Meme was Yesterday

No, we haven’t skipped Tuesday, stay tuned!

I know, you were scared. It’s ok.

I’ll give you some memes now.


History lesson! Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris


AHumanFartCanBe Louder











Even more bad 80s music!


  1. I like the Tetris song one.

  2. Lego Montoya is good, too.

  3. Memetastic

  4. Her lips are moving, therefore she is lying.

  5. Kinda partial to the first one.

    I have been summoned to by the State to attend a “Job Workshop Session” at the Unemployment Office. If I dont attend they will cut off the UI. I’m sure you all can probably determine how I feel about state bureaucrats and the idea of performing under threat, but I will play the game (no other choice) until I’ve got this position I was offered yesterday wrapped up. The next step in that process is to take a completed BI application to the Illinois Gaming Board and sit for a interview with a investigator to receive preliminary approval for license while they complete the BI and then issue the permanent license. But first, I must wait for documents from HR and then make a appointment with the IGB to proceed. Hopefully those docs will arrive today.

    Onward and Upward!

  6. TeeRoy Jenkins, trying to out-Oso speak Oso since 2019

  7. A Coast Guard ship has been anchored off the former town dock since yesterday afternoon. It’s always weird getting up to take a whiz in the middle of the night and look out to the river and see a ship lit up like a carnival.

  8. TeeRoy Jenkins, trying to out-Oso speak Oso since 2019

    Harsh Man, Harsh. I could never hope to reach the cryptic level of the Great Oso.

    Family member has a torn ACL (confirmed by MRI) and has been immobilized in a full leg brace since the injury. The proposed surgeon is telling her he needs he to have “full range of motion” before surgery and prescribed rehab for the 10 days prior to the scheduled surgery. Sound SOP to you? She was at a kids trampoline place and jumped with the intention of landing on her knees and one knee landed on a metal brace on the edge of the trampoline

  9. There’s a reason insurance companies ask if you have trampolines.

  10. TeeRoy, yes – that is common. Jimbro can confirm, but pretty sure they want all the swelling to go down, etc. Ethan could walk, etc, his leg would just give out (sitting down, for example) because his ACL was gone. The pain wouldn’t be constant, etc.

  11. Good luck T Roy! Watch out for those native casinos, all my dealings with gaming in general and feather in particular have been difficult to do the work with your eyes in the back of your swiveling head with a hand on your wallet at all times.

  12. ww

  13. While South Park’s recent jibe about China’s sway over Hollywood triggered the erasure of the Comedy Central animated show from the China’s tightly-controlled internet.

    Heh, tightly controlled. You go on and think that. You thought the printing press was bad?

  14. So now liberals are mad that Trump is pulling out of Syria. Strange times we live in.

  15. Deadliest mistake since tax cuts.

  16. Not our circus…

  17. The liberal memes are already flying.

  18. 7 posts about it from my mom last night alone. BETRAYAL.

    Plus Romney thinks it is a mistake, and you know he’s the left’s new John McCain.

  19. of course we should stay in Syria! St. Obama put us there for a good reason!

  20. have “full range of motion” before surgery
    Definitely SOP

  21. People pretending to care about Syria because Trump moved troops out of it is TIGHT!

  22. Withdrawing all forces from Iraq was a sign of brilliant foreign policy despite everyone saying that it would lead to destablization. Withdrawing a few hundred troops from Northern Syria is a disaster because everyone says that it will lead to destablization.

  23. 8. She just posted another. The day is young, though. I’m sure she’s just getting started on this.

  24. 9

  25. I’m just sick of hearing about it. Get it done already, or don’t. Sheesh.

  26. And Im Off! Gotta go play fuck fuck with the State.


  27. Hey, Good People! We have been out in CA putting on a West Coast reception for my daughter and her new husband. We had it at the beautiful home of my husband’s sister. Niiiiiiiice! But holy crap, a ton of work…a labor of love for sure. Next, my husband’s 40th high school reunion in Orange County on Saturday.

    Have fun and don’t let Jay pun this place up. We’ve got standards, they’re garbage but at least we keep the puns to a manageable level!

  28. Who the fuck was that?

  29. Some fat chick.

  30. F’ off bitches!

  31. Mare, try not to touch any homeless people while you’re out there. They have cooties. And tuberculosis.

  32. How much cake have you been eating, Mare? By weight, round down to the nearest ten pounds of frosting.

  33. West Coast Keto Cake

    And by “cake” I mean homeless craps off the sidewalk

  34. Lauraw, that’s hitting a little too close to the truth. And FTR about 4-4.5.

  35. White cake with chocolate truffle layers with buttercream frosting. Shut up.

  36. Four pounds of frosting isn’t so bad, Mare, as long as you use it for fuel. Like, say, if you jog over to the table where they have that stack of profiteroles drenched in chocolate ganache.

  37. Looks like Beasn’s kinfolk are headed for the wedding!!

    Holy shee-it. The buffet is set up for only 75 people. Those two will take it out in two snarfs.

    *starts constructing barricades*

  38. Attention all Beasn.

    Daww, love me some piggos, though I don’t need them to hear that kind of mouth noise when the family is over for holiday dinner. Brr..

  39. *chews with mouth wide open

  40. I’d be afraid the male dance partners are there to pickup chicks, and I’m an old married lady.

    Use your monkeys to assist scott into taking you.

  41. Re: Syria

    What do you think the reaction would be if Trump put 100 more ‘support staff’ over there?

    I’m seeing a few conservatives on facechimp very upset about the business. What, how much more blood and treasure are we supposed to dump in a shithole that will always be at each other’s throat? And what did you think Trump meant when he said he’s done with endless wars?

  42. Last impeachment, kids learned about sex.

    This time, they’ll learn about Ukraine!


  43. *flicks a ladle full of wet cat food at jay’s head*

  44. *chews wet cat food with mouth wide open

    *breathes on beasn

  45. my stomach feels funny…

  46. Your face looks funnier!

  47. Did you read about Mayfield’s handshake snub?

    49ers were determined to beat the crap out of him, and they did.

  48. Baker is an ass. The Browns will be losers in perpetuity.

  49. Also, i would like to thank mare for reminding me that I didn’t post a full pun this week. I will post 2 next week, to make up for it.

    Everybody thank mare!

  50. Wait, Richard Sherman is mad about a handshake snub? Yeah right, that guy is a shit stirrer. he does that all the time.

  51. A little early for Halloween but still fun.

  52. “He pissed us off. We put a foot in his ass. End of story.”

    He should be Trump’s spokesman.

  53. FFS just impeach the guy already. If nothing, some definitive action may stop the endless texts I’m getting to donate money to the cocaine fueled war turtle and Donny two scoops.

  54. good lord yes, those really ramped up lately.

  55. I haven’t gotten a fundraising text in like 6 months. Now…multiple times a day. Makes me think he actually wants to be impeached.

  56. When did the war turtle start the blow?

  57. That video is pretty funny, laura.

  58. BOSA!!!!!

  59. Bosa deez nuffs?

  60. Did any of y’all watch TBDBITL halftime performance from Saturday?

  61. Chicken curry for dinner.

    I miss Tushar.

  62. Sounds like twitter and facebook are shadow banning Beck’s Ukraine special.

  63. Real news is forbidden.

  64. Joey Bosa was the reason Mrs. Pupster started watching college football. Nick seems nice.

    Mrs. Pupster doesn’t watch the games anymore…but that might be because we stopped taking shots for touchdowns.

    Boy1 got a jerb at the local grocery store, today was onboarding, tomorrow safety videos.

    I’ve got drink in my hand, watching persimmons ripen, and things are going to really start happening for me now. I can feel it.

  65. Just saw the news about Zantac.

    Holy cow. Sanofi stock is about to tank.

  66. Oso! A year in the life of a Pennsylvania log. big its heavy its wood .

    Year 2 is even better.

  67. Very cool. Gave me a stoopid Beatles earworm. A Day in the Life. My earworms are sofa King.

  68. The two TiFW dogs have cones of shame on for the next week or so. Fleas have been insanely bad this year, and we haven’t been able to keep up with our normal regimen.

    Brivecta for the win.

  69. Cones of shame. Poor puppers.

  70. Heh, the Log. I love it.

  71. I H8 apples. Fall in NM. Dixon Apples used to be a thing. Much like Hatch Chile. Old orchards and flooding. My grandparents had an apple orchard. I was the Bubba Gump of apples. If you traveled on state rd 70 in the 50s, 60s, and 70s…you might’ve stopped at mi familias roadside fruit stand. Fast forward…Dan keeps buying apples and expecting me to eat them. I want to throw an apple at his head. I H8 the texture and the smell of apples. We weren’t allowed to eat apricots, cherries, or peaches. Windfall apples were ok for eating, but we were tasked with cutting out worms etc and prepping ugly apples for cider or apple butter.

  72. Apples and honey are wonderful.

  73. CoAl, honey for us wasn’t strained, Bee parts. Honey for tourists was special. Everything for the tourists was primo. We got a the wormy windfall. Corn? See the apple treatment.

  74. Lil Doggy update. He seems to be recovering although still a bit sluggish. Now I have the added task of dog shit inspector. Every time I take him (one of the few dogs I’ve known to get a armed escort every time they are out of structure) when I enter I get “well did he poop?” from the better half. If the answer is affirmative I get “what did it look like?” I respond “looked like dog shit”. That’s a no go GhostRider the pattern is full. Then its on…”Well, was it firm or loose? What color was it? Did you see anything in it? How big was it? Did he struggle? Or did it come out easy?” This reoccurring conversation represents a substantial portion of our communication for the past 3 days. Hope everybody else’s doggies are doing well in their recoveries.

  75. “did he”

    That is how my first dog got named Ditty.

    Glad pup is on the rebound.

  76. I was fortunate enough to capture Star on camera dropping her first deuce after being sick. Through the miracle of smartphone technology, Paula who was 5 towns away and at work, was immediately presented with photographic evidence of Star’s recovery in the dog shit department.

  77. you should poop in the yard and take a picture. Next time the question is asked BAM!

  78. “presented with photographic evidence of Star’s recovery”

    You should do that forever.

  79. Trey Gowdy joins Trump legal team. Meh. All hat, no cattle.

  80. What a throw from center, gunned down Altuve!

  81. Could this be true?

    2 gas stations, 2 miles apart

  82. We always fill up in AZ as opposed to Californicated or Cali. NV is fucked.

  83. Altuve just headed to the dugout. No argument.

  84. Meh for Trey. He left instead of fighting. What he says now about the Swamp is true, I’d have more respect if he fought. To be fair, everything he dug up about HRC would never be supported.

  85. Its been kinda a weird day. Got summoned to the Unemployment Office so they could “help me” with my work search under threat of denying the benefit that my company funded for the last 7 years. So, being a good citizen and not wanting to be completely broke, I attend. Upon arrival they do a little presentation that was (according to the guy doing the delivery) supposed to take 4hrs..but today was different and we were getting the abbreviated 1.5 hr version (WTFO?) During the presentation the group is advised that we will be doing a resume review in the interest of making our resumes function better for the screening algorithms that HR depts are using. It bears mentioning that a full 66% of the participants had never heard the word ‘algorithm” in their life and had no clue as to what this guy was talking about.

    Anyway, we depart the presentation room and take our places in front of a bank of computers, where we bring up the resumes we created as part of a condition for filing for UI. The counselor comes by for my review and says (I shit thee not) “Oh yeah, I looked at yours earlier. Its pretty good, but you see this part here (points at some bullet points) thats GARBAGE. You need to delete that and clean it up.” Then he moves on to the next victim. Just as he walked away my phone did the email chime and lo and behold I had received my OFFICIAL OFFER of Employment from yesterdays successful interview. And the baby jesus smiled. So, I do as instructed since I still need the money and wait. Mr. Professional Communications guy returns and says “How’s it going?” I say “its going real good, take a look at this” (showing him the email) …… the look on his face was priceless. Harumph he says..”Well you wont be needing this anymore, go ahead and hit save and you can get out of here….

    On my way out in the parking lot…… I found 5 dollars.

  86. Altuve acts like hes been there.

  87. I HT AL Astros. Mrs Peel was a purist. Back when we were a baseballish blog.

  88. Congrats, TT!

  89. Psst, TeeRoy around these parts we find $20. $20 or Ass
    Pennies. We have tradition. 🎶Tradition🎶 Tevye”d

  90. I was at a wedding about 20 years ago, it was at the home of a dog owner.

    Somebody left a camera on a counter, so I borrowed it and took about 17 pictures of dog crap and put it back.

    It still makes me laugh.

  91. Shits not important, until it is.

    Glad the other puppies are on the mend. The Wonder Dog still has more pills than CVS, she has been keeping down her kibble and ejecting the leavings every day, at this point I’m tempted to try and get things back to pharmacy free but that is contra vet instructions.

  92. Congratulations, Teeroy!

  93. Somebody left a camera on a counter, so I borrowed it and took about 17 pictures of dog crap and put it back.

    Imagine if it’d been 30 years ago with film.

  94. It was pointed out on Twitter that it was just the libs who were upset with Ellen Degeneres, no one on the right cares who Dubya sits with. (Probably because he’s a RINO.) Brandon Straka of the #WalkAway movement is trying to get on Ellen’s show. That would be an epic coup.

  95. If she invites Melania, I’ll be convinced. Until then, she and W can bond over Orange Man Bad. Scott, you beat King of Queens and Friends. They both riffed on the wedding camera.

  96. I respond “looked like dog shit”. That’s a no go GhostRider the pattern is full.

    Heh. Comments like this … lol …

  97. Its not so much that Im asked to inspect the evidence, its that Im expected to provide a accurate descriptive report that I find unsettling . After the second inquiry I learned to just enter and report. “It was tubular but real loose. He didnt seem to struggle with it and it was more yellow than brown, there were little white specks in it and it was about 4″ total length” … I get dismissed and allowed to return to my cave….

    But I love them both so….

  98. Just wait until you have to deal with electronic dog shit records.

  99. Don’t embrace raccoons, please.

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