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  1. Originally I was calling these foxes Scott and Lauraw, but it turns out after digging a little deeper into the artist’s tumblr feed they are gender fluid foxes. Who knew?

  2. Gender Fluid??

    Ok. So which one is sperm and which one is vaginal lube?

    Too early?

    Rise n Shine you lazy lima beans

  3. It’s tumblr, they basically invented genderfluid shit.

  4. I thought Tumblr went out of business.

  5. I thought Tumblr went out of business

    It’s very profitfluid.

  6. You mom gets her gender fluid changed at Jiffy Lube.

  7. Scott told me my caulk looks okay today.

  8. I think it’s time to introduce y’all to The Carolina Panthers’ battle cry.



  9. Just “OK”?

    Well…I guess if anybody would know a quality caulk job it would be Scott.

  10. If memory serves, all calculations that tell us that the universe is expanding are based on some pretty significant assumptions of red shift. We might be completely wrong and there’s no way to “prove” it one way or the other.

    But muh grant moneh!

  11. Leon,

    This guy may be a crank, but his ideas on inertia at least according to him would explain some of the things that the current model is not really doing well. He is a section he wrote on the the red shift.

  12. universe expansion….fluid gender…..coincidence?

  13. The sun came out, just took cinnamon rolls out of the oven, and husband just texted he caught me some fishies. It’s a good start.

  14. Are you another science nerd, Thermadin?

    Great. I suppose you garden too.

    Tell Leon that The Avengers movie got time travel correctly.


  16. Had hellacious wind and rain all yesterday, really put a kink in annual halloween decoration plans……got up and got the yard raked, the fence that blew over back up. Its sunny and and temp will be low 60s’. Thanks to the big man upstairs for the day and the ability to enjoy it….

  17. I’m an engineer. I do NOT garden.


  19. Sink 0 – Me 47

    Woo hoo!

  20. Good jerb Scott.

    Did you get one of those touch faucets?

  21. Looks like SOCOM pulled off a near text book raid yesterday. Including NOT creating casualties (and actually extracting) of children within the raid site. Well done men. Well done. Wish I could read the AAR but I doubt I’ll be alive by time its declassified. It also appears it was conducted by predominantly US Army assets of Special Forces and Rangers.

  22. Time travel is bullshit, always, except for the Gargoyles cartoon and 12 Monkeys.

  23. Comment by lauraw on October 27, 2019 10:05 am
    Scott told me my caulk looks okay today.



  24. I loved the gargoyle cartoon.

    Today we are going over to my daughter’s house to carve pumpkins, hang some Halloween decorations (and some curtains) have dinner and our own little fall festival. I’m looking forward to it quite a bit.

    There may or may not be champagne. Pumpkin pie (Rebel- mint chip ice cream for me) will make an appearance, because Costco already sells them and why not?

  25. TeeRoy, where did you see the SOCOM operation info?

  26. No bumps or discolorations, then?

  27. Gleaned from the article on Fox. El Presidente Maximus mentioned it in his remarks last nite.

  28. Opps, nevermind, saw it instagram.

  29. Pumpkin chunkin team due here in 40 minutes. I have offered dinner, no idea if anyone is going to take me up on it.

  30. Not a touch faucet but a pretty fancy Delta model with a pull out sprayer thingy.

    I will never learn how to drive this thing, right is hot and left is cold.

    It’s Australian.

  31. Ooooo, fan ceee.

    Saints-Cardinals is the only NFL on my tv. I can remember a time when these two teams wouldn’t have been broadcasted locally, much less nationally.

  32. Mark L Van Name has a series of books out that are serious and funny. One of the funny things is appliances talk to each other and are huge gossips about what they hear. I don’t think he intended it as a how to guide, but hearing about Scott’s faucet made me think of the commercial where they are talking to the faucet, and that made me think I don’t want my faucet gossiping to my TV or the neighbors TV. What is next a toilet? Yea that will be interesting.

  33. Oh, my, gosh, It appears I missed a rather large news item. Holy shit, great job to all who were involved.

    I see the media is trying to our stupid themselves. Good luck!

    I love President Trump. There I said it.

  34. I spend all day stuck in an office, and with the weather turning colder I’m not going to spend as much time outside on the weekends, so I’m wondering if it might be worth it to buy one of those UV bulbs people buy for lizards, and a standing lamp, and just turn it on for twenty minutes or so a couple times a week.

  35. “I will never learn how to drive this thing, right is hot and left is cold.”


    Switch the pipes underneath….

  36. CAlex, I’ve been thinking about getting one of the IR light walls, since a sauna is out of range for a while.

  37. Leon- have you ever cooked/eaten shaggy manes? I have a shit tonne.

  38. I have a fukksize amount.

  39. I’ve not had the pleasure but I’ve heard they are quite good.

  40. If you don’t want to eat them, they’ll probably sell for a decent amount of coin.

  41. These f*cking animals loves them some raping goathumpers.

  42. “Switch the pipes underneath”

    That would make hot blue, and cold red, on the diagram on the handle.

    I rotated it 90 degrees. Now it is push for hot and pull for cold.


  43. Justice for Kayla Mueller. Finally.

  44. Who is Kayla Mueller?

  45. Meh, Mueller was an idiot. She travelled to Aleppo, Syria with her Syrian boyfriend.

    I’m glad Baghdadi is dead, and I’m glad his kids are dead, because he was a monster, but I’m not going to get worked up about justice for a dead idiot.

  46. I am in Duluth. Only get one bar on my WiFi. Left my books in the car. It is freaking cold here in South Canada. Finally found a Mass I love. 8AM at St Paul Cathedral. Too far of a commute. Pray for Oso. Pray for our Service K9 Who May lose a leg. Dan is one year younger than I am. Doesn’t know Latin Mass. He really likes St Paul Cathedral, too. (Mixed Mass. Latin and English. Limited singing)

  47. No tambourines? No hippy chick playing the guitar? No random Spanish verses? What kind of weirdo mass are you attending?!

  48. Holy Cow, Scherzer scratched with back spasms, and Ross taking the start.

  49. CoAl…it was awesome. Deacons were sideshow. Homily addressed the Evil from the Synod.

  50. J’ames…these are the Nats I know.

  51. So, Trump says something un-PC about the Baghdadi death. Here’s my shocked face.

  52. Jeez, Colex. A bit harsh. This was a nice kid, trying to do good for others. Not everyone lives inside this kind of ideological box. Furthermore, she was a Christian who defended her faith to her abusers. This Isis swine took her as his trophy rape-slave before she died. I’m happy he’s dead and noting the significance of this death for an American victim. I’m not asking you to get ‘worked up’ about anything.

  53. personal slave of that asshole? Should have been a bacon bomb, then. Wrapped like a football.

  54. If they are getting pissed because we aren’t taking their religious views into account, then good. I hope they are clutching their pearls waiting on their ticket to the afterlife.

  55. Nats are gonna mess this up, aren’t they?

  56. Heh, Twitter: #wapodeathnotices

    After their initial coverage of al-Baghdadi’s death (austere religious leader)

  57. “Jeffrey Dahmer, connoisseur of exotic and locally sourced meats, dies at 34”

  58. Tool tickets securely everyone can relax now

  59. Double tap was good

  60. John Conyers is meeting up with Elijah Cummings and Ted Kennedy.

  61. McCain had a 2nd meeting with al-Baghdadi today

  62. Oh, so in addition to having an affair with Strzok, Lisa Page was also canoodling with McCabe?

    Things come in threes, right Ex-Congresswoman Hill?

  63. Oso ❤️ LauraW. Justice for Kayla

  64. right back at you, Crazybear.

  65. Why did Hillary kill Conyers?

  66. He probably got in the way of the Carter hit,

  67. HA! I see the National Fans are a bunch of C**t’s.

  68. I just ordered some CBD stuff.

    Pray for Oso.

  69. Cbd? I tried some and didn’t really notice much. I have friends who dear by it though.

  70. Swear

  71. That is what put me over the top. Wiserbride swears by it, and her parents too.

    I will give it a shot.

  72. Remember the controversy about the “Seattle is dying” video, which was well done, by the way.
    It seems that the mayor was caught “Totally off guard” by the chief of police remarks…
    What a leftist shit-hole is Seattle. It used to be a great city. I wonder what went wrong. Not…

  73. Finally got around to reading most of Trump’s comments regarding the crying bitch ass running from our dogs. His remarks are and continue to be quite appropriate for the event and the target audience in the ME. He referenced dogs several times.

    Pretty sure dogs are up there with pigs in the islamonuts mind. May the taint of dog breath keep you out of your wished for afterlife.

  74. No doubt this was part of the arrangement with Turkey….though he thanks not only Turkey, but Russia, commie Kurds, Iraq, etc.

    Also, commenter at althouse speculating…

    “Maybe this speculation is pointless but I wonder if Trump called the NeverTrumpers “human scum” on Monday because on that day the planning for this raid kicked into high gear and on that day he decided not to notify anyone in Washington, not even NeverTrumpers who one might suppose to be safe with that kind of information. Pelosi, the media and parts of the intelligence agencies were also left out until after the raid, naturally. But on last Monday when planning for the rid was going on, Trump thought and said that NeverTrumpers “are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats. Watch out for them, they are human scum!” Perhaps this Tweet reflects Trump’s decision not tell the NeverTrumpers anything because they might leak about the raid, being as they are “just as bad, if not worse in some ways” as the DNC/Media. Perhaps on that day Trump really got down to it and asked himself if NeverTrumpers would be willing to get our soldiers killed in a failed raid if it meant scoring points against him. Perhaps he realized that he didn’t know, he couldn’t take the chance. NeverTrumpers might help ISIS: that would explain the very emphatic Tweet on Monday which seemed to come out of the blue since nothing new was happening and which was a little startling because the words were unusual in our political discourse, as Althouse pointed out, saying it was unusual and must mean something. Well, the term “ISIS scum” is fairly common on the internet among people with Arabic names.”

  75. Dale effectively restrained Pavel.

  76. My old foe Monday … so we meet again

  77. The Trump curse is real and it’s beautiful.

  78. FU Monday.

    I prefer your sexy older sister, Saturday.

  79. below freezing all week at night. brrr

  80. Starting new job today. Ride along scheduled doing the Armed Courier thing. I get to learn all about the wild and wonderful of Slot machines aka Video Gaming Terminals and Redemption Terminals. Reviewing Policy and Procedure now.. All cash handling is nothing more than Chain of Custody stuff, easy peazy.
    Companies Security Policy, Procedure, and Training Program has alot of room for improvement and that’s one reason I was hired. My immediate Supervisor has been designated Security Director and tasked with bringing the program up to speed. I get to be involved in a top to bottom review which should be alot of fun professionally speaking. Company is small and relatively young and providing in multiple security environments. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. Pray for Oso.

  81. Good luck, TeeRoy.

  82. In sure the Democrats would have leaked the raid info to make it fail and embarrass Trump.

  83. Everything will go well, TeeRoy!!

  84. I agree, pepe. Don’t feel bad at all about them not knowing.

  85. Heh, Car in just gave me an idea for a poat

  86. I honestly believe they’d either risk blowing the mission entirely or endangering service members if it made Trump look bad.

  87. New poat!

    CoAlex and leon are off the hook now. You’re welcome.

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