Meme Floyd

In honor of al Baghdadi’s pursuer going back to work yesterday


















This just in. Who’s a good boi? You get treats!


Since we here at the H2 are all about complete honesty and transparency, I’d like to retract the error I made directly above, calling our hero a “Good Boi”.



In closing, we’ll wish baggy boy a sendoff with this one:

Happy Tuesday!



  1. *high fives jay*

    I bet, “I like your pride shirt” happens all the time.

    Jay, don’t think I didn’t notice that last pun. I’m letting it slide only because I don’t want to overturn tables at a celebration honoring that kickass special forces dog.

  2. The Left is seriously predictable and totally gross right now.

    *Bagdadi was a good boi, so misunderstood.

    *War dogs are white supremacists

    *Trump lied about everything, orange man bad

    *Bagdadi wasn’t treated with respect

    *Will he get a polling bump, god I hope not

  3. Also, I have a very serious, very ghey post in the can that can be published anytime we need one.

  4. I love how the idiots say “we treated Bin Laden with respect”.

    hahahahahhhhahaha, You shot him in the face…multiple times. Then dumped him in the sea (wink).

    Take your hypocritical bullshit and shove it up your ass.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  5. Also, you know how you stop bullies, by punching them in the face and then saying loudly to anyone who will hear…”You want some more of that?”

    I love how Romney had to scramble to say something about Trump’s victory after totally having a cocked up take of us leaving Syria.

  6. You can’t make up what’s going on right now.

    Nancy walks out of meetings with Trump about Syria then complains that she wasn’t informed about a military operation in Syria.

    Trump says he won’t comply with fake impeachment so Nancy says she’ll hold a vote but that it won’t be about a real impeachment inquiry. It’s just a resolution to hold a vote at some point in the near future. In other words…fake impeachment.

    She really is third rate. He’s got her number. Without the media protection she’d be toast in her own caucus.

  7. Romney was born to step on rakes. And dicks.

    But mostly rakes.


  9. Love that mare. Wakey wakey

    Max Boot was out defending BagDaddy.

  10. MJ that’s good too. Love it.

  11. … very serious, very ghey post in the can …
    I’m not sure that’s the best place to store a post but, who am I to judge? If you feel like un-canning it on Thursday this week please proceed.

  12. LOL’d at the Instagram model / Call of Duty Soldier one……

    Heading back out for day two of being a FNG. Its ok to be a FNG as long as you know it.

    And remember boys n girls ……SAT PROGCOM.

    PS. Kanye is off the reservation

  13. mare, the puns are poated with love. poated I say.

    Translate as you see fit.

  14. Have a great day, TEEROY!!

  15. MJ just wants to stomp this poat.

    He probably hates Pink Floyd.

  16. Good to hear you’re keeping busy, TeeRoy. Sounds like you’re into the new occupation.

    Kanye has always been off the reservation. Wingers just don’t care right now.

  17. Aren’t Belgian Malinois just german shepherds on crack?

  18. Car in, do you want credit for todays poat too?

  19. Re Kanye:

    Dude will be responsible for a good 10 pt improvement with black men.

    If it’s Buttigieg, the improvement will be 10+ Kanye, 10+ not gonna vote for a gay dude.

  20. still think that is a thing with black voters? re: the gay thing? After CA same sex marriage vote just basically being unilaterally erased you don’t hear about that any more. NC too. Used to be a big thing, now it’s not.

  21. Falling Down is one of those movies where the left can’t understand why everyone loves the character that they’re supposed to hate. See also: Watchmen.

  22. Black Hawk Down was supposed to be an anti war movie.

  23. Archie Bunker of All in The Family was supposed to be the jerk in the show. NOPE, everyone loved him and hated Meathead (Rob Reiner) lots of people didn’t get that either.

  24. I’m like Rorshach with puns, I’m not stuck in here with you, YOU’RE STUCK IN HERE WITH ME!

  25. still think that is a thing with black voters? re: the gay thing? After CA same sex marriage vote just basically being unilaterally erased you don’t hear about that any more. NC too. Used to be a big thing, now it’s not
    I do.

    When the choice is a racist strong man or a racist gay guy, the former will probably get the vote.

    There have been a few ‘black folks won’t for a gay guy’ articles lately and also ‘Buttigieg is working to win over black voters’.

    It must be a thing. His support from black folks is 0.

  26. He’s had numerous kerfluffles with the South Bend version of BLM. He generally backs his police (a point to his credit) which of course makes him GayManBad.

  27. But he doesn’t back his police since he started running for President.

  28. I’m not voting for a gay guy or gal. Especially if he’s running on his gayness. I don’t want a gay family in the White House, we’ve already had that with the Obama’s.

    I think there are conservative gays that I would vote for, however, if it’s going to be “first gay First Family in the White House” kind of a deal I’m out. And the public kissing, that’s way out.

    I know a lot of people like Richard Grenell (sp) who is gay. I’ve liked his handling of his Ambassadorship.

  29. After CA same sex marriage vote just basically being unilaterally erased you don’t hear about that any more. NC too. Used to be a big thing, now it’s not

    The CA GOP refused to take advantage of it because they’re either incompetent weaklings, or they are libertarians who never liked social conservatism to begin with.

  30. But he doesn’t back his police since he started running for President.

    Yes, the shift has been noted in the local paper (South Bend Tribune, I used to deliver it). Now he’s got no friends here. He should resign now, he won’t win re-election unless he has no primary challengers.

  31. Ain’t gonna lie, my sleep schedule is screwed.

    Also, no expert on tac gear, but I’m pretty sure that’s a good GIRL.

  32. /fistbumps J’Ames

  33. 1) pride shirt
    2) cat whiskey
    3) look how blonde my hair was

    Although, the more I think about it, cat whiskey might switch out for the top spot.

    Good morning, kids. Whose turn is it to…

    *suddenly throws scraping tool in center of floor*

    *turns around and shrugs hump-tarp off shoulders*

    *waits patiently*

  34. CA GOP is just so overwhelmed that they have to go for little victories. The bigger steps have to be taken in more conservative states.

  35. The CA GOP refused to take advantage of it because they’re either incompetent weaklings, or they are libertarians who never liked social conservatism to begin with.

    CA GOP: Not rich yet
    CA Dems: Rich already, trying to keep the club small


  36. Lauraw, how close to getting kitchen pics are we?

  37. They can’t even get little victories. They’re overwhelmed because the people who actually care are outnumbered by the grifters in the party.

  38. Obama’a what?

  39. Other than that, basically identical groups.

  40. Ok, I corrected the poat, so you can point and laugh at my mistake.

  41. If I had stayed in Santa Barbara I would have started going to local GOP get togethers and tried to gin up support for my plan to introduce a constitutional amendment reintroducing corporal punishment for misdemeanor crimes. It’s one of the few things I regret about moving out of the state.

  42. yeah, I want to see kitchen pics, too.

    If you post pics, mare will scrape your hump for you. I’m a giver like that.

  43. I don’t want to see kitchen pics. That would be like Carin wanting to see a tray full of food for six people.

  44. But what if it was food she likes, and can’t usually get?



  45. So, Coalex is trying to bring back caning.

  46. The House will hold a vote on Thursday for whether or not an official impeachment inquiry should be authorized.


    Wait, what? I thought all this secret testimony WAS the impeachment inquiry.

  47. Now they are going to make it official.

  48. I mean seriously, I know folks can’t tell what men or women are by the tackle anymore, but WTF

  49. Jay beat me to the mattress girl story. I had it bookmarked to link to today.

    And yes, I want to bring back caning. I think it would be better for society. Most misdemeanor crimes don’t need jail time, they simply need some form of punishment that is severe enough that people learn from their mistakes, that the population feels justice has been done, and which is over relatively quickly. And honestly, I think it would be much more equitable than the current system. A rich kid from a well off family is less likely to get leniency from a judge who wouldn’t want to “ruin his future” with jail time, but will easily give him just as many lashes as the poor black kid who commits the same crime.

  50. Nancy Pelosi is effing nuts.

  51. I took a little video that turned out okay. I’ve been waiting for a morning with bright sunshine to help the picture quality, but it’s just not happening so far. Give me a few.

  52. So is it true what I heard about this al Baghdadi dude? That he was just minding his own bidness and walking to the store to get some tea and skittles and some crazy Caucasians fucked him over? That’s what I heard. That shit’s retarded.

  53. Mattress Girl is pretty damaged – always had been.

    And she falsely accused a man of rape. So she’s a POS.

    But goddamn if she doesn’t have great PR people.

  54. word douche won’t let me put an MP4 video file

  55. re: Mattress Girl redpill article. I’ve noticed this phenomenon more lately, lefty views seem to align with libertarian views more and more. Are those sides of the political triangle getting closer, and the right farther away? Also, libertarians like to call themselves centrists more and more. I don’t think that’s true, they are moving farther left.

  56. Looks like video is a premium only option. Are you opposed to youtube?

  57. Wait, what? I thought all this secret testimony WAS the impeachment inquiry.
    It’s all fake. This vote will be fake too.

    It’ll end up being something like, ‘we resolve to vote on an impeachment inquiry at some point with great resolution and very much resolve.’

  58. OK, I posted a very crappy video to my burner youtube thingy that I finally found again after four years.

    The black vein you see in the video is actually grey. No sunlight in the morning,= shitty stark color. It’s an East facing kitchen. The whiter areas are washed out for the same reason. The counter has lots of overlapping tones of grey, actually. You can hardly see the tile pattern either, for the same reason.

    But this is what you get, because I can’t wait for a sunny morning. You can get the basic idea.

    Next to all of this is my 1972 white Hotpoint range, piled with the crap that can’t live on the counter until Thursday. I’m giving the thing a week’s time to cure more before I put stuff back on it.


  60. Holy crap, Lauraw, that looks fantastic. I had no idea that was possible. I’ve seen high-end companies with 3-4 people do a “pour” and figured, no way!

  61. Wash your dishes!

    Really pretty counters, though.

  62. What was the original countertop you poured over?

  63. I would love to help my daughter do this. Did you lay down plastic EVERYWHERE like I’ve seen on youtube?

  64. Oh, damn, we missed Scott’s faucet.


  66. Up until last week I was living with 1960’s white formica with gold flecks for 20 years. The backsplash was the same stuff.

    This epoxy cost less than $100. Plus a few hours of time. + a few days of curing. Yes, I put plastic drape and taped over everything. I took the prep time very seriously, especially because if you recall I just installed a new floor this Summer.

    I have extra epoxy left over. Thinking of doing a faux granite-crystal coffee table.

  67. Thanks, Lauraw.

  68. It was dead easy, Mare. Artistic talent may actually work against you in this project. You kind of have to blindfold yourself and just start smearing and torching and letting it happen. Geologic processes are random.
    I just used black spray paint in a little cup and smashed it around in the epoxy to make different shadings, and also scratched it into the top with a paint stick. Then hit it with the torch here and there to push and feather it out. Shame most of the subtle stuff doesn’t show up in the video. Gives it a deep look.

  69. Jay, when I’m back in the office I’ll give my rant about the political triangle. Basically, the libertarians started shifting towards the progressives back in the 90s once the USSR collapsed.

  70. That looks incredible. I’m definitely motivated.

  71. Looks great Lauraw. You just need to always have a coffee cup or something on your ding, and no one will EVER know it’s there. (I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned it).

  72. I’m really pretty sure if I tried it, it would come out looking like crap.

  73. Well, one thing I could also do is ‘hone’ the finish by hitting it with successive grits of sandpaper, until I get to around 1000 grit. Then the finish looks even more real, like honed marble, but not super-glassy so it doesn’t show imperfections like that anymore.

  74. My wife is an artist with significant skill.

    She would do this and never, ever think it was right.

  75. Speaking of whom, I should duck out for some flowers.

    14 years today.

  76. Congrats Leon for convincing the misses to stay for 14 years.

  77. Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Caruthers!

  78. Happy Anniversary!

  79. I am not a Trump fan. I voted against the guy. I have voted in 12 presidential elections, and in 9 of them, I voted for the Democrat. In the 21st century, there have been 5 presidential elections, and I’ve voted for the Democrat in 3 of them. There have been 2 Presidents in the 21st century who have won twice and neither of them did I vote for twice. I am a true swing voter (in a swing state). All I want is a very competent, reliable, sensible, good person who can handle the presidency. I don’t want your ugliness and hysteria. I don’t want to see my fellow citizens cranked up into a frenzy. The very reasons I voted against Trump are getting cooked up into reasons to vote for him — by you, you idiots.

    From Althouse’s blog. Useful because if she’s thinking it then I expect that there are plenty of others who feel the same way.

  80. Happy Anniversary, to both of you!!

  81. I think Lauraw is far more artistically skilled than she thinks!

  82. Looks super nice!

  83. Fanks, guys. Deleting the video now.

  84. I went to look at Laura’s video and it was gone. She hates me.

  85. To be fair, we all hate you. It’s not just Lauraw.

  86. I just got back to my desk. No video for me.

  87. “All I want is a very competent, reliable, sensible, good person who can handle the presidency.”


    Does this sound like any of the Democratic candidates?

  88. It was probably shitty anyway.

  89. Does this sound like any of the Democratic candidates?

    That’s her point: they’ve all gone crazy.

  90. It was. It’s embarrassing. I’m shy.

    Maybe if I can get a sunny morning one of these days I’ll try again.

  91. The weird part of the video was scott taking off his shirt and all of the kids in cages.

    Countertops looked nice though.

  92. The hump shaped lazy boy was cool but the stuff dripping from it was pretty gross. Is that….what is that?

  93. I won’t tell anyone what you said about Coalex and Hotspur.

  94. Interesting: Mr. Reagan: An Immigrant Trump Supporter

    More of a look into what a Russian thinks about america and different things.

  95. I never know if I can trust Althouse. She’s all over the place, especially elections.

  96. She believes one way and votes another.

  97. Althouse’s ideological core is made of taffy.

  98. ok, posted again for a limited time

  99. Laura sounds completely different from how I imagined that she’d sound.

  100. Yup, as I thought. Ann doesn’t want to vote Republican, just wants to benefit from Republican ideas and candidates. Always the democrat.

  101. I used a voice model. My real voice destroys equipment.

  102. Yeah, there’s no cauldron bubbling away in the background, no monkeys screaming, no cackling, no spells.

    Wait, I’ve gone too far.

  103. The fake marble looks really nice.

  104. No, no, you’re quite right. All edited out.

  105. From Facedouche:

    Guess who finally quit smoking today…

    Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

  106. Thanks, Colex.

  107. Althouse is ridiculous. Her rationale concerning lots of issues make no sense.

  108. Pepe. I love that. Scott said Trump should tweet it, ha ha ha haa

  109. HOTSPUR, did you see the awful video? Gonna yoink it again before I go to work in a minute here.

  110. People, it’s almost pumpkin bisque weather here. So close. Almost.

    I need to make a monster chicken broth. Maybe I’ll just buy a bunch of chicken backs and git ‘er done.

  111. This is why car in hates you.

  112. I’m justified.

  113. Okay. I saw the video. It isn’t shitty.

    It’s freakin amazing. Laura it’s hard to believe you made that. I mean, I believe you. It’s just so great looking. Not that you couldn’t do something great. It’s just…

  114. Agreed, that counter top is pretty damn awesome!

  115. *Sets hot pot down on Laura’s new counter, leaves a big burn mark*

  116. When she gets home from work you’re toast.

  117. Why is the sink and tile all cattywampus?

  118. What a day. Called in due to badly screwed sleep cycle, going to have a LONG talk with my docs at next week’s appointment. Much cleaning in apartment, long overdue. Renewed lease, took until almost last minute to get with person I needed to deal with. ALSO did emergency work item -from home- (yay for web based interfaces). Not bad for three hours sleep. I’m hungry, thirsty, and tired. And I feel better than I have in months despite those facts. Truly, getting things done is the best antidepressant!

  119. Clocks go back this weekend.


  120. John Cardillo
    Why was Vindman, an 0-5, engaging in unsanctioned foreign policy discussions with Ukrainian officials behind the back of the President of the United States?

    There is nothing remotely OK with that.


    Okay, this is absolutely my question. I don’t get this, does anyone get to listen to the President’s phone conversations?

  121. Truly, getting things done is the best antidepressant!


    This a thousand times!


  123. CLOCKS!

    So close.

  124. I think half of DC was getting kickbacks from Ukraine.

  125. Woo hoo! Normal time is coming back! I get an extra freakin’ hour! Maybe I can finally get my sleep schedule back on track…

  126. The time change hits me pretty hard. I will be screwed up for about a week.

  127. why should penguins miss out on swearing?

  128. do you have a counter buffer yet?

  129. anyone know how to fix a garage door sensor? it won’t close

  130. Is it plugged in?

  131. Cock, Caulk and Clock

    Mare gets so excited.

  132. I had Springer for the first homer.

    Missed by 4 feet.

  133. This made my night:

  134. anyone know how to fix a garage door sensor? it won’t close

    Unhitch it from the motor and close it by hand. Then close it to re-engage the motor. Then do shots of whiskey.

  135. I had Bregman.

    And Turner for first run.

    Not looking good for Nationals by 1-2. 4 homers is doable, so it 5-6 strikeouts for Verlander.

  136. I did that, PG. The light is flashing on the sensor, looks to be in line. Gonna check when it’s dark.

  137. If “GLOCK!” gets admitted, so help me…

  138. Wow, that is a helluva start.

  139. Most of the time when my garage door sensor fails it’s because a spider web covers them or one of the boys kicks it walking around the corner too fast

  140. My garage is so stupid. It’s about 20 feet long but not wide enough to allow you to get out of a car.

    Cars must have been thinner in the 40’s.

  141. Was it a carriage house?

  142. Yay! Took the level out there, one sensor wasn’t level. Blinking light off now, garage door closes.

  143. House was built in 47 or 48, so I really doubt it.

    I have never put a car in it.

  144. It’s a decent little warehouse.

  145. Winter is coming and the mice are trying to move in. I have traps in the garage that didn’t catch a thing in August.

    I baged 3 mice and a vole in the last 24 hours.

  146. bagged. Who took my second g?

    What kind of clip joint is this?

  147. I’ve gotten five mice in the past week. I have about ten traps set.

    Unlike my last house, which I built, and never had a mouse, this one was built in 1940, and the little fuckers get in.

  148. Skin them and make a coat.

  149. I am not a Trump fan. I voted against the guy. I have voted in 12 presidential elections, and in 9 of them, I voted for the Democrat. ……

    …All I want is a very competent, reliable, sensible, good person who can handle the presidency.

    Um. You voted against the guy? So she voted Hillary? Competent reliable sensible – GOOD PERSON…Hillary? Or the pot smoker?
    Yeah, she’s still going to vote democrat next election.

  150. Distrust eroded Renee’s popularity.

  151. I could have fixed your garage door. That falls w/in my house fixing parameters.

  152. Everyone’s obviously waiting fro HHD. If Roamy’s busy, just let me know.

  153. I just got my flu vaccine. You can decline it but then you need to wear a mask from mid-November to sometime in May which is a PITA.

  154. To be clear; a surgical mask, not a Halloween mask. And only at work.


  155. I’ve been told by several people on the internet that I’m an idiot if I don’t get the shot.

    It’s weird how pushy they’ve gotten over the flu shot. And by weird, I mean follow the $$$

  156. So the Nationals made it to a Game 7. Good for baseball and its fans. Prior to Game 5 I could have not given two shits who won since neither team was wearing red socks. But after booing Trump I’m ready for the Swamp’s team go down in 7

  157. Yeah, I don’t really remember all the emphasis on getting the annual vaccine as a kid or med student or frankly as a resident in direct patient care. The whole mass vaccination at work thing has gradually ramped up over the last 4-5 years.

  158. Awooo.

  159. Someone could hit publish on MJs draft.

  160. Awooo

    Werewolves of London……Awooo


    It’s all just modern day epicycles.

  162. I filled your mom with light fluid

  163. so, why is Paul Ratner examining dark matter? Shouldn’t he be making movies?

  164. Not really, but I have a feeling Hotspur is either sleeping in or out hunting mice

  165. booing trump felt good, Jimbro. Because he’s so evil.

  166. Wow. That’s a big link. shesh. NYT is rather full of itself, isn’t it.

  167. WordPress converts certain links to full blown displays. But we can’t host a video without premium.

  168. We pay for extra storage, too. So there’s plenty of room.

  169. Booing made me like the Astros a little more, then Bregman carries his bat to first base after a homer, then Soto answers with more of the same.

    That used to earn you a baseball in the earhole, but they took that away, too, along with the inside of the plate. Bob Gibson wept.

  170. 10 days

  171. What’s in 10 days? Start thawing the turkey?

  172. Obviously 10 days until she gets another newfie.

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