarties as a kid. Still like licorice and candy corn.

  76. I still like smarties, licorice, and candy corn.

  77. car in, I feel your pain. I just can’t even anymore. I had to unfollow guys like Erikson.
    Where the filly f*ck are the republicans screaming from the rooftops what an absolute clown show these lying POS are putting on? A few are but they’re very soft spoken. Geez, punch them asswarts in the snoot (figuratively). Learn how to fight back you soft weenises. Them fuckers are vicious.

  78. We only had 12 kids come by the house. The last one was chubby and asked nicely for some Junior Mints he spied in the bowl. Told the husband he should have dumped the bowl in his bag and then turn off the lights.
    Now, husband will have to take the rest to work.

  79. The wind is trying to pull our house apart this evening. It won’t win. But it’s annoying to listen to. I’m going upstairs to turn the white noise machine on and love some sleep.

    Goodnight my shmoopy darlings. If a tree falls on me, please show up and mystify my family at the funeral. Thanks.

  80. I haven’t had a trick or treater here in 23 years.

  81. I’m up 2 pounds since the wedding. Still got a touch of that cold I came down with the day after. I get the munchies when I’m sick (junless it’s a flu or a blow out).

    Speaking of filthy pol rats. Republican from IL – that would be Schempkus (sp?), TeeRoy – had said he was going to retire because OrangeManBad. But now, with all the impeachment bullshit which he voted against, he says he’s reconsidering.

  82. There used to be a bunch of kids in the neighborhood back when our kids were younger. Tons of kids would come through on Halloween. Then they all grew up and it’s just mostly us old farts left…even though our subdivision is between two schools.
    The past 10 years we didn’t turn on our lights because so few kids depressed me. I decided to give it another shot this year but BOOO.

  83. If a tree falls on me, please show up and mystify my family at the funeral.

    We’ll show up with little tokens that remind us of you. Tarps, monkey bones, Pimple popper videos, Craftsman 6 amp hand planer, clothespins (for our noses), linguica so you can have a snack in the afterlife if we don’t make a mold of you with the rest of that stuff you poured on your countertop. Scott can turn you into a fountain out in the backyard.

  84. Haint is a ghost.
    On a hot summer’s night if you walk through a pocket of cool air, it is said you walked through a haint.

  85. Penelope said there were about half as many kids as last year. Probably the cold weather.

  86. Danielle enjoys Reese’s Pieces.

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