Monday Poat for Poat’s Sake

New week, new poat.
I should have picked something more upbeat, but this came up in the rotation, and I like it.

Monday motivation, hmmm. How about this.

I had saved this one for HHD Easter egg.

One of my all-time favorites. I miss PattyAnn.

There ya go. Short and sweet.

(Colorado Alex) ADDED: More MMM-theme content. Katie Sackoff preparing for a Spartan race. It has Katie Sackoff, in a bikini, throwing a spear. This is relevant to my interests.


  1. Probably should have made a Columbus Day-themed poat.

  2. really short! kinda like leon


  3. Possum and I are both coughing badly again. She’s staying home from preschool today, I think, and I’m being forced to take a day off from the contract. Might or might not have a floating holiday. If not I’ll be working 4 10s.

  4. ICYMI. SNL actually being funny.

  5. What made-up bullshit holiday is it now?

  6. Hotspur, Columbus Day if you remember history. Indigenous Peoples Day if you voted for Hillary.

  7. What made-up bullshit holiday is it now?

    “Government Workers Need a Bullshit Reason to Take the Day Off” Day.

  8. Its spain sponsored indigenous population oppression and colonialism day!

  9. Leon, I hope you and Possum are feeling better very soon.

  10. Added some more content.

  11. Yeah, because Christopher Columbus is personally responsible for slavery in the US.

  12. Let’s see if this works

  13. In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two,
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
    He hit a rock and split his cock,
    And pissed all over the crew.

    That Columbus?

  14. Fake news

    I like how they cropped out the lawn chairs.

  15. Just listened to a great talk on endocrine disruptors.

    Don’t store your food in plastic, people, and never microwave in it.

  16. I ate four microwaved hot dogs last night. Am I gonna die?

  17. Did you cook them on plastic?

    May as well change your name to Hotspayed.

  18. You’ll have to take my box of zip lock bags from my cold, dead, somewhat soft and effeminate hands.

  19. Just listened to a great talk on endocrine disruptors.

    Don’t store your food in plastic, people, and never microwave in it.

    Wait, so that’s why my testicles shriveled up? I thought I’d just picked up something from your mom.

  20. so everyone is gonna die in the US? everything is stored in plastic,, whether at home, processing at some point, etc.

    There is no way, leon, sorry.

  21. The jug I store my lawnmower gas in is plastic. Should I quit drinking it?

  22. I love the bodyweight chart. More of that on Mondays!!

    There are exceptions, however, California is way too beautiful for the people who live there. Stupid, lefty, dems, I’m looking at you.

  23. Wow. 50 US soldiers were holding back WWIII.

    I’ve was wrong about almost every war in my lifetime. It’s better to sit it all out.

  24. @patsajak

    I’m going to my favorite Los Angeles area Hallmark store on this holiday just to see how they managed to rhyme “indigenous.”

  25. I don’t know if Trump has done this yet but he should, at every rally AND National Speech, read who has relatives on Ukraine and Chinese company boards.

  26. MJ what are you referring to? One of the excellent perks to travel is staying off the internet. Don’t know stuff, don’t care about stuff.

  27. Oh, is this about the Syrian withdrawal?

  28. yes, 50 US special forces, and 1000 us troops were the only thing holding back the Turkish hordes.

    Says a lot about the abilities of US troops, or very little about Turkish troops.

    Maybe I should embrace the power of AND

  29. Oh, NATO member Turkey, too, to further complicate the issue. Same reason we can attack French troops with impunity.

  30. Nothing at the Hallmark store costs more than $950 and LA doesn’t prosecute shoplifting less than $1000.

    It’s free, Pat, just take what you like.

  31. I’m sort of embarrassed to say that I didn’t realize we had troops in Syria. And then I found out it was like 50 people in advisory roles.

    And then I found out removing those 50 people would unleash genocide.

    I haven’t had time to pay attention to this but it seems as though there’s a lot of bullshit being thrown around.

    I say forget it all. Who cares about Turkey, NATO, the UN, the Middle East, or Saudi Arabia?

    Maybe I’m searching for simple answers to complicated questions and don’t really know what I’m talking about but I fail to see how any of it has been worth a damn thing.

  32. And the endocrine disruption won’t kill us, not immediately, but it is actively pussifying us and making men infertile.

  33. “Don’t store your food in plastic”

    We have to go vegan because 100% of the meat at the grocery store is wrapped in plastic.

    That sounds like commie BS.

  34. So are the vegetables, Scott, veganism is no help. The talk recommended asking for butcher paper.

  35. then we will be killing trees.

    Isn’t butcher paper using plastic, to make it water resistant?

  36. Then they will tell us refrigerants are bad.

  37. No, refrigeration is fine. Plastics are novel. Herbicides and pesticides are much worse than plastics, and cold plastics are much better than warm plastics. Pthalates in shampoo and soap are the debbil.

  38. and if a rat drinks 200 cans of Pepsi a day it will get cancer.

  39. Actually you can change the sex of a frog with a tiny amount of atrozine.

  40. I’ve been toying with an idea that much of the political and economic disruption in the world today can be traced back to one year: 1991. In that year we had:

    The Gulf War, which convinced the west that wars of the future would be largely bloodless affairs fought by international technocratic armies, for limited durations, to achieve limited objectives. By failing to remove Saddam we set the stage for ten years of sanctions, US troop commitments to the Middle East, and eventually the Iraq War when it became apparent that we could neither hope for Saddam’s reform, nor that he would conveniently go away.

    Indian economic liberalization, which opened the Indian economy to western investment and in turn would result in a massive technology and manufacturing shift by western companies to India. Additionally, this liberalization was driven in large part by pressure from Western internation institutions which made it a requirement in order to receive IMF loans, demonstrating the power of these institutions to influence governments.

    The breakup of the Soviet Union, which eliminated the reason for existence for much of the post-WWII institutional arrangements in the West. These institutions, and the people who had made a comfortable living from their employment there, suddenly had to find a new justification for their continued existence. In the US, the sudden disappearance of the USSR meant that party alignments were suddenly in flux. Libertarians who had long sided with the conservatives against statism started shifting towards the left on social issues along with issues of free-trade and open borders. Progressives who had been sympathetic to communism instead shifted towards environmentalism and social justice ideologies instead.

  41. No meat, no bathing.

    I bet I get to live outdoors too.

    * craps on sidewalk *

  42. Meat and bathing are allowed. You just have to hunt and kill the meat yourself so that it’s fresh, and your baths are all ice baths with homemade soap.

  43. Bathe in meat.

  44. Good news! you can store everything in terra cotta pots and glass.

  45. I use goat’s milk soap.

  46. Sorry you and the lil possum are sick again. That is the one thing I detested about putting the kids in preschool….we were constantly sick. And people would dose their kids up with motrin and send them so they didn’t have to deal. F*ckers.

  47. Colex, I’ve toyed with the idea that 1980 may have set the table for some of what we dealt with in 91. A feckless, nutless, pussy allowed the Iranians to hold our embassy personnel hostage for over a year without doing a damned thing. I think this event inspired a whole generation of Muslims that America could be fucked with. With no repercussions. Reagan spent the next eight years focused on the evil empire, and rightfully so, and then GHWB had to deal with saddam three years later.

  48. Re: no oil in the car….

    Not only does it knock but you can smell something amiss, too. I know this, not because I ‘let’ it happen but because something wrong in a part that causes it to burn through oil. Can’t remember the part, but those f*ckers sent out a notice that part ‘x’ is messed up and that they’ll replace it after you bring it in for testing over x many weeks AND if it’s within 8 years blah blah….the notice coming right at 8 years.

    So long trips are still doable so long as you pack extra oil.

  49. A feckless, nutless, pussy allowed the Iranians to hold our embassy personnel hostage for over a year without doing a damned thing.

    My dad* voted for that pussy and didn’t like Reagan. Said the only republican he ever voted for was Nixon because he got us out of Vietnam.

    *the same guy who did absolutely nothing when one of three people put anti-freeze in my sister’s soda, which nearly killed her. ER doc said had she not eaten a burger with it, she be ded. Ask most normal parents what they’d do if someone, on purpose, nearly kills their kid.

  50. One of her classmates has cystic fibrosis, so they were adamant about keeping kids home when sick. I think we’ve been passing the same bacteria back and forth with mutations every few days for the last month. Really killing any momentum I try to muster for gainzzz.

  51. “……we set the stage for ten years of sanctions, US troop commitments to the Middle East, and eventually the Iraq War when it became apparent that we could neither hope for Saddam’s reform, nor that he would conveniently go away.”

    Better known as endless graft from our political ‘betters’ and their cronies……off the blood of the sons of deplorables. Win win for them.

  52. Beasn, a roommate my younger daughter had when she got her first job out of college stole my daughters SS # and bank account info off her laptop. We went to Oklahoma to visit family over thanksgiving and this little cunt of a roommate removed $4k from daughter’s bank account, and opened several bogus lines of credit. My daughter moved out of the house they were renting and landlord hit her up for 2 months of back rent that hadn’t been paid even though my daughter had given little cunt roommate cash to pay her half both months. All of this wrecked my daughters credit rating before she ever had a chance. Two years later Direct Tv hits her up for $1k of Bills she hadn’t paid. Little cunt roommate was still scamming folks using her name and info.

    I say all of that to say this: if I knew for a fact that I wouldn’t go to prison and hell I could’ve easily walked up to evil cunt roommate and point blank shot her in the face. And I’m not an evil man. But fuck with my kids and shit changes.

  53. And the endocrine disruption won’t kill us, not immediately, but it is actively pussifying us and making men infertile.

    Have you noticed how much soy is in everything?

  54. Pendejo, little cunt didn’t serve time for any kind of theft? I’d think something like that would bring federal charges because across state line kind of thing.

    I do not know the reasoning behind my parents/sister for not pressing charges against the fuck who poisoned her drink. It was one of three people. ER doc, who noticed the dickery the detectives tried to pull “are you on drugs”..”what did you take”… said he’d testify for her. Only thing in her system was anti-freeze.

  55. Okay, I am off to start prepping dough for some kipfels. I’ll need to make two batches. I just talked to one of my husband’s buddies who travels the world to eat and bring home sweets.
    I better start now. Kipfels is a lot of work.

  56. We filed a complaint with local sheriffs office and I’d imagine the bank did too. Roommate left town and moved back to Lubbock so I don’t know what kinda follow up there was. Had to file a complaint w Lubbock police dept two years later over the direct tv deal. Don’t know what ever happened with that either. Daughter was never called to testify so there was no trial.

  57. ever google a bit, to see if anything popped up?

  58. Your mom googled my dick.

  59. CoAlex:

    Interesting thesis. I like the idea and it could make a pretty good starting point for the decline.

  60. New door seal installed.

    It still leaks.

  61. I read an article in the WSJ over the weekend with a title something like “Make Dishwashing Great Again” about the push to make dishwashers that actually function properly instead of the new energy saving ones. That’ll be part of Trump’s 2020 campaign platform.

  62. Have you noticed how much soy is in everything?

    We’re all gonna end up with Soy Face!

  63. If you google “bits” w/o safe search, something unsavory might pop up.

  64. But fuck with my kids and shit changes.


    Agreed. I’ve often thought (because of my previous lessons etc, with guns) whether I could shoot someone or not. If I’m protecting my kids absoeffinglutely. NO QUESTION. NONE. Protecting myself, YES. Protecting my property such as car theft, no. Unless it’s the apocalypse and I need the car to survive.

    But if someone tried to poison my kid, you can bet your mom’s ass, I’d go completely Orphan X and slyly kill the person. Meaning, I would kill the person or ruin their life (can’t decide) and do my best to get away with it. If I get caught, oh well, Orange is the new Black.

  65. Yes, Beasnsnsnsnssns, I don’t get how your dad could let that one go.

  66. Meaning, I would kill the person or ruin their life (can’t decide) and do my best to get away with it.

    If I see red when a big bully kid knocks my kid over on concrete, I can’t imagine the fallout if someone tried to poison her/him.

  67. If I line my plastic containers with was paper, will that save me from growing a third tit?

  68. WAX paper


  69. In the car, I was listening to Glenn Beck and Stu, his sidekick, was giving a yearly list of Hunter Biden’s arrests, police reports, jobs, separations and marriages. HO-LEE-CRAP, Hillary tops the asshole list but Hunter is waaaaaay up there.

  70. Thanks, Carin. You’re more than just a pretty face and a kick-ass mud runner.

  71. Comment by beasn on October 14, 2019 4:09 pm
    If I line my plastic containers with was paper, will that save me from growing a third tit?


    HA!! But I’m curious too.

    Look, Leon is just trying to give us good info. I take what he says and run with it. Well, more like a slow jog…no, more like a fast walk. Wait, it’s a slow walk but I take it seriously.

  72. Why wouldn’t you want a third tit?

  73. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 14, 2019 4:55 pm
    Why wouldn’t you want a third tit?

    Exactly. What’s not to love?

  74. Went to dentist, managed not to cough. Went to Costco, got guacamole, cheese, and giant bottle of Kirkland whiskey so I could see if it’s any good.

    The weird rinse they’ve got me using makes everything taste like metal, so I can’t actually tell if the whiskey is okay.

  75. 1912, the election of Woodrow Wilson. The dawn of Progressivism, the beginnings of the foreign policy mindset that haunts us and triggers pointless military actions down to the present day, fucking around delaying entering WWI – thus prolonging it, guaranteeing WWII, and triggering the events that lead to Russia becoming the Soviet Union.

    The entire rest of the 20th century is his fault, along with the two decades of the 21st to date. Fucking academics.

  76. Wilson is on my “if I get hold of a time machine…” list, but I have to wonder if he’s symptom or cause.

  77. I still sincerely wonder how much would change if Henry VIII could be kept from falling off the horse and bashing his head, or if his older brother Arthur could somehow have been saved.

  78. Pulled the dishwasher out and found the leak.

    After two trips to Home Depot and lots of swearing, I think it’s fixed.

  79. I read a portion of this poem in meme form, and I don’t know why but it struck me as deep but defeatist, I’m more a rage against the dying of the light guy.

    At any rate, it has stuck around in my skull for 2 days enough that I googled and found the whole text, This is the blurb that bit me:

    You are a child of the universe,
    no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

  80. Unfolding as it should if you can get off your ass and mold your own little corner into a better place.


  81. Because third tits are spooky looking and are good for nothing if we can’t birth litters.

  82. Yeah, I remember the song that was made of that one in the 70’s. I had a poster of it hanging in my bedroom for the longest time. What can I say? I was 10/11 when it came out…..

  83. The reason we are trying to save this dishwasher is because the modern machines suck so bad. Takes two hours to deliver a shitty job, no thanks.

  84. TiFW, we were forced to memorize that poem in Middle School issues. Ugh. Good luck saving your dishwasher. Ours died after 20 years. New dishwasher is named “Dan”.

  85. I present to you the clearest arguement against gun control you will ever hear. Siblings of an armed robber declaring that his would-have-been victim should not have been able to fight back:

    I want these people deported.

  86. Pup, my folks had that on a wood mount they hung on the wall for most of my life. Those were really an thing back in the day.

  87. Oso Family Theater
    Oso Have you watched any of the MN riot video?
    Dan: I don’t watch that crap. By the way, I ordered a MAGA hat for you.

  88. Dishwasher will be back online Wednesday.

    I ordered a discharge hose with a check valve from Amazon. That will be much easier than disconnecting everything for a third time.

    What a pain in the butt.

    Could not have done it without youtube.

  89. DIY YouTube is awesome.


  91. I bet Dollar General loses the civil suit.

    Juries suck,

  92. Go Loins!

  93. The city of St. Louis paid off Michael Brown’s family to the tune of million or so. Didn’t matter the cop was found innocent.

  94. Was there a riot in MN?

    I listened to some Hannity on the way back from the store. He was interviewing Sidney Powell and what she was saying triggered my tourette’s into hyperdrive.

    I cannot believe them motherfuckers continue to get away with what they did to Flynn. They never told him he was under investigation and had the right to have counsel during their interview. Then they never told him or his lawyer that he was cleared…thus the guilty plea (because they were bleeding him dry). Then when Trump made the remark to that fat cottonheaded motherfuck of a Hillary buttsniffer, Comey, that Flynn was a good guy..go easy on him, the twatwaffle, who knew Flyn was cleared, didn’t tell Trump. Instead he got the special prosecutor business started.

    If I heard right, Powell may be giving Flynn some help.

  95. It’s also my understanding that the judge in the case is the same judge who slapped down – albeit lightly – the same fuckers who did all sorts of illegal underhanded things in the Enron case and whoever that Alaskan senator was. Will he recognize he’s dealing with those same fuckers who were on Mueller’s team?

  96. Determine Earth’s radius, please.

  97. First.

  98. Second!

  99. Wakey wakey.

  100. LeBron james can go fuck himself with a swordfish.

  101. Interesting visual.

    Who is else is on the swordfish fornication list?

  102. LeBron James has shown himself as the selfish, dumb, tool everyone except the superdumb knew he was.

  103. Protein Wisdom line, MJ.

  104. So, there is this miserable bitch at work. I don’t work with her but once in a blue moon, since she works weekday DAYS. Older. Miserable life. Horrible husband. bla bla bla. Well, she has been a total bitch to Erin. The day “girls” think this lady is “funny”, etc, but she’s a complete asshole to erin. Yesterday told her she was useless (among other things).

    Which, and this is not because I’m her mom – but erin is a rocking employee. She has been asked to retrain the entire hostess staff, and needs to train a bunch of expo people and then she’s moving to waitress. On Saturday, she new they were in trouble and called saying she was coming in to help because they would have been fucked w/o her (the person scheduled to expo couldn’t handle it). ALL the managers love her,and the cooks and front of the house all like her. Except this one evil bitch. Erin was miserable yesterday over it.

    I gave the managers a heads up, and unless they deal with it, I’m going in to have a “conversation”. I will probably go in anyway.

  105. 116 emails to read after a holiday weekend, and that’s just one account.

  106. Oh yeah, it’s Tuesday.


  107. ok, it’s done, record time!

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