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  1. Fantabulous

  2. Several savers in this stack of seriously stupendous silly sidelines.

    Super Serial

  3. A lot of good ones today, so I can’t decide which is my favorite, but that chocolate chip cheeseburger makes me want to hurl.

  4. Gonna send the barking tickets one to FDIL.

  5. Kinda partial to “saw bad man, bit bad man” one. There is a jungle in my dining room. Better half decided plants had to come in last night around 9. Probably a good decision, its 31 out there right now. Lil doggy is like “fuck that, I’ll hold it, Im staying in bed

  6. If I hadn’t shared before, FDIL got a rescue mutt puppy. He’s adorable, but he’s also Bitey McBiteyPants right now.

  7. I wonder how many electric cars in CA are going to brick before this is over.

  8. Catching up at the mothership, had to laugh at “there’s going to be an exodus at Fox now that Shepard has left.” Good!

  9. Pupster parental units are coming to stay with us next week, a lot of house cleaning and rearranging is going to happen this weekend. They decided to go halfsies with my sister on a new house with a MIL suite, and are trying to downsize and give things to me. I had to shut that down hard, as I am fighting the clutter battle and more things and stuff are counter productive. Mom’s feelings are hurt because I’m turning down family heirlooms.

  10. I got attacked by a puppy yesterday.

    Razor sharp teeth.

  11. You can’t turn down old clutter.

  12. Outstanding, Pups!!!!

  13. You can receive the clutter and turn it around to another person or entity asap. Goodwill, a friend, etc.

    That’s what I did with a shittonne of stuff my MIL gave us when she downsized out of the old family house.

    If your wife has the packrat gene, you may have to put in a crap-diverter valve and make sure she doesn’t see any of the stuff first.

    Like, “OK Mom, I’ll be over to pick that stuff up,” you go alone, and on the way home you drive straight to Goodwill.

  14. I did that with some of Dad’s stuff. Marked the boxes DG, which stood for Direct to Garbage and threw them away when I got home.

  15. Yeah, well…it’s the kind of stuff if I accepted possession, I would be responsible for keeping safe and being able to recite the backstory. I would not be able to dump any of it without suffering the wrath. I very nicely said “if you’re giving me a choice, I would have to say ‘no thank you’.”

  16. I spend between $40 and $50 on a haircut about every three months, so I don’t hang out in the beauty shop that much. Someone please explain to me how you do lowlights in dark brown, nearly black hair. Just add black? Would anyone notice the addition? I looked up lowlights, and they are supposed to be 2 or 3 shades darker than your normal hair.

  17. New snow blower is getting delivered today.

    That should cancel winter.

  18. Is pulling a woman’s hair the female equivalent of pulling a man’s finger? I asked Mare, but she wouldn’t tell me.

  19. It’s not the same clint. If you pull a woman’s hair and finger at the same time it takes a screenshot.

  20. Heh!

  21. Thanks Scott. Last one was a little rough.

  22. Can’t help you roamy, I’m going naturally blonde. *cough*

  23. Today should be daughter’s last dress fitting. Pray for little boobed oso that the seamstress doesn’t f*ck it up.

  24. Pups, my SIL rented a truck for my in-laws stuff, the day they moved in. There was so much crap, you could barely move through the living area. Wth, SIL! And this was after my MIL, who doesn’t like clutter tossed a bunch of stuff away.
    Husband had to emergency borrow a trailer with the promise he was going to take half the furniture up to the farm. Half of that half, he dropped off at the Goodwill.

  25. What was great about moving them in, forced us to go through and toss most of what had accumulated in the basement over the years. Anything left could fit in the storage closet we built with room left over.

  26. Just don’t look in the closets in what used to be the kid’s rooms. Yarn and fabric has multiplied…

  27. I get that it’s hard to let go of the things you have with history attached to them, but my MJ level of moving about the country has jaded me to sentimentality.

    Do I Need it?

    Can I Lift it?

    *trick question*

    Does it spark joy?


  28. Note to you gente de la Norte: I had to wear a jacket yesterday.

  29. First time in at least six months. Maybe seven.

  30. Paula told me I can’t bring any more stuff back from my mother until I put the stuff I brought back at Easter away. There’s only so many marshmallow Peeps a man can eat.

  31. Actually it was a teapot my dad won in a bike race back in Ireland as a teen and her grandfather’s crucifix. It’s the old school, Last Temptation Of Christ version. Hell, it’s so old I oughta test the blood on it.

  32. That’s cool stuff Jimbro, that’s the level of things I’m dealing with, antique, historical, precious and fragile.

    No thank you.

  33. She already tried to give me her wedding china and real silver utensils. I passed on that. My sister gets all the Waterford crystal. Way back, 20 years ago, when I first moved to Maine and had a house to fill I definitely brought furniture from my parents and relatives because it was free and in decent condition. We’re all set on furniture at this point.

  34. Deadlift day and the gym is packed. Pray for broso.

  35. I brought back all of my dad’s guns.

  36. Bury me softly in this world.

    wakey wakey

  37. I have a new vaguebook muse.

  38. Does it spark joy?


    Only regret my MIL has about all the shit that she tossed is that she didn’t make any money on it. But it’s all on her in that she ixnayed any garage sale that her sons would have run/taken care of. She detests anyone from stepping foot on her property even after the house sold and was no longer, technically, theirs. She’s weird like that.

  39. Yarn and fabric has multiplied…

    I am forbidden to buy any more yarn until I finish current projects.

  40. Penelope has a friend who is commercial weaver. She is selling everything due to medical reasons, some kind of debilitating nervous system thing, similar to ALS. Sooooo, now we have a bunch more yarn, and a couple of looms, and some glass fronted cabinets, and probably a ton of stuff I don’t know about…..

    Penelope has issues, can’t get rid of it because “It’s still good…..” I’m kinda the same way, result of growing up without much.

  41. Looks like IEC fusion, Alex. Navy has been working on that for a while, basically a Farnsworth fusor without cusp losses.

  42. Speaking of winter, North Dakota has had floods of rain all year, and now have 20 inches of snow. It’s buried the crops still in the fields. There’s gonna be a lot of hard times up there.

  43. fusion is a myth. Unless you’re in a crossover restaurant.

  44. Heh. Carmax has a commercial about travel bumper stickers, one of the ones they flashed was “Giant Meteor 2020”.

    Grassroots SMOD is taking hold.

  45. I was wearing a tee shirt this morning. Co-workers were in jackets, knit hats, and gloves. I was making Sue Ann, Sydney, and Lizette…feel “colder”.

  46. Cyclones and Cardinals on at the same time. Grrr.

  47. Holy crap this was funny. I lol’d through the whole damn thing!

  48. I liked/hated the Walrus/Waffle House. Dan has NEVER been to a Waffle House.

  49. J’ames, elderly black guy wearing a Cards cap and a Cards championship T-shirt was in the Club. I was spotting for the lift. Bad spot. I’m talking baseball with old guy while lift was in motion. Old white guy with RBF was glaring at Cards guy. EBG and I were talking Reds pitching. Cards pitching. Vicente (Lift driver) was getting annoyed with me. I end Cards conversation with “Hey, at least the Cubs stayed home”. RBF guy turns to glare at me…wearing a Cubs tee under his sweater.

  50. I thought the Giant Meteor won in ’16.

  51. RBF….resting bitchy face?

  52. I seem to attract lots of glares from cub fans when I wear my Thou Shalt Not Steal Yadi shirt.

  53. The Big Middle Finger won in ’16. God willing, he’ll do it again in 2020.

  54. Looks like IEC fusion, Alex. Navy has been working on that for a while, basically a Farnsworth fusor without cusp losses.

    I have only the vaguest idea what you just said.

    All I know is that this is the 21st century and I was promised fusion rockets and I want my fusion rockets. That or coastal artillery consisting of a portable nuclear plant powering a battery of rail-guns.

  55. We can’t build nuclear power plants! Think of all the carbon!

  56. Basically, you use EM to push protons together until they fuse. Surprisingly easy to do, but the energy of fusion is lost to the “cusps” of the confinement field. If you can close the cusps, you have a giant, fusion-powered DC voltage.

  57. Guy told me they put VP Racing Fuel in the snow blower, It’s gas that doesn’t go bad for a very long time. If it doesn’t snow this year the gas will still be good next year.

    I need to buy some for the generators.

  58. Yeah, they don’t put corn squeezings in the racing fuel. I think shitty gas is what is causing my lawn mower problems.

    *shakes fist at Iowa*

  59. small engines shouldn’t use ethanol. Just buy the good stuff.

    Ethanol also covers for shitty ground tanks, absorbing the water.

  60. The problem anymore is finding the good stuff.

  61. y’all don’t have ethanol free at every pump? I would expect that in NC, and MI.

  62. Your mom is the good stuff.

  63. Nope. Indiana corn whiskey is in every drop.

  64. The casual sex one reminded me of a young woman who announced at the last possible moment “I’m not into casual sex”.
    Thinking quickly I jumped out of bed and put on a tie, then asked “Is this formal enough?

    It was.

  65. Go to an airport and get some av gas, or some speed shops sell racing fuel, but you have to be careful as there are a million kinds some E85 some methanol

  66. Av gas ran great in my old Buick 455. Wasn’t supposed to use anything less than 100 octane in that.

  67. I had a few cars like that Jay.
    The 80’s were rough trying to run those old high octane leaded engines on low octane unleaded. Bought a lot of leaded octane boost when I couldn’t get the good stuff

  68. Those old high compression engines. Wonder if people still look for them for race cars. Probably just replace the crank.

  69. Right now everyone is using blowers, they run less compression as a rule than a NA engine.

    I am a Mopar guy through and through, but compared to just about any old school engine the Chevy LS motors make a shit ton of HP.
    *gag, spit, cough*
    It hurts to say that.

  70. Urrrgh. Working on our work out Bobcat skid steer. It isn’t running right, so I started trying to figure out what’s going on. So far, the points are shot, fuel shutoff valve is broken, fuel pump is shot, and the wiring is creative. Points for using a garden hose as a conduit for some wires.

    Penelope picked up new points, but they don’t fit at all. I’ll have to go into town Monday and see if I can get something that will fit, or convert to a solid state ignition kit. I’ll probably try an auxiliary electric fuel pump, because I’m pretty sure this one will be rare. Pray for Oso!

    I don’t like mechanicing.


  72. mmm ribs

  73. Jay, what kind of truck to you get? I

  74. ugh, feels dirty rooting for the Astros. First they were in the central. Then they bought every player. But, Yankees.

  75. We got a 19 Ram, Lone Star package.

  76. Drove that one, an 18 GMC SLT, and a 17 Chevy Silverado. We both ranked them Ram, Chevy, GMC. Weird, because I still like the GMC the best for looks. But driving it? Ram was way better. And rides better than my buddy’s Nissan Titan.

  77. Nice. Need 4WD in Iowa or 2WD and bags of sand?

  78. 4WD cuz I love it. Most of the time it’s 2WD.

  79. What kind of fuel mileage does a V8 get these days?

  80. averaging 14 according to the computer, haven’t had the chance to calculate it. Mrs Jay drives it and she isn’t being cooperative on the whole mileage and gas thing.

  81. That isn’t bad.

  82. When I was a kid a big V-8 would get you 6-10 MPG.

  83. I think I heard a Lincoln owner brag about 4 MPG once, but I could be wrong.

  84. heh, this is supposed to approach 20 on the hwy, and I can believe it. Took it out to eat once, and watched the avg mileage go up.

  85. my 392 gets 11-12 around town I was surprised to get 27 on the hwy

  86. I gotta go car shopping with my son tomorrow. The fucking idiot locked up the engine on his (supposedly fav car in da world) subaru by running it with no oil…….he ran it with no fucking oil! I swear this kid will go like three months on the ball and then for a month or six weeks act like he’s been hit with a fucking dummy bat.

  87. how the hell do you run out of oil, and not notice? That’s a horrible sound.

  88. Don’t some of the cylinders shut down when cruising on highway, vmax? I think mine do.

  89. I’ve got a Ram 3500 diesel. It gets around 15 mpg, more if it’s all highway and I keep it around 70. The older trucks with the Cummins engine used to get 21+ mpg on the highway, but the emissions stuff kills fuel mileage.

  90. yes, mopar calls it mds. A friend who has a Challenger with a manual (non mds) said he gets the same mileage on the road so I don’t know if it helps much, but 27 is great

  91. All I know is that this is the 21st century and I was promised fusion rockets and I want my fusion rockets.

    “Where’s my truncheon bomber?”

  92. Commies are killing diesel.

  93. Hopefully not outdated.

  94. used to have a diesel Rabbit that got 70 mpg.

  95. Without Remorse being made into a movie. Rainbow Six is next.

    John Clark/John Kelly is black now. And part of a team. This isn’t going to end well.

  96. Anita got stung by something yesterday. We’ve been in the east pasture cutting/burning brush and dead trees for a couple of days. While I was at Safeway Friday morn, she felt something just above her left elbow that she thought was an ember from the fire. She brushed it and then heard the buzzing. She did not see the bug. When I got home, she was sitting in the garage with her phone and an uncased Epi-Pen with the safety removed, as she was anticipating anaphylaxis.
    Pretty big red, hot bump, but no symptoms. The swelling moved down her arm at about an inch/hour. It did not go up.
    Today her forearm is red and *big* right to the wrist. I tried to get her to go to a “Doc In The Box”, but she would not.
    Hope it works out…

  97. Prayers for Anita.

  98. Hope Anita bounces back quickly.

    Penelope had a diesel Jetta that got 45 mpg highway.

  99. Nice memes.

    Why do I stay up so late? Sheesh.

  100. Distressingly, Eric remained penniless.

  101. Wakey wakey . It’s SUNDAY everyone. ANd i picked up a shift.

  102. I’ve been wakeyed since 0615 which is late for us. Quiet morning of coffee and eggs for breakfast. We’re going to this place for a surprise party this afternoon

  103. Prayers for Anita, try some Benadryl or go to the doctor please.

  104. I mostly caught up on laundry yesterday. The new dryer dries in about the same time as my old one, so I’m hoping it’s more efficient.

  105. Though one drawback is what an utter pain in the ass the lint filter is. You have to take it out, unsnap it apart, clean both sides and the center, reassemble, reinsert.

  106. Comments removed for grumpy Sunday morning rudeness. Sorry, I’m a bit of a shit today.

    Gonna go put on my playclothes and work it out in the yard.

  107. Making bone broth from chicken bones and added a “soup seasoning” from Aldi’s that’s dried carrots, parsnips, onion, celery, and celeriac. I don’t know if I’ve had celeriac before, but it smells good. I forgot to put a shot of apple cider vinegar in there, and I hesitate to mess with it.

  108. Was there a reason given for Shepard Smith’s departure?

  109. , Pupster, Lauraw

  110. Just take a shot and call it even, Roamie.

  111. LOL, yeah, I need one now, Pupster, Mr. RFH is doing Science Olympiad stuff that involves boiling balsa wood, so that’s going to make for a weird combo of smells.

  112. I’d boil water for balsa outside if you can.

  113. Casey Jones was a son of a bitch.
    Drove his train into a whorehouse ditch.
    Climbed through the window with…

    Oh wait, wrong blog.

  114. Ima spend the day making a gun rack for my war room closet out of clear cedar.

  115. Real men build with boiled balsa.

  116. Just finished watching The Making of Tombstone on youtube. 27 mins well worth the time if yer into the subject. Bittersweet in that some of those folks are no longer alive. I still think Kilmer’s performance was the best of his career. But the attention to detail by all involved is impressive.

    Time for seasonal adjustment. Getting out the warm clothes, putting hot weather clothes in storage. Going to Rain X the car glass this afternoon, and the better half is all about the halloweeny decorations so that’s in the mix. Was thinking about shooting but will have to check and see if the farmers are in the adjacent fields before letting loose.

  117. I definitely enjoyed Kilmer’s performance, but the quintessential Doc Holliday was Dennis Quaid.

  118. I think he lost like 50lbs. for the role.

  119. Damn. Strained/pulled/tweaked a muscle in my lower back a few days ago. Finally started to loosen up. Then I leaned over to pick up some pipe a few minutes ago and dayum!! Totally seized up. Feels like I’ve got a screwdriver stuck in there. Hopefully I can get it loosened up again.

  120. I laid some pipe with your mom.

  121. *fist-bumps hotspur*

    You are the only person I’ve ever heard express my same opinion on Quaid’s Doc Holiday.

  122. Feel more better soon Pepe. You ever use the livestock water containers as a hot tub?

  123. Comment by Pupster on October 13, 2019 1:19 pm
    Feel more better soon Pepe. You ever use the livestock water containers as a hot tub?

    Leon has a new project for the farm.

  124. For TeeRoy


  125. Ya Pepe. It sucks when that happens. Gotta give the victim credit, he didn’t step off the line, kept the weapon pointed down range and kept his booger hook off the trigger.

    Quaid as Holiday?? I dont know… I liked him better in Dances with Wolves or Jeremiah Johnson……

  126. Leon,

    “This is Ileodictyon cibarium, a fungus.”

  127. I liked Quaid as Holliday. Tombstone is more quotable. Pepe, I love Milo and his lion.

  128. I think it’s time we had a national conversation about Drew Bree’s finger licking fetish. They just showed him on the sidelines (injured, not playing) and he still licks his fingertips periodically.


  129. Brews twitched like he has Tourettes.

  130. Brees!!! Twitches!!! Fu autocorrect

  131. Brees is getting his fingers ready for you

  132. At the birthday party at Mossy Ledge Spirits. The ladies running it are all in healthcare. There is a significant difference in their professional appearance and their casual appearance. So many tattoos and boob shirts.

    Alex, you’d be wise to get a part time EMT job.

  133. I H8 soup. Dan wanted to make split pea and ham soup. We get to Smith’s/Kroger after Mass…they had a BOGO on ham. Condo smells like soup.

  134. Love split pea soup.

    *licks fingers in anticipation *

  135. Still have a lot of food coming out of the garden. Cut down the pepper plants and the last of the baby peppers got canned today for pickled salad peppers. Leeks, beets, escarole, chard, some baby lettuces and mustards. A pile of green tomatoes. Not sure what to do with them all.

  136. Have you had a hard freeze yet? We’ve been below freezing but nothing with frost on the pumpkin yet.

  137. Alex, you’d be wise to get a part time EMT job.

    I’ve considered it. I’ve heard stories about nurses, mostly from Army Reserve nurses…

  138. Jimbro, has anyone ever said “Yay! Split pea soup for dinner!”?

  139. Jimbro, has anyone ever said “Yay! Split pea soup for dinner!”?

    I’m sure there are poor people starving somewhere who’ve said that.

  140. I’ve said that. Pair it up with some nice bread and butter, split pea soup is good food.

  141. J-E-T-S!

  142. I like split pea soup if it’s made with a proper ham bone, less broth than the standard recipe calls for, and not cooked so long – the peas are cooked but still chunky.

  143. Guest on Greg Gutfeld compared Hillary to the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “Come back here and fight!”

  144. I’m surrounded by soup nazis

  145. Pats play J-E-T-S next Monday night.

    I can only hope the Cowboys manage to pop Darnold’s spleen.

  146. Oh man, split pea soup. I can hardly wait for that kind of cozy weather and food. Nothing so nice as like letting a decent raggedy-meat, smoky hambone melt into the broth.

    Jimbro, no frost yet. Mild and lovely. None in the forecast either. I think this happened last year too. I’d have to read my garden journal to confirm, but pretty sure no frost until November last year. Usually we get first frost right about now.

    Not complaining. Today was gorgeous and I spent a good part of it in the yard taking up stakes and killing stuff that needed it. Also I sowed cover crops a bit late and every warm week is another helpful accumulation of biomass. I’ve got knee-high oats, peas, and fava out there and would love it if they got to at least thigh high before being killed by a deep freeze.

    If I can get nearly the same benefit from sowing $10 of cover crop seed twice a year, instead of trucking in bales and bales of hay every Spring, I’ll be pretty happy.

  147. We just had a 40+ degree drop and now I have to pretend to like soup. I knew that the soup people would have Dan’s back. Soup people!!!!

  148. What about bisque?


  149. Tomato bisque with grilled cheese is good. I H8 chowdah. Even corn. I don’t know why, but I really H8 soup.

  150. Perfect weather here for a run on the forested park trails. Just a bit on the warm side for a long-sleeved T (it was cooler and breezier when I stepped out of the apartment) but still fine weather once I was in the woods.

  151. I made crock pot beef stew yesterday. Had it for dinner last night and had leftovers today. Now I’m wishing it was split pea soup.

  152. Leftover Tuscan soup for dinner tonight.

  153. I guess I’m the asshole that H8s soup.

  154. Dan is getting sensitive about my soup H8. He just mooned me and told me I couldn’t have his soup

  155. Dan “Forgot” to put the bread in the oven. I had to eat solo soup.

  156. Pretty much.

  157. I get Sister Schubert rolls, the kind that take 5 min in the toaster oven. Not that I eat them on the low carb diet, but I forget bread, too.

  158. If Dan served bean soup, oso would erupt.

  159. tried making molasses spice lemon cookies. These are flat as a pancake. No baking soda next batch! stupid flat cookies.

  160. Dan “Forgot” to put the bread in the oven. I had to eat solo soup.

    Prayers for oso.

  161. Cooked bacon and ate it while cooking up a couple of steaks and some green beans. Green beans are almost done.

  162. Sister Schubert 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  163. We are at the leftover packing stage of soup. I’m waiting for dessert

  164. Yankees look REALLY good right now.

  165. In not much for soup either, Oso. I like food with good texture, not something you slurp.

  166. I will never understand soup/Chowdah people. Dan is one of those chowder in a sourdough bowl people. WTF is that?

  167. Are you using a spoon?

    You need to use a spoon.

  168. scott from the top turnbuckle!

  169. I have fancy soup spoons. I even have Chinese soup spoons. I H8 soup. I don’t like tea, coffee, or cocoa.

  170. What about menudo?

  171. Yankees look REALLY good right now.

    Gawdamn right. *strikes a pose; flexes hump*

  172. wait, are you talking about the baseball team?

  173. I think he was talking about the Patriots.

  174. I think something popped when you flexed. Something wet landed over there.

  175. Dan likes Hot and Sour soup at Chinese restaurants. In the Summer.

  176. I despise menudo. I H8 posole. I H8 SOUP

  177. Hot and Sour soup can be good. I think that’s my only exception.

  178. Nobody can dislike crab bisque, unless you don’t have spoons.

  179. egg drop soup is tasty, too.

  180. Always preferred wonton over hot n sour. The again, I loved the shops in NYC China Town that served nothing but dim sum.

  181. Scott is on to something.

    I think Dan has been hiding all the spoons. It’s the only possible reason Oso doesn’t like soup. Poor little thing has been trying to lick it off a knife. Must be incredibly painful.

    Listen, Oso, do this: google image search for ‘spoon.’

    Now, print out a picture of what you find.

    Go find your silverware drawer. It’s in the kitchen.

    Are there any ‘spoons’ in any of the drawers you find, in your kitchen?

  182. She’s been eating it with bread.

  183. He was making $15 million a year.

  184. someone hurt on a foul ball to the Astros dugout

  185. Poor little thing has been trying to lick it off a knife. Must be incredibly painful.

    Ah, the Nagl Method.

  186. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 13, 2019 9:45 pm
    egg drop soup is tasty, too.

    You misspelled “nasty”….

  187. Deafness ended Rodney’s productivity.

  188. Shep may have been more of a behind-the-scenes influencer at Fox than his hair on fire news reader persona conveyed but I just don’t believe a mass exodus is on the horizon. If anything, the management at Fox has had a greater influence on things going on there recently than Shep

  189. I’m a huge soup fan.


    /spread arms out really wide

  190. Moose needs to learn to do this

  191. I get the federal holiday today. Is someone putting together a poat, or do you want me to do it? (sywm)

    Going to a Mass of Abbatial Blessing later today. The new abbot will receive his miter and crozier.

  192. Oschi used to try to catch fish. Obsessed with it .

  193. Moose has already been swimming this morning.


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