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  1. Tired car reminds me of watching Speed Buggy cartoons on Saturday morning.

    I wouldn’t mind watching Saturday morning cartoons, but no network shows anything worth watching any more, and besides, “Ivanhoe” with Robert Taylor is on.

  2. Wamba “When I heard Normans were approaching, I ran to lock up my wife. But, she’d also heard they were approaching and locked me up instead.”

  3. Okay, who put decaf in the coffee pot?

  4. Off to get ready for pumpkin chunkin’. Y’all have a good day.

  5. Oh, sorry everyone, I didn’t know Ace had linked Gabbard’s tweets.

    Don’t ever apologize for that. i don’t go to Ace’s and I need to know this shit too.

    wakey wakey

  6. I really felt the fat cat one. Deep down in my soul.

  7. Heading to Detroit today for my half tomorrow. Staying in a hotel so I don’t have to drive at the ass crack of pre-dawn and/or deal with construction.

  8. Ha! I too connected with fat POS cat. (Back in the day)

  9. Good morning, church ladies.

  10. Showing empty hands to my dog is pretty much my life.


    As is often said, “Where do I go to get my reputation back?” No word on when he gets his guns back.

    Another thought, if this story involved a lefty who was somehow wronged, by now we would know everything about the waitress including the time she wore blackface in college. In this story she is anonymous.

  12. Good morning, cunts.

  13. Morning, Hotspur!

  14. Fix your fucking hair,

  15. On it!


  17. Putting the B in BBF

    My prediction? A lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. Just kidding, addict and homeless by age 40.

  18. snickering about dating Scott.

    *off key kazoo

  19. He’s taken, Jay.

  20. My cousin’s daughter and her kids (2nd and 3rd cousins?) were going to come over today but they’re on the way to the ER. My cousin Amy had surgery years ago on her thyroid gland and the hack who did it took the parathyroid glands too. Pretty sure you can dissect the parathyroids out in that circumstance and put them in the fat of the forearm where they still function. Her calcium metabolism is AFU as a result. Her daughters are college age now and Amy is basically wheelchair bound at this point.

  21. sounds like a reason malpractice is so expensive

  22. Yeah, I never heard the whole story about it. My cousin was a nurse but she trained in the day of LPN’s and worked at a neuro rehab place and her husband was a vice detective, both long since retired, so the story is a little murky. All I can imagine is she had it done by a chief resident at a local teaching hospital or by an incompetent hack working on their own.

  23. There are pictures of beasnette’s wedding up on FB, including beasnsoninlaw. Beasn, congratulations, and my condolences.

  24. OMG, look at all the people complaining about the desserts

  25. Wow, I can’t believe how everybody is shitting all over the kipfels. They can’t be THAT bad.

  26. Kipfelplutz

  27. Beanses and Baby Beasnes look lovely, I hope everything went off without a hitch.

  28. Word has it the dessert table was a major faux pas

  29. And the lack of a band or DJ was a major disappointment.

  30. The Sooner Schooner crashed today.

    Lucky they didn’t kill someone.

  31. Crash

  32. They seemed more concerned about the field condition. Made me think of this fracture

  33. Honestly, that first meme is me most days.

  34. I hate that we can’t see beassnsnsnbsns pics!

  35. I sat in this spot from about 0730 to around 1245, only leaving once to resupply. Even though it rained in the afternoon, my life is pretty nifty.

  36. Great spot!

  37. I hate that we can’t see beassnsnsnbsns pics!

    The Groom / MIL dance has gone viral.

  38. OMG I found a video of Baby Beaneses practicing her vows (sound on):

  39. ever have an idea about work, and you just have to get it out of your head, so you work on the weekend for a couple hours?

  40. that groom mil dance seems unwise

  41. Best comment so far on the Rep Hill sex scandal (from Insty’s comments)

    Heslep says she “opened” their relationship. He should have known there’s no closed-form solution to the three-body problem.

  42. I was 3. My mom’s “Fabric” scissors. I was already wearing the broken collarbones harness. Hawt

  43. I was this week old when I found out IMAO Frank was a writer at Babylon Bee.

  44. I did not know that either. Makes perfect sense though.

  45. IKR?

  46. Been playing the Fox Sports Super 6 game. Last night for the ALCS game there were 169,000 entries, I finished in 549th place.

    It’s kinda fun and you can’t lose.

  47. Are you watching the game?

  48. Once my bro started playing fantasy, he cared about more games that he had players in. I see the same effect with Dan. We watch more games every week. Red Zone app is awesome.

  49. I watched last night.
    First full baseball game in decades.

  50. I saw the last couple of innings. Can’t decide if I want Yankees or Astros to win. There was a time before the Sox won a few Series I hated the Yankees but now that’s gone.

  51. We had a cousin convention here at my mom’s house. After bringing Amy home from the hospital they stopped by and my cousin John happened to be nearby so he stopped in too. John is a rocket guy who lives in CO. He gave a talk in NYC for the Explorer’s Club, drove to MA to visit and is flying from Logan to DC for a business meeting this week. Super nice guy, I see him about every 10 years.

  52. Cousin conventions are the best.

  53. I don’t know any.

    I probably know some of Oso’s.

  54. Scott, Verlander is usually better. Watching tonight, and I’m torn. I rarely rot for the DH AL. I H8 the Nats

  55. Scott, I was chatting with 2 new Christmas hires…cousins. Chavez. Native new hire was laughing. Isleta Pueblo. Golly gee, related through Jaramillo familia.

  56. My GGG wasn’t on the roll. Married Hispanic woman and left the Pueblo. I am not eligible for sweet casino money because of this asshole.

  57. I am friends with Beasn on FB but don’t see any photos. :(

  58. coalex said they aren’t there anymore. She was tagged in them

  59. Not Mr. RFH (thanks to my friend Bill for the link. He occasionally lurks here.)

  60. Bummer. Maybe we can get her to put one or two in POL or media file.

  61. Had a taco bar and chicken tortilla soup for the pumpkin chunkin’ team. Seven-layer bars for dessert. Then Confession, Mass, and back home for crockpot chicken bacon chowder. I am very tired.

  62. The Week In Pictures, From Powerline:

  63. Sonofaseabiscuit, I made that moon landing joke months ago…

  64. Demonic entities racked Paulina.

  65. Chrispy’s link is excellent.

  66. I love the “why assign gender roles to electrical connections.”

    BWHAHAHAHAHAH stupid feminists.

  67. Someone needs to explain basic biology and heuristic innovation in linguistic development.

    Coughing too hard, going to have to miss mass again. Don’t want to get anyone sick.

  68. It has the space crime one!

  69. Those were good. We have a jerb today, but after that I have a few days to play with. Gonna see if I can get another chunk of this kitchen project knocked out.

  70. Bessnsnsnsansnssnnsns, how did everything go?

  71. mare, it was a blur due to lack of sleep. Tossed and turned all night. Probably got two hours. I don’t think anyone slept well the night before. Got up at 5:30 for makeup. Had to be at hair place by 7…..(at 7 all the lights are green on that long stretch of road. Normal day, it’s a 30 minute ride. Took me 12 minutes before 7 on a Sat. morning.)

    Groom was shaking in his boots. Coordinator put a bucket in the room off the altar, just in case. Found out later he drank too much the night before and was puking all morning. Groomsmen said he did it to himself, he was so nervous. They should have cut him off (one being a cop back in his hometown).

    Other than that, the chapel was lovely, the ceremony lovely, the lunch was low-key, husband was tipping everyone, and we were pretty much done by 2:30ish. We left at 3.

  72. Now I have to add up all the receipts to figure out how much of a check to cut the kids.

  73. And yes, I untagged myself from facechimp. My sister took several pictures of me and my son and used the one with my eyes all shut like pjmomma, wth? And in the comments, some gal asked her if that was a picture of my older sister and my younger brother. What the f*ckity f*ck? I’m not that round and my son is not that old looking.

    Give me a minute and I’ll put something in the media folder.

  74. Hung over at your own wedding seems like a very bad plan. Almost as bad as getting drunk at the wedding itself, at least if you’re the groom.

  75. Congratulations Beasness. Hope you get to catch up on your sleep soon.

  76. Okay, I put two pictures in the media folder. Weird lighting = weird shadows. And something is off with the angle my friend shot with her phone.

  77. I just made Possum a blanket fort.

  78. You both look lovely, beasn.

  79. My bachelor party first time around was a surprise to me. Went out for a couples dinner with my buddy and his wife. Had I known what lay in store I probably would have chosen a smaller entree than a basket of steamers and twin boiled lobsters.

    After my friend paid the bill and I got up to see 8 or 9 of my med school/residency friends walking up I knew I was doomed. It was truly a waste of good seafood. On the bright side, at least I got to enjoy it twice. This was at least a week before the wedding so I was fine for the actual day.

  80. Jimbro, I was in bed by 8pm. With a few wake-ups while turning over, I got up at 8:30 this morning. I felt like I needed a nap as soon as I got up.

    I don’t think the groom had any alcohol at the reception. He’s not a big drinker and being so skinny, it probably doesn’t take much to land him on his face. Some of his relatives said they thought he looked thinner than usual. I will try to fatten him up and he needs to figure out what is not agreeing with him.

  81. Mom, Dad and bride all smiling and happy. Excellent photo

  82. Groom’s bachelor party was a camping trip with some buddies, a few weeks ago.

  83. I just made Possum a blanket fort.

    Are you in there, too? My kids would always make a ship fort with the sofa and it’s cushions. To step off would be stepping in lava.

  84. Added two more.

  85. No, she is busy decorating. My coughing fits would assplode it if were in there anyhow.

    Getting me drunk at a wedding is how my wife got me to agree to start trying to make babies. Fortunately, it wasn’t our wedding.

  86. Goodness, he really is skinny.

  87. His head is bigger than his shoulders!

  88. OK, I probably should have asked or figured this out ages ago, how do I access the media folder etc. for here? Or do I have to be set up special? I totes understand, I wouldn’t want me mucking about in the entrails of this blog either, I don’t even muck around with my own…

  89. Site Admin -> Media -> Library if you’re an administrator, Cavil.

  90. Huh, guess I’m not an admin then. Not that I need to be, honestly.

  91. Finished adding things up. Most things brought us to $6k. (Venue was crazy cheap – $1450 for room/food on china/booze.)

    I said we had to cut a check for ‘$$’.
    Husband said to round it down $800 for the pain and suffering of dumbass being out ’til 4am getting sick drunk…but he was really thinking more of an $1800 deduction. I have agreed thinking about my own pain and suffering the past few months and finding out RIGHT NOW he was out til 4am and noone let me know yesterday wherein I would have said something to his groomsmen for allowing him to do it. *mumbles something something disrespect my daughter will you dumbass* And here I was thinking he was nervous sick.

    Yes, he really is that skinny. His relatives remarked on it. I think he has digestive issues that need to be dealt with.

  92. BroCavil, are you on facechimp? If not, what is your email.

  93. If he frequently suffers from diarrhea (common in skinny people with food issues), an elimination diet followed by something like GAPS might help a lot.

  94. Job 1 as a groomsman, in my mind, is getting the groom to the wedding in a state fir to, or, get ‘er done.



  95. Mr. RFH is that skinny. I’m guessing it’s genetic, because I’m a decent cook and a fatass, so it’s not the food. Also, he fidgets constantly, which has burn off a bazillion calories.

  96. Fit, not fir.

  97. Beasn, you and beasnette are lovely. Mr. RFH says hi to Mr. Beasn and that he looked like a rightly proud papa.

  98. My favorite comment on Hillary’s “NASA rejected me” lie: “They wrote back and said they weren’t taking girls. Then, they wrote to Liz Warren and said ‘No pregnant Cherokees,’ and she hadn’t even applied yet.”

  99. Thank you, roamy. Mr. B returns the hello!

    Son-in-law’s genetics are ‘thin’, like my kid’s are, but my kids are not gaunt and are not tethered to a toilet. SIL does have issues and says dairy does a number on him. I do remember how hard it was to totally give it up when I discovered it in myself, so I’ll grant him some slack while he tries to deal.

  100. leon, what is the name of the low weight/high rep exercise you were talking about and it’s origins? You linked something about it too. My boney son isn’t believing it.

  101. I have a couple of email addys. Roamy has my main one, but you can also get me at my.nic at stompershack period com. (Anything with parts of my real name I try to shade from prying Intarwebs eyes, not like I can’t be sniffed out anyway but no point making it trivial.)

  102. I may be away from email this afternoon/evening, it’s my monthly meatspace-friends-proof-of-life day.

  103. Husband said to round it down $800 for the pain and suffering of dumbass being out ’til 4am getting sick drunk…but he was really thinking more of an $1800 deduction. I have agreed thinking about my own pain and suffering the past few months and finding out RIGHT NOW he was out til 4am and noone let me know yesterday wherein I would have said something to his groomsmen for allowing him to do it. *mumbles something something disrespect my daughter will you dumbass* And here I was thinking he was nervous sick.

    Sounds like SIL is still quite a bit immature. And it explains Mr. B’s expression in the picture I saw yesterday: he was probably debating if he should kick the boy’s ass once the ceremony was over.

  104. Beasn, Eugen Sandow is the original exercise developer.

  105. Soy. Not even once.

  106. Glad it went well and you can relax now that it’s over.

    I said to my husband “don’t bother showing up at our wedding if you’re hungover or still drunk” he was offended because he simply isn’t the type.

    I told my son in law (very nicely), “please go to be early so you feel great for the wedding, enjoying your reception is a good time to relax”

    He got my message. I don’t even think he had a beer the night before. Thank God.

  107. CoAlex, husband told the groomsmen that if SIL doesn’t make it through the ceremony, he will be getting his ass kicked. HA!

  108. Besnsnsnsnsns, you looked BEAUTIFUL! As did your daughter!!

  109. Thank you Pepe!!

  110. Mr. Beasn: “You fucked up, puked during the ceremony, and messed up my daughter’s big day. You get to deal with me.”

    Beasnsoninlaw: “Isn’t there another option?”

    Mr. Beasn: “You’re alternative is you get to deal with my wife.”

    Beasnsoninlaw: “Don’t punch my kidneys too many times, please.”

  111. mare, even with some weight drop and a lightweight body slimmer (more like smooths any ripples), still a tater next to my skinny family. Heh. Thank you anyways!

  112. CoAlex, and that is why husband/son kept me in the dark about it, yesterday. Though, because it was a special occasion, any rebuke would have been said with a smile on my face – through my teeth. Srsly, I would have been nice about it. Guilt works better.

  113. He did puke while they were taking ‘pre-pictures’ before the ceremony….which is when husband told the groomsmen ‘x = ass beating’.

  114. I just don’t like thinking that a guy can’t look back and think about how great the day was. All he can think about is how sick he was. Ufffffffffff young idiots.

    I will give my SIL credit for saying to my husband and me right before they left the reception, “This was the best day of my life!”

  115. On the upside Bessmsmsms, you know he’s not a drinker and will certainly refrain for awhile!

  116. Who else thinks it’s interesting that Clinton says something insane and the media fall over themselves to find support for the insanity? That faggot Bootygig doesn’t even denounce it. I mean really, the insanity that has gone mainstream is cringeworthy.

  117. Congrats Beasn family. Pictures look loverly.

  118. Detroit was HOPPING last night. I went and spent the night down there for the Detroit half – and it was just crazy with all the people out. Then this morning – all the people there for the race, which then bled into a city-wide tale gate for the Lion’s game.

    My pace sucked – about three miles in I realized this wasn’t my day and so I just paced it out and didn’t stress. Legs were tight and heavy for some reason. No amount of stretching helped. Still wasn’t my worst time, but 14 minuets off last year’s pace.

  119. Beasn, the technique goes back to Sandow and his mentor. The e-book I read on the matter is as much a defense of it as an explanation thereof:

  120. I managed to get one workout using the method in before I got sick again. It did kick my ass, and I’m not that out of shape, so I still think there’s merit in it.

  121. I rejected NASA. I don’t want to live that far south.

  122. Alex’s picture doesn’t show the shades of 10,000 generations of ancestors screaming silently that their sacrifices were all for nothing.

  123. Sorry, I had to go to the craft store for art supplies for solo dad day while sick and I had a comment backlog.

  124. Had to make blanket fort 2.0. Dog-I-want-to-euthanize peed on the floor and cat-who-was-supposed-to-live-in-the-barn apparently tried to use the roof as a hammock and dropped the blanket into the puddle.

  125. toddlers and pets are why we can’t have nice things until high school.

  126. Thanks leon. I was able to find the link you had linked before when Pepe poated who the who was. I think it has the link to the ebook. I sent that to son.

  127. Mare, I did get a teary-eyed hug and a compliment before dinner was served, so there is that. Won’t take much to guilt him. Though maybe if I got ahold of him before, he would have thought twice. Stupid behavior is not easily forgotten.

  128. “Detroit was HOPPING last night.”

    Im sure it was a Rappers Delight. (Theres a OG reference for ya)

  129. As I said, I can’t personally testify to the efficacy of the routine just yet, but the author did his research and makes a compelling case. I can say for certain that you won’t risk your hips, knees, or spine like you might with machines or heavy barbells. That’s a strong argument of its own after a few of my powerlifting injuries and as I ease into middle age.

  130. I went to a wedding once (my yankee cousins in connecticut) where the groom and all the groomsman had to be bailed out of jail at 0600 on the wedding day. Groom had a nice purple black eye for the pictures. They then got hammer drunk again at the reception.

  131. How freakin’ cute are these two little ones!? Big brother helps toddler out of her crib..goes back to retrieve her doll baby. Diabeetus cute, that’s how. With that kind of vocabulary, toddler should have her own big girl bed.

  132. Teeroy, are those cousins of Irish descent?

  133. Comment by mare on October 20, 2019 2:43 pm
    I just don’t like thinking that a guy can’t look back and think about how great the day was.


    Guys are mostly terrified…..

  134. Beasnsnnsns, that was just precious!

  135. Dan wants us to make tamales this year. Pray for oso

  136. “Teeroy, are those cousins of Irish descent?”

    Portagee…….I keed, I keed.

    If I recall correctly more Italiano.

  137. I know we don’t really movie here, but who has watched Coco? Who knows the story behind Dia De Los Muertos?

  138. I’m half Irish and I’ve never understood that stereotype. Drunk is as close to happy as I ever get.

    Maybe it’s the German in me telling me that I should wait and fight sober.

  139. OK, well, Irish + Italian = Fuck The Police

  140. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 20, 2019 6:13 pm
    I’m half Irish and I’ve never understood that stereotype. Drunk is as close to happy as I ever get.


    I had to read your comment 3 times to understand it. It’s not you, it’s me!

    But now I get it, you’re not a brawler when you’re drunk or have been drinking. I’m also a happy drunk/drinker. Although I rarely do anymore.

    And I’ve never been one to drink when I’m “down.” (Which is pretty rare)

  141. Leon, you misunderstand, I don’t associate Irish with being angry or fighty. Just with being drunk. And feral.

  142. Just with being drunk. And feral.


    Well, okay then.

  143. I say most stereotypes are true.

    What does everyone think the “The Fighting Irish” is about. No, it’s not about English rule.

  144. True Story. DRINK. Don’t invite Herreras to weddings or parties. They get drunk and fight. They have guns. My Aunt Monica married an Herrera. Herreras ruined my Uncle Eloys reception. Brawls not guns. My Uncle Felix, Herrera, liked taking his brother in laws to bars and getting the shit kicked out of them by his cousins. He liked my dad. He loves me. He loves Dan. When his daughter got married 3 months after Dan and I, my Aunt didn’t know what to do. How do you have a non-violent reception if the family of the bride is Herreras? Only a few mishaps. Dan was targeted with some petty anti Gringo stuff, but my Uncle Felix calmed his family down. Arriba

  145. Penny-ante. *lifts fists and growls*

  146. That ain no shit Mare. The Irish dominated the early police forces for a reason, a little known tidbit..there were also quite a few in the early days of Special Forces. When I was 15 I sat in front of the Tara Hotel in London one evening and watched the Irishmen walk out of the bar, beat the shit out of each other and go back inside for more drinks. I distinctly recall at least two go around’s over the course of maybe 45 mins. They weren’t being vicious they were just slugging it out.

  147. I’ll cop to feral. Atavistic, even.

  148. Avoid birthday parties for Puerto Rican kids. If you must attend, leave before midnight.

    They tend to get shooty and stabby after that,

  149. Scott, 2nd college roomie was a Puerto Rican. From the Bronx. She was terrified of mi familia. See also football players from Detroit.

  150. A Puerto Rican redhead flirted with me once. My feral flight instinct kicked in and likely saved my life.

  151. Homework….go watch Coco. I’ll wait. Hotspur you and Hotchick as well. Cultural blah blah blah for my Rayciss friends

  152. I bet your roomie didn’t know how to swim.

  153. My first girlfriend when I moved to Columbus was a Puerto Rican redhead, my roommate and I were having a beer on the front steps of our apartment building after moving in the furniture, and this tall thin young lady just walks up and points at the cooler and says “Can I have one?” Then flops down beside me on the steps and starts telling me her life story. I didn’t have a chance, really.

  154. Comment by osoloco11 on October 20, 2019 5:23 pm
    Dan wants us to make tamales this year. Pray for oso


    Are you doing it the traditional New Mexican way? Step 1: poach a deer…..

  155. I should have ran for my life like Leon, she came as close as anyone has to getting me shot by the police.

  156. She didn’t swim. She didn’t have etiquette. I remember after she called me racist for not dining with her, friend from Los Alamos and I started teaching her basic cutlery and manners.

  157. Puerto Ricans make up about 8% of our population but they are a majority of the drowning victims.

    You would think island people would know how to swim.

  158. Pepe, nah…pork and the DIY I posted on FB

  159. I’m so sorry you lack the feral instincts of an Irishman, Pupster.

  160. Bah, starting without you. My dad and in-laws grew up believing that family photos were “White trash” and lace curtain Irish had books and art. My Grammo liked pictures of flowers. Visiting priest told her that her flower pics were wrong and only family pics and Santos were acceptable. I’m 3rd gen family photos are Blanco Basura

  161. Young people that I work with don’t understand what a good economy is.

    I often bring up a kid I knew from Puerto Rico. Israel moved here in the late 80’s and spoke zero English.

    He worked hard.

    Within 5 years he had his own business and moved his wife and kids into a nice home in the burbs.

    It took 5 years to go from nothing to American dream.

    I doubt many people managed to pull that off during the Obama years.

  162. Vacation starts on Wednesday. I’m terrified. Worked on a Sunday. Forgot that Sunday was “No Hablo, espanol” 30 minutes to find a Spanish speaker without kid

  163. Ilhan Omar pulled that off during th 0bama years…

    … at your expense…
    … while sending money to overseas terrorists in th MB…
    … because this is an awful, unwelcoming racist country.

  164. Minnesota isn’t America.

    They voted for Mondale.

  165. Point taken. Franken and Ventura too.

  166. And her english is good. This guy had really bad english after 5 years.

    Willing to work. It’s all it took.

  167. The 80’s and 90’s were awesome.

    Everybody had motorcycles and boats.

  168. We added on to our house and built a garage instead.

  169. I expect another 4-8 years of good times if Trump wins in 2020. After 2024, whomever wins will likely try to give the banks and financial gurus free reign and they’ll try to push the same policies that led to the 2008 collapse.

  170. Boats and motorcycles are way more fun.

  171. We only need another 10 to get to the Singularity, so we’ve got that going for us.

  172. Or th next major glaciation will have started, possibly spurred by a comet impact. We are overdue.

  173. Dammit, tablet keeps cutting ‘e’ off of ‘the’.

  174. Wow, beasn looks like a really small potato in that dress!

    Lovely bride, nice pics.

  175. Codeine come has been summoned, wish me luck.

  176. codeine coma, mmm. It’s the best cough syrup

  177. RIP Ants

  178. Hope that dog didn’t get tossed in that explosion.

  179. beasntater <3 J'ames

  180. The doggo was fine. You can see him peaking out from behind the doghouse after the blast.

  181. Dalton’s editor reacted positively.

  182. Laughing about Pupster’s redhead PR girlfriend. “I didn’t stand a chance”. I had a couple of those girlfriends who knew what they wanted and didn’t wait around for me to figure it out

  183. Diet starts today. I don’t have anything to train for, so no excuses.

    Pray for Oso.

  184. What are your goals, Carin? You don’t need to lose weight, do you?

    It’s fun to call people a fatass*, so let me know if you need to lose weight.

    *Something I’ve called myself many times.

  185. we need a diet poat, car in. Get on that.

  186. I wonder what Oso is cooking…

  187. Coma over. Much, much better this morning. I think I almost slept through the night.

  188. Pretty sure it will have a shiny plastic cover, pepe.

  189. Microwaved some poptarts in the foil.

  190. I wish Sean could/would hang out more. And that stupid Wiserbud. And definitely Xbrad.

  191. If you vote for Buttigeg because he kisses men and likes it in the ass you’re dead to me. That’s like voting for Hillary because she has a vagina.* Makes no sense. Both of them support stupid policies.

    *an old, crusty, bitter vagina

  192. Pleh.

    Getting nightmares of Democrat fuckery yet to come.

    Also, all that idiot did was churn up his lawn and piss off the ants.

  193. guess we’re not smart enough for mare

    *opens new container of paste

  194. Better watch that, Jay. Paste is carb-heavy.

    On the diet front, I have a whole pig and a whole lamb due to come from the butcher in mid-November. I have to go total carnivore to make space in the freezer.

  195. She smells like potatoes and urine.

  196. Ah, my favorite smell.

    What do you reckon Tulsi Gabbard smells like?

  197. I want to harvest horseradish like that. FUN!

  198. Gah, this constant cough. persistent snot in the back of the throat, cough cough cough.

    Need a remedy, this is getting really old.

  199. Hillary’s brother died in June. Did anyone notice?

  200. I bet she killed him.

  201. I bet he smelled like cabbage.

  202. Don’t let Tulsi fool you, she was absolutely honest about Hillary and declared it publically which takes some balls, however, the policies she supports are as stupid as Hillary and Buttigieg and all the other weirdos.

  203. What do you reckon Tulsi Gabbard smells like?

    Mid-shelf foundation make-up. Salicylic acid.

  204. Jay, I’m really happy with the people who choose to comment here daily. You turds make me laugh and make me think. If it wasn’t for your puns this would be the perfect site.

  205. I’m not fooled by Tulsi. I like her looks and her willingness to kick Hillary in the poon. Nothing more.

    I’d like to make a baby on her hind quarters. Is that so wrong?

  206. Is that so wrong?



  207. I have really been enjoying the complete takedown of Mitt Romney. That carpetbagging, backstabbing, McCain wanna be is a POS and learning he has a STUPID fake twitter account to defend himself and other RINO’s is hilariously perfect.

  208. What is it with Iowans and sodomy?

  209. I like Tulsi insofar as she’s an honest lib and not part of the Clinton corruption or the Obama-wing disdain for conservative Dems.

  210. I’d like to make a baby on her hind quarters. Is that so wrong?

    They are sufficiently robust. I’m not saying it’s right, but I understand.

  211. What is it with Iowans and sodomy?

    They take their cornhole really seriously.

  212. The neighbor’s maple across the street is a brilliant flaming orange on the outside leaves, and bright yellow on the inside leaves. It is gorgeous and I keep staring at it. What a treat. I love Autumn.

    Whose turn is it to infect Leon’s family with the next shiny new cold virus? We got to keep it up, people. It’s been a good long streak, be a shame to break it.

  213. I’m convinced it’s bacterial, Laura. Explains why we keep passing it around to each other. Viruses don’t mutate this fast.

    Plus colorful mucus.

  214. We don’t do brilliant fall foliage here. We barely do fall at all. I mean, there are bright shades of orange and crimson, but that’s all on the football field.

    Honestly, Alabama weather kinda sucks.

  215. I have a male cardinal that has been fighting the rearview mirrors on my car and truck and shitting constantly while doing so.

    I need to set up a bird feeder with a mirror on it. And poison the little bastard.

  216. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Leon, have you tried talking to it first? Maybe working out a compromise?

  217. Cardinal lives matter

  218. Slip a couple paper bags on your mirrors and go back to loving life.

  219. Did we ever come to a consensus about why that calculating bitch, Hillary would say something insane about Gabbard?

    —Stand in flame thrower for Harris?
    —Drunk when she showed up to tape the podcast?
    —Insane and living too much with just herself?
    —She thought it was a barb that would stick?
    —She thought it was a barb that would stick and the press would
    go along with it like they did with the Trump/Russia stupidity?


  220. Was gonna work on my kitchen today, but the weather’s about to turn shitty tomorrow, and today is lovely outside. I’m gonna seize the carp and go play in the dirt again. Got a raspberry bush that needs to be relocated, etc.

  221. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Leon, have you tried talking to it first? Maybe working out a compromise?

    We don’t compromise with terrorists in this household.

  222. hahahhahahaha

  223. WHAT??

    She’s a cunt?

  224. Pierre Delecto confirms that Hillary is a cunt.

  225. “Pierre Delecto” sounds like a gay pornstar name.

  226. In English it is delicious peter.

    Right, MJ?

  227. wonder how the pole fared?

  228. Right, MJ?



  229. Oh joy, I’m stuck at the dentist’s office for the next couple of hours.

  230. Condolences. Only time I’m at a dental thing that long is if they knock my ass out for whatever it is so I don’t have to remember it.

  231. Fattass /diet post. I’m on it.

  232. I think Hillary took a shot at Tulsi to distract from the 600 violations of National Security that were just found in her e-mails…

  233. Explains why we keep passing it around to each other.

    Preschool Ebola. It’s a thing. We had it for the three years my kids were in preschool.

  234. AND DON’T YOU KILL THAT CARDINAL, LEON or I will have to send an army of possums to kick your ass, your cat’s ass, your grass’s ass, and your horse’s ass.

  235. Comment by ChrisP on October 21, 2019 12:21 pm
    I think Hillary took a shot at Tulsi to distract from the 600 violations of National Security that were just found in her e-mails…


    This is why I love Chrispy! That makes absolute sense. See how you guys make me think.

    Hillary and Bill have done this distraction stuff for years.

  236. Possum turds will be smeared all over your windshield.

  237. Besnsnsnsnsn, isn’t life better now that the wedding is over?

  238. It’s a monster, beasn. It can’t be reasoned with, and it will not stop until my car mirrors are coated in birdshit.

    I’ve tried to discourage it, but it won’t stop. I’ve either got to kill the bird or cut down 3 mature bushes that it might be nesting in.

  239. It all depends on how you word the headline, as to how the people will receive it:

    Reuters: Clinton email probe finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information

    Note, this is a “neutral” site, not supposed to have spin.

  240. Do what laura suggested, leon. Put bags over your mirrors until he loses interest and attacks himself against one of your house’s windows.
    It’s a sin to kill a Cardinal. Didn’t you read the book?

  241. mare, yes! It is nice. The kids just came by (they took today off) to take dad’s tux back, talk wedding, and we gave them our gift. Beasnette is happy with how it all turned out and agreed the ceremony was something not to be skipped – and that it was very lovely.

    Now to pivot to cleaning up my garden SYWM.

  242. Though they should have spent the day getting her name officially changed and either adding him to her bank acct or opening a new one.

  243. We did the bags thing for a week.

    A week.

  244. New poat

  245. Right, MJ?

    Wait….damn you!

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