Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today is an American girl who stands 5′ 3″ and measures 34M with a circumference round the girls an estimated 45″.  From Boobpedia:

By the time she was 18, she was already sporting an I cup. She never had any intention of becoming a boob icon, but the internet decided for her. She was discovered in late 2017 by a forum dedicated to busty women in tops. Soon after the discovery, she started receiving countless messages and Instagram followers. She was not sure whether to delete everything off the internet or just to go with the new attention, but two years and several bra sizes later she decided to create a Patreon. Today Missy happily creates content for her subscribers showing off her 34M breasts, which according to her are still growing.


Please pull yourself together and try not to stare at Miss Missy Marie, AKA Yungfreckz!





  1. Spooge worthy funbags. Foist!

  2. Its SOOPER HUMONGOUS TITTY DAY aka Freak of Nature Day, aka I Bet Your Back Hurts day.

    If yall behave I may tell you a humorous story involving what was advertised as 111ZZZ titties on a Stripper / Porn Star, Baton Rouge Louisiana, a 6 man Team of Security Contractors, and a 5’7″ Philippino / Irish halfbreed Special Forces guy call sign “Smurf”. Good times.

  3. Somewhere the Spirit Of Rosetta stirs and looks on with approval

  4. From the first “Hello” gif I knew we were in for a helluva ride.

    “Yeah, can I have a large delivery pizza. Extra cheese, extra tit?”

  5. Left Lane Cruiser’s “Big Momma” off the Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table album provided additional context.

  6. The tan atop her massive rack is distracting. I know it’s most likely due to the sun hitting there more than other locations but at first glance it looks like acanthosis nigricans.


  8. Veiny.

    wakey wakey

  9. She’s got MOABs, for sure.
    And back pain in her future…

  10. How come there are only pictures of her head and boobs? Does she have legs?

  11. Excellent observation, CARin, it is true that Missy’s legs were removed and replaced with bulldozer treads, in a fruitless attempt to stabilize the bewb platform which was endangering a small coastal town.

  12. holy f’ing awesome boobation friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. pup wins the internets of TaTa for today

  14. Thank you monkeyboy. How’s things?

  15. I hope she makes enough money on them to get a reduction and live like a normal person for at least a little while.

  16. If you watch the video links and gifs you can kind of tell she’s having a good time with the situation. I’d like to think she’s having fun with them.

    I like to think about it a lot.

  17. Well, we had a few good weeks going there……

  18. Well played, Pupster, well played.

  19. LOL Rosetta boobs for sure!!

  20. It’s a shame for her she has to haul that shit around all day.

  21. She has a concerning mole. I will tell her

  22. You’ll need to palpate it for a while to determine the structure of the underlying tissue, B. Could take a while.

    I know this because of my time at Wayne State Medical School.

  23. At the rate we’re going on Twatter and the like, I might have to get smart on HAM radio soon.

    Or we’ll have to go back to BBSs hosted on landlines.

  24. One can only hope that we go back to forums and blogs. Twitter was a mistake.

  25. I can see an encrypted BBS secured by an RSA PIN generation program on the client side. The carrier would have no way of knowing what was in the packets without some serious social engineering. The problem is bandwidth.

    You could pull the same with a hosted website, but if the host got wind, you’re as dead as 8chan on the weakest of pretexts.

  26. ^concur.

  27. It is sad that the internet ‘discovered’ her, and she allowed her life to just become all about her tits, and serving hordes of nasty voyeurs.

    I certainly hope she’s getting filthy rich.

  28. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 18, 2019 9:07 am
    At the rate we’re going on Twatter and the like, I might have to get smart on HAM radio soon.


    California is trying to get rid of HAM radio.

  29. Well – let’s be honest here. The internet didn’t go into her home and take pictures of her big boobs. She put herself out there … happily. Too many young girls are doing this type of stuff. Not necessarily boobs/body. But everyone is putting an insta out there hoping to somehow … get recognized somehow. Friends putting their workouts on insta … and one constantly posting “motivational” stuff that includes promotions for crap she gets.

    Shit. You can’t have friends anymore w/o them basically trying to pimp themselves out somehow.

  30. Instagram is the debbil.

  31. California is trying to get rid of HAM radio.

    Of course they are. I’d think they’d have no right to it since airwaves are Federal, but that won’t stop them.

  32. She was discovered in late 2017 by a forum dedicated to busty women in tops. Soon after the discovery, she started receiving countless messages and Instagram followers.

    I mean, who hangs out in a forum dedicated to “busty” women. How old was she when she was doing this?

  33. I also think there is a lot of filter going on with her face.

  34. There are some people high AF with Tool tickets they are trying to sell.

    Any HUGE Tool fan either already has a ticket, or they are waiting until they are affordable. No one is going to pay $1800 for your ticket.

  35. They are hoping to score on that rich person that has to go RIGHT NOW! I know people that buy season tickets to sell one game, and pay for everything with that.

  36. California is run by idiots. They’re getting rid of HAM radio in favor of cell service for emergency folks that doesn’t work right in an emergency, especially one out in the middle of nowhere.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  37. Yea, I’m sure they’re hoping. But if you go and look at all the tickets available … There are a lot. And people are asking a lot for shitty seats – when there are cheaper available.

    I hope all the scalping fucks lose a lot of money.

  38. Inside China’s gulags.

  39. One of the things that struck me about the stripper / porn star I referred in my earlier comment is how when she spoke about her tits she spoke as if they were a separate entity from her person. “You can do this with the tits, You can do that with the tits” They were literally props to her. The tits were at work. In her mind she just drove the tits to the job. If she could’ve dropped them off and returned for em later she would’ve. It was bizarre and funny at the same time. Especially the pic we took of em. She had no fucks to give as long as no tits were harmed in filming….

  40. I mean, who hangs out in a forum dedicated to “busty” women.

    …or at least busty women in tops.

  41. Im pretty sure I posted about 8 weeks ago that folks should consider getting the handheld ham radios that were recently banned by the FCC. I was able to get a set of five for about 100 bucks and am working on my learning curve to get them programmed and up and running now. They are nice to have in the event of natural disaster, power outages etc. The cell towers have backup gens but they will run out of fuel in 48 to 72 hrs if not fed. And back up generators are subject to being incapacitated by fast moving pieces of metal.

    Next on the list for me is quality Solar bricks for sustainment.

  42. I’ve got enough land clear line of sight to establish a for-real HAM transmission station, so I’ve been considering what would be needed for that.

  43. If leon is bored and looking for a fight.

  44. I saw that already. None of them have read it, but protestants gonna protest.

  45. What so many of them really don’t get is that every protestant argument against the 22 rites of the Church in communion with the Pope (they fixate on the Latin rite primarily, largely from ignorance) is actually a weak-form atheist argument against Christianity itself. It’s a denial of some aspect of the chain of witness and custody of the Gospel entrusted to the men ordained by Christ, in a chain He promised would not break. If any link in that is broken, the final conclusion isn’t “my denomination is the real one!” it’s “Christianity is false”.

  46. Cool. So I guess you’ve already determined your power needs? Also, big footprints get stomped on by big feet… my challenge is getting up to speed on the programming side and the Antenna side. Technical jargon bores me, hence the challenge. Right now Im working on basic nomenclature and principals. The journey of a thousand miles and all that……

  47. I don’t have time or energy to argue it, though, I’ve got dishes to do and everyone in my house is sick including me.

  48. I haven’t determined power needs, no. I suspect I could drive it with all the wind I’ve got, or run a generator off my propane if I can’t pull enough from the grid.

  49. I do potentially have access to all my dad’s HAM equipment from the 70’s though, and his books. If I ask for them (he hasn’t used them in my lifetime), he’d likely let me have them. Sadly, I’m a mathematician and computer scientist by training, not an EE like him, so I don’t know what I don’t know.

  50. It’s panic time.

    Pray for beasnso.

    *hyperventilates into a bag*

  51. Beasn, what’s going on?

  52. The wedding is off. Found out the groom was a furry.

  53. It could be worse, Leon. They could have found out and NOT called it off…

  54. Sweet. 1970’s equipment….no paper trail and probably more solid that todays offerings…plus free is good. I’d get it if only to have some of Dads legacy interest to keep.

  55. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 18, 2019 1:55 pm
    The wedding is off. Found out the groom was a furry.

    So you’re saying there’s a chance! *fist pump*

  56. I’d get it if only to have some of Dads legacy interest to keep.

    I’d always intended to get it and keep it when he passed, it’s only recently that I’d even considered using it.

  57. BAHAHAHA…no, leon.

    Nothing wrong wrong, CoAlex, just crunch time. Four hours until rehearsal. Haven’t practiced with any makeup yet (I would have paid someone to do it but they were booked up), and I just nixed doing another dessert, gotta be at the hair place at 7am. GAHHH

    Okay, so we have the wedding cake which serves 60ish.
    I’ve got two batches of kipfels (about 120 or so)
    6 dozen gooey butter cookies
    5 dozen mini pumpkin/choc chip muffins
    1 berry cobbler

    (last two items are for people like me who cannot enjoy the delicious wedding cake)

    Do you think I have enough? What if I don’t have enough? Oh lort *breathes into bag*

  58. *only 66 people have rsvp’d *

  59. RSVP is usually 70-80% of the attendance in my experience. You’ve got more than enough dessert there for that many.

  60. I’ll tell you though….I’m this > < close to cutting a bish. OMG, daughter melted down because his parents asked a simple question of 'So you're not going to have a DJ or a band?' and furry boi seems suddenly questioning things, 'Should we have gotten a DJ…why didn't we get a DJ?'…and husband, who agreed 4 weeks ago, to be at the florist waiting, to pick up the bouquets AFTER SIL, who lives 5 minutes away from florist (45 min) for us, is suddenly having second thoughts and beasn, doesn't the venue provide extra desserts?
    OMG, WTH?


  62. It could be worse. You could be relying on groomsmen to finish decorating the joint. (Actually happened to a wedding I was involved in as a groomsman. Also, that was when the lot of us learned “tulle” was pronounced “tool”. Commence snickering jokes…)

  63. We will have to set up the extra dessert and add the fresh flowers to the top of the cake when we get there. (florist won’t touch cake and bakery will not touch fresh flowers)

  64. OMG…beasnson just arrived!

    He made me a watercolor picture!!

  65. Its been my experience that many dont even eat dessert at these things….maybe a nib or two…….thats why there is always cake leftover… booze on the other hand….best to double up on that action….

  66. it’s THIS weekend? OMG. I haven’t even picked out my outfit yet.

  67. I’ve got my big foam cowboy hat and banana hammock. It’s all I need.

  68. you’ve got Jager and Rumpleminz, right? laura and Car in are big fans.

  69. Just get a pipeline to Mogen-David set up. You’ll thank me later.

  70. 1) big block of ice with a groove in it
    2) 15 degree ramp
    3) Jaegermeister

    Dessert is solved.

  71. He made a watercolor of a piggie!

    You have no idea how much I would love it if you big goofs showed up. Car in, make sure you bring your puppies. Jay, how ’bout just a loin cloth? Banana hammocks = gross.

  72. Okay…NOW I will go play with makeup.

    – I had to clean up shards of dish that broke all over my clean dishes in the dishwasher….running it again *sigh* –

  73. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 18, 2019 3:28 pm
    Okay…NOW I will go play with makeup.


  74. I don’t know whether I should pity Hillary as she loses her mind, or just laugh and laugh and laugh.

  75. Joe got a word in!

  76. Embrace the power of and!

    Truly though, there literally isn’t a single soul in Hillary’s life who genuinely loves her. That’s almost certainly her fault in no small part, but it’s still tragic. She is my enemy for whom I’m commanded to pray. I pray she repents and walks/waddles away from public life to just try and be grandma to her poor grandkids for a few years before her health fails entirely.

  77. Las Bolas Grande

  78. The only one who loves Hillary, well, the tragedy is that she has clearly rejected Him.

    That’s the bitch of free will.

  79. The Red State article on Rep Hill is both hilarious and sad. Apparently she and her husband formed a “thruple” with a twenty-something staffer, only for Rep Hill to leave them both for her former campaign finance manager.

  80. The only one who loves Hillary, well, the tragedy is that she has clearly rejected Him.

    She’s still alive. There’s still time. Likely? No, but neither are a lot of good things that have nonetheless happened.

  81. I mean, it could happen. Far stranger things have happened. She could have a legit road-to-Damascus conversion tomorrow, give up her worldly wealth and goods, and spend whatever years left atoning for her sins by sincere and godly service to…BWAHAHAHAHAHA sorry folks, I just can’t continue with that scenario.

  82. More likely: She has a change of heart conversion, which is immediately stifled and covered up as an “incapacitating medical event” and basically kept locked away somewhere, drugged up and insensate.

    It’s not just that she gave herself over…it’s that she’s surrounded by those who have done likewise.

  83. Cavil, a NY billionaire and serial adulterer who’d never run for office before is president of the United States and he’s done more to stop abortion and preserve the rights of Americans than any man to hold the office since Reagan.

    Anything is possible.

  84. I pointed exactly that out when he was running. It’s at least as likely as changing the world surrounded by a few fishermen, a former tax collector, a political fanatic, and even an ex-prostitute…and then, when the fanatic flames out, replacing him with one of the people given authority to suppress you…

  85. So I suppose it’s possible. I’ll pray for it, for her own soul if nothing else.

    Still going to watch her like a hawk, though.

  86. It occurs to me that Hillary is one of maybe a dozen people on the planet who could actually kill the Deep State if she got knocked off her horse and saw the light.

    Not saying it’ll happen, but if it does I will never doubt again. I’d have my miracle.

  87. Cavil, a NY billionaire and serial adulterer who’d never run for office before is president of the United States and he’s done more to stop abortion and preserve the rights of Americans than any man to hold the office since Reagan.

    Anything is possible.

    God has a very weird sense of humor.

  88. There’s a reason that He is perfectly happy.

  89. There’s a reason that He is perfectly happy.

    Well yeah…..two words: Sugar tits!

  90. Holy crap, read the whole thread!

  91. She may be the only Dem candidate with a lick of sense. Mind you it’s a relative thing, because Democrat, but still.

  92. Beasssnsnsnsnsn, constant deep breaths and try to enjoy what you can. Make sure your daughter is present at the moment and not worried about this or that. A bride is even more lovely and gracious when relaxed.

  93. Cavil, go to the link and read the thread, she rips Hillary a new asshole.

  94. Tulsi better have someone else start her car for a few weeks.

  95. Oh, sorry everyone, I didn’t know Ace had linked Gabbard’s tweets.

  96. I particularly like this line:
    “You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long,”

  97. Yeah, it is a thing of beauty, ain’t it?

  98. We’re about to find out something very, very important.

    If Tulsi survives this, the denouncement of Hillary will spread like wildfire, and might even split the party. If she doesn’t, the Clintons really do still run things.

  99. Imagine Hillary at home on the phone with Bill, Chelsea or Blumenthal:

    “Did you hear what that wet behind the ears bitch said about me? She’s going down, and I don’t mean like Huma. Let’s get the California machine to spray something sticky to her campaign. Or look up every place she was stationed, there’s got to be some fool she served with who will say she’s a whore…you know like how Gollum said about BIll’s whores-“drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park”. Also, look into her family, someone, somewhere has a parking ticket we can turn into a meth arrest. Or, let’s just keep hammering the Russia connection deal, It’s so stupid the dem caucus voters are bound to beleive it.”

  100. “Hopefully Tulsi doesn’t run as an Independent out of spite to help Putin’s Russia and re-elect Trump.”

    That was downstream from Tulsi’s tweet. Nice to see the Dems worrying about shit like that.

  101. 5 hour drive down to MA to visit my mom. I could have sworn I’ve done it in a little over 4 hours before. I stopped once for gas for like 10 minutes. Must have been more traffic than usual but I only hit a standstill once.

  102. Saw a few out of state power company trucks heading south on 95. I guess in state line crews are handling the rest of the outages. Two were from Illinois and one from Pennsylvania.

  103. Tulsi really stung Harris at a prior debate.

    Hillary was retaliating.

  104. Yes, I believe it when people say Hillary’s machine is now Harris’s machine. That’s why I mentioned CA in my fake Hillary conversation.

    And really, isn’t Hillary a perfect proxy for Harris? Harris seems just as dirty as Hillary and just as nasty and I don’t mean who she’ll give a bj to for a little political lift.

  105. Kameloe is at 2% … 8% in Calif. she’s a perfect surrogate for the Hildebeast.

  106. I can’t wait to see Hillary’s response.

    Will she say something or just have her killed?

  107. You can’t have friends anymore w/o them basically trying to pimp themselves out somehow.

    I have one friend who hasn’t spoken to me since I asked her if we could socialize without me having to buy something. She hosted makeup parties, Tupperware parties, Pampered Chef, jewelry, etc. etc. Otherwise I saw her in the pickup line and that was it.

  108. Some of the comments about the all-women spacewalk today were hilarious. “Not surprised the all-women spacewalk started 25 minutes late.” “All the men astronauts are waiting patiently for their sammiches.”

  109. Hah, #QueenofWarmongers was trending on Twitter, and now it’s not. Way to go there, you sycophants.

  110. Leon?


  112. nice vid

  113. So is Hillary just spitballin’ to tear Tulsi down or has her pickled brain cells finally given in to dementia?

  114. Grr, Miss Lindsey Graham denouncing Trump on the same stage as Blumenthal. Just when you think he’s back on our side, he goes McCain on us. Along with Romney.

  115. Dubnium exhibits radioactive properties.

  116. Mare’s 10:28 link is now removed. I guess it hit too close to home for someone.

  117. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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