Monday Filler Poat

The old poat was starting to smell stale from a hard weekend, so here’s a fresh one.


  1. It’s pretty funny. Some one accused him of being a parody account and got a F off. But it has to be a parody? LOL, right?

  2. But it has to be a parody? LOL, right?

    Poe’s Law says ‘maybe’.

  3. I think it is. Wakey wakey

  4. What the hell is this faggotry?

  5. My favorite comment was the one where they did a screengrab from one of his rants and showed that one of the tabs on his screen was “ball busting porn”.

  6. Pretty sure all the “weird” porn genres are engineered as a form of genetic filter.

  7. I think Lawyer Andy works for Hillary. Gets everyone to vote their way, changes the rules to suit them, and still loses.

    Back to ball busting. Since he’s a PhD in Transgender Advocacy, I guess he doesn’t need them any more.

  8. That just makes me think it’s parody even more .

  9. All this talk of ball busting is making my nuts sore.

  10. “Asked about the prospects of playing in a huge game such as the Red River Rivalry next weekend, when his Sooners will face the Texas Longhorns, [Jalen] Hurts responded, ‘I played in the Iron Bowl … I think I’ll be all right.’”


  12. Chuck Todd is a democrat hack, used to work for Tom Freakin Harkin

    non-biased media my ass. I agree with Bongino, bye Chuck.

  13. other graduation requirements like public service.

    Maybe in that reporter’s hoity toity private school. Most students I know don’t work because mommy and daddy pay for everything, because their precious can’t afford the time to work while struggling to succeed. I call BS. its time management, and the sooner you learn it, the sooner it dawns on you that you have all the time you need to get those things done. Video game time, and twitter responses will have to suffer.

  14. Next we’ll have a quadruple amputee that complains about not being able to use an obstacle course.

  15. That blind guy is an asshole looking for a check. There were a bunch of wheelchair-bound lawyers who made careers and fortunes out of shit like that.

  16. The supreme court agreed with him, so I guess he is right.

  17. The supreme court has never made a blind-accessible website. This will destroy small businesses with any sort of web presence unless they use a third-party host that manages it for them. It’s huge giveaway and a nice barrier-to-entry for corporate interests.

  18. because everyone knows that blind people can’t use a phone. They should be able to use the internet just like everybody else.

    We have online ordering at the pizza place. It is shut off when we have high volume events like football games. Gee, maybe doubling the population of our town causes unforeseen upturns in business and issues? You’d think the world came to an end with the complaint calls, and the posts on social media.

    People are stupid, and all user input is evil.

  19. barrier-to-entry for corporate interests

    Just like those stupid nutritional charts.

  20. The customer is always insane.

  21. Just like those stupid nutritional charts.

    No one who cared about food and entrepreneurship should have been even one iota in favor of that.

  22. It isn’t about the entrepreneurs. It’s about government trying to legislate access, and lowering the bar for stupidity to everyone.

    Like everyone needs to know that a Big Mac has a lot of calories, and fat. No one knew that before, right?

  23. Sorry, bad mood. User acceptance meetings, and now I have to give estimates on a slew of items that they already have, but they want in a totally different form, because they think it will be easier. and the boss throws me under the bus again.

    Fucking hate this job.

  24. It does make an absurd implication about the numeracy and nutritional knowledge of the average American.

    The latter can be forgiven, their own government has been lying to them about it for 50+ years. And government schools have been teaching math through that same period.

  25. It’s okay, I hate your job too, Jay.

  26. Worst job ever.

  27. I should have been a residential electrician.

  28. Give me your boss’s email address, Jay. I want to straighten this jackass out on a few things.

  29. I got told last week that they’re moving me down to the eight floor to the education group, as soon as they can hire someone else. Probably within a month.

  30. I should have scraped the cash together for that farrier school.

  31. Actually, wait, no. Just tell me which car in the parking lot is his/ hers.

    *summons the flying monkeys and prepares them a high-fiber meal*

  32. I feel better now that I’m waiting on the monkey poo. Too bad it isn’t a very nice car.

  33. You don’t need to experience that. Plus I could get into trouble.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  34. heh, that was supposed to have *deletes very angry post

    above it. Guess I can’t use brackets, must use asterisk

  35. ugh, deleting another one. Just gonna stew on this, can’t really complain online.

  36. No wonder your boss hates you.

  37. Heh, thanks

  38. That’s why I wait until after midnight to blogwhine, reduces the number of people who have to deal with it…

  39. I’m planning to start the “stupidly light dumbbell” routine later today before I cook my single planned meal.

  40. If you’re blind wtf is it any business’ responsibility to jigger your life to adapt?
    Pizza place sells pizza. If you want pizza bad enough, you’ll find a way without clogging up courts with your stupid shit, to get it.

    I think I’ll sue all the pizza joints for not catering to my dainty digestive tract and offering a variety of vegan cheese. Wtf.

  41. How many reps on the stupidly light dumbbells, leon?

    *rests feet on my five pounders…waiting*

  42. Instead of lifting small weights, can I punch something repeatedly?

    Asking for a friend…

  43. Depends on the movement and its position in the workout, and the manner of the repetition is very important. Like, you’re curling 5# but you’re curling it as hard as you can and maximally relaxing when you switch arms. The first exercise in the routine is alternating standing bicep curls, aiming for 50 on each arm. Author says if you get to a count of 100 and you have no ache in the muscle, you probably did it wrong.

  44. As I read it, the weight itself isn’t all that important, it’s meant primarily to give you something to grip and ensure that your proprioception has something to focus on as you work the rest of the body with them in hand. Sandow even sold little 3# that were split in half and joined by weak springs as a training tool, since grasping the weight with some amount of force was supposedly the hardest part of the method to teach.

  45. you’re curling it as hard as you can

    What does this mean? Doing it quickly or slow/deliberate to feel every fiber work?

  46. Punching with the dumbbells is exercise 11, Jay, so go for it.

  47. What does this mean? Doing it quickly or slow/deliberate to feel every fiber work?

    Maximal contraction, like you might do in an isometric exercise or flexing for the mirror.

  48. Okay, I do that.
    I didn’t know about the 50 reps. I do 10 or 15, x 3. I’ll move to 20.


  50. It’s one long set for each exercise, minimal rest between exercises, but meant to be done daily.

    And it whooped my ass today. Either I did it right, or I’m weaker than David French.

  51. “or”

  52. The global warming post at the HQ is funny.

    Everywhere on Earf is warming at twice the global rate!

    We all live on planet Woebegone.

  53. Where is a link to this “workout”?

  54. People are stupid, and all user input is evil.

  55. Sorry not sorry I like Angry Isaac .

  56. No link, it’s in a book. This is pretty close:

  57. Pepe’s gate gif made me chortle and now I need a wet wipe.

  58. “their own government has been lying to them about it for 50+ years.”

    Whut?? To hell you say suh! Harumph! Why I nevah….our .gov is a veritable paragon of virtue so pure as to make the driven snow appear filthy… honorable you could trust it with your very SOUL! Harumph I say to you! Harumph! Suh!

    TeeRoy Pettibone Jenkins III
    Professional Politician in Residence

  59. Petty bone? Just lays it all out there, don’t it?

  60. Besmirch my good name no further Suh! Or else you will incur my wrath!
    Good Day to YOU! Harumph!

    PS. Got the job, as long as I can jump through the licensing hoops. They wont just jump themselves after all.

  61. Cogratulations, Mr Tiny Bone. Glad to hear it.

  62. nice work, minihammer!

  63. Congratulations Bone of Petty!! (or is that ‘pretty’? Let’s ax hotspur’s mom).

  64. that one was weak. Minutiae de Peepee?

  65. Your mom thinks I have a pretty bone.

  66. Tanks Mr. Lightweight : )

  67. Imma be so ripped in 2 months.

  68. Honest question.

    WHY do people want to see Trump’s tax returns? Outside of the obvious answer. I mean, do people not understand that the IRS has already reviewed them, etc? Is there something I’m missing?

  69. Many are deranged and believe that somehow there will be a smoking gun that he’s a bad man who must be impeached immediately.

    Others simply hope that there will be something embarrassing there, such as no charitable contributions, that they can try to use against him.

  70. Because its not about Trump filing bad taxes. Its about identifying who he did business with for targeting purposes. That’s my theory

  71. They want to know how much he lost, and wrote off. Then attack him for “not paying his fair share”.

    Mostly, they want them, because he won’t let them have them.

  72. Their definition of “bad man” hinges on something not directly prosecutable, so they start with the conclusion and are searching desperately for details to legally justify the actions they wish to take. So far with very little success.

    And once they run out of those options, things get really interesting.

  73. Heh heh…CoAlex just fired off a comment win of the day over at the HQ……Trans-Am and Foghat tapes……..well done suh, well done indeed.

  74. Shouldn’t that have been 8-tracks?

  75. They win, they lose their minds…they lose, they lose their minds…I suspect losing of the minds in 2020 / 2021 like I expect the sun to rise. Kinda inevitable at this point. I see nothing that realistically compels them not to….

  76. Gee, glad Atlanta and St Louis get the afternoon game AGAIN!

    fuckin yankees get another night game.

  77. I thought about saying 8-tracks, but went with cassettes. The point stands either way.

  78. and I get to sit here and keep up on the radio

  79. Cassettes is better. It evokes in the mind an image of someone holding on to things that used to be cool.

  80. One of the lawyers in the office is giving a talk about bitcoin next week. Yay.

  81. When Obama was president, we pretty much had examples every day on how they had lost their ever-fucking mind with worshiping the ground he walked on. Michelle on the “most beautiful” lists, etc. Yea, the looney left is just too far gone.

  82. What if I identify as blind?

  83. The vision test portion of the driver’s license examination is discriminatory, as it is set up specifically to exclude blind people.

  84. Drive up ATMs don’t have that problem. They have braille

  85. I told you to stop touching yourself or that might happen.

  86. I H8 the new (5+ years playoff schedule). Games at the same time on TBS, FS1, or MLB network. AUGH !!!!!!!!

  87. Games too late. WS is the worst! East Coast kids have school and need sleep. Games last past midnight.

  88. Looks like Beasn’s kinfolk are headed for the wedding!!

  89. No teams I really like in the playoffs. Quite a few that I H8. Can’t believe we lost to the Colts.

  90. I’ve lost track of the MLB playoffs other than reading Yankees headlines in the NY Post. Local sports TV has shifted to early season basketball, hockey and the impending collapse of the Patriots. I swear to Dog, Pats are 5-0 and all they can talk about is how things are falling apart. They do have a tough stretch coming up against real competition. We’ll see how things shake out then.

  91. So happy with my new wiper blades. Old ones were about 3 years old and were “fine” until last month when they just smeared bugs and left the rain behind (I’m sure it was a gradual decline in performance I never noticed). Got new wipers Friday at the Walmart and, after cursing for 10 minutes, got them on. It was pissing buckets of rain today and they worked like a charm.


  92. Something changed with wiper blade technology.

    Last set I bought were much better than previous ones.

  93. I just ordered some wiper blades for #1 son’s truck. Had to take it to his wife and noticed one of the blades had a strip of rubber hanging off of it. Did the Amazon thing, because it’s a 70+ mile round trip to get new ones. Can’t have the new mom driving a truck with bad wipers…..

  94. Ever use Rain-X? I love that stuff, especially during bug season.

  95. used Rain-X for years, best thing ever. Don’t even need wipers with the light stuff. I use the windshield fluid.

    New wipers should be good. They are expensive.

  96. Rain-X is awesome. FiL loved getting our car/s prepped for monsoon season.

  97. I use the windshield fluid now, but the stuff you had to apply by hand was so fun. I think I went the better part of a year without ever turning on my wipers.

  98. When bugs splatter and slide off you are supposed to punch the passenger in the shoulder.

    Slug bug!

  99. Ooh…Slug Bug has been updated. Noted

  100. I love the dancing videos in this post.

  101. So I guess the Browns won’t be going to the Superbowl.


  102. I love the dancing videos in this post.

    I always knew you were my favorite person here.

  103. Ha ha ha, were you waiting all day for somebody to say that??

    No but seriously, they’re fun to watch.

    Although I think you chose the first one because of that girl’s butt.

  104. The brunette in the first photo is smokin’ hot, too.

  105. Baker Turnover is having a rough night.

  106. I can’t even make out her butt*, it’s the poise displayed in he shoulders and legs that’s grabbing my attention.

    *Narrator: and he was really looking

  107. Leon, that’s why I chose the picture.

    Women dancers often have great legs. One reason I love tango is that there are so many opportunities for leg wraps…

  108. Ugh, discussion of the Crusades over at the HQ, and then someone mentioned the Inquisition.

    In regards to the Reconquista: ”
    and think about it like super slow mo. When we kicked the nazis out of France, imagine if they had had kids and decades of nazi learning…hence the inquisition.”

    Me: “The Inquisition was about heretical Christianity, not Islam.”

    Response: “Tell that to the Huganots and Baptists.”



  110. Dawwww

  111. I’ve been watching the thread, Alex. A lot of protestants and public school kids really don’t get what ‘heretic’ means. And maybe 1 in a 100 could explain the difference between heresy and schism.

  112. Anyone who thinks that the Cathars and early Anabaptists were somehow sympathetic victims is ignorant in the extreme.

  113. I KNOW, RIGHT??!

    If I had a nickel for every time…sigh…those damn Cathors and…bananaptists…really, it’s exhausting. Gettin sick of splainin’ this shit.

  114. Bananabaptist sounds like a bad Christian rock group.

  115. There were videos? Huh.

  116. Attention all Beasn.

  117. It’s hilarious to me that the birth of the Amish can be traced to a few politically motivated radical heretic polygamists in Münster that wrecked the social order so badly that crowds cheered when they were torn apart with hot blacksmiths tongs and their bodies were left to rot in cages that still hang from the cathedral.


  119. I saw the Bananarapists open for the Catwhores at Toad’s Place in ’87.

  120. Sound ON for the piggeh vid, beasn.

  121. heh, Elliot loves him some ramen noodles too.

  122. Ha ha ha, were you waiting all day for somebody to say that??

    No but seriously, they’re fun to watch.

    Although I think you chose the first one because of that girl’s but

    I was hoping someone would appreciate them. And the girl does have a nice butt.

    I like these videos because they give me ideas for things to work on.

  123. The videos reminded me that Mr. RFH and I need to learn how to dance before Rocketboy’s wedding next June.

  124. Waltz, foxtrot, east coast swing, salsa, rumba, cha-cha. Five figures for each dance. Focus less on memorizing figures and more on having a good form and on leading and following. Easy peasy.

  125. Going to a dance class is a thing I would love to do. Have wanted to for years. Main thing stopping me is that I’d be afraid the male dance partners are there to pickup chicks, and I’m an old married lady.

  126. Depending on the dance class, the men might very well be outnumbered in which case they’ll have plenty of other options. Plus, most dancers are respectful of the fact that you’re married.

  127. Disillusioned, Enrico resigned promptly.

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